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However dim you think the future is for the Rangers, it’s safe to say they will not be in the running for the No. 1 overall pick in next June’s draft.

After watching this goal by John Tavares in the World Junior Championship, you wonder if the team should consider trading up.

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Meanwhile, the 7:30 start tonight can be chalked up to this afternoon’s St. John’s game. That means the Garden floor is being transformed as we speak.

That also means the Rangers better not count on a third-period comeback on what is likely going to be choppier than normal ice.

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  1. FANTASTIC! It is at Wiki – SHANAHAN TO NEW JERSEY. I could not be happier Slats lost the Sundin ? Shanahan sweepstakes. Now go out and build a real team from within – Slat Man.

  2. don’t count your chickens. that is not the most reliable source as anyone can post updates there

    i want the isles to win some freakin games so they are not top 2 in draft. except against us of course

  3. Does Garth Snow lean on the Isles coach to win games….or lose games?

    If Shanny signed with Jersey I will laugh my ass off!!
    Sorry pal…you’re too old, too slow and too expensive for us…we dont need the 29 and 23 goals we got from you in 65 or so games a year…we got Prucha for that spot

  4. renney ought to be ashamed of himself for what he has done to prucha. sit him so colton(the deterrant) orr can play 82 games, what a joke.

  5. kaspar – i want no part of shanny. if we bring him back this nonsense wlll continue next yr too. either he’ll be here next yr as well or some people will be harping on wantng him next yr. cut the cord now. this is nowhere near a cup contender either way.

    and someone better hide Sather’s checkbook next season with the cap heading down in next yr or 2.

  6. bull dog – i want renney fired too. but the Orr bit is on Dolan who i despise with every fiber of my being. dolan read the riot act to sather and renney after philly manhandled us a few yrs ago and since then orr has played every game he has been “healthy’ for.

  7. I am very scared the Islanders could land this guy, which is why I root for them to win some games. DiPietro is back so that will help. If any of you watched Heroes (Season 3 kinda sucked and Kristin Bell was as misused in Heroes as Kariya and Selane on the AVS) I paraphrase them for the Islanders situation; Tank the season, save the franchise.

  8. This is the third time this year wikipedia has claimed the Devils have signed Shanny. It hasn’t and won’t happen imo.

  9. Hey that means Sundin told the same thing……

    I’ve been saying fire him since the middle of last year.

  10. graves – well it was written in the reporters stories. the same game shanny had collision with knuble. and proof is in pudding seeing orr never ever sitting since then.

  11. fire the hyena. He cant coach his way out a paper bag. Play dawes on the top line and release gomez.

  12. the rangers should most certainly move up in the draft- Although unlikely we get into the top three, getting into the top seven or eight is doable. With such a great draft last year(in my opinion at least), it would seem like we have a fair amount of depth and I think it would be a good idea to trade all our picks if we could get a legit top line player(wing) in the first and as top talent as we could get in the second and third.

    Friggin’ Cheraponev.. what a shame on so many levels..

  13. graves ok this one too one more to follow


    The LW on this line is going to depend on whether or not Colton Orr needs to be in the lineup. According to Steve Zipay in his “Newsday” blog, James Dolan was agog and aghast that Orr was left out the lineup for the Flyers game on February 17 – the game where Shanahan suffered his horrifying concussion and the same game where Philadelphia returned to its “Broad Street Bullies” mentality.” Zipay noted that Orr has played every game since.

  14. graves last bit of proof – need more do google search like i did


    After that game, Garden chairman James Dolan apparently blew a gasket and lambasted both GM Glen Sather and coach Tom Renney for not dressing Orr, according to two persons familiar with the issue. “He said, ‘What the bleep is going on here?” according to one person who asked not to be identified.

    Since then, Orr has played in all 15 games

  15. this was one comment in the last link i posted. and no that was not me

    Posted by Lowtide10 | March 21, 2007 09:40 Great, now we have that bloated ego-maniac Dolan dictating personnel moves.

  16. Good job Joe. I had not heard anything about it till today. I guess I should check out Zipay’s blog more often. Dolan in that instance was right. Orr should have been in the lineup that day. Fedoruk just rode roughstod over the Rangers in that game.

  17. Dubi or Not Dubi

    You asked in a previous post who my five favorite players to watch are on the team and why.

    First, before I answer, I want to point out that my view of who is fun to watch doesn’t necessarily translate into who I think helps the team win the most games.

    My five and why are:
    1. Lundqvist – His skill level is amazing and he is a staunch competitor
    2. Gomez – His skating ability and speed are very impressive, the end to end rushes he makes are awesome
    3. Drury – Solid play in both ends, hustles, only guy who seems to have taken his mite coach’s advice to shoot whenever you have anything close to a shot
    4. Dubinsky – His game keeps getting better and better, I enjoy watching the progression
    5. Tie – Staal/Zherdev – I like watching Staal for the same reason I like watching Dubinsky. Zherdev has the best dangling skills on the team and is the biggest threat one on one.

    I also find Gomez and Zherdev to be two of the most frustrating players to watch. Gomez’s errant passes and inability to keep his stick on the ice (watch, opposite of what any coach will tell you) when parked right in front of drive me crazy. Guys like Zherdev also drive me up the wall, trying to make that last move after already having beaten two guys.

    The most important guys in my view in terms of the helping the team win are Lundqvist, Redden and Rozsival.

  18. I enjoy following heroes episodes, it started from boring to a good tv series now. After watching first few eps, I was like, its just an xmen . Now its really exciting, I hope new season will be out sooner.

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