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Since there seems to be some confusion behind the message of the previous post, a quick clarification:

When I urge fans to take a deep breath and perhaps step away from hockey for a moment, I say so not to try to convince anyone that all is well with your team. In fact, if all truly was well, I’d say talk Rangers all you want the next couple of days.

But because this team indeed has serious flaws and right now is clearly a source of frustration to many, I’m of the belief the current state of the Rangers shouldn’t spoil your holidays.

Regardless of what you believe in or how you celebrate, I think this time should be for embracing the good in your life — not for dwelling on the things that might make you crazy.

Either way, I’m appreciative of the passion and the loyalty shown on this blog.

Happy holidays.

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  1. Sam –

    I believe I can honestly say that the feeling here from all of us who read your work is more than reciprocated back to you

    Happy Holidays man and keep up the great work!


  2. AFter Drury’s comments, i cant stand him anymore, i hate him as much as i hate gomez.

    I hate Renney, I hate Sather.

    I hate Redden, I hate Kalinin

    I hate Prucha, I hate Dubinsky

    I hate Rozsival, I hate Sam Rosen

    I hate Michelleti, i hate dolan.

    Damn, i hate this team. But because of Mark Messier wore this jersey, i keep watching,

  3. drury only had one shot last night. its tough to get on his case when he had 3 assists but he’s not going to score goals unless he shoots the puck.

    same goes with dubinsky.

    renney needs to go but the longer they wait, the less likely it is going to happen. i know ottawa pulled that late coach firing but the rangers won’t do it.


    lI Joe, congrats on a series of good posts by you today. and yes Cindy can’t even touch the hockey player that Overchkin is. Not really even close.

  5. Happy Holidays one & all!
    Just need to vent this one time before I move on.
    I’m yelling, screaming & cursing at the TV like a madman, yet our alleged Captain is sure this is not going to ruin his or anyone else’s X-Mas.
    Perhaps it should provide some discomfort & motivation to not allow this to happen again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How many more meltdowns & lack of 60 minute efforts must we endure?
    Why don’t they keep playing & fore-checking in the manner that earned them success instead of backing off and allowing their opponent to take the initiative, with predictable bad results?

  6. WTF? Read on my brothers!
    What an embarrassment! Two things I observed about last nights debacle that is increasingly becomig a problem on this team. Here is the number one:

    1. BALLS – or lack, thereof. Can somebody hit a man? Who on the Rangers consistently hits and takes the man, especially in their zone? Drury? Girardi? Gomez? (hell no) michael “I cant shoot unless its a perfect pass” Blowszival? There is but one folks…Callahan. And maybe Stall when he’s put up to it? What kind of a successful team does not take the body, especially in their defense. The Caps were skating in the zone at will last night without so much as a touch, much less a good hard check. Check out the overtime goal where Druty and Girardi allowed Nylander (who I love – see more on this in problem #2)to skate in instead of driving him into the boards! This team is TOO SOFT!

    2. Gomez. I think I figured out what it is that I can’t stand about you, finally! – you are a pussy! This guy has but one strength: speed. and that is it!- not passing, or plymaking (as he is known for), or toughness, or shooting. But what the hell good is that speed when you race into the zone only to cough it up because you don’t control it by protecting the puck (a la nylander), or you are not willing to take a hit (or give one for that matter). No what does he do- he immediately turns over the puck, but doesnt “play” with the puck and allow his o men time to set up.

    Tell me what u MOFO’s think!

  7. if the SJO fits on

    i asked santa for alex ovechkin for xmas.
    he laughed at me.
    i then asked for the rangers to win the stanley cup for xmas.
    he laughed at me.
    then i just realized i should maybe ask for an ipod. thats more likely to happen.
    he didnt laugh.

  8. BTW

    I wanna know which one of you 118 ass-clowns put down Gomez as the most valuable Ranger in the poll to the right? Are you kidding me?

  9. …….
    As insane as I am about this…I’d never let this team ruin my holiday. That’s absurd.

    I will however call out our very own *ORR*, who accused me of probably not honoring my end of “the bet” in the event of me losing, only to see that he himself is unable to honor his end of it when he got in on the action and lost … not surprising.

    So be it, ORR shall now be reffered to *WELCHER ORR*.

  10. Lobster, anyone who shouted out as recently as you did that Renny is not a huge problem shouldn’t being calling other people ass clowns

  11. It hasn’t been that long since the 5-0 (!) melt-down in Montreal. Now this latest disgrace. Damn, Renney and Drury are so mellow, passive and emasculated. I want Avery back. AVERY equals passion, spirit, heart, guts, balls, courage, desire, leadership, and pride, and last but not least, more than just a tinge of ability, too.

    I was 50-50 regarding Avery’s departure. No so, any more. Some champions are not fully appreciated until they are gone, plus no one has stepped up and replaced his internal fire.

    What would be the cost to get him back? Rozy, plus not signing Shanahan? Best deal since the Jagr-Anson Carter steal. Like to see it happen. Talk about a Christmas wish – tops on my list.

    Merry Christmas everyone (not Merry “Xmas.” lol.

  12. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    So what did Renney say to the team in between periods? Hmmmmm – okay guys what the hell are you doing out there? You’re not playing my ‘System’. Get back to playing my ‘System’ now. I don’t care if you’re dominating the other team and scoring – this run and gun has got to stop. Zherdev too many great plays – got to sit you. Guys, c’mon you’re making me look bad, you’re out of the ‘System’ and winning. Enough is enough. Now get out there, play the ‘System’ and let the other team steal the game from you.
    So let’s go and not play hockey!

  13. Interesting that you are keeping tabs wd40. Touche. Sorry to hear that you are one of those ass clowns that thinks Gomez is the MVP so far. Wake up! Say what you want about Renney, but yesterdays loss was on the players, to a man!

  14. The game started out attack attack attack and then Renney ruined it.. AGAIN.. just like the 5-0 lead in MTL and the 3-0 lead in Pittsburgh.. and I’m sure there was another 3-0 or 4-0 BLOWN.


  15. Avery is ok but an overrated obnoxious baby and will never win a Cup; and 02 doesn’t count as his name is not on the Cup as he didn’t play in the playoffs so enough with him.

    Happy Holidays Sam whether it be Hanukkah/Christmas in your household or both (or maybe none hehe).

    This team is so bleeping frustrating sometimes, how many competent people have run it in our lifetime? In mine you have Craig Patrick/Neil Smith before he lost his marbles and Sather has done an OK job. This team goes from not wanting to spend any money (80s) to spending too much money (late 90s) and trades away the two best things they have for crap (Zubov/Norstrom).

    What is it with the Rangers and not having physical dmen? This goes back way before the Sather era. Some days I think the NHL is fixed like the WWF and they know we’re addicted to the Rangers like crack and will keep watching no matter what , so they mind%$%# with us because they hate Nyers and tease us but decided to throw us a bone in 94.

    5 Ways to Fix the Rangers;

    1. Call up Potter and scratch either Kalinin or Redden depending on who is playing worse

    2. Waive Redden next year during training camp and send him to Hartford. He’s so overrated and not worth it.

    3. Promote Christher Rockstrom and Anders Hedberg to Assistant Talent Scout Behind Gordie Clark and have those three guys in charge of all future drafting decissions.

    4. After Graves Night no more 1994 until the 20th Anniversary, no playing Game 7 on 6/14, no mention of it until 2014. I love 1994 and will forever be grateful for it, but we need to build some more history to be proud of now and I don’t mean Malik’s shootout goal. We are the most passionate fans in this league and we deserve a richer history and more championships, and if cigar chomping arrogant Sather doesn’t deliver AT LEAST a division title in the next two seasons, I give the keys to Anders Hedberg.

    5. Lockup Dunbinsky, Zherdev, and Cally to 5-year deals after this season, the money of which would be saved from Redden cap hit coming off (more like crap hit). Dawes gets a 3-year deal, ditto for Mara, and then stay away from any UFAs for another year or two with the ONE exception being Kovalchuk as he should be part of the Russian posse that could be grown.

    Sorry, a long rant, but this is my favorite team, one of my passions, and we deserve better.

  16. Anyone watch the Nhl network right now? They are showing and old pre-season game from Vegas back in 1991 it was between the Rangers and Kings a week before the Rangers traded for Messier. Intersting to watch the video is grainy but kind of cool. Lots of great players in the game(Gretz, Kurri, Graves, Nicholls, Robitille, Granato, Beezer) and some young guys that turned out pretty well(Amonte, Weight, Sydor)

  17. To however this “Newman” guy is, if you dont like half of the team you are watching, including the captain and assistant captain of the NY Rangers, I think you should just shove some fruit cake in your mouth and shut it….but anyways,
    Sam, i read your blog everyday and look foward to the information and imput you have on my favorite team in all of sports. That joke about being glad im not an islanders fan just made the holidays a whole lot better, haha. I hope u have a happy holidays and all i want for chirstmas is for the rangers to stop streaking

  18. Graves – is that the outdoor game in vegas?
    I have a Gretzky twig from that game.

    Sam- thanks for the blog and the perspective.
    Things could be worse.
    I could be homeless or I could believe Potvin doesn’t, indeed, suck.

    I like where I’m at. Go Rangers!

    Happy Holidays everyone.

  19. Rob yes it is. Watching this game is making me feel nostalgic. John Ogrodnik played in the first game I ever watched 20 years ago. He was done in 91-92 but he was a fairly solid player here. I believe he scored 41 goals in 89-90.

  20. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Warmest wishes are sent to all my fellow Ranger fans and your loved ones for a Happy Holiday!

  21. SALTY

    I thought it was a week bet, and i thought a week passed by. Either way, at least i came back with a decent website to get everyone’s mind off of the Rangers. Click away, but keep your hands on the mouse, and the other anywhere but downstairs. That goes mostly for you Bob, wouldn’t be nice if your mom walked in and caught you. George Costanza style.

  22. pretty weak to louse out on the bet the others that post haven’t done that. Still the link is good though but live up to the bet or ill get freddy five fingers to break your legs lol.

  23. I remember that game so well, I believe it was a 4-4 tie! Graves was wearing #11 and Richter was holding out in a minor contract dispute so that hey Greg Millen as a backup. Tim Kerr was also at the end of his career with the Rangers and David Shaw and Randy Moller were still around.

    Ogrodnick was a good player on some terrible Detroit teams, and even though as I’ve said the Rangers were one Brian Leetch ankle injury and John Druce away from a trip to the Conference Finals in 1989-90, Ogrodnick was a big reason they won that Division.

  24. Newman….
    do you like anyone? as a hockey player I can tell you that shooting the puck a million times with no intentions doesn’t usually help, it takes smart movement and shooting…so get your collective heads up and have a little faith and know the rangers will be better in ’09

  25. MikeA I loved watching that 91-92 team so much talent but the Graves suspension and the Francis goal put the nail in that teams coffin. Plus Messier was pissed that Neillson was so into matching the Gilhen or Nemchinov line against opposing teams top lines. Paul Broten was alot of fun to watch. So was watching guys like Amonte and Turcotte have real good year as well as watching a guy like Nemchinov come in and really be the jack of all trades and score 30 goals. I loved the toughness of that team with King, Domi and Kocur even though he was fading. Not to mention watching Graves develop into a top line power forward and Beuk become a shutdown defensive dman. Doug Weight mostly played on the 4th line while getting some pp time. I thought he was gonna be a nice player but never to the extent he is. Leetch and Patrick ran the pp nearly as well as Zubov and Leetch did a couple years later. Of coarse the best part was watching an in his prime Messier as well as one of my favorites in Mike Gartner. Amazing how that team stunk it up the next year with much the same talent.

  26. I’ll never get the guys like Newman and the thousands of others that just hate everything. I get angrier than anyone about the play, but these are our guys. Whether any of us like it or not. We can criticize sure, but let’s be constructive. I honestly didn’t have a problem with how we played for a while after the big lead. We had numerous chances to scoer a 5th or 6th goal and couldn’t get the puck in the net. It wasn’t as if we sat back immediately after the fourth goal. Asking for the coaches head is the most overdramatic, poorly thought out stance 90% of the time. Charlie Manuel anyone? I believe everyone in that city wanted him gone for years now. He stayed because ownership believed in him and most importantly, THE PLAYERS LIKE AND RESPECT HIM. Which is exactly what Renney has. And the worthless comments of “Oh so if they respect him why do they blow 4 goal leads,” or whatever else kind of non-well thought out argument from you people just save it. Let’s look at the real problem; lack of good players. We’ve got a bunch of okay guys. Some bad ones. And a few good ones. Is Renney supposed to turn water into wine?

  27. onecupin67years on

    Good coaches make good things happen, look at the dolphins this year. and the miracle on ice

  28. Graves, yeah 91-92 was a great year. My 2nd favorite Rangers season in my 20 years of watching. I was 10 and 11 during that season. I can tell you pretty much where I was for any given game that year including the playoffs. I remember Messier’s first game in Montreal where they won 2-1 in OT on a Gartner goal assisted by Mess, and two of my favorite moments in Rangers history that season; the 6-5 comeback win over Washington around Christmas time when it was 5-1 I believe (that was the night that Scotty guest stared on Star Trek: The Next Generation and I BEGGED my dad to let me watch the game and tape the episode) and Darren Turcotte’s game tying goal against Vancouver on President’s Day 92 with like .8 seconds left which they added to Fans Most Wanted recently.

    To me, that team was more talented than 94, just soooo many of those guys were so young. I thought for sure that was gonna be “our” year, then came the temporary lockout and that team was never the same. I remember that looney series against the Devils that got nasty and then the Graves slash and Francis goal. I was soooo pissed when Neilson (God Bless That Man and May He Rest In Peace) started Beezer over Richter in Game 6 in PITT.

    The next season was just really sad with how Neilson got canned.

    As I said before, I’m forever grateful for 94, but I wish players like James Patrick, Mike Gartner, Tony Amonte, Doug Weight, Paul Broten, Jan Erixon, Darren Turcotte and to a lesser extent Beezer (I met him on LI in 91, was very cool to me) and Gresch (I was too young to remember 86 and wasn’t born in 79) were around to experience how great 94 was. Those guys were all casualties and sacrifices for winning the Cup.

  29. To Sam who makes hockey season alittle more fun with his blog HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR……..



  30. Sam, . LOL. Potter is brutal. These “young, potentially great defenseman” like Sanguinetti and Del Zotto, Its time to show them tough love and let them become NHL defenders first hand through playing, MY 2 year old can do a better job of clearing the puck or playing defense than Roszival, Redden, and Kalinin put TOGETHER. Weinman talks about serious flaws and i just mentioned 3 of them.

  31. merry xmas everyone!

    glad the Rangers lost that last game. they deserved to lose playing like that with a 4 goal lead.

    like Cally finishing. i SAID he could finish!!!!

  32. Cally rocks, my favorite player, he plays hockey like punk rock music should be played; like every shift is his last shift. Does it all. He’s turning out to be the perfect support player (like a Charles Oakley) to whoever is supposed to run this ship (that should be Gomez and Drury).

  33. I want Avery back. This team needs some passion and guts. Someone who hates the opposing players just because they are wearing a different jersey. As psycho as he is, that’s what Avery brings. I don’t care if he talks crap about guys who date his ex-girlfriends. So do I. I also don’t care if the other Rangers don’t like him. They’re all making 7 figures. Deal with it. I can’t believe how soon we’ve all forgotten that Aves is one of the only two players whose name was chanted at MSG on a regular basis last year. There was a reason for that. This team sucks to watch. At the very least, he’d make it interesting again.

    Oh, and fire Renney too.

  34. Just visited the NHL website to examine the “Hits” category. You kow the expression that stats often don’t tell the whole story, but several things struck me as relevant. The Rangers occupy 3 out of the top 10 league-wide slots for most hits, with Cally in sixth place overall. Girardi and Dubinski are behind him, with Staal among the top thirty. On defense Mara also has a solid number of hits. On the negative side of the defense, Rozsival, Redden and Kalinin all average fewer hits per game than Nigel Dawes, and that’s with considerably more minutes of playing time per game than Dawes. The latter three defensemens’ giveawy/takeaway ratios are not that bad, but their lack of physicality is confirmed statistically. In this case your eyes have not been deceiving you. If you’re an opposing forward going against these three defensemen, your chances of being obstructed on your way to Henrik are very low!

  35. NYRinPHX(back east for the holidays) on

    Happy holidays everyone! The wife got me tix for monday against the Isles, so that’ll be cool. Fist time at the Garden in about 3 or 4 years! LGR!!

  36. Joe in DE (actually in NJ tonight) on

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I got some cool stuff for Xmas; some nice new clothes, the Hockey Fights Cancer tie, a Rangers jersey, some delicious beer, and a sweet Easton composite stick. Good stuff. Renney getting canned was on my list but so far isn’t panning out.

    Akayama, great stats man. Thanks. Honestly, I’m not overly concerned with the Rozy and Redden’s lack of physical play. We knew that, it’s just not their game, the same way it’s not Nick Lidstrom’s and wasn’t Leetch’s. My biggest concern is with Redden and Kalinin and their lack of courage. They try to avoid hits and in the process cough up the puck. Even Rozy will take a hit to make a play, and lately he has been shooting more and playing better. I honestly think with encouragement his game will come around.

    I also think we could make the lives of our defensemen much easier by playing a more offensive game. By sustaining attack and pushing forward, the defense doesn’t have to thwart rush after rush. When we go into our defensive cocoon, we’re probably wearing our own corps down quicker than we have to by exposing them time and time again. Renney’s system is flawed and this clown needs to go.

  37. That comment from Drury is mind blowing. I cant even imagine the lashing Jagr would have gotten for making a comment like that while being captain here. Talk about not caring.

    It would have been fine had this team not been blown out at all during the season so far, or ever lost a game they should have won etc etc… but at least now we know part of the reason why this team is having so many problems; they guys either dont care or just dont get it. Would be amazing to have some passion or some honesty for a change from this years team. Forget about his contract, or his “intagibles”.. in my opinion Drury has been the least deserving playing to wear that “C” on his chest that I’ve ever seen play in a Rangers sweater.

    On a side note happy holidays Sam and thanks for this great blog im a daily reader! Wish you and yours all the best!

  38. Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone! I was sick the last two days so everything kind of sucked for me, until I opened all of my presents. Mrs. Nasty really spoiled the sh*t out of me this year. I got that Hockey Fights Cancer tie also, that someone mentioned above, and with that I also got 2 tickets to Adam Graves Night with a voucher for a free hat and program for the night.

    I hope these next two games against division rivals will get our blood flowing and bring out the best in this team. We have a little payback with NJ for that last game, and even the the Isles are the lowest of the low, they always seem to play their best against us.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  39. Mikea Liked Patrick and Turcotte too but trading them for Larmer was just highway robbery. Turcotte bounced around alot and never had that good of a year. After the Francis goal I started to really dislike Richter. He was so bad in 92-93 that he was shipped down to the minors late in that year. I didn’t agree with Smith’s decision to expose Beezer in the expansion draft and protect Richter. That shows what I knew(not that Beezer didn’t have some monster years in Florida)

  40. Of coarse Richter became a favorite of mine again in 94 imo though his best year was 96-97(from the world cup through the Devils playoff series)

  41. Graves, that’s true, Larmer was the man, the only guy to take a slap shot inches away from a goalie in a breakaway/penalty shot and he was my favorite player in NHL 95 for Sega Genesis.

    I always loved Richter, I guess when you’re a little kid and the guy has the same first name as you and you pretty much start watching hockey when he comes up and watch the highs and lows, you just stick with that guy.

  42. Pretty poor of Orr to squelch on the bet… Salty has every right to denounce him. The excuse was quite poor as well, especially since Orr yapped about how excited he was about the bet.

    Also I’ve never seen MSG so lifeless in general. Games were electric when Jags was here. This current team just brings zero electricity to the crowd with the lifeless style of play. What happened to our forecheck from the first 4 games overseas? Please. Fire Renney and Dawes.

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