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So the Islanders are the worst team in the NHL, and now they’re again out with Rick DiPietro, who Scott Gordon just announced will miss tonight with a strained groin.

All of that would be reason for the Rangers to exhale, except, of course, they’re in no position to exhale. Losers of three straight, a win tonight, regardless of the quality of the opponent, allows the Rangers a brief respite from the mild hysteria that has surrounded them.

A loss means it will be a looong five days until the next game (which is in Washington against the Caps, by the way).

Some notes:

<li>DiPietro’s most recent injury means Joey MacDonald gets the start. For anyone who thinks that’s reason to rejoice, I recommend reviewing the tape of the last meeting between these teams, when MacDonald morphed briefly into Vladislav Tretiak.

<li>As reported from the morning skate, Petr Prucha goes in for Aaron Voros, and will skate on a line with Brandon Dubinsky and Nikolai Zherdev. That puts Lauri Korpikoski with Scott Gomez and Markus Naslund. The Korpedo, who was arguably the Rangers’ best player in the loss to Jersey on Saturday, said he was excited to play with Gomez, who once upon a time was a pretty good player.

“He’s a great player. I just have to let him do his thing and get open,” Korpikoski said. “I’ve been feeling more comfortable and playing with more confidence. I think it’s just time. I’ve had about 30 games to play, and at the beginning, I think I may have been trying to do too much.”

<li>I asked Tom Renney for further explanation on the decision to send down Corey Potter. As suspected, the coach cited salary cap issues.

“It’s economics as much as anything at this point in time,” Renney said. “He is close. Hartford is right there. We’re going into a couple of days off after tonight. We’ll evaluate him at a game in time and see where it plays out.”

It does make sense that if Potter is not going to play, he should be in Hartford. But if Renney is going to follow through on what he said yesterday about holding struggling players more accountable, that means Potter should be summoned and inserted into the lineup if other players continue to falter. That’s especially true if, as Renney suggested, Potter is capable of playing at the NHL level.

“I think he’s on the cusp of an NHL career,” Renney said. “The games he’s played for us, as I’ve said to him, the first few shifts were iffy but he settles right in and plays hockey.”

<li>Renney said he was only recently aware of the report about “Alexei Cherepanov using performance-enhancing drugs before he died”:, and didn’t know enough to comment.

Update, 7:55 p.m.: You know your team is in a bad way when you’re losing by a goal to the worst team in the league, and you’re thinking it’s not that bad.

More later…

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  1. o god, isle fans must be knocking their heads against the walls… another injury holy sh1t!!!!! he comes back for what 1 game and misses next 50?? kinda makes u feel for them…. then again, NOT!

  2. “I think he’s on the cusp of an NHL career,” Renney said. “The games he’s played for us, as I’ve said to him, the first few shifts were iffy but he settles right in and plays hockey.”

    C’mon Tom you’re better than that. Obviously if he plays one game at the NHL level every three-four weeks he’s gonna take time to get up to speed. Give him a chance, he looks like a bread and butter guy which is fine for an inexpensive 3rd pair.

    I really hope Michael Sauer is ok; i heard he got hurt and is day to day so THAT could be another reason Potter is back down; the Hartford D corp is THIN. Poor Sauer, I wish that kid could stay healthy.

  3. Whooo! Jsut found out that I’m going to the game tonight, in my uncle’s company’s seats in the back row of the lower bowl. Go Rangers!

  4. To answer Boris’ question, I sometimes skate Sunday nghts @ Katonah, you can usually spot me wearing #7 in a blank white.

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    Yeah, well I was at the last McDonald Garden performance, all the way from SoCal and the Rangers made him look like Jacques Plante, while allowing 2 shorties against.

  6. Some Rules of the Rangers fans drinking game:

    Take One Drink After:

    -Rangers make some crappy backup look like Terry Sawchuk/Tretiak/Dryden/etc.

    -Some proven veteran comes to NY and starts playing like crap

    -The puck hits the post


    -Overpass the puck

    -Two drinks for every time a pointman on the PP passes up a shot (thank you Barry Beck/Michael Roszival)

    -Some nice/soft guy coaches the team

    -A dman doesn’t hit

    -A mercenary is immediately embraced and thought of as the answer and is given a letter on his jersey

    I could go on for hours but I’ll be drunk by the 5 minute mark of period 1.

  7. Voice of Reason on


    Does Renney understand that Prucha is a right shot playing the left wing? He’s not great at chipping the puck out of the Defensive zone when he’s on the Right side. Now this makes it tougher to receive passes, and tougher to make passes to him for both Zherdev and Dubinsky…

    If Brilliant Tom put Korpedo with Dubinsky and Zherdev, and Prucha with Gomez and Naslund it would make ALOT MORE SENSE……..!!!!!!!

  8. No Prucha on the pp lol. His comments on Potter are funny. Every Kalinin and Redden shift are iffy.

  9. Drury is the GD bone head behind Kalinin, Hunter took them both out. Tell me WHY DRURY was within 1 FOOT OF KALININ!!! Why was that necessary?!?!??!

  10. Hey Bob
    I was just going to post that…the VS announcers are telling it like it is…amazing what happens when you are not a patsy-kiss a**-pansy!!!

  11. Hey Drury haters!!

    That was all Kalinin…dont know what he was doing there? probably making sure he could get what Kalinin gives up!!

  12. Come on Kaspar,

    Two players should NEVER been that close in proximity. He was practically humping him. That is very poor puck support & Hunter caught onto it, made the smart play and by taking one out he took both out. The center is supposed to be like another Dman. Its bullshit that he put himself in that position.

  13. the play by play guy is really exciting and enthusiastic, and Islander dude is much more informative and not as dull and annoying as Joe.

  14. that was Kalinans mistake all the way. he is a russian christian backman.. the guy is so bad is it really that hard to see….

    also Mara with his usual stupid penalty. he confuses playing touhg with playing stupid and being emotional.

    Kalinan really does he need to murder someone to be sat down????

    He is Backman all over again, really it is 40 games the guy is a JOKE>…

  15. Ok, seriously…after Lundqvist, Zherdev and Dubinsky….maybe Korpedo…what endearing qualities do any of these players have? Id rather have a team full of todd harveys than these clowns…Circus in town all winter, boys !

  16. Drury went behind the net to pick up the puck but kalinan kept it.

    read my posts for days and days Kalinan is so soft on the puck it is a joke..

    the guy is 6 ft 2 210 and plays like a girl..

    He needs to be gone immediately…..

  17. VS are doing Sam Weinman’s job which he miserably fails to do. Criticise poor performance! You goddamn coward.

  18. What team wouldn’t want to increase their chances of winning with one simple move, by benching and/or permanently removing a particular player, e.g. Kalinin.
    This guy is a total lump. Always just about completing the play, always almost clearing the puck, always just about to get to the opposing player, this guy is just always ‘almost’, never gets anything done when it counts.

    What a lump.

  19. Nice giveaway in the Rangers zone and a Sillinger goal…is Eric Mangini behind the bench?

    how the hell is that rennys fault? explain to me how the dumbshits playing scared and weak behind their own net are rennys fault?

  20. Leatherneckinlv on


    Add Staal, Mara and Girardi and the 4th line to that list…rest are a waste…Kalinin…and Renney speaks of Potter on the cusp…whats that say about this bonehead…he isnt even an AHL caliber D-man..This team as i said back in oct…has no toughness and its starting to now show..Even Dave Maloney hinted to the soft D we have and good for him for being honest…a change has to be made

  21. alamo
    Keep Staal too..and then you go ahead.

    I mean it. Drury and Gomer should be traded, for not much fault od their own, whatever talent they have is wasted here in the perimeter-puck-control-take 30 shots a night from the point offense…

    No one will take Redden..he’ll have to be bought out eventually…there are teams that would take Dru and gomer…open up cap space sign Zherdev-Dubi and move on

  22. Why did Drury shoot when he should have passed?

    Why do we continue to play Kalinin when he does the same stupid shit over and over again?

    Why is Gomez once again invisible on the ice?

    Why does this team not play like a team but just a bunch of individuals together on the same ice?

    Why do the Rangers give Silinger only his second goal of the year?


  23. Kaspar if you think it is not Dreary and Gomez’ fault that they have not scored than you need to stop watching these games

  24. Kaspar,

    ur right…i like staal too…i didnt mean to leave him out…kid plays his heart out with the other pylons on defense

  25. Kalinin has enough history for Renney to act upon it, he (or perhaps one of his bosses) has decided not to. So, pretty hard to not blame the coach for playing this guy repeatedly, he wouldn’t play at all for lots of coaches. And Potter gets sent back down. Go figure that one out.

  26. How does this team not put Kalinin on waivers or at least in the press box. Cory Potter could come here, and be bad and it would still be better than Kalinin’s play.

  27. lobster, i feel your pain i just have no faith left in these guys. i admit renny is not gettin the most out of these guys but they are grown men. they know what they have to do. those fancy moves by zherdev are cute, but dont do jack shit. those quick rushes up ice by gomez just to give up the puck right after, and our captain who right now is unable to get these guys going or himself. u could go on and on the list is endless.

  28. Why Kalinin? Why so many things?

    Because Renney’s first priority is not to win but to suck Sather’s ass.

    And as long as that stays true, this team is going to nosedive.

  29. naslund had an oppurtunity like sillinger scored on and couldnt finish. no scoring threat at all

  30. Alamo,

    this board is ten times more fun and has a certain panache that has been lacking since you’ve been posting!

  31. rangers cant score on this f’in backup! cmon we cant be this bad. theyre all makin this guy look awesome. we seriously have to do something fast ohhh man i miss jagr

  32. Things you can count on with gomez:

    1. He’ll speed thru the neutral zone (i’ll give props for that) only to immediately turn it over once he gets in the zone

    2. He’ll shoot and almost always miss the net. What the f is up with that. He’s gotta have more shots miss the net than anyone. I can’t stand this lightweight prima donna

  33. All I’m saying is there are a number of problems, but might as well go after the low hanging fruit, which is like so many people say, have a 7th dman up. As soon as some turd screws up just the same way he always has, bench him, nice and simple, no drama. He just sits, with poo all over his face, sitting all sheepish way down at the end of the bench.

    That is what real coaches do.

  34. This team has no personality, no drive, nothing really interesting to watch. I’m seriously bored watching Rangers games nowadays. They just play shitty, boring, lifeless hockey.

  35. Drury and Gomez have scored at their career rate…you just want more because of how much $$$ they make….your expectations are unrealistic

  36. Joey Mcdonald is no better than the tutor shooter at ESPN zone in times square…and he is shutting us out…again!

  37. Kaspar i am not getting you. I could care less how much money they make. (although i wouldn’t mind some of it). Just play like you mean it. I mean when you watch these guys, are they at all playing inspiring hockey?

  38. And, to make me eat my words – THAT was fun to watch. If they could make plays happen like that more often, I bet we’d have a lot quieter board.

    Mara needs to get his shit together.

  39. I was about to say let’s just decline the power Play, but if they can move the puck like that all the time @ 5 on 4 like they just did 6 on 5 we’d be golden…

  40. Prucha has looked good tonight I think its time for him to ride the pine for the next 10 games or so.

  41. ya, great goal… 6 on 5 against one of the worst teams all year long using an ahl goalie…

    a win would be not be as constructive as a loss would be for the rangers.

    cant believe i just typed that, but it seems true to me.

  42. to follow up some great 5-5 forechecking, another scared shitless, lifeless pp. staal shouldve buried that shit right behind the big macs big ass

  43. i wonder if there is a stat for shots wide. i am sure the rangers would lead the league in that stat

  44. You have this incredible, enormous force — called the Garden crowd — desperate to be deployed and to give you everything it has emotionally. And we have a coach on national TV saying “patience” has to be the calling card if this team is to win.

    What a loser.

  45. Guelder-rose in Russian means Kalina(that is where Kalinins last name takes root from i believe)These are little red berries… very sour(just like Kalinins game) and can only be consumed in small portions. Half of our “top” Dmen are nothing but flowers and berries.. “ReddenRosieBerries”… I have an idea… those three should get together and bake a cake or something… :)

  46. staal had a perfect chance to get the lead but has no f’in accuracy. but some shmuck d man floats one in and goes right through swiss cheese lungfish

  47. Phalanx (Chris in MA) on


    Someone want to move the Islanders from the front of the net”


    Why would we do something silly like that?

  48. Redden clears the puck to the point – great move asshole!

    Yea Mike in IA I like this announcer too. He’s already pointed the finger at the bonehead Ranger plays(Kalinin, Redden), whihc is a lot more than Micheletti does

  49. They cannot score and when you cannot score every defensive breakdown hurts.

    AGAIN KALINAN IS A JOKE. Redden has issues either he is a moron or he sucks……

    Dominating the game and losing.. Every goal against is difrectly caused by passing the puck up the middle in the d zone, a bad clear, or a weak giveaway.

    THEY NEED TO MAKE CHANGES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry Sam…

  51. ReddenRosieBerries – kind of like Buckley’s mixture but Buckley’s makes you better. I would think of a nice handful of ReddenRosieBerries as being kind of a laxative, with narcotic, sleep-inducing qualities.

  52. Kalinin and Redden are a disaster. Seriously, Hartford is thin on D…Redden would do great there. Send Kalinin down too.

  53. ReddenRosieBerries – kind of like Buckley’s mixture but Buckley’s makes you better. I would think of a nice handful of ReddenRosieBerries as being kind of a laxative, with narcotic, sleep-inducing qualities.

    lolol redden looks like he just took a handful of qualudes and kalinin plays like he just ate some reddenrosieberries

  54. man if we lose thats pathetic and a whole 5 days to wait while we slip further into the standings. cmon prucha tie this game!

  55. Rangers always put up a boatload of shots but the vast majority of them aren’t high quality shots.

  56. hey Sather… are u there? have a weak stomach? mind coming outta the toilet and explain to us WTF is going on here? Weak stomach can only mean one thing…RETIREMENT

  57. The Rangers GPA just goes down week by week since the end of the 2005-06 season as the league evolved and adapted to the new rules…and the Rangers never change their game plan…its always the same

    Hunter is a good guy but Cally plays with 50% of this tems total heart

  58. I typed that like a second after it happened. He got up, but still, F him.

    OTOH, Prucha finally does something useful.

  59. So how will that stuffed-up Renney explain the Prucha benchings? This better be a question that Sam W. asks.

  60. alright Prucha has been the best player on the ice tonight…can Renney play this guy more consistently?

  61. mike, because they’re more concerned with not giving up another SHG so they play the puck like a hot potato

  62. MAKO
    December 29th, 2008 at 9:06 pm
    Is Prucha ever going to see PP time?

    It is a miracle that he’s playing tonight. Don’t push it.

  63. “Audioserf December 29th, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Nasty, are you posting from the future?”

    priceless, dude.

  64. Jesus Christ, some kind of Nirvana here. Let’s bottle this feeling and put it in the fridge.

  65. “Stop this. This is wrong. Games that are not won by a score of 2-1 show a lack of patience!” — Tom Renney, aka Clueless A-hole (12/29/08)

  66. Look how at a loss the Isles are when you challenge their attack instead of waiting for them. Mark this down, Tom.

  67. I have definitely enjoyed some of the humor thrown in some of the posts lately. Thank you guys for at least making it enjoyable to read the blog again even when things are so low right now. Prucha must remain in this lineup. He is busting his ass out there.

  68. What is going on here……Intensity? Playmaking? hustle? who the hell is this team? If we could only get some goaltending now HAHAHAHAHA!

  69. ford, i didn’t see you’re last post @9:14 but thats a classic. Fire the aardvark who wants the crowd to stay out of it!

  70. “PET-R PRU-CHA!” chants at MSG.

    Renney, if you bench him again, I most sincerely hope you lose your job.

  71. Marc Staal and Rozsival have been terrible today. Renney’s son will be on the ice the last 18 seconds.

  72. hank should have been able to stop that goal. The defensemen should have been there to knock him off the puck

  73. Renney’s idiot-ness is legion. But to have a player like Prucha who plays every shift like it’s his last on the bench for every game this season but ten is the greatest testament to THIS COACH’S INCOMPETENCE.

  74. mako u cant see that hank is just not right? he gave up juicy rebounds all night and pretty much had no sustained pressure on him. cmon man yea we won but it wasnt hanks night. he looked off and gave up 4 goals on 24 shots.

  75. We barely beat the worst team in the league after getting away from the Renney system… HMMMMMMMMM

  76. Good game, good posts!

    We looked like a different team out there. Couple big positives that I saw:

    1. Rozsival (and I have been the biggest basher) looks like he is getting some confidence back
    2. I like the way Korpikoski has been playing. Give him some more time
    3. Prucha’s gotta play – the intensity he gave tonight is what this team can feed off of.

  77. There is no point guarding the back of the net. Time to remind the boys that goals are scored by the guys in front.

  78. wow what a game though. just concerned cuz hank looked bad. very unsteady. man we need to kep prucha in the damn lineup.

  79. FIRE RENNEY!! December 29th, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    We barely beat the worst team in the league after getting away from the Renney system… HMMMMMMMMM

    yup. you got a point. and i’ve said it since a couple of games into the season. this is how bad this team is. one goal games against thrashers and isles and maybe bolts, but severly outplayed by everybody else, even in wins.

  80. I said in another post – I think his play is a reflection of the teams overall play. He will have the time off. Next game is Saturday. Big Game – I have a feeling he wants revenge for that last game. If I have any faith in an individual on this team its LQ.

    Besides. the puck hit the iron danced along the goal line, it was knocked in. There should have either way, there should have been a Dman there to push the Isles player away from the net so that wouldnt have happened. :)

  81. lobster, you fraud, this is exactly the type of game:

    1) that your hero Renny hates

    2) that he lost control of

    3) which is why the NYR won

    If you and all your other Renny droolers still believe that the go-for-it ethic you saw tonight has ANYTHING to do with the tyoe of “Patient” game the boob wants to play, you are as lost as he is.

  82. renny probably shat himself after pru scored and then the prucha chants. awesome shit. only ranger fans baby!!!!

  83. allow me to repeat it, this was the ultimate ANTIDOTE to the “patient” game that Renny told a national audience tonite that he wants to play.

    How do the Renny Droolers remain Droolers? The evidence keeps pouring in to slice and dice every argument they have!

  84. Jesus christ.. Finally- Moving Zherdev off the gomez line was the smartest move renney could make.. Gives us three lines with the potential to score. It keeps the opposition on their toes the whole game.
    What a game for petr prucha. If this kid doesn’t have heart. I don’t know what heart is.. And I think Rozsival had a really solid night outside of being too trigger happy on the last isle’s goal(leaving HIS man open in front)..
    On the flip side.. I like Mara’s “intensity” but come on. Just get back to playing a solid game..
    Lastly, Chris Drury.. you’re killing me.

  85. Sit Orr and put Voros on the 4th line.

    then they have almost no dead weight offensively except SJustrom.

    Kalinan and Redden are by far the 2 worst D men.

    Callahan is a player….

    SHocking, throw the puck to the net and crash the net and good things happen.. WHat a concept.

    All the Henrik needs a rest crowd which goal was his fault???????

  86. wd40 – you would never know the Rangers won from the venom you spew – but that’s ok – relax, have a cream soda or something. Do you really think I like to see the Rangers score one goal under Renney’s system? I hate his system but I also hate that you think his system has that much control over the players that is the reason they can’t score. The reason they can’t score is because they leave their balls at home night after night (except tonight). If that is Renney’s fault then so be it.

    Have a happy new year

  87. On a lighter side of things.. I’ve been trying to get my mom into hockey.. And she’s been watching the games whenever she has a chance to. But she’s a very slow learner with the rules and the players and such. Tonight I said to her “Sjostrom and Korpikoski are the same player” and she said the me “what do you mean they’re the same player- what’s his name Sjostrom Korpikoski? what the f*ck kind of name is that” (I come from a very italian background so the cursing is common)
    So I said “noooo ma’ they’re the same TYPE of player”
    Got a good laugh out of it.. Thought I’d share it.

  88. Renney: we gotta get back to basics
    Pearn: yea I know…gave me a heart attack that 3rd period did
    Renney: We’ll tighten her up this off week
    Pearn: not with this Prucha kid around
    Renny: I can take care of that (laughs)
    Pearn: (laughs) just whatever you do dont put him on my powerplay
    Renney: C’mon man! You know me better than that
    Pearn: lets go get a beer
    Renny: I can’t drink tonight…remember? 3 plus goals I go dry
    Pearn: Oh thats right…maybe Avery is in town…see ya

  89. chris s- ur right because we had more balanced attack tonight and z and gomer have similar puck control n playmaking ability so it made sense to split them up. k im out. later guys. later bob. u infantile egomaniac

  90. ChrisS

    Same here. Italian also. Im sure my mother would have said the same thing if given the chance LOL

  91. Very exciting and entertaining win that third period was about as fun as Hockey as you can get. You know defense first coaches like Renney hate it but I greately enjoyed it. Obviously while the Isles are a very hard working team but they don’t have much up front or on the the backline so the offensive explosion by the Rangers does have to be looked under a prism. I still loved the ultra agressivioness the forwards played with. Nobody turned away from a check and everyone drove to the net. The Rangers feed off the energy off of guys like Cally , Prucha and Dawes. Dubinsky looked really really good playing with two guys with the ability to create chaos on the forecheck and the ability to finish. Gomez looked totally invigorated flying all over the ice. He was agressive with the puck and created all kinds of offense with his speed. He made a gorgeous pass to Naslund on his goal and drove to the net hard on his goal(all set up on a remarkable shift by Prucha, Dubi and Zherdev. Callahan and Prucha were like two tazmanian devils all over the puck and in on the forecheck. Prucha looked every bit like the dynamo we saw in 05-06(and the second half of the 06-07 season) if only he would get pp time. He needs to keep it up because he doesn’t have a coach that likes or believes in him Callahan reminds me alot of Pat Verbeek(not as good but same style of game) Dawes has just been a different player this month he has great chemistry with Drury and Cally. He was in the right place at the right time on Cally’s great pass. As much as I loved the play of the forwards that’s how much I hated the play of the defense and even the goalie. The D was it’s usual skittish and mistake prone(lead by Redden and Kalinin) but the scary part is Staal and Mara were nearly as bad. Lundqvist couldn’t erase his defenses mistakes, instead his mistakes and sloppy rebounds. Gotta be worried about his slump at this stage. As much as you have to be happy with coming back from a 2-1 deficet and the offensive explosion you can’t get defense or goaltending like this vs a team like the Caps.

  92. If Prucha doesn’t get 10 games chance this time, I will personally drive 7 hours to slap the glasses of Tom Renney’s face.

    Keep that kid in the lineup, on the PP – whatever. He goes to the net and stays on the attack. We need more of that! Can this coach see that, for crissakes? I love seeing him get the number 1 star of the game. I hope Pru rubs Renney’s nose in it, too.

    GO PRU!!!

  93. Lets start with the most recent games and work backwards
    Opponent SA GA Save% SF GF Shoot%
    NYI 24 4 83% 37 5 14%
    New Jersey 35 4 89% 33 2 6%
    Washington 36 5 86% 28 4 14%
    San Jose 30 3 90% 34 2 6%
    Anaheim 20 1 95% 30 3 10%
    Carolina 31 2 94% 29 2 7%
    NJ 34 8 76% 36 5 14%
    Calgary 20 3 85% 31 0 0%
    Montreal 39 6 85% 20 2 10%
    Pittsburgh 31 2 94% 27 2 7%
    Florida 30 4 87% 37 0 0%
    Florida 41 3 93% 46 3 7%
    Tampa 29 2 93% 35 2 6%
    Phoenix 36 1 97% 36 1 11%
    Vancouver 17 4 71% 42 3 7%
    Overall 453 52 89% 501 36 7%

    Valliquette’s games
    Opponnent SA GA Save %
    LA 41 2 951%
    Atlanta 29 2 931%
    Florida 7 1 857%
    Ottawa 36 4 889%
    Vancouver 15 0 1000%
    Toronto 35 5 857%
    Toronto 21 0 1000%
    Philidelphia 28 3 893%
    Overall 212 17 920%

    This says two things. 1. Hank is in a major slump. Maybe the worst of his career. Either way, we need Valiquette in immediately. You could say that the defense just plays better for Valliquette then for Hank. Well if thats true, then let them play better Defense and keep Valliquette in. Hanks gotta step up his game ASAP. 2. The offense needs to get going. A 7% shooting percentage is terrible. There are only a few games where our shooting percentage has been higher then the oppositions. Lets give Hank the next 2 weeks off.

  94. I was speaking to that announcer guy with the white hair and beard for MSG, and he also believe that Hank is going through a bad slump and needs a week off. I’m sure he will get out of it, but I dont know how much more of a slump our whole team can afford. Hank is 25th in the league in Save Percentage and 23rd in the league in Goals Against Average. I think we have something to worry about.

  95. onecupin67years on

    The rangers beat a last place team with a 3rd string goalie and give up 4 goals with their D, Great win? lets see how far this recipe for success will get them.

  96. lobster, if you’ve moved from ignorantly sliming Renny’s critics to now, tonite, admitting that you “hate” Renny’s system …. you are trending in a positive direction.

    Happy new year to you as well

  97. wd40 — I am reposting for you because you said it all:

    “….this is exactly the type of game:

    1) that your hero Renny hates

    2) that he lost control of

    3) which is why the NYR won

    If you and all your other Renny droolers still believe that the go-for-it ethic you saw tonight has ANYTHING to do with the type of “Patient” game the boob wants to play, you are as lost as he is.”

  98. Anyone have video of the hit on Hunter- was at game and couldn’t quite see what happened- although it looked like the door to the box was open, or opened by the hit…seriously glad he was ok- he was grabbing onto the lineman right after it and all of the players (both teams) were immediately calling for the team doctors…

  99. No, it wasn’t a great win. Tonight I decided to go easy on myself and enjoy it as long as they tried.
    The effort was there and it felt good to see some spirited hockey for most of the game. If they could get rid of the liabilities, number 45 especially, it would usher in the New Year on an even happier note.

  100. Renney’s handling of Prucha alone — due to PP’s work ethic, drive, pride in the sweater — is a fireable offense. And when you throw in everything else that he has shown no clue about……

  101. Who Needs Lohan on

    I just want to say that those of you who complain about 1 goal wins against the Isles and Thrashers is exactly the type of attitude that has caused the NYR to underachieve the way most of us feel they have this season. All NHL games start at 0-0 last time I checked, and then you have 60 minutes sometimes 65, and in the Rangers case a shootout after to try and score more goals than your opponent.

    The Isles arent bad because they lose badly each night, sometimes they lose by 1 goal, sometimes they even win or go to overtime after a regulation tie. You have to go out there and earn the victory regardless of the final score. Just sayin, those of you, you know who you are, you’re fucking idiots. Thank you!

  102. Who Needs Lohan on

    Oh, and if Weinman doesnt ask Renney about his benchings of Prucha despite his hard play and his goals of late, i think we should organize a boycott and blog elsewhere. Just sayin……

  103. knowing renney he will probably bench prucha for another ten games and double kalinins ice time. redden had a hit today. sather is probably going to give him a 3 year extension at ten million per.

  104. All Hail King Henrik on

    What the heck,

    Take that list you posted of Hanks previous games, and pick out the games that this team lost BECAUSE of Hank. Here, I’ll do it for you–there are NONE.

    Not once this season has this team played well enough to DESERVE to win, and then lost becaues of Lundqvist’s play. Not Once. They’ve DESERVED to LOSE many, many times and have won because of his play.

    Henrik is the LAST thing wrong with this team. Is he playing as well as he is capable of the past 10 or so games? No. Definitely Not. He is in somewhat of a personal slump, yes. But the defense around him is swiss cheese, and he’s surrounded by players that are just terrible.

    Renney’s coaching is atrocious, as are the acquisitions made by Sather. When Lundqvist slumps, this teams true colors are exposed. Had we started the season with Valley or any other goalie besides Luongo or Brodeur, we’d be in 14th place, and Renney would already be long gone. Perhaps Sather, too.

  105. All Hail King Henrik on

    The problem here is Renney trying to put a square peg in a round hole. He has a team full of offensive players that he is trying to play defense with. That is simply not a recipe for success.

    I am a defense-first person, myself. But in order to play that system, you need GOOD defensive players.

    Basically, you need a first line that can score, and 3 lines of Callahans and a defense full of Staals and Maras (lower pair guys). These are d-men that are not going to put up a lot of points, but can play strong defense in their own end. Same with the forwards like Callahan–won’t score 30 or 40, but will score a few, and play a game of 100% effort and solid defense. Good defensive teams don’t have Rozsivals, Reddens & Kalinins on them. (For examples of this, look at the Dmen of BOS, VAN, MIN, NJD, SJS, etc. etc.)

    If anyone wants to see what a true defensive team looks like, head over to and take a look at the team Plus/Minus rating of the NYR and then of Boston. It’s appalling.

    This teams best defense is a strong offense, but Renney just can’t see that. They don’t play defense well enough to just sit back and let other teams dictate the pace of the game. They need to keep the puck in the offensive zone as much as possible. That is there best chance at a good team-defensive system.

  106. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    i was at the game and i thought it was funny when we were chanting “we love prucha!”

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