Now it gets complicated


So maybe everyone was getting ahead of themselves in thinking Mats Sundin was going to give the Rangers a plum discount purely out of a desire to win and the kindness of his heart. According to Larry Brooks, the free agent center “is still looking to get paid”:

If Sundin is indeed seeking $6 million pro-rated from the Rangers, that would still be considerably less than the $10 million on the table from the Canucks, but it would also be enough that Glen Sather would have to work some magic to clear space for him.

In other words, forget about a simple waive of Petr Prucha and Dan Fritsche, and start thinking about options far more dramatic — like, for instance, a trade of a core player (yes, there’s always the panacea of dispensing of a defenseman’s bulky contract, but that’s a longshot. More on that in a second).

And that’s when you start asking yourself if whether it’s all worth it. While no one is going to confuse this three-game winning streak with signs that the Rangers are Cup-ready, you do have to be leery of moves that completely shake the foundation of a group that, while certainly flawed, does have a pretty good record.

In the salary cap world, you always have to give up something to get something. I get that. But part of what has made Sundin so attractive these past few weeks is that the Rangers didn’t seem to have to give up an objectionable amount. Now you wonder if that’s actually the case.


How about that Michal Rozsival? For that matter, how about a number of players on this trip who seem to have shaken out of their respective slumps — from Rozsival to Nigel Dawes to Chris Drury? For the record, if we see Dmitri Kalinin net a couple against the Sharks on Saturday, then we know the Rangers will be pushing for more California trips on the schedule for next year.

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When it comes to Rozsival, it may take a game like this to break the vicious cycle he’s been immersed in all season — sluggish play (injury-related or not) leading to sagging confidence, which of course, leads to more mediocre play. Maybe there’s still a long way to go, but the Rangers at least could point to a game like last night and say this is what they had hoped for when they re-signed him over the summer.

And at the risk of sounding sinister, you wonder if a game like last night might make enough of an impression on other teams that they’d be willing to now take on Rozsival’s contract.

Unlikely, sure. But it put this way: it couldn’t have hurt.

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  1. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    From last post, you dont get +/- from power play goals against or power play goals for. There has to be equal manpower on the ice.

  2. I liked the Sundin idea a lot more when all it meant was getting rid of Prucha/Kalinin/Fritsche.

  3. saw Oasis last night at the Garden then came home just in time to see Rozy score in OT. what a great Wednesday!

  4. REPOST;

    Beer Me!

    I guess I’ll have to learn how to be happy!

    Maybe this is a new dawn…
    Maybe the influence of positivness can turn around others…
    Maybe a whole new era in the history of the Rangers can begin today…
    Maybe we’ll all learn to get along….


  5. This is so complicated it;s not worth it. We CAN’T just wave payers to get this guy,we need to make a trade to get some defenceive help i here,So that means something big has to happen to make happen what has to happen.
    We need to lose 2 of our d-man to get in one tough hitter and bring up Potter,then move 2 of our many 3rd line players just to have the mony to sign Sundin.
    I don’t think its gonna happen,I would love it to but…..I don’t think so.
    So thats why I think Sundin is not coming here.Know one wants wants our over paid players.
    If Sather pulls this off he;s a genius.

    With all that said with Renney and his system it woun’t matter,the system has to change before the players do.

  6. kaspar…I don’t expect your world to turn upside down overnight. And I’d be the last person to tell you that a weeks worth of games is enough to do that.

    But the statement that you made really helps to prove a point. And I hope you stick to your word.

  7. On Sundin…

    I’m also the last person to agree with Larry Brooks. Somehow he gets people to open up to him…THAT, I don’t get. Of course Mats want to get paid. He won’t play for peanuts. But I think that this decision is a VERY defining one for him. If he chases the dough, and VAN either misses the playoffs completely, or is eliminated early, it could cost him the HOF. He’s borderline at this point as it is.

    BUT… If he takes less $ and has some level of success with the NYR, even without a cup, it could push him over that border with consideration that he was dedicated to the game, and not to the dollar.

    This is a real difficult decision for him. It’s more than a chance at the cup, more than $10mil. It’s about his legacy as an NHL elite.

  8. See, this is what I hate about Brooks:

    “J.P. Barry, Sundin’s North American representative, said yesterday that Sundin might accept a conditional offer from the Rangers, but that is nonsense.”

    Says who?

    Sure, and agent is an agent. If you don’t take every word from any of them with a grain of salt, you’ll be the proud owner of the Brooklyn Bridge before you know it.

    But who the hell is he to say otherwise? What information does he have to disprove the players agent? Why wouldn’t he share it, even ‘anonymously’, if there were some evidence that J.P. Barry’s comments were false?

    F Larry Brooks.

  9. Either you trade Rozsival or Redden. We cant keep $11.5m for two d-men in a decreasing (or stationary) salary cap era… remember.. Dubi/Zherdev need raises this year… split that $5m between them + Kalinin’s $2m.. might not be enough.. lol.. then next year, Staal’s extension…

    I think Rozsival had a great couple of games, but he has to go.. NO ONE will take Redden’s contract, so Rozsival is the odd man out…

  10. the GF came over late last night and interrupted my watching the game. I caught bits & peices of it. Roszi looked like a new man out there. Im happy for him. I have a hard time believe LB, most of the things he reports really dont come out to be true. I would take this with a grain of salt like Beer says. So that said, how much longer are we going to wait? Until the weekend? This has to be a hard decision for both Sundin and Sather.

  11. This Sundin thing has all the signs of a Rangers disaster signing. He’s too old, he’s been out too long, and I think his desire to play is pretty questionable. If they were going to spend money on veteran players, Shanahan would have been the better choice.

  12. Funny how this comes as a newsflash to some people. Of course Sundin is looking for more than $3M.

    I dont see the point of bending over backwards to fit him in. He’s not what this team needs.

  13. Dan LD, I agree. Weinman, I agree with your generally point that signing Sundin is likely to do more harm than good, especially to a club that WILL NOT be challenging for the cup.

    Great to see Rozi’s shootout goal. That was awesome.
    On Drury’s two goals in the last two nights, anybody notice how similar they were? He intentionally waited on his release to, both struck me as funny and they both scored. I wonder if someone spoke to him about his release or maybe something else he did on both shots to deceive the goalies.

    Anyway, all’s well in Rangersland. Good 4 out of 4 points so far.

  14. Good for Rozsival – he’s playing much better after healing from his surgery. So sick of Sundin — sure he has to look out for himself, but why doesn’t anyone think he’s being extremely selfish? Last year he wouldn’t help Toronto by accepting a trade because he didn’t want to go to a team in mid-season and feel like an outsider. Now he just wants the money, and doesn’t care about the team. And yet the press keeps talking about his great leadership skills.

  15. this (Sundin wanting more than like 2-3M) is actually good news, from my perspective.

    Say he wanted the minimum, and we waive all our scratches to sign him… Now we’re at the cap, with no extra bodies. We get a single injury over the next 3-4 months, we’re SCREWED.

    Now we have to actually make a real move to get him… So, chances are, we’ll move a contract for 5M+ (I think all our contracts that big are multi-year). We still have scratches to account for injuries. We clear a lot of money off the books for the future.

    That’s actually fixing a problem, instead of using a band-aid.

  16. Jeever
    I too think the whole “saga” could benefit NYR even if he doesn’t sign here; but I think fear of longterm injury shouldn’t really be a concern; if I understand the CBA ( and Beer Me! can help here…I mean Confucius)saygomes went down for the season the rangers would take the prorated portion off their cap

    And Beer Me!
    I will stick to my word..even throw in a compliment; since Rangers have had Renney they have been very resilient-especially following nightmare games and stretches( the 6-5 Mont loss last year, the 8-5 Debbies game this year, a 9-2 loss to the Leafs a couple of years back)…I dont know if its his system or demeanor but they normally right the ship…is it enough to get to the next level??

    No more bashing, just ending with questions…

  17. Kasper, I ehar you about long-term injuries, but what about normal hockey wear & tear? like how Gomer had to sit a few games, stuff like that. Can’t bring somebody up, because you have to be able to fit their whole cap hit for the rest of the year, and we just couldn’t do that.

    we just need to trade Rosie now that his stock is HIGH.

  18. Richard,

    It was late, I was tired, I should have said “I have a headache” & happily watched the game. LOL ;)

  19. Sam,

    If my math and my feeble understanding of the cap is correct, it wouldn’t take all that dramatic of a move.

    If you figure out the players’ salaries based on about 57%, or what the prorated amount of “days on the active roster” would be after the trade freeze, getting rid of Kalinin and Prucha would free up about $2.109 million combined. At that point (and adding Sundin), they would still have 14 forwards on the roster. They could send Fritsche or Korpikoski down and save $.498 to $.589, respectively. That’s would allow for Potter to replace Kalinin.

    Unless Sunding is asking for more than $6 million for the year, I don’t see any major moves needed. Unless they want to, but I get the sense it would be more in anticipation of freeing up even more space to trade for a dman at the deadline.

  20. I was at Staples last night — in LA for business and got a ticket late in the day.

    Positive impressions: The Rangers played pretty hard. Dawes was really active. Valley was good (though he kept losing his stick). Roszival’s penalty shot move was amazing, and he looked much better overall. Korpedo was not invisible.

    Not so positive: Still way too easy for an offensive to freewheel in the Rangers’ zone, ie. no physical presence to counter a guy like Brown. The quality scoring chances against were way too high. A less-than-stellar start to the game.

    But again, there was a sense of purpose and urgency to their skating which had been missing for a long long time, so that was nice to see.

    The building seemed to me to be about 35% Rangers fans.

  21. Jeever

    You make some really good points on your comment. Especially when people are calling for Sather to trade Roszi & Kalinin. Well, even though it would clear up about $7mm of cap space, but they are out two Dmen. I would get trade Kalinin with of the regular scratches…

  22. Fan form Germany on

    trade Kalinin, Voros und Fritsche for a pick, sent Korpedo in the AHL! get Potter up and sign Sundin and Shanny



  23. Ford
    I thought I detected “lets go ranger” chants breaking out every so often

    Good place to see a game??

  24. Good for Rozi last night but I’m not giving him a pass just yet. He stood like a statue when Brown tied the game up. He’s pissed me off so much that I’m now watching him when he’s on the ice. He still doesn’t hit and always gives the puck away in his own zone. I hope last night helps his confidence and he starts playing well.

    Kaspar: Renney had a great game plan last night, right?

  25. Jeever – good call!

    Makes for good blogging. Sundin is going to help this team no doubt about it. I would be surprised if one the Redden/Rozy contracts get dealt, that would almost be to good to be true. Then look on the outside, Rozy really helped himself be more marketable last night, pair him with a Prucha/Fritche maybe a team like the oilers/lighting that need help on D would trade a prospect or two.
    Something tells me Slats has something almost done, for this to hit the paper.

  26. Did anyone ever think that Sundin already picked the Rangers and gave them a deadline to make cap room for him or he’s going eles where????

  27. Kaspar

    Many “Let’s Go Rangers” cheers started. Even a Potvin chant in the first period!

    The building is state of the art re: bells and whistles, but pretty antiseptic, not much atmosphere.

  28. billy – I swear, if Sundin backs out of making a decision AGAIN, I’m personally gonna throw a Maple Leafs jersey on him and beat the bald right out of him.

  29. hey Kasper, what are your thoughts on Prof Renney’s dressing habits? (I’m working this bet for what its worth)

  30. Who Needs Lohan on

    Is anyone else really sick of the constant mention of Shots on Goal? It really angers me, and I am thinking about ordering NHL package to watch the other team’s anouncing! Am I alone? Do I need to repost the NYR SOG statistics from earlier this week? They even had a new graphic last night to exemplify this useless statistic..

    SOG are almost as meaningful as a Bernie Madoff Account Statement!

  31. somerset, I think they mean its 6 million, but THAT figure is pro-rated. So officially its a 6M contract, but the actual cap hit would be something like 3-4M

  32. Even still, there are 3 main reasons i want the Rangers to sign Sundin.

    1. How many points could he put up NOT playing on a crappy Leafs team (he averages over 70 points in his career)?

    2. This would clear cap space for next year for resignings and rid us ofa couple of bad signings.

    3. Would open some roster spots for players like Potter this season.

    All in All, if Sundin comes in and just plays average or even below average, we still would have more money next year to re-sign Zherdev, Dubinsky, Mara, etc.

  33. SO say Sundin goes to Vancouver?

    What does SAther do then?
    I’m really curious to see what he thinks the team needs (I know WE all know)
    D man?
    Socring Wingers?

    LAst nights game was good.

    Tough young team in LA, they got more sscoring chances, Vally came to the resuce and patience paid off. Still too many scoring chances, but it happens.

    so right now we are 5-3 for the month
    Again I’ll be more than Happy if we finish with 9-3, 8-4, or 7-5 come new YEars

    PS I am now OFFICALLY nto givving a rats ass about Sundin. HE’s jerking everyone around, and I bet next year there will be a mandated deadline for players to join teams (not trades)

    I also have a sneaking suspicion Shanny signs immediately after Sundin says NY, Van, or retirement.
    Jsut wonder who is going to sign him?

    Im a Shanny lover and would welcome him back here in NY in a heartbeat, but I jsut know that aint gonna happen. Bridge burned.

  34. With all their injuries, Im sticking by my trade offer to St. Louis:

    Rozsival, Prucha and a 3rd FOR Coliacovo and a 4th … then we sign Sundin

  35. I had a buddy at the game last night in LA. He texted me during the 2nd period that the “Potvin Sucks” chant made its way all the way to the left coast…thought that was kind of funny even though I get tired of it being whistled every 5 seconds in the Garden….

  36. Last night, Joe M spoke again about how much easier travel is for teams in the East vs. West and how that was one of the factors in Sundin’s/players decision making process. Being a numbers guy, I couldn’t help myself to actually try and quantify this (yes, I am loser).

    I was interested in looking at this because it I’ve kind of always thought an away game is an away game. There has to be a certain amount of hassle/prep/logistics that go into that and everyone plays the same number of away games, so if you take the bus from NY to Philly in 2 hours or fly from Vancouver to Phoenix in 3 hours there’s really not that much difference.

    So I looked at the Rangers and the Vancouver schedules. The results were interesting.

    Pure travel time (destination to destination):
    Rangers 125 hours
    Vancouver 137 hours

    Number of trips:
    Rangers 25 trips
    Vancouver 15 trips

    I didn’t assume any travel time or trips for the Rangers when they play at the Devils or Islanders although obviously since it is an away game – some coordination and hassle have to go into it.

    Vancouver takes a three long road trips (about a 1.5 weeks each) during the season while the Rangers just seem to go to away games piecemeal. The Vancouver schedule actually seemed to me to be more well thought out and economical, they fly an hour or two to the next city on a road trip while the Rangers will fly to Florida and back for just one game.

    I don’t really know that I believe the notion that there is tons of more travel in the West – its probably just a matter of preference.

    If you have a family, doing those three long trips for Vancouver is probably a burden but you’re most likely totally focused on hockey and it probably really good for team chemistry. The New York schedule struck me as burdensome, always flying in and out, which could wear you down as the season goes on.

    There’s something to be said for sleeping in your own bed more often but I couldn’ help but think that sometimes the West travel version might make it easier for players to focus on hockey.

  37. leatherneckinlv on

    I am disgusted that the Rangers are even in the Sundin talks as this clown has held the league hostage and players like Shanny have to await his decision before other teams will sign him..pathetic that a grown up cant make up his mind

  38. Who Needs Lohan on

    very interesting JJP, one thing you might want to factor in is the notion that travelling east is more difficult than travelling west. Either way if you go west you eventually have to go back east so maybe that is a moot point. Well, either way, I thought it was an X factor missing in your equation, maybe relevant, maybe not…

  39. JJP, your analysis of travel is incomplete when you don’t factor in time zone changes. That’s the hardest part of travel for the body, not the actual time spent on a plane or train.

  40. Adam – Agreed, that part is missing but most of Vancouver’s trips are puddle jumps that are one time zone over. They aren’t flying to Boston then Denver then Washington then LA.

  41. Who Needs Lohan on

    I actually think travelling west gives you extra energy. Well at least thats what happens to me when I go to Vegas. Ok, maybe its the bright lights, naked women and heavy doses of alcohol, but it still does give me a boost!!!

  42. And Beer Me!
    I will stick to my word..even throw in a compliment; since Rangers have had Renney they have been very resilient-especially following nightmare games and stretches( the 6-5 Mont loss last year, the 8-5 Debbies game this year, a 9-2 loss to the Leafs a couple of years back)…I dont know if its his system or demeanor but they normally right the ship…is it enough to get to the next level??
    No more bashing, just ending with questions…
    kaspar – It’s been said a million times. If they play within the system, it protects them. That said, if you’re legs are shot, goaltender “off”, or a line looks like they’re rather be playing Guitar Hero, you’re in for a disaster.

    I think the defensive system has roots that are pretty deep, and I think every single player on the roster understands how to play within it. The questions are: are the current players able to score points off the transition? Are the dmen able to make ONE pass ‘north’ and out of the zone to CREATE the transition?

    Surely they’ve figured out how to get shots on goal, off said transition. But we all know they’re not high quality. So what they do with the puck in the o-zone is in large part dictated by a players ‘creativity and vision’. VERY difficult to be taught. Especially at this level.

    So…if the system has been proven to be effective, and the shots are there, but the ‘chances’ really aren’t, its my belief you need to look at the caliber of players on the roster. Notice the guys who DO show that creativity, and their outputs speak to that point.

    I had NO plans of turing this into a “sundin post”. But it just became one. And now more than before, I really see the need to make the room and bring him in.

    And as someone had mentioned above, just like I said the other day…there’s no harm in making the cap room this time if you’re not mortgaging your future. Which wouldn’t be the case anyway, b/c our “future” doesn’t make enough $ to be a factor here.

    NO…prucha, fritcshe, d-kal, rozy are not our future. And if they are…hoooolllllly shhhh!t.

  43. One-time zone jumps are like switching back and forth from daylight saving time to standard time several times per month…anything that messes with the internal clock like that is hard to handle.

  44. Damn. I got totally sidetracked there.

    just excited to be out of a conference call that was intended to be a 30min Q&A, turned into 2hrs of reinventing the goddamn wheel.

  45. Sam – You *do* get plus/minus for power play goals against and shorthanded goals for because the team with less players is scoring. The team with more players can’t get a + in those situations.

  46. I really think if its this much work and it involves trading away one of our top guys, Sather isn’t going to do it. He’ll say this is what we’ve got to work with, take it or leave it.

    If Sundin goes to Vancouver I can see Shanahan on our team before January ends. Older, less effective now, but he can be picked up for peanuts. I think he was asking 1.5million from the Flyers a while back. The Rangers already have about 1 million in the cap right now.

  47. One of the big reason they pulled out of the slump is how the defense has handled the puck at the points. Rozi’s OT goal last night is a great example. They’ve been passing between each other more crisply and have gotten off a ton more (any) one timers.

    These shots may not all find the back of the net… or even set up goals, but there have been more rebounds… more shifting of the defense, and the puck has stayed in deep longer.

    Not rocket-surgery or anything… just an observation.

  48. I’ll throw something out there (in the blind hopes this means moves are on the way)… We just came off 2 back-to-back games on the West coast (far from Hartford).

    Does anybody think that the reason there’s been NO moves is because we needed every body we had with us? For instance, say Rozie got traded yesterday or 2 days ago. Then, a D-man goes down in 1 of the games we played. We’re down a d-man for the game last night, and possibly for the game Saturday.

    Now that we only have 1 game left, maybe now, a trade/move will go down?

    Also, when’s the roster freeze? I know tomorrow, but is tomorrow the last day to make a move, or is 11:59 tonight the deadline to make a move?

  49. Jeever I don’t think there is going to be any shuffling until Sather knows what Sundin wants. Its going to have to be a situation where Sundin says yes I’ll take the offer if you clear this much money for certain. If we trade away a bunch of people and Sundin doesn’t sign with the Rangers we have totally messed up our core for nothing. There needs to be a decision and some sort of guarantee…

  50. We won those two games ONLY because of the rumors. Dawes/Rozsival especially stepped up because their names have been on the rumor mill.

  51. Riche
    I’m with you on the “rocket-surgery” LOL

    enough with the stats, the only stats that matter are wins and losses; nobody studies the playoff stats of the stanley cup champs except they need 16 wins; plus-minus, time of possesion and yes…as was mentioned earlier by Who Needs Lohan…these frickin shot totals that seem so importatnt to Ranger god who cares???

    We watch the games; we see dee men who dont hit, guys attacking 1 on 3, no one going to the net…I dont need some computer at translating it all so I understand better

    and by the way Lohan…I have the NHL package and occasionally do switch from Sam and Joe to the other teams announcers…the problem with that is you hear things like “the rangers aren’t scoring but they play great defense!”….When I watch alone I listen to music and turn down the clowns to “MUTE”…Still my favorite remote button

  52. I believe if Sundin doesnt sign with Vancouver by tonight. Then he is definitely going to sign with the Rangers. I think the Rangers have something to “prove” on this Cali trip & wanted to keep the team together. That is just my gut.

  53. Hey Jeever
    What did you mean by Professor Renney’s dressing habits?

    I am sworn not to say any disparaging remarks about him by Beer..ah mean Confucius so I can’t tell you why I close my eyes and dont look at him when the cameras pick him up…I know he chews gum ( or his tongue I cant tell cuase he doesn’t blow bubbles as far as I know)

  54. Agr – I think all each side needed to know was discussed on Saturday night. It’s just a matter of making the room now.

    Pavel – What about vally stepping up? “only”?

  55. What the hell does someone from VT know about ‘fashion’? All you guys know is knit hats and thermal underwear! haha jk

  56. Shots on goal are a good tool if used in context…

    really in our case shots given up by the Rangers is a telling stat… but shots on goal BY THE RANGERS is nearly meaningless (since most are from the perrimeter).

    IMO the NYR game, when played correctly, would yield very few shots and very few chances (a much better stat BTW).
    When they’re playing bad the shot count (against) rises sky high.

    Shots last night against: 40 Team played rather badly… goalie stands on head.

    Shots against Ducks: 20 (I think) Team played well, Henrik made some quality saves but didn’t have to stand on head.

  57. Per the CBA – “13.15 Holiday Roster Freeze. For all Players on an NHL Active Roster, Injored Reserve or Players with Non-Roster and Injured Non-Roster status as of midnight local time December 19, a roster freeze shall apply through midnight local time December 27, with respect to Waivers, Trades and Loans;…..”

  58. “All you guys know is knit hats and thermal underwear! haha jk”
    Beer Me! 12-18-08

    You forgot the delightful army green waiter-style boots; comfortable, affordable, fashionable in mud, snow or horse turds..

  59. Whatever the trade package is, I hope they include Kalinin. Enough is enough with the penalties and bad giveaways.

  60. The rangers should clear cap regardless if they get sundin or not.. the team is fine how it is now.. but if you have the extra cap space you could address your needs down the road going into the playoffs- like a physical d-man or an extra winger.

  61. “He will announce his decision when the Rangers want him to at this point” an NHL source told me.

  62. You can hear it getting louder…

    A sound from deep in the woods “shhhhhhhhhhh…”

    It begins to resonate

    Louder and louder “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

    People begin to cheer

    Then the sound fills their heart, their souls “SHHHHHHHH…

    A man with a cigar tries to speak, to quell the crowd but its too late….its:


  63. Dr.House,
    I guess I didn’t say it how I meant it- I think the team can get by now just how it is.. Especially if Drury, Dawes, and the back line start producing(may be asking a lot- but it’s certainly a factor)- What I meant is that Sundin or not.. the rangers should still clear that wasted cap space so when a deal comes a long that makes sense for them- it will be easier to maneuver.

  64. Just waive Kalinin and trade poor Prucha. I would have traded Dawes a week or so ago but like lazarus he’s risen from the dead.

  65. graves9,
    I was also iffy on dawes.. but I was very impressed with him last year-especially his vision(maybe that’s why I expected so much out of him this year). At 600k it’s worth keeping him around. I hope he’s just a late bloomer like St.louis(obviously not the same caliber player but you get what I’m saying)

  66. I thought watching the Rangers via the Internet and listening to an Oasis CD was pretty great until I read Tara’s comment.

  67. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Even though I think Renney can only lead a team to the playoffs, its Sather who should be fired. Few other general managers like him or will trade with him and he has so poorly contstructed this team, we might lose Z after this year.

  68. Kaspar,
    Actually I’d rather have Shanny over Sundin simply because Shanny was with this team already and he knows what needs to be done.

  69. I hate to say it (GOD I REALLY HATE TO SAY IT)… but in this case Eklund makes a bit of sense.

    Ouch that hurt to say.

    I really doubt that Dubi would be a part of any trade though.

  70. haha Eckland said this “As another noted, “without Lundqvist this team would not have won two of their last ten.””…

    So if they wouldn’t have won 2 of 10, that means they’d win 1. They won 1 by itself last night without Henrik. Other than that, they’d be completely winless the other 9 last games?

  71. Actually Valiquette won in Atlanta as well, so without Hank, this team did win two of its last ten. But I see the point….

  72. “And at the risk of sounding sinister, you wonder if a game like last night might make enough of an impression on other teams that they’d be willing to now take on Rozsival’s contract.”

    I was thinking this too. This team doesn’t need Sundin if it means Rosi has to go. They need the team to come together and Renney to tweak the lines properly (before the playoffs begin this time, please).

    Did anyone see Redden last night? I hate to sound negative after so much Blueshirt success but this guy is like a lost child out on the ice.

    I know someone can articulate this better than me but I saw a few things:

    1) didn’t want the puck
    2) as soon as he got the puck, within less than a 1/4 second of controlling it, he whips a tape-to-tape pass to a King and skated towards the bench (nearly creating an odd-man rush).

    He also had at least one more immediate (I DON’T WANT THE PUCK WAAAH!) tape-to-tape passes to a King, but with the hard work of Dawes, it turned into a Drury goal!

    If he doesn’t have confidence in himself how can his team, or we? Renney is soft enough to give this guy free passes all season long while young guys who make one little mistake get benched. Sorry for the rant.

  73. Kasper I was asking about your opinion on Renney’s dressing habits because you can’t trash him, and I’m trying to force you to talk about him.

    just some sore winning on my part.

  74. Why does almost everybody leaving comments on this blog think that they’re comedians all of a sudden?

    Just STFU and leave your inane and unfunny comments on YouTube. Stick to hockey opinions and drop the lame attempts to be Mr. Witty On The Internet.

  75. blast from the past… early July… “Mats Sundin says he’ll make a decision about his playing future by August”.

    Maybe we should all stop holding our collective breath?

  76. blast from the past… early July… “Mats Sundin says he’ll make a decision about his playing future by August”.

    Maybe we should all stop holding our collective breath?


    as another said: F this guy for holding the NHL hostage. If this doesnt show you a *MASSIVE EGO PROBLEM* in the making…I don’t know what does. I personally don’t see a shred of difference in Jagr or Sundin for what it’s worth, we dont need another Jagr.

  77. Mats Sundin spent his entire career with one team. He’s been in the league longer than anyone else, but Chris Chelios and handful more, at most. He’s a consummate professional.

    He’s EARNED the right to take his time and make a decision.

    It’s not “selfish”. The fans are the ones waiting. Mats is doing what’s best for himself and family. You can’t knock the guy for it.

    It’s not like some young buck first round pick who’s holding out on a contract before he plays one shift.

    This is a guy who’s been to hell and back in the NHL. He can take as long as he wants.

    We’re just pissed b/c we want an answer. Not his fault. It’s his life and he’s earned this.

  78. I have the following issue with Sundin coming in…
    Why are people treating him like this is somehow the second coming of October 4, 1991? (the day the Rangers traded for Messier). Sundin has captained 0 teams to the Stanley Cup. He’s captained 0 teams to the Stanley Cup finals. And he’s more than on the ‘downside’ of his career. Mess was 31 when he came to the Rangers… still in his ‘prime.’

    And what happens if the Rangers move mountains to get Sundin on the team and he doesn’t put up the numbers that he did 2-3 years ago? Think about that one.

    It’s true that the team (as presently constructed) is not good enough to win the Cup. They’re probably not good enough to win the Eastern Conference, and it’s debatable if they’re even good enough to win the Atlantic Division. But bringing in Sundin — and maxing out the cap– without addressing some of the other needs would be a huge mistake.

  79. The cap is already practically maxed out. So, that’s really not an issue.

    Regardless of whether we sign him or not, we still have a plethora of dead weight and an abundance of third/fourth line players.

    We’re going to make moves. If Sundin doesn’t sign with us, we’ll still make a big trade at the deadline. If he does sign with us, we’ll STILL make a big trade at the deadline.

    He would just be one peice to the puzzle.

  80. I was open to the idea of Sundin coming here if his sole care was to play well and win a stanley cup. But Im getting sick of the publicity and crap. But the more and more I think about it… I think the Rangers should just walk away from it.

    Yea, everyone needs to get paid… but if his ultimate goal was to win a stanley cup, then he should go to whatever team he feels like that is for as much as they can offer him without disrupting the rest of that team.

    … after all, down the stretch its the depth players that truly win you championships. Not the superstars. If we have to reduce our depth to get him, short of a miracle, then it’ll be counterproductive in the long run.

    In the Rangers case… if he wants any more than a pro-rated ~$3mill then the team is going to have to be shifted heavily… and thats just not going to work out well.

    At this point, Im hoping Sundin just goes to Vancouver and thats the end of it.

  81. Who Needs Lohan on

    You’re just bitter cause after 30 minutes trying to think of something funny you just decided to ridicule us, you suck!

  82. Sather needs to give Sundin an ultimatum… he said to Jagr one year or go to Russia and decide by this day… Jagr went to Russia… now seriously Sather should say to Sundin we can’t put the team on hold for you or gamble our season on you. So take x amount of dollars and give us your answer by 6PM today so we can clear it. If the Rangers don’t clear it by the freeze Sundin signs with Vancouver… but however fun it was yesterday to call the NHL store I am very sick of this dragging on…

  83. “Agravaine

    Sather needs to give Sundin an ultimatum… he said to Jagr one year or go to Russia and decide by this day… Jagr went to Russia… now seriously Sather should say to Sundin we can’t put the team on hold for you or gamble our season on you. So take x amount of dollars and give us your answer by 6PM today so we can clear it. If the Rangers don’t clear it by the freeze Sundin signs with Vancouver… but however fun it was yesterday to call the NHL store I am very sick of this dragging on…”

    Agree 100% — Sather needs ot take charge instead of letting Sudin jerk them around.


    In other news… heres a fun read from THN:

  84. onecupin67years on

    Rob , you are right they’re all bums ,some are washed up. Chara was good until he got the CONTRACT$$$

    Sundin doesn’t care about a cup he just wants the money and most NHL gm’s aren’t going to accommodate sather by making a trade so the rangers can get sundin. So Rozival had a good night maybe he wants to showcase himself to the other teams , he’s capable of playing better more offensive ,but under renney d comes first.
    One good game doesn’t convert me .
    If the rangers wanted Sundin then sather should have traded a few guys earlier in the season instead of now the last minute,you don’t have leverage when you’re desperate and sather is desperate

  85. I don’t think Sundin is the end-all be-all… But there’s not many chances to get a legit star (I’m assuming he’s a superstar, but on the tail end of his productive career), giving up nothing (any trades we make probably could have been made absent of the Sundin situation), and at a discount?

    At the very least, its giving one of the weakest scoring teams in the league a legit goal scorer, and maybe, just maybe we lose Rozie in the process.

    I’m not saying he’ll win the Conn Smyth, but he can improve us. Possibly a lot.

  86. “Sundin doesn’t care about a cup he just wants the money”…

    Then why is he trying to leave 20M over 2 years on the table? For a 1-year contract that’ll end up being around 3-4M?

  87. “F this guy for holding the NHL hostage. If this doesnt show you a MASSIVE EGO PROBLEM in the making…I don’t know what does.”

    Salty – just using that instead of adding all the other thoughts that go along with it. Incl Agr’s idea of an ultimatum.

    I have a few thoughts on this. 1) The Canadian media is solely to blame for this being blown up. When they thought he had a chance of playing for another Canadian team, a rival of his former team it WAS huge news. Even still that he could go out to VAN…its still Canada. 2) Different situation on the ultimatum. There he needed a decision because there were 100 players availabe on 7/1. This time its just one UFA we’re looking at. It can really drag on until the team completely stops scoring goals or the trade deadline. Other than those 2 instances, there’s no need for an ultimatum. It’s the fans, the media, and Mike Gillis that are dying for the answer. Not slats.

    Just my opinion.

  88. if you take Sundin’s (and his agent’s) comments at face value, 3/4s of the time they address questions its because they’re being constantly asked, and they have to keep addressing rumors that might or might not be true. I hate this whole “saga” too, but I’m guessing most of us are checking the news pretty regular to see what happens too.

  89. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I said that yesterday – we’ve been down the ‘it’s all about me’ road before.

  90. Beer,

    oh I am totally being selfish in my wish for this to be over and admit it :^) … except it needs to be wearing on the team to to be wondering who is going and who staying and who their line mates or team mates who will be (although even without Sundin this is a question)

  91. onecup, I think he just likes hanging in NYC, and digs the idea of getting paid for it. That and he gets to play with Henrik, his Swedish comrade.

    Whatever the reason, if he wants to kick ass for us and help us sweep the playoffs (16 straight!!!), I’m ok with that.

  92. Agravaine

    I think its best thing to happen to NYR since Europe…

    There are a few guys who were being lazy and those few guys have woke up…Dawes, Rozy, Korpi…maybe even Redden..probably not

  93. if they don’t get Sundin does it kind of work like in Miracle where Herb brought in the new kid and the guys said they had to send him home because they’re family?

  94. onecupin67years on

    I guess at this point Sundin wouldn’t be a bad idea , if he works out great . Sather would look great, Renney would look great, but
    how far do the rangers have to go in the playoffs for the deal to be great ?

  95. Who Needs Lohan on

    Which name is more annoying right now….Sundin or Madoff?? Seriously, I cant take any more of either…

    Oh, I really hope G2D2 found that funny……

  96. can’t see how they can get to the $ 6 mm without a $ 5 mm plus contract being moved.

    otherwise with $ 1 mm as start they could delete prucha $ 1.6 and difference between kalinin and potter $ 1.4 and send korp down $ 1. gets to $ 5 mm. leaves 21 man roster with fritsche the extra but no extra dman. so hard to see $ 5 mm on full yr contract never mind $ 6 mm. and no wiggle room especially on dman injuries.

  97. DAN

    Who gives a fugg ?? Him coming in means Rozi and his stupid but movable contract is out, and that money goes to the people who deserve it, and who need to be here like Dubi, Nicky Z, Cally, maybe Mara, and Staal the following year.

    He’s on the “downside” of his career, yet he managed to put up 30+ goals, 70+ points in his last season. He still has some gas left in the tank.

    He isn’t gonna save this team, but like ive been saying, he’s sure as shit gonna bring more to the table than any one else on this team, all those 3rd liners we have. He could still play the game, and make players around him better.

    Why not take a shot with him, its not like Slats has to give up a 1st round pick, or a top prospect just to sign him. All he has to do is waive or trade 2 or 3 of this teams thousands of 3rd liners, and move Rozi, and potentially Kalinin.

    For that reason alone, you’d think every Nyr fan would be more in favor of this whole thing. If this doesn’t happen, then prepare to see Rozi for another 3 years. Ugh, makes me wanna throw up. Although he stepped up in the last game, i cant see him turning things around. He needs to go, along with Kal, Pruchs, and Danny F.

    I don’t blame Mats for the major delay. His career is almost over, he wants to win a Cup, he has two choices, that’s tough. So you cant really blame him for all this. The media is making it non stop.

    I don’t think its all aboot money, cause if it was, c’mon, he would have taken the Nucks offer long ago, seeing as how that teams been on his list all along, and now its in his top two. He wants to be a Ranger like i want a make out session with Jessica Biel, and then some ! I think that much is obvious. The way i see it, if he wants 6 mil, fine, that just means Rozi will definitely have to go.

    Sign Mats !!!

  98. ORR… forget Jessica Biel…Megan Fox… Anna K (which if u ask me, nothing special at all… typical Russian girl) there is a new lady in town… click on my name… yum

  99. CCCP

    Sweet stuff. Im not really an Anna K fan, but Fox definitely. That chicks hot though, definitely up there on my list. You should check out Keeley Hazel, she’s a babe from London, with gonzagas the size of Keith Jones head, and they’re REAL !!! Top notch for sure.

  100. I don’t see him signing in Van, but I fear he might… Van has NO CHANCE against Det or SJ, just none, zip, nada.

    Although we’re definitely not the best team in the east, we MIGHT have a chance at winning it.. beating Det/SJ is another story…

  101. I think Slats is 100% waiting out on Sundin. I believe Shanny would have been signed if Slats knew he wasn’t getting Mats.

    Can someone remind me…how we got here again, a faceoff between VAN and NYR for Mats?

    No one else made a comparable offer?

  102. it is nice to talk about something else besides sticks…pucks…and 37 year old gigantic dude lol

    and one more thing… what makes Peter Pruha so un-Rangers like?

  103. “Can someone remind me…how we got here again, a faceoff between VAN and NYR for Mats?


    Vancouver offered Sundin $20m/2y… Sundin’s like oooo moneymoneymoney… then he’s like… ah crap, they won’t win the cup…

    Then Slats strolls over and is like ‘sup bro?… then Sundin’s like “ZOMG I LOVE PLAYING IN NY!!!”

    Then Slats is like, well let us know if you’re interested….

    Then we have Naslund/Hank.

  104. Then Slats is like, well let us know if you’re interested….

    Then we have Naslund/Hank”
    Pavel 12-18-08

    Then Naslund makes that freaky Michilin man thing with the lines on his forhead…

    Then lundquist brings them to a swedish clun where people call themselves Sprockets and do pogo dancing….

    Then Dubinsky tries to come along but can’t get past the doorman “Go away kid, the boyscout meeting is around the block!”

  105. to which Dubinsky replied: ” I am not a boy!! I played with Jagr on the same line!! Screw u Swedish meatball” goes out and comes back with colton orr… then Orr knocks the bouncer out… and Dubinsky went by the bouncer smiling and saying “I’ll never shop in IKEA again!!”

  106. But Dubinsky forgets the promise, and a year later goes to “IKEA”, lured in by the $1.99 swedish meatballs. He buys a Bjlorki, brings it home, and never uses it.

  107. eric smith who writes for the bluejackets on hockeybuzz, said that there were cbus scouts in attendance last night in LA to look at dubinsky and rozi.

    he then suggests dubinsky and rozsival to cbus for marc methot….?


    if this happens, we got completely ripped. even if it allows us to sign sundin.

    i bought a dubinsky jersey at the beginning of this year. if he gets traded i’m going to be fucking pissed. i know he’s played like crap but he still has the potential.

    again, trade anyone but dubi, staal, or hank.

    i’ve got a bad feeling that by tomorrow at 3pm something bad is going to have happened. i mean something terrible.

  108. Wow, shesends. That sounds awful. You’re going to have trouble falling asleep tonight. Hope you get through the night ok.

  109. I completely recognize the desire to jettison a large contract for cap reasons to bring in Sundin but here’s why I think it dooms the Rangers, there won’t be any D left on this team. Teams that have been successful recently in making it to the Cup final have ridden a strong goaltender, which Lundqvist is more than capable of meeting the standard, and had a couple of decent guys on D. Look at the list below of the defensive players who made it to the finals the last couple of years (yes, some suck now but in those years they were good).

    2008 Detroit (Lidstrom, Rafalski, Kronwall) / Pittsburgh (Gonchar, Whitney, Sydor, Orpik)
    2007 Anaheim (Niedermayer, Pronger) / Ottawa (Redden, Meszaros, Corvo, Preissing)
    2006 Carolina (Kaberle, Tverdosky, Ward, Hedican) / Edmonton (Pronger, Bergeron, Staios)
    2004 Tampa (Kubina, Boyle) / Calgary (Leopold, Regehr)
    2003 New Jersey (Stevens, Neidermayer, Rafalski) / (Havelid, Ozolinsh)

    If the Ranger’s get rid of Redden or Rozsival, what does that leave the D with? By most accounts, fans are disappointed with the play of both Redden and Rozsival – so you will be left with one disappointment no matter what. Sure, Staal is up and coming but he’s not that close to being a defensive stud playing 25 minutes plus a game. Mara is what he is, a journeyman playing up to his $1.9mn/year contract. Kalinin, not good. After that? Forget it, the depth isn’t there.

    Will Sundin make this club a bigger offensive threat? Without a doubt, his track record proves it. Do I think our defense goes to hell with the loss of Redden or Rozsival? Absolutely.

    I think the Rangers would be better served bundling a few prospects for a winger who can score at the deadline. I am still positive on the long term potential of this team, without Sundin. If everyone can get back to their historical level of play, I think the Rangers can skate with anyone in the East.

  110. I was at the game last night. What a frustrating way to win. The Kings outplayed the Rangers for the first 45 minutes of the game. This team did not play committed hockey in either zone until the 3rd period. In the D zone, they failed to pick up skaters without the puck. And the O zone, they shy away from contact and throw the puck into the empty slot – often trapping 3 forwards down low.

    It was pathetic to watch a professional hockey team play this way. Too many people seem to equate our lack of scoring with playing a defensive style. This is an asbolute falsehood. The worst culprits are Kalinin (who is lost out there), Dawes and… by far the worst — Scott (alternate captain) Gomez.

    This is the most vocal guy in the locker room, yet he freelances in the defensive zone. He rarely picks a man down low. Instead, he floats. Skates up high or along the boards, waiting for Staal or someone to beat two men so he can receive an outlet pass. It’s very evident watching this in person. Any team scouting the Rangers sees this. Overall, the defensemen, aside from Kalinin, are above average. They make plays. But it is the forwards on this squad that do not play a committed, consistent game. They aren’t merely leaving Hank out to dry but the defensemen as well. It’s really pathetic.

  111. JJP – interesting thoughts…

    But do you really feel a guy like Rozie counts as strong D? His entire upside is offensively, and he’s suffering through a slump this season (with the exception of last night).

    Plus I think Staal is a potential stud, who just keeps getting better and better. by the end of the year, people will take notice of his play and not just his last name. Mara’s a good tough, hitting D-man. Girardi’s in the top 15-20 in points for D-men. That’s 3-4 good d-men there, if Redden settles down and plays better.

    Plus with the way the cap is, and all the contracts we’ll have to sign next year, Rozie’s contract WILL help to handcuff us from signing somebody. It would be worth it to get that albatross off our books.

  112. Of the big contracts Rozi’s is the smallest hit… by a million dollars.

    And if you are going to say Rozi’s only upside is offense, don’t list Girardi’s offensive numbers as why he is valuable….

    defense.. blocked shots
    Rozsival 50
    Girardi 33
    Kal 34
    Mar 35
    Staal 32
    Redden 45

    Atleast our d is balanced in minutes but still Rozi eats the most of them including being second in both pk and pp time, everyone wants him off the pp but until someone is put in those minutes it makes him a key element in our league leading defense

    Thanks to yesterday he is tied with Girardi in points and leads in goals by 1. And that with him underperforming to this point. Meanwhile Girardi has been playing his normal game. That means if Rozi can regain form he will be a stronger force.

    Don’t get me wrong. Of all our big contracts he is probably the one we will unload and fine if thats the case, but I’m tired of people being happy we are going to get rid of him. We are going t get rid of him because he has the upside that other teams want…

  113. god damn it. i am ticked off right now. this all goes back to the summer when sather signed rozival and redden. dont blame sundin blame sather. we all know he went to vancouver by default. SATHER YOUR THE WORST.

  114. hey kids, how great is it to be reminded once again that our beloved team is ran by MORONS! i guess Vancouver is more of a contender than us, eh? F Canada lol

  115. whatever, no sweat.

    i guess the only real reason i wanted this sundin thing to work out is because it would mean sather’s actually is trying to better this team by being active and making moves.

    we can make other moves.

    let’s start by waiving kalinin and letting potter replace him.

  116. Wow, Sather really walked from this one. Thats honestly a shocker. Does this mean that the Rangers really want to build a cup contender the right way? We dont need some big scoring forward, we need Defense and a good forward. Maybe later in the season, we can work a deal out with Florida for Jay Bo and possibly Horton if theyre willing to deal him. Good riddance. Have fun losing in Canada.

  117. If I’m Vancouver, I’m pretty worried that it took Sundin 4 months to take my 2 year 20 million dollar offer.

  118. Leetch is the man on

    He went for the money becuase Sather wwas not able to unload the contracts. If we offered the same contract as the Nucks he would be a Ranger now. Ohh well hes old anyway and our defensive need is more important now. On anothe notes the signing of Rozi sucks but he is moveable becuase there is potential with him, but Redden might be the worst signing in Rangers history. When he skates he looks like hes gliding and doesnt try. hes fukin garbage.

  119. i think he signed for this yr only – so it’s closer to 1/2 yr $ 5 mm

    bowmeister would break the bank with draft picks and other young assets and the salary cap as well

  120. Leetch is the man on

    Myabe Rozi Prucha Dawes and 2nd rounder for Jbo. Those three are expendable hell ill even throw in Fritche


  122. Audioserf
    December 18th, 2008 at 6:11 pm
    Sundin is a Canuck.

    Now sign Shanahan ASAFP
    How bout no? I take a run at Kovalchuk.

  123. The Rangers still need something — and losing some crappy defenseman and some secondary forwards would have been good, with or without Mats. Too bad, really.

    Went to the game last night and I wouldn’t think 4 points, however welcome, against the Ducks and Kings means much. The Sharks — that should be interesting and revealing.

  124. dr house
    December 18th, 2008 at 6:24 pm
    sign Shanny still!!!, wow i can honestly say what a greedy bum Sundin is.

    This is the billionth freaking time you’ve said sign Shanny already either shut the hell up about it or get lost please.

  125. leetch – be reasonable. try number 1, grachev, 1 of the 2 young dmen (del zotto, sanguinetti) and anisimov – that will be the type of package fla wil want. plus additional hell to our salary cap if we sign him longer term

  126. Lets focus on a real PP QB and maybe a scoring winger before we add Centres who go for 10 million dollar deals, yeah? Kovalchuk and Gaborik are way way out of our league, maybe not Gaborik because he’ll be a UFA at the end of this year but to give up a lot for a questionable player like that is stupid. He’s injury prone. I’d like to see us take a run at Jay Bouwmeester. I’d also like us take a run at some sort of Power Forward, we have no size up front. It’d be real nice to get somebody like Dustin Brown, that ain’t happenin’ though. Who else is out there?

  127. we can’t trade for kovalchuk either. stop with the big money guys and the deal would be worse than the one i listed for bowmeister just above

  128. Leetch is the man on

    LI-i would move Grachev one of del zotto or sangs and a firts only if they also took Redden or Rozis contract with them along with Prucha. Just for some extra cap to sign Jbo

  129. maybe we can trade kalinin, rissmiller, prucha, dubinsky and a number 5 for Ovechkin.

    folks the other teams have needs and wants too. this is not fantasy hockey

  130. I also need to see Kalinin and Redden sit and Fahey and Potter come up and show them who can play defense. Fritsche and Prucha need to go and people like Nigel Dawes don’t need to the pressure of being in and out of the lineup. We already ruined Prucha like that.

  131. Graves who do u think u are? i will say w/e i feel like. Its honestly a free country. Sure as heck u have no problem with people saying fire Renney. You shutup and mind ur business. By the way if u read i wanted Sundin.

  132. Eric Cole is struggling in Edmonton and is a ufa after the year. Imo he’d make a nice fit on a line with Gomez. He skates well , hits and drives to the net with reckless abandon.

  133. We need a player like Dustin Brown (only comes to mind first because of last night). I dont think we could get him specifically, but that type of player.

  134. … oh, and we need a defensman that likes to hit people and clear the slot/crease. Staal is coming along, be he likes to be more mobile than stationary.

  135. Leetch is the man on

    Florida doesnt want to trade boumester they just cant afford him and rather get somethin than nothing for him if he leaves. All i know is that a big contract has to come off the books soon.

  136. We could trade a package of Gomez for Kovalchuk. Gomez, Betts, Korpikoski, Sanguinetti would be more than enough.

  137. onecupin67years on

    I told you all its all about the moneyDecember 18th, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    Rob , you are right they’re all bums ,some are washed up. Chara was good until he got the CONTRACT$$$

    Sundin doesn’t care about a cup he just wants the money and most NHL gm’s aren’t going to accommodate sather by making a trade so the rangers can get sundin. So Rozival had a good night maybe he wants to showcase himself to the other teams , he’s capable of playing better more offensive ,but under renney d comes first.
    One good game doesn’t convert me .
    If the rangers wanted Sundin then sather should have traded a few guys earlier in the season instead of now the last minute,you don’t have leverage when you’re desperate and sather is desperate MONEY guys not a cup

  138. onecupin67years on

    Who cares ?
    I’m tired of this team always going after old superstars past their prime , this guy wasn’t cheap .
    He has to play himself into shape anyway , I don’t care what kind of shape he’s in ,he isn’t in game shape.
    get younger not older

  139. Not that I am heart broken that Sundin isnt here,after all werent we supposed to have signed Fritchse,Rissmuller and Voros to get younger and faster HA HA HA we got poorer and weaker. Lets not forget Redden. Not to bash BUT what this team needs is a big winger( Knuble couldve been had ) some D-Men that arent RETARDS and a coaching staff with some BALLS that lets the players play to their ability instead of in ” A SYSTEM ” that Moe Larry and Curley put on paper. I got it maybe we can bring back Mess and he can get Renny thrown on his ass like he did in Vancouver. It seems the more things change the more they stay the same.In other words with all the fans wishs and prayers as long as Sather and Renny are here WE ARE SCREWED

  140. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Forget signing Shanahan.
    He can barely skate up and down the ice an entire game.
    Not to mention his lack of defense.
    He’ll take ice time away from players that deserve it.

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