“Brain-dead hockey”


Well, give the Rangers credit: this time, no one was trying to dress this game up as anything other than what it was.

“Awful,” Tom Renney said. “Brain-dead hockey.”

It is reaching a point where changes have to be considered, and when I asked players about the specter of this group being pulled apart, no one dismissed the concern.

“That is always the case, no matter what team you play on,” Paul Mara said. “If you don’t win, there are changes. We don’t want that. This is the best group of guys I have ever played with. And you ask 22 guys in this locker room and they’ll all say the same thing. We all want to be here, but we have to start winning.”

When I asked Renney as well about the prospect of personnel changes, the coach originally said he wasn’t sure how to answer. But he did use it as an opportunity to rip into his team.

“I can tell you I’m not happy with how our team played. I’m not happy with performance from some very key members of our hockey club, who need to be better,” Renney said. “They need to step up and start taking charge of this hockey club and start playing the way they can. If we do that, we won’t have to worry about making personnel changes. We’ll strengthen ourselves internally by how we choose to play. Nobody has to worry about their jobs at all. Show up. Play hard. Compete. Battle. Want it bad enough. Have some urgency in your game.”

Who was Renney referring to? I later pulled the coach aside to ask him to specify, but he only said I could probably guess on my own.

So take your pick. Chris Drury went minus-3. The line of Markus Naslund, Nikolai Zherdev, and Scott Gomez was invisible. Wade Redden was dreadful. The list goes on….

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  1. What’s there to like about this team beyond Staal. Personnel is the problem.

    Every other team has draft picks taking over or free agents making big impacts, we have neither.

    It’s Glen, not Tom.

    That being said, Tom isn’t getting it done either.

    Bring up the Pack and let them go to battle.

  2. i was there tonight…absolutely awful…renney needs to go, no one cares what he says anymore

    the fans were especially vicious tonight..i got hit in the head with a plastic budweiser bottle (originally aimed at a devils fan in my section) and i witnessed 2 fights in the 200’s below me

  3. SAM — When will you ask a very simple question of the coach?

    “Tom, why do players who have excelled elsewhere play like dogshit under you?”


    “Tom, can you coach better?”


    “Tom, do you stress the importance of taking the body in practice?”


    “Tom, why has Wayne Redden not missed a shift this season?”

    The list could go on and on, but the bottom line remains that the Rangers beat reporters — perhaps excepting Brooks — are completely in the tank, simply because the coach can put a sentence together, and because he calls the reporters by their name when he takes their questions. It is pathetic!

  4. none of the centers have been playing well so add Dubinsky to your list. betts is what’s expected.

    renney is a bad coach his assts are incompetent
    sather has killed our cap
    dolan is worst owner in sports

  5. “We’ll strengthen ourselves internally by how we choose to play. Nobody has to worry about their jobs at all.” — Tom Renney

    This is gibberish! How does this pass his lips without someone in the room laughing out loud or puking on the rug?

  6. Why Is Petr Prucha Getting The Shaft!?

    Seriously though, one has to wonder why Tom Renney doesn’t play Prucha. In the post game press conference I believe it was Sam Weinman that asked him the question about personal changes, and you know what Renney’s reaction was? First there was like about 5-10 seconds of silence, then he say’s “do I think we need personal changes?” “then he said “No.”

    One has to wonder why a guy like Prucha doesn’t get a good 10 games to prove himself. This is a guy who wants to be a Ranger and play no where else. How could Renney bury Prucha the way he has?

    Something is not right here. I wonder why Prucha is in Renney’s doghouse.

    Does anyone remember when Marek Malik got put in Renney’s doghouse, not because of his TERRIBLE play, no, why would he get put in the doghouse for that? As long as your a good human being like Renney say’s. But he got put in the doghouse for….. Are you ready for this!?



    So my question is, did Prucha not shake Renney’s hand after a game one time?

    Did he piss in Renney’s cornflakes?

    Or does Prucha not have a big enough vocabulary for Renney?

    It’s gotta be something stupid like that. Because it sure ain’t for lack of heart or effort.

    Memo to Renney: Stop playing Voros, and bench him for a game. Play Prucha for 10 games.

    Also, stop rolling 4 lines when your down two goals. I nearly popped a vessel when I saw Blair Betts, and Colton Orr out there tonight when your team was down 2 goals. Go with your best offensive players when losing like that.

    Any thoughts and opinions on this post is welcome!!!

  7. omg seriously guys.. u’ve been begging for renney to take account for the play.. he has… and yet u still crtisize him… no one is happy with the way these guys are playing right now… o and btw its wade redden not wayne redden, if im missing something then my bad but otherwise go cheer for a team from which you can remember some names…

  8. 94, if best offensive players arent playing well, why not play energy line? renney has always been a 4 line coach…

  9. And Sam….. good on you for asking the personnel question.

    He was obviously ducking your question, with his 5 seconds of silence after you asked the question.

    Sam, ask him why Prucha doesn’t get a look for 10 games. I bet he’d look at you with this puzzled look on his face, if you did.

  10. Why change personnel when the guy in charge has no idea what to do with the players!?

    He knows nothing about coaching. He can’t manage players, especially the younger ones who are developing. He can’t manage shift changes, line combinations, and defensive strategies. Why did Ovechkin have 13 shots in that game? Inexcusable! Any coach worth his salt knows you give an assignment to one of your players to key in on a guy to stop him. This team plays as if it’s a pick-up league. This has to stop. New York deserves a better team that the garbage that is being put out there.

    Their record and place in the standings is an abberation. They will fall in the standings in the very near future when other teams catch up in games played.

    There, I vented. I feel better now.

  11. somebody wake me when this thirs-rate used-car salesman takes responsibility for the slop he shoves onto the ice night after night. i have never seen a team with less of a clue when they do not possess the puck. it is EMBARRASING.

    This is not about personnel. this is about players having no incentive to perform the most basic of duties on the ice, duties you are taught when you are SIX years old.

    Why? because they have no respect for this wimp.

  12. This is exactly what you get when you get a guaranteed start game after game regardless of how you play…

  13. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Renney NEVER held himself accountable tonight??!?!? WTF INTERVIEW WERE YOU WATCHING!?!?!?!? He was saying HIS players need to step up.

  14. “omg seriously guys.. u’ve been begging for renney to take account for the play.. he has… and yet u still crtisize him”

    Clueless. Because as long as Redden takes a regular shift, or Voros dresses, or Kalinin shies from contact, Renny is not “taking account.”

    I hope are you joking? you think this a-hole acknowledging the shit play he is getting from this team that an infant can see is shit is taking responsibility???

  15. Dan December 27th, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    This is exactly what you get when you get a guaranteed start game after game regardless of how you play…


    great point.
    till he is not going to sit some of the “older” guys nothing going to change.

  16. Hey, Lev, thanks for the response.

    Yeah, they may bring energy. But they sure as hell wont score.

    Blair Betts and Colton Orr wont be getting it done for you.

    Maybe if Dan Fristche, who has more skill than Blair Betts, if he was the 4th line center for a few games, then yeah, maybe the 4th line could score if they had, you know, ACTUAL skilled guy’s on the 4th line.

    As much as i love Colton Orr, and he plays hard every game, there’s no reason why he needs to play every game. Same for Blair Betts, I love what Betts brings to the game, but basically all the guy does is block shots.

    How about sitting Aaron Voros?

  17. Lundqvist didn’t help. He was as putrid as the rest of them. I don’t care about the good saves he made, the fact of the matter is, he didn’t make the save to keep it 1-0, 2-1, 3-2.

    The sooner he gets out of this slump, the better.

    I’m jealous of Islanders fans also.

  18. wd40

    You are dead on. The type of mistakes this team makes is at a bantam league level …. and when that is true, the personnel issue is completely irrelevant.

    That doesn’t mean Sather is absolved; he is and has been brutal, a charlatan. But Renney is apparently incapable of getting his team to execute at the most fundamental level, and then has the gall to point the finger everywhere but at himself.

  19. Thanks for piicking up the posting for me bob. I am sure there will be only one change to the lineup(Rozsival in Potter out) Renney played Redden 25 minutes and Gomez and Dreary got their regular minutes. Funny how Sam doesn’t have a quote from Dreary. Guess no more 24 or 25 teams would kill to be in our place again.

  20. graves9, yeah Lundqvist didn’t make big saves tonight, but you know what? Maybe Lundqvist is tired from being hung out to dry. The Rangers are gonna waste his career probably.

    I know Lundqvist is capable of winning here. But they will waste his career if they don’t surround him with the right players or defense.

  21. If I were Sather, I would:
    !.Try to trade Gomez to Vancouver for the Sedin Twins
    2. Trade Rozi Zherdev and Dubinsky to Dallas for Avery & Joel Lundqvist.
    3.Fire Renney
    4. Retire and let Schoney take over as GM
    5. Let Schoney hire Tortarella
    6. Take credit for brilliant moves on his way out the door.

  22. And to expedite the Drury exit, I would trade for AVERY, and strip the C from Drury and put it on AVERY!!! Drury would be an LA King the next day.

  23. onecupin67years on

    This crap has gone on for decades except for ’94, this organization reeks of mediocrity and failure, From crappy owner (mitchell felt to the Dolans) to crappy owner ,who put their money and trust into bums like sather who hasn’t won squat since Edmonton.
    They overpay which pisses off the other owners by driving up the salaries .
    They’re poor in drafting and scouting , they overpay free agent who are old and don’t play well together and have coach with no teeth , how about sending a message in a benching to Drury , gomez etc instead Prucha?
    The mishandling of prucha alone is rediculous , prucha should sit back a relax in the box while he’s getting paid to watch, where’s the logic in that?
    Its slowly sliding away.
    The players have a closed door meeting , big deal.
    crack the whip!

    I’m glad renney doesn’t coach the Giants– keep him away from Giant stadium…he’s another Fassel, a loser

  24. 94

    Well its up to him to call his teammates out, which he doesn’t have the balls to do. They call it Renney-Syndrome. He’s ruining their careers.

    He needs to be better. Its a new excuse every year Hank goes on a slump.

  25. Onecup,
    eerily similar to ’94 when the Rangers went out and signed a coach that had Stanley Cup potential, but also had a lot of baggage. . . . . .

  26. one cup time for a name change come this spring it will be 70 years or 69 if you skip the lockout. thankfully most of us were not alive all those yrs

  27. in case anyone didn’t know bob decided to post as me for a couple of posts. The poor guy has no life.

  28. I know Lundqvist is capable of winning here. But they will waste his career if they don’t surround him with the right players or defense.


    right players….
    look who play D on devils. Mike Mottau; Jay Leach.
    It’s not the personal, it’s what you get out of your players.

  29. Bob posing as graves9
    December 28th, 2008 at 12:14 am

    Well its up to him to call his teammates out, which he doesn’t have the balls to do. They call it Renney-Syndrome. He’s ruining their careers.

    He needs to be better. Its a new excuse every year Hank goes on a slump.

    Hey bob get a fucking life. Hank has been okay. It is on the defense and forwards more than him.

  30. I wouldnt worry about Henke. He has these slumps every year. He is more responsible for the team’s record than anyone else, so don’t consider this a bust by any means.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Well Ford, I know why Sam has never asked Renney ““Tom, why has Wayne Redden not missed a shift this season?””. His name is Wade. I like how you think you can direct this team better than Renney and don’t even know the players’ names. Well done.

    That said, I don’t think Renney is getting the job done either.

  32. Redden Sucks!!! I was at the game and his skating was lazy and he was reaching for the puck. He doesn’t hit. His effort is a liability. Something better be done or this team won’t even make the playoffs. Our record has been padded by shootout wins and now other teams are playing the type of hockey that we should be playing. Someone needs to step up and take some responsibility on this team!!!

  33. Pussy hockey. Hit somebody PLEASE? The only way to stop a tenacious forcheck the likes of which the Devils employed tonight is to make them pay in your own zone. The rangers NAH!!! Where the hell is Renney’s system? People have complained about his system being too defensive minded. It doesn’t seem to have any mind at all right now. Poor Poor decisions being made all over the ice (talk about brain farts) and nobody seems to be immune. Almost no good posisitional play at all. At least Renney’s “defensive minded” teams of the past played positionally sound hockey. What the hell is Renney doing right now. No cohesion at all. And of course our “elite” players are being outplayed by our 3rd and fourth liners. BIG TIME! AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON GOMEZ. Naslund to a lesser degree. And Drury and Dubinsky to a lesser yet still mentionable degree. Dawes is starting to show some of the form we know he is capable of displaying. He definitely has it. I’m pissed, good night.

  34. Last year they had three guys who were leaders in their own way Jagr, Shanahan, and Avery. Jagr is gone, Shanahan grew old, but Avery is still out there if they haven’t lobotomized him yet.

  35. no to avery. that would be 3 more yrs of his bs. this nyr is what it is (not much) but lets just take our medicine and look to get better down the road

  36. Dr House

    Are you single. Are you hot, or a butter face ? Im single, and a virgin. Lol, just thought id ask. I don’t have very many friends, so i sure could use some.

  37. onecupin67years on

    A name change is in the works… I don’t buy into the slump theory ..and I don’t blame Hank.
    The devils started out crappy ,lost Broduer and are right behind the ny.
    I truly believe if the rangers lost Hank for an extended period of time , the team would tank.
    I do think this has too many free agents and always seeks the big free agent available every year, they don’t always sign them Sakic, forsburg ,sundin but they always go after them, then its 50/50 if they’ll produce,Messier did , jagr, had a run and was played out, so was shanahan, drury, gomez and the others ,once signed just don’t produce they become fat cats like Leetch and richter , they won in 94 and laid back all comfy on broadway,not looking to go elsewhere for a cup, so too many free agent who so far don’t fit , maybe they think they can turn it on in April come playoff time.

    But I believe that a winning team is built from trades and drafting with a few free agents , and ny can’t get it right. Redden, Kalinin? c’mon who wanted these guys? why?

  38. onecupin67years on

    All year long I watch the rangers chase the puck in the O zone , there were times when there wasn’t anyone but the goalie and D in front of the net , then renney has a ” go to the net theory’ thats hockey 101 for 5 year olds, if you have to tell these schmucks to go the net,I don’t know.
    Even tonite they had 2 on the boards one behind the net in the O zone. and another short handed goal.. thats like a turnover which leads to points in football an error to runs in baseball,
    ITS unacceptable but tolerated on the rangers, its a LOSING mindset

  39. bob posing as me graves9
    December 28th, 2008 at 12:43 am
    Dr House

    Are you single. Are you hot, or a butter face ? Im single, and a virgin. Lol, just thought id ask. I don’t have very many friends, so i sure could use some.

    Hilarous bob get a life you gay ass loser.

  40. one cup, honestly if you think that’s actually me, then why don’t you jump off a bridge. You gay wannabe Ranger fan.

  41. Ah, the violence we resort to after a Rangers win. Calling names, pretending to be other people. I feel like I’m back in the 3rd grade. Next thing you know we will be sending notes back and forth to each other “Do you like me, Circle One. Yes, No, or Maybe. We all know that this team is not good enough to make it anywhere right now. We need something, a change of lines…a benching…something. Cus this is not cutting it.

  42. fakegraves9
    December 28th, 2008 at 1:11 am
    one cup, honestly if you think that’s actually me, then why don’t you jump off a bridge. You gay wannabe Ranger fan.

    Hey bob grow the frick up already. Hayuck hyuck you can post as me man are you pathetic. Stop it already.

  43. Im sorry everyone, im not trying to be a prick, and annoy everyone with this childish crap, but i don’t care if you think im a child, im still gonna do this if someone is doing it to me. If you don’t like it then skip my posts, and don’t cry about it

  44. Only one player played tonight. KORPIKOSKI. The korpedo. This kid deserves to get some big minutes.

  45. Korpikoski played well, so did Dawes.. He has been on his best behavior since the dreadful trunover against the Caps..

    Again beside to please the block heads who love fighting what exactly does Orr bring to the game? Put Prucha in for him and mix and match the lines depending on who has energy,

    sit Kalinan he totally sucks is weak on the puck and overall is a total liability and play Potter. Potter will play smart and low risk.

    Start there and if those do not work, MAKE a damn trade.

    Losers Gomez is not going to be traded so move on.. Roszival could be traded his salary is not that crazy based on performance.. Redden is unmovable totally unmoveable and he has 5 more years of his pussy hockey. Mara is movable and others including dawes, prucha, and others can be moved, but Sather is on a friggin vacation…

  46. “Hey bob grow the frick up already. Hayuck hyuck you can post as me man are you pathetic. Stop it already.”

    which bob? There are many people posting as bob

  47. Sit SJustrom also he has 4 points in 35 _ games, is that suppose to be productive?

    Like Kalinan and his 1 goal.

    If there PP had only given up 5 shorties(a reasonable amount) season to date instead of 12 and if they had scored 5 more PP then things would be different, there PP is beyond dreadful and Brad Park Redden is not helping and his minutes need to be reduced. It is time to increase Staals role on the team…

  48. The ONLY two players noticeable (in a good way) in the game were Staal and Korpikowski.

    Lundqvist is great, but way the F overrated.

    Drury/Gomez/Redden are an absolute joke.

    Zherdev 100% lives up to his “here one game, f’n useless the next 6” reputation.

    WTF happened to Dubinsky? I f’n regret buying his jersey. He’s been garbage the last month, same for Voros.

    Goddammit this team is going no where. Make a trade and fire Renney and I’ll be happy… f’n christakdjfl;asdalkfjfkadfasdfk

  49. Fakegraves9
    December 28th, 2008 at 1:57 am
    Im sorry everyone, im not trying to be a prick, and annoy everyone with this childish crap, but i don’t care if you think im a child, im still gonna do this if someone is doing it to me. If you don’t like it then skip my posts, and don’t cry about it

    For the last time bob this is a hockey blog not an I’m a five year old baby. Your obession with me is scary.

  50. Disagree Pavel. He is the reason this team is anywhere near first place let alone in first place.

  51. “WTF happened to Dubinsky? I f’n regret buying his jersey. He’s been garbage the last month, same for Voros.”

    victims of Renney’s brilliant system.

  52. does anyone realize when Renny broke up the Zerdev-Dubi-Voros line this team suddenly became a sub .500 team???

    why so Renny can prove a point to Dubi that game he took two bad penalties after playing like an allstar the first 15 games and relegate him to 3rd line duty?

  53. 1. No changes, or just minor changes equal this team finishes fourth in the division.

    2. Acquire Avery now. Make him the captain. Sent Drury packing and put Gomez
    on the fourth line until he does something besides skate like he is in the Ice Capades.

    3. The coach stating, in effect, that “This team doesn’t need to make personnel changes, it just needs to play better,” insanely flies in the face of the overwhelming
    fact that three defensivemen are playing mid-level AHL caliber hockey and need to go, NOW!

  54. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I have this conspiracy theory that Dubi and Staal are being pushed down so they don’t produce so that they sign for less money. How else could you explain Dubi playing with two guys who should be black aces for the past few weeks? He and Zherdev showed great chemistry dating back to their first shift together in the preseason. As for Staal, most people on this blog have wanted him to get PP time for like, a year, and he finally got it last night when Rozi was out (Which will change when he comes back). Why Staal isn’t leading the defensemen in ice time on this team is a complete mystery.

    As for our beloved Gomez and Drury. Ugh. I forgot Gomez was playing until I saw him skate off the ice at the end of the game. You cannot be a top line center and be invisible! He gets a ridiculously long leash for guys to click with him, but nobody ever does, but offensive wingers seem to like playing with Dubi and Renney refuses to just live with that. Drury… Drury, douche, “One of the best two way players in the game” HA HA seriously, when is the real Chris Drury going to show up? Love how the captain states that he is happy with a point after blowing a 4-0 lead and then plays like absolute garbage the following game. HE was the worst player on the ice last night, nice job stepping up.

  55. Dubi or not Dubi on

    This is TSN’s blurb about the Rangers in their power rankings. Rangers are currently 12th and falling (They started out in single digits).

    “Playing a league-high 38 games, the Rangers are a deceiving division leader since both Philadelphia and New Jersey have better point percentages and any Atlantic team except the Islanders has a better goal differential than the Rangers’ minus-1.”

  56. Cup94 u wrote
    “right players….
    look who play D on devils. Mike Mottau;Jay Leach.
    It’s not the personal, it’s what you get out of your players.”
    You hit the nail on the head. Our guys have stopped playing for Renney. Why should they when they do not respect him. He treats certain players one way (Prucha etc) and others (Redden, the “Captain”, Gomez, etc) another way. Even if the “losers” like the no accountability from Renney, I am sure inside they don’t respect it or him and that is a cancer that must be cut out. FIRE RENNEY

  57. you guysa are making too much out of renney’s system and the reason why key players are doing bad. It is not Renney’s system that is causing Drury, Gomez, Dubinsky, etc. to be INVISIBLE! – OR TO PLAY WITHOUT ANY PASSION!

    I gotta tell you, just when I think that I can’t get any more pissed at the two idiots (Gomez and Drury) another game passes and I do. Gomez and the return of his old stick, helmet, jockstrap, was nowhere to be found last night! Why is this guy not getting anymore shit from you guys I have no idea. If there is anyone on this team that plays ho-hum hockey it is him. No passion, no fire a glass statue on the ice that is the biggest pussy on the team – and he is our assistant captain.

    That brings me to idiot #2 our “captain” Drury. What an awful game last night. Dreadful. Coughing up the puck multiple times leading to goals. Why is it when you need this guy, as a captain he is never there. Seriously, is this guy captain material?

    These two guys are the biggest charlatans in the league – and we got em both on our team!

  58. Gomez and Drury are decent replacements for Matt Cullen. But they can’t come close to replacing Jagr. Zherdev should be on a second line behind Jagr – he can’t handle 1st line pressure, although playing with Gomez isn’t helping him any. That would have been fun to watch. Renney’s coaching has become a joke. What did he do in the game to adjust to anything?

  59. This is like a little Dejavu from 3 years ago when we were on top of the Conference and as the season draws closer to the end we start to lose games and to top it all we get swept by the Jersey Bums. Thanks to ABC, at least I enjoyed watching the movie MIRACLE rather then being at the garden last night.

  60. Was Rozi out for “family reasons” or was Sather buying him plane tickets to Dallas? Could he be asking his family how they would like Texas? Hmmmmmmm…………….

    I wonder where a certain Stanley Cup winning former head coach, (who is very friendly with Jim Schoenfeld)happens to be today. . . . Manhattan perhaps?!

  61. Fire Renney now.

    Laviolette, Tortorella, Nolan could all get much more out of this team than Professor Tom.

    Gomez and Drury need to go to Sather and demand it. That’s what Mess did in ’92-’93 with Neilson when he knew that he’d never lead them to the top. Same is true of Renney.

    This team could be better with the right coach

  62. Making too much of Renney’s system!? Yeah, the guy always goes into a defensive 1-4 all the time. Yet it’s “not the system”.

    Also he had Blair Betts and Colton Orr out there last night many times to try and “dictate” the play even though the Devils were, and the Rangers were down two goals.

    Renney’s in-game decisions suck!!!

    Also, I know people want Sather gone, as do I, but, Sather practically has a job for life. He’s not going anywhere. Dolan doesn’t care about Hockey. So Sather is allowed to do what he wants.

    I’d be shocked if this guy ever gets fired.

    I wonder if they get shutout, or lose to the Islanders tomorrow, if there will finally be any changes. This is if the Islanders dictate the play to us.

  63. Guys-just looking for an opinion, maybe Sam can help. What are the chances that Renney actually gets fired in-season?

    Last night, in the 1st period, that was all anybody should need to see to usher him out the door. A too-many men penalty, followed quickly by a record setting pace 11th shortie in less than 1/2 a season.

    Is there a real chance this will happen? Or are we just blowing hot air?

    As bad as the team looks, they can’t really be this bad. They’re just not playing with any passion. Redden, Roszival, Gomez, Drury, and Kalinen can’t really be this bad. They may be mediocre, and are certainly not worth the $, but these guys are above-average NHL-ers….at least, they all were in the last 1-2 years. Granted nobody else was willing to give Redden all that money, but I don’t think anybody really thought the guy didn’t belong on NHL ice.

  64. Not to say Renney has done a poor job. I just think his “shelf life” is over. He has no more juice. This team has tuned him out. And you watch, these guys thrived for a while with Renney’s style of coaching, and being treated kindly, etc. But this harmonious bunch really SUCKS right now. They need a kick in the pants that Renney has no ability to give them. How could Renney be a tough guy now? He has lost the team. He will go on to another job. He has the resume. But he is no Scotty Bowman. Torts will turn this team around. And with his style, you may see some guys lift their no trade clauses. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  65. Anyone thinking Tortarella could pull a Keenan and actually whip this pussy-ass team into some shape? Maybe torts will yell at Redden and tell him to pull the stick out of his ass that he’s been playing with since prague

  66. Torts!!

    ….Stanley cup winner…Plus we’d get to see Larry Brooks interactions almost daily!!

    …Oh wait, thats right we cant have him upsetting the great team chemistry

    Seminal moments in Rangers vs Devils momentum swings was when Aves knocked Marty on his ass in ’07..we owned them after that…who on this P.C. team would dare do that now??

  67. sore and true, i can tell you that for some reason or another, renny has lost the respect of this team. i hate putting blame on the coach for players not trying hard enough to win because he has shown that he can coach. the only problem i have with renny is the whole prucha situation and playing the 4th line when down by 2 late in the 3rd. granted they played better than any other line last night, they wont score goals and its stupid to even have them with even 7-8 minutes left let alone 2. honestly i feel something is brewing and even though our record is still ok, the level at which theyve been playing if not changed soon could mean either some trades are made or renny goes. id rather renny figure out the problems and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF TALK.

  68. as far as certain key members of this team being more productive and playing with some emotion, how is it so hard playing in ny in front of the best passionate fans in the world? u think gomez and drury and nikky and redden and every other underachevier on the team would love to play well here and show ny how good they can be. its not like these are 16 yr old kids that need to be told every second to play harder. maybe the ny nightlife is a distraction for these guys, idk why so many great players come here and fade away.

  69. screw team chemistry at this point. Bring in Aves he has passion and everything. The wimps in the lockerroom couldnt handle Aves.

  70. Avery is in the NHL Substance Abuse Program. Avery suffers from a drug problem…(ruptured spleen?) That was no ruptured spleen folks. Avery needs help with his drug problems before he can play hockey again. Look the NHL could never risk ruining its image and have it come out that the reasons for Avery’s antics is drugs. So they used a bullshit excuse like”sloppy seconds comments” to banish him from the league.

  71. I hope all of you who wanted Jagr gone last year are happy. At least you knew when he was on the ice and doesn’t hibernate the way Captain Dreary and Germez do all season long. Jagr on his worst day wasn’t half as bad as these two jokesters

  72. JOE maybe you have some proof or facts to back that statement up? Otherwise it’s called slander.

  73. I don’t care who likes him and who doesn’t. I don’t even agree with everything the guy does, but he does give this team and edge and make them tougher to play against. It is as simple as that. I could care less if Drury likes him, or John Gianone, or anyone for that matter. It doesn’t really matter though because Avery will never be a Ranger again because Sather does not have the balls to admit that we need him back. And in my imagination we need someone like him on our team. Voros does not make the cut. We have no edge at all. Except for Callahan and Staal sometimes. This team has flatlined, call the medic. You don’t need to be the size of Chara to throw and finish checks. I would rather they take penalties for being overly aggressive than for the pussy shit they get called for. Hooking, too many men. Hockey can very much be a cerebral game in terms of getting in to the other teams head. Christ, look at us playing with our pud on the power play. We are so scared on the power play because we know that we are going to cough it up and give up a shortie. When you can make other players have to look up because they are scared to take a shot to the head or to get run over, it completely interrupts the flow of their game. We DO NOT EVER do that to another team.
    Grow some balls or bring in or up some players that have them already. I am sick of the fuc*ing team.

    1. #1 Penalty Kill in the league? Ummm, can you come back out from wherever you are hiding?

    2. Power play, ummmmm. Ummmmmmm. Need I say more.

    3. Physical Play, ummmmmmm. I see more physical play on the dance floor in a gay bar.

    4. Getting and playing with a lead and to win the frigin game? ummmmmm, why would we want to do that though right?

    I am being sarcastic because I am so annoyed this morning. They are disgusting out there. Awful. All of our division rivals lost last night, except for us. If we want to stay #1 in the division we have to win these games. The Devils are now 4 points behind us. If we lose to the Isles tomorrow night, we are in bad bad shape. Yeah, we are in bad shape now, but to lose tomorrow night, you can expect some changes to be made before the weekend.

    I hope you are all well my Ranger friends. I hope you have sprouted any gray hairs or lost any for that matter. I still have hope, but a lot must happen.

  74. i was definitely in favor of letting jagr go and when sather refused to offer him more than $5mil he did the right thing for once, unfortunately he immediately undid any positives of not resigning jagr by signing redden and roszival to such horrendous deals. this team is going nowhere as long as we have all these horrible contracts, so basically we should be a real competitor again in 5 year. only way that changes if sather admits he screwed up and releases theses players or even better sather is fired and the new gm does it.

    With every move sather makes it makes me wonder if he really was responsible for the oilers success in the 80s if it really was him, how does he explain the last 18 years of his career

  75. put prucha in the damn lineup!!!!! get that weeping willow messier as our capn and put renny in the srctic circle and have him coach the eskimo hockey team

  76. Good job nasty boy! I have been ranting about the lack of physical play for a long time. You know when an opposing team comes to play the Rangers probably the first word they think of is “pussies” – that’s what they are. I have never seen a team so afraid to take the body than these guys. Think about it – who takes the body on a regular basis on this team? Callahan and sometimes Staal. That’s it.

    Some of you guys keep bringing up other coaches names (torts, etc.) Do you have anything to back this up or are we just dreaming?

  77. The team will never go farther than one, maybe two rounds of post-season with Tom Renney behind the bench. It simply won’t happen, and we should stop wishing otherwise because it’s a waste of our time.

    He – plain and simply – has to go.

  78. that was funny Mike in IA (Weeping willow Messier), but as much as i like Prucha, do you really think he’s gonna make a difference for this shit team?

  79. 3. Physical Play, ummmmmmm. I see more physical play on the dance floor in a gay bar

    that was f’in hilarious!!!
    pete- i think gretzky, mess, gravy, kurri, etc… had more to do with winning those cups. sather has gotten old n senile. he probably thought he was signing redden for $6.50 an hour not 6.5 million for his grea pp qb services nd cool, calm, collected, LIFELESS F’IN DEMEANOR

  80. F Avery. I think the guy is a complete a-hole. I don’t give a shit what he’s got, let that side-show join a circus or something!

  81. problem is this fuckin team has too many forawrds who blow on offense and too many AHL’ers who cant step their games up…….including Drury, Gomez, and Redden

  82. Avery would be a mistake. same for Shanahan and Jagr. Just replace the coaching staff and then re-evaluate the players.

  83. I said it in the off season would be the softest team in the NHL and for the first 25-30 games they were winning so, it didn’t matter.

    But the true colors are being exposed.

    Letting Avery go was the biggest mistake.

    Bring up Soryal…even if he is not ready…we need some muscle on this team.

    Orr must be hurt or he is turning into Sandy McCarthy.

    Sather should be hung.

    Can we trade him to the Oilers?

    I love Staal, Dubi, Cally, Nikki, Hank, Orr, Giradi and even Dawes.

    Naslund, Mara, Betts,Voros and Freddie can stay.

    Drury, Gomez, Redden, Kalinin, Rozy make 30 million combined and all suck and dragging this team into the lower half of the league.

    Did i mention Sather sucks!

  84. lobster-it couldnt hurt this shit team. but no, more drastic changes needed to be done before we are even close to contenders, especially the development of doobs, korpedo, staal, potter, dawes, anisimov, grachev, and nikky z. oh and sangs n del z. thats our future and cally seems to have his game figured ot and knows his role on the team. guys like dru, gomer, nazzy, rozy, redden, voros, sjostrom etc… are sorry to say, not gonna do anything for this team now or the near future. if theres anyone of those guys id most likely see making an impsact and giving this team a chance its gomez. but man he has been brutal and he needs to do something fast

  85. The 4th liners like Betts, Korpikoski, Sjostrom, and Fritche are too soft. I would like a more rugged 4th or 3rd line that can intimidate.

    But the biggest jokes on this team are Gomez, Drury, and Redden. They are so overrated and overpaid it is insane how our management could be so incompetent.

  86. hahaha .. omg this guy is great .. i think we know who the brain-dead guy is — umm TREBEK !! i know the answer … WHO IS TOM RENNEY ! .. YOU ARE RIGHT !! ding ding ding … daily double ..

  87. Gomez dealt by January 7.

    Boumeester a Ranger before trade deadline.

    I don’t have burt the dog like eklund but the writing is on the wall.

    Christmas in January works for me too :)

  88. letting Jagr go was the dumbest thing ever. This is what all of you get when you wanted Jags to leave. A team of nothings. The Rangers are nothing without Jaromir.

  89. Why does Drury wear the C. He lets two skaters by him for two goals and doesn’t even look upset. The misery will continue since Sather ruined the cap for years to come. If your best center is Betts there are some major problems.

    Sather and Renney need to go sooner than later. I’m starting to enjoy watching whatever else in on center ice than watching the Rangers.

  90. The thing about letting Jagr go was the fact that we didn’t want to or was unable to pay the money he wanted. Ok, fine. But why the eff did they give that insane contract to Redden? Sather should be checked out by doctors on that deal.

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