Orr to play, Potter ready to go (Updated)


Colton Orr’s condition has improved enough that he is expected to play tonight against the Devils, meaning Petr Prucha will be a scratch for the eighth straight game (Prucha will take part in warm-ups as a precaution).

That leaves Corey Potter filling in for Michal Rozsival, who is out for family reasons, as the lone lineup change. It will be just Potter’s second NHL game — he made his debut in a loss to Calgary earlier this month — although he has become familiar enough with the Rangers based on his making the trip out West with the team last week.

That trip had Potter in the press box for all three games, and with the Christmas break that followed, he didn’t get a chance to play an actual game until last night with the Wolf Pack in Bridgeport.

“It took about half a period to get into the flow,” said Potter, who added that he got the call from the Rangers about tonight at 9 this morning. “But after that, I felt like I was back in the flow.”

How much of a flow can Potter expect to get into with the Rangers? It doesn’t sound like Rozsival is expected to be out longer than one game, so chances are Potter will be headed back to Hartford after tonight (Do we need to rename the “Greg Moore Highway”?).

But he can still hope that if he plays well enough tonight, he forces the Rangers to keep him around. Strangely enough, Potter’s best hope for staying would be if Dmitri Kalinin continues to falter, which is somewhat complicated when you consider he’ll be paired with Kalinin tonight.

Scott Clemmensen is in net for the Devils.

Update, 8:15 p.m.: Yikes!

Was it as bad on TV as it looked in person?

The Rangers are still terribly disconnected in their own zone, and most of their defensemen appear skittish with the puck on their stick (Hey Wade Redden, your team is wearing blue tonight!). Throw in two questionable calls on Marc Staal, and this team should feel lucky it’s only down 2-1.

Best case scenario: a chance to regroup in between periods, a kill of the rest of a Devils penalty, and, well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves….

Update, 9:06 p.m.: So much for the best case scenario. So many questions: What has happened to Scott Gomez? Why can’t Marc Staal get off a clean shot on the power play? How did the Rangers ever beat the Devils twice already this year?

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  1. Here’s to hopping potter has another good game, he almost got a helper in that terrible Calgary game if either Sjo or Betts could’ve finished.

  2. Here’s my take on Renney vs. Brooks on Prucha:

    1) Brooks writes article

    2) Renney puts Prucha with Dubi and Korpedo by coincidence yesterday morning, having not yet heard about or read Brooks’ article

    3) After practice, Renney hears about and reads Brooks’ article, and is not pleased

    4) Prucha is benched again, and the proposed line shifts for tonight do not materialize. Because Renney cannot have it be said that a reporter is coaching his team

  3. i missed the last game against the craps, but i saw the blogs posted during and after the game. can someone explain to me what chris drury said that pissed people off?

  4. ford, u think after pruchs scored that tying goal against the pens he wouldve bought himself at least a few more games. i dont get why hes not playing when some of these unproven 3rd and 4th liners get to play every night. u think prucha after scoring 50 somethin goals in his first 2 seasons would be given a chance before voros or dawes and sjo

  5. Watching the pre game show, I see Prucha is skating during the warm ups. How could you possibly have the kid dress and skate and then send him off the ice. Renney’s handling of Prucha is beyond explanation. He has completely ruined this player’s confidence and any potential for him to contribute to the team. I have to believe Renney’s antics have also effected the other young players and cost him respect with the older players. It shows in every game.

  6. If they show the god damn coat drive bit with Drury and Staal again I’m going to sh*t. They have shown that bit before every game this month. Is that all the rangers did this holiday season?

  7. At least Jagr had the b*lls to say the “system” they he plays doesnt work for him to be offensive and score goals.

  8. Seriously. I practice not staring at other women’s breasts longer than the Rangers practice their power play. I am not joking.


    Dubi or Not Dubi

    You asked in a previous post who my five favorite players to watch are on the team and why.

    First, before I answer, I want to point out that my view of who is fun to watch doesn’t necessarily translate into who I think helps the team win the most games.

    My five and why are:
    1. Lundqvist – His skill level is amazing and he is a staunch competitor
    2. Gomez – His skating ability and speed are very impressive, the end to end rushes he makes are awesome
    3. Drury – Solid play in both ends, hustles, only guy who seems to have taken his mite coach’s advice to shoot whenever you have anything close to a shot
    4. Dubinsky – His game keeps getting better and better, I enjoy watching the progression
    5. Tie – Staal/Zherdev – I like watching Staal for the same reason I like watching Dubinsky. Zherdev has the best dangling skills on the team and is the biggest threat one on one.

    I also find Gomez and Zherdev to be two of the most frustrating players to watch. Gomez’s errant passes and inability to keep his stick on the ice (watch, opposite of what any coach will tell you) when parked right in front of drive me crazy. Guys like Zherdev also drive me up the wall, trying to make that last move after already having beaten two guys.

    The most important guys in my view in terms of the helping the team win are Lundqvist, Redden and Rozsival.

  10. Mako, you’re wrong. Players don’t get a -1 when on the ice for a power play goal against. It’s an even strength statistic.

  11. jjp, fine. Now let me know when you understand who’s responsible for the defenseman’s position when he rushes the puck deep in the zone.

  12. if the Rangers continue not to hit in their own end of the ice, they will lose this game going away

  13. Whats your point Wd40? If someone has it wrong, I’m going to point that out.

    Btw the play we were arguing about many games ago was actually two different plays, we were both right.

  14. Dawes still sucks…that goal was so weak..clemensen moves his feet like he is barefoot on a bed of hot coals

  15. Redden looking as soft as ever. Bad play by Mara on the shortie. Record for shorties again is 22 in a season, Rangers are halfway there.

  16. jjp, okay then by that rationale, i’m gonna point out that you have it wrong on the quality of this coaching staff! :)

    I’ll take your word on the two different plays….

  17. Errr my point was since Potter is unfortunately aligned with the worst d man on the team. Its a bloody shame he was on the ice for that GA…

    thanks wd40

  18. Fair enough. Opinion on coaching is subjective, how that particular stat is calculated is black/white.

  19. ty graves9….kopri showing the fire that is missing on this time,,,,we would love these guys if they would just skate hard for a full game instead of after they are down by 3

  20. Leetchhalloffame on

    This team just totally getting outplayed again. When, oh when will Glen make some moves?

  21. Aaron Ward’s left skate scored more goals against us when he was a ranger than Dawes will have this year. If you factor in both of Ward’s skates you have to include Betts, Orr, Dawes, Prucha just to tie. ..i got that from Elias Bureau..jus sayin’

  22. Great interview PEARN ” MAYBE WIN A PERIOD— MAYBE GET BACK INTO THE GAME—- MAYBE WIN A GAME ” MAYBE you should get your head out of Rennys ass and atleast TRY TO MOTIVATE SOMEONE What a trio of butt buddies FIRE THEM ALL

  23. Not a good period. Too many careless passes , too many penalties and yet another shortie against. Redden actually played with some jam for once(He made dumb mistakes with the puck though) The Dawes-Drury-Callahan line has plenty of jump. As does Korpikoski who is flying 5 on 5 and on the pk. Mara made a terrible decision on the shortie. Hank has been facing a shooting galllery and has looked pretty sharp. One nice rush from Zherdev and really nothing else. Gomez has gotten frisky with White but really hasn’t created any offense. Why is Voros playing again?

  24. Do we Look this terrible or are the Devils this good? Both?! Their tempo and puck control is dominating. Elias looks amazing.I hope we come out looking better this period.

  25. mike,

    we are watching the 5,6th or 7th seeds in the division fight for the intermission rest. gift certificates…the drama is intense!

  26. OH YEA Nice seeing Prucha in warm ups Does Renny have a daughter if so someone should put a bannana on a rope and a stick in front of her and then pull it away. GET THE LOGIC RENNY ?

  27. Prucha got benched cuz he is dating cynthia gibb and ms. mcgill knows Renney…so its like double indemnity!

  28. wow what a great start. maybe we’ll win this one comin from behind. the last thing we need is to build a lead. this is rennys style. no coordinated attack, no communication which leads to the too many men calls, nobody mad enough to do anything about the shortys against cuz they just keep on comin, i liked korpis play so far and i like dave maloney callin it like it is. now lets see how great we come out the next 2 periods. and please get prucha in the lineup in place of that beefhead voros

  29. Doodie,

    Bob wants me to tell you its on youtube…just watch any of the most recent losses

  30. possible that MGS is tilting against Renny? because Trautwig just asked Maloney how the Rangers could start such a big game so flat. unusual for this joke of a network.

  31. Why can’t Dawes play like this against every team? Granted he’s played better the last two weeks.

  32. Is it just me or is Potter and Kalinen out against Parise’s line every shift? This does not make sense.

  33. Can’t wait for Drury to spew some more garbage after the game. He has been a huge reason for 2 of the 3 goals against.

  34. graves9
    December 27th, 2008 at 8:49 pm
    Can’t wait for Drury to spew some more garbage after the game. He has been a huge reason for 2 of the 3 goals against.

    Don’t worry Sam Weinman will give him and the hyena a litany of excuses.

  35. i dont know how this team thinks that having an offensive system that focuses on putting two people behind the net instead of in front or in the slot will ever lead to anything more than disapointment

  36. your boy Malik on

    why do the Rangers make every opposing goalie look like the second coming of Patrick Roy???? UGGG…..yes, Sam, it looks just as bad on tv….and we get the replays with John Giannone’s commentary……more wine please….

  37. Potter is better then Kalinan already. If I can see that how can management not see this?

    Kalinan thinks he is good so tries to make plays he cannot make.

    Potter is a smart player, he knows he is not that skilled so he keeps it simple..’

    Goal 3 was a typical ranger mistake… The announcers never give the real story, the rangers never throw enough pucks at the damn net.. Redden does suck, he cannot hit the damn net ever…………………..

    NJ keeps it simple and the rangers think they are better then they are.. Hockey is not a comlicated sport….

  38. Im really worried about this team. We look terrible. Who agrees? Sather is horrible. Worst july in the History of the NHL. What are we going to do next year when we have 44million for 10 guys. Check out this link! Nobody will take these terrible contacts on and what if the cap goes down? we are screwed for years because of Sather.


  39. The great Hall Of Famer Chris Drury is really winning this one for his teammates the New Jersey Dicks.

    Two giveaways that led to a goal cause of him, and fails to score on two or three chances.

    Yet, Renney and his butt buddies continue to play him, and the losers on this team that cant do anything the right way.

    Pull Lundqvist !! He’s not playing good tonight, a few good saves, and a couple of soft goals. Wake me up when December ends.


  40. You know, the one thing Renney hasn’t done in a while is the thing that is pissing me off the most- changing the lines. It’s obvious that the Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev line is not working.. Neither is the Voros-dubinsky-sjostrom line.. Put Zherdev with Dubinsky and balance out the attack, try to get Naslund scoring!

  41. Soft team playing soft. With the exception of the Drury and Betts lines, there is no life to this team. no doggedness. They lose battles for pucks and they are outworked in every zone. This could get real ugly, real fast.

  42. Drury could have cleared the puck, but he tried to be a Captain, and a hero, but screwed up, and blew it for his team.

    Here’s to hoping they lose every game of the season, and win the Tavares sweepstakes.


    He finally puts Staal on the PP, and he’s having trouble cause he never lets him practice on the PP.

    He’s ruining his future ! Fire Him !!

  43. Wow. The Rangers “top six” are top sucking.

    Voros is garbage.

    Dubi’s anointment as the second coming of Messier seems more than a little premature.

    Kali makes Malik look like a god.

  44. Jst bloggin in during another soft passive Rangers game…I agree with Ford ( way up at the top) about how Pruchs isnt playing because of the Brooks article

    This team is way too passive

  45. On a positive note, Korpedo can at least play with a lot of fire. Good to see.

    But why, oh why, does the Ranger PP look like a rugby scrum half the time. I never see that by other teams.

    Orr should have thrown a punch by now. Why is Mara the edgiest player on this team?

  46. Devils find guys like Leach, Mottau, Greene, and Oduya off the scrap heap and the Rangers pay 13.5 million for garbage like Redden, Rozsival, and Kalinin.

  47. “Devils find guys like Leach, Mottau, Greene, and Oduya off the scrap heap and the Rangers pay 13.5 million for garbage like Redden, Rozsival, and Kalinin.”

    And when they all start to have market value of 2 million each…Elmer Fudd the GM will just let them go and go find more of the same… best GM in NY-NJ sports

  48. Maloney just called Redden out for playing without emotion —- to complete silence from Micheletti and Giannone. Classic gulag.

  49. I was pretty hopeful to give Redden the benefit of the doubt. He is garbage! Absolute garbage. He has his head up his ass all night. this team is SO predictable is sad. Devils dictate the play. No sustained pressure. I said two days ago… Rangers only play 3 games in the next 10 days I think. Bet you all Jan 5th 2 weeks the pack nipping at their heels will swallow them whole.

    What is laughable Gomez thinks he old skates & helmut will help his play LOL Its a poor carpenter who blames his tools.

  50. Yeah… like Sean Avery’s antics would negatively effect this team?

    They need either an excorsist or a demonic possesion…and quick!

  51. Zajac I’m sad to say is a better player than Dubinsky at this stage. Of coarse Zajac had a medicore sophmore season last year too.

  52. a couple of weeks ago i thought we were 6th best in the east behind wash, pitt, philly, and mtl and bost. add the devs to that list

  53. Its funny- people rip Sather for not having enough talent on the team, yet rip Renney for his coaching. The team is in first place but playing poorly- this means either the talent is not there and Renney has gotten a lot out of them, or Sather has provided a skilled team that is playing below its potential due to Renney. You cant really have both.

  54. the amazing thing is we are so healthy and still in big trouble. all the other teams are having multiple injuries but not us

  55. mo – it is on both as sather has constructed a team in renneys image. and killed us vs the cap. renney has been involved in player development and in drafting. this team is in big trouble for next several yrs. both need to go in addition to asst coaches and most of all dolan

  56. who is worse Kalinan or Redden?

    I mean redden cannot even complete a pass.

    Gomez is invisiible.

    For all the Sjustrom fans, yeah he skates fast and ???He sucks..
    Orr is of no help except against the likes of Philly he cannot hit a pea in the ocean, then again Prucha is doing great on the bench.

    ANother joke game.. 4th goal rangers cannot clear the zone try to be cute and reverse the puck etc..

    right now they SUCK….. Man is Parise so much better then Drury it is SAD…..

  57. why does a team that cannot score play a l4th line that has 5 goals for the year?

    so they are tougher!!!!

    Orr should play in a few games here and there when they are against philly and other really rouhg teams and that is it..

    Put Prucha in another guy who has at least a prayer to score. I assume Kalinan will stay in the lineup since now he is Bobby Orr with his goal…. This guy gets oushed off the puck by everybody and anybody. Potter is better today.

    SHocking Potter uses this brilliant strategy, he keeps it simple… Can’t even watch the post game show to hear more bullsh-t.

    Dubi cannot score but he plays hard, has alot of puck possesion, and sets up his wings… That is a guy you stay with for his long term upside……

  58. Devils cannot score….except against the Rangers. The Rangers were outplayed throughout. Scott Gomez was invisible. What on earth is going on with these clowns?

  59. This team is starting to blow serious chunks. The longer players play for Renney, the less effective they become. He should be signing his pay checks over to Henrik, as Lundy is the only reason he is wasn’t fired years ago.

  60. Well, Renney was right — Orr sure made a big difference in the game. And Joe’s talking points for the game were obviously to congratulate Dawes for every pass he completed and praise Korpikoski every time he forechecked. Korpikoski is fine, but he plays the exact same game as Prucha — but Prucha isn’t good enough?

  61. If they even make the playoffs theyll face Boston or Washington…they’ll be toast

    Blow’em up now

    Playoff qualifying isnt enough anymore

    Islanders are stockpiling draft pix (they had 11 oe 12 this year) and they will most likely get Taveres and they have no cap issues…by next year unless something is done at Ranger-land..the Isles will be even with us..the next year better

  62. Get Sjostrom and Voros out of the lineup and see if Fritsche and Prucha can give them some energy and maybe even offense. Korpikoski and Sjostrom are almost clones of each others(with Korpedo having some more talent and energy) Korpikoski and Dawes were likely the Rangers best players. Drury sure looked like a selke winner out there with turnovers and soft plays on the puck and losing Parise on the 4th goal. Scott Gomez is starting to look like Val Kamensky. What the hell is up with him? Is he still hurt? He has zero flow skating with zero idea on what to do. We haven’t seen his use his speed or anything. Did Naslund play tonight? Zherdev was a non factor too. Korpikoski was flying all night on the pk and in even strenght. Whatr can you say about the D? They looked disjointed and there is a huge gap and disconnect between the forward and the dmen. Mara had one of his few rough games. I though Potter looked really good and poised. Voros continues to show that his great play in October was nothing but a fluke. These shorties against are comical at this stage. Staal looked shaky on the pp but once he gets more time on the pp he’ll get better. I can’t believe I’m saying this but boy the Devs are a hell of an offensive team. Watching Parise play for the Devs just pisses me off. Kudos to Devs management for finding all these dmen from nowhereville and putting them into the system. The Isles will give the Rangers everything the can handle on Monday and more.

  63. Stupid Sather to sign these washed up a$$holes to these long term deals. Effing Redden, Drury, Gomez ugh almost $21 million in 3 players. Disgusting!!!!

  64. Why can the Rangers manage to drag Messier in the studio for another interview about 1994, but no one can find Sather or Schoenfeld to talk about the state of the team? Every other GM and Asst. GM in the league are available for interviews.

  65. Sam,
    A couple of days ago, you stated:
    “Clearly, there’s a lot to sift through. I detect some frustration and even anger from fans after last night, and as much as its not my place to tell you how to feel, I say give it a couple of days. Regardless of how the Rangers emerge from the Christmas break, there’s a lot of hockey left to play.”


    Should we take more deep breaths?

  66. Sid – this was Sam’s following post


    Since there seems to be some confusion behind the message of the previous post, a quick clarification:

    “When I urge fans to take a deep breath and perhaps step away from hockey for a moment, I say so not to try to convince anyone that all is well with your team. In fact, if all truly was well, I’d say talk Rangers all you want the next couple of days.

    But because this team indeed has serious flaws and right now is clearly a source of frustration to many, I’m of the belief the current state of the Rangers shouldn’t spoil your holidays.

    Regardless of what you believe in or how you celebrate, I think this time should be for embracing the good in your life—not for dwelling on the things that might make you crazy.”

  67. HockeymanRangers on

    I have seen other people on this blog say that this team is really not that good, I didn’t believe them. Not sure if they were worthy, but maybe they were b/c I am staring to believe it. I watch a lot other games and there is a lot of good teams out there and the Rangers are not really one of them.
    And what the hell is going on in Hartford, they are at the bottom of their division. THIS RANGERS ORGANIZATION NEEDS TO BE BETTER ALL THE WAY AROUND.
    They are lucky to have the record they have because their have been a lot of games this year that they played lousy and somehow managed to win the game. Everyone keep your heads up like I said maybe we can get passed this rut and MAYBE THE FIRST LINE COULD EVEN SCORE A GOAL?????????????

  68. Renney thought his fabulous coaching is why the Rangers made the playoffs the last 3 years. Maybe now he realized that Jagr and Shanahan and Straka and Avery had something to do with it. Even when they lost, they lost with passion and the games were fun — now the games are just boring. Even the interviews are boring. It’s a sad day when the New Jersey Devils are the more exciting team.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Why is everyone so surprised? Isn’t this all playing out EXACTLY how I said it would two and a half months ago?

    PS, I’m really scared of NJ right now. They are just playing out of their mind good hockey, and they don’t even have their best player. When Brodeur comes back, he’ll be fresh for the playoffs. That team can possibly go deep. How did they get Lou and we got Glen?

  70. DM – no one is surprised. i thought before the season we would be between 6th and 10th and now think its 7th through 10th so pretty much what i expected.

  71. Black Guy With White Eye Lashes on

    Rangers suck. Drury is a disgrace to all Captains. All 3 goals were his fault, he couldn’t cover Parise, and that put the game away, along with his shit for brains give aways.

    Trade Drury, and Rozsival for Bowmeisster ! And throw in Prucha, and a 3rd.

  72. guys as bad as the rangers are right now, they’ll get out of it. man u guys bitch alot. does scott gomez give a shit if u get fired from your job? do u think chris drury cares that you have a tiny penis and no life? this team may not be the best and wont be for a long time. fuck it, go watch general hospital with your wife pavel, ok who cares if u boycott the team.

  73. Hey mike, this is a hockey board. Considering you seem to want to talk about penises, I think you are on the wrong blog.

  74. A KIDS GAME? Damn – NHL players are one of the few links to real manhood remaining on this feminized, P.C. idiotic, the girls come first planet! Wait until Bettman introduces rapper panties to the NHL, it is coming next, you know.

  75. Chris December 27th, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    ” i dont know how this team thinks that having an offensive system that focuses on putting two people behind the net instead of in front or in the slot will ever lead to anything more than disapointment.”

    Well, they know how great Gretzky was behind the net, so idiot Renney thinks that maybe two forwards will equal one Gretzky. What he doesn’t grasp is that we’d need 2 forwards at EVERY POSITION to equal the talent on the Gretzky Oilers.

    I’m only half joking here… our “coach” has shown himself to be a smug, arrogant prick with his treatment of Prucha. He’s an ass-kisser of veterans, and clueless behind the bench – a deer in the headlights – during games. His “defensive system” is highly overrated and he doesn’t know a thing about offense.

    Without Hank and Jagr the last 3 years (and Prucha in his first year), Renney would be breaking down video in the ECHL.

    This year he has the team that he wanted for the last 3 seasons. He wanted to be rid of Jagr’s influence, wanted HIS players in the lineup. Well, now he’s got them and the only thing that’s obvious is that Renney can’t coach.

    It’s time for a complete clean sweep, starting with Sather and going right down the line. Renney and his incompetent staff are the problem with this team.


  76. if u read doodies post above u can kinda figure out that this team was relying heavily on their young guys to step up and it just isnt happening yet. i do agree that its frustrating to see these way overpaid guys doing jack shit for the rangers and maybe because thats what happens when they come here. its been like this for years with the exception of a few. i just dont like that people say i hope renny dies or stupid crap like that over a hockey game

  77. By the way, I know a feminist who refers to hockey and football on television as “violence.” So I asked her, if contact sports is “violence,” what do you call war and the killing of innocent people? Honest to God, her response was: “That’s violence too.” Makes you want to give up and throw in the towel, where the future of planet Earth is concerned – it really does.

  78. Ranger fans should be very concerned here. The fact that Drury replaced a Hall of Famer as captain and cant carry his jock strap should have all of us concerned over the mental stability of this team. He is 100% over paid and 100% over rated and always has been. Yes I know he scored some big goals but he has been a perennial 60 point guy.

  79. I was there tonight and can tell you that in the blue’s there was defitinly some Fire Renney chants starting but was not very loud unfortunately. There was an arena full of hatred for Redden though.

    What I never realized fully until I was there tonight is Renney always changes lines once they get into their offensive zone. It happened EVERY time tonight. Someone brought it into the zone and the other 4 went off for a change and that is why no one is ever in front of the net. I thought maybe it was once or twice thing but it was every single time. It was painful to watch and makes no sense.

    Prucha needs to be playing over Voros right now. It bothers me more that so many people fully realize what is going on yet the people in charge can’t.

  80. A few thoughts. . . . . .

    Has Voros been the same since Mike Smith beat the hell out of him with his stick?
    Does anyone believe Dawes and Dubinsky are good players?
    What ever happened to that madman that wanted to trade Dubinsky 2 months ago? He was an IDIOT:)!!!!
    Do you realize that John Tortarella and Jim Schoenfield are very close friends?
    With similar philosophies?

  81. maybe we should go back to the days where we tried to buy everyone; oh wait that didnt work either.
    so now we are stuck with these monster contracts of Drury,Redden and Gomez to clog up the future free agent signings of the future.
    now that there is a cap in place I think a new GM is needed

  82. Wade Redden was Perry Pearn’s idea. It will not only get him fired in NY, but probably be the end of his coaching career.

  83. If I were Sather, I would:
    !.Try to trade Gomez to Vancouver for the Sedin Twins
    2. Trade Rozi Zherdev and Dubinsky to Dallas for Avery & Joel Lundqvist.
    3.Fire Renney
    4. Retire and let Schoney take over as GM
    5. Let Schoney hire Tortarella
    6. Take credit for brilliant moves on his way out the door.

  84. cwg – i think he’s overhyped which has turmed me against him. but since his trade value is small i’d keep him around and maybe in a yr or 2 can get better. meanwhile we have to hide sathers checkbook except to give himself, and the coaches severance

  85. i would not do 1 and 2 is rediculous. z is one of our 3 best players including staal and henrik. 1 i would not do since i want no part of the sedin twins

  86. 2 months ago, Dubi was worth something!!!!! Now he is absolute crap. Nothing more than a subpar guy who got to ride #68’s coattails. I wish I could laugh in the face of every fool that thought he was the next Bobby Clarke. One maniac screamed from the rooftops to trade him and it fell on deaf ears . . . . . . .

  87. LI Joe,
    The Twins are due for free agency. You get rid of Gomez, you get rid of Rozi, you get AVERY which would make Drury reconsider his no move clause, and you can erase a lot of Sather’s mistakes. Am I the only one that gets this stuff?!?!?!?!?!?!

  88. fakegraves9
    December 27th, 2008 at 11:24 pm
    I wish my penis was as big as Drury’s nose. LMAO, just kidding.

    Thanks bob or orr or greg.

  89. And to expedite the Drury exit, I would trade for AVERY, and strip the C from Drury and put it on AVERY!!! Drury would be an LA King the next day.

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