Rozsival out tonight; Potter up


So it turns out only part of the previous post was accurate.

Michael Rozsival is out tonight because of what the Rangers are describing as family reasons, and though Corey Potter was not up in time for the morning skate, he will play tonight against the Devils.

Potter, playing his second NHL game, will be paired with Dmitri Kalinin, while Marc Staal will go back to playing with Paul Mara. That leaves Dan Girardi and Wade Redden intact.

No further word on what is keeping Rozsival out, but according to Tom Renney, it’s not expected to be more than one game.

Meanwhile, Colton Orr is battling the flu and was instructed to stay home by Renney, but is expected to try to play tonight. Should he be available, Aaron Voros will skate on a line with Brandon Dubinsky and Lauri Korpikoski, while Petr Prucha and Dan Fritshce would again be the scratches.

As a precaution in case Orr can’t go, Prucha will take part in warm-ups.

You wonder if Prucha has any sense of humor left at this point. I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t…

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  1. Another brilliant maneuver by Tom Renney. Why bother to get Prucha, a career 60 goal scorer going, when you can give an older Voros, career 15 goals, more opportunities to revive himself? And don’t forget Orr — so many wins are a direct result of his 5 minutes of ice time.

  2. Orr played against the Capitals too; that didn’t seem to stop the injury-riddled Caps from walking all over the Rangers.

  3. howyagonnatellme on

    Of course we’d miss a HEALTHY Colton Orr against the Devils (read: not every team). But the issue is that a SICK Colton Orr is going to be useless. And lucky Prucha gets to dress and hope for Orr to get sicker if he expects to play tonight, after practicing with Dubi yesterday. The past two days the kid has been jerked around more than any other player has all season. “You’re playing! you’re not playing! you’re warming up in case we need you to play!” Good god.

  4. KC- The Caps out worked the Rangers. They didn’t bully them around. That’s what Orr prevents.

    Maybe Rozi’s family is so ill from his play that they begged him to take a night off. I hope Potter has a good game and opens Renney’s eyes, but I doubt it. Prucha is a saint for being a trooper after getting sh*t apon, time after time.

    Tonight’s my last game for a while until my wife gives birth to our 2nd. She’s due in 1 1/2 months but wants me around. A win vs NJ would be a nice send off for me till the playoffs.

  5. first off, I’d much rather have Kalinin out rather then rozi. Rozis play has gotten better recently and he’s been scoring too. Secondly, Orr has been completely overrated this season. He doesn’t have the scare that he used to.
    And 22figure, I think kc is talking about the first capitals game where semin and nylander ran hank. That’s my guess at least. But also it would have been good for Orr to challenge somebody during washingtons comeback last game.
    Let’s be fair to prucha. Play him or trade him.

  6. what the HECK ” Rozis play has gotten better recently and he’s been scoring too.”

    I’m in no way defending Kalinin’s play but if you think Rozi is getting better just because he’s netted a couple, you’re crazy. Vs L.A., Rozi popped 2 but stood like a statue as Brown tied it up. Vs the Caps, he popped 1, took a horrible O-zone penalty, that lead to a pp goal against, tipped one past Lundqvist and was badly out of position then AO tied it up. Those are the games where he at least put in some for us. The rest of the games, he’s just a opposing goal looking for a place to happen. He is afraid to hit anybody and teams have figured out to just dump into his corner, put a body on him and wait up the boards for his panic pass if he avoids the hit of the 1st guy. The guy is gone and DEFINITELY our word defenseman this year. F-em, let him sit out for a month.

  7. Prucha shouldn’t have to hope for Colton Orr to get sick in order to play. And Orr needs to step it up — his skating may be better this year, but his intimidation factor is lower. Renney has always over-relied on his 4th line. Apparently Renney’s still mad at Prucha for not allowing himself to be given the Kasparaitis treatment and be banished to Hartford.

  8. nice situation to have to play a guy tonight that didn’t even skate with the team, he’s travelling down. Get Potter in the line-up, and rotate him along with the 3 stiffs on D, let the worst man sit.

    And, at forward, I don’t even know what to say any more. What is behind Renney’s decisions?

    get rid of him….we need a team that competes for playing time

  9. Why would we pair our Rookie with the our most defensively reliable defensemen, Kalinin? I’m not a Renney-hater, but he sure as hell makes some bad moves on occasion.

  10. wow, talk about a lot to chew over…Potter Back! Wow, maybe if he plays well he will stay up and replace Kalinin, that would be interesting to see…I could sense something was afoot about tonights game, I don’t know why but I just did…what I cant understand is why Aaron Voro’s spot is more important than prucha’s

  11. Kc and Score-I agree!

    I’m shutting down, getting into Penn around 4 to meet my buddy and get juiced b4 the game. Enjoy everybody.

    Let’s go RANGERS!

  12. Tony from AZ,

    I’m on my yearly trip to NY as well… had my pizza, had my hot dog, had my time with family and friends…

    Had my one game in the Garden… had my team blow a 4 goal lead.


    Merry Christmas!

  13. I have been a fan for over 40 yrs now and was at the game when Eddie came back for Detroit. In all my yrs I have never seen a BIGGER DOUCHEBAG MASSENGILL SUMMERSEVE coach as Renny. Even when The Cat gave away Brad and Jean it doesnt rate to level of DISTAIN I feel for this well dressed,well spoken sphinxter muscle. The way he has treated Prucha,who has more guts and skills than alot of Toms lackeys is enough to make me want to bitch smack him.For all the Renny lovers I say run to your room and spank your monkey over Toms picture IN A SOCK and send it to him.Who knows he might juggle the lines and put you on one. Enough vulgarity let me finish by saying F– Renny F–Pearn and F–Pelino Oh and for a add on send the cigar chomper to a senility home with Micheletti

  14. Riche’, enjoy your trip. NY is great this time of the year. I also get back to the city a few times a year. My next trip is in March & I’m getting tickets to the Bruins game.
    Enjoy yourself !

  15. Subjecting Potter to Kalinin is not only a bad idea, it’s destructive. Not playing Prucha even though he’s not a hidden savior, is still pathetic. No accountability or competition has made this team weak.

  16. Roszival is much much better player then Kalinan anyone who cannot see that is blind.

    Orr cannot skate yeah he is a much better fighter then Voros but that is it.

    Also Voros is like 28 max not exactly a senior citizen.

    Kalinan sucks big time and that is not disputable.. Roszi has been better then Redden and everyones favorite Mara who is very very avg.

  17. Leatherneckinlv on

    I have to laugh at people who think all it takes is scoring to win a game…that line of Betts, Orr and Sjostrom are a dire need for any team to be effective and the case of the Rangers its the high priced Vets…aka Drury,,,Naslund…Gomez…Redden…Roszival that need to step up…those are the ones who are not contributing…then..Sather has to fix his mistakes in the likes of Kalinin..Kalinin is clueless o the ice…A team is a combination of things..not just scoring…look back at the Habs…Oilers…and Islander dynasties..they were far more than just scoring…before you bas…think…then speak

  18. Dubi or not Dubi on

    [I’m cursing out loud, be creative in your thoughts, think about the dad from Christmas Story and the furnace]

    Last game we played the devils, they lit up everyone like menorahs and christmas trees, Orr and Voros didn’t do anything… Wait a minute, didn’t Prucha get in a fight in that game? Even GOMEZ!? Orr isn’t fighting anymore because he’s learned to play a “Smarter” game, WHO CARES!? He is a fighter, that’s all he ever will be! HE DOESN’T FIGHT OR STAND UP FOR ANYBODY ANYWAY! Orr hasn’t missed a game and Hank gets run, so what difference does it make? Voros? Are you f’ing kidding me? He’s a slower skater than Orr, worse defensively than Kalinin, and fights like Johnny Damon throws!

    My favorite is how every writer seems to be complaining that Dubinsky is in a slump. WELL NO [poo]! Gretzky couldn’t turn Voros and Sjostrom into scorers! Those guys suck! How is he supposed to put up numbers with two guys who would fight for ice time on other teams? Get Korpikoski back to the minors so we don’t stunt whatever growth he has left (Hopefully a lot) and turn him into Malhotra and Lundmark.

  19. Hey lobster If ya get to Cosbys by 6:30 ya can ask my sons if they want to sell there tickets.They’ll be the one’s with FIRE RENNEY jerseys.

  20. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Leatherneck, I agree with you completely. The only problem is that I would doubt any of the teams you mentioned finished 5th worst in the league in goals per game. 2.49 goals per game right now, good for 26th in the league. That’s not good enough. The highly paid guys need to get their act together and Renney needs to start disciplining THOSE guys, not frigin Prucha, Dubinsky, Fritsche, and Zherdev! Of course if their amazing defensive system worked, then it wouldn’t matter…

  21. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Clearly I have nothing better to do today…

    Staal, those of us who are hoping for losses in the immediate future are thinking long term. Hey, if you honestly believe they can contend for a cup this year then more power to you, because my glass has been half empty since they signed Gomez and Drury to absurd contracts. We want Sather and Renney and anyone associated with them in the front office and in some cases on the ice GONE.

    We are Rangers fans, not Renney fans or Sather fans or Drury fans or Gomez fans or Lundqvist fans, we are RANGERS fans. We want to win the Stanley Cup every year and feel like there is no way we can win while being run by such buffoons. The only way to change that is for this team to lose and lose and lose right now.

  22. Renney sets all kinds of records in being a scumbag. It’s funny how he’s fine with going with Orr at 50%(at best) over Prucha. He also continues to give Voros a pass when his last good game was back in early November. Sjostrom has what 4 goals in 80 games as a Ranger? Yeah he sure has added alot to the third line. Potter should have been up anyway. I hope all is well with Rozsival.

  23. Lundvist, Dubi, Staal, Zherdev, Callahan, Orr and Prucha I’d keep…Dawes and Korpi maybe

    The rest can go…if anyone will have them

  24. Rozsival’s been picking up his game lately post-surgery, I like the guy alright, and I certainly hope there’s nothing wrong with anyone his family.

    But if those “family reasons” turn out to be “house hunting in [Insert NHL City Here]” then I’m okay with that… the cap situation this team is in is ridiculously bad.

    They need to free up room because it is obvious that this group of forwards doesn’t have enough firepower, they need a sniper.

  25. Prucha is just no good, face it. All the talk about other players getting chances – you guys forget, Prucha had his chance – it was called last season. He didn’t do anything then either. (insert standard “he didn’t get powerplay time” whine here)

    He’s paid very well to not play and be ready at any given time. He won’t take a conditioning assignment, too bad. The Rangers biggest mistake with Prucha was not trading him last season when he might have actually had some value.

    The negativity on this board is overwhelming. You would think the Rangers were in last place with Detroit or San Jose’s lineup versus leading their division at close to the half way mark.

  26. Dubi or not Dubi on

    With the same GM for what, 9ish years, you’d think he would have the pieces in place by now… Next coach will be his fifth, current captain is his fourth, a lot has changed in the past decade in Rangerland but the team is still missing too many pieces. Since when is this lack of success okay anywhere, never mind in NEW YORK?

  27. JJP completely slimes Prucha and then complains about the negativity. you can’t make this stuff up

  28. JJP… and when the rest of the teams catch up with games played we’ll be in the middle of the pack.

  29. On December 27 of 2008, the New Jersey Devils formally announced the signing of Brendan Shanahan. The amount of the deal has yet to be released. This will be Shanahans second going with the Devils, as they drafted him in the first round of the 1987 draft

    just read this on wikipedia?

    Is this true?

  30. On December 27 of 2008, the New Jersey Devils formally announced the signing of Brendan Shanahan. The amount of the deal has yet to be released. This will be Shanahans second going with the Devils, as they drafted him in the first round of the 1987 draft

    just read this on wikipedia
    is this true?

  31. A friend sent this to me, and I thought I would share it.


    In the middle of a grueling six game road trip where a very young hockey
    team is away from home, the third game of the trip ends late on a cold
    Canadian Saturday night. This is the only break on the trip and the three
    days between games allow them the only break to get back home in their
    own beds for a couple of days before going back on the road.

    A scheduled commercial flight waits for them at Toronto’s International
    Airport for the short flight home; they could be home by midnight. This
    plane departs on schedule, but without a single member of the hockey
    team. Back in the locker room a vote is taken after the game was
    complete, and a unanimous decision is made by this young team to skip
    this flight and stay one more day. They make arrangements to check back
    in the hotel and on a frozen Sunday morning charter two buses that have
    no heat and begin a journey two hours straight north into a sparsely
    inhabited Canada, but where hockey is its passion. They arrive at their
    destination to the surprise of the team’s general manager who is there
    attending his father’s wake.

    After a few emotional hours, this team boards the buses and heads back
    for a two-hour trip back to Toronto. On the way they ask the drivers to
    stop in a tiny Canadian town because they are hungry. To the sh ock of
    the patrons and workers at this small hockey town McDonald’s, a
    professional team walks out of two rickety buses and into the restaurant,
    which just happens to have pictures of two members of this team on its
    wall. The patrons know every single one of these players by sight being
    Fanatic fans of hockey in these parts. One can only imagine their
    amazement of the locals seeing and the entire professional hockey team
    sit down and have a meal in their tiny little town in the middle of a
    hockey season. After a while they board the buses and catch their same
    flight 24 hours later, giving one day to their general manager.

    Have I made this up, is this an excerpt from some fictional book? No.

    This a true story of the Blackhawks last Saturday night and they decided
    to attend Dale Tallon’s father’s funeral. It’s amazing that such a good
    story can be found nowhere on the internet, and not even mentioned in the
    Chicago papers. Had one of the Blackhawks got into a fight and punched
    some drunken loser in a Toronto bar it would be plastered all over papers
    and the television. This being said, its hard to imagine any professional
    football, basketball or baseball team doing this, but the members of the
    Blackhawks claim any “hockey” team would have done this.

  32. Enough of our bloggers here have already gone to great lengths to disprove any comparison between the Devils “defense first” system employed from ’94 to ’03 and our bogus defensive system…Steven, Danyecko, Neidemeyer, Rafalski, White they had…we have Staal. End of story, end of comparison.

    Here is something else…all 4 seasons the Devils played in finals they at least finished in the top half of the league in scoring…finishing first a couple of times and second one time along the way(98-99 thru 2000-01)….in 95-96 when they finished second from last in scoring they actually missed the playoffs for the only time…

    The point is…as boring and un-offensive as they were they still scored goals, enough to be among the league leaders a few times and, when successfull, at least in the top half!!…the Rangers are aiming for their second straight finish between 25th and 30th this year…

    Why doesn’t someone in the media scream this during one of those “oh we’re gonna win a lot of 2-1 games” interviews??

  33. Tony From AZ

    I read that story a week or two ago…I’m thinking Puck daddy but I could be wrong

    It was featured on a HNIC pregame recently too

    But I agree, if they were all arrested in a topless club it would be prime news on CNN

  34. That was really cool what the Hawks did, heard about it last week. shows a lot of unity and respect for each other.

  35. Wow. Kudos to that Hawks team. Think that would ever happen in NY? I doubt it…

    On a similar note, the Hawks are going to be a force to recon with. If not this year, than next. Detroit, San Jose, don’t look in the rearview mirror. You’re about to get passed…

  36. Dubi or not Dubi on

    That’s a nice story for a change. No way the Rangers would do that (Even if they could pick Glen Sather out of a lineup), they’d be too busy either crying about how they got booed after blowing a 4-0 lead or watching video of how not to run a power play!

  37. Tony,

    That is a great story and just goes to show you how hockey players are different than any other type of athlete.

  38. I agree, if the Hawks can keep that team together for some years, they are going to be down right nasty. They are young, fast, and very talented. They did us a big favor last night too, and destroyed the flowers. I watched the highlights and they are just a flat out good team. I am glad we got them early in the year before they got their shit together. I think we play them again at the end of the season though. That should be an entertaining game.

  39. Wouldnt it make sense with Orr sick to move down
    Voros to 4th line and Prucha in place of Voros
    or on 1st or 2nd line ?

  40. It does say that on Wikipedia though. The trade freeze is over after tonight I believe, so if something was agreed upon and just not announced yet I don’t know. But I am sure we would have heard about it all over the place by now. I doubt it though.

  41. Ron Dugay for head coach. He dresses better and has way cooler hair than Renny LOL and his wife is SUPER HOT

  42. This is a late post but those highlights of Petr Prucha are GOAL SCORER GOALS. Not lucky goals. Renney is an effin moron for not playing this kid. Zherdev-Gomez-Prucha should be a line.

  43. Great – put Potter with Kalinen, so he can get saddled with a -2 on the night. God forbid we pair him with a decent D and he actually has a good game. Then what would we do, right, Renney? Oh, right – he would go back down, anyway, it NEVER matters how well a Hartford Shuttle guy plays. Wonder if Potter and Pock ever compare notes?

  44. “On December 27 of 2008, the New Jersey Devils formally announced the signing of Brendan Shanahan. The amount of the deal has yet to be released. This will be Shanahans second going with the Devils, as they drafted him in the first round of the 1987 draft.’

    Hey…whats up here?

  45. wikpedia can be updated by anyone so who knows. i certainly hope it’s true but kind of doubt it

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