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If Petr Prucha’s presence on the ice (along with Dan Fritsche) after everyone else retreated to the locker room is any indication, the forward will not play tonight against the Devils after all.

Colton Orr and Michal Rozsival missed the skate altogether, but in the absence of a Corey Potter call-up, one would assume Rozsival is fit to play tonight.

Meanwhile, the Devils haven’t scored a regulation goal in seven periods. Good news or bad news?

More answers in a bit…

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  1. ahh more of the same for the 2nd half.. i’m not excited at all, it’s just going to be more disappointment..

  2. howyagonnatellme on

    THANK GOD!!!

    I almost, for a split second, thought Renney would hold another player accountable. And after the travesty which was Tuesday night, there is a lot of accountability to go around. Apparently, Renney feels its a good way to keep players in check by scratching the only guy (minus Callahan) who looks like he has a pulse.

    I hope the Rangers get blown out. There ya go, I said it. I hope they get blown out over and over again, until the coach gets replaced.

    I am relieved to see Prucha still in the doghouse. My whole world almost flipped upside down. Imagine if he got more power play time than Colton Orr, hmmm? Imagine if he actually played more than three games in a row? Imagine if he got more than ten minutes of ice time?! I’d be paralyzed in confusion.

  3. Wow.. what a surprise… Renney is an ass. I repeat my post from yesterday in which I wondered why Renney has to get Petr’s hopes up just to screw him over again and again.

    Thanks Tom

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