Thursday is the day


So Thursday appears to be the day that Mats Sundin will finalize his decision on whether he’ll play for the Rangers or the Canucks, “this according to a story out of Vancouver”:

”He’s going to make a decision Thursday about the final destination,” Gillis told reporters. ”We re-iterated our position in  all of this and formalized our offer moving forward. We feel good about our team and where we sit and what we have to offer.

”We will see how it plays out.”

J.P. Barry, Sundin’s agent, heard Vancouver GM Mike Gillis’ tempting offer in person again today, but I go back to the idea that if Sundin has already taken it this far, he’s ready to become a Ranger.

As for those Rangers, expect Henrik Lundqvist in goal tonight, and the same lineup as Saturday night. If I hear anything different, I’ll pass it along.

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  1. apparently sweden gets the inside scoop…or maybe thats just due to the time differance …j/k…

    although I was just getting ready to watch tonights game…forgetting its 8:00 pm pacific…

    “Citing Swedish-based sources, the Toronto Star claims Sundin’s Swedish representative Claes Elefalk told local media in Stockholm to contact him tomorrow to learn which team Sundin has chosen to play with.”

  2. oh god we get to face another back up goalie…

    from TSN:
    “Ducks goaltender Jean-Sebastien Giguere is scheduled to back up Jonas Hiller in Tuesday night’s game against the New York Rangers at Honda Center and then leave the team to attend memorial services for his father, Claude, who passed away Monday morning in Montreal.”

  3. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Wow!!!!!!!! Sundin is coming!!!!!!!!!!. I can’t wait!!. I hope he does as well as Guy lafleur,Marcel Dionne,Wayne Gtretzky,Eric Lindros did. I get get goose bumps thinking about the upcoming Mats Sundin night at the garden,where the team will play on the video screen all the wonderfull moments of Sundin’s Rangers career,right before they retire his number.WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!. The season is saved!!!!!

  4. I do hate this mid-season signing crap. I blame that classy, team-first guy, Roger Clemens.

    Meanwhile, play Prucha. Dawes, Voros=impotent. Give PP a chance, can’t be worse.

    Hope the Rangers kick some ass.


  5. Signing Sundin would be ignoring our defensive deficiencies, but those aren’t likely to get ironed out anytime soon because of the contracts of Rozsival and Redden. I’m surprised that more people aren’t mentioning Kalinin as a good candidate to leave to clear space for Sundin, replacing him with a cheaper Potter.

    Pavel – Wow, you really think that Biron is a serviceable replacement for Henrik? Just wow.

    Here is an interesting article for you Gomez and Drury haters (link in name).

  6. Biron and Hank don’t even belong in the same arena when you’re discussing goaltending talent…

  7. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    + / – statistics

    Without looking , Can you name the only 2 Rangers that are in the plus’s ??

    Guys like Gomez and Rosival and Kalinin are absolutly embarrassing. Drury ‘s high in the minus’s too!! We know who is giving up more than they are giving .Something needs to be addresed!!!

  8. Im glad this is almost over. Or is it? The whole thing seems fishy to me, and I dont think its a crime to be skeptical when we have been hearing about impending Sundin signing since early August.

    That said I loved Sundin as a Leaf and would love to see him as a ranger

  9. agravaine

    a 1 yr contract a lot of times is easier to move than longer term so kalinin could be moved

  10. god no Sundin please. how in th ehell a re they going to make room for him!?:

    he got offered 10 million a year!

  11. Hello for the first time in a long long time!

    I wish Sundin would make up his mind and yeah Kalinin should definitely go ASAP! IMHO so should Dawes and Voros. Give Potter a chance and let Fritshe and Prucha play. At least they are always hustling. Dawes does for entire games without e realizing he was playing.

  12. It’s not very pretty to be Vancouver and offer 10 mill and have it turned down. That’ll sting.

  13. Agravaine- agreed and usually players are traded on deadline day. he prob is in same league as Backman from last yr. i see him being dumped (if hollweg can get a 5th rd pick maybe we can get that). more as room on cap whether we get Sundin or not

  14. Did anyone post the rumor from HFBoards?

    NYR trades: Gomez, Rozsival, Prucha, Valiquette
    ATL trades: Kovalchuk, Exelby, Hedberg

    Its definately fake, but at the same time it makes sense for cap space. Either way Waddell would have to be an idiot to do that trade, which is why I think its the fakest thing ever. Especially without draft picks involved.

  15. Oh and BTW, Hiller is really good. I don’t know how many of you actually pay attention to the West, but Hiller has been pretty legit lately.

  16. Yeah ,the Ducks have a nice one-two punch in net. My condolences to J.S. Gigure and his family, seems like a down to earth guy. Quick fact: Gigure was originally drafted by Hartford with the pick that the Rangers traded to Hartford for Pat Verbeek.

    I think Sundin will come and Korpo is definitely going to Hartford along with Prucha being shipped to one of Nash/Pho/LA.

  17. Hiller has lost his last three starts…Detriot, Chicago, and San Jose…..but ya he is HOT!! 3-3-1 with a 1.50 GAA in his last 6

    He has 6 wins 4 losses and 1 tie//GAA of 2.09.

    Anaheim has shown a lot of confidence in him while Gigeaure has been dealing with his Dad. He plays well under pressure

  18. Jonny D, actually I think that trade could make a lot of sense if you’re Atlanta.

    You have to figure there is no way Kovalchuk resigns and if he does, he probably will want something close to Hossa/Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin money. Gomez, while no Kovalchuk, is 28 and a good puck carrying center who would be signed through 2014. Valiquette and Hedberg are a wash. If you think Prucha has upside, Rozsival needs a change of scenery and takes Schneider’s cap dollars next year, it starts to work out.

    It’s actually not that crazy.

  19. As The (sundin) World Turns….…2793/story.html

    “VANCOUVER — Canuck general manager Mike Gillis says Mats Sundin will announce whether he is going to play for the Vancouver Canucks or New York Rangers on Thursday. But Sundin’s agent, J.P. Barry, isn’t so sure about that.

    About three hours after Gillis told reporters in Vancouver early this afternoon that Sundin would announce his decision on Thursday, Barry told the Vancouver Sun that may not be the case.

    “I did tell Mike that Thursday would be the earliest,” Barry said in a telephone interview. “I am not going to hold Mats to any kind of deadline. He has never been held to one before and he’s not going to be held to one now. He says he is going to try and make a decision by the end of this week.

    “It may not be Thursday if he struggles with the decision. He is going to make up his mind this week, is what he has told us. But we are not going to put any deadline on him.”

    Gillis met this morning in Vancouver with Barry and later told reporters that he expected a Sundin decision on Thursday.”

    So why Thursday??
    Rangers clearly have a busy next couple days.
    Vancouver is having Trevor Linden retirement night Wednesday

  20. JJP – actually it is pretty crazy. Atl has major real cash problems. so bringing in the likes of Rozy and even to lesser extent Gomez does not help in that regard. especially since down there neither one would bring many extra fans in. they will want high end prospects AND top draft picks. great in quality and cheap in price. not at all what this deal translates to for them.

  21. reason i said lesser extent re gomez

    is that while his salary is higher he might actually bring some fans in. whereas rozy while a little cheaper would not bring any fans in.

  22. has anyone read outliers by malcolm gladwell. i highly recommend it. it is the story of success and hits on the notion of “accumulated advantages” – advantages that add up over time i.e. if the rangers nab sundin, it’s because our record is good, which resulted from the advantages of an early season start. gladwell challenges the notion of greatness by saying great is not so great. luck has a lot to do with greatness. if this team wins the cup because of sundin, we might want to thank the schedule maker.

  23. LI – I would think that the overwhelming problem is an unsuccessful team despite having had talent (kovalchuk, savard, kozlov, etc). While draft picks and prospects might be cheaper in the short term, it doesn’t help you build a solid team and get you to the playoffs, where your team actually makes money. Draft picks/prospects are crap shoots (see H. Jessman). Adding two veterans might build a solid core, even if there is an incremental cost in the short term and help make hockey relevant in Atlanta.

    I could see the discussion going either way, go cheap or try and pick up good assets cheap.

  24. JJP – atl is in unigue position especially in this economy. they are in real trouble as is their gm. if a team moves or contracts they are as likely as any. i just don’t see them going for gomez/rozy. the added benefit of them trading kovalchuk is their own pick would seemingly be top 3 for sure. especally if its for picks and guys in juniors

  25. You see the way Redden gave him that lane. Completely move out of the players way to take that shot. That is what drives me crazy. TAKE THE BODY!

  26. Kalinin went behind the net on that highlight they replayed of Selanne stealing the puck from Mara / Gomez – problem being he was the third guy behind the net – that play would have gotten me benched in my rec roller hockey league.

    Also, if you were a GM trading with the Rangers- wouldn’t you demand Cally…I’m just saying, to land Sundin we might have to part with players we’d rather not (I’d include Prucha in that…but I think we all know that’s a “when” not an “if”)

  27. How is Redden that sweaty? Unless he doused himself with the water bottle to give the “illusion” he was working hard ;)

  28. topcorner — are u serious?? No sustained pressure/scoring chances, while Kalinin played a 1-on-2 into a breakaway against….the bar is so low here….

  29. Who Needs Lohan on

    1. I actually didnt think that was a kneeing penalty, of course when two guys make contact his leg will give out and create the appearance that he stuck his knee out…just sayin!
    2. Kalinen should be benched for that breakaway by Perry, he looked down reached for the puck with his stick and before he knew it Perry was behind him. That my fiends would not have happened had he TAKEN THE BODY!!!!

  30. The part about not taking the body is weird. The ones I talk about are the gimmes, where it would not be like chasing a guy or head hunting in any way, they present themselves, like presents. Redden and a few others, aah, they just find it unpleasant or something.

  31. Who Needs Lohan on

    I actually think they looked pretty terrible, played not to give up a goal, and legitimately had ZERO quality scoring chances. But Perry Pearn looked happy, his butt buddy has just what he wants….a 0-0 score.

  32. I see Mara, Staal and most of the time Girardi every chance they get to take the body when the opportunity presents its self. Why they other 3 dont is beyond me.

  33. MAKO

    The other don’t take the body because they don’t want to. And their coach (“Mr. Five ithe Picture”) is just fine with that.

  34. I thought they played a solid first, mostly, but their timing is a bit off and they have to adjust to the fact that Anaheim isn’t going to let Gomez dance in. But I see a pretty solid effort. Would I ever like to see them pot a PP goal.

  35. Dude, Sam Rosen called Sundin “Mats Naslund” – now, money might not factor into Sundin’s decision, but i’m pretty sure he wants to be called the right name (Marcus Naslund as well)…maybe Rosen will just call them Swede #1, #2…etc…

  36. topcorner- did you mean I should type drury like that more often? ha funny didnt even think about how it posts with my name like that

  37. Wow, what a terrible giveaway by Niedermayer. Good for Drury — now go get another, and then another.

  38. please renny, don;t play for a 1-0 game, please please let this team skate and shoot and play for the win in reg.

  39. Todd Marchant on the second line and Bobby Ryan on the 4th line? That makes sense. Perry Pearn might not be the dumbest man in the building.

  40. On NHL Center Ice I have the Anaheim broadcast… they showed a fan with a ‘RANGERS: DONT SIGN SUNDIN!” sign.

    Did they show that on MSG as well?

  41. I have a hard time defining what the western conference style of play is, it’s not always necessarily more physical at all. I watched the Ducks and the Sharks a few nights ago, and it was brutally physical, so maybe that was just due a very intense rivalry.

  42. Someone please tell me why it seems like Korpikoski has a ton of ice time tonight??

    Hes not playing bad, hes playing like someone who is playing for his life/career seeing as we know whats probably coming

  43. why is it that the 20% of the time the Rangers actually send more than one player into attack zone they always wind up right on top of each other?? On the same wing or banging into each other behind the goal line, they never spread out to spread out the opponents dee

  44. They also interviewed some Rangers fans during one of the commercial breaks and gave them a hard time about ‘not being heard’ because theres so few of them

    I thought that was funny seeing as when the Anaheim fans chant you cant even remotely understand what they are saying.

  45. Chris above mentions Korpi playing for career…you know even if NYr don’t sign Sundin maybe the possibility of him coming; coupled with players possibly getting moved might wake up some of their players??
    What will wake up coaches, of course, is as yet still a secret

  46. It’s moments like that that make me think the real Chris Drury is with us again. The ability is undeniable when you see it.

  47. I read something about how his glove is like steel with no flex. Not like other gloves, thought I know diddly about goalie gloves.

  48. LI Joe
    December 16th, 2008 at 11:24 pm
    it almost was sh. henrik had no help by the d or the dubi line

    If he catches the first shot nothing else happens.

  49. I swear… if you guys think Sam & Joe are bad commentators you clearly dont hear enough of the guys from elsewhere in the league. This is torture… makes me WANT to listen to Joe.

  50. Top

    I heard the same thing. That he doesnt like flex in his glove. The Canes game he made a save on a tough shot he had to hit the back of his glove with his stick to get the puck out of the webbing.

  51. I’ve sometimes wished Pearn could do something useful and clone Valley’s glove hand and graft on to Henrik. Sure, he’d miss a couple of games…

  52. the puck likely knuckled on Hank, but agreed that you’d like to see no rebound there. but girardi was lazy on the residue. paul newman/reg dunlop is right

  53. the PP is now beyond a joke, and has moved into embarrassment-ville. but the people in charge of it are good people, people who care about other people, people who come to work each day with a song in their heart and a smile on their lips, so no heads will roll, right Tom Thumb?

  54. What about what Rodent always says about not seeing what’s coming up behind you? Pretty good illustration of it with Korpi not swivelling his head around. Shouldn’t be a hard thing to learn, though.

  55. “Agravaine

    Hank leaves a lot of bad rebounds…”

    Agreed… its, hands down, the weakest part of his game. Last season it was this and puck handling. Seems like he worked a LOT on puck handling in the off-season. I no longer have a heart attack every time he goes to play the puck.

    Hopefully he’ll work on the rebounds this off-season

    … one step at a time, lol

  56. This has been a pretty solid game so far; good playing by both sides. Hopefully the Rangers can stuff in some of those chances in the third. It looks like Lundqvist would have been better off letting that shot (that led to the Anaheim goal) hit his chest and deflecting it away rather than trying to catch it sideways, but it’s a lot easier in hindsight.

    I wanted to mention earlier my opinion about Renney. I tend to lke him because he has led us to the playoffs three straight seasons, which is good after missing the postseason for so many years. He maddens me with his tendencies to keep trying the same thing over and over again until it gets totally rediculously bad instead of tweaking a little bit and taking chances, while at the same time he makes so many changes in forward lines throughout the season. I would want him to try new things on the power play, like using some different players, and obviously replacing the coach who runs the PP. I really don’t have a problem with the way he uses his lines during the games.

  57. this should be a lesson to the rangers, watch how the ducks have mugged everyone coming near the slot thats the reason the rangers havent been up 4 goals now every time they got a shot chance someone was tying them up

  58. the ducks are so ripe to be beaten in this game, they have barely shown up, you have to win tis game going away if you/re the Rangers!

  59. Chris – It looks like Korpikoski is playing a lot because the fourth line got a lot of ice time in the first period due to a small number of stoppages in play (maybe five?) and only one full power play by either team.

    They never seem to call a penalty for one player dropping his gloves anymore, so I can’t complain there.

  60. “Rob F December 17th, 2008 at 12:02 am

    the rangers are playing for overtime…i hate this”

    You think may there is another team on the ice?

  61. Scott Niedemeyer looks as bad as I’ve ever seen him look. Holy schmoley Blackhawks pummeling Oilers 9-2 early in the 3rd.

  62. on a positive note, the effort overall while not stellar is better than it has been in many games this season

  63. aaahhhhh I was just gonna bitch slap renney for putting out dawes with 3 minutes to play and he becomes gretzky…lol

    great forecheck or what ever you wanna call it


  64. So does this mean Dawes will be a healthy scratch two games from now, since that happened to Prucha? Great move for the goal!

    Why is this Festerling so good against us and where do we get one? :)

  65. Holy cow that definitely was a pretty goal. This is the kind of game Renney loves. Not to be negative, but boy the Rangers are lucky in that they are being allowed to dictate. I’m not complaining because the guys look really disciplined. They deserve the lead.

  66. yeah you cant put the goalie back in in that situation I think it happened in the playoffs two years ago in a west coast game

    so since there is no penalty shot with no goalie its automatic

  67. Pronger truly shamed himself on the winning goal, but how sweet to see it wasn’t a NYR who made the horrible play

  68. Yeah, it was too nerve-wracking with a 5 on 4 at the end, but the Rangers were probably nervous because they were on the power play. All in all, a good game for most, except Kalinin, of course, who got a minus on the Anaheim goal, even though he deserved it when he got beat but a goal was not scored.

  69. nice win….anaheim anouncers refere to “the rangers great wall of defence” ya thats right!!

    And I’ll take that power play goal…nets off, pronger bites, great ending for the boys.

    Big first win of the road trip….I’m sure the Sundin distraction is very trying on some of the players…

  70. This was one of the most complete games we have played all season, and we won in regulation. I am going to sleep feeling very satisfied tonight. I am not going to get too excited, but damn, good to see, and a nice way to start this trip. I feel like Dawes could flourish with a center like Sundin setting him up.

    Sundin IS coming! :)

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  71. Oof how bad is the Ducks D tonight? A solid gritty win. Nothing really jumps out at you but they grinded it out. The defense was better than it is usually. The pp once was very good. Outside of the bad rebound leading to the only goal he gave up Hank was very solid. Drury and Callahan were the best forwards tonight. The third wasn’t very pretty but they pulled it out partly due to sloppiness but the Ducks dman with the turnovers and a sweet move by Dawes. Zherdev was a guy who was more noticable on nearly every shift. The Ducks really didn’t impress me. Pronger and Niedemeyer looked really old tonight and the Ducks have zero offensive depth(poor Selanne is playing with two 3rd liners) Redden and Girardi were much stronger and Staal was a beast. Rangers will be tested tomorrow but a young team that can score with anyone.

  72. How much money can canucks offer Sundin

    “Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots”- Joe M
    What an idiot!

  73. Hank probably made some of his best saves on Kunitz tonight imo. Forgot to mention that I though Korpkoski was one of the better player. He has an extra hop in his step and was very strong in all three zones showing good speed and grit.

  74. Capitalize on Your Chances!!

    3 unassisted goals (well I guess the Duck defense could get points) Nice to see hard work, and speed and players capitalizing on these type of plays….3rd goal was an empty net but he had pronger beat just the same!

    Reddon was solid and Marc Staal is going to be a superstar.

    Thought Voros and Dubinsky floated all night

  75. Good game. They came out to play tonight and played well against a good team. Definitely plenty of good signs here after a ton of god awful signs. Gomez still needs to play better, but Naslund has shown some positive play as of late. D looked pretty solid tonight (it seems as though our boys finally have learned the system,(along with good positional play) or Renney has finally taught them it. Let’s Go Rangers! Be happy for tonight Ranger fans. Tonight bodes well.

  76. All Hail King Henrik on

    I hope Sundin was watching. Say what you will about Renney (I’ve certainly called for his head the past two months), but that was a well played ROAD game. The held Anaheim to only 20 shots (had been giving up 33+ per over the last 10 or so) and one goal.

    Henrik played well (quick side note here: to the ppl questioning his rebound control and glove hand–watch more goalies play regularly, because Henrik has some of the best rebound control in the league; he usually swallows pucks to the chest or plays them to the corners. That said, his glove hand IS the weak-spot in his game, but it’s been very good this season, IMO. He’s made great strides there since the past two seasons.

    The palm of his golve is VERY thick compared to other goalies gloves and as such, it is much more difficult to close completely. He uses his glove as sort of a hybrid glove-blocker (palm wide-spread). I read that he had a bigger trap (netting) added to the golve this year (still legal) and that has helped him to catch more pucks. He actually tries to catch the puck as one catches with a lacross stick…sort of a cradle move.

    He should have caught that puck tonight, but it was a tricky shot that handcuffed him and had him on the backhand. What are you going to do…can’t stop them all every game. 1 Goal Against in DECEMBER on the road against Anaheim…I’ll take it.

  77. There were a couple of standouts tonight-Redden, Korp, Staal, Drury- but for the most part everyone played well..So I basically agree with what most people are saying..
    As for dawes:I was very high on the kid last year because he really surprised me with his vision(along with goal scoring). So naturally my expectations this year were a bit higher and to this point he has disappointment but I would not want to trade him away.. He could turn into a late bloomer and at a 600K hit, why not keep him around.

  78. Sundin was definitely watching and I’m sure he was impressed. No doubt he could envision this game with himself inserted in it and what it might have meant for our team. I am concerned about the possibility of having to give up one of our current roster defensemen to acquire him though.

  79. All Hail King Henrik on


    Kalinin for Potter at this point is an upgrade. I cringe whenever Kalinin is on the ice, ESPECIALLY on the PK. Why Renney uses him there, I’ll never know. I realize it’s the #1 PK in the league, but most other teams do not use their #6 dman on the PK (especially when they’re as defensively challenged as Kalinin). Potter also adds some amount of physical presence. In this scenario, the question then becomes, who will be the “new” #7 dman? Fahey?

    If Kalinin leaves, I wonder if that affects Zherdev at all, as he’s the only other Russian speaking player on the team (I know Valley speaks some Russian).

  80. 2 points so far, out of 6 on the road … WAY TO GO !!!!!

    Bring on the KINGS and SHARKS — LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!

  81. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Nice win !!! Automatic goal for my boy Z . I saw the sundin sigh on centerice , the announers sure did say alot of good things about our defense. Can’t be all that bad?

    when it wants , this team can be solid.

  82. Henrik,

    al the Czechs (ha, Pru and Rozi) speak Russian, they get it in primary school. I know Rozi defintely does fluently becuase I’ve seen/heard him. I imagine Prucha is just as fluent… plus Z has Little Odessa and Brighton Beach…

  83. All Hail,
    That’s an interesting point about the Russian connection. All I know is that in the beginning of the season, Dubinsky and Voros invited Zherdev out to get him more comfortable with the players and city.
    I would love to see a “behind the scenes documentary” with these players- kind of like a day in the lives for a weekend road trip.

  84. All Hail King Henrik on


    I didn’t know that about the Czech players; good to know.


    I failed to mention Dubinsky and Voros in my post–they defintely are a big part of Zherdev’s integration into this team; they’re all friends off the ice. I also think Dubinsky and Voros will be a big reason for Zherdev resigning with us, IF he does (PLEASE resign, Z).

    As such, I really don’t think Kalinin going would have a big affect on Zherdev, but I thought it was worth mentioning nonetheless. I was thinking more along the lines of translation type stuff, as I know Kalinin was helping Z with some of those things early in the season. As Agravaine mentioned though, the Czechs speak Russian, so I suppose it isn’t an issue afterall.

  85. Hey Phalanx,
    That was me with the “Don’t Sign Sundin!” sign.
    No kidding.
    (It actually was confiscated from me later on, but that was my fault.)
    Crazy you saw that!
    I had no clue I was on till I got home and watched the dvr.
    The camera guy also caught me almost fall on my @ss climbing over the seats.
    So hard to look cool that way…

    i’ll try to put up a vid of it later on my site.

    as for the game,
    Callahan was FLYING. he just missed a few times and was looking to play the body all over.
    Lundqvist looked unsteady, and the rebound off his glove was Horrible.
    Nice goal by Drury, thought he played well,
    and Gomez had a VERY active game, lots of involvement.
    I thought Dawes was a waste of space the whole game, until that sweet move. I was 7 rows up in the corner and had the perfect view of it. Didn’t realize it was Dawes at first.
    Thought Dubinsky played really well,
    Zherdev was getting hacked all over the place, but I like how he and Naslund work off each other.
    Kalinen and Rozsival will give me an ulcer. Staal was out of position 1/2 the game. He looks like he’s trying to do everything.
    The officiating was atrocious and the Rangers got away with a ton and got a few too for once..

    I actually spoke to 3 different Ranger fans who said they thought the team would re-acquire Avery for Rozsival, just to bury him in the minors. These are the people that believe Garrioch and Eklund.

    Thank the hockey gods for Sam!

  86. onecupin67years on

    great move by Dawes , I can’t imagine Prucha doing that.
    BTW tonights attendance 18961, thanks Sam Rosen we needed to know that.

  87. To: All Hail King Henrik and Agravaine

    Just a correction – Czechs do not speak russian, neither russians speak czech. Other than that I agree with both of you on all points.

  88. HA! Funny how sometimes when ‘you’ call a player out, he shows up. I said yesterday that Dawes was a ghost most nights. Atta boy “Black Magic”! (he called himself that last year btw)

    That whole line played very well.

    Gomer’s got a little chip on his shoulder lately. What’s up with that?

    Can’t wait to see Sundin and Naslund play together ;)

    Glad I drank the 3 cups of coffee it took to get through the game. Don’t think it’s happening tonight though. Unless I switch to 3 Red Bulls or something.

  89. Kirill, the older Czechs do speak Russian. They were taught it in their schools before the Iron Curtain came down. Jagr did speak Russian also.

  90. I don’t know what it is, but a week from now he becomes a 2nd line center. So if thats the motivation, he could have a great road trip.

  91. They might not be saying much, but i bet the players are all on edge, waiting for either Slats to call and say you’re off to another team or down to Hartford or Tom Renney to call them into the office and say you’ll be playing 2nd/3rd/4th line once the big man is on the ice….

    You watch after all this talk tomorrow or Friday it will be…breaking news…Sundin signs for Vancouver!!

  92. I just read Uncle Larry’s piece for the day and he mentions Voros as potential trade/cap clearing…is he just pulling names from a hat?

  93. Great game last night, could have easily been a shut out, but Hank saved the day once again. They capitalized on fuggin giveaway’s for once.

    Good to see Dru’s line come up with a couple of goals.

    That Dawes goal was sweet. Pronger looked pathetic, and even more pathetic when they gave Nicky Z the free goal. Aahahaha, still wish Nyr would have traded to get him in 06, but eh.

    Tough game tonight, hopefully they can pull off a win.

  94. I made the mistake of trying to watch the 3rd period from bed. My wife kept asking me if I was watching the game? And if yes, why was I snoring? I totally crapped out during the 3rd and missed the 2 goals but, from what I saw, they looked pretty good. Maybe this team needs more road trips. The wife is staying at the in-laws tonight so me and my bud-lights will stay up for the game vs the sharks. Man, once you’re over 40 and your body tells you it’s time to sleep, it’s lights out!

  95. UK…trading Voros makes some sense. He had a good couple of weeks but has been invisible for the last 2 months. He’s a terrible skater and has stone hands. He’s too slow to hit anyone and he’s a terrible fighter. Other than that I love the guy. If he can be dealt to get Sundin in here I think it’s a no-brainer.

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