On an off day, talk some football


Tonight marks the first of a three-game-in-four-day stretch for the Rangers, but tomorrow you should have plenty of time to talk some football with The Journal News’ Mike Dougherty and Sam Borden.

Those two will be hosting a video chat at noon, where they’ll be breaking down the Giants’ playoff opener against the Eagles.

Follow the link “here”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/99999999/MOGULUS0105/399990027, and make sure to inundate them both with questions. Just don’t ask about the Rangers’ power play.

As for another hockey video chat, we should have one coming up soon, so stay tuned.

More from the Garden in a bit…

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  1. my prediction is I’ll let out an “inconvenience” at some point at the game and somebody will look completely horrified.

  2. January 7th, 2009 at 4:25 pm
    I love how some people want to critique Prucha, Dubinsky, Betts, Orr, Sjoestrom!! Pretty awesome.

    To criticize Dubinsky and Prucha is a moot point. BOTH have been stunted by the dumbness of Renney. Prucha hasn’t had a chance to build chemistry with anyone, and when he did (Dubinsky and Zherdev) he was effing moved off that line!

    Dubinsky had awesome chemistry with Z early this season…Renney broke them up. Needless to say, Drury and Gomez are still on pace for 40-something point seasons and we’re here criticizing a guy who makes 1.6million and another guy who’s probably around 700K and only playing his second full season.

    Then to critique Orr and Betts, saying they should produce more for the ice time they play, then wtf can’t we say the same for the “TOP” players! For the ice time they get, I want to see them produce more! Betts and Orr don’t get PP time! And as much as the PP is ruined by PP, the players themselves also play a part in stunting that aspect too! Point is that Betts and Orr aren’t paid to score…Naslund, Drury, and Gomez are and they’re failing pretty nicely at their jobs.

  3. beer me, as long as i can keep you slightly uncomfortable — as you ought to be, given your limited hockey sense-to-inflatesd ego ratio — i’m doing my job.

  4. For those who say talking on the internet will never cause a real tangiable difference… I want you to read the article below… ‘PhantasyTour’ is my other internet haunting for passionate and well rounded Phish fans. Getting the compressor into Trey’s hands and making Rolling Stone news is something I’d consider a pretty big deal for a little internet movement started by upset fans.

    Watch your fugckin head Renney… We’re coming for you next!


  5. My prediction: Rangers win-this board is quiet tomorrow.
    Rangers lose-first fire Renney post comes up immediately after game and continues till Friday.

    Let’s hope for a quiet “football” day tomorrow. LGR!!!

  6. To disregard Prucha’s hits as meaningless as a fart is to be totally oblivious to the emotional impact it has on the MSG crowd —- but then if you think Tom Renney is a good coach, you’re probably oblivious to begin with.

  7. wd – it wasn’t the posts themselves it was the posters all in a row like murderers row. it just struck me as the ultimate irony

  8. the 3 in their own way tend to have an avery effect. and allegedly rooting for the same results. take of it what you will

  9. I don’t agree with it but the Prucha/Renney argument is way easier to buy than Dubinksy/Renney.

    Dubinsky played with a monster of a player, Jagr for one year. Ten successful games with “enigmatic” Zherdev then tapering off isn’t exactly being stunted by Renney…..

  10. Ruutu actually causes harm with his mouth and gets 2 games, meanwhile Avery gets 6 and thrown off his team for something completely harmless?

  11. Rudolph
    January 7th, 2009 at 4:39 pm
    To disregard Prucha’s hits as meaningless as a fart is to be totally oblivious to the emotional impact it has on the MSG crowd….

    I completely agree, Rudolph. His hits the other night on both Crosby and Orpik got the crowd roaring.

    Prucha is not a one-dimensional hockey player! Petr Klima, fine. Not this Petr.

  12. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Rangers win tonight 3 – 0 , Hank gets his back 2 back shout-outs that hes been wanting. Montreal’s George Laraque challenges Colton Orr , who wins?? stay tuned…

  13. This Black Guy on

    January 7th, 2009 at 4:55 pm
    Its official, Ruutu is the Mike Tyson of hockey

    Actually that would be Derian Hatcher. He bit Zajerk last season.

  14. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Petr Prucha is playing tonight!!!?? Sweet , that guy digs for goals and has a ton of heart!!! Korpi should be playing too and let Voros take more time off for conditioning.

    We win tonight , I’m think ’round the 1 min mark we fans sing ” Goodbyeee , la la la habsss goodbye!!!”

    Montreal needs to lose , stacking that ALL-STAR game like that. Kovalev makes it and not ZZZZZ , what a crime.

    Marc Staal has dealt with the crosbys , Ovechkins and semins. He is an ALL-STAR and he will only get bigger , stronger and faster. ( This is our Defenseman we all have been craving for!!!)

  15. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    (Chris) Don’t scare me like that!! I ran over to check the tv. Well it shows that the games on TSN , when games are on TSN or sportnet they don’t put it on Centerice. Prob Verseus is the same. So if ya have TSN …your in!!

  16. Looks like a lot of “out-of-town” Rangers fans (including me) are going to be in the dark tonight since Center Ice isn’t picking it up. ZZZZ – even if TSN is broadcasting the game, why wouldn’t they at least show the MSG feed? And is it possible to get TSN in the States? On DirecTV perhaps? There has to be an alternative! This is killing me.

  17. Phalanx (Chris in MA) on

    Frank… check to see if you get the NHL Network. If you dont already get it, you should be able to contact your provider and get it.

  18. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Don’t wanna miss this game…we never seen Hank after a Shut-out this year!! Or Vally may play but im thinkin Hank kicks ass and we win win win!!!! I got NHL network ,TSN, TSN2,Centerice, sportnetE , Sportnetw and sportsnetO .

    No way im missin a Ranger game!!! Whooohoooo lets rock the Kasba !!!!How come the Ranger fans don’t scream “Lets go Rangers” all the time!!?? I don’t get it …save it for when …? It’s like the fans are saying…we dictate this game so when we chant ..you play harder. Baloney ..if I was there i’d chant those boys into a goal!!!!!GO GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!!!

  19. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOO Let Frank watch the game!!!!!!! I feel for the guy ( been there)

  20. No mention of the MSG food of late, Sam. Has it improved or have you just become resigned to it?

  21. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    one more thing …I wish the Rangers would change lines at thier own end . Not dump in the puck and run to a line change!?? We get in thier zone and everyone takes off for a line change. We are losing scoring chances by changing in thier end .we get the zone and give the puck back to them so our new lines can be on the defense? Not good. I hate it.

  22. Hey Guys and gals, in case you missed it; Congrats to Bobby Sags who was named to the AHL All Star Team for the Pack. Personally, I think Anisimov should have gone as he has a point per game and he got snubbed bigtime, but it’s still a great sign and a cool thing for Bobby Sags to enjoy.

  23. Anyone hear ever listen to the Oysterhead album? Trey from Phish with Claypool from Primus on bass and Stewart Copeland from The Police on drums. Pretty decent record.

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