Special teams, special teams, special teams


So what have we learned class?

That if you stumble on the power play and the penalty kill, you will go nowhere in today’s NHL. If you can produce in those areas, you can gloss over plenty of mistakes.

Give the Rangers credit for outworking a Pittsburgh team that looked awfully disconnected. They weren’t perfect in the win, particularly in a fairly dull second period. But their effort level never wavered, and their special teams play, particularly on the penalty kill, was stellar.

“I think we stopped being really aggressive. I think we were a little bit too passive,” said center Blair Betts. “The reason our penalty kill is so good is that when the puck is dumped in, we’re on it, we’re aggressive, we don’t give a team time to set up. Tonight we got back to that and it was a big confidence builder.”

Plus, there’s that Lundqvist kid. Keep an eye on him. He’s got a future in this league.

“It’s pretty tough to feel good when you’re letting in four goals,” said Lundqvist, who made 27 saves. “You have to try to look at the good things, but when you’re facing a lot of scoring chances, that’s when you start making bad decisions..(Tonight) I finally got some luck out there.”

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  1. Phalanx (Chris in MA) on

    It wasnt perfect… but for the 1st time, in a long time… I am satisfied by a Rangers win.

  2. Phalanx (Chris in MA) on

    It wasnt a ‘perfect’ game… but for the 1st time in a long time Im going to bed satisfied by the way the Rangers played.

  3. Way to go Hank.

    I’m still a Renney hater…

    But this win just goes to show you what this team would look like with just a decent PP. Not stellar. Just decent. One where you don’t give up 12 shorties… and one where you have a chance of scoring.

    Amazing isn’t it.

    Yeah the Pens sucked but I’ll take it.

  4. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Good win against another struggling team.That being said we are also a struggling team and all wins in regulation count the same in my book.Still need to work on the offense and the King won’t be able to bail them out like he did in the first every game.Nver the less,nice win!

    On a side note,the pens will soon have a new coach and I thinkit will be Laviolette.

  5. your boy Malik on

    Whew….so happy for Hank finally getting a shut out – and Prucha getting a point – now I have to worry about Wednesday when I’ll actually be at the game…..maybe this is the turnaround! For now, though….ahhhh….all is well in Rangerland……

  6. – Mara’s goal was a beauty and I was glad to see him rewarded for his hard work this season. He and Staal are the top D pairing in my mind.

    – Prucha with another point! I f’ing dare you to bench him, Renney. Seriously.

    – Glad Drury got a goal and an assist, about time he gets some points production going

    – Henrik!

    I’ll be in the Garden on Wednesday and sincerely hope tonight’s play is carried over.

  7. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    probably one of the more boring games to watch this season but im happy to see us actually sustain a lead and outwork our opponent for a full 60 mins. i think its safe to say that the penguins made us look like our personnel problems are menial to theirs.

    HENRY!!!! thank you its about time i got a SO in my fantasy.

  8. that sprawling save lundqvist made on crosby in the first period…sheesh…reminded me of the save he made on briere 2 years ago in the playoffs

  9. Voice of Reason on

    Anyone notice that the only line on the ice that didn’t do a thing was Dubi, Zherdev, and Voros..

    Hopefully the Coach figures that out and puts Korpikoski on the left wing.

    I’m not counting on it though………….

  10. Certainly a satisfying win. WHAT A GOAL by Drury. Anyone out there still think Prucha should be in the press box and not on the ice? In addition to the picture perfect assist, he pasted several Penguins, including the MIGHTY (and way overrated) BROOKS ORPIK.

    This team is one forward and one defenseman short of being dominant. Voros is a killer on the line with Dubie an Zherdev (imagine Avery with those two…deadly), and clearly they need a hard-hitting, defensive defenseman. But airtight defense and opportunistic offense…I definitely liked most of what I saw tonight.

    And hooray for the power play! But Pearn should still be fired.

  11. onecupin67years on

    Tonights win didn’t fool me.
    The rangers played a mirror image of themselves tonight,only pitts has more talent and is a lot better. I
    I think crosby is unhappy with therrien and would be happy to see the coach go,they could have renney

  12. Yep. Glad to see they didnt sit back and kept attacking. They didnt sit on their lead. But, then again… Pens didnt play well.

    WOOHOO LQ!!!!!

  13. Good game. To be fair Voros played hard, he gets another game.

    Montreal is a little banged up; they’re missing Koivu and Tangauy. Take advantage and put Staal on Kovalev all game.

  14. Why can Crosby dislike a coach and it’s ok, but if Jagr disliked a coach, Jagr was a bad player? Oh, that’s right, Crosby is Canadian and perfect.
    At least it was fun to see how miserable Crosby looked tonight. He also seems to be affected by the crowd insulting him — good.

  15. does Streit wanting out of Long Island open the door for the rangers? I hope so cause 25 teams are going to want him and I really doubt that the rangers are high on the list in the Islander’s brass’ roladex. They would have to make it really juicy for the Isles, in other news, Sanguinetti is flourishing down in Hartford, hopefully he is the next mike green

  16. Greg – sign at all costs. that is how we got into salary cap hell in 1st place. at least some guys asking price has to come down. dubi 5 goals 1/2 season how much can he possibly ask for

  17. Next game. I want to see Korpi back in the line up. Voros sit again. He didnt do much tonight. I’d like to see Prucha skating with Nazzy & Gomez. Cally back with Drury & Dawes. Z has to start producing again. I dont like that he is being bounced all over the place. But, still give Prucha some first line ice time, see what he can do.

  18. Repost:As complete as an effort as this team has displayed this season. This team won every puck battle in the corners and every Pens forward and dman took a body check. The energy and the defense was as good as it’s been all year. The weathered the storm and the refs incompetance in the first ten minutes. Lundqvist shook off his doldrums in December(again) with some huge saves on Malkin, Kennedy, and Crosbitch. The pk was fantastic led by Hank and guys like Sjostrom and Staal. Rozsival easily played his best game of the season. He was strong in both zones. He was really smart with the puck and made some very good one on one plays. Staal has just developed into one of the best shutdown Dmen around. He just tossed Malkin around which caused Malkin to go back into his shell whenever he’s hit. The pp for once came up huge. Two main reasons is having Prucha in front on the pp adding energy and urgency as well as Mara and Rozsival shooting the puck. Mara has been a revelation this year if only he shot more he’d be good for 40-50 points a year. Even Redden after a rough start had a fairly solid and lively game. Prucha and Dawes led the forecheck all game long. Dawes has been great the last 3-4 weeks. He is one of the teams most creative forwards. Prucha was all over the place creating all kinds of chaos. He seemed to have thrown a half dozen hit, he was in every scrum and stick his nose in the dirty areas. I called for Sjostrom to sit but he answered me but having a fantastic game if only he could finish. Gomez had the quitest two point game you could every have. He and Zherdev seemed to have a turnover contest going on. I loved seeing the Pens flail away and whine. Even with the refs help that’s all they can do. It is rather clear that they’ve quit on their coach. Hopefully the Rangers can get the same exact effort and play vs the Habs in a couple of days.

  19. REPOST


    you see?

    When they win…its because of Renny’s brilliant tactical job

    When they lose its Drury or Gomez or Naslund being overpaid..

    Renney gets the wins…players get the losses

    get it? Its simple….

  20. Bet you Leetch wishes he could have had a partner like Staal in the last half of his career. He was stuck with Quintal, Poti, Malakhov among others.

  21. kaspar, all i can say is a repeat of what i’ve said: it’s very flattering to be in someone’s head the way I am in wd40sucks’s head!

  22. graves

    Leetch had Zubov for 3 years. Their play together was like poetry. One of the worst trades was trading away Zubov.

  23. The last two periods were much much better than the first. Amazing to see Prucha not only on the PP but starting one out! When was the last time that happened?

    I thought Voros was a complete non-entity. Bring back Korpedo.

    Again, Hank essentially allowed them to win the game by stoning Pittsburgh in the opening twenty minutes.

  24. I love how Gomez almost missed that empty net from 15 feet away. Please Glen, trade him and Drury while their stock is high.

  25. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    ( LI joe ) sore and true said it best :
    for the most part, the way we’ve always gotten ourselves into trouble is not in signing our own guys. It’s always the over the hill, mercenary FA’s we throw insane contracts at. And, most times, we’re just bidding against ourselves.

    We sign OUR own players not other teams. At all costs .

  26. graves9

    Malakhov was a good guy….He one time bought me bacon/egg/cheese/ketchup mish-mash-slop things on a seeded roll…it was delicious

    I can take care of the Redden contract in one September pre-season training incident…you guys get me an invite he’ll be on IR (which relieves the cap-hit) for the season…I’ll do it for free…no wait, I’ll do it for one of those egg things (see above)

  27. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on



    with , Grachev , Ansinov ,delzotto and Bobby S in the wings.

    who ever is left is expedibles after this group is signed.

  28. “I love how Gomez almost missed that empty net from 15 feet away. Please Glen, trade him and Drury while their stock is high.”

    you really think THIS is the reason why gomez should be traded?

    are you 12?

  29. Joe in DE thinks Redden likes goat porn on

    Renney still sucks, we had a fantastic game tonight in spite of that assbag.

    Amazing what happens when an entire team decides to go full throttle for 60 minutes. There were a few miscues, Kalinin playing the puck and not the man and subsequently being badly burned comes to mind. Overall a very satisfying win. Mara finally hit the net and it went it. He normally can’t hit the broad side of a barn with that cannon. Good for him, I really like his play and hope he resigns. Prucha is stickin it to all the haters, I’m so glad I bought his jersey! Hank is back in elite form

  30. graves

    Leetch had Zubov for 3 years. Their play together was like poetry. One of the worst trades was trading away Zubov.

    Only on the pp. Beuk was the perfect partner for Leetch.

  31. onecupin67years on

    zubov wasn’t traded he was a free agent.. Texas has no state income tax.. good country America!

  32. Zubov was TRADED with Petr Nedved for Ulf Samuelsson and Robitaille. Dont tell me. I was a HUGE Zubov fan and was heart broken when they traded him!!!

  33. Lol onecup get a clue please. Sadly it looks like Zubov’s career might be over. He will miss the rest of the year due to hip surgery.

  34. Greg – not at all costs. at all costs mneans giving duvbi 4 4 mm and Z $ 6 mm. then we can complain how they are not meeting their salaries either. sign within reason. but no more overpaying ANYONE

  35. MAKO,

    Great read. Thanks for posting that.

    I love this quote by him:

    “It’s a great city, but pretty crazy. Hopefully they don’t boo me, but if it happens it happens. You have to produce when you are in New York. I’m used to being surrounded by it, and the atmosphere. I was one of those fans at one time.”

  36. All Hail King Henrik on

    FINALLY! Henrik Lundqvist’s first shutout. FIRST. It has killed me all year to see shit goalies like Labarbera with two shutouts, and poor Hank with not a one. He played GREAT tonight, and also had a little puck-luck (which is required for a shutout). In retrospect, this shutout was forged in the first 10 minutes of the game.

    Hopefully his play tonight silenced all the haters, and people that were actually starting to point to Hank as one of the “issues” within this team.

    Tonight was okay-to-good, but the Rangers team defense still needs to be better. Hopefully they can build on this game by continuting to improve Wednesday vs. Montreal.

  37. All Hail King Henrik on

    I hate Crosby. In fact, that is an understatement. I loathe and detest Crosby to such an enormous extent that it would take me pages and pages of text to describe it to you. Suffice to say, he is a bitch, and is at best the third best player in the world, behind AO and Malkin. The penalty in the first period on Kalinin was a j.o.k.e.

    Crosby should be embarrassed by his diving. Really, he should be. P R I D E, Cindy…develop some.

    What a great example of sportsmanship for younger players…

    I sincerely hope that 10 or 15 or 25 years from now, his career will be marred by his diving and general immaturity.

  38. sore and true – with the contracts we have (some of which have no trade contracts) and the cap coming down, we can not lock up long term many of our young guys. so while they are in restricted status we need to take advantage of our leverage and go yr to yr with them. by the time they are within a yr of unrestricted status then we try to sign the best ones like staal long term. over next 3 yrs beyond this one all salaries except henrik, gomez and redden will be gone so there will be plenty of room for our homegrown.

  39. Hey Z rules, you forgot Cally as a keeper. As Eddie O said tonight; most consistent forward all season long. I beleive he’ll be a regular 20-goal support guy playing with Dubi or AA before HOPEFULLY the Rangers L.O.D. of AA/Grachev/Nicky Z is formed.

  40. I was at the garden tonight, and let me tell you…I have never heard one building so united as I heard tonight when the first round of “crosby sucks” went off. It was clear as a bell.

  41. i couldn’t be happier that hank got a win despite the two azzbags of Renney and Crosby. I still love that the Rangers gave up several mini-breakaways and a full-out 2-on-0!!! Crap man!! Renney should go herb brooks on this team for that sh!t!! Nonetheless, happy for hank.

    Eff Renney, Eff Crosby, Eff Drury.

  42. also the rumor was that zubov was traded b/c of messier, if thats true maybe he shouldnt be our gm

  43. relax gang.

    for the canadiens game put voros on the 4th line and sit Orr for a game and bring Lori back.

    The loser Kalinan actually played decent tonight.

    the rangers gave up way to many primo scoring opptys. for the pens in the first 30 minutes.. I think the Pens hit about 3 or 4 posts.

    Take the points anyway we can get them…

  44. dr house
    January 5th, 2009 at 11:37 pm
    the sexiest iceman deserves a shutout!

    Keep your fantasties to yourself please.

  45. Rob C. – I’ve been asking for gomez to be traded for awhile. That had nothing to do with it, I just was pointing out it was funny. Him and drury are top 10 in salary and are nowhere near worth that much. Drury is just a dumb hockey player. Against the caps he failed to dump the puck in 3 times in like 5 seconds because he was confused the shot it off his own player and fell down while the caps took it the other way. Tonight he shoots the puck at the ceiling with no pressure on him and gets a delay of game penalty. If it was every now and then I’d be ok with it, but every game he makes multiple stupid decisions.

    It’s no wonder he only succeeded in situations where all he was asked to do was sit around the net and put home rebounds. His puck skills are bad and his decision making with the puck outside of the slot area is even worse. I like him as a secondary player, but when you are paying him like a star for “leadership” it’s a waste of money.

    And LI Joe, I know they both have limited NTCs so we can still trade them, just it’s harder to make a deal happen, especially with those huge contracts.

  46. FWIW… I did like the way Wade Redden jumped in on the offense tonight and played reasonably well on the defensive end. Im not saying that he is now deserving of his contract… but its a step in the right direction i’d say

  47. Here we go again: The real reason Zubov was traded as per Sam Rosen and JD was because with the Trap coming into fruition and the way the league was heading with obstruction and clutching and grabbing, Zubov was viewed by Neil Smith as soft and not able to handle the pressure in his own zone. I was like 14 and I remember he had a tough series against Pittsburgh (or maybe Philly) in round 2 of the 95 playoffs. The solution was to sign an aging Bruce Driver to help out on the PP and he was viewed as more steady in his zone than Zubov.

    Obviously as was the case with most of his post-94 trades, Smith gambled wrong and pretty much committed one of the worst trades in Rangers history :(

  48. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    ( MikeA ) yes , I did forget Callahan from that list . He is definatly a keeper .

    Poor Zubov traded because the trap …Pittsburgh didnt do too bad with him in the same Atlantic division.

    Gomez is a mexican Rico Fata .

  49. Its no secret that Sangs needs a more defensive D-man to pair up with. Whether it will be Staal is another matter, and when it will be will depend on how quickly he improves the coverage and positional side of his game. I don’t expect him to be too physical when his coach says “he has a very active stick” when responding to a question about his defensive abilities.

    Personally i think Mara’s been great this year and may earn himself another contract in which case there will be 2 spots on D next year, which could open spots for 2 of Sanguinetti, Sauer, Fahey or Potter.

    As much as everyone bangs on about it i can’t see Drury, Gomez, Redden or Roszi going anywhere until maybe the last year or penultimate year of their contracts.

  50. Don’t let yourself think redden doesn’t suck. Watch him float around deep in the offensive zone when he tries to carry deep and turns it over. Instead of getting right on his horse, he floats.

    He plays with no urgency, and will consistently put himself and his defense partner in terrible situations, forcing the forwards to try to cover for him. What ends up happening over time is that the forwards get scared to attack when he goes in, and it throws off everybody’s timing and confidence.

    Everybody gets back on their heels, and that’s trouble. Trust me, watch it….if you’ve ever played, even pee-wee, or beer league, you’ll see it right away

  51. Sore

    You’re absolutely right about Redden.

    He’s also guilty of making many lazy sloppy passes. And for those folks who keep calling for more ice time for Voros..why. pray tell? He was thought to be available to park in the crease and be a presence…where was he most of the night? Mostly hanging out on the perimeter and getting in no one’s way. I don’t view him as a major league player, and personally would rather see Sjostrom given more ice time. He may not be a big scorer, but by gar he skates, and causes disruptions of attacks.

    When LQ plays like this he can lift an entire team…and he did. But this team – as a team, is one of the poorest passing groups in the entire league. They are borderline
    ECHL level in that department.

    And so much of their problems can be traced back to little, or poor coaching.

  52. Sam, I need you to answer a perplexing question? How come the NHL, their announcers (re: Vs. commentators & camermen), NHL on-ice officials and Madison Ave. have hitched their marketing wagons to Cindy Crosby instead of AO?? Seriously, does the NHL tell it’s announcers to pump up Crosby? He can do no wrong and everything he does is wonderous!! Do you know how the reporters, officials and on-camera media members REALLY feel about Crosby?? The guy has great talent, no doubt about it and I’m not a disgruntled Ranger fan who can’t stand him and his mugging and constant talking to referees/linesmen. I’m actually curious if you hear honest assessments of Crosby, behind the scenes? Overchkin is THE best player in the NHL so all I can think of is his accent. And in watching Ovechkin play, there is no comparision between the two players, both in game approach/passion for the game and in skill. Any “in-the-know” light you can shed on this dilemma?

  53. Sore-Right on Redden. Last night, he got my attention by bringing the puck over the blue line, dumping it in, then making a slow wide u turn by the circle with no sense of urgency to get back. But who’s to complain after last night? Oh yeah, all the FIRE RENNEY guys.

    Anybody notice how VS had to show Cindy skate off to the bench instead of following live play?

    JS-I think you make either trade.

  54. Props to Sore & True for highlighting something that I totally agree with and is 100% accurate. Redden has 8 or 9 bonehead plays for every 1 or 2 good ones. And I am not just referring to the gaffes that lead to goals but as S & T highlights, the away from the puck plays he makes (or doesn’t) highlight what a crappy signing he was. He is slow. He is out of position a lot. He shows now urgency and no crispness.

    Last night we witnessed one of the few coaches on a hotter seat than Renney. Did you see how scared Therrien looked after each goal? I mean Therrien has 2 of the top 3 players in the league and his PP is worse than ours. But here is the thing I saw: This team is all individuals. Did you see how many times one guy tried to beat the NYR D in a 2 on 2 (or even 2 on 3) situation? How about when Kennedy was down low on LQ and Crosby was camped on the far post and Kennedy took the shot instead of the easy tap in for Crosby. The Pens are in serious disarray. Those guys are closing in on Defcon 1 right now. (The NYR are Defcon 3, btw).

    Dawes keeps the hot hand. Prucha deserves more and more ice time. Voros had an OK game, not a great one by any means. Dubi had one of his better games in weeks. BTW, anyone thinking Dubi is owed more than $1.5 or $2mm per year is smoking something. He has potential but doesn’t deserve 2nd line money yet at all. He’s far too inconsistent. At times he reminds me of a newborn foal trying to get its legs under itself.

    Paul Mara keeps the steady game going. I like that guy. Isn’t it ironic that he makes like 1.1mm per year? Compare that to Redden and Rosy and Kalinan. What a joke! Mara is the value. BTW, Rosy has been better the last 5 games. So has Kalinan too whose +/- has come down to just -13, a mere 2 pts worse than Naz and Gomer. It was -17 about 2 weeks ago.

    Still need more out of Gomer.

    2pts is 2pts. But still a lot of wood to chop for this team.

  55. NYR fan in DC on


    I would trade, Gomez, Drury, Kalinan, Redden and a 1st round pick for Ovechkin only. Sidney Crybaby is not worth sending a bag of unfrozen pucks for.

  56. The Sexiest Iceman on

    The Sexiest Iceman is a reference to last week’s Page Six magazine in which yours truly was on the cover. Page Six gave him the title The Sexiest Iceman

  57. Lemmiwinks
    January 5th, 2009 at 11:37 pm
    I was at the garden tonight, and let me tell you…I have never heard one building so united as I heard tonight when the first round of “crosby sucks” went off. It was clear as a bell.

    lemmiwinks!! was that from south park? the little mouse that crawled into someones rectum? lol i thought that was hilarious. im not sure if it was south park or some other show. and last night crosby did make some great moves n had a few very good chances. hes not as good as AO overall, but he is more of a playmaker. AO is a sniper that also plays more physical and intense. crosby is a baby and i cant stand him but i dont think ovie is that much better than him. that shot he scored the other night was lucky and i think crosby utilizes his teammates more and when he has to, can also take a game over by himself. not like ovie but still as much as i dislike his crying n baby bullshit n diving especially, id love him on the rangers. him instead of mister has to stop 15 feet in front of an open net then shoot it barely makin it in gomez. anyway, great game,. mara was awesome, drury scored a nice goal, better set up from prucha and rozy had a good game too. most everyone did exc ept nicky z and doobie. i cant remember them gettin any nice chances and z looked slow out there.nazzy was quiet too. o well u cant have every guy on the team having stellar nights at the same time, but the thing im most happy about is hank. he looked great and thats what will get us in the playoffs and hopefully deep.

  58. NYR fan in DC on

    As, I know this is the Rangers forum, but I wanted to share a special story with everyone. My father-in-law is a life long Caps fan and has Stage 4 Lung cancer that has spread to many parts of his body. He is a season ticket holder with the Caps and he has difficulty reaching his seat for the games. I sent an email to the Caps to asking if there was another seat he could move into that would be easier for him. Within 24 hours I received a personal email from the owner of the Caps Ted Leonsis. He took care of everything and invited us to sit with him in the owner’s box to watch the Caps defeat the Islanders. He then took us to the locker room to meet the players. The Capitals are a first class organization, but since I will always bleed red, white and Ranger blue, I have to root for the Caps when they aren’t playing the Rangers. NYR Fan in DC for Life!!!!

  59. Who was this team in blue last night? Were they imposters or the real NYR?

    Any way you look at if the team comes out and plays for 60 minutes who knows what they are capeable of accomplishing.

  60. cool story NYR fan in DC… That is class, 100%. Too bad the Rangers don’t do things like that as much.

  61. by the way, GREAT game yesterday. And I’d like to personally apologize to all the “Ranger fans” that hope they lose out. They had a great game last night, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

  62. NYR fan in DC on

    Glad you liked the story…Kaspar, I agree with you Go Caps vs all other 28 teams.

  63. Darrell N03, a Rangers fan, is a jerk. I’m posting this for all the world to see what a jerk he is AND the team he roots for.

  64. Things Im happy for today

    NYR played the most complete game since the beginning of the season
    -Prucha on the PP, WOW and with another point 3 in 3 games
    -PP coming to life and scoring twice in one night? WOW!
    -Crosby being booed relentlessly all ngiht long!!
    -Hank getting a shutout

    Still cant stand Renney, but I’ll be Happy for a day!

    Lets carry this over to the Montreal game now and get two in a row

  65. Jeever
    January 6th, 2009 at 9:37 am
    cool story NYR fan in DC… That is class, 100%. Too bad the Rangers don’t do things like that as much.

    The Rangers do good things like that but you won’t get to sit with Dolan during a game. As much as you/I may hate some of the higher ups on this team, they are leaders in charity and good will.

  66. The true test was not last night since we beat a team that was loaded with injured players.
    The true test will come tommorrow night when Le Habs come to town. We need to find ways to beat teams such as Montreal, New Jersey, Detroit, Washington.

  67. 22 – I was kinda referencing a while ago, somebody posted as Bill… said either he or a relative was in a wheelchair, and constantly has issues with going to the Garden and watching games, has called them numerous times, and doesn’t get much of an answer… got to the point that he doesn’t even want to go see them anymore because its always THAT hard on him.

  68. Only a stupid Icelander or Pittsburgh fan would make it a point to come onto a Rangers blog and sound off.

    Hey Leemieux66, learn how to spell, go f yourself, and stop being a whiner like Cindy Crosby.

  69. hey Mikey can I add to your list?

    -there was a SHG in the game last night, and it WASN’T on the Rangers!!!

  70. ….what a game! Powerplay goals, Prucha playing a couple of defensive zone hits, protecting hank, a shutout!!..

    … I felt like I was dreaming; I heard a noise in the hallway and smiled, little foot prints coming down the hall…it had to be Anna K!!! I stood up…

    Frickin dog comes in and licks his……

  71. Jeever-I remember that guy. He wasn’t aware that MSG does have a wheelchair section instead of leaving them in the aisles. I think he was giving up on going to games. I told the story of how MSG gave something special to my nephew after my brother died.

  72. Hey, Does anybody “get” my name?

    There was a guy named “Soren True” drafted by NYR back in 1986….for some reason, I always thought that was a cool name.

    so now, I’m sore at Renney and Sather, and everything I say hopefully is true. Hence the name.

    Ummmm, yah, I should probably change it to something that doesn’t try to be so cute & clever, huh?

  73. 22 – sorry to hear about your family tragedy, I’m really happy (and kinda surprised) to hear that MSG did something cool and special for your uncle.

    Sore& – sorry your name went TOTALLY over my head.

  74. Sam wrote on a prior post: “By all accounts this team is one of the tighest [sic] Rangers groups in years. And look where that’s getting them.”

    Well, it’s gotten them to a record of 24-14-3. Nope, it hasn’t been pretty of late, and I have no dreams of a Stanley Cup at this point in time. But man, what would this and other sites be like if they actually had a bad record, and were truly a bad team. Don’t really get the prevailing negativity.

  75. alan, it’s been frustrating for many who see a team that can skate and attack be reined in and reactive; young players criticized and benched while lazy unproductive vets have no accountability; a defensive “system” allow 20 scoring chances a night; a coach who sees this as a “2-1 team” when the potential is there for so much more than that.

    last night was encouraging. they had some luck in the first period but there was an urgency that has been missing all season but for a handful of games. and Renny clearly has been reading this blog because he finally put Prucha on the PP! if Renny keeps trending toward the advice his critics have been doling out, soon he might even be in our camp too. lol

  76. wd40
    January 6th, 2009 at 11:57 am

    “and Renny clearly has been reading this blog because he finally put Prucha on the PP! ”

    Dude, I hope that was a joke.

  77. Leemieux66
    January 6th, 2009 at 9:42 am
    Darrell N03, a Rangers fan, is a jerk. I’m posting this for all the world to see what a jerk he is AND the team he roots for.

    Holy crap you can’t even spell your best player(and second best diver) in franchises history. Crosby is a bitch your coach is a frog and Malkin shits himself every time he gets hit. Some team you’ve got there. Oh yeah Fleury is the biggest sieve in the league.

  78. Fleury is the most overrated goalie in the league. They should’ve picked up Phaneuf in that draft and maybe they’d have a cup by now.

  79. “We weren’t trying anything fancy,” Drury said. “Just get it to the net and find a hole.”

    Drury is really taking the “Show Us Your V” campaign serious.

  80. NYR fan in DC, thats a really nice story. It’s really awesome to see organizations actually care about their fans. The fact that Ted Leonsis turned that franchise upside down must be why he’s so happy. What a great guy.

  81. Everytime i think of the V I think of Natalie Portman and her baldy and how far the baldness goes

  82. next tme they show some random “model” on the jumbotron at MSG, I’m gonna ask her to show me her V.

    Then most likely get thrown out and arrested.

  83. C’mon
    we gotta find something hockey related to talk about

    The win was….as good as it gets I guess, shut-out, PP, cindy crying and Orr…by the way can still fight eh

    How about this?
    Any good forwards to be drafted this year…still available somewhere in the high teens???

    Anyone see the Russian guy we drafted play in WJHC??
    I saw one game, looked pretty fast

  84. Li joe

    are you sure about that? I remember hearing how Mara took less money with us because he wanted to be a Ranger so bad…he was lauded here as a great “team guy” ….

  85. I guess hearing Mara took 1.95 after Rozi and redden bankrupted us made everyone feel like he was living like a monk

  86. pavel – with the cap there is no way they can give mara that contract. unfortunately the redden deal will preclude that


  87. NYR fan in DC on

    Scott – He really is a great guy and he sat with us and we talked Hockey for the whole game. It was also great to sit with him and watch the Caps destroy the fishsticks.

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