Impressive start to trip


A couple of quick hits after last night’s 3-1 win over the Ducks.

<li>Dear Chris Pronger,

In the spirit of the season, I will give you back your skates, even though I faked you out of them in the third period last night.

Happy holidays to you and yours,

Nigel Dawes

<li>So maybe Thursday isn’t decision day on Mats Sundin after all. Sundin’s agent J.P. Barry told the Vancouver Sun that Thursday would be the earliest possible day that Sundin would decide, but he hasn’t set that day as the deadline.

“I did tell Mike that Thursday would be the earliest,” Barry told The Vancouver Sun in a telephone interview from Alberta later in the day. “I am not going to hold Mats to any kind of deadline. He has never been held to one before and he’s not going to be held to one now. He says he is going to try and make a decision by the end of this week.

“It may not be Thursday if he struggles with the decision. He is going to make up his mind this week, is what he has told us. But we are not going to put any deadline on him.”

Is it possible this decision is more difficult than Sundin originally anticipated? Absolutely. A $20 million offer can do that to a guy.

<li>While waiting for Sundin to make up his mind, give some love to our NFL writers Mike Dougherty and Jane McManus, who will be hosting a live video chat tomorrow at noon on “”:

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  1. According to LB,the Rangers might look Aaron Voros

    This means the most likely options would involve deleting Petr Prucha and Dan Fritsche from the roster. Making both moves by Friday would add approximately $1.565 million to the $1 million in cap space they’re currently holding.

    Sundin obviously would bump a player from the lineup. Renney said Monday he would not envision Lauri Korpikoski losing his spot, adding that he projects the freshman to move up from his current fourth-line role.

    That might make Aaron Voros available for a trade. The left winger, who has struggled since the opening few weeks of the season, is on a three-year deal for $1 million per. Moving him by Friday would clear approximately $612,000 of cap space.

    These permutations would add up to allow the Rangers to pay Sundin somewhere between $2.3 million-$2.5 million in real money … and leave the Blueshirts without a shred of maneuverability the rest of the season

    Moving Voros,Prucha and Fritsche would free up $2.2-$2.3 million.Add the $1 million in current space.

  2. If he was going to sign with Vancouver it would be done by now.

    Santa will be bringing the Rangers a serious upgrade to the top 6 for Christmas.

    What kind of music does Sundin like? Do you think he like bad Euro music or is he more of a classic rock guy. Does he even know who the McLovins are?

  3. onecupin67years on

    Its all about the money, if they paid fans to root ,I would root for the team that paid me the most ,I don’t care who it was and how close they are to win a cup ,pay me my money.

  4. if the SJO fits on

    someone should assasinate sundin before he makes a decision this way we can all stop getting our balls tickled about this guy figuring out what hes doing. im really sick of this delaying of signing, jeez its two teams make up your damn mind.

  5. I think if the Rangers need to create more space for Sundin they’ll find a way to dump and replace Kalinin before trading Voros, which makes little sense because there isn’t a huge financial gain there.

    At this point I’m not sure why the decision is difficult for Mats. Very clearly, the guy would rather play in NY than Vancouver, otherwise he would have signed in VC already. And in light of the fact that this could potentially become a huge distraction for the Rangers, I almost feel like the Rangers need to say take it or leave it by today or tomorrow.

  6. I thought the Rangers played a pretty darn good game last night. I don’t want to jinx anything but Redden and Rozi both played pretty well, and Kalinin wasn’t horrible. Maybe the Garden makes them nervous…

    I was scared when Dubi took that knee to knee and went right off the ice.
    Hank had to make some good saves but did’nt have to stand on his head all night.
    Getzlaf and Rozi with 2 penalties that evened out…bogus.
    Dawes…finally…I wished he skated through Prongers legs…but he undressed him either way. Now if only he could keep it up.

  7. onecupin67years on

    I don’t think its really up to Sundin ,it may be if Sather can move bodies. Why would the other Gm’s take Ranger overpaid talent Prucha etc so the Rangers can get Sundin? Not me. and
    if the sjo fits ,thats an foolish comment you made.

  8. I’m with you onecup, Sundin goes where the money is…
    I’d like to think he’d like a shot at the Cup but are either the Rangers or Vancouver contenders? I’d like to think we are but…
    What is more important to him, money which he already has or a chance at history, and his name on the Cup?

  9. F Mats Sundin. I hope his Lear Jet drops out of the sky on the way to Vancouver when he signs his two year, $20m deal with them.

  10. Markus Naslund must be thrilled that his brother, Mats Naslund, may join the team. Sam Rosen predicts a fraternal chemistry between the two not unlike the Sedin twins. Rosen also predicts that should Mats Naslund sign, he will continue to confuse the two players who have nothing in common aside from being Swedish.

  11. Leetchhalloffame on

    For a big man Roszi is the biggest f-g on the team. Did you see him refuse to drop his gloves last night and negotiate instead? Of course our great TV announcers claim he was trying to goad the Ducks into a penalty. Puleeze! He’s a F-G with a Capital F.

  12. Sam Rosen sniffs microphones

    anyway..I agree with everyone sick of the Sundin saga…he’s good but its not like people are waiting for Messier to decide…just a guy who’s made a couple of conference finals…and hasnt played hockey in 8 months by the way…

  13. Sam Rosen is hilarious when he messed up for some reason.

    I really hope the team gets rid of Voros, Kalinin, and whoever just to sign Mats Sundin!!!!!

  14. onecupin67years on

    Staal wart , if Sundin wants a cup wouldn’t he be calling Detroit?, I’m a ranger fan ,but a cup? this year? I don’t think so, but Eli and Giants proved me wrong last year.

  15. I was really happy with last night’s effort. That’s a good Ducks team the Rangers beat on the road simply by outskating and outdefending them. The Rangers even created some decent chances! That 4-pass rush through the Ducks’ defense was a beauty, and Dawes had a chance in the 2nd if he could have lifted the puck off of a wide open rebound.

    I still think this team is a scorer or two short, but that was a great effort last night, and you can win plenty of hockey games if you play every game like that.

  16. Props to the Rangers for playing a tight high energy game under the spotlight of trade rumors and the Big Swede distraction.

    More often then not, teams play like dog shit when these types of deals are in the mix.

    Credit Tom Renney for keeping everyone focussed against a very good Ducks squad.

    I hope the decision comes today. Mentally, I can’t take it anymore and neither can my fantasy roster.

    Had to pick up Sundin, albeit prematurely.

  17. So thoughts on lines if Sundin does come in?

    This is what I would like to see:

    Callahan – Sundin – Naslund
    Zherdev – Gomez – Dubinsky
    Dawes – Drury – Korpikoski
    Orr – Betts – Sjostrom

  18. Glad about the win last night, I only caught the 3rd but atching the highlights and 3rd it really looked like ANA had many many many more scoring opportunities and once again it was all about Hank…

    I won’t talk since I didn’t see the whole thing but aside from the 2 goals and the circus at the end… didn’t seem too impressive… on the backup goalie no less.

  19. I also cant mentally take it just freakin pick a team already and get it over with.

    By the way there is no way Drury is leaving, Dont believe everything you read.

  20. BillyDeeWilliams on


    It was one of their better efforts in awhile. considering they’re on the road against a good team, against a “backup” goalie who has actually been playing very well, i think they came out strong, played good hockey for most of the game, and as one or two posters has already stated, Hank didn’t have to stand on his head.

  21. Great Game

    I have to think the opposite of Brandon though; the threats of trades and waivers and being sent to the AHL might just have given the Rangers a rise over the last two games; I mean if I’m Dawes or Korpi or Kalini or even Rozy-Redden-Voros or anyone not naed Zherdev, Dubi or Staal I’m playing my a** off to stay put, stay up or not get bought out after season

  22. Something tells me that if the “minor moves” ie Prucha-Voros-Kalinin-Fritche are the only ones made to squeeze uncle fester into the team; the loss of wiggle room will come back to haunt us….

    and, lile onecup said above, I cant see any GM hurrying in to help Slats do anything by Friday’s roster freeze…why would they? none of the players mentioned are to be salavated over…

    Just cant see it happening

  23. I thought last night’s game was one of the more solid efforts we’ve had this season.

    Redden looked alright which is a huge improvement.

    The low # of shots is indicative of how well our d played (and how bad The Ducks were)

    Dawes had a nice “roller-hockey” move. Asa friend of mine pointed out… adding “it’s harder to do with a puck”.

    Gomer/Nazy, and Zherdev should stay together (at least until someone else comes into the lineup that may change that).

    Hank should’ve had his first shuout… korpi should have cleared that puck or taken the body. Otherwise though Korpi had a hell of a game… looked very fast.

  24. Billy Dee

    I agree with your assessment. The team skated well pretty consistently throughout, and while the Ducks were very flat that should not diminish the fact that the effort was there.

    What is kind of sad is that a night where an above-average work ethic was established stands out so starkly from the efforts of the last six weeks. This type of upbeat skating and relative hunger should be the norm.

  25. Someone said last night that the Ducks were ripe for a trouncing. The Ducks didnt play all that well. Yeah they had some great chances, but if the Rangers would have had constant sustained pressure it probably would have been a 5-1 win. Hiller played well last night. Give the guy credit :)

  26. Can’t see Drury going anywhere – its the team he’s always wanted to play for..and he’s captain.

    Good game last night, some good defensive plays, good back-checking and Dawes move on Pronger was brilliant. Their goalie played a blinder too (apart from Drury’s goal). Maybe the pressure from the fans is getting to the players at MSG and on the road they play with more confidence and freedom.

  27. 8-5 loss to NJD 5 days ago. Followed by back to back wins(so far). All about how you respond to a beating like that. They happen sometimes. I’ve liked the way that we’ve identified the holes in the defensive play, and corrected them. 3 goals should always be enough to win a game if you play disciplined hockey.

  28. speaking of discipline…rozy sux, I agree. But him NOT fighting was the best decision he’s made all season.

  29. onecupin67years on

    Win or not –
    Dear Santa,
    please fire Tom Renney and sather,
    I promise to be good…

  30. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Is there anything out there on the interenet of Dawe’s goal??? I couldn’t keep my eye’s open to watch the entire game. I hope this Sundin thing gets over sooner rather than later. I guess I am slightly leaning toward him becoming a Ranger. But really don’t care one way or the other. I just am not looking forward to see whom it will cost us to get him. But yea let’s get this over with so all players know there destiny and play hockey. Hopefully the Kings will fall tonight. We can use the 2 points to stay above these hot divisional teams.

  31. Dear Santa,

    Please let onecup slam his fingers in his car doors so he can’t type anymore.

    Beer Me!

  32. lol

    To address the thought that no other gm’s would wanna “help out” slats and take salary off ‘our’ hands…

    I don’t think that really applies to more than 5-10% of the league. Reason being, there aren’t that many teams that are really a contender to begin with. If you’re not a contender, what difference does it make if a team that is, becomes better for a year, possibly 2? It’s not like they’d be giving us cap room to sign Semin or Malkin.

  33. Dear Santa

    I am torn…if Rangers win tonite I promised I would stop making fun of Professor Renney

    But I am a Ranger fan who always roots for wins..

    what should I do?

    Wait…Why am I asking Santa these questions;these are what I normally ask my priest…plus I stopped beliveing in santa a few years ago when I didnt get my Anna K.

  34. Actually, thinking about it a little further down the road. Signing Sundin now, could actually help us a lot in the future.

    If you clear up (annual) space of $5mil(currently prorates to under 3mil), regardless of how we finish this season, if he decides to hang’em up after this season is over, you still have that cap space. And with the cap potentially going down in a year or two, and UFA market prices dipping a little lower than last July, there could be a hidden treasure in all this.

  35. I was just thinking about the possibility of trading one of our top d-men and I went the NHL website to look at some stats. I always get the sense on this blog that the posters think that your top d-men should never get scored on but that isn’t reality. The defense of the team has had its issues, which has been discussed ad nauseum. The stats were interesting though:

    Games Played – Goals For / Goals Against (all at even strength)

    Rozsival 34 – 19/31
    Redden 33 – 22/27

    Some All Stars:
    Phaneuf 31 – 29/37
    Niedermayer 32 – 20/24
    Bouwmeester 30 – 24/22
    Lidstrom 30 – 33/22
    Pronger 32 – 24/21

    If I look at the stats above, I walk away with the following – Redden actually isn’t playing that bad at even strength. Rozsival needs to play better but are the numbers horrible, not exactly, I don’t expect him to be Chris Pronger defensively.

    On the offensive side, I feel like Redden/Rozsival are stuck with the forwards they have to play with – who just aren’t going to score a ton of goals.


  36. Cliff,
    Dawes showed great vision last year on top of scoring 14 goals.. We all expected a little more out of the guy this year and so far he hasn’t produced.. But at 580K- there’s no reason to get rid of him.

  37. Beer me,
    That cap space probably would of been freed up anyway because
    prucha 1.6
    Fritche .8
    Kalinin 2.1
    All of their contracts are up at the end of the season anyway. That’s along with Dubinsky, Zherdev, Callahan, Betts and Mara who need to be signed

  38. JJP good work! Obviously we only concentrate our emotions on NYR…I mean look at Ottawa with three great forwards and they cannot score at all!!

    I’m listening to MOntreol sports-talk radio the last few days…its just like this blog…fire the coach, blame the GM, the veterans are to blame, who’s coaching this putrid powerplay? the young guys aren’t blossoming as expected…

  39. “That’s along with Dubinsky, Zherdev, Callahan, Betts and Mara who need to be signed”

    Orr too, right?

  40. Beer Me

    “Actually, thinking about it a little further down the road. Signing Sundin now, could actually help us a lot in the future.

    If you clear up (annual) space of $5mil(currently prorates to under 3mil), regardless of how we finish this season, if he decides to hang’em up after this season is over, you still have that cap space. And with the cap potentially going down in a year or two, and UFA market prices dipping a little lower than last July, there could be a hidden treasure in all this.”

    I was thinking about that yesterday… its kind of an obscure and ‘big picture’ way to look at it.

    … but im still a little concerned on who/what we’d end up giving up in order to get sundin.

  41. I think if Sundin wanted the money he’d be in Vancouver already. That offer’s been on the table for a long time. I have a feeling he’ll end up in NYR blues. Whatever he decides, I just hope it’s soon. This is getting tiresome.

  42. JJP,
    that is interesting stuff.. and I think it wouldn’t look so bad if the Rangers could actually score more than two a game… But I think most of those defensemen average atleast 3 more minutes of ice time a game than redden/rozsival-that could be a factor.

  43. JJP,

    Really interesting stuff. I think most fans talk about their team in a bubble. They don’t really look at the circumstances surrounding the team, what’s going on in the league, etc. It’s the same point Sam made about how we sometimes forget that there is an opponent on the ice trying to beat the Rangers everynight, so we just expect them to dominate 82 games which is ridiculous.

    I think plus/minus is a really ridiculous stat because it doesn’t tell you very much. We all know how bad Malik was, and yet he was close to a +40 when he was with the Rangers (obviously because he played with Jagr, but still).

    This is certainly no excuse for Redden and Roszival (moreso Redden…he makes ABSURD money and has been worse than Roszival), but it also isn’t a be-all, end-all.

    Hopefully things are turning around with a good road effort and we’ll see hockey like we saw at the start of the season. I still think the scoring is more of a problem than the defense, overall.

  44. “I mean look at Ottawa with three great forwards and they cannot score at all!!”

    I saw disturbing #’s on those 3 yesterday. Heatly’s on pace for like 60+ pts. And that’s the highest of all of them! ouch!

    “…..and we only shout for Petr Prucha when we lose; why is that?”

    That would be the FANS grasping at straws Kaspar.

  45. Kirill Rozsival is only 30 and definitely speaks Russian, I was waiting with a Russian kid (by kid I mean in his twenties) for autographs. THe kid started talking to Tyutin in Russian, to encourage him to sign. I heard Rozsival start answering the kid and the three talked form the parking garage to four Penn. THen the kid told my sister and I they were speaking Russian and he didn’t know Rozsival could….

    At another game I was waiting with a young man from the Czech Republic for autographs. He really wanted to see Jagr but any of the Czechs would do. We were talking and he started telling me that where he lived Czechs got Russian in primary school, while in Sweden they got English. I don’t know why he would lie about that… and he was only about 30 as well. That means most of his schooling came after the curtain was down.

    So the Czechs speak Russian, they get it in primary school…

  46. I’m sorry but the Rangers didn’t play all that well last night. They [barely] managed to beat a Ducks team that played a half-assed (dare I say Ranger-like?) game. Again, the lack of ability to even pressure (let alone score) on the power play almost cost them 2 points. I live in LA and work in the OC and I see the Ducks plenty—that game was very out of character for them. The rangers won’t have it so easy tonight against LA who will work much harder then Anaheim did and be more disciplined leaving their zone. I’m sorta wishing I had gone last night instead of going tonight.


    I’ve been saying PERSPECTIVE everytime I post on here…which isn’t as often lately because I can’t take the negativity.

  48. I hear ya Rob.

    This is from THN: (I was off on Heatly’s pace)

    “Antoine Vermette, Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley, Ottawa – Spezza is on pace for 64 points, while Heatley is on pace for 82. You don’t want to know how horrible Vermette is doing.”

  49. I said before Decemeber started that I would be Happy if we closed the month with at least 10-12 points out of a possible 24

    So far we are 4-3 so not impossible to do that or even best it.

    Im happy with last nights game, and THANK GOD did not have to go to overtime or a shootout.

    You can totally see Korpi playing harder as I think, whatever BS Renney spews, that his poster spot is not locked in. Nice to see him step it up.

    PRucha Fristche will be gone no matter what Sundin decides.

    Big Question is Voros – where the hell has he been lately?
    Think he will possibly get traded?
    I jsut cant see us losing another winger at this point, we have so few as it is and too many centers, unless Dubi is moved and becomes “Baby Jagr”

    PS IF Dubi moves to wing and starts scoring, I’m offically goign to start calling him that. He already has his one handed puck control around the net move down.
    He’ll just need to grow that horrible soul patch for the playoffs and his transformation will be complete!

    Then we can all start chanting when he scores BJ!! thump thump BJ!! thump thump

    and Rosen and Joe can giggle like little children

  50. ChrisS – You’re definitely right, most of those guys probably play more minutes per night which makes their numbers even more impressive.

    I guess my thinking was that if the powerplay could get to being semi-decent, say 15th in the league and we stopped giving up shorthanded goals – I don’t know if I would have a whole lot to bitch about with Redden/Rozsival aside from an off game now and again.

    The scary part is that I think our D’s play on both sides of the puck will only get worse if one of them gets moved.

  51. btw…Alfie is close to Heatly right now. Amazing how a writer can paint whatever picture they’d like, no?

  52. JJP they all play about 5 to 2 minutes more but that also includes 1-as much as 3 minutes more of PP on effective power plays. ONly one of the guys you mentioned averages the same amount as PP time as Redden and all have more than Rozi.

  53. Sundin may have been waiting until the 1/3 – halfway-ish mark all along to sign. Something to consider when thinking he would have taken the money already. This is especially the case when considering the travel aspect. The longer he waits to join the Nucks the less he’ll travel. (True also of the Rangers on their only west coast trip right now).

    I’m all for signing him though… IF:

    A) We lose a bad contract

    B) We lose some of our MANY generic 3rd liners
    C) Kalinen is one of those going
    D) We get him for less than 4M

    I can’t help thinking what this team would do with ANY kind of powerplay.

  54. JJP,
    I certainly agree.. Actually I’ll go you one more and say that redden has been playing really well the last couple of games-personally, I tend to forget that this guy had to pick up everything he had and move to NYC from ottawa-
    And as much as I say rozsival should be traded-it shouldn’t be now.. I think it should be during the offseason when Sather knows he’ll need to clear that five million to resign our core players. I don’t know if that means(or even possible) moving him on draft day to move us up a couple of spots to compensate for the hole Cheraponev left or what..
    As for moving a defenseman(and I know everyone agrees) kalinin only averages 16 minutes a game.. I don’t see it affecting the D-line that much bringing in a rookie- I say bump up paul mara’s ice time.

  55. Reginald Dunlop on

    Heck those sens players are terrible………so in a steal of a deal for ottawa, give them rozsival for heatley and vermette………….ha ha

  56. Despite some horrible losses and some frightening tendencies, if you told me in September that the Rangers would be first in the div, top 4 in conference and getting Sundin a week before Christmas, I would definitely take that.

  57. Who Needs Lohan on

    Was anyone else surprised that Renney didnt argue the call that gave us the 3rd goal? Do you think he will bench Zherdev for leaving the defensive zone and trying to score?

    Renney gets as excited about the prospect of a 2-1 victory the way I would get after being offered a BJ from Megan Fox. Well close…..

  58. good news for the Rangers tonight. Another backup goalie. This time the former NYR…Labarbera. Ersberg was playing well … for a backup himself. 8-5-2 GAA 2.38 sv% .903 is out with a bad groin. He had won his last 2 starts.

    So its Labarbera @ 5-7-3 2.70 .899

    We’re getting the breaks so far in that respect on this trip. Gotta make the most of it.

  59. 22 – dead on…

    People get caught up with all the mistakes/problems on the team… We’re leading one of the best divisions in the league AND we have yet to play our best hockey. that’s impressive.

    I’d rather look bad and win than look good and lose.

  60. Beer Me! – Yeah, it’s odd that the article would mention Vermette and not Alfredsson, since Alfie is the other top-line player, but he was out for a few games due to injury this season, I believe, and Vermette is doing absolutely terribly.

    I still can’t get over that “power play goal” that Zherdev scored last night; hilarious.

  61. AS posted by Eklund…”I was told it is done by three sources. Mats to the Rangers. Stay tuned much more to come including how the Rangers will make it work.

    Update: I am told that one of the teams involved in these sweeps has been informed of Mats decision…” So we shall see…

  62. According to the Ducks broadcast of the Voros-Montador fight, the Ducks lead the league with 37 fighting majors, and the Rangers are sixth with 26. It’s better than watching the Wings, who took forever for their first fight this season.

  63. This Sundin situation is probably exactly what it looks like: He wants to play for the Rangers, with two big name Swedes in a city that will leave him alone (comparatively) and that is closer to his motherland (and where road trips are easier). But the Rangers haven’t figured out how to pay him, yet, and so he’s waiting. I suspect the person holding this up isn’t Mats, but Slats.

  64. soooo.. Rozy doesnt drop the gloves and that makes him a f.g

    okay, would you like to fight an NHL player? should I call you a pussy? no. Rozy isnt a fighter and shouldnt be bothered to.

  65. Has anybody else seen the poker tournament commercial with Sundin? I saw that and started laughing… I think he’s doing ads for extra money because he knows the Rangers can’t afford much right now.

    THAT’S what I call a team player.

  66. I was going to say, he never fights, I don’t know why people expected him to… he also didn’t initiate that little riff, whether the refs saw it or not. If Getz wanted a fight he should pick a player that has that element to his game, like Mara, but no looks like Getz was the wuss calling on a player that doesn’t fight…

  67. I think Rozie’s soft because he doesn’t hit, but I can’t blame him for not wanting to fight. Getzlaf was just trying to pick an easy target.

  68. “Getzlaf was just trying to pick an easy target.”….

    And try to turn the momentum in his teams favor. Something that should actually be noted as a postive for Rozy. Being able to identify when the timing is right to take yourself off the ice for 5+ min.

    I forget which coach it was, but he said something along the lines of: “I never have a problem with a forward fighting as long as he takes defenseman with him.”

  69. Lunquist should have rushed to Rozy’s defense and flapped his glove opened and closed; over and over again under getzlaf’s furry chin…then wink his eye ala Patrick Roy

  70. Just heard from someone was at the NHL store and they were taking down all the #13 Zherdev jerseys. Asked why, they said they’d gotten a bunch of Sundin ones in and were told to take the Zherdev ones down, to be replaced by #97.

    Sounds crazy, but would be funny if true.

  71. reginald dunlop on

    good point…will take phillips and volchenkov and give back goal scoring sensation nigel dawes

  72. love Phillups and Volchenkov…also a big fan of Jason smith…Oh to have Rozy-redden-Kalinin gone and replaced by those bad a**es

  73. To those who keep calling Roszi a f*g, he did the smart thing by skating away. He tried to draw a penality, but unfortunately got a little too stick happy & it was a wash. You really dont know the tendency of this player. he isnt a fighter. So I agree with Fitzy, you go up against an NHL player whos 6’3″-6’5″ 220+ & fight :)

  74. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I can’t believe I stayed awake for the game last night considering the alarm goes off at 5:30 am (even though I DVR’d it). I’m dragging now!!!! There were definitely signs of the team that started this season with a little of that passion starting to re-surface. Hopefully they will carry that into tonight and build on it.
    I’m sorry but the “Days of our Mats” drama has gotten old (it was getting old in August). I’m sure it would be a good thing but then again the way things are being played out and dragged out – it does make me wonder if the Rangers really need an ‘it’s all about me’ guy on the team. Haven’t we been down that road before? On the good side, it’ll be an opportunity to clean house and correct some ‘mistakes’.

  75. Easy Mako…..

    But I agree; with all problems Rangers have one of them IS NOT turning every single player into a fighter…after all prucha scored, then he fought and what happened? He’s in Purgatory!

  76. Rozi 6’2 205 now our smallest d man

    Getz 6’4 221 only Parros is bigger

    why the heck would he start it up with a player who barely even hits… thats something Avery would do…

  77. I gotta say; evryone is thinking that to get Sundin all we have to do is unload some marginal players; it seems pretty unrealistic doesn’t it?…where’s the Pain? Isnt there supposed to be some pain when you gain?

    I just dont think its gonna happen…not without losing someone else and maybe losing too much…

    just a grumble from the belly

  78. My question is: With everyone soaking into their underwear over Sundin, what happens when he goes and takes the $10M from VAN? Does this put the nail in the coffin for the team that they just don’t have the firepower without Sundin the bandaid? That’s the impression I’m getting. They think Sundin is the answer and are going to break eggs going after the omlette.

    I don’t think I see him signing with us. Not with $20M on the table.

  79. Um, Salty, in order to make the omelette, you do need to break some eggs. Usually. Unless that’s what you meant. I think. It’s deeply philosophical, maybe too much for me to get my head around. Think of Sundin more as a side of bacon.

  80. No pavel, that isn’t where I heard it. But I think it is an e1 or e2 at best. Of course I have no idea what those designations mean either.

  81. That’s what I meant. They are ready/desperate enough to go out of their way to sign this guy. They were already in a very tight spot salary wise, seems like they are prepared to make it even worse. What happens if it doesn’t work out?

    Possible that we clear room and he still doesn’t sign here?

  82. Supposedly Atlanta would be willing to part with Ilya, but they would want both Gomez and Rozy from us.


    If we sign Sundin and part with Gomez and Rozy, would anyone have a problem with that? Is that a good idea? I am interested to hear what you think of this?

  83. Supposedly Atlanta would be willing to part with Ilya, but they would want both Gomez and Rozy from us.



    Ehh…the biggest attraction of Ilya in the first place for us is his compatibility with Gomez. He’d be the guy we’ve been looking to put with Gomez.

    Drury/Rozy would be a no brainer. NO BRAINER!

  84. Nasty,
    IF that was true(and that’s a big if)- I think it would be a great idea- and not because we’d have one of the most dynamic wingers in the world but because we would rid ourselves of one of the big contracts going forward.. And as much as gomez means to this team- he’s not a top caliber center like Thornton, Crosby, Malkin, Getzlaf, or even staal. Sundin could(maybe) play two years-the olympics being that big factor for next year- and take that first line center while Dubinsky and Anisimov Mature. And then after those two years- we would have ALOT of free cap from Naslund/Sundin’s contract to make good deals- like resign Kovalchuk or someone of that nature.. That’s my take.. If we want to build from within- we have to get rid of one of those contracts and add a couple of spare parts while these kids mature all while adding KEY part like a legit top winger. But it’s a pipe dream and that’s my take if it were to happen.

  85. Nasty I would do it too if only because it frees room for us to definitely retain our young guys, Dubi, Staal, Z… (and also resign Mara at the end of the year, if he returns to his earlier style when away form Kal, he is still solid now… but not as solid) I don’t like giving Kal more time so I would want to have someone in Hartford (Potter or Fahey step up) we could reunite MAra with Staal and have Kal and the youngster take the 16 third line minutes, or better yet let Potter and Fahey take those minutes and Kal be the seventh man…

    Also leaves us pat with four centers again… Drury, Dubi, Korpi and Betts…

    Rozi being gone clears the way for Del Z, Sanguinetti or any other youngun to step up i the future. I wanted ROzi back but for three years at the most not four (I know its only one year but with Redden as well it creates a log jam of sorts)

  86. nasty-

    why would they trade kovalchuk to bring in lesser talent and double the $ in contracts?

    they would be as screwed as we are with the salary cap

  87. Beer me,
    I think that’s the power rankings of the teams- not the specific player.. and in this week’s edition they’re looking at the top center of each team.

  88. agravaine-

    korpi is not a center…he played wing during his career in the minors and then in training camp renney for some stupid reason tried him out at wing…
    when they called him up drury was on the wing with gomez so the rangers needed another center and put korpi there.

    in my opinion he is awful at center.. i love him as a winger-less pressure and he hits more…
    so including sundin we would have 5 centers not 6-
    gomez, sundin, drury, dubie, and betts

    yea thats still crazy having 5 but not as bad as 6

  89. hey guys can anyone in Manhattan (so not long distance) call the NHL store and ask if they got the Sundin jerseys in??

    the number is 212 221 6375

    its long distance for me

  90. ahh…perhaps I shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night.

    I’ll be lucky to get to the 1st intermission tonight.

  91. I want to buy one of those old style table hockey games with the rods and levers; and the double-center for when you pull your goalie

  92. Agreed to on most points minus the fact that “looking bad and winning” won’t bring us a good playoff run.

  93. WOW guy picked up on the first ring. LOL my fax worked. he said as soon as they officially find out he is a Ranger they will make all the Jerseys. They dont have the “player kit” yet.

  94. they said they don’t have any Z jerseys it would take two days to make them… so I’m guessing they are waiting on those for Mats as well…

  95. onecupin67years on

    I called gerry cosby 1 877 563-6464 “they haven’t signed him yet sir and he doesn’t have a number”I was told

  96. yawn… guess its back to work for me :( no fun Ranger distractions anymore… peace out guys…

    but hey if anyone is interested (I know y’all don’t like plugging other sites, I don’t do it that often) during the game we will have a live chat at Ranger Nation… it can help keep ya awake :^)

    thats the website, just make a profile (free and easy) and then enter the chat. The button is in the header about mid screen.

    Its a good time, and since Sam isn’t there and won’t really be updating we could all chat there and not have to keep refreshing, as it is an actual chat room.

    Later guys, I am going to post this link again later, closer to game time…

  97. Renney is expecting to much from Voros. He’s taking him away from his game, as he does to most players. Orr, doesn’t fight as much, and lost weight to play this game, and now has trouble with Heavyweights, and Hollweg was a hitter, and did just that, but Renney told him he can be more offensive, then he was worthless.

    Aaron needs to play on the 4th line, and on the PP. That’s it.

    Renney sucks big hairy ones.


    If Nyr cant get Sundin, id definitely love to see them try and trade for Cheechoo. From what i hear, he’s available. Who knows, maybe put him with Gomer, and they can form some Heroic Alaskan duo.

  98. onecupin67years on

    hollwig was and is dumb.. he took those terrible penalties in the playoffs

    re : signing guys like cheechoo – cap money?

  99. Agreed to on most points minus the fact that “looking bad and winning” won’t bring us a good playoff run.

    hey, if we keep “looking bad and winning” in the playoffs, I’ll be happy.

  100. Orr – The only problem Colton Orr has with the other heavyweights is finding on that’ll actually fight him. I don’t think I’ve seen him lose a fight clean all year.

  101. Talk about a repetitive issue….

    Scott Burnside of ESPN is still all over the Avery story; he’s writing an article a day on it…anyone still miss ESPN ( and their in-game/ split screen golf hi-lites)??

  102. UGH. Burnside’s a complete fool. And seriously, does he need to plaster his face everywhere on the site? he’s HIDEOUS!!!

  103. Scott Burnside is reliable?

    If the Rangers dont get Sundin which i think they will, who would they go for then, Shanahan? who else that is semi cheap ha.

  104. onecupin67years on

    T’was the day before Thursday
    and all through the team
    not a player was stirring looking for Sundin.
    The sweaters they hung in the locker room with care
    there wasn’t a 13 for Sundin to wear.
    Acacio sat by the sewing machine ,ready to sew letters across spelling Sundin.
    Come prucha, come Fritsche, come voros ,over here.
    you lads have been traded go get your play gear.

    Trade away,trade away, trade away more..we need more cap room ,more and more.

    Sather he stood round smoking rings into clouds , look what me brings the famous Mats Sundin.

    There he stands on the ice with gomez and naslund
    Merry Sundin to all and to all a good night!

  105. ‘Merry Sundin to all and to all a good night!”

    Classic Onecup!!1

    Sure beats the frickin Grinch ( they made me watch that last nite before the game) Ugh!

  106. Kaspar – after the game last night i kept thinking – what if Sundin said to Sather – on this west coast trip…

    0 pts – I’m off to Vancouver.
    1 pts (not earned vs LA) – maybe….
    2 pts – Start spreadin the news!!

    for some reason that made me laugh

  107. Parros

    LOL…He gave sather the same ultimatum I gave beer me! about laying off Professor renny!! ( almost)

  108. Start spreading the news, Im leaving today
    I want to be a part of it – new york, new york
    These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray
    Right through the very heart of it – new york, new york

    I wanna wake up in a city, that doesnt sleep
    And find Im king of the hill – top of the heap

    These little town blues, are melting away
    Ill make a brand new start of it – in old new york
    If I can make it there, Ill make it anywhere
    Its up to you – new york, new york

    If sundin signs.. It’s quite fitting.

  109. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    ALRIGHT!!!! late night games rock!!!! Those dam afternoon ones , the Rangers just can’t seem to get up for. Nice to see the Rangers playing with some cohesian ( coheasen ),,,i dunno know how to spell it….anyways I also never expected to have Voros thrown under the bus. Is n’t he our Avery replacement? No way i’d lose him , his big body and ability to score is needed.He fights and hits and agitates!!!

  110. Jeever
    if they pick up 6 Pts I will, going forward, always refer to Renney as Professor Renney ( only I will really mean it)

    ….and beer me! will become Confucius

  111. Hey now Ecklund is blowing holes in Zherdev jersey thing you guys went after earlier!!!

    He called it a “not true, but very creative, rumour” or something like that

    Ecklund called you guys what we normally call him; guess he didnt like your sources…

  112. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    c-o-h-e-s-i-o-n ahhhhhhh gotchya ,ty Jeever. Lets play with that cohesion again tonight!!!!

  113. ok I looked it up. The Rangers are 3-0 when playing outside of their time zone (last night and the 2 in Europe).

    Our energy game is everywhere BUT where we regularly play.

  114. Might as well start Vally. Hank has sucked against the Kings in his short career. 0-2, and he’s given up 10 goals i think.

    This Kings team sure as shit is a whole hell of a lot better than the last two.

    Hope we get the extra 2 tonight.

  115. do you believe that tho? The Rangers should just stay out West cause the East time difference is messing them up.

  116. Saw this on versus last night, had to look it up.

    Mike Richards – 4 shorthanded goals this season
    Simon Gange – 4 shorthanded goals this season
    Jeff Carter – 3 shorthanded goals this season

  117. ‘Battle of the backups’ tonight.

    I don’t think the excitement is enough to get me through the entire game. Coffee worked last night. But I’m pretty sure to get through this one, I’d have to break the law.

  118. ok I’m throwing this out there cause I’m DYING for news… For a team that’s supposedly trying to clear room for somebody, not a SINGLE move in the past week? NOTHING?

    I’m dying to see what’s gonna happen.

  119. Tony…did you get any snow from that storm out there yesterday?

    Jeever – PHI put briere on longterm IR. And sent randy Jones to the AHL. Is that what you’re looking for?!

  120. Slats can’t find any takers for our scraps and over priced non-offensive, non-defensive, offensive defensemen.

  121. haha beer – I’m looking more for “Rozeival traded anywhere for anything. Parade planned in NYC on Saturday.”

  122. ” not a SINGLE move in the past week? NOTHING’
    Jeever 12-17-08

    Thats because they cant swing it…and there is no Santa Claus

  123. I always thought that the linesman were tooth fairies; it was always them collecting my teeth and giveing me two dollars….I mean two minutes

  124. Jeever-I’m disappointed today…I wanted news, trades, movement… and there is no way I make that whole game tonight

    is Charlie Simmer still with LA?

  125. Beer Me!
    December 17th, 2008 at 3:56 pm
    …and get divorced

    Beer, my wife is staying with her parents tonight. Beer always keeps me up late and now I don’t have to sneak em.

  126. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    No chilie simmer tonight but maybe Dave Taylor and Marcel dionne. ….luc Robitaille could be playing too!! Maybe Rosival will fight him?? Actually I think Getzlaf was a punk trying to fight Rosival. How come Orr and Parros didnt come to blows??

  127. Im really excited about the possibility of Sundin coming here. If he can fix our PP and give us consistent scoring (which he’s done in his career so far) i really like this signing.

    I think this helps rid us of some bad long term contracts and opens roster spots for Potter, Fahey, Anisimov, or Moore in the process.

    Lets go Rangers !!!

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