And playing the role of Grinch…(Updated)


Chris Drury was asked yesterday if it’s at all difficult to focus on hockey with Christmas rapidly approaching.

“It’s almost easier because everyone’s in such a good mood getting ready for the holidays,” the Rangers captain said. “It’s the other down times when you feel like the season’s dragging and there’s no end in sight when you lose focus a little more.”

This brings us to tonight against the Capitals. If the Rangers can build on their relatively strong play on the West Coast, they are permitted to enter the two-day Christmas break a festive mood. If they fall victim to Alexander Ovechkin and Co. by suffering the infamous first-game-back-from-a-road-trip letdown, then I recommend coal in all their stockings.

OK, so that’s a little harsh, but the point is this is a crucial juncture in the Rangers season. With Mats Sundin “no longer a possibility”:, it’s up to the current players to make the argument that the team is better off without him. It may be a stretch, but compare it to another near-acquisition of a mammoth center, one who was also supposed to put the Rangers over the top. When this franchise lost out on Eric Lindros in that famous Larry Bertuzzi ruling back in 1992, it was supposed to be a devastating setback, Instead, it was an event that indirectly helped pave the way for the 1994 Stanley Cup.

No, I’m not saying this team is ready for that. But what I am saying, to quote that great Czech philosopher Jaromir Jagr, is that when one door closes, another usually opens.

Some other notes:

<li>I anticipate the same lineup tonight as the three games out West. But we’ll check in later from the morning skate.

<li>The Caps have gone 0-5-1 at the Garden since the lockout.

<li>Some excellent analysis of Wade Redden’s play by Dubi at Blueshirt Bulletin. If you’re a subscriber, “you can read it here.”: If you’re not a subscriber, you should be.

<li>The Blog will be running a little late to the Garden this afternoon in order to attend young Charlie’s first Christmas concert. I have been pushing for “Oh Canada” to be added to the set list, but I’m not optimistic.

Update, 11 a.m.: Same lineup and lines tonight against the Capitals. Nikolai Zherdev and Dmitri Kalinin both skated today after missing practice yesterday with illness.

The Capitals, meanwhile, are missing a number of players, including Mike Green (shoulder), Tom Poti (groin), Alexander Semin (back) and Sergei Fedorov (ankle).

Donald Brashear and Dave Steckel are both questionable.

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  1. Redden is playing better than Rozsival and that pee-wee hockey brat Kalinen. That puts the Rangers completely behind the eight-ball for this season. And some are talking trading Staal! Why put that crazy idea in Sather’s head? Staal is the second-best Ranger D, so far this year, behind Girardi, who has his ups and downs but has really matured. The pecking order on D so far is: 1. Girardi, 2. Staal, 3. Mara, 4. Rozsival, 5. Redden,
    30. Kalinen.

    Get it – you put kids in there, keep them in there, and a year later you get the benefit. Can’t believe some here are actually “Renney chicken” or “Sather yellow,” when it comes to actually promoting a kid D from Hartford, to replace Kalinen. This team is not going to win anything this year, so why not get the rookie season taken care of for about three more serious prospects? I would have Potter, Sauer, Anisimov, and maybe even Dupont up here in a minute, were it my team. Well it is my team – at least at this venue. lol.

  2. Speaking of D-men and whatever else….Check out this clip of Strudwick kicking Carcillo’s butt:

    I mean Strud has only 4 assists in 27g this year and no goals…but is +/- is only a -2. Compare that to Kalinin at -16 with only 6 assists in 36g. FYI Staal has only 6pts in 36g, but has a +/- of +6.

    My point is that Strud adds toughness and will fight and adds leadership. I would trade Kalinin for Struds as our 6th D-man in a freakin second.

    And then there is Rosy, a Europuss….plus Redden who seems very European in his style anyway.
    Just goes to show you that in terms of pulling the trigger and making good roster moves, Sather is about as bad as they come. When will they learn that good Euro defensemen are the exception not the rule….aside from a Lidstrom, Zubov, and Chara, I cannot think of too many other Euro defensemen who are any good.

  3. New Newman December 23rd, 2008 at 9:52 am
    .aside from a Lidstrom, Zubov, and Chara, I cannot think of too many other Euro defensemen who are any good.
    and many more.
    Has nothing to do with euro vs north america and everything with quality of the hockey player.

  4. “Has nothing to do with euro vs north america and everything with quality of the hockey player.”

    Has everything to do with how they’re coached.

  5. Cakewalk:

    You make a lot of sense. However, you have to realize that the goals of the MSG organization are diametrically opposed to the goals of true Ranger fans.

    We are concerned with building the best possible team from within, a team that will be a perennial challenger for the Cup. We are OK with a few seasons of mediocrity or even suckitude in order to accomplish that goal.

    The MSG prime directive, on the other hand – Rule Number 1 – is to put asses in the seats. Rule number 2 ?… refer to rule number 1. MSG is a business first and foremost, and it operates as a business – ONLY to make a profit.

    Way, way down on the list is the desire to build a Cup-winning team. If it happens, fine, but as long as the cash registers are making that “ka-ching” sound, everything is rosy.

    The MSG “brain trust” thinks that the Garden would be empty if they did the honest dirty work and built the team from the ground up. They think that the fans need to see some bright, shiny toys every season to keep interest high. But those “toys” – (Drury, Gomez, Redden, Rozsival, Kalinen – and countless others over the years) hamstring the team with bad contracts, making true advancement almost impossible.

    I love Drury, and I like Gomez too – but they were acquired at the wrong time for this team. They are players that you add when you have a legitimate shot at a Cup, not when you are a few years away as the Rangers are. But they were signed to take the fans’ minds off the inevitable loss of Jagr, Straka, Nylander, etc… not to fill a true need.

    The drafting record of the Ranger organization has been putrid over the last 10 years (coincidental with the Sather regime). That is the only way to legitimately build toward a Cup. Until that record improves, or Sather is fired, they will continue to try to placate us with those shiny toys. Sather isn’t going to change his methods at this late date.

  6. # Pavel December 23rd, 2008 at 10:16 am

    “Has nothing to do with euro vs north america and everything with quality of the hockey player.”

    Has everything to do with how they’re coached.

    I agree with the coaching aspect, just not about euro not having good defenceman

  7. cup94….you just named Fetisov (USSR player of the 80s and 90s?) and Samulesson (Ulf? of the Pens in the 90s?) and Konstantinov (Vladimir? who last played like 10 yrs ago) and Kasparaitus (last skated in 2006 and was slow then albeit physical, but never THAT good) and that is the best you have? You just proved my point, thank you.

    You named like some of the best Euro D-men in history who are now senior citizens. There is a dearth of quality Euro D-men. (As I write this I guess Sergei Gonchar should be included.)

    But Euro D-men are not taught to take the body and play physically. IMHO they are taught to get the puck and move the puck and only get physical if they have to.

    Point being, we need hardnosed and physical D-men and not pu$$y Euro players who cannot get it done. In that department I give you Backman, Tyutin, Roszival, Kalinen, Pock, Malik….I mean Mara is a poor man’s Beukeboom. And he’s the best we have in that department.

    So glad we locked up Rosy and Redden for so long.

  8. “It’s the other down times when you feel like the season’s dragging and there’s no end in sight when you lose focus a little more.”


    Getting bored, are we? Smooth words, captain.

  9. “Some excellent analysis of Wade Redden’s play by Dubi at Blueshirt Bulletin. If you’re a subscriber, you can read it here.. If you’re not a subscriber, you should be.”

    You know, I removed Dubi’s BlueshirtBulletin from my browser bookmarks because I no longer wanted to read his infomercials. Little did I know I’d have to put up with them here as well. The whole idea of paying to access a web site to read opinions and a few player quotes is quite laughable.

  10. Leatherneckinlv on

    Jason Strudwick…I miss him..what a shame…we get a Kalinin and yet let a consumate team player..tough…great role model to the team…go …aye yay yay

  11. The Rangers talk about signing guys who fit in as a member of the team. They must have the skills (I’m recalling this from memory of an interview last year with Renney or Sather I think) but they must also fit in and represent the entire organization. The interview talked about buying in to the system and it talked about character and determination.

    Wade Redden does not fit with this Rangers policy. Not sure about is character so I honesly give him the benefit of the doubt. He seems like a good teamate – BUT!…

    The other key traits are visibly lacking. He plays without any sense of urgency or determination. In the SJ game the only time he had any impact was during the offensive blast in the third period when Gomez fed him a PERFECT pass in the slot.

    It is without question the norm for him to be beaten to the puck and it is without question that he does not use his body enough.

    Midway through the seaason, on a new team he shoud be thoroughly prepared to assume the role he was hired to perform. Also – he should executing in that role to the level that is expected. There are no excuses Wade Redden. You MUST be physical when it is necessary. You must be determined to out hustle your opponent. You MUST lead by example. You must understand that your committment and your urgency are REQUIRED by your team…and the fans.

  12. Les Cayes

    “You know, I removed Dubi’s BlueshirtBulletin from my browser bookmarks…”

    I did the same thing.

    He says it is worth it to pay for the subscription. I say it is not. My choice – end of story.

  13. Newman, good demonstration of what a narrow-minded, over-generalizing fool you are. Most European defensemen use hitting as a last resort because most of the time they are trained on a bigger ice surface where the winger has more room to get out of the way, so it is safer to maintain position and stick-check.

    If we all use over-generalized sterotypes like you do then you should go back to eating your fast-food lunch before attending gun practice and bible class, then driving your gas guzzling pick-up truck down to the local wal-mart to stock up watery beer for christmas and i would be at home in a wingback chair drinking Earl Grey (with lemon), with the butler, Jeeves, changing the channel on the wireless so i could listen to The Archers before joining Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews on the rooftops for some singing and dancing.

  14. Newman.
    Here is few of euro playing today:
    Lidstrom (does not hit),Zubov,Markov,Timmonen,Gonchar,
    Point is there are euro and n.americans who can play and then there is ones who can’t.

  15. With B Burke possibly looking to sell in Toronto, the Rangers should see what they can get from him. I think both Antropov and Ponikarovsky would do well in NY. They are young, fast, and big & physical up front, something that the Rangers still lack. Plus they score goals. They would do what Voros was doing earlier in the year, but better. Plus their salaries are about 2.1 million each, and Poni is going to be a free agent so they aren’t out of reach.

    Sather should grab one of these guys (or both) and drop or trade the extra forwards (Rissmiller, Fitsche, Prucha, etc…). I know this team needs D more than anything, but who would be a good D man that the Rangers could actually afford? Some say Bowmeester, but he has issues too, and what does FL want in return? Although he couldn’t be much worse than Redden could he? But who would actually take any of the Rangers D men with their inflated contracts? I can’t think of anyone. They could definitely waive Kalinen and call up Potter (Sangs is still not ready) to free up some room.

    You know that Sather is gonna make some moves at some point and I think the Rangers should take what they can get without having to jeopardize the future of the team. If they can’t get a D man, then they should get the next thing that team needed, size upfront that can score goals.

  16. UK Ranger….Name 10 Euro D-Men that are worth their salt in the NHL, right now.

    Get your f-ing high horse too. Go work on your sensitivity training elsewhere man. I was stating a fact and again you confirm it….Eurozone players are trained in a different game. They hit less and are generally less tenacious and physical (except for a handful). This is due to the ice surface being bigger across the Pond…fine, I agree. But if I am building a team to win a Cup, if I can find the Zubov or the Lidstrom then great. But all else equal I take a North American D-man who is physical, can bang people, and keep people scared of the front of the net.

    You take your Roszivals, Backmans, Tyutins and do whatever the F you want with them. Call me narrow minded (right….liberal New Yorker, lived overseas for 7 years, also loudly touting Obama for about 2 yrs…very narrow minded and conservative…you nailed me!)

    But you cannot for all the hockey knowledge in the world (of which yours needs to be confirmed to me because you did nothing but attack mine with nothing but opinions) tell me that you’d rather have Euro D-men over North American D-men to put a team together for a Cup run.

    Please show me your hockey knowledge oh great UK Ranger that would make your starting 6 D-men on a Euro team. I will show you a goal crease where I could camp out, never have fear of getting steamrolled, and badger the goalie without impunity.

    Again, I am not saying there are not good Euro D-men….I am saying that I can count those guys on one hand and maybe two hands if I go back 10 years. But I can name a dozen North American D-men just in the past few years who I would take in a second over any Euro D men.

    Don’t take it personally just cuz you live in Europe…

  17. Pavel,

    This is what I’ve been saying about Redden. If he was at least contributing offensively (didn’t we bring him in to help on the point of the power play?!), then you could almost forgive the defensive inadequacies. But he’s been just downright awful.

  18. I don’t like that quote by Drury. The season has no end in sight? As if he can’t wait for it to end and he’s looking forward to a vacation from playing hockey? I guess the Stanley Cup isn’t a goal of his.

  19. If Blueshirt Bulletin can charge for the opinions of some guy, then I think it’s a bargain we get insider information here from Sam. I also took BB out of my favorites. Dubi can take a hike. Sorry.

  20. Redden is a .5 ppg career d-man and he’s been putting up close to those numbers this year.. I don’t know how this is worth $6.5m in 2008 as it wasn’t worth $6m in 2007. grr

  21. Wow, I can’t believe Sam is shilling for BB+. I have the access since I signed up for the “magazine” subscription and the article about Redden is pretty good, since they looked at the whole game to analyze each shift, but it’s odd to see Sam telling us to subscribe.

    “The Caps have gone 0-5-1 at the Garden since the lockout.” – Yeah, but that was with Olaf Kolzig playing every game and Tom Poti in all if not most. I can’t believe Semin is out again; at least that helps me fill out fantasy lineups today. That also hurts their top line of Ovechkin-Backstrom-Semin, who I imagine they will replace with Fleischmann.

    Strudwick would have been better than Kalinin, and at half the price or less. He is only making $650,000 for his hometown team, and Sather did not even make an effort to sign him, if I remember correctly. It’s funny how we beg for him now after some people were begging for him to be out of the lineup last season, even though that was a minority after seeing Backman’s play.

  22. I know Kalinan is no bargain but I actually think he has been better than Redden. True or not, it can be debated and if you are Redden, that is alarming. Geez – Kalinan at least shows some emotion and urgency. Redden is so lifeless it actually angers me.

  23. jae – Those are probably the exact people that Burke won’t trade unless you give him high draft picks; *young, fast, and big & physical*.

    From reading a blog about the Wolf Pack last night, maybe Potter stays down there because he gives them their best chance of winning. Obviously, he would be good here, but would not be helping us as much as he is helping the Wolf Pack, therefore letting other players develop relatively well.

    New Newman – We should probably leave Russian defensemen out of the conversation about Euros because they seem to be a different breed. There are definitely some Europeans that hit hard, but the percentage is tilted in favor of North Americans. I just wouldn’t say that there are no hard-hitting Euros.

  24. ….I mean Mara is a poor man’s Beukeboom. And he’s the best we have in that department.

    Thank goodness for that. Beuk was a horrible D who layed monster hits. I don’t think he’d cut it in today’s NHL. Mara’s play this year has been over the top.

  25. If I wanted to pay to get Ranger advice from some fat, bearded new yorker who thinks he has the inside track, then i would just pay my Dad.

  26. I also took Blueshirt Bulletin off my browser as soon as he started complaining that if he didnt get subsriptions he would have to shut down his website, one can only hope it will happen soon….

  27. Salty agree.

    Kronwall is a monster hitter (albeit sometimes cheap and sometimes he leaves his feet). I do not think there are NO physical Euro D-men. They are the exception not the rule, however.

    It is my belief that to win the Cup you need a physical presence on D that protects the front of the crease and scares people into dumping the puck and not playing possession hockey in the attack zone. I think you get much better return on investment with N American D-men than you do with Eurozone D-men.

    I loved Zubov for his O game but also his steady physical play (not superb, but decent). I think Lidstrom is the man. Kronwall hits very hard. But on average, I can name dozens of Euro D men that have just been fair offensively and total pu$$ies defensively.

    Like Pavel said, score 60-80 pts on D and you can skate in figure skates for all I care. Score 20-30 pts and you better hit like a truck or clean the slot like a woodsman clears trees.

  28. Prucha,

    That’s the same impression I got from Drurys quote… Basically saying “this time is abright spot in the otherwise miserable world of NYR”

    I really think Drury would be open to a trade. I don’t think he has ever felt comfortable in NY.

  29. I almost shat my pants one night at msg when I sat next to a lady with a Strudwick jersey. I think she really started to get agravated when I kept asking if she was his mom.

    Struds rules. His playoff blogs were awesome. So was the trash stache

  30. That Crosby game-winner could have gone either way. The referee was bending down to see the level of the stick, so whatever he saw is the way it should be. To me, it looked like it was probably a little bit above the crossbar, but it’s way too hard to tell. I wouldn’t say that they *gave* Crosby the goal.

  31. Rob December 23rd, 2008 at 11:50 am

    I also took Blueshirt Bulletin off my browser as soon as he started complaining that if he didnt get subsriptions he would have to shut down his website, one can only hope it will happen soon….

  32. Rob December 23rd, 2008 at 11:50 am

    I also took Blueshirt Bulletin off my browser as soon as he started complaining that if he didnt get subsriptions he would have to shut down his website, one can only hope it will happen soon….

    Me too.
    Is it not enough to read his spaming on BB Sam is getting in the game too?

  33. “It’s the other down times when you feel like the season’s dragging and there’s no end in sight when you lose focus a little more.”
    Its funny that everyone hates when they hear the “car dealer speak” and the common cliches.

    Then the same folks get pissed off when they actually hear an honest statement.

  34. “Rangers defenseman Michal Rozsival became just the second player in NHL history to score on a penalty shot and in overtime in the same game when his extra-time goal beat the Kings last Wednesday.”

    THAT’S IT! Reserve his place in the Hall!

  35. “aside from a Lidstrom, Zubov, and Chara, I cannot think of too many other Euro defensemen who are any good.————————————————Fetisov,Konstantinov,Samuelson,Kaspar(lol),Markov,”

    Hey new newman and Cup94
    who’s this guy lol?? Sounds Babylonian…..

  36. Kaspar December 23rd, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Hey new newman and Cup94
    who’s this guy lol?? Sounds Babylonian…..

    Classic Kaspar..

  37. (Can’t say I didn’t see it coming)

    The more I’m exposed to Drury the less impressed I am with both his playing and his “leadership”. I’m not a fan of salesman speak out of someone like Renney who is perpetually full of it, but when a player/leader like Shanahan would be asked a tough question it was always intersting to hear how he handled it.

    Of all people and all things to say, I’m very surprised at Drury’s quote… I honestly expected a little more from him than to flat out admit misery. Jeez. In all of my hockey years I don’t recall any player ever saying anything like that basically implying they are looking forward to the season being over. LOL

  38. If there’s a guy out there that wouldn’t admit that (that’s not a rookie) they’d probably be lying to you. Same goes for trainers, coaches, management, etc. They’re still people. And the season is a grind.

    Saying he’s miserable over and over won’t make it true man.

  39. Kronwal, Lidstrom, Chara, Ohlund, Salo, Numminen, Kubina, Hamrlik, Volchenkov, Salei, Tjat=rnvist, Frogen (tor)

    the above guys all hit and I belive them to be Euros

    remember this…
    When a Euro plays a little Dirty they are marked men by the refs ( dirty cheating Ruskies…just ask Don Cherry) but when a NAmerican plays dirty he’s just a good’ol boy doing all those good ol boy nasty things

    We get singled out by refs and finally by coaches who cant risk having a tough dee man who draws a lot on penalties….

  40. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    WOW! That is a scary statement. Sounds like the “C” is weighing far to heavy on his chest.

  41. I Bleed Ranger Blue on

    Sheesh! Another Prucha is a healthy scratch yet again? Looks like Coach Tom is playing the grinch.

    Curious if the consensus here is that Prucha will never again see any playing time at all as a Ranger.

  42. The season isn’t even half over and he’s talking about the end… It’s a poorly veiled quote from a guy who’s not very well versed in the arts of communication/leadership. Its totally understandable, just a little unsettling that our Captain and savior is looking forward to the putting green before the new year even turns over.

  43. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I don’t see where he says he’s miserable. You’re putting words into his mouth and attributing feelings to Drury that may or may not be true.

  44. BillyDeeWilliams on


    Not once did was he “talking about the end.” You’re just making stuff up again. I respect your comments on here, but seriously, it sounds more like you’re two inches from the ledge rather than Drury.

  45. Salty,

    I happen to agree. I can only imagine if I said that to my boss mid-January.

    Boss: “Brandon, I’ve noticed you’ve spent the good majority of your day watching Youtube videos and posting on lohud when you could have been doing work.”

    Me: “Yeah, well the Holiday season has passed, and with no end in sight to 2009, or this lifetime, I decided to take the afternoon off, it’s just too hard to focus.”

    HELLO!?!? You get paid to play hockey, and you get paid entirely too much for what you produce at that.

    I know about all the intangibles that Drury brings to the table, but for all his “clutch”, which in my opinion is a bit overrated, he certainly hasn’t been much of a captain.

    Drury is a nice guy and he’s likable, if that’s your bag. But, personally I like guys with personality and fire. Jagr, who arguably isn’t a born leader, had that charisma and mystery to him on and off the ice, which I always felt made him a good captain. Guys gravitated to him b/c of his personality and he took games over with his play.

    Chris Drury is a nice player. He’s a great 2nd/3rd line guy, who may even deserves to wear an A.

    But, to be wearing a C and making 40 goal money is just ABSURD.

    For some reason, most people here give him a pass. Primarily b/c he’s American and “hustles”. But, let’s call a spade a spade. He’s getting paid to score. We’re almost halfway through the season and he isn’t producing.

    When do we question him?

    Brandon… not a Dru-kind of guy.

  46. Quote rubbed me the wrong way too. Better blame PR guy, John Rosasco on that one for not having the proper message points.

    There should never be an “end in sight.” If there is, that means you’re either A. Not making the playoffs, or B. getting elminated from said playoffs.

    If those really are your feelings, I don’t want to know about it.

    Brendan Shannahan never said stuff like that. He should be wearing the C here.

  47. BillyDeeWilliams on

    so he did say “end in sight”…lol. i’m partially retarded, but he’s still not talking about right now.

  48. This should show our Captain a thing or two about opening up his mouth…one simple sentance and he receives a crucifixtion for the holidays…LMAO

    Hey Chris! either go back to saying nothing at all or else talk so damn much nobody can remember waht you say!!!

  49. howyagonnatellme on

    Jagr would be hung by Ranger fans for this statement. Hung.

    Unfortunately… I think this speaks to the Rangers mindset. The mindset of the coaches.

    These games aren’t important! Who cares if we play down to our opponents? Who cares what the standings look like in December? It’s April when it counts! This is why Renney can switch up the lines until January… November and December are still “embarrass players by pulling them in and out of the line up” time. “Try every line combo until the team ends up playing shorthanded, because they are so confused by the lines” time.

    Which is fine and great and all, until other teams start blowing by them, and there is panic in February. Of course, then they go on some crazy 10-1-1 streak that will get them into the playoffs only to be sent home second round.

    Hello? Does this sound familiar?

    Every game counts. These are just as important as April games. Playoff pushes are fun and all, but winning the division is preferable, boys.

    I certainly hope Drury misspoke, but I wouldn’t doubt that this IS the mindset of the team. They looked half dead last game, anyway.

    Frustrating team. Frustrating captain. Frustrating coach.

  50. Wow!
    Drury wasnt with the 2006 and 2007 playoff first and second round losers

    he played for conference finals both years after having team get 110 pts each year

    leave him out of the mid winter blues/playoff push/ early exit crowd

  51. I think you guys are trying to slant Drury’s words. Having listened to him for the past year and a half in NY, its pretty obvious that speaking to the press is not his strong point. And when he does, it’s pretty vanilla. That doesn’t preclude him from being a good captain though on the ice.

    Besides, the hockey season is long and doubt I there are many players that can maintain peak focus all season year after year.

  52. Prediction tonight (which I hope doesn’t come true):

    Rangers come out as usual, slow, “feeling out” Caps who play hard from opening faceoff and build good lead. Rangers try to crawl back but too little too late.

    again I hope I’m wrong. But why is it so hard to imagine thgis team jumping on the opposition at home early and often and demoralizing them and winning the game in the first twenty minutes? why does this never happen? Oh yeah now I remember, they’re coached not to play that way until they are way behind.

  53. I Bleed Ranger Blue on

    “Jagr would be hung by Ranger fans for this statement. Hung.”

    howyagonnatellme: Hanged not hung. A picture is hung, a person is hanged.

    Merry Xmas

  54. Rozival dogs it…

    Redden plays in cup finals, now he dogs it…

    Jagr the great!..he dogs it..
    Drury co-captains a team to BTB semis, scores 30+ now he dogs it…

    Shanny wins 3 cups…he dogs it very slowly

    Gomez goes to 3 cup finals in first 5 seasons.. is he Jeter? no..he dogs it…

    I read this stuff every day..what is there some kind of anti-miracle that takes place at MSG to turn these players into dogs, dogs that dont care…i’m not allowed to say anything (my word of honor) just asking about this odd set of coincidences

  55. In this quote, isn’t Drury’s saying other down times during the season are harder to deal with than having a break at the holidays? I’m sure professional athletes have extra things to do at holidays like everyone else.

  56. howyagonnatellme on


    My critique may have been regarding Drury’s words, but it’s an old symptom we’ve seen with Renney’s Rangers. So it’s hard to leave the past few seasons out, because it’s not DRURY’s fault. It’s the fault of the coaching staff, who allows the team to skate through December.

    Past three seasons; pathetic December-January, just to be on the outside looking in. I admire the playoff push, but it just screams mediocre coaching. Why can’t these players play with a fire under their butts all season long? If I worked like that, I’d be fired. The 2005-2006 team did it. Which is why they were so much fun to watch, despite the early exist from the playoffs.

  57. Hockeyman Rangers on

    They must win tonight or no one gets their Christmas bonus. Sather is giving all players a Rolex but only if they win tonights game.

  58. howyagonnatellme on

    I Bleed Ranger Blue…

    I think Jagr would be hanged, hung and shot for this statement :-P

  59. Jagr would have been hung in effigy no wait…is it hanged in effigy? where the hell is effigy anyway….

  60. “Rangers defenseman Michal Rozsival became just the second player in NHL history to score on a penalty shot and in overtime in the same game when his extra-time goal beat the Kings last Wednesday.”

    He had the “Rozi” hat trick. Score 2 and give up 1.

  61. howyagonnatellme on

    Oh and I Bleed Ranger Blue…

    Yes, it is my thought that we have seen the last of Petr Prucha in red, white and blue. Renney has made it clear that Dawes is preferable, because of his “playmaking” ability. We may see Prucha, if an injury presents itself, although I have a feeling Fritsche will get the first call. At this point I doubt it.

    I also doubt a trade. It’s better, for the Rangers, to bury Prucha then trade him. Partially it’s because his trade value is so low right now. And partially, I think there is a reluctance to trade him because of the bad PR it would be; Prucha has a lot of fans, still, and if he DOES get traded, and succeeds, that says a lot about the mismanagement of the organization and the misuse of this young player.I think this is why we’ve seen so much speculation about Prucha, but the trigger never goes off despite the wasted salary room. Prucha only goes at the trade deadline if the Rangers are buyers and we’re desperate for cap room.

    Although Sather has proved me wrong before….

  62. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I was looking at season stats the other day and our first player in the individual stats is Zerduv in like 30th position. Why the heck can’t the Rangers get a hot line going. Look at the way Philly is playing right now thay are beating teams by multiple goals. The only time we socre that many goals a game, is when we have to come from behind. Why don’t we have any young players that can score some goals? When is it our turn to get some players that can SCORE SOME GOALS.

  63. howyagonnatellme on

    I Bleed Ranger Blue… Oh I’m sure Jags is. Have you seen the girlfriend? lol :-P

    Kasper… Then it would be hung is effigy because an effigy is a likeness of a person but not an actual person… I think?

  64. I always thought when a person was hung in Effigy it was a place… it meant like…Effigy Nebraska…I was always afraid I’d drive thru it on one of my “get-away-get-a-babe” trips….

  65. “It’s the other down times when you feel like the season’s dragging and there’s no end in sight when you lose focus a little more.” Chris Drury


  66. Kaspar – “I read this stuff every day..what is there some kind of anti-miracle that takes place at MSG to turn these players into dogs, dogs that dont care…i’m not allowed to say anything (my word of honor) just asking about this odd set of coincidences”

    Dude…ill say it for YOU…FIRE RENNEY! LOL

  67. Pavel-

    Beer Me!
    December 23rd, 2008 at 12:50 pm
    “The only other player to do it was Anaheim’s Steve Thomas on April 1, 2003.” (

  68. “drury would be open to a trade” if he wanted one he would not have the no trade clause in his contract. I’m sure he wants to be here…I can semi understand the resistance towards benching Kalinin believe it or not, because with a rookie you are more prone towards mistakes than a veteran like Kalinin, however, the difference is Kalinin would make 2.1 million dollar mistakes while Potter would only make 700 grand mistakes…

  69. Evan S…. Great logic…. Why the hell didn’t I think of that???

    I really doubt Drury anticipated the situation he’s in right now. 3rd line guy, constantly struggling to produce. What kills me is you’d think a “two way player” like Drury would flourish in a system like this…

    But hey… Apparently the guy practices really *really* hard. lol

  70. haha heaven forbid if a guy’s honest… “Gee I don’t feel like coming in to work and working my ass off EVERY DAY”.

    Look at what he said, basically “there’s slow times in the year, and you drag a little”. then watch him play, while not scoring a ton, he’s ALWAYS playing D, blocking slapshots, trying his hardest…

    I’d much rather he say something dopey than drag ass on the ice.

    And I think its a little ironic that people who are spending their entire day on a ranger blog would question his work ethic.

  71. “Past three seasons; pathetic December-January, just to be on the outside looking in. I admire the playoff push, but it just screams mediocre coaching.”

    Not last year. That screamed “our star goalie’s dad is going to have his skull cut open so that his brain is accessible, then closed back up and hope he doesn’t die before his sons can see him again”.

    So last year is out of the question, but we were 11-13-4 in Dec/Jan combined. 06-07 we were 12-13-1 in Dec/Jan. In 05-06 we were 13-8-4. We haven’t seen Jan this year yet.

    So they’re average at best #’s. Nothing to throw a sh!t fit about really. Certainly not enough to call for a coaching change through a rough patch like that. And a hot start allows you to make it through tough patches like that. As we’re seeing so far. I don’t believe 5-4 to start Dec is worth calling for anyone’s job. Especially not since those games included CGY, MTL, PIT, NJD, SJ.

    I DO admit though, that Dec/Jan seem to be our toughest months to get through. But what hasn’t been present in the past few years is a fast start. That’s the difference this time.

    “Pathetic”? I can’t agree with that. There’s been far worse teams. And there have been better that have missed the playoffs.

  72. “And I think its a little ironic that people who are spending their entire day on a ranger blog would question his work ethic.’
    Jeever 12-23-08

    I personally stuck up for Dru…but just in case I ever get on someone’s case I occasionally take care of a little business; for instance today while watching and writing in the blog I answered three calls and walked around a while chewing the fat with some festive co-workers…then I got back to two people I’ve been ignoring for a month..

  73. still can’t get over people saying drury is 3rd center. he’s on pace for 20-25 goals, and if anyone thinks the dubinsky, sjoe and voros line or the betts line is 2nd then i have a bridge to sell them in brooklyn.

  74. I almost don’t know where to much self delusional statements from writers who seem to be on the inside when it comes to knowing about hockey…but their player assessment absolutely stymies me. I cannot figure out what Kallinin is doing in the NHL – let alone in the Ranger lineup. Redden has been playing all season long as though he has two pulled groins.
    Roszival plays a very shy style of defense, and is only lately in his career beginning to make shots from the point instead of looking around for his former mentor Jagr to pass to.

    His giveaways in his own zone ( along with Gomez’s )unfortunately, are a heart stopping fault and can be expected early on in the game without exception.

    If this team continues in this fashion into the season..expect Lundqvist magic to wear out from fatigue. Then you’ll see where this club will actually find itself, and it will be a lot closer to the bottom than the top.

    Drury is trying to adapt to trying to be Mr Everything ( he’ll have to follow on the heels of Dustin Brown of the Kings if so. He’s just not as powerful.

    ALL defensemen have their bad moments…but Roszival Kallinin and Redden seem to have them throughout every game.

    Mara is their steadiest and most under rated defenseman, and Staal is about to break out of he egg shell and assert hjimself. Keep an eye on him.

    This Renney style is what is keeping this team from utilizing their talent to the best of it’s ability.

  75. “so much self delusional statements from writers”
    Fran 12-23-08

    Sam? Self-delusional? Does he just think he’s Sam?

    Sam…I believe you have been torted

  76. kaspar – i think that guy posts on the ny post blog or at least used to. i quickly realized he was not worth the time to read his long winded posts. now i don’t even go to that blog and even the few times i do i ignore the comments (just the daily news blog)

  77. “So….. Kasper…. as far as the bet not bashing Renney…
    your post from 1:49? REALLY”
    Jeever 12-29-08

    Jeever and Beer me!
    Not a word against Renney has been uttered!!…

    There are several possible links, common denominators if you will for identical type seasons and identical charector assassination of former great player…lets examine…you decide:

    Renny? (Its a question)
    The MSG ice surface?
    Betts/Orr/Hank? they have all been here since the lockout
    Equipment managers?
    Perry Pearn?
    Sam Rosen?
    Kommandant Bloomberg?
    The damn circus?
    Living too close to the Knicks?
    A new curse?

  78. thanks LIJ…

    side point, will other teams EVER catch up to us in games played? it sucks being in 1st and seeing 1/2 the division have 5 games on hand on you…

  79. Woe! No Kaspar either

    Seriously Jeever; Kalinin or Kaspar? you decide.

    and Thanks LI Joe…I feel better not bashing renney, I do!

  80. jeevs – best part about the schedule so far for us is we’ve only played filly once. While in their 0-3-3 start. Hopefully they’ll cool off a little. We don’t face them again until 2/15 if I’m not mistaken.

  81. I’d take Kaspar in a second. that guy RULED!

    Beer – strangely enough, we play 3 of out 6 games against Pittsburgh all next month too… Hopefully Sid and Malkin both get high ankle sprains soon…

  82. I don’t like the fact that they try to cram rivalries down our throats. Last year (or maybe it was the year before) we played Buffalo 4 times before xmas. They were something like 29-8-? during that span too. I’d rather ‘spread the joy’ a little, ya know?

  83. Guys

    anyone looking forward to that devil game next week?

    to me…that has to be first gut-check game of the year doesnt it?

  84. A gut-check for sure. But not the 1st.

    If you listen to Micheletti (which I don’t recommend) he’ll tell you every game is the biggest game of the year.

  85. “If you listen to Micheletti (which I don’t recommend)”

    Beer, I have a 15 minute of Jim Gordon nad Bill Chadwick that I play over and over again all game!…from a 1975 game against the Kansas City Scouts

  86. Paging Nigel! Let’s come home to the Garden and create some offense. Do it on your own if you have to, but fix your game. I’m tired of waiting for you to explode. Tonight would be as good a night as any to have a multiple point game and help the Blueshirts and their supporters to victory!

  87. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Rangers will win tonight,4-3 in the shootout! BIG DEAL!!

    The Caps are playing with half the team almost.Green Semin fleischmann are all out.As are some others.

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