Prucha may get another look against Devils


A few notes after the Rangers’ first practice back from the two-day Christmas break:

<li>The on-again, off-again Petr Prucha saga took another twist today with Prucha working in on a line with Brandon Dubinsky and Lauri Korpikoski. Should this happen, Fred Sjostrom would go back to the fourth line and Aaron Voros would be a healthy scratch for the first time.

Tom Renney said he was only giving the combinations a look and wouldn’t commit to it for tomorrow, but this season it seems “a look” one day at practice has usually meant a reality the next night in a game. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that Larry Brooks “lobbied for pretty much this very move by Tom Renney in his story in today’s paper”: I asked Brooks if in tomorrow’s paper he could do something about the Garden food.

<li>I asked Chris Drury to clarify “some of his comments after Tuesday’s meltdown against the Capitals”:, especially since many people — myself included — were taken aback by them. Drury’s point was not that he was at all happy with the outcome, but that it was important to note the bigger picture.

“I’m not really concerned with credit or what other people say around the league, but I thought it was important to give some perspective,” Drury said.

“On July 2, if you told people — fans and media — that we’d have the record we have and the points we have, they probably would have taken it. So coming off the ice, hearing the boos after what had happened, it was my way of venting and maybe reminding people we have done some good things and we are a good team. I wasn’t happy about it. No one was. But as bad as third period was and the end result was, I thought it was important for us to not let it ruin our Christmas and to allow ourselves to feel good about what we’ve done.”

What I detect from Drury is a need to bolster his team’s confidence, even if he struck an awkward note in doing so. It’s not that he’s at all satisfied with how this team is playing right now, because few people are. But it is a way of reminding people both inside and outside the Rangers’ dressing room that if they were a team good enough to get off to the best start in franchise history, they should be good enough to pull themselves out of the current rut.

It might be wishful thinking, but that’s part of a captain’s job. More on that in a bit…

<li>The team reconvened with a meeting before practice today.

“It was just, ‘We gotta get going here,’ Ryan Callahan said of the meeting’s theme. “It’s the second half almost and we can’t keep going on being this inconsistent. We have to come to work and get ready.”

The team spent about a good 20 minutes practicing the power play, in which Dan Girardi scored two goals from the point. That said, you should also know the Rangers pass up almost as many shots on the power play in practice as they do in games.

<li>The Christmas roster freeze lifts at noon tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean the team couldn’t call up someone — Corey Potter, anyone? — in time for tomorrow’s morning skate. The only thing the Rangers couldn’t do before then is send someone down. Whether any of that happens is another story…

More later..

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  1. Orr – start your payment of your lost bet today. 2 weeks. so can start posting again friday jan 7th.

    can’t wait for renney to go (and his coaches and sather and dolan too). hopefully then people will realize these guys are the problem not players like Drury (or jagr last yr – to name 2). Drury is disgusted witht he coaching staff as anyone is re renney (or i am re dolan). he wants to practice the pp – renney won’t. he states we are playing a well coached team next in the dev s obviously strongly implying his own team is not well coached. so ot is renney and his assts (and dolan/sather) who is the problem. although redden, rozy, and kalinin are major problems too.

  2. onecupin67years on

    Prucha is wasting away on this team, they should have traded him for anything , but his value has dropped.

  3. onecupin67years on

    The real problem is the rangers lack of player development, scouting and buying players that don’t fit well together. Just because you sign ufa doesn’t mean that they will work well together, and who you sign and don’t sign is the key and Sather isn’t savy .

  4. So glad we didnt waste our money on Sundin, we need defensive upgrades desperately. Unfortunately, Eklund reports the Rangers and Habs are in on every deal, so Kovy and Jay Bo dont look any closer from out here. These past few years we’ve done NOTHING!!!! at the trade deadline except acquire FLOUNDERING PLAYERS! Last year? CHRISTIAN BACKMAN. The year before it was Paul Mara for locker room chemistry and the year before it was friggin Sandis Ozolinsh! It’s pretty obvious the good guys arent wasting their time coming to Rangers brass at deadline time because we arent about WINNING. Montreal is going to win these battles for free agents if we don’t show that we want to win when we walk onto the ice. Some first period threats would be a good start.

  5. season tix holder. I have extra pair of tix for tom game vs devils section 330. i will be asking for face value since last minute. the tix are 105 for the pair. please call me ASAP AT 516-749-3110. I will meet before game in front of the play by play and old cosbys.

  6. Happy Holidays all…

    I was at the game the other night (my only vidit to NY this year)… what a debacle. Although once it was finally over I was happy we got a point… merely becuase I thought they weren’t even going to get to the OT. I won’t boo my team(s) but man that was a tough one to swallow.


    Put Prucha in… change lines combos again… have meetings to discuss how to “get it goin’ again” and “turn it around”… practice the PP. It’s all worthless when this team takes it’s lack of heart onto the ice night in and night out.

  7. Why does Renney have to get mine and Petr’s hopes up. What? Just so he can screw him over tomorrow at the last minute. I was never really a Renney hater until I saw how he treated Prucha.

  8. Great, call Potter up, again, to sit on his butt and further demostrate no balls to bench that numbnuts Kalinen, or even to just give Rozy or Redden a game or two off.

    Jesus, they fly Potter all the way to the west coast to sit until Kalinen jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge or something. Potter being “insurance” for any of the three D stooges is a joke. Play the kid, you moron, Renney. Play someone who doesn’t have a track record of “Being a nice guy” despite the fact that he cannot play hockey, for a change. What, Potter is not a nice guy so he doesn’t deserve a chance to play, even if he has some hockey-playing ability?

  9. PruchaOverated on

    Is Renney a joke or what he literally takes his marching orders from Larry Brooks! This is not the first time in fact it has happened numerous times where Brooks writes an article and Renney soon after makes the changes. What a gutless clueless coach we have.

  10. Sam, is Drury aware of the games in hand/possible point situation of other teams in our conference? Seems he needs to be educated.

  11. onecupin67years on

    The Prucha situation is a “fait accompli” a done deal , the damage is done.
    Short of playing Prucha from now until the trading deadline and prucha putting up big numbers, the rangers are going to have to give him away or get very little in return.

    Prucha is owed what ? 1mill plus , a big number for most teams but not for sather ,another example of fiscal irresponsibility , Right Mr. Dolan?
    The Ranger front office is a joke just like the Knicks is.
    And Maybe Drury is a little sick of poor coaching in an seemingly aimless direction.

  12. And Maybe Drury is a little sick of poor coaching in an seemingly aimless direction.


    Seems to me he’s quite enjoyed being coached under Tom Renney. A Captaincy, zero accountability, chance to play top line mins every night despite no goals his first 10 someodd games…shall I continue???

  13. Why is it that our team always sucks? We dont know what a salary cap means and look at us now? Players (OUR CAPTAIN)are happy blowing a 4 goal lead? What are we going to do next year when we have 40 million directed at 7 players and everybody else can walk? King Henry looks 10 times more like Queen Henry. I think we need to bring back Kevin Weeks. Boy are we terrible.

  14. Drury was expecting the fans to what cheer after that disgraceful performance? He has not only been a medicore player here but a pretty shitty leader too. How can Renney see how Kalinin, Rozsival, and Redden play and continue to let them play game after game. Ahh Prucha is getting his one game a month lucky him.

  15. sounds promising to me, but as usual not to you guys, I like that they are shaking up the rosters, and I am pretty shocked if that is the word to see Voros getting scratched, but I guess it makes sense because Sjostrom is the next likely guy and he is far more disciplined and fast than Voros, good to see Korpikoski getting some time…Sam, I hope your not just pipe dreaming about Potter getting recalled from Hartford. My understanding is they have a string of injuries and can’t spare any D-men

  16. yeah Evan… Hartford simply can’t afford to provide their BIG LEAGUE TEAM with players… jeez… theyre trying to get the Calder Cup for crying out loud.

  17. Mikes… and Kevin Weeks would change exactly what? oh i get it… he just another nice guy… great!! This is f*cking hockey we talking about here… we are not running a dating service here… this is THE BEST SPORT IN THE WORLD! This is THE GREATES CITY IN THE WORLD! We deserve much better…

  18. Lol Evan the Ahl teams supposed to be a pipeline to the Nhl team who cares who is hurt they need to send Potter up.

  19. How many wanna guess by January 5th with the lag of the Rangers schedule that they will be in the middle of the pack by then?

  20. If we lose one of our next two games then I say that Philly passes us. Other than that, I think we are ok come the 5th. That’s not to say after the 5th, if we continue the inconsistency, who the hell knows where we will be.

  21. Voice of Reason on

    Glad Renney is finally waking up regarding Voros. The only difference should be flip flopping Zherdev with Prucha, making the lines look like this:

    Naslund Gomez Prucha
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Korpikowski Dubinsky Zherdev
    Sjostrom Betts Orr

    My reasoning is that while Prucha is small, he is fierce on the forecheck. Gomez and Naslund need some ferocity, and some forechecking on their line.

    With Korpi and Dubinsky, Zherdev would have two scrappy, go to the net type players, freeing him up to carry the pill.

    Once Renney realizes this will be his best forechecking lineup, he’ll realize that this is his defensive lineup as well. After all the other team can’t score when the puck is in their own zone…..

  22. “The team spent about a good 20 minutes practicing the power play, in which Dan Girardi scored two goals from the point.”

    2 goals in 20 minutes. In practice. Awesome.

  23. Nasty 1 – Rodent’s “Real Standings” has the Rangers currently in fifth place in the east.

  24. Frankly I think that the fan backlash caught Drury by surprise and he was just covering his butt.

    As for Renney and the coaching staff, I sure hope that Drury is as disgusted with them as we are. Because they have no concept of generating offense.

  25. Hey. If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like Tom Renney, the Rangers coach, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there at Penn Plaza with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, fore-fleshing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is. Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where’s the Tylenol?

  26. I think the NYRangers will win the Stanley Cup this year, and Renney will prove everyone wrong. Drury will score the winner, Game 7.

  27. Some of the above posts are funny…and clueless…

    I got the Rangers 94 cup run yesterday and I gotta tell ya watch game 6 “the guarantee” and tell me what you think of that defense thru the first period and a half…

  28. Honestly why have Sjostrom and Korpikoski both in the lineup? They are the exact same player(good pkers great speed but no ability to score) having both guys in the lineup is redundant.

  29. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I’d rather have Korpi and Sjo in the lineup than Orr and Voros. Against the Atlantic division Orr needs to be in, other than that he should sit. Voros stinks, I said it before the season but he started out proving me wrong, but fortunately since I’m always right, he came around.

    Very excited to see Prucha get his one game in. Even when he doesn’t score, he works harder than anybody on the ice, and I respect that. Although if he does score, I’ll have to listen to Joe Micheletti praise Renney for having a hunch about Prucha. blech.

  30. When is this team going to wake up and realize that they need to have a 7th defenseman? THese guys need to be pushed for there job. Especally Kalinin and Rosy. They are brutal!!

  31. I just love alllllllllll you guys with your hockey (knowdledge),Why are these guys in the line-up,Why is that guy on this line,Whhy don’t they do this ,or that.Why keep him sitting out.Why not put him in,,,,,on and on.
    Go back to last years blogs RENNEY is the only reason we are where we are.His system NO MATTER WHO HE HAS ON HIS TEAM SUCKS.
    Thats why before any trades are made a new coach needs to be put behind the bench,,,,,,,,OR Renney has to totally change the system he has in place right now(not gonna happen)
    Do we need some changes on this them hell ya.BUT Renney would screw-up who ever comes here.
    Now that I’ve said all this its time to contridict myself,

    If all we did was get a power play that was let’s say was 10th in the league.We would have what,,,,,,say 5-6-7 more wins then we do now thats 10-14 more points. We’d be one of the top 2-3 teams in hockey.We don’t cause of the system passive offence.
    With a defence that can’t hold the puck in the zone half the time.

    Will a new coach make the d-men better NOPE,
    Thats my real concern (OTHER THEN RENNEY) the d-men except for 2-3 really suck,no coach will fix that.But a good coach would sit the losers he has and TELL Sather to call up some players from hartford if a trade can’t be made,,,,,,

    Again thats why Renney has to go……NO BALLS…….

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