Chris Drury tries a Jedi mind trick


So the Rangers collapse in devastating but sadly familiar fashion, and Chris Drury somehow has found a silver lining. No, seriously.

“That could be the point that gets us home-ice advantage,” Drury said. “I’m certainly not going to let it ruin my Christmas and I don’t think anyone here is going to let it ruin their break, either.

“There are 24 others teams in this league who would be dying to have our record, with all the points we’ve accumulated over a tough schedule. It’s certainly not a good way to get a point. But it’s over and done with. It’s already in the garbage can as far as I’m concerned.”

It was a surprising assessment from the captain, especially a captain who earlier this season said the Rangers shouldn’t be deceived by a record inflated by shootout wins.

But it was also apparent Drury was using the occasion of another dispiriting loss to try to make a statement. It was the most animated I’ve seen him when talking to the media in his two years here. And while it’s hard to believe anyone on the Rangers was actually OK with blowing a 4-0 lead — heck, this is just what we wanted! — there could be something to a captain taking on a decided shift in tone.

Because right now, this team clearly needs something.


Meanwhile, I’ll try to check in over the next two days. But if not, I hope everyone out there has a happy and healthy holiday.

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  1. Leatherneckinlv on

    this was an Ovechkin win…his will and nice rebound by Theodore…when will we see that kind of inspiration from our Rangers..its actually very nice to see

  2. That’s great Chris. But since I’ll be attending the next two games with my family at the Garden, how about you jokers decide to show up and play a complete hockey game for a change?

    How come there’s always some other team (Boston) that I wish was the rangers?

  3. All Hail King Henrik on

    It makes me feel a little better than Vancouver is losing 5-0 to San Jose with like 19 minutes to go in the second. I really hope they miss the playoffs.

    Sather needs to make a trade, ASAP. I don’t care if it’s only a minor deal…SOMETHING needs to be done to shake up the team.

  4. All Hail King Henrik on

    I still contend that Renney lost this game at the 0 minute mark of the 3rd period when he started the “second” PP unit, instead of a well-rested 1st unit.

  5. Who Needs Lohan on

    If it was up to me, Id put a Pink Slip in the entire coaching staff’s stockings. I dont want to hear about how its the players not the coaches or whatever. Heads must roll, this is not the first time this has happened, and it must be known to all that it will be the last. Enough is enough, send the message Sather, shit Id even take your sorry ass behind the bench if it meant firing Renney.

  6. Happy to know that it won’t ruin YOUR X-mas Chris. But, FYI it ruined my night and it will undoubtedly ruin tonight’s “sleep”, tomorrow morning and the rest of the week.

    I hop santa takes a dump in your bed; you’re overpaid, you don’t produce and you’re not a leader.

    The only reason no one says is to you is b/c you’re American and the league has a thing against Europeans.

  7. Please fire Renney. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I was at the game and the 1st period was so exciting with the team making pretty plays and great passes. Then Zherdev gets benched for being “too pretty”, which I admit was scary at a point, but then he told them to sit back after the 4th goal and look at what happens.

    Completely unacceptable. YOU ARE DOMINATING A SOLID TEAM…DON’T SIT BACK. Seriously, they had them exactly where they wanted them but Tom wasn’t happy with the back and forth play. When we focused on defense, we got burned. Its a joke.

  8. I agree. The Renny Rebuilding period is over. He has done his job – like any manager, he has reached the end of his ability. It happens.

  9. Tonights loss is ALL on Renney. Want proof? I dare anyone to go back and watch the game or a FULL replay of tonight’s game.

    I was at this ATROCITY tonight….. And I LITERALLY sat there and watched the Rangers style of play change midway thru the 2nd period.

    I’d like to hear The Zen Master Tom Renney’s backers on this one.

    The Rangers were ATTACKING and playing a damn good game up until the half way point of the 2nd period.

    Then the defensive genius coach of the year started only sending in 1 forechecker and had 4 players back!!!

    Then in what little we had of overtime he had the 1-3.

    Someone should tell Mr. Quite Honestly that the best defense is a good offense. Rangers should’ve won this game EASILY, once up 4-0!!!

    But no, once again Tom Renney’s in-game decisions suck and decided to start sending in only ONE forechecker for the rest of the game and played the 1-4. Even in overtime, he played the 1-3. 1 man in, 3 players back.

    He was obviously playing for another shootout.

    And another thing, SCREW the shootout!!!

    Without the shootout we’re nothing but a .500 team.

    This is why Rangers fans think they’re not what their cracked up to be.

    On another note….. here’s what Ovechkin said about the Rangers tonight after the game:

    “They STOPPED playing Hockey. They probably believed 4-0, they’d win the game. They tried to play CONSERVATIVE, but we play a different way. We play a hard PHYSICAL game and take lots of shots. You see the results.”

    So basically Mr. Ovechkin just knocked Tom Renney’s system.

    What does that tell you?

    Not much about the DEFENSIVE coach of the year now does it?

    And when the playoffs start, there is no shootouts. What’s Tom Renney gonna do then!?

    Oh wait, I know, when there’s an overtime game he’ll go into the 1-4. (Since the playoffs are 5 on 5)

    Oh well.

    We still have Glen Sather here because we all know he has a job for a lifetime.

    Even If Renney got fired, it would be just another hand picked Sather guy.

    Glen Sather has rode Gretzky’s coatails for far too long. It’s time to replace either the coach or the G.M. More preferably the coach.

    Since we all know Glem Sather has a job for life.

    The media will never get on Renney because he’s a nice guy, and Quite honestly, and has a big vocabulary.

  10. Drury and Gomez do you hear these guys speak after the game? what a bunch of mumbleing losers. How coul either one possibly be a leader. Gomez is a back stabbing douche just ask his teamates. Renney is the worst a yes man of the highest order.

  11. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Tom Renney is a joke! He needs to be fired for xmas! Only this putz can tell his team to sit back and turn off their attack game in order to sit back on a lead. How can you lose to a team with only 7 regulars in the lineup? What’s worse is that they lost by blowing a 4 goal lead!! His post game comments were a joke.He basically blamed the players for not being smart and managing the game(The Renneyaide saying du jour).What a total asshole this guy is.Not once will he ever take the blame for a blown game,not once.I’ve not hated a coach more than this clown since the days of Colin Campbell,another idiot coach that ruined many players confidence.

  12. He needs to be fired because he refuses to admit that our team is an offensive firepower. Honestly, hes trying to play defensive hockey with a team of speedy offensive players. Why were we so good early in the year? Sure we gave up a bunch of chances, but thats why we pay Henke the big bucks. More times than not hes going to come up with key stops.

    But if we just play offensive run and gun hockey, we’ll out skate most teams in the league.

    He really needs to get the concept that YOUR BEST DEFENSE IS YOUR OFFENSE! We were controlling puck possession during our awesome win streak to start the season. He kept saying he wasn’t happy with the defensive play and finally got them to sit back…then look at what happened.

    Like you said last year Tom, you have to do the best with the cards you are dealt. We’ll you’ve been dealt offensive talents in Naslund, Gomez, Zherdev, and even guys like Dawes, Drury, Prucha, Sjostrom, and Callahan. No reason why all those guys can’t get 15-20 goals minimum. You are holding this team back and you need to go.

  13. Wonder why slats is so complacent on this? He put together this fast/run-gun team to be an exciting team to watch & sell seats.

    Tom is running them into the boring backden of Jersey Syndrome!

    I think Tom may be gone soon.

  14. what would Shanny cost prorated jst for the pp alone….peanuts…its a no brainer and screw the chemistry these guys need a real veteran leader drury and gomez are worthless and waaaaay overpaid.

  15. Shanny is not going to fix this. He’s going to kill us if we get a real coach. He’s too slow and won’t be able to score because he never moves around and can’t create his own shot anymore.

    Either getting Renney to change his tune about run and gun hockey or hiring a new offensive minded coach is the only 2 possibilities for how this team can be saved.

  16. 94 Obsession, good post, amen across the board.

    Drury’s post-game comments are an effing disgrace. no one near this team is willing to TELL THE TRUTH.

  17. Lets start with the most recent games and work backwards
    Opponent SA GA Save% SF GF Shoot%
    Washington 36 5 86% 28 4 14%
    San Jose 30 3 90% 34 2 6%
    Anaheim 20 1 95% 30 3 10%
    Carolina 31 2 94% 29 2 7%
    NJ 34 8 76% 36 5 14%
    Calgary 20 3 85% 31 0 0%
    Montreal 39 6 85% 20 2 10%
    Pittsburgh 31 2 94% 27 2 7%
    Florida 30 4 87% 37 0 0%
    Florida 41 3 93% 46 3 7%
    Tampa 29 2 93% 35 2 6%
    Phoenix 36 1 97% 36 1 11%
    Vancouver 17 4 71% 42 3 7%
    Overall 394 44 88% 431 29 7%

    Valliquette’s games
    Opponnent SA GA Save %
    LA 41 2 951%
    Atlanta 29 2 931%
    Florida 7 1 857%
    Ottawa 36 4 889%
    Vancouver 15 0 1000%
    Toronto 35 5 857%
    Toronto 21 0 1000%
    Philidelphia 28 3 893%
    Overall 212 17 920%

    Hank is in a terrible slump. I talked to Emirick about this issue on Friday and he said that Henrik is most definitely in his normal December slump. I feel like I want to rip my eyes out though watching Henrik not be at his best. He really needs to stand on his head for this team to win. I say give him a rest. Bench him for the next 3-4 games and play Valliquette. He is the hot goaltender right now, which is sad and wrong.

  18. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    over 200 comments on this post and the last and not a single Renneyaide drinker to come on and defend him,pussies!! The most telling comments came from Alex the great Ovechkin about how the Rangers stopped playing hockey and started playing conservative Tom Renney chickenshit “system” hockey.Those comments alone made by the best player in the game should be enough for sather to make the right move and can this piece of shit who calls him self a “oach”

  19. Lundqvist is weak minded. He lets the pressure get to him.

    Im not willing to trade him, but its time to fire the Hyena, so he feels responsible, and wakes up from this slump.

    Im off to watch the Double Shot At Love tv program on MTV, with a vodka in one hand, and something else in the other hand.


  20. With all due respect Captain Clutch, I had all I could do not to throw my remote through the TV when I saw the interview with you in the locker room. What are you going to say when that happens in the playoffs? Looking back, I should have thrown the remote when you fumbled the dumb pass from Dawes that gave away the tying goal. Then I would not have had to endure your idiotic interview.

  21. Johnny D get a clue a slow Shanny had 23 last year inan injury plagued season and take a look at his shots on goal.

    As for Dawes Prucha Drury Sjostrom scoring 15-20 you are out of your mind..thy are 3rd liners at best lets be real. Cally could possibly get 15 maybe 20. Shanny score 20 plus every season

  22. 94Obsession

    You are 100% correct because I saw the game turning around when it was 4-1 when AO was getting all these fantastic chances and started flying. The Rangers couldn’t contain him and that spells the end of a lead to a team like the Rangers. This was a very embarrassing game for us.

    Renney should be fired. If after this game the Renney believers still aren’t convinced, nothing will change their minds.

  23. bob you’re a loon. The Rangers have very little offense on this team. Also very little scoring talent in Hartford. Plus the defense blows.

  24. ThisYearsModel – Oh, it already happened, they call it Game 1 of the Conference Quarters in 08. But i guess it was a big joke to him, like that game against the Habs was a big joke to Gomez.

    Trade the Captain, he’s useless.

  25. Graves, you pretend to like the Rangers cause you don’t have anything fun to do. I bet you’re like the bald guy from the Greateast Day commercials on MSG.

  26. Jack,

    First off I’m not talking about this year, I’m just saying if from the start of the season we had a coach who let the team play run and gun, those guys could all be 20 goal scorers.

    Sjostrom had 12 goals in half a season before he got here. Then put up a whopping 2 in the rest of the season last year with us.

    Drury is consistently a 20 goal scorer. I don’t like him and think hes extremely overpaid and overrated, but he does score 20 goals pretty much every year.

    Prucha, while I still think his 1st year was a fluke, could probably reach 20 if given a chance with an offensive minded coach.

    Dawes put up 30 goal seasons in Hartford and proven his scoring abilities to be true in the NHL the last two years. Hes overall more offensively talented than Callahan, just Cally had the blessing of playing with the “1st line” earlier this year and now is getting great feeds from Dawes.

    All I’m saying is give these guys a chance to open up and play the style that they are all accustomed to and we’d be up there in scoring. We have the talent, we just don’t see it because its being harnessed back by the coach.

  27. Another thought:

    Paul Mara deserves to be Captain.

    Sam, say something to someone on this team. Please.

  28. Captain “Clutch” doesn’t care about this team. This could be the point that, not only keeps us from getting home ice advantage, but keeps us out of the playoffs. Why didn’t you think of it that way, you camel nose baseball nerd.

  29. Also, to address the Shanny situation. He put up a whopping 1 point in 10 playoff games too. The guy has a great shot, but he proved time and time again last year that hes two slow to keep up with the game. He only score 6 times in the last 3 months of the season too.

    Plus most of his game is being physical and staying near the net like a power forward and he didn’t even do that. I love Shanny, I loved the time he was here, but its time for him to hang up the skates. He will hurt this team by slowing them down since he can’t skate around to get open and create his own shot. Plus he’d make our PP even more predictable than it was.

    There’s a reason why he hasn’t been signed by anyone yet and its because every team knows he should retire or play 4th line minutes come Februrary.

  30. Bob

    “”Captain “Clutch” doesn’t care about this team. This could be the point that, not only keeps us from getting home ice advantage, but keeps us out of the playoffs. Why didn’t you think of it that way, you camel nose baseball nerd.””


  31. Jagr says the same thing, people would say what a clueless captain he is. Drury says it and apparently its a whole different ball of wax. Typical double standard that our fans would have. But then again, Jagr would realize what an embarrassment of a game this was and wouldn’t say something so ridiculous. How about the point that you didn’t get? What if that’s the point that keeps you from getting home-ice?

  32. I cant help but think that half way through the 2nd the rangers started playing renney hockey and that is why they lost. He needs to go im tired of watching this team blow 4 or 5 goal leads this is atleast the 3 or 4th time this has happend in two years and i remmember from 3 seasons ago where they lost 2 games in a row by blowing a 3 and 4 goal lead respectively. Renney and his so called defensive style of hockey needs to go. Its like Bob Suttons system of the safety playing 30 yard back from the line of scrimmage. (sorry for the football comment im just really pissed about the jets too) All I want for hanuchah is a new coach for the rangers and the jets. Happy Holidays

  33. If the Renney enablers refuse to listen to the critics who have had this guy’s number for so long, is it possible they will take what Ovechkin said after the game to heart? “They stopped playing hockey.”

    Spin that, Renney goo-swillers.

  34. Jagr was more of a Captain. He actually hurt when this team would lose. If i remember correctly, wasn’t it Jagr who stepped up his game even more in the Penguins series, while Gomez, and Drury stood around doing nothing.

    This teams a disgrace, Jagr should be here, but instead we’re stuck with losers like those two, and the ever loving Hyena.

    Fire the Hyena, and trade the “leaders”

  35. you guys are all fools.

    listen if SJustrom and Dawes used there brains and did not throw 3rd grade passes to the middle of the ice which had no upside and Roszival the moron not take a hooking while on the PP behind the Cap’s net the game is different.

    But they do not even know hockey 101, NEVER throw the puck thru the middle in your own zone or neutral zone or offensive zone unless you are 100% sure it will get to your teammate when you are uo by numerous goals.

    really when is one of the moron reporters going to ask these 3 scholar athletes WHY they did not use there small craniums?????

    Dawes pass was classic 8 yr old pass, my son is 11 and he does not even make that mronic pass…..

    NASLUND IS GOOD FOR AT LEAST ONE TERRIBLE TURNOVER A GAME ALSO, THEY should be fined when they give up the puck in the middle of the ice because of there stupidity….

  36. DEFFINITELY FIRE RENNEY!!! The guy needs to be more autocratic. He needs to find the balls to yell at his players instead of bench them. He also needs to stop changin the lines and let them find chemistry themself instad of changin every day or every shift when they r losin. I am also 110 percent sure i heard lundqvist in a interview say he loses focus in a game wen the rangers go up by 2 goals and also if u were to check the stats u see every year at his time he struggles but then gets hot at the end of the season, remember last year it was “blame it on dad” excuse

  37. if it makes you guys feel better, the rangers will probably do some moves after the holiday break. I assume the only reason why they didn’t get anything done is because the Sundin deal collapsed. Look for some changes in ’09

  38. Ok if they had not sat back, Sjostrom and Dawes would not be in that situation. And also to defend Dawes, I’m sorry but Drury has to catch that pass. He has hands of steel and proved it by doing who knows what with that pass. The game was over when at 4-0, the team sat back and played “defensive hockey”. It needs to click that your best defense if your offensive possession, some Tom and his crew clearly don’t seem to get.

    I mean I’m realistic enough to understand that its not possible for them to play 60 minutes of complete hockey like that, but had they played even 5 or 10 more minutes like they did in the 1st and the start of the 2nd, they win this game easy.

  39. sorry
    you are correct those passes should never be made but who teaches that and holds players responsible? Renney he is the coach and if a player makes a dumb play you sit him or atleast yell at him. this team constantly makes dumb passes and bad give aways. so for him not to hold them responsible is a joke and he should be fired for that too.

  40. wow you guys are insane. You want to trade the whole freakin’ team, relax, its just a game for us to enjoy, they don’t have to be out there, there do it for us (and a fat paycheck, which is fine for them). Despite all your complaints, we all still buy tickets to watch them. I can confidently say all you goons have heard this speech 50 times by people who get frustrated when all you fairweather fans complain. Passion is loving your team in any situation.
    And to contradict myself, redden-c’mon, renney-seriously…

  41. Sam, Thanks for all the work.

    I got a question for you. Whats your opinon on renney? Do you like him personally and as a ranger fan do you agree with what he has done so far this year? Can you write an article in the paper calling for his head and how most of your readers agree? Happy Holidays.

  42. LOL

    The funniest part to me is that there *are* people who are actually surprised/upset about this. It doesn’t even faze me anymore. I know what to expect from this team.

    Also funny that people think “this game” is the one that will “show” Renney supporters. It’s not. If you were still defending Renney up to tonight, you’re already too far gone. Nothing will convince you he needs to go. Certainly not a game where “we got a point”.

    With that said, I’ll start the next one:

    -Sundin is coming-

    _Renney is going_

  43. “Passion is loving your team in any situation.”


    No, that’s faith.

    “Passion” in this case is being willing to do anything it takes to win, whether it be trade this guy or that, change coach or management, any combination of things…in order to DOMINATE. Not just win. Literally “beat” other teams.

  44. There is very little offense here. Gomez outside of 05-06 has been a 15-20 goal guy. Drury outside of 06-07 has been a 25 goal guy. Naslund at this stage of his career isn’t gonna give you more than 25 goal.Zherdev is more of a playmaker than a goal scorer. Dubi is going though a hellacous sophmore slump(like Zajac did last year) He might get 12-15 goals this year. Voros might get another goal or two but he looks like crap.Cally is really the only homegrown young forward playing well. Korpikoski has shown little offensive upside up here. Dawes is competely lost. Prucha is buried. Compare this to the Flyers talent up front or the Bruins or even the Devils or Habs. They get nothing offensevely out of their backline as well.

  45. thats true salty my bad, wrong word. the only problem I have is how one player can be peoples hero one night and after one bad game theres 50 people shouting trade him, its mutiny. But Ill understand the incredibly inconsistent play of redden, renney, khalinin, and maybe rozsival.

  46. Jonny they didn’t play defensive hockey sadly. They played idiotic mistake prone swiss cheese defense.

  47. Yeah the Dawes pass was not that bad!!!!!!

    Get a brain and cross ice pass at your own blue line serves what purpose? It will give Drury a scoring chance 140 feet from the goal??

    It is a moronic pass and is inexcusable..

    The Rangers do not have enough goal scoring and therefore they need to play smart and forecheck… You do not make high risk passes when you are up by 3 goals or up late in a game, when that is the situation you need to stop the other team from scoring……

    The rangers have scored 5 goals or more in a game max 3 times this year…

  48. haha I know Graves. And I disagree with you. We do have offense. Zherdev has a great shot, but hes reluctant to take it because he was brought up in a real defensive system in Columbus. He’s good for 20 goals though minimum. Gomez like I said could net 20, same with Drury and Naslund. Callahan, Dawes, Dubi, Sjoie and maybe Prucha could’ve all reached that or come close this year if we played an open run and gun style. But we’re playing these offensive minded players in a system they aren’t used to.

    My point is that we have the talent to score, but we never get to see it because the players are being held back. I’m not saying we have a 40 goal scorer there or anything, but we have plenty of guys that can net 20 and when you have that kind of scoring depth, its good enough to get you deep into the playoffs.

    I for one supported Renney for what he did in previous years with teams that were kind of jumbled together. I even gave him benefit of the doubt because he didn’t have his style of players. But Sather went out and got him the ideal players to fit a fast team with some offensive talent that feeds off hard forechecking and hes doing anything but that with this team.

  49. stuart,

    Dawes pass was like maybe 10 feet at most and Drury completely mishandled it. It almost looked like he was trying to one-time it down the ice for a dump in. Its not a smart pass, I’ll agree with you there, but when you have TWO defenseman behind Drury, you don’t expect that one player will still the puck and go through all 3 guys even if he steals it.

    I’m not gonna put that on Dawes for those reasons and the fact that I’ve seen that pass made by many players in the NHL from the same short distance and the guy who receives it doesn’t screw it up and they have no problem.

  50. Graves9: What would have said about Dawes play last night if the Rangers had held on for the win last night: Absolutely nothing positive. So your comment that he’s “completely lost” based on a pass that his teammate improperly handled is not worth considering. It’s you who are “lost”, not Dawes.

  51. Dawes played a great game. He setup 2 of the 4 goals with great passes. In the 2nd half of the game everyone took their game down a notch so its not like hes the only one that didn’t step up. And as I said, that pass was right on the tape and Drury mishandled it. Its like he tightened up and it hit the toe of his blade and just bounced up. And how Redden and Girardi didn’t close down the middle on that play and like 2 others, I have no idea. They play way too spread apart on defense.

  52. Akayama49 If you read my post I placed blame on Drury and not Dawes. Jonny sorry disagree the guys you mentioned aren’t going score 20 goals and even if they did this team still wouldn’t be ranked as a bottom tier offensive team.

  53. Dawes pass right on the tape!!!!!!

    Your an idiot.. He threw the puck to the middle of the ice at his own blue line for no reason..

    Yeah high risk play with no reward(losing hockey).

    Dawes makes stupid dangerous passes in his own zone all the time along with Naslund and ZHerdev to name 3 morons.. This idiots have been playing hockey for at least 17 years each and they make a play that 10 yr olds know is a stupid play…

  54. At the game. What a disaster. Another way to rip your freeken heart out. From the players to the fans “Merry Christmas” Every game is chapter and verse. So predictable. WE JUST CAN’T GO FOR THE JUGULAR. I had given some thought to Johnny D’s earlier post “your best Defense is your Offense”. In part there’s merit to that since for the 1st period and a half the Rangers were attacking by forechecking, backchecking and standing up at the blueline and they scored and were up 4-0. (They played a great game in San Jose but didn’t score). In any event, they went into their defensive shell of skating backwards and not standing up at the blueline. Ist two goals were deflections and not Lunquists’s fault. The jury’s out on the rest although in fairness to Lunquist they were taken from the slot. Dawes could of cost us a goal at a critical point in the game. Lateral pass never should have been made. Drury couldn’t get that. We had earlier chances with Gomez not able to bag his own rebound & Dubinsky from the left wing missing an open net not to mention one goal post earlier. Did anybody see Redden standing back on the blueline when the OT goal was scored. Man is he God awful. Sather should trade him and pay half his salary just to get him the hell out of New York (Master underachiever) By the way, Sather gave Rosvy & Redden those contracts not Renney. Still need a big forward and a kick ass defenseman b4 trade deadline. Must sign Shanahan. To all the great blogers, have A Joyous Holiday.

  55. When Chicago and Boston were struggling, they didn’t go to a “sign Shanahan” mode, they went for talented kids to the parent club strategy. Were they wrong? Chicago is subtly taking over from Detroit as top-dog in the Central Division, and we know all about Boston, a team which will probably take San Jose to a seven-game final Cup series.

    These organizations did not back up the truck to bring in old, used-up, mercenary junk. Anyone here advocating the signing of Shanahan is just advocating the further postponement of squarely facing the real problem, which is two-fold: 1. Sather and Renney have to go; 2. Players who CANNOT produce, starting with Kalinen, must be discarded. Winning organizations protect the win column first, losing organizations protect their (misguided’ player signings and acquisitions first.

    This is a losing organization when it comes to priorities – just a bunch of clowns protecting their rear ends from the highest level on down.

  56. This team will not go anywhere with Tom Renney behind the bench. This is as good as it gets, so get used to it. Every season until he’s fired will play out more or less like this one is.

  57. Tom Renney is driving a Ferrari with the parking brake on.

    The first period and a half? Ferrari.

    The second period and a half? That was the parking brake.

    Also, take Gomez’s A and put it on Mara. I can’t believe Mara doesn’t have an A by this point in the season. Solid play, great speaker, fun, interesting guy, and the very fact that he waits in the tunnel to bump fists with every player before coming out, EVERY time, shows his dedication to the team concept and some leadership.

    Mara for Alternate.

  58. To Everyone –

    Sam, thank you for keeping this blog going day in and out. I want to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season. We all are so fortunate in life; if a New York hockey team is causing most of your angst tonight, well then keep in mind there are people out there in much more dire situations.

  59. Dawes is absolute GARBAGE!!! The entire league knows he is a borderline NHL player. That is why he received no offers as a RFA this summer, and signed with the Rangers for near league minimum. Dawes is a 10-12 goals scorer if his planets are aligned properly. The guy is TERRIBLE at leaving the defensive zone. The defensemen dont want to pass him the puck up the boards because he is so weak, he can’t be counted on to get the puck past his own blue line. He gets the occassional lucky bounce, but that is it. He is an AHL stud. Send him there. He is a really poor version of Callahan (or in other words, another 3rd-4th-5th liner that the RAngers are LOADED with). That pass to Drury is a PRIME example of how he can not clear the zone properly. Renney is a good TEACHER. Maybe he can teach him to improve. But right now Dawes is not a NHL forward. . . .by most standards anyway.

  60. And even I believe that the Renney era may have run its course. These guys play with no urgency whatsoever.

  61. Oh-and another thing- Sather looks like he needs to retire. I believed that Redden and Rozi were the right guys to sign at the time, but I never believed either one of them deserved that $$$. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Merry Christmas guys.

    My New Years resolution is to start a Jaromir Jagr returning to MSG rumor. Even easier to pull off than the Sundin fiasco, and helps us where we need it. On the wing.

  62. I’ve bashed Rennney on this blog all year, last year too,And all you Renney lovers tell me do this and that..(mostly to shut up)
    Well what do you think of your coach now?
    ANOTHER blown lead ANOTHER game no pp goals, ANOTHER,game of leting hank pull this one out for us.
    SO TO ALL YOU RENNEY LOVERS YOU KNOW NOTHING THATS ZERO ABOUT COACHING A TEAM,YOU MAY KNOW HOCKEY(VERY LITTLE)BUT YOUR’RE ALL CLUE LESS ABOUT MOTIVATION,TEAM PLAY,AND BEING AND PLAYING TOUGH.Hockey is way different then any other sport to can’t let time run off the clock in this game,Renney thinks you can moron nice guy YES,but moron bad coach.
    I’ll say this again make NO trades until we fire Renney and his stooges. I’ll bet anything that with this same team another coach will be better offence and tighter defence.
    ENOUGH of this sloppy,boring hockey.Without Hank we have 10 wins tops.

  63. WTF? Read on my brothers!
    What an embarrassment! Two things I observed about last nights debacle that is increasingly becomig a problem on this team. Here is the number one:

    1. BALLS – or lack, thereof. Can somebody hit a man? Who on the Rangers consistently hits and takes the man, especially in their zone? Drury? Girardi? Gomez? (hell no) michael “I cant shoot unless its a perfect pass” Blowszival? There is but one folks…Callahan. And maybe Stall when he’s put up to it? What kind of a successful team does not take the body, especially in their defense. The Caps were skating in the zone at will last night without so much as a touch, much less a good hard check. Check out the overtime goal where Druty and Girardi allowed Nylander (who I love – see more on this in problem #2)to skate in instead of driving him into the boards! This team is TOO SOFT!

    2. Gomez. I think I figured out what it is that I can’t stand about you, finally! – you are a pussy! This guy has but one strength: speed. and that is it!- not passing, or plymaking (as he is known for), or toughness, or shooting. But what the hell good is that speed when you race into the zone only to cough iy up because you don’t control it by protecting the puck (a la nylander), or you are not willing to take a hit (or give one for that matter). No what does he do- he immediately turns over the puck, but doesnt “play” with the puck and allow his o men time to set up.

    Tell me what u mofo’s think!

  64. Another Rozi hat trick last night.
    #1-Rozi scores from the point, nice shot.
    #2-Rozi stands in front of Hank, doing nothing as usual, and deflects a shot pass Lundqvist.
    #3-Rozi takes an a-hole offensive zone hooking penalty leading to a pp goal against.
    He was also out of position when AO tied it up.
    He is lost and will never find his game wearing a blue jersey.

  65. I Bleed Rangers Blue on

    Just blame Prucha for last night’s monumental collapse. I’m sure Renney does…

  66. He’s not getting fired in the next few days. Hopefully getting smoked by the Devils on Sat. will be the last straw and Sather will bring in his next puppet.

  67. Drury is by far the most overrated and overpaid Ranger player in the last 15-20 years. And second is Wade Redden.

  68. Fire the hyena, and stop ostracizing us for identifying that Renney was an idiot long before most. You think it is easy on us being visionaries? Dawes belongs at Medicine Hat along with his fellow minor leaguers.

  69. Those who read my posts (G-d bless you if you do) know that I’ve always been a big Tom Renney supporter.

    It takes a lot for me to admit, but I think it’s time for him to go. Why? Because there is no other answer.

    Let’s keep it real for a second though. I still don’t think he’s the problem. The REAL PROBLEM is Glen Sather b/c this team’s problems are its new additions. But, when you continually blow 3/4/5 goal leads, you have to look towards coaching and leadership and ask why this is happening.

    Let me also go on record to say that Chris Drury is NOT and NEVER will be a “Captain”. His quotes afer last night’s game say it all. He should have ripped the team, but instead he gave a “no big deal”. That’d be fine, if it wasn’t the 10th meltdown of the season.

    We’re going no where with this team. We need to put ALL of our dead weight on waivers, make a statement and put some of our big contract guys on waivers too, and then go and make a monster trade. That’s the only way this ship is sailing anywhere.

    I still don’t want Renney fired, but he’s not making a case to stay any longer.

    These guys just don’t have balls, and they’re not going to war for him.

  70. Just like the Caps Rangers were also playing shorthanded last night. They only have 3 real d-men. Staal, Girardi & Mara.

  71. Tell this to yourself, but make sure you’re not holding a knife…

    You’ll be watching Wade Redden and his monster contract in 2013!!!!!!

    Yes, that’s 2013, as in the year, not the battlestar ship.

    That’s all you need to know about Glen Sather.

    While every other GM in the league is watching tape and conferencing with scouts, Glen Sather is deep sea fishing and sucking down cigars.

    While every other GM is working the phones and trying to make deals, Glen Sather is jerking off to pictures of the Oilers from the 80’s.

    This guy is washed up.

    He’s getting outworked in the GM game.

    “While your guys are out partying, my guys are out running routes.”

  72. And girardi has this new habit of coming out of position to make hits and then missing…is this the teaching of the hyena?

    Some idiot on blueshirtbulletin disparaged us for saying Dawes was a minor leaguer. Now the truth is known…Mr Dawes please go str8 to Hartford, sir! Take ur 10 goals per annum elsewhere!

  73. Sather is more of the problem than Renney. I will never forget his “anybody can win with that payroll” quote while he was in Edmonton. Well he had the payroll and he lead us right out of the playoffs with Lindros, Fleury, Keane, etc.

    Like I’ve said before, unless the Rangers go on a 10 game losing streak, Sather doesn’t have the balls of Lou Lams to fire Renney. If and when they don’t go far in the playoffs, Renney would be in trouble. Finally, Dolan loves Sather so he’s not going anywhere until they start piling dirt on him.

  74. howyagonnatellme on

    I read a couple things I don’t understand from all these comments.

    “Dubinsky is in a sophomore slump, he’ll on only score 12-15 goals this year” I’ll give you that Dubi’s been terrible, but “only 12-15 goals” is what he got LAST season, playing more minutes on a line with JAGR. I love Dubinsky; he’s strong on the puck and plays hard (or at least he did.) But the kid is way overrated. He’s MAYBE a 20 goal scorer. He hasn’t shown us anything more yet, including during his first line stint with Jagr. Maybe Dubinsky needs to sit a couple games? IDK, maybe that would just hurt his confidence more. I’m not sure what the answer is, but something needs to be done.

    Prucha- “Flash in the pan” and “could score 20 NHL goals, maybe, on an offensive team.” Firstly, “Flash in the pan” doesn’t take into account his dramatic decrease in ice time, his complete lack of power play time, the linemates he plays with, etc. We’ve been over this many times before, so I’ll leave it at that. “could MAYBE score 20 NHL goals?” You mean, DID score 20 NHL goals, thus CAN score 20 NHL goals. I’m not saying Renney should just dress him and he’ll fly, but I AM saying that given decent ice time, and decent, playmaking line mates, and some PP time, we might see the old Prucha. “Prucha’s first season was a fluke” that’s fine if you believe that, but then explain his second season, which was worth 22 goals? Another fluke?

    Dawes- The Dawes problem is two-fold. 1) He eats up ice time Prucha and Fritsche will never see, which is extremely unfortunate for those of us who believe these two players bring a lot to the table. He has been unfairly given chances over Petr and Dan, who have proved to have a solid work ethic. They are always smiling, always working hard, and are noticeable on the ice. Which brings me to the other problem of Dawes 2)Dawes is completely invisible. He makes a good play every once in a while, and Joe won’t shut up about it, but usually he is silent and unnoticeable. As a forward you WANT to be as noticeable as possible. A D-man is good when you DON’T notice him. A forward is only effective when he’s noticeable. Dawes is completely invisible for games and games at a time, and then he gets redeemed for scoring a goal? Prucha scored a goal. Fritsche scored a goal. But IMO, both Prucha and Fritsche are much more noticeable, especially Petr Prucha. But, hey, Dawes is a “playmaker” according to Renney. So he stays.

    Ovechkin’s comments are so telling. Ovechkin can see it. Why can’t Tom Renney? We all see it. All of us calling for Renney’s head have said it over and over again- we play for the shootout. We stop playing when we’re ahead. We only play good hockey when we’re down by a couple goals. That’s why we’ve been so good in the third… except for last night, apparently.

  75. I also supported Renney, in a way still do, but he has to show something after this mess. He needs to bench someone, make a stand with the veterans on team. (Drury, Gomez, Redden someone of this ilk) I know he won’t (and that why he has to go) He has lost this team and you could see it in there play, the vets are not worried at all about there jobs. For me this team is average (I mean 6-8 seed in east) with great goaltending, so it is hard to totally kill Renney. But when you lose the team, thats it.

  76. This team gets a 4 goal lead at home and can’t hold it. I feel bad for Hank.

    If I were the coach, I’d take him out the next time we get any kind of a lead to protect his goals against. I can’t stand the attitude of, “…we’ve got a big enough lead, now we can let Hank do the rest.” This is tiresome.

  77. “They stopped playing hockey. They probably believed 4-0, they’d win the game. They tried to play conservative, but we play a different way. We play a hard physical game and take lots of shots. You see the results.” — A. Ovechkin

    No greater indictment of Renney’s fear can be made.



    “While every other GM is working the phones and trying to make deals, Glen Sather is jerking off to pictures of the Oilers from the 80’s.”

  79. Sam rosen and the other fool watch the coaches interview tapes from the previous week ( the one where the coach said “good defense will ultimatley lead to better offensive production”)

    Like the Shills they are, they immediatley start crediting the early offense to “agressive defense”…its almost like soviet propoganda…lets keep repeating this until everyone agrees…then the holes start opening up that you could drive a Hummer through…what happened??

    someone who knows something or two about hockey in the media ( hello Sam?) needs to ask the people who run the rangers “gee, defense first hah? Do you think the Redwings really bank it all on their Dee or are they really counting on Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Hossa, Holmstrom etc would Nik Lidstrom be a norris nominee on his defense alone? …the Pens could lose Crosby and Malkin and still ride Therriens defensive sysytem to the cup? Did anyone notice Anahiems relentless forcheck?


    You keep the pressure on and your up 3-0
    You take the pressure off and…well you know the rest



  80. I hereby exclude the “Jackal” Larry Brooks from my condemnation of the weak questions coming from from the media…just read todays NY Post piece ( I beleive mentioned somewhere above)

  81. Drury’s comments are shocking and unacceptable. He looked indignant that reporters were seeking accountability for the idiotic collapse. If the Avalanche are trult interested, go ahead and move him there. Who cares who comes back. Drury is acting like he does not want to be here, and he is not actimg like a captain. Messier and Jagr must be pissed too.

  82. Is anyone on here actually a “fan” of the Rangers? You guys suck. Typical NY sports fans. Fans support the team. The Rangers take a bad loss, and you guys become a bunch of Islanders fans, throwing your Big Gulps out on your home team’s ice. Suck it up and have a little faith.

  83. Ossie,

    It’s impossible to be a long-time Ranger fan and not become jaded. Are you new to the grind of New York Ranger fandom?

  84. I’ll wait for “onecup” to respond to the questions of “Faith” as it pertains to being a NYRanger fan

  85. There are over 100 posts so if this has been said I apologize.Did anyone see the post game report where Renney said that these things will happen (referring to losing) when a team does not know how to manage a game for 60 minutes.

    I would have liked to see him take some of the heat for not being able to keep the team focused during the game. I am not bashing him but during the press conference he had this dumb grin on and did not seem to care????

  86. IF we are not going to jettison Sather and Renney, the next best strategy I can think of is to acquire Avery for Rozi or whomever, bring him in here and give him the “C.” That would light a fire under some of the tender little asses around here. Avery never quit – with a lead or a deficit – in any game while he was here!

  87. Jaques Lemaires “trap system” that he credited to some Europeon coach (can’t recall him) was still in its infancy during the 93-94 playoff series VS NYR…in fact nobody even referred to it by name until 94-95

    I have watched the ESPN version of Game 6 a few times and the thing that always sticks out to me is Bill Clement mentioning that Marty Brodeaur had not faced an odd man rush in 3 games…like it or not THAT IS A DEFENSIVE SYSTEM

    Does anyone have the guts to call the Rangers style a “defensive” system?? Please explain how it works to me… 2-3 breakaways a period? Does this system have a name?

    How can a media person interview the coach and not ask these questions…give me a microphone and a scribble-pad!!

  88. First of All, I would like to wish all my fellow Rangers Fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now, since I was at the game last night and watching how I was shocked when a 4-0 lead becomes a 5-4 OT loss, one simple thing come as a result of who is to blame for this Merriest of losses this year, 1st they need to get rid of the waste that dares to wear a Rangers jersey with the number 45, yes I am talking about Kalinin, his guy has been costing us games and goals, last night in the 2nd period rather then trying to deflect a shot he instead cringes up to allow Ovechkin to take the shot, don’t remind me of the 3rd period when he is suppose to play defense however instead allows one of the caps players a breakaway chance when thanks to the Henrik for saving his rear, well anyway you get what I am talking about, very simple TRADE KALININ.

  89. Thanks Drury … your Christmas is not ruined but by the way you are playing you have ruined my Christmas ….

  90. Can we integrate Fritsche and Prucha back into the lineup ?

    Sjostrom is a disaster … whatever line he is on does not score … great skater … good penalty killer — no offensive results … sit Betts and Sjostrom, play Fritsche and Prucha … Korpokoski can replace Betts at center.



  93. Best case scenario…playoffs and 1 or 2 round that enough for the “faithful”

    Real Yankee fans who had 4 world series titles to celebrate are not ever happy with “making the playoffs” …missing the playoffs to me last season was exactly the same as getting beat by Detroit or Clevelend or the Angels…

    Are you a “true Ranger fan” if you are happy with the mediocrity or if you want much much more?

    I think Doodie in a previous post put it right…last year was supposed to be the “cup run”…I’m beginning to think that way too; so with that in mind how about…

    Trading Gomer and Drury ( hope to free up $15M)
    Trade or waive Kalinin…
    Trade Rozy…
    Do something with Redden…I truly dont know what can be done…
    Build the team around Hank and work your way outwards from the Dee ( Staal,Girardi-for now, DelZ , Sangy, Potter)…
    take the offense from Zherdev, Dubi, Dawes, Cally, and yes Prucha…

    If we miss the playoffs…so what? Basically scrap it out and fix the mistake contracts right now…I’m not fooled by 22W and 15L are you?

    Anyone else thinking this way??

  94. Let sather retire,move Renney upstairs.He will be a good GM if not here somewhere else and bring in Tortorella,maybe a little more fire in the belly will help.Plus this is just not that good of a team the record is very deceiving.We got by on great goaltending early and a weak schedule,there is nobody on this team that you have to worry about on offense and they are leaving way to many gaps down the middle of their zone.The PP is pathetic and the turnovers in the D zone are crazy.Renney coaches this way because it’s the only way this team can win.

  95. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Ok crew if one hockey game can ruin your Christmas then you all need help. Come one man, you can’t blame a hockey game to determin if you are going to have a good holiday or not. guilting the players on this blog will not do a thing. Yes the Rangers need some help, weather it be a trade somewhere or a coaching change (which I don’t believe will ever happen mid season)If you really want too, you will have a great Holiday anyway. HOWEVER I have said this before this team seems to struggle every season. You would THINK with the talent the Rangers have on this team they would be a better team. Ok we do still need 2 more GOOD d-men but we should be better with what we have now. They have to figure why they have these break downs, the NJ game a couple of weeks ago,last year’s Montreal game (when they came back) At this point, I can not see them going very far at all into the playoffs if we make it. Ok now stop with the “THEY HAVE RUINED MY CHRISTMAS CRAP” and EVERYONE ENJOY AND REMEMBER WHAT THE HOLIDAYS IS ALL ABOUT.

  96. Rangers wont ruin my fact I know I have a live Ramones DVD laying under the tree…I’m waiting to open it up and every hockey game I watch they play Blitzkrieg Bop before every face-off taunting me …taunting me…LOL

    Its all Good!

    If Christmas could be ruined by a hockey team I would never have become, or remained a Frickin Rangers fan!

    Lets play “what rangers gift we’d like to find in our stcocking on Xmas morning”

    I’ll go first; without bashing anyone in particular; I’d like to find name and description for the defensive system the Rangers employ

  97. Hockeyman Rangers on

    What gift woould I want form the Rangers?? I would like 1 or 2 BIG BURLEY d-men to join the team.

  98. Western Canada Survivor on

    Happy holidays to all. As an anti-Renney member on this board since he put Jagr out on the PK in Game 1 of the 2006 playoffs against the Devils, I will continue to say that this team will simply never make it to the next level with this guy behind the bench. He is just not capable of it. Last night was not a fluke-we have consistently blown seemingly insurmountable leads under his tenure (see Montreal last year, Toronto this year, etc…) The guy just does not know how to motivate high paid players.

    Of course we have a lot of high paid guys who have been unconscionably miserable, but there is a solid nucleus here with a guy who can at times be the best goaltender in the league. It is all about getting a championship calibre coach who can mold this team into what it is capable of being–not an uninspired mishmash of dump and chase garbage that cannot focus for more than 20 minutes.

  99. YOu have all for the most part nailed the situation.

    But keep in mind that no other team in this league would have tolerated this GM/Coaching triumvirate thru what has been going on here for the past 3 years

    Only in Noo Yawk.

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