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One of my New Year’s resolutions was to cut back on senseless Sean Avery rumormongering — what, that wasn’t one of yours? — but I couldn’t help but notice this Page Six item about “Avery being spotted recently at a club in New York.”:

While that part was about as surprising as Tom Renney being seen watching opposing team video, what was noteworthy was that Avery was reported “hanging with former teammates Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Nigel Dawes and Marcus Nasland (sic)”.

Disregard the fact that Naslund’s name is spelled wrong and that he was never one of Avery’s teammates, and the report still makes you wonder if Avery does still have some allies left on Broadway.


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  1. Rangers management and public relations have spent a lot of time explaining how Avery’s teammates didn’t like him in New York. Apparently that was just more lies from management.

  2. If Sean came back to the Rangers, Bettman would have another hissy fit. That thought alone makes me smile.

  3. If the main core of the team loves him enough to hang out at a club with him then PLEASE GOD BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That article in the Post today sums up for me that most of what you read about “chemistry” in the locker room in hockey is conjecture. I think NHL players are a pretty classy bunch in general and are above talking to the media about teammates ala the NFL/NBA.

    I’m not saying that everyone gets along, that’s impossible. However, I think a lot of these guys (particularly veterans) recognize that it’s a job and they can separate the personal side out, willing to play with whoever will ultimately help them win.

  5. I saw this today as well and was thinking the same thing. I always pegged Drury and the other guys beyond Shanahan and Jagr as not liking the dude, but if that were truly the case why would he be hanging out with those guys on NYE?

  6. Who Needs Lohan on

    Does anyone else wonder if Renney was happy with Saturday night’s game because it was a 2-1 game? I think he might have been…..

  7. The Dallas stars are a bunch of babies; their coach their GM and their players (yes even the great and classy Mike Modano)…

    If he was good enough for Shanny then he’s good enough for Zherdev

    Plus…is this not the single most boring Ranger team ever????

  8. no way was chris drury at a ny night club. hes defintely not the type to hang out in the ny scene.

  9. Hey lohan..

    you think about a signature moment for this modern era and, I dont know if I’m alone here, its Avery knocking Brodeaur on his ass late in 2007!

    They had swept us the year before, owned us for a decade and Avery said “no repect!!”

    it changed a dynamic that should have continued into this year but we went passive

    I said it the night of the game, even though NJ beat us 8-5 …that game was the most entertaining game since we had Avery

  10. bring Shanahan back as Pearn’s replacement, get Avery back cheap, wake sather up from his sleep and send him home , reassign renney, and start working .

  11. if the SJO fits on

    id rather watch the ’95 devils than watch this team.

    rob – this team is missing balls. avery will bring back the balls of this team. he will fire up the crowd, he knows that. and provide a spark that is truly lacking in this team. he didnt work out in dallas cause there are a bunch of uptight douche’s there. id take the chance in a second considering how much this team plays like sissies.

  12. Ripvan….

    I’m afraid you may be right…

    very inflexible, unchanging management group we have

    just look at how long the PP has been bad, this goes back to 06-07…and it keeps getting worse and more embarrassing every day..but still…no change

  13. Yeah – go on Slats lets take on another bad contract..!!

    Only way i would welcome him back is if Dallas bought him out and we offer him a 1+ year deal for $2m per. (by 1+ i mean the rest of this season and next). We would also need to move a player to make room this year and with Kalinin not signed for next year he would take up the same cap space.

    God – i can’t believe we pay Kalinin $2m to be this bad when Potter could play for 1/3 of that and be better!!

  14. Let’s bring back Avery anad ship out Redden. Let’s fire the whole coaching staff and bring in Messier to coach and Graves and Shanny as assistants. Shanny can be the PP coach. Those three will keep Avery leveled. I think as classless as he is, he loves playing in NYC. I would take Avery back.

    Ha, I know I am just pipe dreaming, but it sounded nice.

  15. bob punches like Semin on

    Can anyone explain how we have become a really bad, losing version of the Devils in the late 90’s and earyl 2000’s?

  16. The only way the media will pick up on the fans’ displeasure with Renney is if the “Fire Renney” chants get so loud that MSG can’t cover them up by muting the audio.

    Larry Brooks is starting to see the light. Now it’s time for the rest of the beat writers to get their heads out of Renney’s behind.

    Ask him some tough questions. Ask him why he hates Prucha. Ask him why he won’t fire incompetent Perry Pearn. Ask him why he can’t manage line changes and why he takes so many “too many men” penalties. Ask him why he can’t install set lines and keep his meddling hands off them for 10 games.

    In other words, ask the questions that Ranger fans want to ask, not the same “what went wrong in tonight’s loss?” boring cliches that always seem to be asked.

    Renney Must GO!

  17. Drury has about as much personality as Raymond Babbitt from Rain Man. That’s probably why his nickname is Raymond. Perhaps he was parlaying party tricks (ala counting toothpicks) at the club.

  18. Renney me this, Renney me that, personnel is the primary problem and that is a FACT!

    So, go ahead an talk about firing renney all day and night, but until you get a scorer, a pp QB and a bruising defenseman (or at least One of these) it’s going to be same problems, different coach.

  19. Renney’s seriously got to go. As it stands, this team sucks. Part of that’s personnel, but part of that’s a coach who is playing the wrong system for the personnel he’s been dealt. And it’s easier to lose the coach than to replace 10+ guys.

  20. bob punches like Semin on

    First Lohan dont you EVER call me bob. I’m a regular, but I’m “under cover” lol
    second. I don’t think its personnel, this team has shown a flashes of scoring. I think its this horrible system that obviously does not work.
    and rocketnyr- good post! I would love to hear the answers to those questions, but I don’t see it happening.

  21. Sam can you request an interview with Sather?
    Where the hell is he and what is he doing other than pretending his imported Cuban cigars are someones kock?

    No moves, still two players sitting on there ass, still no 7th Dman, and still the same GAPING holes in our team with no resolution in sight.

    HE usually makes his moves between now and Feb so what the hell is the plan?

    Does anyone even have an idea?

    And Avery solves nothing, jsut adds more baggage.
    Callahan effectively does more than he did without the penalties and with more scoring.

    PP QB
    Top line scorers

    How can we all see this and Douche Renney can not.

  22. uhhh Mikey… Renney doesn’t sign/trade for the people. he just coaches them. Hence his job title, Head Coach.

  23. Steve Schwartz on

    You all want Renney gone, as if coaching is the major issue with this team. I am not thrilled with all of his decisions, but this team is so poorly constructed that, if you only change the coach, you won’t make a long term difference. Gomez and Drury are being asked to do more than they have had to do in the past. They never had to carry teams for a season; they can’t do it here. The defense is poorly constructed. The forwards do not include a single consistent goal scoring threat. Zherdev is talented, but he is Alex Kovalev circa 1997. The team is a mess from a personnel standpoint.

    Can the coaching be criticized? Sure, especially when it comes to special teams. There is nothing wrong with their basic systems; they play the same basic style as most every other team. They just don’t have personnel that is good enough. They work hard most nights; they just aren’t good enough.

  24. Wrong Steve – they do not work hard most nights – that is the issue. Whether that is Renney’s fault or not is debatable – but it seems every game the Rangers have played over the past month the other team has wanted it more.

  25. Not only do they not work hard consistently, their play in the defensive zone without the puck is horrendous. That has nothing to do with personnel — that is pure coaching incompetence.

    The bigger issue is the tension with which the Rangers play. The playing not to win but to hopefully not lose that is at the heart of Renney’s philosophy. He is fearful in every bone of his body —– even with a 4-0 lead at home against a decimated Caps team, it was all about running out the clock rather than running the opposition out of the building. Loser is as loser does.

  26. I heard it all above!!

    waive Kalinin cause he sucks

    Fire Pearn for running the PP

    Fire Renney for not firing Pearn

    Fire Sather for not firing Renney


    Hire Avery for hating Sather

    Hire Shanahan cuase he’s not Pearn

    Hire Jagr cause their season ends in March ( I think)

    Hire Straka cause I love yelling STRAKA!!!!!

  27. Perfect example of negative coaching thats done in NHL was last nights Devils-sens game

    I posted about it after the game

    Hartsberg kept Spezza-Heatley-Alfie on the bench in last minute of a 3-3 game ( after they had blown 3 one goal leads) so he could play the Donovans and Kellys etc…and protect the single point…

    he got his precious point and gave up two to a conference rival but he’s still only 5 games under .500 in the newspaper…do you think Bryan Murray is that stupid???

  28. Drury loves to party. As I told you guys when he was in Buffalo, one of my friends knew Ryan Miller real well and they’d all go out and Drury would just get drunk and go crazy. Its weird because he is so quiet until you see him out at the clubs.

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