To good things in 2009


We’re still camped out up here in the Green Mountain State, where the temperature is hovering around 0, and I lost feeling in my fingers for the better part of an hour. Other than that, it’s been a good trip.

I’ll be back before long to return my attention to your favorite hockey team, but until then, thanks to everyone out there for contributing to such a meaningful 2008. I for one am hoping for better things in the year to come.

And that starts tomorrow, when I’ll be staging my own personal Winter Classic before the real one kicks off at Wrigley. If you’re in the neighborhood, bring your skates.

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  1. I wont be able to wake up at 1 pm for that game. Im gonna have to ask my mom-lover to wake me up, cause ill be sleeping until 5 if she doesn’t. I wanted to watch the Lord Of The Rings marathon tonight. Then spank my wank to some Showtime Midnight softcore pawn.

  2. The real graves9 on

    Uhh thanks bob. I am not convinced that the guy posing as me isn’t ZZZZZ Greg m or even Orr so they might be welching on the bet by posing as me.

  3. Yeah it does look like Orr’s brutal spelling and puncation. Not to mention his pathetically bad grammar.

  4. The real graves9 on

    Is anyone gonna have a party tonight ? Im in the mood for some Wine Coolers and Girl shows.


    Beer Me: I love you, Tom.

    Tom: I love you too, Beer Me.

    Beer Me: No, You don’t understand. I really really love you. I mean I love everything about you.

    Tom: Awwww.

    Beer Me: It’s true! The way you preach patience. And mediocrity. And loserness. The way you play Kalinin. The way you play Redden. But I really love the way you show Dubi and Z who’s boss when they have a bad shift. That really makes me excited. Because when you don’t ask the same type of commitment from veterans like Kalinin and Redden and Drury and Gomez——-

    Tom: Because they are Glennie’s boys!

    Beer Me:——- it makes me understand just how much in control you truly are. How calm. How articulate. How far you’ve brought this team since the lock-out.

    Tom: Yes, well I have to agree, Beer Me. I have done a fantastic job.

    Beer Me: But let us get to your greatest effort: Prucha!

    Tom: Ah, Petr!

    Beer Me; Prucha is the be all and end all.

    Tom: I have to agree.

    Beer Me: Prucha is your masterpiece.

    Tom: You are so perceptive! Because to bench a player who can ignite the crowd with his relentless work ethic—- while simultaneously giving endless ice time to quitters like Redden and Kalinin AND selling the idiot beat writers who cover this team that I am a defensive-minded coach (whose system guarantees 20 scoring chances against every game!)—- is one of my finest accomplishments.

    Beer Me: You are so articulate!

    Tom: Well, at the end of the day, to be quite honest, if I am going to identfy with what it means to be a Ranger….

    Beer Me: Oh stop, I …. I …

    Tom: Quite honestly, at the end of the day, identifying w——Beer Me: (losing control now) AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHH! YES!!!!!!!

    Tom: Beer Me, are you all right??

    Beer Me: (in a moment, as he catches his breath) Yes, Tom. I am fine. Let’s spoon.

    Tom: Snuggle up, cowboy.

    Beer Me: That’s the ticket. Um…..?

    Tom: (intuitive) Yes?

    Beer Me: Perry says you have more to do with the power play configurations than he does.

    Tom: Liar liar pants on fire!

    Beer Me: (relieved) Good night, sweet coach.

    Tom: Goodnight, my dove.

  6. Sam (not the Great Weinman) on

    Happy New Years Sam. It’s a shame that not as many people comment here as they do on Peter Abraham’s site, considering you are the more professional of the two. Great blog, maybe the Rangers can come up with some way to fix our situation in spite of the salary cap. Maybe Redden will have a change of heart and retire!!!!! Here’s hoping!!

  7. Well, there are a shit ton of Yankees fans.

    I will be up there in Vermont for nine straight days starting Friday night, skiing my knees out. Hopefully, I’ll be able to watch the games online.

    It should be a fun Winter Classic with these two teams. Hopefully the ice holds up a little better than last year.

    Yes, it was fun to boo Kalinin on Monday. When he had the puck behind the net, I was saying “uh-oh.” And then we know what happened with the turnover and running into Drury. Then it was uh-oh the rest of the night. I was also one of those hearty fans who went, “Pruuuu, Duuuuu, Boooo.” (Redden).

    Happy new year! I hope for more Prucha sightings in the second half of the season.

  8. The real graves9
    December 31st, 2008 at 9:45 pm
    Is anyone gonna have a party tonight ? Im in the mood for some Wine Coolers and Girl shows.

    Fandamntastic. This is a Hockey site enough with the nonsense whoever is obessed by me.

  9. Spider also hopefully it will be better than the Hawks-Wings game on Tuesday. A one sided game will send all the casual fans back to college football.

  10. onecupin67years on

    Thank God , The NHL didn’t give us the Rangers and devils or Islanders at Yankee or Shea stadium, I can’t imagine freezing and watching 2 crappy teams at the same time.

  11. Hey guys, Happy New Year. I had the pleasure of going to MSG for my morning jacket, and you guys would never believe who i brought in the new year with. 2 Rows away was the man, Sean Avery, just rocking out completely. Pretty funny to see him return, i saw him going around to a few of the guys watching the gates and saying hi to them. He seemed like he enjoyed the night, as did i. He is a nice guy, and i was happy to meet him, and NOT talk hockey, NYR, DAL or sloppy seconds with him. Hope everyone had a good NYE, and enjoy 2009.

  12. Sam, you forgot to mention the tropical breeze!
    Wind chill is now 20 below!!! Welcome to the North Country.
    Happy New Year to All! Sam, thanks for another great year!

  13. Very amusing reading this first of the New Year…..looks like it might turn out to be a droll finish to the season.

    Watched the US vs Canada Jr champ session, and I tell ya, the Canadians looked real good. USA has a goal tender who has rebound itis, and a defense who seem incapable of ever clearing the puck from their own end. ( Sound familiar to anyone?

    I still don’t know the final score.

  14. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Happy New Years to everyone! Glad to kick 2008 out the door and looking forward to 2009. Sam, thanks for all your work. LET’S GO RANGERS!

  15. The poster at 11:37pm New Years Eve…Do you have any friends? and did you spend all last night writing that?
    Most people find a few other people on New Years Eve and don’t spend the night fingering there keyboards.

  16. Happy new years everyone!

    I’m on the THN website, and scoping out the Campbellnomics ranks, which is a ranking scale THN created that puts more emphasis on goals than assists, and weights big goals like game winners and comebacks higher. The Rangers have Nik Zherdev in tied for 3rd and Nazzy tied for 8th. Food for thought, especially since we brought Drury here to be “Captain Clutch” and score those big goals. He’s nowhere to be found in the top 22.

    I also find it noteworthy that so many big goals have come from down low. Both of Prucha’s goals have been rebounds from in front. Dawes’ was in close off a great feed from Cally. Rozi’s recent goal wasn’t off a point blast, but off a tricky low shot that surprised Joey Mac from below the circle. I wonder when Renney will adjust his game plan to stop all this point passing madness, which is leading to all the SH goals, and get the puck deep. He’s delusional to think that in today’s NHL, all these shots are even going to make it to the net, especially considering how long it takes and how reluctant our point men are to pull the trigger. Oh wait, Renney will never change strategy, patience is key.

    I hope everybody enjoys their holiday and the Winter Classic. I’ll be rooting for Detroit!

  17. Happy New Year!!

    We made it!…

    Sam, a very special thanks to you for this blog…it makes a displaced Ranger fan very happy to have a community to agree and argue with…I was displaced in 1994 as well( in Wisconsin) and was no one to share the greatest moment in Rangers history with…except apathetic deer hunters and crybaby Packer fans…

    Keep up the good work…

  18. Sam (not the Great Weinman) on

    Can anyone believe the Blackhawks get the best home attendance???? If anything, I thought the Bruins bandwagon would have increased exponentially like the fan bases of their other 3 teams.

  19. The real graves9 on

    Chicago had been always been a great Hockey town. Over the last 12 or so years Bill Wirtz ran every fan favorite outta town and refused to spend money. Once Wirtz died and his son took over it’s all changed for the better. Great first period very entertaining up and down Hockey. The Blackhawks have just so much tremendous young talent.

  20. yes the isles should play the devils in randall stadium. show it on some obscure network that noone gets

  21. no versus would be too good for those teams and their fan base. maybe someone could film on their camera and show it in someones living room

  22. onecupin67years on

    Those Old school uniforms are great . I guess the rangers would wear the NY Americans or maybe the NY Rovers.
    Detroit looks dominant in all aspects of the game, I hope the Rangers ,Renney and Dolan are watching and learning what a real hockey team looks like.
    When was the last time the wings finished last?
    They have great scouting and drafting.
    Dolan should spend his money getting these scouts instead of the quick fix ,signing we know who( Roz Drury, gomez ad nauseum )long term . Buying players doesn’t seem to work like baseball sometimes does.
    Dolan aint George Steinbrenner!
    Sign the scouts and GM .
    Happy new year to all except Renney, sather dolan and most NY rangers-losers

  23. Sam,

    Enjoy your trip! I have no idea where Green Mountain is but it sounds peaceful.

    Now on to business.

    Reddens contract will handcuff us for a long time. Watching the Hawks – Wing game and I see Matt Walker and think he could have been our new Strudwick. Instead we get a fantasy land soft hitting defenseman that Sather is in love with and I wonder, why do I have to suffer through the Sather years.

    Watch the Hawks, Tallon is building the right way. Just like they are doing in Boston.

    Get rid of Sather!

    He has to go…8-9 years is plenty long to build a franchise and we are not closer then we where 8 years ago. Yank him!

    Bring in someone who knows that snarl, size and passion wins, unless, of course you are Red Wing and you just have the best super talent you can get.

    Please drop this on Dolan’s Desk.

  24. Mako’

    Good to see some postings in this new venue for you. Missed you in the old Post post. H9ow did you like the game in Chicago Cubs park?

    FOr the guys who’ve never played in an outdoor rink, – you should try it sometime. I recall up in Duluth MANY years ago, we had an oudoor rink 212 ft long and 85 ft wide, but with Beveled, Not rounded corner boards. ( Man you should see the kind of rebounds that gives!

    Playing on an outdoor rink you have to respect the wind. Not so much that it holds you up, but it interferes with your breathing and you tire faster. More frequent change ups. Also the snow causes you to bypass the delicate passes and stickhandling so you have to bear down harder on passes and on shots. (And when it gets 10 above…watch the tips of your ears!)

    Happy New Year to you, and yours, and hope to see more of your inputs.


  25. jack – The Green *Mountains* are in Vermont. He could be anywhere in the state.

    Did anybody else notice that the area behind each net outside today looked bigger than it does on a normal rink? It looked like the size of the pre-lockout area behind the goal line.

  26. HEY FRAN!!!!

    Its great to see you in here!!! I have repeatedly tried to post on the NY Post “Blue Seats” Blog. I tried about 20 times and kinda gave up. Its really great to see you in here. If you are still able to post, have all the regulars come by. Greg, Joe L, Jeff, JHawkey etc. Guys, Fran has a wealth of hockey knowledge & is incredibly witty & whimsical. He will be a welcomed addition to Sam’s Blog.

    The Winter Classic was fantastic. I was happy to see the Wings get their bearings 10 min in. Some great excitement and some fantastic play. Mostly individual. And enough “interaction” after the whistle to get the crowd all riled up. After every Winter Classic they should announce which two teams are playing next. But this is Bettman’s NHL.

    I have played outdoors in Toronto and Edmonton. Edmonton was in February, it was -20 and it was so bitterly cold that it felt like my lungs were going to freeze and as much as you think drinking water sucks at that temp. Its most essential. 212 is some Rink !!!! LOL

    Hope everyone had a great NYE. Here is a paragraph I found quite funny.

    While players may not always be a fan of extra practice time, the reverse is true for coaches. That fact is no different with Renney, who has taken the opportunity to do some different things in practice.

    “We might do a little more on individual skill development at the front end of practice,” he said. “We might be able to do something like the power play a little longer, pay a little bit more attention to each drill we do, let them go a little longer. There’s not a whole lot of difference in the drills that we do, but we might let them go longer and might let them get in more of a game-like situation.”

  27. Carcillo was benched last game.

    Send Rozy and a pick for him. He is the next best thing if we cant have Avery.

    Send a 4th rounder for Matt Walker and you address all of your toughness questions.

    Cut Redden minutes by 6-10 a game and then maybe we will be more consistent.

  28. Sam, is anyone going to ask questions about the Rangers involvement with Cherepanov? If the Rangers don’t know anything, then what does that say about their medical staff? What do they know about the medication that Cherepanov was taking? What do they think about his alleged heart problem? Shouldn’t they have spotted that? Or did they? And is that why they were asking the NHL for compensation? Or is there more to the story?

  29. jack – gretz benches players all the time. esp the younger kids. doesn’t mean carcillo is available.

    i want to see prucha in the line up from now on. i don’t care who has to come out in order for that to happen.

    i’ve been saying it for weeks but kalinin has to either be waived and replaced with potter or traded.

    whoever said it’s been 8 years and we aren’t any closer – considering how long the hawks were terrible you have to figure that they’d strike gold sooner or later. same thing happened to the pens. we haven’t drafted as well as them and the main reason for that is we’re not getting the lottery picks like both of those teams did. im not defending our draft selections because we did draft hugh jessiman but i think our drafts have gotten better in the last few years. with the loss of cherepanov im left hoping that grachev can develop into a real scoring threat at the nhl level.

    that said, slats is a phantom. is trading in a salary cap world really that complicated?

  30. The real graves9 on

    January 1st, 2009 at 8:49 pm
    Carcillo was benched last game.

    Send Rozy and a pick for him. He is the next best thing if we cant have Avery.

    Send a 4th rounder for Matt Walker and you address all of your toughness questions.

    Cut Redden minutes by 6-10 a game and then maybe we will be more consistent.

    Yeah The Yotes are gonna trade a young inexpensive forward for a dman with 5 million a year coming to him over the next few years. My God how silly can you get

  31. beer me,its sad isnt it. the guy actually probably spent a few hours thinkin that whole thing up and thought it was soo funny and was giggling like a schoolgirl only to have himself look like a jackass. i mean what does this guy think about all day? does he have fantasies about tom renny goin through his head or what. idk but that was the gayest shit anybodys posted on here with the exception of maybe the philosopher boob

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