Investigators say Cherepanov was blood doping


Investigators looking into the death of Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov say the 2007 first-round draft pick “had been blood doping for several months”: on top of suffering from myocarditis, a condition where not enough blood gets to the heart.

Russia’s federal Investigative Committee said experts concluded from analysis of blood and urine samples that for several months Cherepanov “engaged in blood doping.” There was no elaboration in the statement, and a spokeswoman at the committee refused further comment.

The committee said the club’s medical team may carry legal liability, contending a “row of gross violations was committed by the medical brigade” helping Cherepanov.

“Among them, doctors arrived on the scene a full 12 minutes after Cherepanov collapsed, and the battery on the defibrillator to attempt shock Cherepanov’s heart back into life was drained, the statement said.

Prosecutors this month accused the club’s director of negligence. Mikhail Denisov has since been fired, and Monday’s statement did not mention him.

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  1. Hmm, that’s even more suspicion about Cherepanov.

    Wow, Ricky D back in net; that should be fun.

    Unfortunately, I want to post about Saturday’s game since this is my first chance to do so. It seems to me like Drury should have been blamed for three goals a lot more than he was. I haven’t had a chance to read what you guys think yet. On the shorthanded goal by the Devils, even though Maloney thought Mara should have been backing up, Drury should have known to not challenge Zajac, who had the puck, since that would leave Elias all alone if the puck was passed to him. Sure, Drury is not a defenseman, but he is some supposed defensive wizard. Then, on the Devils next goal, which came right after their power play, Drury had a perfect chance to fire the puck down the ice since the Rangers were still shorthanded. Instead, he weakly pushes the puck out of the zone and the Devils rush the other way. Finally, Drury was covering Parise on the Devils’ final goal and did nothing substantial to lift his stick or check him as he drove towards the net for the centering pass.

    Obviously, mistakes by a certain player are magnified when goals are scored directly after them, but it’s not like Drury has been doing this all season, as his defensive play seems to have weakened along with his offense.

  2. Spiderpig well said! he was a absolute disaster that game (well most of the season) and I do not understand how the Ranger commentators or anyone else see the game.

    also can someone please tell me why the 4th line is playing in the third when we are trailing by one?? it been going on all season long but for this alone Renny should get smacked. not to mention playing kalinin…

  3. Just to clarify for everyone, MYOCARDITIS is NOT a condition where not enough blood gets to the heart. It is, rather, inflammation of the heart muscle, usually of viral cause. You really can’t have myocarditis for very long, because like most infections, the body eventually fights off the infection (or it doesn’t, and you’re dead); it can, however, leave behind a damaged, vulnerable heart. This of course has nothing to do with whether or not Cherepanov was doping, or taking banned performance-enhancing drugs… if he did have a damaged heart, it could well have been less able to tolerate the extra stress on it from those things. Of course, any information coming out of there is so obscured by translation and mired in politics that I would have to guess that at this time we really don’t know anything.

  4. What’s even more troubling is from the reports that I’m reading, either the team hid this from the league or the team gave him the medications he was taking.

  5. Happy Holidays all!

    Life is much better without reading the nonsense here in the comments section. I’m sure a lot of you would agree without yours truly around too. Hey, life goes on.

    Wanna know why the Rangers have been playing so poorly the last few weeks?

    1) gomer has his head up his ass
    2) drury only takes his out on occasion
    3) Z would rather be in the icecapades than the NHL. I could see him leaving the NHL after this season. If he applied himself he could be a game-changer. Scouting report on him was accurate.
    4) Dubinsky doesn’t knows who’s ass his head is up.
    5) Redden is too comfy sleeping on a bed full of $100 bills.
    6) Rozy should’ve started the season on the IR. Missing just 3 weeks for hip surgery is absurd, regardless of the minimal-ness of the procedure. Maybe Jags told him to take it easy the 1st 1/2 of the season?
    7) No defensive depth
    8) Didn’t have enough scoring last year, didn’t add any this year(barely replaced it), why a shock that they’re not scoring?
    9) Slats can’t find any trading partners to get the upgrades this team needs cause he’s a c*cksucker.
    10) No “7th man”. That’s a stretch, I know. But I’ve never felt so ashamed to be associated with such a poor fan-base. Especially while attending games.

    Still don’t think changing a coach midseason will make us better. Infact, I think we make the playoffs as is, and miss if there’s a coaching change. Then once again this team will be completely reconfigured in the offseason. Repeat process next year.

    The goal coming out of the lockout was to continue to build a team that would be competitive each and every year. We have been just that since the idea was (re-)introduced and continue to be as such. It’s been a rough go over the last month. Always seems to be this time of year. Hopefully the necessary upgrades will be made pre-deadline, and we’ll face the toughest part of the schedule with a stronger roster.

    It’s funny that some (usually the same) people post “the definition of insanity is…blah blah blah”. But those folks themselves keep saying the same thing over and over. So it’s a “shared insanity”.

    NY sports is all about knee-jerk reactions. I just haven’t figured out if it’s the Management/Ownership that makes the fans the same way, or if it’s the other way around. Either way its usually laughable in retrospect.

    Agree or not, it doesn’t matter. It won’t change anything anyway.

  6. If Prucha is really playing tonight put him on Gomez’s wing and give him pp time. Who am I kidding that has zero chance of happening.

  7. Jets fire Mangini but Rangers cant fire Renney ? Strange. Maybe we should kidnap Salty and throw him in Renney’s trunk, and call the cops, and blackmail him. That would do the trick.

  8. graves9 – The most sensible things don’t seem to make sense to Renney. Voros lost his power play time, so if Prucha is replacing him, he won’t get any. Their situations seems similar. Earlier in the season, Voros stands in front of the net deflecting pucks into it on the power play. After a few weeks, he stops scoring, coinciding with his removal from any PP unit. There weren’t any changes in the team lineup due to injuries, so I can’t understand what made Coach Tom take Voros out of there. Prucha has only scored once this season and has played no significant power play time. If Drury could actually play the point competently, that would open up another forward spot, but we saw how that worked on Saturday.

    Beer Me! – I think Zherdev is interested in scoring in the NHL. The fans were fired up for Saturday’s game, but were let down quickly, but they are usually more depressing, especially when the home team is on the power play. Maybe Redden is too busy making it rain like Commodore?

  9. Prucha will see minimal icetime, no PP time, and be benched for Saturday against the Caps.

    Book it.

  10. Bob posing as graves9
    December 29th, 2008 at 1:16 pm
    Jets fire Mangini but Rangers cant fire Renney ? Strange. Maybe we should kidnap Salty and throw him in Renney’s trunk, and call the cops, and blackmail him. That would do the trick.

    Back to bellevue with you bob.

  11. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Jets fired mangini at the end of the season though. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Renney was fired at the end of the season after not making the playoffs or getting knocked out in the first round.

  12. Kalinan still playing.. that is all you need to know about this crew. The guy has a 1 yr deal for minimal money and they will not even sit this guy who is as soft as Backman on the puck and in his own zone.

    they always have pussy d men with no grit, they play a white glove game….

    Play Potter the guy is smart and knows he is not Leetch he is not delusional like Kalinan who will be in Russia next yr.

  13. Potter gets his first point get sent back down
    Dawes scores a goal and is benched next 2 or 3 games
    Baranka scores a point in his only game and gets banished forever.

    This coach is clearly an idiot and is out of touch with reality.

  14. Anything coming out of Russia about Cherp’s death is specious at best…’s f-ing Russia after all.

  15. Too bad about Cheri…anyway it happened its tragic…

    Not that this is as important as a life lost but try to name a star winger, or even any forward, the Rangers have drafted, devleoped thru their system and had them stay with them as a star in the last twenty or so years??

    I’m drawing blanks and thinking of guys they gave away as youngestesr (Amonte etc….)

    Has it been since Gilbert and Ratelle??….maybe Vickers, and he only played 9 years… and after that nothing?

  16. if the SJO fits on

    whoever is going to the game tonight, feel free to join me in a “fire sather/renney” chant if the rangers are losing.
    if they are winning, its always fun to do the “we want fishsticks” chant.

  17. hey Kasper, to answer your question, the last guy to maybe qualify could be Kovalev? Of the guys we actually kept for a few years?

  18. Kaspar, obviously Weight and Amonte were drafted and developed but were traded away. To get the cup, it was well worth it. Your point is valid as anybody who was worth anything, (Savard comes to mind) was traded away and never got a chance here.

  19. 22figure8
    Agreed…the cup was worth a divorce, per se… but it is scary to consider the parade of GMs and coaches that have marched thru here and got paid very well and theres been nothing since Emile Francis!!!!

  20. Spider,
    (Maybe Redden is to busy making it rain like Commodore?)
    What do you mean?

    I wish the Rangers would have taken Commodore, instead of Redden. The big guy hits…hard! Something Redden hasn’t done once this year.

    Let start a NEW STREAK tonight….win one from the fishsticks.

  21. I agree, New Newman. I don’t trust those Russians either. So what if he was doping? They still should have had the battery to the defibrillator juiced up. He could have been saved.

  22. There is not one Ottawa Senators fan who would do the trade for Commodore and Spillman again

    As much as many people, including me, liked the hard hitting red head he was a complete bust in Sens land…..

  23. Boris and Natasha on

    Typical communist propaganda from Russia .. they don’t want to payski on da insuranceski

  24. Is not the entire Cherepanov debacle a “telegram” to talented Russian players that they should ply their trade in the new Russian hockey league and forsake playing in the NHL or elsewhere? Of course this is merely speculation, BUT, if an inordinate number of supremely-talented Russians defect from here to there, or simply stay there, it will look like a convincing “intimidation tactic,” the example of what can happen to those who do not “cooperate,” has been used for leverage.

    I agree that Cherepanov was “our Ovechin” and his passing could cost us a Cup, down the road, when we are in the hunt. But of course the main focus will always be on the loss of his young life and whether it was premeditated politics or due to natural causes.

  25. Kaspar – The Rick Middleton giveaway by that double-agent rat from Montreal, John Ferguson, ranks as the biggest Rangers personnell “mistake” since the 70’s, I can think of.

    Whoever hired that fuking goon from Montreal, who used to “face lather” Rod Gilbert with a glove in games as Gilbert’s Montreal LW check, and then, when he came here, cut Gilbert from the roster when Rod had at least one productive year left in the tank, should be horse-whipped. Just think, 23-year old Rick Middleton for 33-year old, about all done in, Ken Hodge. So that we were missing Middleton when we gave took on Montreal in the Cup final in 1979. The disastrous hiring of John Ferguson as GM ranks as the lowest ebb in my time as a Ranger fan. he just came here to render us non-competitive and succeeded, in that regard. May he rest in hell.

  26. On this whole Russian thing and Cherp….I will add to the Cakewalk theory.

    Why would some 19 yr old kid with all that talent need to “dope” as they say? I mean fine, some 34 yr old who was decent for a while and looking to regain the edge, I could see it. But some rookie kid? I don’t buy it.

    But it shows you what the Russian media will sell (at the request of whom? Once KGB, always KGB as they say). “Hey, make it look like this kid who was potentially going to the NHL was actually a doper. Let’s discredit him and anything he may have achieved or was going to achieve. We will send a message to others thinking similar thoughts.”

    I am not saying that the above occurred. But I am asking if anyone would be shocked if it did?

  27. Cakewalk,

    Dont forget the ridiculous uniform change and his putting Jean Guy Talbot and his “sweat pants” suit behind the net…

    I agree, it couldn’t get worse than that and still… look how soon they recovered to get to a cup final…

    Yea Middleton was the next one for sure…idiotic trade and then remember Don “cokehead” Murdoch followed on his heels and wasted himself by the time he was 25….

  28. Scotty Hockey – in previous post you suggested fritsche for conditioning assignment as way to keep potter around. one has nothing to do with the other as the Rangers are at 22 players and also conditioning assignment still counts vs the cap.

  29. This is strictly rumors, but I skate up in Katonah frequently. Mike Pelino coaches a youth team up there, and I see him fairly frequently (quite honestly, too often, I don’t know where he finds the time), although a lot of the other older guys know him pretty well by now, their kids skate together, etc.

    One of the guys I skate with who I talk a lot of Rangers with and who knows Pelino pretty well said than when he asked about Cherepanov (way before the incident), said that Pelino had one word to describe Chere, “frail”.

    Mind you, this is before the fatal incident. I’d be talking Rangers with my pal and talking about how Cherepanov would be around in a year or two lighting it up, and he would always dismiss it, saying he didn’t think so because of what he’d heard from Pelino.

    (Pelino was the guy who was most hands on with Cherepanov regarding the organization, traveled to Russia several times as the teams ambassador, etc. If anyone in NYR knew Chere, it was Mike, this is well documented.)

    So make what you will of that info. Maybe he was “doping” to bulk up or something. Maybe its a shady Russian cover up. Just passing along what I heard from what I would consider a pretty reliable source.

  30. Salty,

    Good post

    Did Pelino ever let on why he thought Cheri dropped in the draft so far; and, if so, that maybe “fraility” had something to do with it??

    The Russian league/contract fear was not realy an acceptable excuse when you see , before and after that draft, other Russians going a lot higher….

  31. OK. There’s a new data point. I am still a skeptical mofo, but only two people know for sure and they ain’t talking.

  32. cakewalk – having redden for 5 more yrs after this in an era where there is a cap and its going down will make you rethink trading middleton was the lowest point ever.

  33. Blood “doping” refers to building up red blood cells so that an athlete’s stamina is enhanced. Classically, it was done by taking blood transfusions and thereby increasing your oxygen-uptaking ability. The danger in this method was either infection or blood that may not have been stored properly leading to toxicity. Several years ago a new form of blood doping was developed which used a synthtic hormone which was shown to increase dramatically the number of red blood cells in the body. You inject the hormone under the skin and it increase your stamina. The problem is if you overdo the hormone your blood becomes more viscous and has led to sudden heart failure in (even) resting athletes. If Cherepanov was using the hormonal injections, he could have accidentally caused the sudden cardiac arrest.

  34. Im pretty skeptical as well with the Chere thing. I think the Russians will do anything to cover their faulty medical equipment up & failure to execute a first responder in immediate time. Just like the Chinese had 12/13 year olds in the Olympics, their Govt made their fake Passports. Any Government can cover what ever they want up. Im no conspiracy theorist, but in a situation like this where there can be MULTIPLE lawsuits… Why not make up a story where there was some “performance enhancers” involved. Arent they legal in Europe?

  35. If this is true.. it looks like there’s no chance of the rangers getting compensation for the pick.

  36. could someone answer me this?

    why is Lundqvist so terrible at breakaways?

    Not shootouts, not penalty shots, but breakaways. Even when half the net is taken away from the shooter, he is just god-awful.

    Being that the Rangers give up so many of these types of scoring chances, (INCLUDING SGHs!) maybe it ought to be something to work on next season…

  37. BillyDeeWilliams on


    I think he is good on breakaways, but since there are so many of them, it looks like he’s letting up so many.

    I think the issue to fix has nothing to do with how well he does at defending breakaways, but rather limiting the amount that actually happen.

  38. 22figure8
    December 29th, 2008 at 11:59 am
    December 29th, 2008 at 11:48 am
    Damn am I glad I’m a Caps fan as a secondary team

    Good for you Audio, why don’t you go to a Caps site and kiss AO’s ass there. I don’t have a secondary hockey team, it’s NY Rangers or bust!

    hell yea screw the craps. screw every other team for that matter. thank god prucha gets a game in. lets hope he gets a hat trick or hes out for another 10. lets get a win and get back on track tonight!!!!! fuck u fishsticks!!!

  39. Being that the Rangers give up so many of these types of scoring chances, (INCLUDING SGHs!) maybe it ought to be something to work on next season

    noonan, why do they have to wait till next year to work on them? unless u mean next year as in january 1st

  40. “oops u said season. why next season?”

    He needs to get sent to a minicamp with shooters against a Ranger blue background or something. This can’t be worked during the regular season–he is that bad @ them.

    at least when you compare those numbers to penalty shots and shootouts.

  41. He sucks at breakaways because he knows even if he stops one the Ranger dee will lose the rebound and give up a goal anyway…or another breakaway before he even gets up off his a**…on Penalty shots and Shoot outs there are no second chances…LOL

  42. Can someone please help me justify something here..I’m assuming Lundqvist is in net tonight correct? Don’t you think it might be a good thing to give Lundqvist less games and increase Valiquette’s playing time? I mean, in Hank’s last 10 games his GAA is 3.70. I realize the Defense isnt helping matters but were looking at a possible 2nd year in a row where Vally has better numbers than Lundqvist. Yet Vally’s playing time is still hovering around 15 games a year. You have to give this guy 20+ games IMO.

  43. Puck
    I dont think “any” goaltender should play 60 plus games a year..Its just scared for their job coaches who push that theory

    Look it up

    Marty Brodeaur is only cup winning goalie in last 20 years who played more than 65 games

    if 40/40 was good enough for Ken Dryden/ Bunny larouque and eddie giacomin/gilles villemure and Resch/Smitty trhan its good enough for todays goaltenders

  44. Kaspar – Thank you! Thats exactly what I was thinking. I have a hard time thinking Lundqvist should be playing as much as he does. Granted he’s very good, I just dont think he should be such a mainstay in net. Especially when we have a very reliable backup. Some teams would kill to have a guy like Vally to split time with their #1..and yet we barely use him.

  45. puck- id gladly have vally play more games. hank looks burnt out and just not happy. im sure he knows he can play better but the bunch of clowns in front of him has to be affecting his play to a certain extent. im not makin an excuse for hank cuz he needs to play better but he just looks off for some reason and i think vally should help out and hes really pretty good and he showed that against philly last year and the last one he played at l.a. awesome

  46. Cakewalk
    December 29th, 2008 at 3:05 pm
    Is not the entire Cherepanov debacle a “telegram” to talented Russian players that they should ply their trade in the new Russian hockey league and forsake playing in the NHL or elsewhere? Of course this is merely speculation, BUT, if an inordinate number of supremely-talented Russians defect from here to there, or simply stay there, it will look like a convincing “intimidation tactic,” the example of what can happen to those who do not “cooperate,” has been used for leverage.

    I agree that Cherepanov was “our Ovechin” and his passing could cost us a Cup, down the road, when we are in the hunt. But of course the main focus will always be on the loss of his young life and whether it was premeditated politics or due to natural causes.

    Disagree. There is only one Ovechkin. There was a question on whether Cherapanov was gonna be a bust or a star.

  47. Kaspar, none of the guys you mentioned trained the way players do now. I don’t think anybody should play Brodeuresque 70+ games but I’m fine with it being more than the players from 20 years ago.

  48. at the same time u want your d to play the same way no matter who is in net and i feel sometimes they think oh well, hank will bail us out and after the last few games the message should be clear but id like to see a game where hank doesnt have 20 odd prime scoring chances against him. the d needs to get the puck out of the zone much quicker. those one on one battles in our end need to be won and when we do get the puck, get it out fast. i cant think of a better way the d played all year than the game against the ducks. if they could play like that and they can, we would be in great shape. i think potter needs to be up here and get some time in for reeden n kalinin. redden showed no desire to win against the devils. no passion at all

  49. graves, the way valley steps in after not playin for 15-20 game stretches, he does a damn good job. no hes not lundqvist, but obviously hank is struggling and vally could help alot. throw his big ass in net for 2-3 games. see what happens.

  50. graves9 – So apparently that “sample” size is large enough for you to tell me how good Valiquette is but too small for anyone to believe he’s better than his playing time? How does that make sense man?

  51. 69th post!! Awww yeah!

    They gotta go to the net tonight and play Finnish style hockey (diagonal dumping) so DiPietro can’t play the puck.

    As for the earlier post; Herb Brooks/Craig Patrick did a pretty good job building the Rangers in the early 80s and drafting, it’s just that most of those players were B+ players at best (Sandstrom, Dahlen, Pavelich), a lot of them were smaller and had short careers like Pavelich due to the beatings, no one could beat the Islanders or Oilers in those days, and Esposito undid anything those guys did.

    The Rangers brought it a lot of good younger players in the late 80s/early 90s too; Granato, Weight, Amonte, Turcotte, Brotten, King, Nemchinov, Zamaneur, Marchant, Kovalev, and that’s not including the D.

  52. i believe it was cakewalk who had some harsh things to say about john ferguson. in fairness, he was the one who built that 79 rangers team. he drafted many of those players who went to the finals with the rangers. he built that team.

  53. pavelich stopped playing because he no longer enjoyed it, he just walked away in the middle of a season. not because of beatings. sandstrom was a solid player, and i know we are talking about forwards, but james patrick had a heck of a career as a ranger.

  54. as far as turcotte is concerned, couldn’t make a pass, couldn’t recieve a pass, he could skate and shoot. played with checking wingers, because he held back the good wingers when he played with them. i hated turcotte.

  55. Put Valley in net tonight. You can see Lund. biting his tongue lately on the support he’s getting. I think Lundquist is gonna’ take out one of his own players if they keep leaving him out to dry the way they have been lately.

    On second thought, that might be a good idea. You could pick’em on who he should bring to the firing line.

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