Short-circuited again (Updated)


Remember when a shorthanded goal qualified as an extraordinary circumstance in a hockey game?

As in, “Man, that game was so bad, they even allowed a shorthanded goal!”

Now it’s more like, “Yeah, typical Ranger game: missed chances, shorthanded goal. You know the drill. Hey, pass the potato chips.”

I don’t know how the explain it, other than the problem has clearly taken on a life of its own. And that means every opposing team scouting the Rangers is going to pressure their power play like sharks in bloody water.

And yes, it’s absolutely fair to say this team isn’t going to do anything come springtime if it’s special teams continue to be such a disaster. How’s that for your first blatantly obvious observation of 2009?


In a related story, thanks to reader Mark for passing along this sweet game-winning goal by Artem Anisimov last week against Springfield. Is it time to give the kid a shot?

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Update, 2:56 p.m.: Gross checks in from practice “with yet another line adjustment”:, this time with the wings being scrambled. So now put Lauri Korpikoski, with Brandon Dubinsky and Zherdev; Petr Prucha with Chris Drury and Nigel Dawes; and Ryan Callahan with Scott Gomez with Markus Naslund.

After finally exhausting all my vacation time from 2008 (call me a slacker, but since I also cover golf, I don’t get a chance to take much time off in the summer), I’ll be back tomorrow to check in from the morning skate.

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  1. Ovechkin never kills penalties, hasn’t since his rookie year. Contrary to what Joe said during the game when he thought Ovechkin’s SHG was his first SH shift, Boudreau actually used him in that role for each penalty. I would expect to see other coaches use their best skill players against the Rangers PP and tell them to not dump the puck because even if they mess up th Rangers will make 1832414 passes and let them recover. God forbid they take advantage of anything.

  2. By “give him a shot”, do you mean bring him up so Renney can skate him 5 minutes a night, berate his defensive coverage, and ruin his offensive confidence? No thanks.

  3. onecupin67years on

    Sam, now its winning a game that qualifies as something extraordinary for the NY Rangers.

  4. from what I have heard on other reports but what this video talks about but does not show was the goal celebration, using his stick while sitting on the ice to kayak himself haha. can’t wait to see what he can do. hey a positive comment!

  5. onecupin67years on

    And instead of throwing money at all these free agents Dolan and his brain trust should throw big money at the wing’s front office men or someone other than Sather to rebuild the rangers, buying players to win isn’t working and hasn’t.

  6. repost:

    There is absolutely nobody who wanted Renney fired longer than me.

    I saw hyena through his human disguise way back when Prucha had his first training camp and pre-season in which he was simply stunning, yet the idiot healthy scratched him the first several games of that season, and then I knew this guy is a pure moron.

  7. repost:

    The myth of Betts being good on faceoffs is fading fast—he is 46.6% on the season

    The myth of Betts being an amazing shot blocker is fading fast with only 22 blocked shots this season.

    The myth of Sjostrom being anything better than Rico Fata is fading fast with his 4 points in 39 games, all legs and zero brains.

    The myth of Hyena Renney being a good coach fades as soon as the goalie stops standing on his head.

  8. Renney has been bad for the last two years as well. But every January, Jagr would put the team on his back and turn things around. Who on this team is capable of doing that again?

  9. It’s time for the Rangers beat writers to start holding the coaches accountable. It’s a disgrace that they get a free pass.

  10. Jagr saved the Rangers, then they shoved him out the door, blamed him for not accepting a token salary, then Sather and Renney took all the credit for the past three years. Well, Renney and Sather can take the blame now as well for the mediocre team created in their image. It’s like 2003 all over again.

  11. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    What happens when you play a minor league goalie,a minor league coach (with a system that would not work in pee wee hockey),two scoring chances a period? You get a loss!!!

    Renney continues to destroy what small amount of young forwards we have.He continues to insist that we are a 2-1 team.It’s amazing that no matter who is brought in here,Renney continues to insist that he has a 2-1 low scoring team.Four years now and all I hear is the same bullshit from this clown.

  12. thats freakin right! Jagr saved this team, did everything for this team. Sure has heck nobody else deserves credit on the coaching staff.

    I used to like Renney, but i am slowly throwing in the towel on him, if ya cant fire renney. fire perry his powerplay sucks.

  13. Remember, the owner, Dolan, is an Islander fan. It’s strictly business with him. He doesn’t have to own a Stanley Cup winner to turn a good profit, he can make just as much by getting marquis names and get in at least one round of the playoffs. Even with that, he didn’t seem that upset all the years that the Rangers failed to make the playoffs under Sather. If he was losing money, he would have been upset. Plus, the Rangers are a small piece of all his businesses so just a fly in the ointment to him.

    The Rangers need an owner who first of all is a Ranger fan and second of all, where the Rangers are his only business interest or at least the major one.

    Any billionaires on this forum to make Dolan an offer for the team and pay what would be an exorbitent rent to use the Garden?

  14. Tom Renney, Perry Pearn and Mike Pelino have to go immediately. If Lou Lamoriello were running the Rangers they all would have been gone 10 days ago, if not sooner. Glen Sather likes to sit on his hands. There are at least 4 far superior coaches available right now who could do a much better job. John Tortarella looks miserable at TSN. He’s definetely salivating for the chance to coach the NYR. Peter Laviolette, Pat Burns and even Pat Quinn should be in the mix as well. The NYR screwed up years ago when Tortarella was part of the organization and did not make him head coach. I’m sure Sather will make the same mistake again because Tortarella is not part of the “Edmonton Mafia”.

  15. “Giving him a shot” means he comes up, plays in one game, makes an assist, looks great, then sits for five games before going back down.

  16. Friends…I am a loser….there, I said it!

    I am a loser because I continually watch this pathetic “team”.

    I am a loser because ever since Monday’s energetic win over the Islanders I have woke up every morning thinking “it is one less day to Saturday night’s game against the Caps”, and this is how they re-pay me – by scoring ONE F-ING GOAL! A weeks worth of practice yields but one goal, by a guy, I might add, that barely plays and who’s coach clearly does not want him to play.

    Why does this team rot? Too many reasons to list. But let’s look at the top – Sather. He assembles this team of INDIVIDUAL parts without thinking how are they gonna’ complemtnt one another. And there lies the problem – they don’t complement each other, but are more or less the same types of players. BLOWmez/Zherdev/Naslund, Dreary/Voros, Dubinksky/Callahan. These pieces don’t fit, so you get to see a boring, ineffective product where everyone is skating all over the ice and does not gel. We don’t even have a number 1 guy (a la Ovechkin) who can put his team on his shoulders and take control of the game…, I miss Jagr!!

    One thing about last nights game. Just when I think I couldn’t stand BLOWmez any more, I have now lost all respect for him. Picking on a 50 year old player like Nylander who we all know is about as non-confrantational as they come is GUTLESS! Even Nylander afterwards had the facial expression like, what the F is wrong with you? DO that to Ovechkin and see what happens, you terd! Better yet why don’t you learn from Nylander how to protect the puck in the offensive zone instead of speeding in and promptly giving it away, Mr. “playmaker”

    I think I am done with this team.

  17. Who Needs Lohan on


    That game last night was simply outcoaching IMO.

    We get literally 5 scoring chances a night. So we netted 1, 20% not bad actually

    I may stop watching the NYR if things stay like this. My wife can only take me saying I HATE THIS TEAM for so long!

  18. Cakewalk; it’s perfectly cool to give AA a one game shot as a reward kinda like what they did for Cally waay back in 06. I wanna see what he can do as to me, he’s a major part of the solution and I’ve said this every two weeks, he’s one of the big four prospects for the Rangers for when they’ll truly be ready to go on a Cup run.

    It’s not the end of the world; the Caps have their number this year, there’s plenty of more games to go.

    I wish one of my crazy movie ideas got made so I could buy the Rangers and run them like Tom Coughlin; I’d turn them into the biggest bunch of crash the net puck cycling pricks to ever hit the ice and just beat the crap out of everyone along the way.

  19. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Sather has hamstrung this team with so many rediculous contracts that there is no way AA can be brought up,he makes too much money. We all no they don’t have the the guts to take personal responsibility for their mistakes by cutting anyone of Redden,Kalinin,Drury,Gomez,Rozy,and on and on…..

  20. I used to be a Renney supporter. He needs to go though.

    JoHN TOROTRELLA anyone?

    AA’s been playing well, but good thing we have gomez and drury because we really dont need him right now

  21. leatherneckinlv on


    the adopted sons as you put it…is a great line that does all of its roles well and i consider the best 4th line in hockey..theres more to hockey than just scoring…they are not the problem at all

  22. “the adopted sons as you put it…is a great line that does all of its roles well and i consider the best 4th line in hockey..theres more to hockey than just scoring…they are not the problem at all”

    who considers it the best 4th line? You? Sam and Joe? I could name at least 25 teams with better 4th lines.

    Rangers had a much better 4th line 3 years ago with Hollweg, Ortmeyer and Moore. This 4th line sucks, it is useless, a waste of time.

  23. Nah, play Sjustrom and Orr every night since the yare so effective.

    Any moron that thinks Voros is not better then these guys knows nothing about hockey.

    Nah no reason for Renny and Slather to try something new, Kalinan has been so effective.

    Potter looked terrible in his 2 games and Kalinan is such a big hitter and effective puck mover in his own zone!!!!!

    The Prucha benching for 20 + games looks like it was a shrewd move!!!!!!!!!

    Not real complicated sit; kalinan and Orr or SJu.. Suit up Potter and VOros(can skate and has a chance to score on occasion). Look to make realistic trades or give Ansimov or others a chance.

    Dubi and Korpi cannot score now but do not give up on them they are young…

    If Renney does not turn things around soon bring in a tougher coach who will push offensive, forechack, etc. Not real complicated.. We are watching ground hog day each game(low scoring ineptness and shorties, etc.)….

  24. If Lamorello was our GM, Renney would have been canned prior to the playoff sweep by the devils, when they lost about 8 in a row right before the playoffs.

  25. i am really sick and tired of this team. same shite every night. the one guy that draws power plays, scores the only goal, is arguably the most creative offensive player doesn’t see a whit of PP time. it’s more than ridiculous. i’ve seen betts draw a PP and renney rewards him for that with time on the PP. there should be a mutiny with the way he coaches, holds no one responsible. and gomer? ship his arse away. he can’t mesh with anyone. he’s a liability now on D too, in addition to not being able to complete a pass to his linemates. redden showed some fire, but still was responsible for the goals. tri played a better game. and if hank has the flu, why is he around the rest of the team? that doesn’t seem too smart. or maybe he was a little gun shy after the last game?? odd.

  26. Dubi or not Dubi on

    So I’m of the belief that the team has stopped trying. I think they are tired of Renney and want him gone. I can understand guys going into the occasional scoring slump, but I don’t understand how a guy like Drury all of a sudden is an awful defensive player. That’s just one example, but I’d guarantee you that the guys who have a bit of offense in their game don’t want to play for him anymore.

    Zherdev and Dubinsky have been the two most noticeable slumpers this year, courtesy of great (And fun to watch) starts. They were playing uptempo, making some crazy passes and moves, and getting chances. All of a sudden they both get benched around the same time and their play has since struggled. Only difference is that Zherdev ended up with players who have scored more than 12 goals in their entire careers.

    I’m tired of Renney and his BS. I’m tired of Sather and his BS. Anyone else even think about the fact that they offered Jagr $5 mil and then turned around and gave $11.5 mil to rozi and Redden?

    That being said, quite honestly they both have to go.

  27. Sam, who is going to sit if they bring up Anisimov? My vote would be Gomez who is doing nothing right now and hasn’t been for a while. However, Genius Renney would probably sit Dubinsky who, while he hasn’t been scoring at least makes some nice passes and works hard. Gomez throws the puck away constantly and doesn’t back check.

    Face it folks, it’s not the personnel it’s the coaching. Bring in Tortorella or Laviolette and this team will get better real fast.

  28. Brooks got pretty sarcastic/mocking on renny in his article today:

    “The shame of it is that the Rangers and the coaching staff seem unable to reverse the season-long follies on the PP. PP? Hey, maybe that’s a signal head coach Tom Renney should recognize – PP, as in Petr Prucha, who scored for the second straight game and is the team’s most potent, if unused and thus dormant, weapon with the man advantage.

    “Of course, it only took half a season for Renney to recognize what Prucha has to offer at even-strength, so it’s probably unwise to expect too much.”

  29. “Zherdev and Dubinsky have been the two most noticeable slumpers this year, courtesy of great (And fun to watch) starts. They were playing uptempo, making some crazy passes and moves, and getting chances. All of a sudden they both get benched around the same time and their play has since struggled. Only difference is that Zherdev ended up with players who have scored more than 12 goals in their entire careers.”

    Either Renney’s system finally cought up with them or they cought Renney in a naughty act.

  30. Whose using my name, but i do agree with that person so its ok. why does renney still have a job.

  31. ““Of course, it only took half a season for Renney to recognize what Prucha has to offer at even-strength, so it’s probably unwise to expect too much.””

    Sam Weinman would never have the guts to write that.

  32. Come on MikeA – a one game reward for AA for playing well enough to earn a promotion? In other words, what, every job on this team is secure at a time when it is all falling apart? More Pock – Baranka – Prucha- Potter type young player jacking around this team doesn’t need and is the reason it needs direction and leadership.

  33. Inferno’s post from the last thread at 7:15am was one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

    Nail on the head doesn’t do it justice.

    I’m oficially on board to FIRE RENNEY. I know it’s not ALL his fault but something HAS TO CHANGE besides line combos.

    12th Shortie!!!


    How many games do they have to piss away because of that joke of a man advantage until something is done!?


    HOW MANY!!??

  34. Hey guys, granted it’s not cool that the beat reporters seem so reluctant to call out coaches or individual players. But let’s not cross the line of blaming the media for the Rangers’ very obvious struggles. This team is routinely booed in their own arena. Everyone knows the Rangers are not a top team and its only a matter of time before that’s reflected in their standings position. Yes, I think Renney needs to go and I do wish the beat reporters either agreed witrh me or if they do, said more on the matter. But let’s not start blaming the messenger.

  35. We should get a ton of ranger fans, stand outside of msg and be like,


    totally riot.

  36. Cakewalk-AA is barely 20 years old. I’d love to see him play an entire year with the big club but realism must set in. There’s no way they’re trading Drury/Gomez/Betts and trading Dubi would be like a Zubov part 2 and it’s not gonna happen.

    Give him a game, let’s see what he can do, and bring him up later when an injury occurs. If he’s nasty, keep him up, if not, no need to rush his development as he’ll be all of 21-years-old next season.

    Potter should be up, or maybe they should even give Bobby Sags a shot and use him on the PP with the ole 7 dmen/ 11 Fs trick.

  37. you know what the sad thing is? bob is making alot of sense. The pp has given up 12 shorties and Renney won’t put Prucha on the pp because he’s a supposed defensive liability.

  38. Alex D
    Ho, there will be very little change in the fortunes of this team in the coming months, because the good pa;lyers are totally befuddled, and the defense is too timid or lazy or confused to offer much in the way of an offense.

    This is a really gawky looking team on the ice- very hesitant, very confused, very inneffective. And I’m referring to the veterans.

    What they ought to do in one game is just tell Renney and his coaches to stay up in the press box, and let the players run the line changes, and handle their own system. Couldn’t possibly do a worse job, and they just might invigorate some folks.

    The cellar beckons.

  39. The only good news is that we don’t have to listen to the “How can you argue with a team/coach with this record?” crap anymore.

    Once they lose to Pitt and Montreal they’ll be exposed for what they’ve been for the past two months.

    A sham.

    At least once they’re done freefallin’ they’ll be in a position they’re used to…

    “We just have to win 70% of the remaining games to squeak in. Been there before.”

  40. bull dog line on

    12 shorthanded goals against is a fun stat. how about the 7 too many men on the penalties. renney cant’ even run the bench.

  41. bull dog line on

    is it time to bring up sangunetti? he does now have 21 pts(he is also minus 10) and the rangers need someone to qb the power play. dress 7 dmen, have him only play power play. could he be any worse defencivly than they already are?

  42. From Gross’ blog:New lines again, though coach Tom Renney explained the thinking was he’s really looking at these combinations in terms of their power-play potential as units (changes in italics):
    Markus Naslund-Scott Gomez-Ryan Callahan
    Nigel Dawes-Chris Drury-Petr Prucha
    Lauri Korpikoski-Brandon Dubinsky-Nikolai Zherdev
    Fredrik Sjostrom-Blair Betts-Colton Orr

  43. bull dog line on

    zherdev is now a third line winger. brilliant! soon orr will jump him. zherdev should be playing 25 minutes a night, not 15. i think its time for john (can’t coach in the new NHL) tortarella to take over.

  44. If i were coaching them I’d do something about the PP and I’d pay attention to line changes so that we don’t get called for too many men.

    Revolutionary thinking to be sure.

  45. bulldog Zherdev has played like crap lately. He overhandles the puck too much and only competes in 3 or 4 shifts a game. I would have Prucha with Gomez and Naslund but that would mean he’s get more than 10 minutes of icetime.

  46. Riche – they’ve already been exposed and have been for a while. borderline (at best) playoff team

  47. bull dog line on

    that is because of inconsistant ice time, and new linemates every week. he should be used as most teams would use there most talented players, that is in every situation possible, and with freedom to screw up once in a while.

  48. Agreed LI

    I just meant that it’s gonna get worse… the rest of the teams don’t respect them… they forecheck almost recklessly knowing the dmen can’t do anything about it… they pressure recklessly on the penalty kill becuase our PP can’t handle it… they run our goaltender because we don’t do anything about it.

    Whatever the system is… it doesn’t work. Good practices don’t work… not practicing the PP doesn’t work… practicing it doesn’t work. The penalty kill is deteriorating. Scoring goals doesn’t work cus they give up one more than they score. Playing 2-1 doesn’t work cus they end up on the wrong side of it.

  49. sam – hope you had a great vacation and holiday season. also hope you got to enjoy your hockey up north in addition to enjoying your family.

  50. NorthCountryRanger on

    God I am so tired of watching this team choke night after night on the PP…. how do you expect to have a good team w/o any semblance of a powerplay? You know I’m also tired of the Rangers being content with their situation in every interview… it’s like a broken record now ‘oh well yeah we played pretty sloppy tonight, but hey i’ll take it cus we’re still high in the standings’. It’s Renney and his content attitude that is now becoming the downfall of this team…. no sprints after HORRIBLE games (ie. Jersey’s 8 goals), Petr Prucha Languishing on the bench, and of course the endless ‘well our record is still good’ talk to the media (not necessarily from him. We now have 1 more goal against than goals for 109 to 108…. that has not happenned in ANY of the last 3 seasons. I think its time for sather to light a fire under Renney’s ass or cut the cord completely before we slip to .500 or worse… A trade is not the answer IMO…its just using what you have right now THE RIGHT WAY….I’m seriously getting tired of watching these shitshows of games and watching them back to back to back…

  51. I bet Renney is itching to get his coaching mitts on Anisimov. Make him forget how to attack the other team’s net. Oh, how I hate this man.

  52. Bulldog your completely wrong, Z has played like garbage all he does is dipsy doodle and pass the puck to the other team. He basically has done nothing in these past 3 to 4 games.

  53. Great. Now Prucha’s skills will go to waste playing with Drury and Dawes. Does Renney have to do everything in his power to screw Prucha over?

  54. Line changes aren’t gonna help!!!


    It’s like watching a damn blind man fumble around in a room full of nothing.

  55. Agreed Prucha had nicely chemistry with Dubi. No one really has much chemistry with Dreary.

  56. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    IM BACK!!! ” Back in the New York grooove”

    Alrightttt now it seems me boys went on a lose-4 win 1 tear as I was casted to the side to sit and not speak while my fellow posters , posted up a storm . Now that im back … im looking for a little payback !! HAHAHA just kidding, I did my time and now im fine.

    Grachev for Team Russia is awsome ! Huge , fast and highly skilled .If we have him and Ansimov playing for us in a year or 2 , we will have some young dynamic players brought in from the system!! The future looks alot brighter .

  57. “Renney wants a team of 1 star, 11 Blair Betts, and 6 Marek Maliks.”

    absolutely hilarious and so true it hurts.

  58. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    OH yeah , I never had a chance to say ” Merry xmas and Happy New year to all!!! ”

    I read it all …some people do have issues on here .
    And Yo ( LI Joe) Orr lost that bet to me on BB for his left nut. I do have to say he did pay and did not welch , too bad I used it on another bet ( about Sundin) and lost it . Doh!

    Last game …Marc Staal yanked down girlie boy Semins ( or semen )Jerseys and shoulder pads to reveil his pink shirt and 5 -6 chains of bling!! Semin wearing all that gold!!??
    I heard of wearing one chain maybe but all those!!??

    Who can forget all the dumb passes Wade Redden has made and the way he plays at times but you have to say the way he KNOCKED the shit outta the Wash player during that fight! POW!! That was pritty solid punch.

  59. Who Needs Lohan on

    One thing puzzles me more than anything else regarding this shit show of a coaching staff…

    When I think about a low scoring team that tries to win 2-1 (I get sick to my stomach even thinking of this concept) I think of one thing that should be paramount to its success. You guessed it folks, an effective PowerPlay. That one powerplay goal per game is the difference in a loss or win to that low scoring team. Case in point last nights game.

    And furthermore, I was just sickened watching the fact that the Caps’ coaches went right for the kill on our beloved NYR. Their coaches singlehandedly got them those two points. They know our D-men are timid because we play a cautious defense first system so they attacked and attacked and attacked. And then, they know that our PP is afraid of giving up shorties so what do they do? Put the leagues best player who basically uses penalty killing time as his only real rests outside of intermission on the PK to ATTACK us!

    Yes, our inept 2 scoring chances a period system and the sound of glee out of Perry Pearns stupid face after a lucky escape after a scoreless first really turned my crank, but it was the way in which we were outcoached by a team that attacks and doesnt do the exact same predictable thing each game. I am beyond livid about the current state of affairs with our NYR.

    But as long as asses fill the garden seats and the media is softer than a Semin punch (slap is the better word) then the NYR will likely be in a similar state for years to come. But if you like early playoff exits after squeaking in the 7th seed, then you can continue to watch your NYR! I, am getting close to giving up on this organIzation, because they dont put in the effort that I do in order to watch 82 games a season (and maybe an extra 10 if we are lucky at the end. I get the feeling after reading others comments that I am not alone on this.

    Back to my relaxing Sunday…..

  60. whiptedooo..

    New lines………..

    The 4th line is clicking on all cylinders.. Orr skates like my 12 yr old son and now Voros is in the doghouse…

    How does Kalinan stay out of it????

    Teams who can score can risk having a 4th line of just touhg guys etc., not the 3rd worse offensive team in the league..

    Is Renny and Sather insane?? Stop blaming Renny alone all. The Rangers never are tough on there players, Lou L would be all over this team, sitting guys left and right…

    ANyone who wants to trade Dubi is a moron, the guy is a talented 23 yr old fools……

  61. I dislike Gomez a lot. I think it has a lot to do with him being an ex-devil(though he comes no where near the hate i had for Holik and his 5year 9/per year contract) and in my opinion and outrageously overrated player.

    Drury on the other hand I was ecstatic we got him. I really thought he would be a great “supporting” player. This entire season has changed my stance on him. The guy is useless and while Gomez’s punch last night was cheap…at least Gomez through his subpar season occasionally hits and stirs the pot by fighting or getting involved in scrums. What sort of passion has Drury shown? Drury never hits and never initiates anything, if you’re not scoring, at least do something productive like hit. HELL, even Redden showed some emotion the last game.

    I’m glad a quarter of our salary cap is going to our “top” centers. When will Sather grace us with his presence and assess the team he created.

  62. grachev has been great for brampton this year and he’s been pretty solid in the world juniors as well but he’s no cherepanov and he’s likely at least another year away from the nhl. with cherepanov’s passing, grachev has become the closest thing we have to a blue chip prospect that isn’t a defensemen.

    anisimov has had a pretty good year thus far registering 35 points in 36 games. 14 of which are goals. i’d like to see him score some more but he’s on pace for about 30 goals and 90 points. not bad at all. the only problem is we have so much depth at center already. who’s going to go in order to make room for him?

  63. Dubi or not Dubi,

    That’s exactly what bothers me about Jagr leaving. I understood that the team couldn’t really afford to pay his contract, but the fact they gave Redden all that money was a smack in the face to Jags. Bad taste to treat a guy like Jagr that way in my opinion.

  64. Sam this is for you,is there any chance at all of Renney being let go in your opinion?
    Because I gotta tell ya I’ve been a Rangers for at least 45 years I have NEVER seen a coach get so little out of his player’s that Renney does.He HAS to GO….
    So I ask anyone is there a chance he go’s ,…,,,..,,,,.
    To me it doen’t matter who we get in here in any trades we my make. He stinks.

  65. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on


    Grachev was our blue-chip prospect all along and we didn’t know it. No one really did. Cherapanov who I like the most was found with steriods of some type and his heart was bad from the start. I made a statement months ago about how does a person who had the problem that cherapanov slip through our system and be called out top prospect? He never really was with his condition . Grachev is better and stronger in reality , which is sad to say because of the tragic ending to Cherry.

    (Prucha25) Yes Jagr is Jagr , you can’t put A Drury and a Gomez togther to make a Jagr . Or add a Redden to play defense . Jagr was defense because when he had the puck , the other team didn’t!!! Best defense is always a great offense .

  66. Read brooks today he’s bewildered that our asst gm doesnt go out on the road to scout, is it any wonder we made the brutal signings we did in the off season redden fritche kalinin etc wow they are by far the laziest and most arrogant management in the league…renney has been horrible for the last 3 years he should have been fired in buffalo when we lost with 7 seconds to go…we have absolutely no offense yet we have a 650 goal scoring hall of famer waiting in the wings and we are tinkering around with dawes sjoestrom etc take your pick they all stink…dont tell me shanny is slow i’d rather have a slow goal scorer on the team than these minor leaguerswith 2 goals

  67. How can anyone criticize Sather and Schoenfeld, when there is no actual evidence that they are even alive? Has anyone seen a photo of either of them? Have they done a live interview in the last two years? Some of these reporters should do an interview with them and make them hold up today’s newspaper so we can be sure it’s not faked.

  68. Voice of Reason on

    For all of you that have finally arrived on the Fire Renney Bandwagon, WELCOME…We’ve been waiting for you.

    Even though he HAS figured out the right Forwards to dress, he hasn’t figured out how to make a successful Power Play with the Personnel he has. Forgive me, but hasn’t the Ranger Power Play been pretty much average to poor since he’s been here? Regardless of the Personnel?

    Please don’t say Shanny is the answer either. He’s old, slow, and never been physical since the collision /concussion with Knuble. Let sleeping dogs lie.

    Just bring in a Coach that will emphasize defensive responsibility, and special teams. ANYTHING/ANYONE WOULD BE AN IMPROVEMENT….

  69. Shanny scores goals I dont care if hes slow or if he hits give me a break I’ll take shanny anyday over dawes voros sjoestrom korpikoski pruch etc.. hes had 20 goals min every season in the league these other losers can only dream of 20 wake up this team needs goals we are good for 1 goal a game..and look where they are coming from imagine if prucha was still in toms dog house haha

  70. Prucha/Dawes/Drury did ok when they were together last year for like 15 games.

    Gomez has been horrible lately, he needs to step it up.

    If Anisimov continues to impress, they’ll find room for him. Drury can move back to wing.

    I really hope Anisimov and Grachev do well, imagine them with Zherdev? That line could be like the Rangers L.O.D.: strength (Grachvev), Playmaking and solid D (Anisimov) and finesse (Nicky Z).

    Give them time to develop people, no need to rush them or Bobby Sags, Michael Del Z, and Carl Hagelin; these guys are the future.

  71. To whoever said bring Sangs up – no way is he ready.

    I wouldn’t bring Artie up either, he won’t play enough. He needs playing time and Renney will mess him up.

  72. jack shanny was 2nd worst player for us in the playoffs last yr (to hollweg). he will be 40 this month. most of his 650 goals were scored when he was in his 20’s and early to mid 30’s. time catches up to us all. – next.

  73. bull dog line on

    the rangers need someone to QB the power play, that is why i would bring up Sangs. not to play him 20 minutes a night, just to run the power play. dress 7 D and let him just play power play. they have no one else to do it.

  74. LI Joe he was third on the team last year 23 goals with injury…..without goals my friend there will be no playoffs!

  75. guys, our hands are pretty much tied personnel wise, thanks to those stupid contracts we gave out the last 2 years. The right coach would make a bigger difference than any player moves we could possibly make (realistically) in the next 4 months.

  76. jack oh my god no playoffs. give me a break with or without shanny this team is going nowhere. we don’t need mr 40 yr old slowing up things for the future.

  77. bull dog line on

    new coach, no way, no one out there can coach in the new NHL. didn’t you know that! even if they have won the cup in the past, they can’t coach in the new NHL(whatever that is).

  78. bull dog line on

    the best thing that could happen this season is for the rangers to have a total collapse. maybe then there would be a chance of sather firing renney. if they continue to tread water, make the playoffs, and maybe win a round, renney is going nowhere.

  79. NorthCountryRanger on

    oh yeah bulldog line?…… like when we collapsed and traded Brian Leetch cus TOM POTI was our future???? ha ha ha get real, it’ll be 54 or more before we’ll se another cup at this rate…1 step forward 19 steps back…

  80. is that really possible? On pace for a record number of shorties, trending towards a 30th ranked power play, and a slumping PK, and a too-many men penalty every 5 or 6 games, is it possible that Renny really makes it through the season without a total collapse?

    could even sather be that dopey?

  81. i would like anything to happen that involves a trade, and playing Fritsche is not an upgrade. Something to spark a fire under their asses.

  82. House, a trade just for the sake of trade won’t do anything. the guys who need a fire lit under their ass are untradeable, either through a no-trade clause, a limited movement clause, or simply a contract that nobody else will take.

    So, how could trading any of our tradeable guys make an impact?

  83. jack – well fritsche is not playing and i doubt you want his role for shanny. i flat out don’t want a 40 yr old on the ice for this team. as coach fine as player no way.

  84. bull dog line on

    so you want to just continue status quo. keep renney, be contiually mediocore, maybe win around, maybe not. they need to change the coach if they are going to contend for the cup. and for that to happen they need to miss the playoffs.

  85. Voice of Reason on

    To Sore and True: The Rangers are NOT Hamstrung with the Horrible Contracts.

    To get rid of any bad contract, you put the player on Waivers. If unclaimed, you can send the player to the Minors WITHOUT the Salary counting against the CAP.

    Do you think anyone would claim Redden right now? If they did they would be doing the Rangers a favor. If they didn’t he would go to Hartford, and perhaps remember that effort is what will keep him in the NHL-next year.

    Madison Square Garden has demonstrated that they don’t care about the money (see Stephon Marbury and $21M to NOT PLAY).

    To the ‘Bull Dog Line’ (what was it Vickers, Fairbairn, and Tkaczuk): yes it would be great if the Rangers were to be REALLY bad (like the league worst) for several years. Maybe then they could get players like Crosby, Malkin or Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin. The reality is that they won’t.

    They’ll be near the middle of the pack which will never allow them to build from high draft choices. Even when they missed the playoffs for an extended stretch, they were never the worst team.

    The silver lining to this cloud is that WHEN Sather fires Renney, he’ll be doing it to save his own ass. He’ll blame Renney for the obvious cluelessness in running special teams, and not take any responsibility for the way HE shaped the team.

    5 more games like this and Sather will have no choice…

  86. I guess you’re right VOR….IF they’re willing to eat the cash, they could send Redden, Roszival, Drury or Gomez down.

    Although, I think we have a better chance of Renney getting fired than any of those guys getting demoted.

    And, I guess I need to go on record as saying that I can’t believe ANY of those guys can be as bad as they’ve looked the last 30 games or so.

    We need to switch strategy, and work towards being a team that wins 4-2 rather than 2-1. We’ve got one of the best goalies in the league, a mobile defense, and 8 or 9 guys up front that should be able to pot 20 goals. Let’s open it up and go for it.

    We need a new coaching staff, and a new game plan.

  87. Finishing last in the league in order to get high draft picks is risky. There is the risk of picking a dud, which the Rangers never do. Oh, wait…

  88. bull dog line on

    it was Dave Balon first, then Vickers(my first favorite Ranger). i am not looking to rebuild, just have renney fired. i think for the most part they have good personal. they do have holes though. PP QB, power forward, and big physical Dmen. with the right coach they are not far off.

  89. this yr between tavares and the swedish dman there is little risk of the top 2 picks being a dud. I wish we were in position to pick one. hope the isles win a few so they don’t get either.

  90. Voice of Reason on

    To Jack:

    Are you familiar with how many goals Shanahan scored in the second half of last year?


    The answer is 9…

    Do you know how many power play minutes he logged each night?

    If they were to bring him back, how many games would it take for him to be in mid season form?

    The Hierarchy have made, and continue to make numerous mistakes with this team. Not bringing back Shanahan isn’t one of them.

  91. bulldog line – sather needs to go as well. he has been a terrible gm especially with his drafts and then this summer compounds that with 2 horrible dmen signings, actually 3 although one thankfully ends after this yr.

  92. bull dog line on

    before i fire sather, i need to see a coach with this personal let them play up tempo. put these free agent busts in better positions to suceed. alot of the problems stem from renney misuse of the personal.

  93. i think sather’s drafts have been way overestimated. the only young un who is worth his hype is staal (not counting henrik since he is not that young anymore). Agree that Renney needs to go, but Sather does as well or we are royally screwed (helpfull if somehow dolan sold, that would be better than winning lotto)

  94. agreed LI Joe,

    whether they miss the playoffs, or make it and go deep, or anything in between, the fact is his drafts have been bad, and his free agent signings have been REALLY BAD.

    whatever happens on the ice, Sather should really be fired

  95. Drafting well is only the first half of getting a good player. The other half is TRAINING him well. Even if the Rangers got Stamkos, Tavares, Crosby, whomever….. I do not see evidence the Rangers have a system in place to bring these players up to NHL level.

  96. did you hear jamie fagbrunner he said they had a couple of powerplay goals. We cant even get one.

  97. anyone notice the “get a point save my ass” coaching by Hartsburg tonite??

    After blowing three 1 goal leads its 3-3 with a minute to play…he keeps Heatly-Spezza-Alfie on the bench and sends out the third and fourth lines to secure his “point”….then they lose in OT

    he got one gave up two to a conference opponent…sickening coaching running rampant in the NHL…even with OT you still have guys not trying to break a tie in the tird period

  98. Voice of Reason on

    It is not necessarily ‘Dark years redux’…

    The team will likely have to eat part of some contract’s in trades, or trade a prospect with a bad contract to get someone to take on the contract (Buying out contracts can also defer cap exposure).

    There is a nucleus of talent, that is led by an elite Goalie, and likely an Elite Defender in Staal. There are other pieces in place, but nobody that is a top notch talent.

    Money spent on Free Agents (Unrestricted or Group II) should only be spent on Elite Talent, and the Organization needs to surround the Elite with solid role players.

    That should be the Business Model.

    I agree with most of you when you say that Sather AND Renney have to go.

  99. Sather and Renney seem to be dancing two different dances…

    the defensive first coach has a patchwork-cheap defense first trio…a journeyman(mara) and youngster (staal) and an undrafted guy(girardi) to supply all his Dee..

    Then they sink 13 million a year into non-defensive guys …you know who they are…there only upside (if there is any) is on attack….but they dont attack they play a defensive first system so…money un-wisely spent

    You have a world class goalie( your only world class player) you build from that position outward…sinking money in elite defenseman both the stay at home and the get the puck out variety…

  100. I think it might be time to um seriously practice the power play. Or at least not do anything special for it just send out regular lines and see if that works.

  101. I just went to TSN to see the number of PP goals we have scored. The Rangers haves scored 25PPG collectively. They have given up 12SHG…impressive. That is absolutely putrid.

  102. I don’ t believe for a minute that there was anything physically wrong with Cherepanov. I believe he was “removed” as a message to other young/talented Russian hockey players to stay at home and play at home, or suffer similar misfortune. Too bad they created a new professional Russian hockey league, Had they not done so, Alexei might still be with us and still be our great hope for a bright Rangers future.

  103. Seriously Cakewalk? That is a serious allegation, why do that to a player who could have served them in Olympics and other international competitions?

  104. pretty simple. as the rodent wrote last night, renny’s not coaching to win the hockey game, he’s coaching not to lose. and as long as that’s the case, this team is not only doomed but boring and emotionless and afraid.

  105. The Bulldog Line was Tkaczuk, Fairbairn, and the long-forgotten Juha Widing. I used to see them play when they came to LA. I have NEVER seen a player dog-it on the road, on a par with Bill Fairbairn. He literally took games off on the road, at least on the west coast, like he was in the Ice Capades. Really disgusting because the rest of the boys busted ass even though they were not on television.

  106. PruchaOverated on

    Voice of Reason

    Shanahan was hurt twice in the second half of the season, but regardless he still had 9 goals…are you expecting 9 goals from voros, dawes, korpikoski, sjoestrom,prucha etc in the second half of this season? please tell me that. My point here before this goes on and on is that this team has a huge problem scoring and for very little money you could swap one of the many 3rd or 4th line wingers (at Best)for a proven goal scorer. At this point it can’t hurt! and dont tell me about development of these guys because most of them have absolutely no future with this team and maybe in the nhl. Plus an added bonus for renney is that he can create another 30 new line combos! hes the worst!

  107. Bill Fairbairn was the Rangers version of Jerry Lucas, in his final year with the Knicks, around 1973. To my astonishment, MSG Chairman Irving Mitchell Felt, in a public media interview, took Lucas to task for his lazyness and for his failure to earn his generous salary of that day and age. Rarely do you hear such brutal honesty in today’s expressly P.R. mentality interviews. GUTS, that man Felt had. Felt originated the idea of building the new Garden over Penn Station, for those not familiar with him. For some reason he let Fairbairn off the hook. But Fairburn shall be remembered, here. LOL.

  108. For those who want to throw an olive branch at the violent and duplicitious Russian culture, I suggest you read a book entitled: “RED MAFIA,” by Robert Friedman, who of course now has a contract out on his life, Let’s not be naive, here. Stalin broke every promise he made to Roosevelt and Churchill at the Yalta Conference, and, a word to the wise, and to the naive, NEVER turn your back on someone, or trust someone from that particularly odious culture. I”m being biased? Read the book. It is one scary eye-opener expose like you will never again read in your lifetime.

  109. cake

    Widing was a center — you may well remember him on the ice with Tkaczuk and Fairbairn at one time. But bulldogline is right: The nickname originated with Balon on the left wing.

    Vickers did play there too, though he started playing with Ratelle and Gilbert more and more as Hadfield’s injuries slowed him down.

  110. man do we suck. the devils loose who everybody thought was their whole team and now their back ups back up goalie is dominating and playing ten times better then Lundquist. What aer we going to do? All of the players that are causing this are signed forever and nobody is going to take on their contracts. (redden…6.5 mill…gomez 7.5 million…drury 7 mill) We are going to have to sign core guys like Zherdev Dubinsky to major raises and soon Staal and we are not going to have cap room for years and years to make any moves. Im thinking 5 years before we can make a playoff push with these guys. Im so depressed.

  111. Cake while I think the Russians can be rather nefarious my point was that he was not a lost player for them. He would be a international star in the Olympics and other international competitions.
    I’m not being naive here and think Russia is all rosie but he was a player who was still valuable to him.

  112. Redden has earned roughly $600.00 of that disastrous contract. $500 of it was earned on Chris Clark’s chin.

  113. cheraponov shouldn’t have been playing for anybody with that heart condition, but do you really think the russians killed one of their most talented young players who already showed he was willing to stay in russia rather than go to the NHL. why even bring that up?

    if renney wants an excuse to bench prucha, putting him with drury is the best idea. drury makes no one a better player and can’t set anyone up to save his life.

    and if anyone is overrated it is shanahan. the guy was a ghost the latter part of the two seasons he came here and the playoffs. he was great the first half, but when we had to make miraculous runs two years in a row to make the playoffs, he had very little if anything to do with that. im sure he was a great guy in the locker room but this team would have been no worse if he never came here and prucha probably would not have been buried as he was the past two years (tho with renney u never know).

    like others said the only solution to this mess is to fire sather and renney. a new gm could waive redden/roszi but sather never will.

  114. All you get when you put 20 pieces of sh*t in a pot is Sh*t stew. A senile Cat Francis could run a tighter ship than Sather and Renney.

  115. mikeschoenf

    dubinsky a major raise. are you kidding me. he has 5 goals in 1/2 a season. so yes he’ll get a raise but not a major raise.

  116. im sure he was a great guy in the locker room but this team would have been no worse if he never came here and prucha probably would not have been buried as he was the past two years (tho with renney u never know).
    pete- what do u think renny has done this year? bench prucha. and now he has no choice but to play him. id rather have shanny on the team than half the guys we got. who cares if hes old? hed score more than drury will. cmon the half season wont burn him out either. but in reality he wont get signed because that would stifle this plethora of talent we have. whens zherdev gonna stop makin those stupid fancy fag ass plays that dont do jack? how bout doobs? is he gonna score 1 or 2 more this year? one day sjostrom is gonna get that 3rd goal. u know how elusive that 3rd goal can be. and korpedo holy shit hes been awesome. 1 nhl goal in 5 years since drafted. man we cant afford to give his icetime to someone as old as shanny. and then u have chris drury. my senile old vegetable grandma has more personality than him. idk maybe im just tired of seeing this shit on a daily basis and think anything would help at this point

  117. mike – shanny of 5 yrs ago would help. not the 40 yr old shanny. we’d be complaining about him as we were during the latter part of the season last yr. I reiterate. He was the 2nd worst player in the playoffs last yr ahead of only hollweg.

  118. LI Joe. I dont think Dubo will sign for less then 1.5 (he only mkes like 500k now) and zherdev wont sign for less then 5 million and he makes half that now. We have like 7 guys signed for over 40 million and with these two due substancial raises we might have to let these guys go.. and zherdev is arguably our best player. all of our other role guys will need raises too.. or anybody we bring in will have to be minimum salary guys! And what about next year with Staal? Check out the numbers!! Sather really screwed us for years…
    Its just so depressing being a ranger fan, again. We get two good years.. if you count second round playoffs good… and ten bad years.. constant cycle…Sorry I am just venting guys. Fire renney and Sather Must Go.

  119. It is depressing…you see these young star-studded teams like Pittsburgh and Washington and you think they went down to the bottom for a few years yea…but they were perpetual playoff challengers right up to early 2000’s…scrapped it, hit bottom and now they look set for years…Pitt went to finals and if Washington gets any goaltending at all they should make it this year or next

    We go down to the bottom for a frickin decade…rise up to 12-13th in the league and we got nothing for the future…real bad management

  120. mikeschoenf

    agreed that the future at least 2 yrs is bleak and maybe 5 yrs. beleive me i did not want redden signed at all, and rozy not at that number either. Sather spent money like a drunken sailor. His checkbook needs to be hidden.

    Dubi might get 1.5 mm. I don’t see Z getting $ 5 mm. Both are restricted only. The good news is Kalinin will be gone with his $ 2 mm. Prucha will be gone with his $ 1.6 mm. The following yr Naslund will be gone with his $ 4 mm. And from the start of next season hpefully they’ll keep roster at 22. I also think Rozy will be “allowed” to go back to europe just like kaspar.

    Is it aggravating, etc YES. But maybe not quite as bad as you think as far as losing our own. But there is absolutely no chance for free agents. forget hossa, kovalchuk etc in next couple of yrs. and i certainly don’t expect to be cup contenders for a few yrs with this salary cap situation even if we had the best coach of all time.

  121. PLEASE stop with the Shanahan talk – his nurse called and his wheelchair wants him back, so fuggedaboudit. Renney drools enough behind the bench, we don’t need another drooler.

    Any of you attending games at the Garden, it’s time to stir up the “Fire Renney” chants. Put the “Potvin S*cks” chants on hold for a while until the Silkworm is gone.

    Prucha gets 2 goals in the last 2 games playing with Z and Dubi. Tomhole can’t have that, Prucha might get on a roll, so now Pruchs will play with Drury – who has already shown that he has no chemistry with Prucha. Anything to screw up Prucha’s career. F.U. Renney.

  122. i would like to do a shove it up your ass rangers chant.

    Poor Prucha such a nice kid, good kid, Jags got him over here and those losers ruined him.

  123. I think the only ace up Sather’s sleeve right now would be firing Renney. Their is no way that Sather will waive redden, rozy, drury or gomez…That would make him out to being a failure and would ruin his name in the NHL old boys club.

    The problem is that the Rangers have made the playoffs the past 3 years and have little problem with fans filling the worlds most famous arena….Heck, look at this blog…we watch a disturbing and horrible product, yet we are on here talking about it 24/7. We all threaten to leave and stop watching but the Rangers are like an ex-girlfriend, we love the pain and just keep on lurking,,,buying tix and Rangers shit to wear.

    So let Sather fire Renney, but I doubt it will ever happen……

    Meanwhile, to the folks here who actually go to the games on a regular basis…..What is the sentiment at MSG recently?

  124. liquid – boredom and lack of confidence. and generally getting on redden, rozy and kalinin and the pp in general.

    talk about fans lack of confidence – i get bummed out when we get a pp since i know at best neither team will score and the other team will get momentum and the fans will get a bit more surly.

    when they do win even in a shootout the people are pretty happy but not like in the past. happy for a few minutes and a couple of potvin chants but that’s about it.

  125. In regard to the PP, I think the main problem lies within the players who are on the point. Mara, Redden and Rosi are not dynamic type players at the point. Watch closely versus the Pens tonight….U will notice that none of them move around with puck and jump into empty spaces to get off a good shot….

    Alot of the time, these pointmen are stopping the puck as well and setting up for the shot , which most likely ends up being blocked in front and never sees the net. That increases the likelyhood of the other team breaking up ice and scoring the short handed goal.

    How hard is it for renney to tell these fuggs to shoot the puck off the pass?

  126. Sadly speaking, I think the only guy (towards end of season and playoffs) who had any creativity at the point was Chistian Backman….Too bad he is as soft as the soft serve that comes out of the Carvel machine on a hot summer day….

    I would be open to the Rangers bringing up Sangs for some PP time. Heck, it wouldnt hurt….Have Staalsy on the other side as well.

  127. liquid agree with your 12:27 post about the dmen being the problem on the pp. i definitely don;t think sanguinetti is the answer this yr or next if ever. he is extremly weak defensively and would make some of the others look like norris trophy candidates.

  128. Kaspar/LI Joe-

    The difference between the Rangers and WASH/PITT is that we didn’t tank completely. We always had enough to finish in the middle of the league. You can’t compare what the Rangers did with those teams. They basically gave up and finished dead last and got lottery picks. Sure, it felt like we were the worst team in the league, but we weren’t sucky enough. The Caps and Pens better be good with the amount of high draft picks they received. Bottom line is though, there aren’t that many Ovechkins, Malkins and Crosby’s. Take away those three players and how “special” are the Caps and Pens?

  129. colorado – very true and good to see you here. wish we were that bad some of those yrs. Tavares and the swedish dman are supposedly way up there talent wise. and there is a 16 yr old from russia for the 2010 draft some are saying can develop like AO. the isles better win some games so they don’t get any of those.

  130. Check out this story about Patrick O’Sullivan. It is a good story, about how his dad was an abusive son of a bitch, and treated him like shit, and said he’d never be good enough to make it, and he did, and he’s a part of the Kings future.

    I told you the story, but the better version is in there.


    Tom Renney is scum. He cant handle Prucha playing good. WOW!

  131. Concerning tanking versus being good enough to draft in the middle of the pack and thus going nowhere, sometimes I wish I was 12 years old again and didn’t have to know that management of an NHL team is basically a chess match. “Let’s have no kings, queens or rooks, let’s just wage war with pawns and get slaughtered. They will reward us later with the missing pieces. Our sacrifice will be rewarded”.

    Not all that inviting a scenario, really. Two schools of thought.
    1. The team is crap, no chance with this collection.
    2. A couple of do-able tweaks and it could turn out pretty interesting this year (oh forgot to say we need a complete turnover of the coaching staff except for Allaire who is great).

    I’m firmly rooted in camp 2.

  132. wow, I think it actually makes sense to put Callahan with naslund and gomez, that line was good together before and puts some balls on that line as well….

    korpi with zerdev and dubi should be nice, fast line with skill in zerdev and alot of grit form dubinski and korpi

    Oh by the way, good looking lines or not renny still must be fired

  133. Prucha has 2 goals in two games with dubi and zherdev, so why not switch em up?!?!… Renney just doesnt get it….

    Someone should send Zherdev (and Renney for that matter) a highlight tape of Ovechkin taking a wrist shot…. Tell him to take some f’in notes and then put him on the PP point.

  134. sidelineobserver on

    Call me crazy, but at the halfway point of the season haven’t most teams figured out what their lines are and go with them on a fairly regular basis?

    But oh no, not our boy Tom the Tinkerer…coming up on the All Star Break and TT is STILL plugging people in and out of spots.

    Notice how Prucha is playing his off wing tonight? TT is already setting him up for failure and the inevitable benching that will result.

    TT needs to grow a set and STICK WITH LINE COMBINATIONS FOR 10 games before scrambling them like eggs…again.

    Christ on a bright red bike, I can’t take much more of Renney…

  135. To Sam Weinman,

    Please get a quote from Colton Orr about Semin’s slaps the fight with Staal. I’m begging you. I’d LOVE to hear what he has to say about that.


  136. I miss Jaromir Jagr… I missed him since the day I got the news back in July… everyone thought this team would be better off without him… HAH. yea, cause drury is doing so much… LOL LOL

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