Valiquette in against Kings (Updated)


Stephen Valiquette gets the nod in goal tonight against the Kings, on the second leg of a back-to-back (this thanks to Zipay, who “chimes in from the West Coast”:

The move makes sense on two fronts: in guarding against wear-and-tear on Henrik Lundqvist, but mostly in preventing the Rangers from coasting against the inferior Kings.

The Rangers are 4-1-1 on the second night of consecutive games, but it would be easy to see this team shifting down a gear a night after outlasting the Ducks. Traditionally having a backup in net helps eliminate the false sense of security.

Don’t forget, 10:30 start tonight.

Update, 6:05 p.m.: The latest on Mats Sundin is “here”:, although it’s essentially more of what we already knew.

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  1. I was at that game was well. Dear Rangers defense PLEASE pay attention to Kopitar; this guy has like 5 points in 2 career games vs. the Rangers and WILL burn them if they take him lightly. He’s a young Jagr with his strength, playmaking ability, and finishing touch.

    They gotta play tight like they did last night; look out for Brown and Frolov too, and former top 5 Ranger public enemy Michal Handzus.

  2. I wouldn’t call the Kings inferior just yet… They’re pretty impressive for a young team and if the Rangers plan on playing how they normally do, they will underestimate the inferior

  3. The Kings are no joke. They’re a hard-working, competitive team with the misfortune of being in the same division as some of the league’s best, so they’re record may be misleading. They’re very young, and what they lack in NHL experience they make up for in youthful energy and never-say-die attitude. They shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    That said, if the Rangers actually show up and play to their ability, they should come out the victors. They brought out a balanced attack last night, but they still need to ramp up the offense. LA allows the fewest shots against in the NHL, so the Rangers better make the most of the shots they get. Not to mention that if Labarbera gets the nod in net, he’ll be itching to make the Rangers pay

  4. the vancover gazet reports that Sundin canceled a meeting with team officals schedualed for tomarrow morning

  5. hmm… Blues lost another Defenseman long term… think they’d be interested in some veteran leadership???

  6. The Kings have plenty of offense and Quincey and O’Donell have added alot to their defense. Their main issue is goaltending. Brown is another guy the Rangers could have drafted instead of Jessiman. Will Dubinsky finally wake up tonight? Probably not considering he’s playing with two borderline 4th liners. To be fair he has done nothing while paired with Zherdev since late October.

  7. If we get Sundin it will do nothing but help Dubi,Let me predict right now that his point total will get to where it was earlier in the year.

  8. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    like I said earlier …its a late night game . Rangers got this game in the bag!!

  9. Let’s look at it like this… the game was tied with 6 minutes to go and Dawes scores a highlight reel goal to give us the lead. And prior to that Anaheim had just hit the post.

    I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, and that was a sweet goal by Dawes, but let’s get real. The Rangers scored 2 even strength goals.

    This team is all Henrik, bottom line, and our defense is suspect. If we’re going to be relying on defense to win games, why do we have a bunch of offensive minded dman? We need more muscle back there and I think it would help us up front. That would allow the forwards to play offense.

    We score no goals, none. I just don’t see how squeezing out victories night in and night out is a recipe for long term success.

  10. Hank must be pretty tired with the travel and back to back games for sure. Vally in net does not surprise me.

  11. Damn you Jeever, i was just gonna say that…

    With as many injuries as St Louis i feel we could have no problem unloading Prucha, Rozsival, and/or Kalinin there. I wouldnt mind getting Crombeen, Colaiacovo or Janssen back in the deal.

  12. I say Nyr wins 2-1. Dubi, and Danny G score for Nyr, and Boyle scores for the Kings, if he’s playing.

    Then Rozi goes out to dinner with his soon to be teammates, the LA Kings.

    Lets Go Rangers, and Sabres too. Just for tonight.

  13. tsn article barry interview on 640am in toronto sundin still undecided. please mats come here but i think in the end he will choose vancouver because of the fact rangers will not have cleared any cap space. we all know he wants the rangers but in end vancouver makes more sense.

  14. This is a neat storyline – Vally vs LaBarbera – they played together in hartford. Great friends I hear. Also they won the Harry Hap Holmes Award together for lowest GAA. Let’s go Vally!

  15. NHL Live, Jaffe is saying his “gut” is telling him Sundin to Rangers… is that the kiss of death? Apparently the decision will be made tomorrow.

    Right now I would be more than happy to have Sundin on this team. We don’t have nearly enough offense, but it would mean losing Gomez or Drury. Which one would you rather lose?

  16. I’d say no way to Sundin if it meant moving Gomez or Drury. I just dont see the point. You’ve already started on the path to building your team around those guys..getting rid of one of them after only a year is bad management.

  17. Let’s see if these guys can get motivated again.

    Agreed, LA is more dangerous than Sam is letting on.

    Let’s not forget… NYR can lose to anyone, anytime (NYI 2 shothanded goals).

  18. Matts should have followed his hockey heart and signed with Montreal or Philadelpia….if he wants to win the CUP.

    Vancouver and Luongos groin, the non signing of henrietta and daniella (and ohlund), they have as many UFA/RFA as the rangers….20 million has been on the table for months…

    He’s coming to New York!! If we hear about it Thursday it will have “conditions” for sure…cap space….

    Would love to see Pat Quinn finish up with the Canadian World Junior Team over Christmas then come in to coach the Rangers!!

    He would be great for Sundin but also the team in general. Does he have “history” with Slats?

  19. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Zherdev takes #68 lets say…It would be weird .

    “number 68 is leading the Rangers in scoring , nice move by #68 wow ” “that number 68 sure is a big euro ” Great pass by number 68!!” That #68 is a first line RW.

    All this sounds like Jagr!!! But it’s Zherdev!!! This is what will make it sound weird though…

    ” Number 68 is now starting in the shoot-out” , ” great break-up pass on the penalty kill by #68 ” and finnaly ” Number 68 drops his gloves and is fighting!!!”

  20. Sounds to me like we’re getting our hopes up. I thought Mats would’ve taken the money by now… but the more I think about it, I’m not sure.

    It could have been that he wanted to see how things played out… he said all along that he didn’t want to be a rental… i.e. he’d join the team with plenty of time until play-offs (and maybe wanted two years). Now that he’s seen this NYR team with the more talented offense (ahem)… maybe he feels he could go to a Vancouver team with a solid D and a great goalie and put them over the top by helping the offense.

  21. I dont care how it gets done the Rangers better get Sundin.

    Dru or gomez will just have to deal, they are rich enough not to complain.

  22. The Western Conference will be a lot harder on him…travel first, but also the cup goes through San Jose and/or Detroit??

    and again with the Luongo…two, four, six or eight weeks?
    Canucks general manager Mike Gillis scoffed at reports that Luongo has suffered a season-threatening injury…

  23. I’d take Pat Quinn and Sundin. Quinn doesn’t put up with any crap, we’d be a much tougher team to play against with Quinn in here.

    Doesn’t sound to me like a move Dolan would make. Quinn is too much of a wild card and might actually make the tough decisions that are needed to win. Unlike Renney who is mild mannered and doesn’t rock the boat.

  24. michael
    December 17th, 2008 at 5:14 pm
    the vancover gazet reports that Sundin canceled a meeting with team officals schedualed for tomarrow morning
    …POST a link or it’s BS…..

  25. From the Toronto Sun

    WHY MATS WILL WEAR … New York Rangers

    Friends say it is his preferred choice … Always listed New York as his favourite road city … Likes the culture and restaurants … Less media scrutiny than in Canadian-based city such as Vancouver … Easier travel in East … Reportedly left Madison Square Garden Saturday with fellow Swedes Henrik Lundqvist, Markus Naslund and Fredrik Sjostrom … Must find cap space first.

  26. yes last seeing leaving MSG (in Henriks) Vovlo, Markus, Matts, Freddie…headed to Ikea for some swedish meatballs…

    now Sundin says it might be friday/sat/sun….all based on IF his choice is New York, it will strickly be “conditional” until cap space is made available Dec 29th (after the Xmas freeze)

  27. Travel may be part of it but COME ON!

    The guy wants a CUP.

    He goes where he has that shot. Det & SJ wouldn’t disrupt chemistry or have the room (neither do we really). So it’s down to couple of choices.

    I don’t see how we offer a better shot. NY nightlife aside.

  28. I’d slurp Sather off if he traded Crutch Drury.

    Lol @ vancouver “gazet”….

    Aslo LOL at less media scrutiny in NY… YA THINK?

    Sundin comes to NY 2 years and gets pretty much his whole contract before the media even looks at him funny if he sucks.

    On that account alone its worth it to come to NY. Zero “real” pressure.

  29. Gomez and Drury arent going anywhere. With all the Defensemen hurt around the league (it seems to be at least 2 players per team) i see us moving an expensive D-man and Prucha for a cheap D-man and Sundin …eventually

  30. If Mats is basing his choice on strip joints,he is going to VAN.

    Mats is going to be a Ranger.He has a chance to make $6 million the rest of this season with VAN and another $10 million next season which is a big risk for VAN considering the 2nd year of the contract counts against the cap even if Mats is not playing next season.

    With the Rangers,it’s a pro-rated $2.5 million and no deal for next season.

    Mats doesn’t know if he wants to play next season

  31. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    December 17th, 2008 at 6:17 pm
    I’d say no way to Sundin if it meant moving Gomez or Drury. I just dont see the point. You’ve already started on the path to building your team around those guys..getting rid of one of them after only a year is bad management.
    Why should management change now?

  32. brooks just said what we already knew. mats wouldve been in van a long time ago if it was the money. i just think that if sather cant move the guys he wants, he’ll do somethin stupid and trade a good prospect along with rozy or whoever and end up costin this team for another few years. i like sundin but we need d!!!! not an old fart center we already have enough centers.

  33. na i like dru, if he could trade redden and kalinin for a more physical d and put pooter in the lineup then yea.

  34. So wait…how does this work?
    Do we need to make a flurry of deals by Friday the 19th and then sign him somewhere between now and after xmas or…

    Do we sign Sundin and then have to wait until after Xmas to “hope” to move guys???

    If they dont have to register the contract until he plays why cant uncle fester sign now; go have his Swedish holiday and give us a head start??

  35. Honestly, right now…Who are we willing to trade?
    Scotty G- 7 mil for 6 more years (Too much money?)
    Chris D- 7 mil for 4 more years (Captaincy + that much?)
    Naslund-4 mil for 2 years (Possibility)
    Zherdev-2.5 mil for 1 year (Major possibility)
    Prucha-1.6 mil for 1 year (Other GMs read the newspaper)
    Korpikoski-1 mil for 1 year (Possiblity)
    Voros-1mil for 3 years (Possibility)
    Rissmiller-1mil for 3 years (Not gonna happen)
    Fritsche-.875mil for 1 year (Possibility)
    Sjostrom-.84mil for 1 year (Possibility)
    Dubinsky-.633mil for 1 year (Major Possibility)
    Betts-.615mil for 1 year (With Renney-no possiblity)
    Dawes-.587mil for 1 year (Possibility)
    Callahan-.575mil for 1 year (Major Possibility)
    Orr-.537mil for 1 year (Major Possiblity)
    Redden-6.5mil for 6 years (Hahahahaha)
    Rozsival-5mil for 4 years (Hahahahaha)
    Kalinin-2.1mil for 1 year (GMs do read the newspaper)
    MAra-2 mil for 1 year (Major Possiblity)
    Girardi-1.5mil for 2 years (Major Possiblity)
    Staal-.875mil for 2 years (Major Possibility)
    Lundqvist-6.87 for 6 years (Not gonna get touched)
    Valliquette-.725 for 1 year (Possiblity)

    My prediction is two of the Major Possiblities and one Possibility are gone if we are to acquire Mats Sundin. Its the harsh reality of things.

  36. I wouldn’t be surprised if a third team emerges late and signs him. We have a tough road to hoe with cap space, and the Vancouver offer has been on the table for months.

  37. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    This whole thing is a circus! All this hand wringing over a 38 year old center way past his prime. The only good thing that may come out of this is that hopefully,they will drop some of their rediculous contracts like Redden or Rozy although I doubt either one will be gone. More likley,it will be Prucha,Fritsche,and maybe Kalinin. All these contracts expire at the end of the season and neither one of the players is worth a damn thing in terms of a trade. So Sather the putz will wind up trading these guys along with a draft pick just to entice the otherside to take on these contracts.

    What should be done is a purge of Redden,Rozy and either Drury,or Gomez to create space for possible Ufa’s like Kovalchuk,Zetterburg(just dreaming)Bowmeester,and some others that may become available.In addition,they need to create room on the defense for Bobby Sags,Mike Sauer,Mike Del Zotto,and Potter.They’ll also need money to sign there own rfa’s and be prepared for a contraction in the salary cap.It seems to me that none of this is being prepared for.The only thing that Sather is all excited about is signing another big,past his prime name that will do nothing in the short and long term for this team.

  38. well at this point i really dont care if we sign him. id rather trade one of hecks “possibilities” for a good tough d man

  39. Mats waited til midseason to choose so he could get a good read on the teams interested, not a bad move on his part. I just wonder if he might now want anything more than the rest of the season anyway. He could then spin the wheel again next summer if he felt he had it in him. He could possibly get another new lease on life for a cup run then, maybe.

  40. man i got work at 7 am tommorow, i hate these late games. i sleptwalked today at work, i just might buy a half dozen of the 5 hour energy drinks. do they really work?

  41. I’ve had this feeling that a hardnosed d-man is on the way, nothing to base it on however. Just daydreaming…wouldn’t a guy like Kyle McLaren look okay, I mean a Bouwmeester type is not really achievable.

  42. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    (what the heck)
    so your saying ….Zherdev , dubinsky ,callahan and ORR . Along with Staal ,Gerardi and Mara. 2 of theses guys will be traded if we land Sundin? Your freaking nuts man! The only harsh reality is when you run out of weed man. haahaa

  43. I’ve been watching the Blue Jackets/ San Jose game, and our boy Toots sure looks good. Columbus just won in overtime with Unmberger getting the winner. We beat the crap out of Columbus, so we can beat San Jose Saturday.

  44. Hahaha. I’m sorry, but with the contracts we need to lose and other teams are not going to want to trade for rediculous contracts like that of Drury, Gomez, Redden, or Rozi. I hope my prediction is wrong, but its just my gut feeling.

  45. A longer term injury by some team could occur and make one of these fat contracts more moveable, and of the three, I’d still like to keep Gomez off the list. Crazy, but my heart wants to keep Drury too. I would trade Roszival in a heartbeat but not if we didn’t get another dman, on top of having Potter up.

  46. I like Dru toooooo, lets get rid of Redden that Sesame Street. Ugh 6 years with him :(. I am overly excited about Sundin tomorrow!!!

  47. It’s unanimous. Redden goes!! If he played with the attitude of that old bastard in the balcony on Sesame Street, I’d like him a lot more.

  48. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    YO (topcorner)
    That old bastard in the balcony was the Muppet show man and there were 2 of ’em !! Remember this is Reddens first year , just dont worry about him ,. Now Rosival may need to go …

  49. Mike I just saw your message. WHen you follow the link along the top bar is the link for the chat room…

    (for all the rest sorry for mentioning it again)

  50. See, I’m so old that the Muppets were too young for me then, I only appreciated them as I matured. But I always liked that really mean one…

  51. dr house
    December 17th, 2008 at 9:40 pm
    I like Dru toooooo, lets get rid of Redden that Sesame Street. Ugh 6 years with him :(. I am overly excited about Sundin tomorrow!!!
    Because Drury is so dreamy right? I wouldn’t have an issue with trading him but his nuttty contract makes him virtually untradeable. He is paid like a top line player and in nearly a year and a half here he’s played like a medicore 3rd liner.

  52. Honestly, right now…Who are we willing to trade?

    You’re kidding right? Folks, take a good look at what “What the Heck” has to say about the trade possibilities of the following players? Please note, Zherdev, Dubinsky and Staal, our players of the future are “Major Possibilities”. Jeez. I hate to bash you, but come on!

    Naslund-4 mil for 2 years (Possibility)
    Zherdev-2.5 mil for 1 year (Major possibility)
    Dubinsky-.633mil for 1 year (Major Possibility)
    Callahan-.575mil for 1 year (Major Possibility)
    Orr-.537mil for 1 year (Major Possiblity)
    MAra-2 mil for 1 year (Major Possiblity)
    Girardi-1.5mil for 2 years (Major Possiblity)
    Staal-.875mil for 2 years (Major Possibility)

  53. Wow we are the fifth youngest team… just looked it up since they mentioned the Kings were second.. we are on average less than a year older than them…

  54. You do know we got him for Zherdev, right?

    mike in IA
    December 17th, 2008 at 9:21 pm
    man i miss toots

  55. i know matt. i still miss toots. lol its not that i wouldnt have done that trade in a heartbeat its awesome we got z, i just miss toots he was better than redden

  56. Agravaine, yeah man. Been studying for final exams for weeks. Been living on coffee and energy drinks, now all I have to do is watch and play hockey for a few weeks before the next semester starts.

    Backman Turnitoverdrive…that kills me.

  57. Wow, definitely not as many people making it for the second night in a row. I don’t blame you guys who have to work. Weak penalty on Gomez earlier; I didn’t see the so-called hook. Too bad Kalinin took a penalty before he actually hit somebody.

    It’s so odd to me that the Kings have the least number of shots allowed per game with such a young team. I am very interested in this game with a lot of Kings on my fantasy teams.

    Argh, power play goal against!

  58. I don’t usually despite calls.. But I thought gomez made a great back check for once.. there wasn’t any hook at all.

  59. ChrisS – I definitely agree on that Gomez play. They only showed one replay, not focused in on the call, probably because they know the call was so bad and didn’t want to embarrass the referee.

    It looks like that shot off the crossbar might not have counted anyway since the Kings player had his stick above the level of the crossbar in front.

  60. hopefully “captain clutch” can start producing.. that would be huge for us. I hate to bring this up- but if we did get sundin- we’d have two legit scoring lines and a third one that can certainly put the puck in the net as well.

  61. just how the last couple of games have panned out- I don’t know if it’s luck or if renney’s system is finally working.. but we;re really pouncing on turnovers.

  62. The Kings are a very good young team. I watch them all the time and I can honestly say that they can play with the best of them. They started off slow this year because LaBarbera started, but then they made the switch the Ersberg who has been great for them. Only problem is he got hurt in the Sharks game and had to come out otherwise they probably would’ve won that too (LaBarbera gave up a weak goal and he sucks in the shootout).

    To show you the difference:
    Ersberg – 8-5-2, .903 Sv%, 2.38 GAA (He’s 7-1 at home)
    LaBarbera – 5-7-3, .899 Sv% (mostly due to 2 SOs), 2.70 GAA

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kings win this one, but the Rangers can win if they take advantage of the 15 or so minutes the Kings usually take off each game. Plus they have more experience too, but they need to step it up a bit. They won’t get many shots since the Kings excel in not giving up many, so they have to make the best of them.

  63. I just heard someone on the Kings feed talking about how bad you have to be to give up a soft goal like that “he had it in the glove”. He was obviously talking about LaBarbera. Sounded like a mike that didn’t get switched off.

  64. If Ersberg was in this game, it would still be 1-0. Ersberg is like LA’s Lundqvist. Kind of came out of nowhere for them. He’s not as good as Henke, but when you compare the situations of both teams goalie situation, he’s the best guy they’ve had in awhile.

  65. Where the f_u_ck is Dubinsky these days? sorry but he is nowhere except for when he hits, otherwise his talent is not visible at all.

  66. looks 2 me like we’re playing a bit slow on night 2. Maybe just trying to conserve for the 3rd?

    They look like they’re skating with only 4 guys…

    someone count, maybe Renney screwed up again!

  67. So Dru gets two in two nights and Naslund has two golden opportunities (both Zherdev set ups) in two nights and doesn’t score.

    Ahhhhh the eb and flow.

    At least we’re consistent in needing our tender to stand on his head to stay in games. Some things never change.

  68. Agravaine
    December 17th, 2008 at 11:40 pm
    oh Valli….

    ditto..see him hang his head when it went over…

  69. The Rangers still haven’t shown up. If that bloated shill J.D was still broadcasting he’d say call the cops someone stole the Rangers legs.

  70. “Johnny D,
    if that’s the case… I feel bad for Jonathan Bernier- Kings 2006 first rounder.”

    Well the thing is, Bernier just turned 20 so they are gonna develop him for one more year. Ersberg is 26 so they are hoping thats like their 1a-1b for years to come or they’ll deal one of the two for a better goalie. They are both capable of being an NHL starter though.

  71. Good one, graves9.

    Staal is all over the place hitting people, trying to fire up the team; at least four hits from him so far. Hopefully, Orr can get some shifts to do the same, even though he doesn’t seem to hit as much anymore.

    Good hustle by Cally to draw the penalty.

  72. Johnny,
    Thanks for the info- I watched a lot of kings hockey last year but don’t know much about their prospects..

    And naslund come on buddy.. atleast put it on net!


  74. Wow, MSG scoreboard folks misspelled “penalty shot” when showing Rozsival’s goal. They spelled it “penelty shot.” Those crazies.

    I guess Rozsival was forced to take it since the stick was shot towards him, but why was Naslund lined up there instead of Zherdev anyway? Next shootout at MSG, the crowd has to start chanting, “We want Rozy!”

  75. ChrisS – Unfortunately, I don’t think that counts as a power play goal.

    That was a tough call, since the King player was clearly trying to just move the stick out of the way, but Rozsival happened to move towards it as it bounced off of the boards. I guess it’s similar to that penalty called against us last season when Drury (I believe) passed his stick to our defenseman.

    And Renney was on the bench wanting a 5 on 3 instead! What a fool!

  76. Sorry for all the caps and the language all..
    Needless to say I got a little excited. That was the most ridiculous thing in a long time

  77. Penalty Shot – When any member of the defending team, including the Coach or any non-playing person, throws or shoots any part of a stick or any other object or piece of equipment at the puck or puck carrier in his defending zone, preventing a reasonable shot or pass,
    the Referee shall allow the play to be completed and if a goal is not scored, a penalty shot shall be awarded to the non-offending team. This shot shall be taken by the player designated by the Referee as the player fouled.
    If the officials are unable to determine the person against whom the offense was made, the non-offending team, through the Captain, shall designate a player on the ice at the time the offense was committed to take the shot.

  78. I’m happy they are winning, but they sure as hell don’t deserve this game at all. They are getting outplayed and out worked in every zone. They are just lucky LaBarbera is in and Ersberg is hurt or else this game would not be 2-1. Maybe 1-1 cuz that was a good move by Rosy but who knows since Ersberg plays a similar game to Henke in regards to movement.

  79. Again, this is where a “normal” team gets a chance to stretch the lead.

    Not us.

    We just don’t want to give up a shorty

  80. Jonny D yeah you are right. they were lucky the Ducks were not at their best last night too. But they are playing tough, even with holes in their game.

  81. Spiderpig,
    I was only joking about our PP being red hot..
    First the rewarded goal to Zherdev and then the penalty shot.

  82. Well the Ducks really haven’t been all that great all year. When I watch their games, they have really only the top 2 lines that are impressive. I’m not going to say the Kings are a better team since their D is much younger, but they can score from 3 lines and sometimes the 4th if they don’t throw Zeiler out there with Moller and Ivanans. And I think they are a bit faster too. Plus the Kings are only 6 points back and have 2 games in hand on the Ducks too. I just think the Kings give the Rangers a tougher time because of the speed.

  83. topcorner – Yeah, it was a broken stick.

    Is anyone else still breathing heavily from excitement after the Rozsival goal? Maybe we should go to bed now knowing it will be a good feeling and not leaving the third period to chance? Naaaahhh.

    Put Staal on the power play!!! Not just for the final 17 seconds!!!

  84. I mean, sure the Rangers haven’t played all that well.. But going into a road game on a back-to-back.. you can’t complain getting a point out of it let a lone a win.

  85. I say it again.. I really want Voros to move down and see the korp-dubi-sjo line. Energy, physicality, responsibility, and a little goal scoring touch.

  86. thts it for me, I need some rest, I have practice again tomorow and im dead as it is. not too impressed with the rangers but ill take as many pts as possible on a west coast trip. vally playin great, nevermind the “delay of game penalty”. staals playing great, rozi seems to be playing well tonight, very confident. kalinin is a complete joke(like somebody above me mentioned earlier) the only good play he might have made all game was by containing tht 5 on 3 at the end of our pk, I mean pp =p hope to see a W in the AM. lets go rangers! seriosuly, please wake the hell up!

  87. Riche’,
    I know 20 minutes is a long time..
    I’m just saying you can’t expect their A++ game on the tail end of a back to back on the road

  88. Gotcha ChrisS…

    I’ve had a thing about jinxes ever since a friend of mine looked over at me at the Garden and said “I can’t believe we beat the Flyers!” With about 5 minutes left. 3 goals later I never let him forget it.

  89. The Rangers are 4-1-1 in the second game of back-to-backs, the losses coming on trips to Detroit and Montreal, so I’d say that they’re doing pretty well on these so far. (Somehow, I think the MSG guys said 5-1-1 last night, but I may have misremembered.)

    Good, Dawes and Girardi should have assists on that first goal because the Kings never had possession of the puck.

    I wouldn’t underestimate Orr’s speed this year, so Voros could work on the fourth line. I would like to see him back in front of the net on the power play, however. He was effective there earlier in the season, but sometimes Renney makes irrational changes (another one of my criticisms, though I generally support him).

    Wrong, Joe! San Jose lost in OT, not a shootout. R.J. Umberger with the game-winner; Steve Mason with *47* saves!

  90. Micheletti is such a moron? Hw did Drury’s goal look unassisted? Dawes did all the work and Kings player never had control of the puck. And how did Callahan deserve a penalty shot? It was not a clear breakaway by any means.

  91. Could have been goaltender interference, but what were the two defenceman doing” besides nothing. really.

  92. I guess this us why the Kings allow such a low number of shots – they are always getting into the offensive zone to take shots!

    We are playing defense way too much to start the third and need that TV timeout.

  93. The last two times that Dubinsky’s line took the ice, Korpikoski and then Betts were playing left wing. I haven’t seen Orr at all, halfway through the period, and little of Voros, if anything.

  94. This LA feed is totally unprofessional, all kinds of cross feeds, guys shooting their mouths off in the background. Hilarious. Can’t wait til they start cursing.

  95. The Rangers need to start skating if they want to be successful in this game. Unlike a lot of the teams they play in the East, the Kings NEVER stop skating in the 3rd period. These guys just fly. They have to move their feet in all zones if they want to win.

  96. topcorner – Are they using that rediculous “ice-level” camera that I have heard so many bad things about for the Ducks and Kings broadcasts, or have they finally ditched the piece of crap?

  97. I thought Vali was looking fairly calm and doing pretty damn good. Does’t look like rebounds are the issue.

  98. I think they see it a plus, and yes they are using it, it sounds like shit most of the time. It’s okay to do location interviews, but not when a bunch of yahoos three rows behind are all coming in. But earlier I heard stuff that sounded like guys in the broadcast booth who didn’t know they were ‘on’. I don’t know, just a pretty unprofessional broadcast.

  99. There is nothing to blame on Valliquette. The guy is playing very well. Other than that Toronto game, he is extremely consistent, on the good side.

  100. topcorner – Sorry if you misunderstood me, I was asking about the camera that many have been complaining about rather than the sound quality, which also sounds awful from how you describe it.

  101. Unfortunately, This is how Los Angeles stations shoot hockey. the ice level thing is FAR worse.

    They often are slow changing shots. ugh.

    yep, was me with eth Sundin Sign.
    got to meet a LOT of Ranger fans at the game, including a group of like 30 that came out from NY.

  102. Sorry Spider, I didn’t read your message at all, I failed my speed-reading course. No I don’t see the camera you describe at all, probably a good thing from what you say. Not to be a Canadian homer but what I like about HNIC especially, and TSN perhps, is the close camera pans during the play, not just when play stops.

  103. But you know, you just know, they will play the safest 5 minutes of OT they can. I complain out of one side of my mouth, and thank them out of the other. All because of Henrik, of course.

  104. what a shot that was… if tonight doesnt help his confidence i dont know what will

    another OT win that didnt have to go to the shootout

  105. That was a beautiful pass by Dawes to start the play; too bad he doesn’t get an assist. I guess the Kings underestimated Drury’s speed up the wing. Good work by Staal down low to win the puck after LaBarbera shrugged off the first shot.

    Great job Valiquette, of course!

  106. First game I have not watched beginning to end in a while. Got home 12:30. Caught last 10min and overtime. Give me a better way to end a night?

    And Rozi the dog… Who would have thunk it?

  107. He just boosted his trade value. Now that trade for Kovalchuk makes more sense for both teams. haha.

  108. Really glad for the guy.. Obviously he’s been frustrated with his with his injury/play and now it’s starting to come back.. What a shot.. Not a pretty win, but a big one nontheless

  109. Wow, I’m looking at Rozsival’s game log for this season, and after his streak of five assists in three games last month, he had seven games in a row with a minus rating before the Ducs game, accounting for -9.

  110. Obviously, the stars are always biased towards the home team, but it is a disgrace to not have Valiquette in there, and I would have to say the same thing about Brown, with all of his hits and two points rather than Calder and O’Sullivan who had one point each. I hope this is not the way Rich Hammond (a Kings beat writer) voted since I love his blog and how much he updates it.

    My three stars would have to be:
    Rozsival (close, but still second)

  111. Loved that win tonight. Woulda been nice to take it in regulation but we stayed in the game even when they were skating all over us and took advantage of the opportunities handed to us. Great game by Staal all over the place, Vally big time, I thought Dawes really elevated his play in the last two games and I feel like Drury is finally ripping the puck again. For a west coast trip, i see good signs. The only thing that would make me smile a little more is a big fat swede putting on the blue next week. Have a good night guys!

    PS If LA got some goaltending they arent a joke.

  112. Chris really glad for him too, but it’s really hard to jump right up on his bandwagon. I keep thinking that two games down the road, he will get the puck caught in his skates or let it hop over his stick with dastardly results. I never hope for that to happen, I want him to be what he was first half of last season. So if he is still here and that happens, then great. But if, due to trade and cap cirumstances, it is too little too late, then I understand that too.
    He’s had a few really good games lately, I have to say.

  113. Agravaine – I’m pretty sure Staal and Rozsival have been together for at least ten games by now, but I am not totally sure since I have been at school and therefore not following the team as closely. I would guess that some of the minus came from power play goals against.

    Staal to the power play, please!

  114. I stayed up for this one!! Good for Rozi. He scored 2 and gave up 1. That 2nd LA goal, I was screaming at the TV for him to hit somebody. Good for Valley. Lets go Sat and sweep this trip!!!

  115. Valley great effort
    Rozy 2 goals WOW
    Drury line was solid all night and Drury Dawes very involved in winning goal
    Sraal was a stud especially on winning goal

  116. see the stars of the game???????

    1) O’Sullivan, 2) Rozsival, 3) Calder

    what the hell?? did I even hear Calder’s name during the game…was he even playing? Drury should have been the 3rd star. O’Sullivan #1 star??

  117. Kaspar – does an ot win count towards the 4 points promise you made. maybe there is some fine print

  118. As Dave Maloney succintly put it call the cops the Rangers just robbed the the Kings! The number one reason the Rangers won is quite obviously their goaltending. Last night the Rangers game you a terrific 60 minute effort tonight the Rangers were badly out played out hustled and out classed pretyy much every area except goaltending. The Kaings completely domineted the first period. The had the puck the entire period led by dynamic forwards like Brown(who is a beast) and Kopitar. The Kings got point blank after point blank chance. Rozsival ended up a hero but he did struggle in his own end. The only reason it was 1-1 after one was because Valiquette stood on his head was Labarbera couldn’t stop a rather weak Drury shot. Labarbera was also juxed out of his jock on an interesting and confusing(at the time) penalty shot goal. The only Ranger line that showed life was the Drury line. That line seems to be finding it’s stride. Callahan was hitting everything that moves and Dawes has come alive. He has looked like the dynamic player he was at times last year. Gotta say I can’t say enough about the Brown kid he seems to have a motor that doesn’t stop. Imo he was the second best player (outside of Valley obviously) I had a bad feeling that the third might go like the one in Toronto did like six weeks ago but Valley stood strong in the face of all kinds of pressure. I though it was going to the wonderful shootout but thankfully the Rangers won the game the right way. The winning goal was set up by terrific play by Staal along the boards. It was also set up by a long rebound sieve Labarbera let up on a harmless Drury shot. To be devils advocate if they play like this against the Sharks they’ll be run out of the building. I suspect they’ll step it up they’ll have to. Good signs with Drury waking up and Dawes coming around the last few games. Will Dubinsky ever wake up? Did Gomez play today?

  119. Hits:
    NYR: 42
    LAK: 31


    It should be a fun one on Saturday night. Hopefully, I can stay awake, but on the weekend, I will be the one waking up early to go skiing. I’m gonna need that Mountain Dew. At least San Jose has to play again on the road before they return, against Detroit.

  120. O’Sullivan first star? Calder third star?

    Also, I understand the hockey writers that vote for the “three stars” submit their picks with three minutes or so left in the third period, and usually write “GAME-WINNING GOAL” in either the first or second spot, so I understand Rosi being No. 2.

    They have to change that rule! And why isn’t Brown a star?

  121. REPOST


    On Renney;
    I back off a little if they get 2 pts out west
    I back off for a month if they get 3
    I back off entire reg season if they get 4

  122. Maybe the Rangers should keep Dawes in the minors every year. Last year he didn’t really start to score till late December and early Jan looks like it’s happening again this year. The Rangers can sure use his offense.

  123. Matthew B.
    December 18th, 2008 at 1:26 am
    Off topic, but does anyone this Dave Maloney is gay?

    uhhh no

  124. Brown must have had all 31 Kings hit. Rangers had more hits because the Kings owned the puck all night.

  125. Great offensive game by Rozi. I want surprised at all to see him score on the PS, he just needs to remind ranger fans of who he can be when he is one his game.
    Roszival as a ranger;

    277gp, 32g, 92a, 124 points, +34.

  126. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    gomez was quite visable and Dubinsky was doing what Dubi does ,he was skating hard , making good passes and shooting. If you didn’t have your head up Browns ass maybe you could have saw what Dubinsky was doing and not the KINGS captain.

  127. All Hail King Henrik on

    Valley stole that one for them, but I’ll take it. A win is a win, especially on the road. Rozi…are you kidding me?! I was 100% expecting him to just shoot on the Penalty Shot…that deke was ridiculous for a d-man. They will need to play much, much better against the Sharks in order to have a chance to win. Lets Go Rangers!!!!!

  128. What a joke! A Kings forward scores one goal, adds no assists, goes -2 on the night, and gets the FIRST STAR! Rozy, a D, scores on a penalty shot, gets the game winner in O.T, is even in the plus/minus column, and gets the SECOND STAR. Sports is about where politics is – a joke on us trailer trash.

  129. Greg

    Gomez was visible if turnovers are what you mean… but yea Dubi was hustling, looking more like Cally then Dubi of old, but the kid will come around at least he is still trying…

  130. I WAS at the game 3 rows behind the net the Kings shot at twice.

    Hard to really see things all over the place from there but my views are; staal is going to be real good, he is calm with the puck in his own zone, Dubi can skate and he hit all night, Girardi is there most physical D man, I do not understand why the D men play so wide on rushs?,Kalinin sucks(he is soft and makes bad decisions), the Kings domianted, Orr barely saw the ice in the 3rd period, the PP is totally lost, they cannot even set up in the zone

    Dubi missed an open net (I think on the PP)..

    A win is a win but the rangers did not dominate at all and many guys first thought when they have the puck in there own zone is to go backwars instead of forward.

  131. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ….says Greg L.
    December 18th, 2008 at 1:53 am
    gomez was quite visable and Dubinsky was doing what Dubi does ,he was skating hard , making good passes and shooting. If you didn’t have your head up Browns ass maybe you could have saw what Dubinsky was doing and not the KINGS captain.

    Greg get your mouth of your boyfriends balls and watch the game. Gomez did nothing but turned over the puck. Dubi didn’t do much on the offensive end.

  132. I notice that the Gomez-Naslund-Zherdev line looks like 3 monkeys humping a football. If we sign Sundin, I believe that Gomez may be the guy to be traded. He is the only player with a big contract that would have any appeal to other GM’s. I used to believe that we could trade one of those big Dman contracts packaged with Dubinsky, but it is painfully obvious that Dubinsky is nothing more than #68’s used cuff link. And it is also obvious that Jagr had no chance of reaching his minimum points quota as long as he was playing with Dubi. Unfair to Dubi, but true nonetheless.

  133. onecupin67years on

    Rosey Rosival
    maybe his trade value has gone up.
    The Rangers constantly give away one pt in these ot games.tsk tsk

  134. Man, this place bitches a lot about a victory.

    Going in to this roadtrip I would have been happy for the boys to grab 3/6 points, and now they’ve got 4 in two games. It wasn’t a blowout, decisive victory, but guess what? They haven’t had one of those ALL YEAR.

    Go Rangers on Saturday. If they take out the Sharks, this will have been the best Western trip for the team in years. Even if they lose, it was still a great one.

  135. Normally I’d care about giving away a point but these are Western teams so does it really matter? If it was the Penguins or the Devils it would suck.

  136. KASPAR

    On Renney;
    I back off a little if they get 2 pts out west
    I back off for a month if they get 3
    I back off entire reg season if they get 4

    Well Mr. Friendly Ghost…Looks like you’ll have to find something else.

    “Man, this place bitches a lot about a victory.”

    A-fuggin-men AUDIO. It’s sad.

    An AMP at 7pm, and a Full Throttle at 10pm wasn’t enough to even get me to the penalty shot. Missed the whole 2nd 1/2 of the game, but I’ll probably watch it later.

    Man…less than a week ago we were blown out 8-5 by njd. “Its all about how you respond to it, it happens”.

  137. Good thing you didn’t go with your original:

    December 15th, 2008 at 2:48 pm
    I’d be happy if they got 2 points on this trip, shocked if they got 3 points…anything more and I’ll never criticize Renny again”

  138. “I was really looking forward to this game because I was drafted by the Kings. So at the beginning of the season when I saw the schedule come out, I really hoped to play in this game,” Valiquette said. “I had a really good time in juniors, but they just never came to watch me – so there was always motivation since then to play against L.A.

    “There’s different people in charge now, but I’m definitely happy to beat them.”

    “My good friend Jason and I had some good battles in the minor leagues,” Valiquette said. “When we played together in Hartford, we really pushed each other there and we’ve been really close friends since. We’ve always enjoyed competing in practice and in games, so there were a lot of reasons for me to come in here and have a really good game.”

  139. WOW .. what a game last night, Rozziiii took action that was sick !! .. Got home from work at 2am .. and just watched the whole game till 430 in the morning.. totally worth it !!!

  140. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Does anyone else think that the LA player really thru his stick into the play of the puck, to merit a penalty a shot. I am not so sure he just thru his stick down and that is where his stick wemt. Just wondered what everyone else thought. And here is another question, are they playing their defense of old, or are these teams they are playing just do not have the offense??? I guess we might find out with the HOT Sharks Saturday???

  141. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Oh! and I am not complaining about the win, like some others may be. Thrilled with the 4 points so far. And would love to get this Sundin thing over, so that all players know their destiny and buckle down to get ready for divisional games. Philly and Jersey are hot we MUST take them down when we start playing them. And we really do have to quit tieing games and win in regulation and not give up ANY points.

  142. Pavel,

    Or he’s finally getting comfortable after working his way back from surgery. You pick. Or maybe it’s that he’s not stuck playing on the same pairing as Kalinin. Everyone who’s played with him this year has looked bad, or at the very best, unimpressive doing so. He has that affect of making the people around him worse.

  143. Beer Me!

    I guess I’ll have to learn how to be happy!

    Maybe this is a new dawn…
    Maybe the influence of positivness can turn around others…
    Maybe a whole new era in the history of the Rangers can begin today…
    Maybe we’ll all learn to get along….


  144. Blozsival knows his job is on the line… isn’t it interesting how that motivates people?


    Maybe the smartest thing youve ever said here. It’s amazing. Drury as well.

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