Rangers say they deserved better


I’m not a big fan of stories that focus on one-sided officiating, but that was clearly a predominant topic in the Rangers locker room after the game. And that included Tom Renney, who made the rare concession that he probably needs to be more active in complaining to officials.

“Maybe I’ve got to be more vocal and try to get a call or two. It seems to work for other teams,” the coach said. “It’s not an easy game to officiate, but it’s disconcerting when others seem to be able to do that.”

It’s true, the Rangers deserved a few more calls, particularly on the slash on Paul Mara. But it’s not like their power play is a sure thing these days. If this was a game they could have won, the loss came with a reason as well.

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  1. Alright, so they’re pissed, well come out of the gates on Friday and wreck the Sabres. I wanna see Mara give Kaleta that psycho look and just hit everything, Cally score some goals and get some hits in front of his family, and net crashing galore. Also Korpo in for Voros and if that doesn’t work, time to give AA a peak against the Sens and Isles.

  2. Lundqvist lost the game for the Rangers. He played almost as worse as Graves9 is in bed. He should have been benched after the first, but the hyena let him stay in, and he didn’t get any better. Letting in soft goals, besides maybe just one, and the empty net goal.

    Dubinsky needs to go back to Hartford. It worked for Callahan, it should work for him. The hyena ruined his confidence, and Dubinsky cant get it back by listening to his stupid speeches, so he needs a conditioning stint.

    The refs were bad, but this team still played like the losers they are. The hyena let Dreary, and Blowmez play the 4 on 3, over Prucha, and Callahan. Stupid coaching.

    Blowmez showed how much he cared about his team, when he took one of the dumbest penalties ever. Maybe he has a gambling addiction, and was trying to blow the game, so he can add more money to his bloated contract that he’s proven he deserves so much.

  3. “Maybe I’ve got to be more vocal” Is this this man’s first game as a coach? Effing Peewee coaches complain to refs and this guy after seeing how one sided the refs can be you would think he would chew the ears off of some of these refs.

  4. Mrs. Hyena clearly wears the pants in the family. What a pussy. I bet Mrs. Hyena sits down her daughters dates, and gives them lectures, instead of him. PUSSY.

  5. I thought Renney did a good job of coaching tonight, despite the fact that his team lost. You cant blame yourself for not chewing the refs ears apart, the last time he did that, he got a penalty, last season against the Wild.

    He’ll get his team ready for the next game. Drury needs to get fired up for that game, he wasn’t good the last time he faced his former squad. He needs to ride this 2 game goal streak, and extend it.

  6. Dubinsky can’t go to Hartford; he’s played well over the 50 game limit. He’ll be fine, give him tome, he’s still racking up assists. Once upon a time ago in the land of 1987 when Frank Viola was tearing it up for the Twins and Patrick Stewart was working on his Captain Picard character, and I was all of 6-years-old legend has it that the Rangers traded a struggling sophomore named Mike Ridley to the Caps and got whiney Bobby Carpenter back and were burned bad and would regret it for the next seven years.

    The morale of the story; Confucius says “give up on Dubi now, he laugh at you later.” He’ll be fine!

  7. Much of what needs to be said already has been.

    One thing I notice from the Rangers is that they get too deep going to the net. A point shot gets kicked out past the Ranger in front and the puck comes back the other way, instead of the person going to the net, holding up a little, and being able to get the puck off the rebound. Halak was out of position constantly tonight, but no Rangers in the slot to get a good shot off

  8. Whatever. The Rangers lost tonight because once again Henrik Lundqvist is in midseason form, which means he is unable to stop any puck not shot directly at him. He’s playing to far back and going down faster than a five dollar hooker in Times Square. When he starts doing that the whole league knows it and shoots high (yes all 5 goals he yielded were high). He completely misplayed the first one and then turned and faced Pacioretty who was behind the net resulting in an easy goal. He gave up a horrific rebound and was still on his kness for #2. #3 probably was legit but again he was on the ground with no screen between he and the shgooter.If he wasnt on the ground for #4 he probably gets across for Lang’s second, and the third he went down before the shot came again.

    He does this every year. He goes through a period of about 6 weeks where he not only is no longer superhuman but is dreadful. I’m not sure if that period is just starting or just ending or we’re in the middle. But he was absolutely awful.

  9. Sundin just got laid out in open ice, and he’s limping to the bench, did anyone see the clip on ESPN ?

  10. I know this is messed up but I kinda hope Henrik gets snubbed from the All Star game to light a fire under his @ss and they choose Nicky Z instead. Or they could be really sick and give it to Redden………..

  11. This team sucked tonight. Total suckage. Now if Shanny was here, or Jagr, who knows.

    Yeah graves9 you loser, i said it, and i stand by it. Those two are a hell of a lot better, and can do way more the rejects on this team.

  12. You’re limited to five things that won/lost the game, what are they? I’ll go first

    1. Lunqvist blew the 1st and 3rd goals, all on his shoulders.
    2. Drury didn’t cover his man on the 2nd goal

  13. I wasnt a fan of the lets jump on Gomez thing becasue he was hurt for a while, but yeah he looks like shit is right lately.

    I was there tonight, can someone tell me why that I watched the bench the whole time when the rangers got f—ed in the 3rd by the officials and Renny didnt even budge. Also- wouldnt you call a time out when the penalty on Cally happened?? Woudlnt a smart coach say hey lets slow it down and make sure everyone knows what the f–k they have to do being as we just got scored on :02 into the previous powerplay??

    Move Gomez between Prucha and Dawes, put Drury between Callahan and Naslund, maybe Cally will kick both of their asses into high gear so they get their game back. Get Korpi back on the line with Dubi and Zerdev and give them the skill to complement them that Voros lacks. And give Zerdev more opportunities, he has a hardon for giving Gomez the offensive zone faceoffs over Zerdev and Dubi why I dont know, usually Gomez loses that faceoff and nothing comes of it.

  14. dr. house
    January 7th, 2009 at 11:58 pm
    This team sucked tonight. Total suckage. Now if Shanny was here, or Jagr, who knows.

    Yeah graves9 you loser, i said it, and i stand by it. Those two are a hell of a lot better, and can do way more the rejects on this team.

    I’m hurt a rat faced skank that won’t shut up about a washed up geezer like Shanny doesn’t like me. I am gonna leave the room in a shame spiral.

  15. Dr house is riding her dildo screaming Shanny!!!! ahahahahahaha ANYWAY SHUTUP ABOUT HIM YOU DUMB BITCH.

  16. Blowmez doesn’t care about this team he probed it tonight. He laughs at Sathers face every day. He got a huge contract, and free tickets to Knick games, and Garden Events, and his only job is to be on the ice, and he only gives that about 35-40%. He needs to save his energy to try and last longer than 3 minutes having sex with a hooker, that Avery hooked him up with.

  17. Hahaha Graves9 and JARED are the same people. Loser, lmao. Make some real friends, and not people on a blog who don’t care about you. Let me guess, you just dropped out of high school and you’re getting your GED ? Study up, kiddo.

  18. Gomez is like the kids you see riding on the little yellow school bus,sitting there drooling and shitting themselves and Tom Clueless is the driver. Yes tis true Hank is slumping but where would they be at this point with a mere human goaltender.Tomclueless and staff MUST GO and puy Nomex on the bus with them

  19. I like Scott Gomez, but he needs to shape up or ship out. I still would’ve resigned Nylander for four years and got Drury as the #2 center. Eh whatever, I should be working on improving my life or actually sleeping at this hour, but here I am playing internet GM. wah-wah-waaaaah

  20. Hank’s “rebound goal syndrome” is getting ridiculous. STOPmez, of course takes a holding penalty reducing a 5 on 4 deficit to a 5 on 3. For the one who thinks Renney coached well. this night, I might enquire, what the puke was he doing STARTING THE GAME with the CHECKING out there. Somebody tell him the home team establishes the line match-ups. What was Renney thinking, that Montreal had some kind of God Almighty – Maurice Richard reincarnate – Jean Beliveau in his prime line they were going to counter with? Where is this clown coming from? I am tired of the mental fog he is in.

    Of course, in the best Renney “pick a kid to puke all over” tradition, Korpikoski has apparently been tapped to extend the Pock, Prucha, Potter dog house sitter nonsense. Hey, a lot of guys are not scoring right now. At least Korpi was getting open and getting some good chances, which is a start. Some forwards on this team are invisible almost every night.

    I resolve not to watch this team again, just follow its “progress” until the coach is fired, or Sather makes some kind of move to bring in some significant help. Like Potter up for Kalinin, for starters.

  21. Sam I expect more from you.

    It is not the calls the missed on the Canadiens which they did it is the VOros hooking call..

    tie game 16 minutes left in the 3rd, tie game, and that is a penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is a joke.

    hank blew the 1st and 3rd goals!!!!!!!Huh…1st and 2nd..

    Tough loss they deserved better…..

    Renny’s comment about maybe he should complain more, is not a good thing to read…He should complain more when the calls are wrong he should complain, is that to much to ask????

  22. This game was not about a lack of calls or a piss poor power play. You get calls in your favor when you play like you have a pair and the Rangers didn’t do that tonight. If you aren’t creating a buzz on the ice and threatening then you won’t force your opponent to take a penalty. The D, including guys like Staal and Girardi, were awful tonight and Hank didn’t come to play. On top of that, Nik Zherdev is nowhere to be found. The guy has 1 goal in his last 8 games. If he’s going to be our sniper, he might want to start playing like it.

  23. yeah smart rangers fans would like to trade the 22 yr old Dubi(who plays his ass off) for some 32 yr old hasbin.

    The guy is less then 23 and young like; Lori, dawes, cally, staal, ZHeerdev, and others..

    Brain surgeons this is a really young team, yeah they are small but they are also really young. Girardi is 25, staal 21, zherdev is 23, they have a really nice young nucleus.

    Yeah they do not have any mega stud scorers and a guy who may have been that in the future died, but they have many potential 25 goal scoring young guys.

    Dawes and Prucha played well tonight, Voros did not but that was not a hooking penalty…

  24. Yeha Kocur you are right those 39 shots were all from the blueline with no one in front.

    yeah that zherdev beuty pas sto Roszival was a mirage.

    Zherdev is a 30 goal scorer or swo, he is not Ovechkin so if you think he is you will be very dissapointed. The only guy who did not show up tonight was the King, even Kalinan played decent…

  25. The “calls didn’t go our way argument” is both weak, and cuts both ways:

    Exhibit A – Rangers first goal went off of Markov, who was checked to the ice by Redden (could have been called a cross-check and therefore no goal).

    Exhibit B – Callahan’s goal was started by Mara’s hit in the D-zone followed by him interfering with the Canadien allowing the puck out of the zone

    So, grow up and make the officiating a non-issue.

  26. I agree with Trueblue. Get over it you idiots. You sound like whiny bitches, or maybe i should just say graves9.

    Both teams got away with some tonight.

    The “King” played more like the Queen. Maybe he should quit the stupid modeling and focus more on the game.

    If he makes the All Star team, and actually plays in it. Then ill lose respect for him. Even Jagr didn’t wanna be part of it, and was replaced by Shanahan. He was the Captain, he had more important things to deal with, like his team.

  27. dr. house
    January 8th, 2009 at 12:24 am
    Hahaha Graves9 and JARED are the same people. Loser, lmao. Make some real friends, and not people on a blog who don’t care about you. Let me guess, you just dropped out of high school and you’re getting your GED ? Study up, kiddo.

    Uh no. Go to sleep so you can dream about Shanny’s wrinkled body. He is so old and slow that as a 700 pound shemale that you are can catch him. Oh yeah please become an Isles fan you know nothing about Hockey. L.i Joe was right about you.

  28. Worst performance by Lundquist in quite some time. The Habs & refs sucked & this was a game we let get away. The good news is we’ve been playing so-so hockey for quite some time and we still have a 24-15-3 record. If could only put it all together. We’re (2) players away. Big forward (leader type) & a kick-ass defenseman.

  29. As bad as Lundqvist was, and he was TERRIBLE on each of the first 3 goals, this game turned on the douchebaggery of Aaron Voros.

    You can blame Renney for having him dressed. I do. But, however you slice it, it that WAS a penalty Stuart….what were you watching? He got his stick, waist-high, between the body and the arms of the player, and used it for leverage. An absolute no brainer penalty in today’s NHL. It’ll be on the DVD they send out next year to teach players what NOT to do.

    If he’s out of shape, send him to Hartford for conditioning. Korpokoski is a better skater, more reliable defensively, more versatile (can emerge as a PK, or play center if somebody gets hurt), and is a much better forechecker than Voros is.

    What the hell was Renney thinking making that move. Voros has now taken 2 bad penalties in his 2 games since his short stint on the bench. And, in this particular case, it cost them the game.

    They were in total control at 2-2 before that penalty.

  30. “Beer Me!
    January 7th, 2009 at 11:41 pm
    I thought Renney did a good job of coaching tonight, despite the fact that his team lost. You cant blame yourself for not chewing the refs ears apart, the last time he did that, he got a penalty, last season against the Wild.

    He’ll get his team ready for the next game. Drury needs to get fired up for that game, he wasn’t good the last time he faced his former squad. He needs to ride this 2 game goal streak, and extend it.”


    Not me. You guys know I don’t post after my ‘9-5’ is done.

  31. SAM where’s the better Renney quote about maybe he has his head too far up his own butt? Not sure how he’s able to have his head up 2 butts at one time ;-) Maybe he is the new Clark Kent!

  32. 6-3 with an empty netter.

    5-3 without.

    3-3 if Hank doesn’t gaffe twice. Can’t be perfect all the time I guess.

    3-1(us) if cally doesn’t take a high stick, and gomer doesn’t take the most selfish penalty of the season.

    3-0 if the vet Lang doesn’t take the sophmore Staal to school. Then beat Hank high to the glove side where I think I could score on him too.

    We DID outplay them last night. The team played hard all night. The call on Voros was questionable, but an extra stride or two eliminates the need to reach out like that. That call was made a coupla times a game in 05-06. Haven’t seen it that weak in a while. It’s a textbook call, but I don’t like the call in that situation. I’d play korpi in voros’ spot friday(or saturday).

    I hate crybaby players and coaches that argue every f’n call. Especially when they’re valid calls (cally’s & gomers) The rest probably coulda been argued…but I’ve never seen a call retracted because a coach didn’t like it. Being too vocal with the officials can earn you a sh!tty rep. But there is a line that you can take it too.

    I didn’t see any blatently missed calls on MTL anyway.

    So I’m please with the effort, dissapointed in the outcome. Same effort in most games turns the score around.

    haha My bro just refered to Hank as “Henrik RedLight Lundqvist”. A bit harsh, but the difference in the game last night.

  33. nasty – Isn’t it a pisser that everytime someone says “so and so has been horrible lately” that player has a great game? Well, I’ll take ‘credit’ for the ‘they haven’t scored a ppg on us this year’ from yesterday. oh well.

  34. onecupin67years on

    When you win everything is rosy.
    when you lose, you look for the scapecoat,the refs.

  35. Lay off Dubi. The kid is currently mired in a typical sophomore slump. One that 75% of current/former NHL players have ALL endured. When Dubi snaps out of it…he’s going to break-out HUGE.

  36. Hockeyman Rangers on

    What I saw as far as the officiating was there were some border line calls that could have been called on Montreal but then the border line calls WERE being called on the Rangers.
    I just think the Rangers are playing like the team they are. They have been beating the bad teams and the good teams are beating them. The entire team needs to step it up or we need some kind of change up.
    I know one thing this was not a fun game to watch. Between the officiating, Lundy’s couple of soft goals, and the Rangers over all effort level, it sucked. I will really be surprised if we even make it to the playoffs.

  37. Don’t sweat it Beer, Hank was going down faster than Jodie Sweetin for some crystal meth last night. We need to win right now, at any cost. The penalties and the breakdowns in the 3rd, there is no excuse for that. I would have taken an OT or shootout win, I want points.

  38. guys played great it was a role reversal in that hank sucked. now we know what we’d be like the past 3-4 years with weekes still here and hank still a 7th round pick in hartford or europe. i was mad at hank but he’ll come back n play b etter. now the rest of the guys have to keep this up and not get discouraged because they did great even our d besides staal and girardi, but theyre usually solid so this loss wasnt as bad as it seemed. renny did ok but that comment was ridicolous. o well, we’ll be alright. just one thing, pleasae trade gomez. he is a goofy bastard and doesnt care. hes been sent by the devils to infiltrate the rangers and report back to elmer fudd

  39. nasty- i acually wanted ot also. i actually miss the shootout wins lol. not really but the point is gauranteed and the 2nd 1 usually goes our way so yea we need to start tightening up in the 3rd

  40. There’s really nothing to analyze with this game. There’s one reason we lost and one reason exclusively… Henrik the head case.

    That was arguably our most complete performance of the year from our offense and defense. Everyone was firing on the same cylinder except for Hank.

    My problem with him is not the bad goals. It’s his unwillingness to BATTLE after giving up said bad goals. Soon as the first one went in, Hank packed in for the night. As if to say, I don’t have it, good luck.

    To me, that’s been his problem here from day 1. Sure, he’s been excellent for us at time and one A LOT of games, but he hasn’t showed me he’s a warrior yet. Guys like Mike Richter, elite goaltenders, give up 2 bad goals early then play better. Hank, consistently, goes into the shitter after 1 bad goal at any point in the season.

    Goal 1: Should never happen
    Goal 2: Kicked out a rebound on a shot from the red line to the top of the circles center ice; might has well been on a tee
    Goal 3: Never was ready after the faceoff. Didn’t come out and challenge at all. Great shot but gave him top corner uncontested.
    Goal 5: Worst of them all. Backbreaker. Sure, Lang beat Staal clean but he still was on a bad angle in close. Hank was litterally sitting as far back in the net as possible. There was basically no way to get beaten high short side if he takes ONE step out from the crease and challenges. He let Lang dictate the move and got beat REAL bad.

    So, let’s call a spade a spade. The loss falls on hank. So, I suppose that means the loss falls on Renney for starting him in your eyes.

  41. I totally forgot that we play the Hawks again this year. It will be very interesting to see the outcome of that one. We barely beat them on opening night.

  42. When Henrik is not playing well, this team cannot win. No team has won a Stanley Cup merely by coming first in the PK category, even if they do stay up there.

    Montreal goes ape every time someone brushes their goalie. They should have taken advantage of that fact by causing a commotion and trying to throw them off their game. That’s where we are missing Avery. Duguay is right.

  43. How’s this for a stat from Brooks? Pretty mind-boggling stuff.

    “Lundqvist has allowed four goals or more in six of his last 11 starts after having surrendered that many in two of his first 24. He has yielded five or more goals in five of his last 17 starts after allowing that many in four of his previous 61.”

  44. All these excuses for losing overlook one significant fact: the Rangers had their #1 goalie in there, Montreal had a sub in goal. Suppose Montreal had the services of a healthy Price and the Rangers had deployed Valiquette in goal – a Montreal win in that situation would have generated excuses too, of a slightly different nature.

    Look, this team has WEAKNESSES, just about everywhere. So on any given night it is just a question of which player(s) or unit(s) will screw it up just enough for us to lose, thanks to deficient basic ability or stupidy such as the unforgiveable Gomez holding penalty when the team was already down a man. Can he sit a game for that, I mean just sit the fuk down for a game without pay?

    The biggest problem this team has, right now, is that it cannot get a point out of losing in regulation. Let’s work on that. Say, you win in regulation or overtime, you get two points. And say you lose in regulation or overtime you get one point. Also, if you are losing in the final two minutes of regulation, the team with the lead has to pull its goaltender, in fairness to the team which is trailing but really needs a goal or two to catch up. This way, you have TWO empty nets at the end of the game, we know our gimmic-loving Commissioner would find “excitement” in that.

    Now then, if we also make the nets wider – well, you get the idea. With wider nets and two empty goals who cares if the Rangers lose, just so long as the game is “Exciting,” right, Gary?

  45. Lundqvist had settled down after the 2nd goal, but a penalty like voros’ took the air out of the building. Hank needs to be tougher than that, and at least stop that 3rd goal so the PK can get in a groove.

    Before that penalty, I was sure we’d win. Once Voros took it, I was sure we’d lose, and I guess Hank’s maybe had the same thought in his head?

    Textbook call, no complaints about the ref making that call. Combination of laziness and stupidity from Voros…oh yeah, and lack of conditioning

  46. You’re kidding! This team lives and dies by Lundqvist? Who would have ever thought such a thing??

    At what point are we gonna win one for HIM? How can anyone be “satisfied” with the play last night? They juked us up real good.

    And you want to talk about *spinning* something? Wow.

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