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Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed their holiday.

We have an interfaith dynamic going on here at Blog Headquarters, which carries with it a number of repercussions, but one is that our kids essentially pull the jackpot lever every December. In fact, should one day you notice I’ve ceased posting here, it likely means I have tripped on a rod hockey game or toy guitar and split my head open.

But since I’m hoping to avoid that (maybe I’ll my wear my CCM helmet around the house just in case), I’ll be checking in from practice today, where are there no shortage of questions surrounding your Rangers.

More on those later…

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  1. onecupin67years on

    Sam , you seem to have the best of both worlds hanukkuh and Christmas , toys r us must know you by your first name.

  2. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Sam, I hope your questions include verifying drury had a spectacular christmas and making sure he wiped tom renney’s butt properly this morning.

    Thanks, just wanted to know those fine details about our fine captain.

  3. This is a post from

    I must say, that I feel exactly the same way this poster feels.

    “I’m not the type that flops around like an emotional wreck after games like these… but that said, I’m personally done as far as supporting Tom Renney goes…

    Look… there’s a reason this team has proven to be a cohesive trainwreck time and time again under this man … and that’s because the f***face has the squad sit back on their thumbs anytime they’re so lucky as to gain momentum or get a lead…

    He doesn’t have the balls to play for the W. He gameplans around gimmick points, even when playing at home. He f***s too much with the line combinations, not enough with the powerplay, and way too much with any ounce of grit the team has in their loins. Maybe, just maybe, Tom IS the reason we can’t score. The reason why our players don’t click with one another, can’t set each other up, constantly pass up shots, and don’t generate legitimate scoring chances in any tempo of any game.

    Only recently have I seen a consistent forecheck. Only recently have I seen the promised, improved breakout. Only recently have I seen this team execute both aspects only to fall back into their shell immediately after…

    You begin to understand the p***y mentality when you realize that they’ve been neutered into playing this particularly inept way…

    I love the man’s brainpower and character, but we’re starting to see the semblance of a coach who cannot adjust swiftly enough. An overly patient man whose structure now breeds impatience…

    It’s time for a change.”

    I think that sums up how a lot of us feel.

  4. Nasty 1
    Thats a great post, it’s exactly how I feel === & Sam, I think it’s time to it both Voros & Orr. Give me Prucha & Fritche

  5. Sam,

    In some countries, they arrest people for posting highlights from a game like Tuesday’s. And if they don’t they shouldn’t.

    While you’re talking to Drury, see if he’s interested in being shipped back to Colorado. And if he is, ask him if he’d prefer first class or a box. ‘Cause if he continues to make statement like he did after the game, it’s going to be in a box.


    I’ve dropped my persistently defended Renney…I can’t anymore after Tuesday. That’s the worst Ranger loss I can remember in my nearly two decades of watching this team. But if you’re hoping for it to be the beginning of the end for Renney, you might as well hope to win the lottery. There’s a better chance there, than Sather firing his boy and admitting to us what we all know: This team isn’t a third as good as its record, and it’s all his fault.

  6. tdchi

    I can remember a worse loss. Montreal coming back from 5 goals down. The parallel to these two games is uncanny. They lost the same exact way. Early storm of a lead 4-0 & 5-0 early in the second. Opposition storms back to tie the game. Rangers just stopped playing. Its not the players, its the coaching. Im done with giving Renney the benefit of the doubt. They should have won the Buffalo series, they should have won the Pens series. They should have won that Detroit game, the SHOULD HAVE WON THE SAN JOSE GAME. This coach is NOT capable of motivating this team the way they need to be motivated. This coach NEVER practices the power play. I just dont understand the mentality behind this teams major flaws.

  7. tdchi,

    Don’t forget the 3-0 or 4-0 lead we blew in game 1 of the playoffs against Pittsburgh. It’s a regular with Renney.

  8. (All of us on the Blog Say):
    I say we stomp him!
    Then we tattoo him!
    Then we hang him…!
    And then we kill him!

    Glen Sather says (I say we let him go.)

    (All of us on the Blog shout): NO!!!

    Ha, at least I can laugh about this a little bit.
    I am hoping you all know what that bit is from.

  9. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Sam it would nice to hear your opinion on the drury comments and to follow up with renney and maybe players like Mara and Naslund to see how they felt about the game. Lundqvist might have something to say too.

    Thanks for following up!

  10. I too have had it with this coaching staff. Perry should be back coaching Mite hockey. He is useless. Just witness the horrible power play and the amount of short handed goals this team has given up this season. I used to be an avid supporter of Renney but time has come to switch gears. How many times do we have to watch this team give up large leads?? This is a coaching issue not being able to keep the players focused on the task at hand which is winning the hockey game. I think it is time for a change. This team needs a coach who can motivate his player to comsistenly put out an effort equal to the $$$$ they are earning. Renney is not the coach to lead this team to the next level. His constant juggling and changing of the forward lines prohibits any consistency. His refusal to dhake up the defensive corps (Benching Rozival and Redden) is astounding. There is NO accountabilty expected from any of the players on this team. Drury’s comments after this latest debacle only amplifies this. THis team is a bunch of over paid under achieving players whom the coach refuses to hold accountable.

  11. Orr – start your payment of your lost bet today. 2 weeks. so can start posting again friday jan 7th.

  12. can’t wait for renney to go (and his coaches and sather and dolan too). hopefully then people will realize these guys are the problem not players like Drury (or jagr last yr – to name 2). Drury is disgusted witht he coaching staff as anyone is re renney (or i am re dolan). he wants to practice the pp – renney won’t. he states we are playing a well coached team next in the dev s obviously strongly implying his own team is not well coached. so ot is renney and his assts (and dolan/sather) who is the problem. although redden, rozy, and kalinin are major problems too.

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