Your long national nightmare is over


So I don’t really see what all the fuss was about. The Rangers are just fine, can’t you see that?



No, I think we can all agree tonight wasn’t so much a cure-all as it was a band-aid for the Rangers. But like I said earlier, the Rangers needed any win at this point, and they got it thanks to Petr Prucha and others.

“Right now, two points is two points. It stopped the bleeding,” said Scott Gomez, who had a goal and an assist in the win. “I think Valley made a joke to me that we have to win this game or its going to be five days of reading excellent print.”

In other words, it would have been five days of reading and thinking about all that ails this team. There is still plenty of time to do that, because let’s just say this was not the game that gave Corey Potter much reason to unpack his suitcase in Hartford. But it was at least a needed show of resolve before the end of the year.

As for Prucha, what more can the guy do? He returns to the lineup after 10 games out and scores a huge goal against the Penguins, then comes back after eight games and does the same thing against the Islanders. No one is expecting him to score like that every night. But it’s apparent this team needs his type of energy more than once a month.

“What can I say? It’s tough to be out of the lineup for so long,” Prucha said. “I’m not going to lie to you. It is frustrating. But I got a chance again and I scored again. I hope I’m in the lineup the next game. That’s how I have to take it right now: Game by game.”

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  1. Prucha represents everything that is good about the NYR.

    Renney represents everything that is loser about the NYR.

  2. If Renney benches Prucha after tonights effort I swear to gawd I’m going to crap in a box and FedEx it to Tom Renney @ MSG.

  3. I agree with Sam’s take on the game, but let’s give the Rangers some due credit for playing a fantastic third period. If there’s one thing I like about this team, it’s their ability to play well in third periods. I’m as tired as everyone else of seeing listless hockey through the first and second periods, but I remain optimistic because they don’t quit. They just need to keep the effort and emotion high for 60 minutes.

    Now, the Islanders are terrible and a lot of people will say the Rangers SHOULD have dominated them…fine. But a win is a win…I’ll take it going into some time off. We’ve got 49 points at the end of 2008…anyone on here want to say they wouldn’t have signed up for that at the beginning of the season?

    I still think we need a scorer, and Redden and Kalinin need to turn their games around or be shipped out of town. But this is not a bad hockey team, and keep in mind, Renney’s teams usually peak in February and March.

  4. i’m 100% happy with their offensive game

    i am not happy with their defensive game…if they tightened up defensively and played that kind of offensive game every day, they’d be on fire

    the goals were not on lundqvist’s shoulders

    a blatant giveaway by kalinin
    a tip that no one would have stopped
    an islander alone in front
    another islander alone in front + weird post bounce

  5. Just got back from the game. Prucha and Callahan were the two best forwards tonight. Props to Prucha for showing Renney he should be in the lineup. Khalinin was like the plague on ice. Funniest moment was when they announced Prucha’s goal:

    “goal scored by Peter Prucha” crowd goes Pruuuuuu, “assist to Brandon Dubinsky”, Crowd goes Duuuuuuu, “assist to Wade Redden” crowd goes booooooo.

    Hey Sam, my brother and I were the ones who gave you the thumbs up before the game.

  6. It seems like Petr Prucha is just pissed off at this point, and possibly enough so to give himself a kick in the ass to start playing again. A lot of people were bitching about him not getting ice and whatnot, why did he deserve it? To look out of it and scared? To get pummeled? Benching him has been the best god damn thing Renney has done. This kid has some fire again, some passion to play in the game. He finally realizes that playing a game for an NHL team isnt a gift its an EARNED PRIVILEGE. I’m a huge Prucha fan. I own his jersey. He’s a heart and soul guy who just, lost his way. Maybe him sitting on the bench watching his boys without him got him fired up. We can only hope for some secondary scoring.

  7. what is truly terrifying? it’s that a slob like me who has called for Prucha to play regularly from day one might just have a better sense of what a valuable hockey player he is than the coaches he plays for (sits out for!), skates with, eats with, flies with, hotels with and busses with all season long.

    Renny is so far over his head it is comical.

  8. Prucha was fantastic tonight.

    And all you people who continue to criticize Renney…I won’t totally blame you, but how about criticizing Mr. Sather as well? Rissmiller, Fritsche and Aaron Voros???? Remember, these were the guys brought in to “replace” the departed Straka, Avery and Shanahan and move ahead of a guy like Prucha on the depth chart. They are all colossal wastes of money. Prucha should never have been left out of the lineup and as far as I’m concerned, Aaron Voros should never see the ice again. Every shift Prucha took tonight, he was making something happen. If 8 pucks didn’t bounce off Voros’ backside at the beginning of the year, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

    Remember, not all the blame can be put on Renney. Some people on here have no perspective sometimes.

  9. “Playing in the NHL is an EARNED PRIVILEGE” “Why did [Prucha] deserve [ice time?]”To look out of it and scared”!! These nuggets were just written not about Redden or Roszival or Kalinin or any other of the abject failures on this roster this year like Voros or Drury ———– none of whom have missed a shift all year and almost of all of whom have consistently shied away from physical contact ———– but about Prucha. Laughable.

  10. Section 116, Row A - You know me! on

    Im at every single ranger game, and I am friendly with almost everyone that works at the garden, as well, as have become friendly with all of the players parents/ girlfriends (as I am a female, its easier to “connect”, well, tonight I saw something I had never seen before:
    Bill Guerrins wife was sitting right infront of me with her 3 young kids… And at one point of the game, after the rangers scored, she stood up and yelled at a female ranger fan, ” Shut the fuck up you dumb whore”. Classy lady. did I mention her 3 YOUNG KIDS were sitting with her! DUBIES DAD AND I WERE HYSTERICAL!

  11. All Hail King Henrik on

    The problem here is Renney trying to put a square peg in a round hole. He has a team full of offensive players that he is trying to play defense with. That is simply not a recipe for success.

    I am a defense-first person, myself. But in order to play that system, you need GOOD defensive players.

    Basically, you need a first line that can score, and 3 lines of Callahans and a defense full of Staals and Maras (lower pair guys). These are d-men that are not going to put up a lot of points, but can play strong defense in their own end. Same with the forwards like Callahan—won’t score 30 or 40, but will score a few, and play a game of 100% effort and solid defense. Good defensive teams don’t have Rozsivals, Reddens & Kalinins on them. (For examples of this, look at the Dmen of BOS, VAN, MIN, NJD, SJS, etc. etc.)

    If anyone wants to see what a true defensive team looks like, head over to and take a look at the team Plus/Minus rating of the NYR and then of Boston. It’s appalling.

    This teams best defense is a strong offense, but Renney just can’t see that. They don’t play defense well enough to just sit back and let other teams dictate the pace of the game. They need to keep the puck in the offensive zone as much as possible. That is there best chance at a good team-defensive system.

    Sather is of course responsible for signing said players as well, but we all know his job isn’t on the line, nor will it be anytime soon.

  12. All Hail King Henrik on

    Prucha was great tonight. Loved the chant sticking it to Renney.

    The teams other GLARING issues notwithstanding, the treatment of Prucha by Renney is enough to detest Renney in and of itself.

  13. Sam, tell Prucha that if Renney benches him again this year, I might drive for hours just to smack Renney’s glasses right the eff off his head.

    How can Renney not see that the way Prucha plays is exactly what this team needs? Is he blind or what?

  14. Alamo, graves9 & all the bobs on

    We still hate Dawes…. Even moreso with these crap goals he scores which only serve to mask the underlying problem: too small and too slow for the new NHL.

  15. Alamo, graves9 & all the bobs on

    wouldn’t this be a great time to trade our other slightly more talented and diminutive minor league allstar: Callie? He is a healthy scratch on most good teams.

  16. Very nice interview on 1050 Sam, nice to hear you stick it to them them a little and flat out say names you think need to be benched when Dave asked you.

    FYI when I got to the rink, guys were already talking about it in the locker room…

    “The guy on the radio said Redden and Kalinen need to sit! He’s right!”


  18. guys, don’t kid yourself on that first goal against, it wasn’t on Drury at all. It was 100% kalinin. He’s supposed to stay behind the net while drury swoops in and either takes the puck or leaves it. They do it 15 times a game.

    Kalinin panicked, and didn’t make the right play. Drury had no place to go.

    I’m not a big drury fan this year, but that play was all Kalinin. They just need to send him down.

  19. Having Rozsival, Kalinin and Redden in the lineup is like starting with a 1.5 goal deficit. I really feel bad for Hank, and it looks as though it’s affecting his game.

    Prucha Prucha Prucha Prucha Prucha!!!! The straw that stirred the drink!

    Renney must GO!

  20. “goal scored by Peter Prucha” crowd goes Pruuuuuu, “assist to Brandon Dubinsky”, Crowd goes Duuuuuuu, “assist to Wade Redden” crowd goes booooooo

    LMAO. I was at the Garden tonight, and when i heard that, i literally spit up my Cherry Coke. That was the funniest thing i have heard at a Rangers game. You didn’t expect it, or at least i didn’t.

    Pruuuuuuuuuu, Duuuuuuuu, boooooooooo

  21. I was at the game tonight, and though I usu. would rather be at home on the couch watching the game…tonight and the past 3 games for that matter have been different, and have opened my eyes to see the broader picture of this team. Mind you my brother is home from Iraq and that mixed with plenty of beer made every game worth while….that being said however…
    This team is absolutely f***ing terrible. 3 listless games and finally a breakthrough of a period and a half of horrible hockey by a team that barely shows comprehension of the basics…our clearing passes and breakouts are flat out embarrassing. Redden and Kalinan are nightmares…I mean this team can not continue with these 2 on Defense. I have no voice because for 2 games now I proudly booed Redden and Kalinan every time they touched the puck, and I finally got to enjoy the goal song after 5 goals tonight. Rozi has earned back at least a little respect…he’s been playing harder and producing, and hasn’t made the boneheaded plays of the likes of Redden and Kalinan…who suck bad by the way.
    Also, I take back everything I’ve ever said about Prucha. Don’t get me wrong I loved this guy for the 2 years post lockout but I’ve been wrong since. If this team was made up of Callahans and Prucha’s I’d put them against any team this league has to offer. Hard work and grit…please refer to Prucha and Callahan, as well as Dawes. For the life of me I don’t see how Prucha can be sat anymore. The fans where screaming Prucha all night…why because he busts his ass every shift and hits and I might add he scores. Gomez, Drury and others need only to refer to Callahan, and Prucha to see how its done. I don’t care if we loose a game if the team is at least busting there asses out there but recently and for most of the season this team is a disgrace.
    I think Renney has this team so Defensive minded that when a scoring opportunity presents itself the players panic…they don’t know what to do or how to proceed. There were a few cross ice passes that any other player would have ripped a shot on net but not our Rangers. When a nice cross ice pass hits the blade of the stick our players act so shocked that the pass actually connected that they panic and pass again or make a useless drop pass to no one.
    I love this team but changes need to be made starting on the defensive side of things… only three jobs should be safe, Staal, Mara and Girardi.
    Sam your right tonight was a bandaid to say the least.

  22. Hey 116,

    Good thing Mrs. Guerin wasn’t sitting in 409, she would have started a cat fight with me. I would have taken her easy. :)

  23. Why the hell does renney play Kali right after a NY goal; a notoriously dangerous time for the team? Kali is frigging terrible. Sit down.

  24. Renney is a lucky son of a hyena. Every time he is about to go on a losing streak and get canned he runs into a terrible team, or a terrible goalie or an injury devastated team. This time he ran into all 3 for the price of one and barely pulled off a win. This guy is never getting canned, because the NY reporters, MSG PR, Owner, GM, and homer announcers always see the glass as half fool.

    I wish they all face a firing squad, I hate them all.

  25. Dawes is playing great lately and he throws some awesome hits.

    Korpikoski is starting to look great.

    I don’t know why Voros is scratched in favor of useless Orr and Sjostrom and Betts.

  26. “i’m 100% happy with their offensive game”

    it was Joey freaking MacDonald in net. Did you see some of those goals?

  27. onecupin67years on

    I guess the NYR beating the crappy isles is a big deal after all! 2 pts is nice,but they still had a let down after they scored a goal by letting the isle come right back , a team trade mark this year,
    outscore the better teams and win , I say outscore because this teams d is on the skids right now .

  28. “I guess the NYR beating the crappy isles is a big deal after all!”

    It’s funny to see something like that this a.m. B/C it really shouldn’t be a big deal. But what’s funnier is that I said almost the same thing last night. I was talking to my bro about the Jets not beating oakland, san fran or seattle this season, all horrible teams(incase you don’t follow). But beating any one of those teams (just once) could have won the Jets the division. Sorry to bring up nfl, but it was relative this time.

    So the 2pts actually ARE a big deal b/c it keeps pace with the teams that are on our tail. They’ll be making up games this week, so it’s nice to stay ahead.

    No use in picking apart each pass from last nights game. Once again the team shows some resolve after a couple of bad games.

  29. Giving the puck away is never good. Giving the puck away in your own end, is bad. Skating the puck from the side of the net to the front of the net, where you proceed to give it away is worst of all and is the cardinal sin in hockey. Gee, Mr. Kalinen, that took a lot of brains. (I am still waiting for Kalinen to have his SECOND good all-around game of the season. What a wonderful way to develop the quality of patience.)

    Corey Potter cannot play ahead of this jerk with inferior ability? Kalinen is dumb in a hockey sense and lacking overall skill and ability. WHY WHY WHY will this team not fix or at least patch the glaring holes which are sinking the ship?

  30. whataretheodds on

    Scraping by the worst in the NHL Fishies doesn’t take the heat off of Renney by any means.

    This team couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse most nights, how can we get excited when they come up with a five spot against the Fishies?

    Because we know they’ll come out and play Saturday like the b!tches we’ve seen all year.

  31. Here is what I have started to look for lately, and it can upgrade your overview of a hockey game. Surely others already do this, but we could all do it more, it is so basic and fundamental. Starting with last night;s game, I am going to look for Ranger D’s who skate the puck AWAY FROM THE NET in our own end, as a plus; and D’s like Kalinen’s classic, last night, who skate the puck TOWARD the front of the net, and thereby put the goalie in high-percentage risk jeopardy. Also, in the offensive zone, I am going to more closely watch, who skates or passes the puck to the middle as a plus; and who skates or passes the puck from the middle to the side, thereby giving the opposition goalie a better shot angle to defend, as a minus.

    It seems this team is an extremely low-percentage team as regards the above – too frequently putting the puck in harm’s way in it’s own end, and too frequently passing the puck off to the side or deeply into the corners, from an originating center point on the ice. I also see other teams playing better in this regard – playing a noticeably higher percentage game. This is where coaching comes in, and the Rangers just are not exhibiting respect for the value of playing a high-percentage position game, all over the ice.

  32. I think the C should be taken from Drury. Lifeless, can’t score, and has now become a defensive liability. Give the C to Betts and let Cally, Pru, and Dawes get more PT. And for God’s sake, put Pru on the PP.

  33. Some quotes from an AP article:

    “If he would get three or four goals a night he’ll be fine,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said with a laugh. “Pete’s a battler. That’s exactly what you have to do when you get those opportunities.”

    “I have played with a lot of guys, and that guy is one of the best teammates I’ve ever had,” said Scott Gomez, who had a goal and assist. “For whatever reason he hasn’t been in the lineup, but he never says a word. He is one of the guys that always has a smile on his face and works the hardest in practice.”

  34. This comment by the A$$clown Renney just raised my blood pressure this morning after reading it.

    WTF does Prucha have to do to stay in the goddamn lineup?
    Being the effin dead back to life????

    “If he would get three or four goals a night he’ll be fine,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said with a laugh. “Pete’s a battler. That’s exactly what you have to do when you get those opportunities.”

  35. 1-Rozi- I’ve been on this guy all year but I thought he played a great game last night and I would have sait it even if he didn’t score. Putting the body on, good passes out of the zone and good shots on net, Rozi showed what he’s capable of. Let’s hope his 1 game break lit something and he continues.

    2-Prucha- I was talking to my buddy at Saturday’s game how this guy never says a bad word. Great team guy. remember Malik bitching last year? Not Prucha, keep him in.

    It was an important win. The Icelanders always play hard in MSG and last night was no exception. There are still glaring holes (Kalinin, Redden) but 2 points is 2 points.

  36. onecupin67years on

    beer moi, but the point they lost against the caps is OK ?
    Then when they lose against florida everyone will be cursing renney gomez drury rozival kalinin and etc

  37. Alamo, graves9 & all the bobs on

    You guys are nutso if you think Dawes is an effective player. The majority of the time he is getting bea and outmuscled to loose pucks. He does have great hands, but that is why he is an all star minor leaguer. Now these garbage goals hide his overall weak game. Bench Orr or trade him for a used toothbrush. Prucha a must start and PP add. If Renney doesn’t then the Garden crowd must get Renney out. Oh, and Renney’s vernacular is not as good as people think. Most people are ignorant these days, so a dose of verbosity by the hyena tends to mitigate his idiocy as a coach.

    We hate Renney!

  38. Alamo, graves9 & all the bobs on


    Start doing your interviews in haiku to really screw up the hyena! I’ll write them for you if you like.

    Just us ‘Bobs’

  39. A win is a win.

    A few observations:

    1) Rob C…you make a good analysis with Voros, Fritsche, etc. Remember though, Sather’s offseason moves were Rissmiller, Voros, Fritsche, Kalinen, and Redden. So far 2 of those 5 have been sent packing (Riss yes, Fritsche, basically yes). Voros is close to getting the same. Do you think there is some sort of stigma in sitting Kalinen (last night’s gaffe was f-ing deplorable…how K is not sat for Potter is just above and beyond) as far as Sather goes? And forget about Redden, that would be the ultimate in “I f-ed up” from Sather, something I think he would never say. Thus Kalinen and Redden (combined, what, $8mm this year?) would be very unlikely to sit. I mean if I were at the helm, Kalinen would sit for 5 and Potter would get a shot. He can’t do any worse!

    2) On the Prucha thing, he has been a victim of (1) above as much as anything, I think. But now, I cannot see any excuse as to how Riss, Fritsche, or Voros could ever get any time over him (at least for the next 5 games). And with Gomer and Naslund speaking so highly of Prucha, if he doesn’t get playing time now, there is definitely a conspiracy going on.

    3) Dawes….the guy is stepping his game up I think. (I might even say putting Prucha in the lineup has lit a spark in Dawes.) The guy has been hitting people (nailed Okposo) and defending himself (held his own vs. Comrie). I like what I see. He had 2/3rds of a Gordie Howe last night.

    4) Redden….again sitting and watching while Comeau stood on the doorstep to finish the Isles 3rd goal. He is horrible.

    5) Pru, Dubi, Boo……a classic!

    6) bob…first you say correct things about Dawes and Korpi and then you just discredit your whole comment by saying, “I don’t know why Voros is scratched in favor of useless Orr and Sjostrom and Betts.” Do you watch the games before you make your comments? Do you smoke 5 bong hits before you write your comments? WTF has Voros done in the last 15 games? And Orr HAS to play against the Isles. You see him bloody Fritz? And Betts….he must have shagged your girlfriend or something given how much you hate him. Sjostrom skates circles around Voros. bob, you gotta lay off the grass.

    Have a Happy New Year everyone.

  40. if the SJO fits on

    22figure – i’d have to agree with you on Rozi. Minus his goal last night, he was pretty effective. He played physical, and didn’t seem out of position as much as two other defesemen that we have (no need to say names).

    I was at the game, and the energy that Prucha brings to the Garden crowd is unreal. If the crowd reaction to this guy doesn’t keep him in the line up, then we all should load Renney’s office with dynamite. If we could clone a bunch of Pruchas to play for us, we’d be the most competitive team in the league.

    The lackluster (team) play after scoring a goal does bother me though. We gave way too much room to a struggling Isles team.

    2-0 for me this season so far. I got the Ducks and Canes next month. Let’s hope for 4-0!

  41. onecup – Of course not. I’m not sure I understand the question. The point that we did get matters though. The standing at the end of the season are about who GOT the most points. Not who gave away the most “3rd pts”.

  42. The Truth not a Section 116 Liar on

    Hey Section 116- Before you call out other player’s wives you should make sure you are correct!!!!

    1) Kara Guerin was NOT at the game last night
    2) She has 4 kids not 3

    Keep talking out of your arse though, it’s entertaining

  43. The question now remains, what does the former 30-goal scorer have to do to earn steady playing time?

    “If he would get three or four goals a night he’ll be fine,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said with a laugh. “Pete’s a battler. That’s exactly what you have to do when you get those opportunities

    That is the most retarded joke Renney could make.

    Do you think he or Sathe rEVER admit there wrong? NO

    ORr Fight was a thing of beauty, did anyone see Fritz eye?
    Dawesy fighting and a goal? got to love that
    Gomer and NAzzy praising PRucha – lewts hope that with them pushing for him, and the crowd chanting his name will get him to stay in the line up, as well as his goal.

    When’s the last time a player whose been sitting most of the season got chants at MSG?


  44. hmm…

    a win against the Isles = we should have won, they suck

    a loss to the Sharks = this shows how we match up against a good team, we suck.

    in the event of a loss against the Isles = they suck, we lost to them, we’re TERRIBLE!!!! FIRE EVERYBODY!

    nothing like criticizing no matter what happens.

  45. Kalinin has GOT.TO.GO.AWAY.

    He’s not going to get better, he’s sucked without ANY signs of improvement for the ENTIRE season, yet hasn’t been benched one time.

    He is seriously worse than Malik was.

    I was pleased with a lot of things about how the Rangers played last night but the D (Redden and to a much greater extent, Kalinin) is just depressing to watch.

    We could have picked up Ryder, Streit, AND Commodore during the offseason for what Redden and Rozsival are making…. but no, we got Wade “Pylon” Redden.

  46. Jeever – I recall people being pretty pleased with the Rangers performance against the Sharks? I know I was. You don’t expect to come into the home of the best team in the league and beat them, especially as inconsistently as the Rangers play. They showed a lot of heart and promise in that game and it was all I could have asked for out of them.

    Now, the game against the Caps, and against the Devils? That warrants some bitching.

  47. audio – I hear you, I was happy with the effort against the sharks, even if getting at least an OT point would have been great…

    but we WON last night, and to see that 90% of the comments are negative and about how bad we suck, its kinda depressing. (and YEAH, I get it, the Isles blow, and we should have won the game 7-1, but we DID WIN)

    I feel like going to the Prudential Center just to hear fairer analysis of the Rangers.

  48. Anyone catch Hank staring at Redden after he just stood there watching on goal #3 I think it was…

    Unreal what this guy has to endure watching. We see it on TV or from the stands… this poor guy has to see it unfold right in front of him.

    What a horror show this defense is (not even mentioning Kalinen).

    On the Prucha side… I admitt, I was wrong but not because of his goal last night… just because of his involvement. Even if he gets bashed around he’s in it at least.

  49. Jeever- That Sharks game was a good effort at the tail end of a west coast trip with 3 wins. You really can’t complain about that.

    I forgot how bad Versus sucks. Why do they put graphics at the bottom of the screen during live play? Hockey 101 is that the puck is usually at the bottom of the screen and that’s how you follow the action. At least FOX knew that and tried the glowing puck. Dumb Beninati kept saying “New York” when it was 2 NY teams.

  50. Voice of Reason on

    Well Coach finally figured out the right 12 forwards to dress…There’s one answer. Here are several questions:

    How long will it take him to urge Slats to waive Kalinin and put Potter in?

    How many turnovers (by Kalinin) will lead to goals against?

    How many games will it cost the Rangers before they do something?

    When will they bring in someone with a fresh perspective to fix the Power Play?

  51. Staal was looking for some offense last night huh? I think he dented the post on that one shot that beat ronald mcdonald.

  52. The rangers always match the other teams abiltiy.which is why we can compete with the sharks and struggle with the islanders.

    Renney (and sather)have to create an identity for the rangers so we can compete with the sharks and demolish the islanders. We need a star that we can’t afford. Prucha stepped up last night. I don’t think we can continue without a star-like presence in our line-up.

  53. That 6 on 5 delayed penaly call was the best puck posession I have seen out of the Rangers in a loooooooooooooooong time. It was amazing to see them moving the puck around and keeping control until the opportunity came up and the perfect pass to Gomez for the tap in. That’s how a power play should look! if only they could request that future PP’s have the other team keep the player on the ice instead of in the box and the Rangers get an extra man for the 2 minutes.

  54. Leatherneckinlv on

    In all seriousness…Kalinin poor preformance should tell us,,,the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence…I would take Malik any day of the year over Kalinin…as for Redden…he is salvagable..if we can get a Kyle Mclaren to pair up with him..he needs a tough stay at home defenseman to pair up with,,,and that may salvage him and allow him to play his game

  55. ““If he would get three or four goals a night he’ll be fine,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said with a laugh. ”

    This guy is so funny in his own pathetic little mind.

  56. “6) bob…first you say correct things about Dawes and Korpi and then you just discredit your whole comment by saying, “I don’t know why Voros is scratched in favor of useless Orr and Sjostrom and Betts.” Do you watch the games before you make your comments? Do you smoke 5 bong hits before you write your comments? WTF has Voros done in the last 15 games? And Orr HAS to play against the Isles. You see him bloody Fritz? And Betts….he must have shagged your girlfriend or something given how much you hate him. Sjostrom skates circles around Voros. bob, you gotta lay off the grass.”

    Voros, even when cold has a lot more use than those 3 bums when they are hot. That threesome can do no wrong in Renney’s eyes because the expectations are so low for them, yet they never get scratched.

  57. When it comes to hating the team I don’t hate the players*, I hate the game. I hate having to stomach the sham that is Cablevision’s confidence game being played at the expense (literally and figuratively) of the fans.

    This is a first place team in name only. This team is not a legitimate cup contender. However, the starting point for the organIzational self-image is that they are a cup favorite. That somehow by spending the most and having loyal fans who want to believe that they are for real, that is going to suffice in any meaningful way. I hate that every year I have to hear that lie being perpetrated from the first day of camp until the final nail is driven in the coffin.

    Sather should have been fired 5 years ago. I hate that because he is doing a mediocre to poor job these days I am supposed to forget about how bad he was before. He has set a benchmark where mediocrity creates a false impression of success. I like Schoenfeld and some others in the front office, and by all reports we have one of the best scouting outfits on the planet. But how has that has translated into such modest ‘success’ at developing players? And how can such a mess be made of our cap situation by overpaying for pieces that don’t fit together and it doesn’t matter? I hate that.

    Renney is a lousy coach. The only reason he got the job is because nobody else would take it after Sather fired himself. He’s a second rate option who benefits from operating within a system that has dumbed down the sport in order to create an illusion of success. He has done nothing to prove otherwise and, for me, ran out of excuses a long time ago. I hate how he makes players play in a way that doesn’t take advantage of their individual strengths for the greatest collective good, and then doesn’t take any responsibility when that doesn’t work out. I hate what an uninspiring figure he is. I hate how the occasions like tonight where a number of players motivate themselves that the coach is right there to take credit for it. I hate having to endure his two-faced, marble-mouthed, sanctimonious, gobbledygook. I hate that the people that cover the team are so dense or disinterested that his long-winded stupidity has basically has gotten a free pass. I hate that anyone takes seriously the non-stop gibberish he spews and I hate that he rarely does he get called on it.

    And then there is the most detestable part of this team, the individual most deserving of our ire: The braindead blob that owns the team. This is his little game. He’s the one I hate the most.

    Oh, but we’re in first place so there’s nothing to worry about. I forgot to just shut up and be entertained. Stupid me.

  58. Prucha, Dawes, Korpido all had great games. I hope Dawes and Prucha up their trade values or at least keep playing with the heart needed to right this ship!


    Who cares? Fritz is a minor leaguer, I am surprised he made it this far.

    Can somebody tell me what Sjostrom does? Does he score, does he hit? I would take Jason Ward over him, at least that guy could hit and score a bit.

  60. “I don’t think we can continue without a star-like presence in our line-up.”

    I’d say that’s a fair statement given the context PUX.

    When you have a player that other teams need to watch out for, you put them in a position to compromise THEIR system of play in order to defend said ‘star’. I think we have players that on any night can play like one. But those nights are few and far between, and are not a consistant threat to opponents.

    I think you’re 100% right with saying that PUX, as long as thats the line of thinking.

  61. “Oh, but we’re in first place so there’s nothing to worry about. I forgot to just shut up and be entertained. Stupid me.”

    Pro sports in nothing but entertainment. We all bleed blue for our team. But don’t lose sight of the fact that there’s nothing you can do about the results on the ice. So if you don’t want to take it for entertainment value…go to the movies instead.

  62. HA! Funny thought…

    Could you imagin Hank tearing off his mask after a shootout and yelling “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?”

  63. Kalinin was +19 in 06/07… what happened!?

    He had a coach that let him play to HIS ability and was a motivator not an a$$clown like the one we have here!

  64. Well, the Rangers needed a win in the worst way and that’s exactly what they got, a win in the worst way.

  65. Regarding the D: it’s time for the only person with leverage within the Ranger organization to start flexing it — Hank must do something. At the end of the day, he is a marquee player with a big contract, undeniable talent, and serious fan devotion. He must start making waves (not in the press). He is the only person that cannot be ignored. I hope he knows this.

  66. Who leads all Rangers in =/-? None other than Nigel Dawes (+6) and he does this playing much fewer minutes than most of the players on this team. Who leads the team in highest percentage of game winning goals to goals scored? Nigel Dawes again (6 of his 21 goals have been game winners! An awesome percentage). Those who criticize him for scoring “garbage goals” are ignoramuses. What the Rangers offense needs is more, not less Dawes. He draws penalties often and he’s the best passer on his line. He has more assists than Cally even tho he’s played 10 fewer games and alot less minutes. He’s mentally tough as well to handle the often ludicrous comments about his game that crop up like crabgrass on this website.

  67. Beer

    I nearly choked on my coffee when I read that. Good one!!

    All of you have made some VERY valid points. Good posts! I would just be reiterating what you all said anyway.

  68. Patrick, Kalinin got his +19 playing for the team that won the President’s Trophy and scored a boatload of goals.

  69. Patrick, Kalinin got his +19 playing for the team that won the President’s Trophy and scored a boatload of goals.

    Put Renney as coach of that team and i bet that boatload of goals doesn’t happen

  70. Im Loving how Staal is stepping up and being more offensive.

    Anyone ever see that video of him in Juniors where he takes the puck end to end and scores? I feel like he’s realizing he can do that in the pro’s as well

    He’s got such a good shot too.
    Greschner always says it and I’ll agree, he will be captain one day.

    Im all for being positive today, since it’s been rare any of us could be positive over the last 10 games.

    Prucha – need I say More
    Dawes – great game
    Cally – great game
    NAslund – hopefully he keeps scoring!!
    Gomer – back on the score sheet.
    Staal – nuff said
    Orr – Love watching him fight anyone
    Best of all – THE FISHSTICKS LOST

    HAppy New YEar everyone, See you all next year

  71. Greschner always says it and I’ll agree, he will be captain one day.


    Yeah, of PHX when we trade him for Doan in 2 years.

  72. Staal’s play reminds me of Leetch in that game where Bure had the penalty shot (game 5?).. after a shot was taken Leetch came out of nowhere and almost scored on a backhand.

    Of course, this lead to Bure’s breakaway and Leetch forcing the penalty shot, but still.

  73. If Renney does not play Prucha next game…I’m officially signing on to the Hate Renney crowd. Even my brother who does not follow the Rangers could see that Callahan, Prucha, Dawes, Sjo, and Betts are by far the best, most hard working players this team has.
    Oh and Bob…your comments are so…nevermind…you just prove you have very little hockey knowledge on every post…Newman nailed it.

  74. “If Renney does not play Prucha next game…I’m officially signing on to the Hate Renney crowd.”

    this pretty much says everything about your hockey knowledge.

    “Sjo, and Betts are by far the best, most hard working players this team has.”

    LMAO, Hyena is that you?

  75. Sjo and Betts are hard-working players and fortunately, they’re not defensive liabilities.

    I think the Rissmiller signing was due to Sjo/Betts/Orr all being RFA’s in July (all due for raises) and Rissmiller will probably replace one of them. He’s not a bad player at all.

  76. lennynyr is a mountain top prophet…
    he speaks the truths that are unspeakable…
    He sees the sights that are unseeable…
    and hears whispers from the cold winter winds that speak even more truths…



  77. I think sather trades sjo at the deadline as part of a deal that brings… something back. Korpikoski has shown defensive responsibility, plays on the penalty kill, and seems to have more of an offensive upside than sjostrom.

  78. Newman @ 9:24 – Best post I’ve read all day.
    Bob – I don’t even read your comments or other that respond to you.
    Dawes had a great hit on Okoposo, I think he hurt OKO shoulder, and then defended himself.

    I have a “small” son that plays hockey. Every time Prucha hits the ice, I tell him watch Prucha. It’s frustrating when you see the little guy get benched because of his size, but oh so rewarding when you see them play like that…..and SCORE!!!


  79. fritsche was not ma free agent signing but rather a part of the Z steal of a deal where besides giving up a decent player in tyutin we dumped Backman’s salary (which was more than double fritsche’s salary). so he is in different category than voros, redden, kalinin, rissmiller

  80. All Hail King Henrick,

    “Loved the chant sticking it to Renney.”

    OOOOOHHHHH…. What was it? I missed it! Please someone fill me in!

    Has anybody heard any “fire renney” chants at MSG during games?

    Im dying to know.

  81. SAM can you explain how this statement is true when they carried Rissmiller, and they have Fritsche , & Prucha sitting? How does Potter’s salary really change the cap disaster? …“It’s economics as much as anything at this point in time,” Renney said. ….I say that’s not true. Can you do a follow up question?

  82. Beer – your 11:12 post made me actually laugh out loud at work. thanks for all the weird looks I just got.

  83. LI JOE I understand that, but Renney said it was economics like they are cap worried not about losing players. If Potter is not in the next game, then Sather is sticking it to Renney. And Renney likes Kalikin & Redden over him. They had Strudwick as the 7th D all last season. They both are wrong, as they have been with Prucha. So they should get Prucha’s pay off the books since it’s economics.

  84. bklynblue

    I stopped paying attention to what PC stuff comes out of Rangers front office….

    They haven’t told the truth since at least the end of last season ( see Jagr, Shanny, Avery exits….)

  85. bklynblues – team allowed to have 23 men on roster. can have less. the Rangers have been extremely lucky re injuries. but having extra guys eats up cap although its necessary. only 2 that can go up and down without waivers are korpo and potter. since hartford is close potter is just a couple of hrs away. if having 22 instead of 23 saves some cap $ and it does that is involved in equation. so it is economics.

    the guys like fritsche if sent down would be effectively lost to rangers for rest of season if injuries occur.

  86. Ive been giving Prucha a hard time on this blog, but im finally gonna crack and say that he SHOULD stay in the line up.

    The only reason Potter goes up and down and Rissmiller stayed up for so long is because the Rangers dont want a good, young, player wasting time in the Club-Box, when he could be playing top minutes in Hartford. The only problem with that logic is that Potter should be playing for the Rangers anyway and not sitting in the Club-Box.

    Im convinced Sjostrom is only in the lineup because of the SHOOTOUTS … but since we got Dawes back to his old self again, i think Sjostrom should be sitting so Prucha could stay up permanently

    I’d like the lines to look like this in the new year:

    Prucha – Gomez – Naslund
    Zherdev – Dubinsky – Voros
    Dawes – Drury – Callahan
    Korpi – Betts – Orr

    Rozy – Staal
    Redden – Girardi
    Mara – Potter

    Shootout: Naslund, Zherdev, Dawes

  87. LI JOE you believe that bull? Potter was sent down so Renney didn’t have to scratch a D man, and back up his threats. There is almost no economics involved . You believe whatever you like. It was a BS excuse by Renney and the media let him slide on it. If Potter is not in the next game, that should be proof enough. There is no way Kalikin should be a regular over Potter. Never mind the Redden disaster.

  88. bklyn – should redden or kalinin have been signed NO. however, when the team has no room at the trade deadline because of having a full 23 man roster, just don’t complain that they don’t make a move. if they are even $ 1 mm below the max that translates to a $ 3 mm rental either forward, banging d man or whatever. that is since the $ 1 mm savings and salaries are prorated.

  89. again why Orr over Voros?/

    Oh yeah he fights better.. That is not a good reason. Orr plays only against Boston, Philly, and other very tough teams.

    Orr cannot skate and VOros is a much much better player, no contest….

  90. Stuart – blame dolan for why orr plays every day

    “After that game, Garden chairman James Dolan apparently blew a gasket and lambasted both GM Glen Sather and coach Tom Renney for not dressing Orr, according to two persons familiar with the issue. “He said, ‘What the bleep is going on here?’’ according to one person who asked not to be identified.

    Since then, Orr has played in all 15 games”

  91. bklyn – by your theory prucha would have been gone a long time ago since renney would not want to hear about not using him. economics are a big part of deciosion making especially when some are able to move freely without waivers

  92. Orr is a very smart enforcer. He rarely takes dumb penalties and him on the ice allows our 1-3 lines to rest.

    Voros misses checks, can’t score, is slow, and takes too many dumb penalties.

  93. wow joe – nice f’n find man. How’d you know that was there?

    And there’s no better proof that personel decisions go waaaaaay furhter than behind the bench.

  94. LIJOE you’re dreaming. If they want to make a trade or a deal then they can send Potter and his $550 salary down. They kept Rissmiller & his $1mil here until recently. But like I said you spin away if it makes you feel good. Potter should be the 6th D man , not Kalikin.

  95. lineup should be


    also- Kalinin needs to go, at this point backman would be better

    and anyone who was at the game last night, did you think that this is the best you have seen dubinski play in quite some time?? I did

  96. I like Voros a lot. Seriously. But he’s only like 15 games away from playing the most he’s ever played in an nhl season. (55 games last year in his 1st season)

    No doubt this guy was a puck magnet to start the season. But that’s not “Aaron Voros”. I don’t think anyone knows for sure if he’s an everyday player yet. I think the bright lights and his ‘faithfulness’ to the nyr could have caught up with him over the last month or so. Everyone kissed his ass for a few months, and he got lazy. Not completely. But he definitely lost the edge he was playing with.

    Let’s hope that being a healthy scratch does more for him than getting to know Dan Fritsche better.

  97. Well if Voros comes back, that means Prucha is out? Who will sit out against the caps? Dawes? Probably not.

  98. beerme – the question came up a few days ago. so i did google search of james dolan and also put in fedoruk and orr since i remembered dolan’s comments from a couple of yrs ago

    bklnblue – feel free to be closed minded if you don’t think economics come into play on decisions. no question aklinin and redden should not have been signed. i would agree that kalinin should be jettisoned now. but not kept as 7th dman. if they are going to play him it is better to save some cap $ rather than potter being a hewalthy scratch. remember the cap is calculated daily. rissmiller was kept too long as they kept waiting for injuries or deals that never came.

  99. Newman

    I agree with your dissertation on the relative merits of Voros against those 4th line commandos who have actually been the stroke of sanity in most of these games. Voros over Sjostrom? Over BETTS? eeeuew.

    And what are the odds….

    Man you’ve really got to stop writing stuff like your fed ex gift to the garden. Any more sights and sounds of me sitting at the PC and laughing out loud with the tears streaming down my face is gonna result in my wife calling the VA for a section 8 to be rendered.

  100. well, nice work on that LI.

    Maybe Dolan likes the way Prucha dresses in street clothes or something.

    Maybe Fritsche wore a Marbury jersey to MSG one day.

    Regardless of his insane decisions, Dolan is the boss. And it’s never been a secret that he’ll flex his power whenever he feels like.

    Has to make you wonder of all the possible decisions that have been made since daddy gave him the business.

  101. “After that game, Garden chairman James Dolan apparently blew a gasket “He said, ‘What the bleep is going on here?’’ according to one person who asked not to be identified.”

    Hey Dolan, that’s what I said 11 years ago when I opened my cablevision bill and saw yet another increase. Ever since then, it’s been DIRECTV. F-Dolan!

  102. prucha25 – That was the game toots got jumped by…downie? jones? someone?

    I remember that game. Afternoon game?

  103. lennynyr – Look for this team to finish FOURTH in the division. Don’t even bother referrring to it as a first place team. The plunge to the fourth place pit started two months ago, and the reality is coming due.

  104. Hey Guys — change of topic.

    Cherepanov (supposedly) using performance enhancers — the link mentioned in Sam’s previous post — it’s broken or has been cut. Does anyone know the source of that story?

  105. “The plunge to the fourth place pit started two months ago, and the reality is coming due.”

    2 months ago was 10/30.

    NYR were 10-2-1. Plunge away!

  106. Who Needs Lohan on

    I actually thought last nights lines were the best combo of the year and would hope to see them together going forward. The only changes I’d make would be on occasion insert a fired up Voros for either Orr or Sjo or Dawes if he falls off and also stick Potter in on D replacing whichever D-man who sucked the hardest the previous game (wonder who that would be).

  107. All Hail King Henrik on


    I was referring to the “Pe-tr…Prucha” chants sticking it to Renney for scratching the poor kid all these games. There were also a lot of Pruuuuuus going up, and other chant variations on his name like “Prucha, Prucha, Prucha”, etc.

  108. Actually it wouldn’t hurt to finish in 6th seed, playing #3. That position (#3) is the leader of, essentially, the worst division. It’s always a good potential upset.

  109. Speed Ranger: normally you would be right, but that is probably the caps, who have spanked us twice.

  110. speed – except this yr the winner of the “weak division” is either washington or the winner of our own division. either of which is tough. we’re more likely to finish 7th or 8th anyway.

  111. Hi Joe, yeah you and the good Dr. O are correct, was just trying to inject a little silver lining…..

    I wouldn’t mind to play the winner of our own division first round at least it would be exciting playing such a familiar foe.

  112. true speed but in a few ways I’d rather play wash. not that i think we can beat them but i respect AO a lot more than Sidney and would rather lose to them than the pens. would rather watch AO and all his talent. supposedly there is a 16 yr old from russia with tons of talent available in the 2010 draft – maybe if we tank enough next yr we can be in the hunt.

    ps my record is 7-2 now (none of the bogus losing in ot like i saw vs wash, a loss is a loss). still pretty good

  113. I’m on board with Kalinen being sent out no matter what…

    like some past crappy defensemen on this squad… he would be addition by subtraction 4 sure.

  114. Riche why pay Potter 542 when they can pay Kalikin 2,1, especially since they need cap space? That’s the NYR BS logic. They have egg on their face with the 2 new D men that are worse than Malik.

  115. speed – well kalinin is a russian voice for Z to talk to. other than that no positive impact but the Russian connection might be why he way brought here to begin with.

  116. by the way when Z was on Gomez line i never saw the 2 of them talk on the bench. whereas when Z plays with Dubi they do seem to interact.

  117. wow there’s a good reason to spend needed cap dollars. Pay a guy to keep another guy company , and he gets to help the other team to score goals . That’s terrific, glad to hear that sound logic. There’s no way Sather made a mistake signing Kalikin, he so smart. ….now I’m dizzy……

  118. Great so Russian is the reason!?

    Fine, can we hire some ice girls to sweep up that are russian and look great? That would solve that issue AND we would give up 2-3 goals less per.

  119. hey federov was brought over to columbus for similar reasons for Z. I am not at all saying sather hasn’t made mistakes. he has made some doozys (redden especially), and in my opinion his drafts have been relatively weak. he is very deserving of being shown the door.

  120. Jeez… if that’s really the reason… can’t he dress and never see the ice? Let him sit there and talk to Z the whole friggin time.

    I’m done hoping these guys improve… I’m done giving the benefit of the doubt. They blew a 4-0 lead in the only game I would be in the Garden for.

    – Everyone on this team needs to start performing.

    – Renney needs to grow some juevos, and bench whoever isn’t performing!


  121. Hey Cakewalk,
    How about a bet if you’re so confident on the Rangers decline and overall negative outlook on the season? I say the Rangers finish above fourth in the division (essentially that the Devils & Clemonson fall back to earth). Loser doesn’t post during the playoffs. What say?

  122. There’s been a lot of pounding of various players on this team over recent weeks, ( justifiably so I might add), but there is one player who has escaped any criticism..and this is something that must be addressed.

    Granted that Lundqvist has carried them on his sore back for most of this season, yet neverthelss, he has been the architect of some of his recent losses all by himself.

    I refer to his slipping back into the practice of giving up some horrible rebounds, which he has done to his detriment in recent games and which have cost him dearly.

    Early on in the season it looked as though he had mastered the art of snaring those rebounds and saving his hide. Not so in recent games -( keep an eye out for this in the next few games played and see if he has corrected this problem.

  123. What I love about Prucha is the fact that even though Renney is doing everything he can to keep him from playing, he goes out there and just shoves it in his face that he deserves to be there.

    Even if he does get pushed around, he gets right back up. Also, lately, he has been going after people. In the Pittsburgh game, he was one of the LEADING hitters. What does that tell you?

    Prucha’s a fighter.
    Bottom line: HE DESERVES TO PLAY.
    and for the love of God put him on the powerplay.
    aha, the pru, dub, boo thing is classic. (:

    Drury and Gomez need to get it together. They should be leading the team right now. We should be scoring 6 goals a night with the offense we have. PICK IT UP!

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