On Korpikoski, Fritsche, and donuts….


We’re running late, but so is the game (a 7:30 start thanks to TSN), so let’s get on with it.

Some notes:

<li>As noted earlier, no lineup changes tonight, which means Dan Fritsche and Lauri Korpikoski will be the scratches. That’s two straight games in the press box for Korpikoski, which led to some speculation that the rookie was headed back to Hartford. Tom Renney essentially dismissed as much just now.

“He’s certainly demonstrated he can play in the NHL,” Renney said. “It’s as much about the opponent as anything. I like the security of having him around.”

Indeed, Korpikoski is here not only because the Rangers could very well use him again as early as Friday. It’s also to serve as a reminder to someone like Aaron Voros that he could be replaced at any moment. Personally, I think Korpikoski deserves to be playing every night, but it’s at least encouraging to hear the team isn’t shipping him out of town.

<li>As for Fritsche — remember him? — he isn’t going anywhere soon, either. That means not to Hartford. But it also means not back in the lineup. Renney was asked if he envisioned using the wing anytime soon. The coach said he didn’t.

On a related note, Lynn Zinser of the Times told me on Monday she saw someone walking around the Garden wearing a Rangers No. 49 Fritsche jersey. What are the odds it was a blood relative?

<li>Then there was tonight’s comical non sequitur.

Renney was asked whether he hated any opponents more than others. The coach responded that he didn’t, that he treats every team with an equal level of respect and disdain.

Then Renney said, “Hate can manifest itself in many different ways…There are my donuts.”

Huh? Donuts?

Turns out right when Renney was speaking, goaltending coach Benoit Allaire was walking down the hallway with a haul from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Credit the News’ Michael Obernauer with the line of the night: “Can I quote you on that?”

More later…

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  1. MikeA January 7th, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    Anyone hear ever listen to the Oysterhead album? Trey from Phish with Claypool from Primus on bass and Stewart Copeland from The Police on drums. Pretty decent record.

    Mike, doesn’t Stewart Copeland look just like Stephen Valliquette ?

  2. If Sam had his dreuthers Korpkioski would be in the lineup over Prucha. I swear he asked Renney about why Korpikoski isn’t playing twice as much as he ever asked why Prucha(a former 30 goal scorer) wasn’t playing. Korpkioski is Sjostrom’s clone no need to have both hands of stone speedsters in the same lineup.

  3. Let’s hope for some creativity tonight – and not another boring game by my favorite team …

  4. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on


    REPOST ” How come the Ranger fans don’t scream “Lets go Rangers” all the time!!?? I don’t get it …save it for when …? It’s like the fans are saying…we dictate this game so when we chant ..you play harder. Baloney ..if I was there i’d chant those boys into a goal!!!!!”

    Lets go Rangers …shut – out time again…. 3 -0 Rangers tonight!!

  5. For those of us who’ll be watching on the NHL network, does anybody know if will we get the TSN feed or is this going to be one of those awful NHL network productions, like the Canes at Habs game a couple wks ago? With bill clement & some other dude calling it? Thx.

  6. Once again, any opinions on Bobby Sags All Star selection and Anisimov getting snubbed (too many forwards? Gimme a break!). AA should have made it, he’s worked super hard this year.

    Copeland does look like Vally in about 25-30 years.

    As for Korpo, give him a chance guys and gals. I don’t think he’ll be a top 6 winger, but I really think he’ll turn into Jan Erixon 2.0 at worse or his fellow countryman Juri Lethonnen at best; score 15-20 goals a year and shut down the top players in this league.

    BTW, Jan Erixon’s son is draft eligible and a stay-at-home Dman, it would be cool if the Rangers picked him up in the later rounds. He’s a Swedish citizen but was born in Westchester during Erixon’s final few years with the Rangers (another guy I liked a lot and it would have been cool if he were around for the Cup; VERY hard worker).

  7. I’m going to say 4-2 or 4-1 Canadiens.

    Don’t bash me for my prediction. I’m a diehard Rangers fan, but also a realist. That was my gut feeling.

  8. Girardi caught out of position yet again. No other dman finds himself out of position more than him.

  9. I couldnt imagine paying my hard earned money (especially in this economy) to go to MSG and watch this boring shit.

  10. graves9, you speak the truth about Girardi. and when he ain’t scoring to offset the defensive misplays, he is a net negative, given how much ice time he gets

  11. The next goal is HUGE! If we get the next goal, I think we win this game. If the Habs score, I think it totally deflates us and we lose.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    This team has a really bad habit of letting in goals right after scoring. It started popping up last year, but this year it seems to happen in every other game.

  13. cant blame the d now. hank what the hell happened to u? u were soo good last game. 2 bad goals cmon a shot from that far and he cant control it? dude put vally in. hanks gonna cost us the game

  14. Hey pearn, halik? Great to know the key opponents your facing. Overal, much more entertaining period and yupp, hank is at fault on both. The 2nd goal was a terrible shot too. No worries. Lets not get on his case. Please, brodeur let up plenty terrible goals and then fans don’t get on him as much as we (possibly) will on hank after this period. Really good period and much better than any time against the pens. lets go rangers baby!

  15. watching TSn here in Calif. no ranger broadcast tonight.

    Both goals were total Lundqvist mistakes.. The rangers have played well, 2 bad goals by the King….

    All his fault….

  16. i think the next goal is huge nasty. i dont know id take hank out if he gives up another. habs had no good scoring chances. how the f did they get 2?

  17. Lundqvist showing that he’s out of his slump, NOT !

    Horrible period by him, he should be taken out, and Vally should finish this game. How many soft goals is that against the Habs ? About 6 or 7 ?

  18. Yeah, I should have Baldwigs job. I’m half his age, better looking, and have nice teeth. And a full head of hair even though I just had to buzz it down with a number 1 clip because the girl who cuts my hair screwed me royaly and then my wife messed it up even more trying to fix it.

  19. Still shaking my head that someone like beer me can think Prucha is a 1-dimensional player.

  20. i wonder if Pearn knows names of the players he coaches…

    “hey, u, Mexican guy.. u play on the line with that Russian “pirogi” kid and Swedish meatballs…get it?”

  21. If we make the playoffs, who is going to join Doodie and myself in the Beard Growing Contest 09?

  22. Pull hank? You guys are talkin out of your asses (typical ny fans, 718 right here im one to blame as well lol). But no, deffinitly do not pull hank. He knows he is at fault, pulling him would just be rubbing it in. He doesn’t need that. All he needs is a 2-2 game soon and he will stand on his head. Hell pick it up if the team in front of him keeps playing like they did the 1st period. By the way, did anyone else think redden scored before seeing an overhead replay? Lol

  23. Doodie sets it all up. He did it last year, but nobody else participated, ha. It was a Nasty Doodie competition. Ha.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, you could never replace Trautwig because you aren’t a “sports archaeologist.” Besides, you don’t have the distinguished resume of gymnastics coverage and cameos in Cool Runnings and Eddie.

  25. Nasty – I wish I could, but mine would be Crosby-style ugly, I’m sure.

    To go back to Sam’s post, I think the Rangers have been a strange situation, only having two long-term injuries of any sort. Gomez was out for a few games, and Rissmiller was out for awhile after the first game he played. I’m sure they envisioned using Fritsche more, even with Korpikoski on the roster, but none of the other 3rd- and 4th-liners have been injured, besides Betts for a game or two. Maybe it’s time that Dubinsky is scratched for a game or two, since he is not producing. Blasphemy, I know, but look how Prucha is playing now, haha.

  26. Zherdev is wasting away with Voros & Dubinsky. Dubi really isnt a play maker, he’s more of a power forward.

  27. about a minute of forechecking and cycling the puck in the offensive zone, and an iceing call against montreal. controlling most of the play. now question, lets go rangers chant? wtf is wrong with the crowd?? Also, halak is very shakey, crash the net, f3 stay high.

  28. Sorry – I should have checked first. 18 games ago 1 goal, 1 assist. Nov 24th against Phoenix. 12 games before that he scored October 24 against Columbus.


  29. While halak clearly had the puck on his stick, dawes got crushed. No interference? Now a weak call against rozi. Bad call. Deja vu?

  30. thnx Mako… ouch… loooong stretches between goals

    Jagr was great with young guys… he showed a lot of support and thus helped the confidence of young players… just for that we should’ve kept him

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    January 7th, 2009 at 8:33 pm
    on top of growing the beard *i wont shower as well for as long as rangers still alive in the postseason…* ”

    I wanted to know what your excuse is for not showering the rest of the year.

  32. CCCP

    Cant argue with you there. Dont like the way Glen handled Jags. I really wish they would have kept him another year. But dont forget the Rangers awful PP was because they always deferred to Jagr LOL ;)

  33. Boy has The Dubinsky line stunk it up tonight. They have been caught deep in their own end every shift.

  34. im a bit busy writing my financial blog..what i miss boys…fill me in? we playing well? is Dawes playin’ like someone poured wet cement in his skates and now its drying? Does he fall down every time someone comes nigh?

  35. any of you guys on twitter? havent seen many NY rangers fans there, but plenty o’ hockey talk.

  36. LMFAO !!!

    Everyone go on Hockeybuzz.com. Eklund is saying Devils have “serious interest in Jagr”

    They’re trying to find a way of getting him out of his Russian contract.

  37. will i be the first to say we must Fire the hyena or has Bob taken care of the obligatory posts already?

  38. CCCP,

    dont incur the wrath of BOB….he will hijack your identity and make outrageously funny comments….i like that BOB.


  40. If Jagr comes to the Devils, I will not post for one whole week. Then on the 5th day I will post: “is it one week already?’

  41. If Jagr signs with the Devils I won’t post for a year then come back two hours later and post as Alamo.

  42. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Jagr come back to the NHL !!!!! I’d take back Jagr , Avery and Shanny in a heart beat . Even if we threw ’em all on the 4th line!!( not Jags though)

  43. what a stupid effing play by Gomez. why would you hold someones stick like that right in front of the ref??

  44. Rangers better win this one or else I’ll let Orr out of his cage and tell him his suspension is over.

  45. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Maybe we should watch tape of the canadiens power play!

    When we are on a 5-3 we are the only team in the NHL not to score!

  46. Cally and Gomez were clearly penalties and that was a dumbass move by Gomez… arlier two may have been weak calls (Voros and Rozsival) but it doesn’t matter now, they are all in this hole and they need to climb hard out of it

  47. topcorner
    January 7th, 2009 at 9:28 pm
    The reffing really stinks tonight. Just a thought.
    Disagree. Cally came up with his stick and Gomez surely held the Habs players sticks.

  48. Definitely not arguing the Cally and Gomez penalties, more like Lang could have been called, and … oh crap as I write, Rozsy scores. Nice.

  49. Graves9

    Markov ran from body contact all last post season,,Bruins and Flyers had him staying out of corners


  50. wasnt the refs fault our players are fuckin retarts. im sick of gomez face. im sick of vorosd face. trade them please. as much as this team blows, this one aint on renny. hank doesnt spot montreal 2 goals this is a 2-2 game, and the friggin ugly mexican with no discipline. games over.

  51. They must be miking the crowd better tonight, I can actually hear them, usually it’s all muted. This is much better hearing the fans.

  52. Dawes was interfered with behind the net in the 2nd, right in front of the ref. Latendresse pulled down Callahan in the Ranger zone in the 2nd right in front of the ref. Roszival was hooked in the last minute of the 2nd.

  53. boxcareddiehospodar on

    It’s hard to belive an NHL team can go an entire game without a penalty.

    Gimme a break.

    The officiating stinks!!

  54. Has Hank made one good save today? Sit Gomez and gives the Zherdev and Prucha lines more icetime.

  55. Within 1 goal of tying this game, with 10 min left, Renney should make the in game adjustment and have them play hard and physical like 3rd period vs SJ. This will tilt the refs to make a call vs Habs…..Then again, our PP sux so maybe not a good idea

  56. na hank blew this game in the 1st or wed be winnin 3-2. guy has an awesome game and follows it up by lettin in some very easy goals. i hope, but doubt we come back again. unless u double shift the drury n zherdev lines

  57. According to TSN Renney is doing a real good coaching job by keeping Gomez away from Lapierre….

    What? are we paying Gomez $7 million a year to fear Maxim Lapierre??? and if so…this is smart??

  58. habs got 4 key players injured and we have a full lineup n top goalie in and were losing at home. unreal man

  59. Halak has outplayed Hank

    Its not the penalties against its the ones not called on Habs

    Pierre “circumsized head” Mcguire says Gravchek will play in NHL next year…he’s ready

    Where is Zherdev???? Did we trade him??

    tonight Prucha has been a healthy scratch 27 times, 11 times and 25 times this year depending on who is talking on TSN

  60. Even though the Rangers are losing right now with 6:00 in the 3rd I’d have to say the team is looking pretty good tonight. The Rangers could be in the lead if it were not for all the penalties. The D is pinching and helping out. Prucha Callahan and Dawes all look good. Pru has been the best player for the last 5 games.

  61. this is bullsh!t. Lang walks in UNTOUCHED right through and over the shoulder. LQ isnt good at all tonight.

  62. Staal has had a rough one tonight. Pretty sad giving up 5 goals to a Habs teams with what 4 of their top 6 forwards out?

  63. Mazel Tov! A Rangers power play when the game is over. Great reffing job tonight from the Montreal-born officials.

  64. And here ladies and gentlemen is the complimentary PP when the game is out of reach. Wil they give up a shortie.

  65. I hope you those of you who said the Rangers “manhandled” the Pens and see this game as nothing more as typical Rangers hockey. They ran into a BAD pens team. Looks at this garbage…. Mara’s hand gets hacked, no penalty.

  66. the refs are such a joke, no games have been decent, weak calls, pity calls. Its ridiculous, takes the fun out of the games for me since there is so much to get annoyed by due to the referees! such a joke around the league. i wish i could mess up everyday and never to my job right without getting fired, any consequences.

    im done venting. bs.

  67. With PP and Dawes having seemingly responded to their benchings, maybe it’s time Dubi and some of the veterans get the same wake up cal, eh?

  68. One good shift by Zherdev tonight. The guy needs to compete more than 2-3 shifts a game.

  69. Staal with not his best game, LQ definitely with not his best game, Girardi was pretty putrid, Gomez half the player he was in NJ (again). Prucha has been good. Dawes has played hard.

  70. I can see letting some play through a slump but this is insane…WAY TOO MUCH ICE TIME FOR GOMEZ!

  71. now the refs are making calls.. simply so they can say they called it fair and what not. no thank you id rather you didnt make weak calls towards the end.

  72. “we got no nastiness

    none at all

    roll over and die”

    Kaspar, did you see Renny go behind the Washington bench the night they came back from 4-0 down to shake Boudreau’s hand and congratulate him after the game was over??? THAT’S the type of attitude that forbids nastiness and grit. ugh

  73. How does anyone expect Zherdev to play well is on a line with Voros (horrible) and Dubinsky (slumping). Well at least I have Lang & Kovalev on my fantasy roster.

  74. the rangers should have won.

    plekanic double slash on MAra no call.

    rangers should have won.. Henrik gave up 2 gifts and Voros did look bad, back to Lori…

    the rangers played well, should have won…1 penalty the whole game on the canadiens that is a joke..

    TSN, Plekanic blatant double slash…

  75. Can we get Voros out of the lineup or at least not on a line with the teams best playmaker.

    Dawes, Prucha, and Callahan continue to play well.

  76. Losers whine all you want the rangers out played them..

    the king gave up 2 gifts and a empty net goal, can’t you all add????????????????

  77. What would be Renney’s answer after this game, in comparison to pre-game, on putting Voros in, I wonder. Voros is really not even what we want steadily on the 4th line, maybe as a callup from Hartford. He is a big guy playing small.

  78. I rather talk about Scott Gomez’s continued shit play. Plus Hank went right back into his slump.

  79. Voros is to my eye still out of shape, or his skating has degenerated to an even lower level of capacity…

    man, just imagine what the NYR record would be if the goaltending was even close to how shaky it was tonight on a regular basis

  80. Usual biased refs favoring the Canadians. It’s such a shame my favorite sport is so favored towards about 2 to 3 teams (MTL, PITT) because of behind the scenes politics. I wish the NHL was more like the NFL.

  81. I love the excuses for Zherdev wahh Dubi is struggling and Voros stinks. Zherdev has played with pretty much everyone the last month or so and he’s struggled the guy is the same he’s always been a chronic underachiever that doesn’t seem to get up for games and only competes in 3 of the 20+ shifts a game he gets.

  82. Im still having a hard time believing that Voros has become “out of shape” sitting out 2 games. These guys are professionals they NEVER should be out of shape mid-season. Suspend his ass with out pay then.

  83. Amazingly, the Rangers played better than they did against Pittsburgh, a 4-0 win, than they did tonight, a 6-3 loss.

    Tonight showed that the Rangers can generate plenty of offense and chances, but it also showed that Lundqvist simply needs to make big saves in order for them to win. I mean, he got outplayed by Halak…that’s bad.

    Hockey is a SUCH a weird sport. Staal gets absolutely undressed on that goal. He’s so solid ALL YEAR, makes that play 999 times out of 1,000…tonight he doesn’t…goal (here’s the question…is Staal getting toasted RENNEY’S FAULT SOMEHOW?!?! IT MUST BE RIGHT!! AHH COACHING COACHING COACHING!!!!!)

    See, the point is, the effort was there tonight from the guys, and they lost. It sucks. That’s hockey.

    I will say…we have to have more from Lundqvist. And also, Voros should never see the ice again. PERIOD. Korpikoski on that line with Zherdev and Dubinsky please.

  84. I thought it was a big improvement tonight seeing Gomez actually pass to his own teammates, ala the Callahan goal and a couple of other instances. Weird, but I thought he was okay tonight until his penalty. I would love to see him get some kind of tough love for that stupid to the nth degree penalty. Who the eff did he think he was fooling? He was in front of an official and he held on for about 3 seconds.
    Good Grief!!

  85. Screw making excuses about the refs. We shit the bed in the 3rd. Penalties or not. Unacceptable.

  86. Lets admit it…we got too many flyweights

    Love Cally and Pruchs and their desire to hit but when they do, not only does that mean we dont have the puck (theyre chasing) but…they seem to bounce off of guys who continue to..HAVE THE PUCK…Dawes, Drury, Gomez too bunch of midgets

    This is why guys who are strong “on the puck” like Jagr are so dominant..they dont hit but they absorb hits and control the puck…Sundin is like that too…we got no one like that…

    By the way- did I mention- Pierre Mcguire’s nickname is “circumsized head”

  87. Rob C.
    I challenge you on what you said. Did you see Gomez’s stupid penalty? That’s not effort, that’s lazy stupid.

  88. Why all the love for Korpikoski? How many goals does he have in the last 30 games? I guess we really wanna see Voros out of the lineup beause he has been one big Zeros.

  89. from overly sarcastic Gomez to zombie Drury and to “elegant” tongue Renney … what this team is missing is a VOICE that everyone would listen to… until then no point expecting anything

  90. Liquid

    Dont you know? we always love the guy who is benched…except Fritche…nobody cares about that guy…not even Larry Brooks

  91. Topcorner –

    That’s one play, and I agree it was lazy and very stupid. But in a general sense, the team worked its ass off and lost…it happens.

  92. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    This is a loss that can happen during the course of a season.The team played OK accept for the fact that they just don’t generate enough scoring chances.They maybe had about 6-8 decent scoring chances all game.This game is more indicative of a team that plays a system that does not create much offense and when your goalie is not at his top form like tonight,the way they are told tp play is not conducive to overcoming any of those shortcomings.The effort was O.k. but at the end of the day they lost to a team that played without 4 of their top six forwards and still generated more offense than a very healthy Rangers team.

  93. Not a big fan of Dawes, but he’s been playing well with Prucha. But of course our minus 4 Captain, minus 10 Gomez and minus 11 Naslund get the playing time at the end of the game. Renney finally puts out Prucha with the 4 game scoring streak at the very end of the game but way too late. And doesn’t Prucha draw a penalty at least once a game? But Renney won’t put him on the first power play?

  94. I’m really starting to not like this team…there I said it; they remind me of the Jim Fassel-Tiki Barber Giants…I couldn’t stand most of those late 90’s guys

    And now my beloved Blue Jackets, decimated by injuries and Ken Hitchcock’s four chins, are falling out of the playoff hunt

  95. no rangers shouldnt and didnt win. im sorry but if hank had shown up and not dressed his grandma in his equipment to fill in for him, we mightve won. the habs were already a handicap when the game started with 3 top forwards and #1 goalie out, then u figure theyre on the road so both those things shouldve been more than enough for the rangers to easily win, the voros n gomez penalties were good calls, yea they didnt call some on montreal but cmon youre sayin our pp wouldve converted? take a look at the end of the game where doobs had 2 nice chances and couldnt even with a 2 man advantage. anyway u look at it, the rangers are finding ways to lose and its gonna be a long rest of the season unless they figure out a way to start playin consistently. man what happened to zherdev n doobs? did their playstation break? great game from the usual cally dawes pru and rozy

  96. Gomez is a joke he makes passes to nowhere, he turns over the puck and he takes lazy penalties. The pk units are bending big time. Two pp goals against a team with a pretty bad pp unit this year. Hank was pretty bad. He can’t puckhandle and had trouble with rebounds he didn’t make one big save tonight. Halak looked shaky all game long but the Rangers don’t have the natural goal scorers to make him pay. Naslund’s hands aren’t what they used to be. He probably buries acouple of chances he got tonight a few years ago. Girardi is just tough to watch his entire game is in the toilet. Staal had a rough one. He got toasted a couple of times and seemed a bit off and sluggish all game long. Loved the way the Dawes-Drury-Prucha line played. They need alot more energy and forecheck from the other lines.

  97. Sorry Rob C, yer right most of the team did work hard. And Redden is actually starting to step up his game, about time. Talk about a late bloomer (but I’ll bit my tongue til he does it a few more games so I think it’s real)
    Looking at Gomez grinning like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, all sheepish.
    I used to really really like that guy. Sometimes he plays the way he gives interviews, like a jerk.

  98. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    I am a huge fan of the King but sadly he looked more like a Jester tonight. Those first two were obviously his fault and where was he when Lang scored his second goal. Obviously the refs were just horrendous tonight. OK fine if you make weak calls, at least make them equally. The call on Voros was weak but what happened when the same exact hook happened in the other two periods against the Rangers.

    I truly hope we do not get rid of Prucha. Him and dawes bring so much energy to the game, its amazing. I see a lot of improvement in Redden except for not picking up Latendresse on his goal off that horrid rebound by Lundqvist.

  99. Yeah and who has the most points on the Rangers? Zherdev! He played well when Dubinsky & Voros went on a first 5-10 game tear. That is all over now. He creates plays and is a goal scorer. At this point Dubi and Voros are neither. He is on a line with dead weight. Dont get me wrong I love Dubi and Voros hasnt shown me anything in the last 10 games. Bench him again and bring back Korpi.

  100. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Very tough 5 game stretch on the road coming up,could be a make or break road trip not only for the team,but the season and also Renney.

    Again I’m not as upset about this loss as much as I am during most of their losses because at least they competed tonight and you really can’t bitch and moan about that.And then Tom Renney comes on and says “we had the game in control” and “maybe I need to be more vocal so I can get a call every now and then” so now I’m starting to burn inside just listening to to this asshole.

  101. Renney thinks maybe he should be more vocal with the refs. Wow. He used to have Shanny to constantly work the refs — now there’s no one to do it.

  102. Should have traded Dubi in October. . . . . .no w he is bringing Zherdev down to mediocrity.

  103. MAK) – I totally agree. Voros could never in a million years be a force like Korpikoski could be. Not saying Korpi is Golden Boy, but Voros is un-inspiring, big guy playing small, the opposite of what we need.

  104. kaspar- i hear ya on not likin this team, i mean i love the rangers, but wheres the toughness? its ny were supposed to be tough n nasty. right nasty?

  105. Agree with the people who say the refs sucked tonight. The non call on the slash on Mara was a joke. The last few penalties called were made to look it like the penalties even. The first two periods were pretty good imo. Still the Gomez and Cally penalties were real penalties imo.

  106. cwgatti
    January 7th, 2009 at 10:26 pm
    Should have traded Dubi in October. . . . . .no w he is bringing Zherdev down to mediocrity.

    Nope. Zherdev is just returning to his career levels.

  107. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Oh yeah one more thought about the NHL. I guess almost biting someone’s thumb off is only worth a two game suspension while referring to a past girlfriend in a somewhat of disparaging way is worth six games. More and more I’m beginning to really hate Gary Buttman.

  108. Top

    I mean the guys game has completely disappeared?!? Get that big body in front of the net – how hard is that? Hit anything that moves with the puck – how hard it that? But if he really is out of shape mid season – then he needs to get sent down to Hartford. There is NO excuse for ANY NHL player to be out of shape this time of the season.

  109. All Hail King Henrik on

    Zherdev is on pace for 70pts this season, leading the team

    23G – 17A – 70Pts

    Were you really expecting that much more? 5-7 more goals maybe?

    Nikky Z isn’t the problem with this team…

  110. It’s weird that Voros played with purpose earlier in the season (but then again so did Dubinsky, who I just know is going to be great). Which is the fluke, the good Voros or the invisible Voros? Which is the real Voros? Since lots of stuff is just guessing, I would have to say get somebody else in there in place of hime and let Voros himself come up with the answer, possibly in Hartford.

  111. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    To all the anti Zherdev comments I have one or two things to say in his defense.

    First,he still leads the team in scoring and is on course to have his best year point wise with an outside shot at a career best in goals.

    Second,he’s been jerked around by “coach” Renney almost on a daily basis from line to line.I think if he’s allowed to play with one line for more than a game so that he can develop some chemistry with his line mates he’ll be more than O.k. Just look at the pass he made to Rozy for the third goal tonight.

  112. retirebradpark's#2 on

    On November 1 they stood at 10-2-1. Hopes were high.

    The last two months have been miserable. They haven’t even been a roller coaster ride. At least with a roller coaster you get some thrills.

    I’m not even yelling at the TV when Redden touches the puck. Maybe I’m in a slump too. As Professor Renney would say, I’ve got some tidying up to do. What an idiot.

    I’m almost done.

    Would someone tell Hank the word is out on him — shoot high, because butterfly goaltenders play too low. (Yeah, I know. He’s our MVP. I get it.)

    Good night.

  113. All Hail King Henrik on

    Time to bring up Anisimov for a few games, if for nothing else than to try Dubinsky at wing. He’s more suited to be a power forward.


    Artie has a pretty good defensive game, so there should be no real liability there. Additionally, with Dubie having the D experience at center, he can backcheck a little bit harder for a few games to help Artem’s transition from AHL to NHL. With Artie flanking Zherdev, he doesn’t have to worry about creating a lot of offense as a center. He can simply focus on playing solid defense, and chipping in on what Z creates offensively.

  114. Alex B

    Let them all talk sh!t about Zherdev. He isnt the problem. I still think he should be on the top line with Gomez and Nazzy. The kid just needs to play his game and not conform to the “coaches” “system”

    Why didnt Renney bother to bark at the refs tonight about the lopsided calls? Why wasnt Drury working over the refs like Shanny does? Why was Gomez allowed to log those min after he took that BONEHEAD penalty which was scored on???

    Why why why?

  115. All Hail….I was thinking the same thing. send down Fritsche or Voros and get Anisimov in there to play with Z. Maybe the 2 Russians can have some chemistry.

  116. were expecting zherdev to grow up and take command of this team. hes our sniper, or as close to one as you’ll get on this team. he is so skilled it pisses you off when a midget like dawes n prucha and cally can hustle and keep shit simple. he tries to much to do impossible things and takes alot of shifts off. that whole line needs to be broken up and get voros out. he takes too many penalties and just sucks. dont know what to do with doobs n z. theyre supposed to be the future of this team.idk. masn im startin to miss shootouts!

  117. retirebradpark’s#2
    I really think Redden is playing a better game lately. He actually has been hitting and looking to get into the game. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, again.
    I’m not a fan of the coaching either, not that it matters. Tom the Tinman is here for a while.

  118. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    We clearly have some issues with the defense on this team as well as a forwrd with size who can skate hit and score so just as a change of pace,what about a trade proposal.

    The Rangers trade Dubi,Girardi and Kalinin and Fritsche to the Panthers for Jay Baumeester and Nathan Hortan. Jbow is an UFA and I think that Horton might be due for rfa and will want a big contract.Let me just say that I love Dubi and think he will become a 20-30g 30-40a guy but with the development of AA down in Hartford,it’s a trade that can be made because you have to give up something to get something and I think this might be a deal that would help us.

  119. why would Renny work a referee now, in a relatively low-importance game, when last spring in the playoffs Drury got opened up by a Penguin’s high stick, bled all over the ice, and mild-mannered Tom didn’t even bat an eye? Let it slide, had nothing to say to either ref. not one word.

  120. It is true they played bettr then the Pitt. game.

    The generated many good opptys… Who said the ydid not.

    Kalinan(he sucks) has actually been fine the last few games.

    King bad game, the refs missed many calls.. The VOros penalty(he looked bad) was totally weak… that was a bad call.

    Lori who cannot score yet(has been a very good forechecker) and generated many scoring opptys. for his teammates…

    I have no clue about Ansimov, if he is ready etc…..

    crazy game you win when you should lose and lose when you should win…..

  121. Alex B that is not a crazy trade.. I really like Girardi.. Bouwmeester is not every physical at all, if they trade Girardi there D has a 21 yr old who hits and that is it…..

  122. All Hail King Henrik on

    Anisimov might not be completely ready, I’ll give you that.

    BUT, I will say this: he is certainly no less ready than Fritsche or Voros. Perhaps even the Korpedo, too.

  123. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Zherdev plays with Voros and should be with Naslund .

    You live and die by a franchise goalie…today we died.

    Gomez is ummm Gomez , next question.

    Dawes and Prucha as small as they are affordable and play like big men.

    Staal’s big mistake letting Lang score by going around him will make Staal better . It cost us the game but Staalsie will be better!!

  124. onecupin67years on

    After dominating a non competitive all out quit pittsburgh team, the rangers come back down to earth.
    Awful call on voros but that’s the breaks.

  125. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    As an arm chair G.M. I’m already thinking ahead.JBow does hit more than most think and I think making the playoffs will bring that extra agression out of him. I’d also look to dump Rozy/Redden either via a buyout or a trade and look to sign Jbow and Mike Komesarik to a contract,he’s a local kid who I think would look real good here along with some of the other dman prospects.

  126. WD

    Because every game counts. Unless they are sitting on top of the EC 20 pts ahead of every other team, and this game was the last of the season. Every game counts. It means that Renney is soft and will never challenge calls. So refs will get away with more and more. Like the example you gave. I was pulling my hair out when Drury was cut and there was no call. And I think it was Malone was cut and there was a 4 min penalty.

  127. I didn’t really think was in a slump before… more like the craptastic team in front of him was giving up prime scoring chances by the boatload.

    That means that IF Hank’s gonna have a slump this season, this could be the start of it.

    I hope he doesn’t… Butttttttttttttttt

    if it is we’re done.

  128. alex, my guess is the Kalinin/Fritsche part of your deal would have to be sweetened to get Bouw and Horton, even with the UFA and RFA upcoming. But maybe not. it’s an interesting thought. Horton can play.

    I hoped for a lot more improvement from Girardi this year, but the points have stopped coming and the defensive work on a nightly basis, aside from his willingness to hit, is not good far more than it is average. Dubi I would hate to give up on…

  129. onecupin67years on

    Montreal sure likes long island hockey players higgins and Komesarik.
    Where were the rangers?
    losing prospects in the draft because of positioning is one thing ,but were these guys on the rangers charts?

  130. My lord stop saying the Rangers dominated the Pens. The Pens played like garbage – it was a game they SHOULD have won. They just good advantage of a team coming apart at the seams. Their specialty teams finally got it together. 5 on 5 they didnt do anything special and LQ was great in net. Tonight errr not so much.

  131. Who Needs Lohan on

    I actually feel ok after this loss, more than any other this year. Did I losing the game, no! But there really are some positive signs. All of you like to blame someone each game for why we lost. Yeah, Lundqvist wasnt good and he knows it, shit happens. But there are positive signs here my fellow NYR fans.

    Now, Ive been on Renney as much anyone else on this blog, but he isnt going anywhere, and yeah its a little late to realize that if you complain a bit a call or two will go your way (a la Carb totally getting that hook call because of the non call on what he thought was interference on our 2nd goal), but he seems to be gaining a little fire so lets try to go with it, theres no use in complaining all day every day, he isnt getting fired anytime soon quite honestly.

    Well moral of the story (if there is one) I like what I am seeing, we need a little more fire and maybe a trade for more size, but I think this team may surprise us a bit. We’ll see….

  132. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    I’d hate to give Dubi up as well but you know you sometimes have to make the choices needed to move your franchises assets in a way that can best improve your team and guys like AA and to a lesser extent Potter need to be either promoted or traded away to improve the many deficiancies that are on this team,the guy behind the bench being the biggest one,or they will just waste away.

  133. Only reason Zherdev is on pace for 70 points in because of his really fast start. He has struggled mightily the last 6 weeks. He needs to compete harder and be smarter with the puck. He is a less talented version of Kovalev with all of his bad qualities.

  134. This game would not have been that bad a loss if they had actually been on a real winning streak. Fortunately half the Eastern Conference stinks anyway. It also wouldn’t be so bad if someone on the Rangers actually had a personality or was fun to watch. Instead they talk after the game about how well they all played and how maybe someday they’ll complain to the refs. How did Glen Sather end up with the most boring team in NYR history?

  135. WD

    Yeah I was pretty sure it was Malone. Re: Girardi – man, that kid has been matched with Redden most of the season and well…. we all know how Redden has played all of the season so far. He is a good Dman and moderate point producer – but has vanished since he has been paired with BIG RED.

    I am glad to see Roszi playing better though.

  136. onecupin67years on

    DOMINATE DOMINATE DOMINATE, who said they were supposed to win? who was supposed to win tonight?

  137. Nathan Horton got called out by coach Peter DeBoer, and he responded by playing better after that. That tells you that the guy is good. Jay Bouwmeester is a really smart player and one of the best skaters in the game, and not just as a defenseman.
    It would take quite a bit to pry either of these guys away from Florida, I would think. I think our defense will improve, but damn it, get some power up front.

  138. No one is gonna take Fritsche/Kalinin/Voros. There are two good things out of this; one is there are still 40 games and I predict Dubi to have a huge second half. Second is that it keeps driving the price of some of the RFAs like Dubi and Nicky Z down and then they can resign those guys for cheaper, go one more year, get rid of Naslund’s contract, resign Staal and Girardi, and make room for AA, Grachev, and Sags/Del Zotto/etc.

  139. Let them all talk sh!t about Zherdev. He isnt the problem. I still think he should be on the top line with Gomez and Nazzy. The kid just needs to play his game and not conform to the “coaches” “system He already has they’ve got zero chemistry.

  140. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Easy there Brandon.The guy in goal for the Habs gave up one shitty one as well to Cally.Hank was not great tonight,in fact he wasn’t even good but he only should have stopped the first two tonight.Our problem was and still is the fact that we just do not generate enough offense,that’s it.We as a team have not once bailed out Hank when he has not been stellar like tonight and that is a problem.Most good teams bail out their goalies when they are having an off night every now and then.

  141. LOL wow how mature :)

    Well usually when a team is on a 4 game losing streak and distention within a team – especially when the team captain is crying to the media how unhappy he is with line mates and management – Also, has a combined 6 points in 10 games and his league leading team mate hasnt scored a goal in 9 games – yeah the Rangers SHOULD HAVE WON. They did nothing special – the Pens just flat out sucked. And Guess what… the pens played a shitty Atlanta team and won…

    All I know is that they should have won the Detroit & SJ game and didnt.
    Tonight – LQ wasnt at all at his best, refs called the game one sided until the last 5 min of the game to make up for it. And they made an old man look like a superstar by getting his 2nd career hat trick for being in the NHL 18 years LOL

  142. I just got home from the game. What a load of shit. Hank didn’t show up, the refs handed Montreal the game, and Staal had the worst game I’ve seen him play as a Ranger. Rangers missed countless chances for rebounds because NOBODY STANDS IN FRONT OF THE NET. Halak was giving up MAD rebounds and not a SOUL was there to get them. Why? Because Renney has 3 guys back at all times, little defensive pussy that he is.

    This team is getting to be more frustrating than fun to follow. Seriously.

  143. Lundqvist lost the game for the Rangers. He played almost as worse as Graves9 is in bed. He should have been benched after the first, but the hyena let him stay in, and he didn’t get any better. Letting in soft goals, besides maybe just one, and the empty net goal.

    Dubinsky needs to go back to Hartford. It worked for Callahan, it should work for him. The hyena ruined his confidence, and Dubinsky cant get it back by listening to his stupid speeches, so he needs a conditioning stint.

    The refs were bad, but this team still played like the losers they are. The hyena let Dreary, and Blowmez play the 4 on 3, over Prucha, and Callahan. Stupid coaching.

    Blowmez showed how much he cared about his team, when he took one of the dumbest penalties ever. Maybe he has a gambling addiction, and was trying to blow the game, so he can add more money to his bloated contract that he’s proven he deserves so much.

  144. Graves

    Sorry man, you’re wrong. Some of the biggest point total for Z were on the Gomez / Nazzy line. They did have chemistry. But recently the play of Cally bumped him up to the 1st line. Ala Renney musical lines…

  145. Kaspar, at least I am laughing at the end of this with your “And now my beloved Blue Jackets, decimated by injuries and Ken Hitchcock’s four chins, are falling out of the playoff hunt”

    Next time I see a side profile of Ken Hitchcock, I swear I will be counting his chins.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  146. bob How would you kno-uh forget it. Mako disagree the majority of the points he put up was when his line with Dubi and Voros were on fire the first 6 weeks of the season.

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