When the dominos start falling


As we’ve said all along, the Mats Sundin issue hangs around two questions for the Rangers: whether the center wants to play in New York; whether the Rangers can clear enough cap space to be able to sign him; and then whether Sundin would be willing to accept significantly less than what he has already been offered elsewhere.

That’s technically three questions, but like I said, math has never been my strong point.

And speaking of math, thanks to Larry Brooks for “laying out some of the possible ways the Rangers could clear room for Sundin”:http://www.nypost.com/seven/12152008/sports/rangers/welcome_mats_144241.htm:

The Blueshirts currently have approximately $1 million of cap space. Pro-rating cap hits, the Blueshirts would need approximately $2.877M of space on Dec. 27 in order to be able to offer Sundin a full-season contract of $5M, half of Vancouver’s standing bid.

Trading or waiving Petr Prucha by Friday would add approximately another $1M of space. Returning freshman Lauri Korpikoski – who has had three straight games of under 10 minutes of ice time – to the AHL Wolf Pack by Friday would add approximately another $635,000 of space.

That would give the Rangers about $2.635M of space – enough to allot Sundin around $4.25M.

Brooks notes that the most logical option to many, trading Michal Rozsival or Wade Redden, is unlikely, so that this piece-meal approach is the most feasible. But who would be willing to take on Prucha at this stage in his career? It would have to be someone who has the space for his $1.6 million salary (which would be prorated), and who can appreciate what Prucha could do if given the opportunity.

What’s that? You say Don Maloney, the Phoenix GM who drafted Prucha and saw him score 30 goals as a rookie, has an estimated $9 million in cap space to work with?

But do you think Glen Sather has Maloney’s cell number?

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks trading Gomez is not a bad idea. By trading Gomez, the Rangers could add a mid-level winger while clearing the necessary cap space. It would also free themselves from the 5 years left on his deal after this season. Why not? I’d much rather make a play for a big time winger in the off season than have Scott Gomez locked up at 7 million.

  2. I’m DYING to remain optimistic and think we could trade Rozie away and get Sundin… I think that could be too hopeful though.

  3. I would not want to trade Gomez. The handful of games the Rangers played without him, they looked “out of sorts” and lost. He’s their number one guy for getting the puck into the zone without playing dump and chase. Dubinsky and Zherdev are pretty good at that as well, but no where near as good as Gomer.

    The only way i would feel comfortable trading Gomez, is if the early season rumour was true about trading Gomez and Prucha to Van. for the Sedin Twins …. i would take that trade in a heartbeat.

    I really think Sundin is coming to the Rangers and because of the pro-rated contract we’re not gonna have to dump a whole load of salary to do so. It could be as much as Trading Prucha (1.6 mill.)to St Louis, Phx, or Edmonton and sending down Fritsche (.875 mill) and Korpikoski 1.1 mill) to the Wolfpack.

  4. Is it still allowed to give money with a trade? I know its happened in the past, but haven’t heard of it happening in YEARS. I couldn’t imagine a team like LA, who’s near the cap floor, not willing to take a Rosie, who could be a veteran presence on their team, if they were given a boatload of money with him.

  5. My god! An article from Uncle Larry that i’m sitting there agreeing with it all..!!

    Its true, no matter what Roszi, Redden, Gomer and Drury (and Hank) are here to stay so forget moving them. The only way we will see Sundin on Broadway is:
    1. Clear a few smaller contracts (Prucha, Korpi, Kalinin?)and hope he takes a low salary (eg $4-5m)
    2. He signs for Montreal and plays against us on 7th Jan
    3. He takes the lead in “Shrek the Musical”

  6. Joe

    I was NEVER a fan of Gomez. Didnt like the fact the Rangers signed him a mid-level player to such a HUGE contract. But the last handfull of games. My feelings are starting to change about him. His two fights, all juiced up on the bench trying to motivate his teammates, rebounding positively after that horrid MTL game. I would rather Drury go than Gomez at this point. But I would rather Redden over all of them. Other than the first 5 games and his 3 point night the other night. He just flat out sucks.

  7. Yeah and um why isnt Kalinin mentioned in any of those senarios? His contract is worth about $2.5mm GET RID OF HIM and his -17 @SS!!!!!

  8. Topcorner

    If you’re reading this morning just wanted to say I read your post on the Brian Burke interview and; although not being a very big fan of his, I have been really impressed as well with the interviews that he gives…both with how he answers questions directly and how the press in Toronto asks very direct questions…it is very refreshing not to hear double-talking team reps being interviewed by people too afraid to cut through the BS; because god forbid the interviewee doesn’t like them and freezes them out of their soft-drink quotes…

    I didnt hear the exact one you were speaking about but he’s been on CBC, TSN and all over Canadien radio since he was hired…very good point you made yesterday

  9. I would like our roster to look something like this after Christmas: (trading or sending down Prucha, Kalinin, and Korpikoski)

    SUNDIN 5.0 million **
    Gomez 7.357 mill
    Drury 7.05 mill
    Lundqvist 6.875 mill
    Redden 6.5 mill
    Rozsival 5.0 mill
    Naslund 4.0 mill
    Zherdev 2.5 mill
    Mara 1.95 mill
    Girardi 1.55 mill
    Voros 1.0 mill
    Fritsche 875 k
    Sjostrom 840 k
    Staal 826 k
    Vally 725 k
    Dubi 633 k
    Betts 615 k
    Dawes 587 k
    G. MOORE 578 k **
    Callahan 575 k
    POTTER 543 k **
    Orr 537 k
    FAHEY 500 k **

    TOTAL: $56.616 million

    (and thats not even Pro-rated because i dont know how to figure that out)

  10. Sundin wants to play for a team with which he can win a Cup, and that is not the 2008-2009 New York Rangers. He’s not an idiot, and he’ll be able to see that.

    Another Center is the last thing this team needs. We need scoring 1st and 2nd line wingers to work with our existing corps of centers. Right now we have a team full of third line wingers and Nikolai Zherdev.

  11. onecupin67years on

    Sather and his predecessors (neil Smith) created big roster problems when you throw big money at players.
    if the rangers waive prucha without getting anything in return , it will be such a waste and show Dolan how dumb Sather’s moves really are.
    But , look at the money they threw at redden , Rozival and the others, if these guys played well then sather is a genius ,but they aren’t, which just shows that these moves were wrong,
    now you can’t trade trade these guys becuase teams arent going to pick up these salaries and you can’t add a player who may help because of the cap.
    The knicks made the same problems when they overpaid ewing and the other over the hill players for huge money which the knicks are still paying for by cap restrictions.

    Its not the money you pay but what you pay for, I dont think sather’s signings were the right moves, I think he over paid for drury gomez and the others.

  12. I want to see Prucha get traded to another team and start lighting up the lamp every game, to show what he could do if given consistent icetime and linemates with the Rangers… the guy is getting screwed. I think he must have fucked Renney’s wife or something.

  13. I am not saying to trade Gomez because of poor play. If were were to add Sundin we would be clogged through the middle. If someone were to take on Gomez’s salary we could bring back a winger who makes in the 3mil range and could score 25-30 goals. This would allow us to get Sundin and a winger and improve the team in my eyes. I think trading Drury before Gomez would be more sensible, but I do not see management getting involved in such a circus.
    Teams may be willing to take on Redden though, although unlikely. I think he needs to just find his game. He could help a team like Phoenix. I don’t see them taking on a big contract now with their public finicial troubles. Who knows what will happen- Most likely we will all be wrong. I hope I am happy with the outcome.
    This team needs size, a winger, and 2 gritty d-man. Hopefully Sather is not sleeping.

  14. Unlikely they’ll try to trade Drury. The implications on team morale of trading away the Captain, regardless of performance, are not ones I think management would want to take on…

    I still think the problem with Drury isn’t his performance, but his performance contrasted with his (insane) contract. Drury’s living up to his career performance, and it’s not his fault Sather threw millions at him. Who wouldn’t take that deal?

  15. Yeah, in the end a defensive corp of Staal-Girardi-Mara and some mix-match of three AHLers or cheaper free agents and we’d be in a lot better shape for the future, for late season additions and probably no worse defensively thean we are in the present…some one has to call sather out for that publicly..if this happened in Montreol or Toront he’d been roasted by now….

    Speaking of which? when is someone in the NY press corp going to have the guts to write a piece about how the GM of a New York team never addresses to NY media?? Bob Gainey, now Burke, Brian Murray, Paul Holmgren…these guys give almost state of the union speeches a couple of times a week…we never get to hear what Sather’s take on the current situation(s) are…

  16. Mako, you couldn’t be more right. Gomez is visible any time he plays. His ability to gain the offensive zone facilitates offense. Drury is more expendable. Redden flat out blows so far. We’d need to blackmail another GM into taking that contract on.

    I’d really hate to see Prucha go, but sadly he’ll never have a fair shake here to prove what he can do. Everybody loses the way it is now.

    The idea of being able to get rid of Rozsival’s salary makes me feel funny in my pants. The guy is obviously struggling, Dallas is desperate to get rid of Avery and needs a defenseman with Zubov out. Maybe they’ll go for it. Rozsival for Avery straight up. I don’t like the idea of deferring Sundin’s salary until next year. The cap isn’t going to go up and we have to sign players

  17. Good take by Mako and Joe

    If we didnt have Gomer there would be absolutely no one who could get the puck out of our end; Zherdev tries but then breaks into doing some kind of Irish Jig at center ice…in this respect Gomer is probably Hanks best friend for now…which is what is really disappointing with Rozy, and I used to loke him, but if your going to need to see a therapist before you shoot the puck and you only use your 6’3″ body to hit every other game, you’d think you could at least move the puck out of your own end occasionally…but he and Kalinin are just give-away machines…

  18. Drury, Gomez Redden and Rosi are not getting traded, everyone get used to it, get over it and move on.

    Stop reading Eklund!

    Prucha Fristche, Korpi and Kalinen are the onyl players SAther is gonna move or send to HArtford to make salary space.

    Sundin MAY have had a good night out with his fellow Swedes, so again its jsut a waiting game to see if he picks the Rangers.

    Im just so sick of the Sundin Saga.
    Wherever he goes, Sather will be doing something one way or another.

  19. and yet again nothing about Renney firing from precious Sam Weinman, who runs this blog out of love of Rangers and goodness of his heart

  20. Bob, did Sam shit in your oatmeal or something? He runs this blog as a free service, although at this point I wish he was charging you per word you type on here. Sam’s under no obligations to you or any of us here, and from a professional standpoint I don’t think he’d get far writing piece after piece taking a big steaming one all over Rangers management… you’d be surprised how quickly access to a team can be revoked if you do that.

    I appreciate what Sam does. I may not always agree with him, but there’s a reason each of us keeps coming back here to read and post.

  21. Dallas is DESPERATE to trade AVERY, but lets not kid ourselves here…. They are better off buying him out after 7/1/09 than bringing in a bum like Roszival who has 3 more years @ $5m/per.

    Folks: We’re stuck with every high priced, underperforming vet. on our team….

  22. Avery’s not the answer for the Rangers. Without Shanny here to keep him in line, he’d be as much of a cancer as he was in Dallas. He may be happier personally in Manhattan than in Texas, but with some of the stories coming out from his past teammates, as well as the general sense the Rangers lockerroom emenates which is that Avery wasn’t the most popular guy back there, adding him at this point could be the equivalent of slashing the remaining three tires on a car that already has a flat.

  23. I know alot of what Avery brings to a team is bad ( lockerroom etc…the refs all watchin his every move)

    but I gotta say…the Ire and bad blood he brings out of the other team is sometimes the only thing that ever brings a rise out of the NYR!!!

    Its a wierd thing; one Brodeaur flipped his nut at Avery the Rangers pounced on him…other rangers not Avery

    If having a fight is always credited with sparking a team why cant being a jerk spark a team??

    I’m really only half-serious but when you stop and think about it>>>>

  24. While I don’t want injury to befall anyone, I’d be psyched if through some circumstances (either an injury or Renny benching a struggling defenseman), Potter got a decent amount of ice time on the Western swing, and played well throughout. If he does well, maybe it will encourage Renney to sit Kalinin and leave Potter in the lineup for a while, potentially opening up a dumping of Kalinin’s salary in some fashion.

  25. Kaspar – I see your point, but I think at some point in the past year Avery has crossed the line from “acts crazy on the ice” to “actually crazy”, which is something I think could be detrimental on the team without any hard-nosed veterans to keep him in his place (Shanny, Jagr).

    Right now, “grit” is not the biggest problem the Rangers have. It’s scoring goals and playing intelligently defensively. Not just the defensemen (who have admittedly sucked), but the entire team. Defense is not just the responsibility of six guys per game. It’s a team effort, and as a team, the defense has been abysmal. Coupled with the difficulty in scoring goals consistently, you see why the team hasn’t been winning games (or rather, why they’ve been squeaking by).

    Mara and Staal play a gritty game. Dubinsky and Callahan throw the body around. I wish Voros would check more often and better (he misses a lot of hits). If Redden and Rozsival would begin taking the body instead of standing there watching the play/poke-checking, they’d generate more turnovers and eliminate opposing scoring chances. I don’t know why Renney doesn’t have them do that, but I wish that he would. That one change could go a long way in improving both players’ game, as well as fan perception of them – which would in turn help in the confidence department.

  26. I don’t want to get reemed but…do you guys honestly think that adding Sundin is going to change everything? I want to be optimistic on this one, and I think I want him as a Ranger, but for some reason I don’t think the addition of Sundin is going to just magically change the team and turn us into the team you are all expecting…
    Don’t forget he’s going to be under “Renneys system” and if history shows anything its that offense does’nt thrive.
    He’s also going under Pearns PP and if history again shows anything its that offense doesn’t thrive, in fact the only thing that thrives is opposing offense.
    Our Defense needs help and last time I checked Sundin is not a big bruising defenseman.
    We still need snipers… other than Dawes.
    I really want the addition of Mats to be a good thing but I’m still not convinced…what in Sundins past leads you all to believe that he is the missing part…?
    Is adding Sundin, another “leader” to the mix, going to create problems in the locker room? I’m not trying to go all negative but these are questions that need to be addressed.

  27. Yeah I guess you guys are right about Avery but…
    Its just that we ordered the Avery Jersey now I got one with my name on it and one with his and feel kind-a out of it….

  28. Hey Sam,

    Just a bit about you mentioning Phoenix. The Coyotes have a self imposed cap limit which they are already at. In fact, they would probably prefer that the cap goes down at the end of this year. Phoenix is out of the question for Prucha.

  29. I think adding Sundin would be a boost to every player on the roster (at least the ones that remain when we clear cap space for him!).

    He’s a great leader, and a great player. He instantly makes our PP better… and Nazzy/Hank/Sjostrom would probably up their game a bit… imagine Naz/Sundin/Zherdev on a line…

  30. With the exception of Lundqvist, Avery was the only established player (not Dubinksy, Staal, etc) who earned every dollar he got paid on his contract the last two years.

    I would definitely take him back because now he knows what line not to cross. It doesn’t seem like anyone can argue that he’s got skills, how many players have commented on the situation and said “he can play”.

    So what if no one likes his attitude on the team, it’s their job to win on the ice – not like each other at the end of the day. There’s plenty of people I don’t like at my job and I manage to get it done.

    “Boo hoo, I make millions to play hockey but I don’t like one of the guys on my team”… please.

  31. We really missed the boat on not pursuing Jagr.

    We should have AGGRESSIVELY made it clear that we wanted him back in NY.

    I thought it was a MONUMENTAL mistake last year, as I have always been a huge supporter. And now, watching the team this year, you can see how big of an impact he had on this team.

    With Jagr, the other team never broke out so easily. He’d control the puck in their zone for minutes on end and completely wear them out.

    This year, team’s break out effortlessly and create odd man rushes on nearly every play.

    Some argue it’s the defense, I argue it’s the offense.

    There’s only so much 2 D-men can do to stop 3-4 guys coming at them full speed at a time.

    Sure, they havent’ played well. But, we haven’t established a consistent forecheck all year and this has a lot to do with not having any big bodies (a la Jagr) that can cycle and wear down the opposition for nights on end.

    Reason # 100 why Jagr’s stats last year meant nothing.

  32. Jagr’s puck control is always a thing to behold. He didn’t give up the puck unless he felt like it for some reason.

    While I’m not 100% sold on Jags (due to the money he would have wanted), I’m still disappointed that we burned the Shanahan bridge. He’s getting older, and would obviously be unsuited for 1st/2nd line minutes. But to bring him in and use him on the 3rd line and the PP could only have helped the team’s scoring touch. He’s also a class act, a natural leader, and a gritty player.

    Shanny, we miss you.

  33. Dont even begin making Line combos for Sundin…meaningless unless the coach changes his philosophy…we’ve been here before remember Jagr Straka Shanahan…they cant score with the neo-conservatives running the show…and I dont mean Dick Cheney!!

  34. There’s no question that sundin would help out the rangers. They desperately need another legit top six scoring threat(although he is ANOTHER center)- I would love Dubinsky to move to left wing and stay there:
    Naslund Sundin Sjo
    Dubinsky Gomez Zherdev
    And then when next year comes and Animismov is ready to make the jump he could jump into that center spot between Dubinsky and Zherdev.

  35. I don’t get how anyone could want Avery back with that contract. Under $2mil, and you’d have to consider it. Given the current situation, you’d have to be crazy.

  36. haha Kasper,
    I posted that right after you said not to make combos
    But I just wanted to illustrate my point that even next year with Anisimov making the jump that we’d still have a log jam at center and that it would make the most sense(to me atleast) to put dubinsky at wing.

  37. Beer Me! – good point. Even if I could be persuaded that it was worth taking a chance on Avery, right now his cap hit is ridiculous AND too long of a term. Four years of Avery is about two years too many. With an unpredictable guy like that it’s foolish to lock yourself into too long of a timeframe.

  38. Dubinsky at wing could be interesting. I suppose it’s early enough in his career that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect him to make the jump. It would be crucial, however, to be consistent with this move and to give him a good center and wing to work with. None of this “Drury plays wing for a few games” stuff that Renney’s been pulling.

    Man, the more I think about it, the more a lot of the team’s scoring issues can possibly be traced directly to the inconsistency of lines and lack of any time to generate proper chemistry amongst players.

  39. As an aside, I was playing NHL09 last night and after unlocking the alternate jerseys, I really wish the Rangers would do a run with the 1977 “shield crest” jerseys as alternates. Those are so good looking. I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

  40. Ok so Sundin is a scoring threat, but he’s hasn’t played under Renney. Will Sundin still be the same scoring threat?
    For some reason, I don’t think so. I’m not trying to take anything from the guy but…

  41. Audioserf,

    I really like that vintage jersey too.. Although I think they would have to mainstream it a bit.. maybe make the crest in the middle bigger, reduce/thin the stripes.. maybe add the liberty crest to one of the shoulders..

  42. I’d take Avery back on Re-entry waivers in a NY minute!!
    He’d play well on a line with Naslund and Sundin.

  43. I think if Avery ends up on the team again, Stephen Valliquette is going to flip out and beat the shit out of him at some point during the season.

  44. Staal wart,
    He probably won’t be putting up point-per-game numbers(especially because he’s rusty)
    But atleast he’ll add some balanced scoring treat to our top two lines. As it stands, we have a top heavy line of Naslund,Gomez,Zherdev and then three third lines.

  45. NYR PP has lost them many more games than it has won them this season. Sundin is the CLOSEST THING to an ‘instant fix’ to an offense. There may be no such thing as an ‘instant fix’, but if you want your PP to get out of the “20’s”, it makes sense to add a proven scorer. Another reason that MTL is gunnin so hard for Sundin too.

    VAN – A contender? The west is tough man. Luongo’s got an ailing groin and is week to week. Without Luongo, its a huge hill to climb. (still in 1st though) $10mil?? why hasn’t he signed there already? He’ll get 1/2 that anywhere else.

    CHI – I love the path this team is on right now. Very exciting team to watch, could probably use that vetern experience too. But can they really keep pace with DET in that div? Beat SJ in the playoffs? (well, everyone else does, so maybe) And they’d have to move an o-man making $ to bring him in. Unless they can finally decide on their goaltending situation. I just don’t think it’s the right fit for either party. Next year could be a different story there.

    MTL – Would no doubt make that team better in a hurry. Mainly for the same reason it’d help NY. The PP. In their case…the 29th ranked PP. But same as CHI, they have to move a salary. (Lang @ $4mil perhaps) And there’s the old “loyalty factor”. Same as Leetch or (almost like) Messier going to play on the island.

    NYR – You know the story here. Some think it’ll work. Some don’t. I still see the NYR as the prime target. And I’m optomistic (what else is new) that it would work. IF they can clear up the space with minimal effort.

    There’s NO CHANCE he makes the team worse. Sending Korpi back to the AHL isn’t the end of the world. Moving Prucha (by any means) won’t have a negative impact either. It’s just a matter of moving enough $ without disrupting the roster too much.

  46. Re-entry waivers for Avery WILL be just under $2mil. And 1/2 the league GM’s would probably consider it.

    But I don’t think that LA, DET, DAL(of course), NY would make the move.

    But I DO think that NYI would. And I think he’d be a perfect fit there. No one pays attention to them anyway.

  47. Beer – thats why Avery would never go there, he needs the spotlight so his ego can be massaged by it.

    As for Sundin, i would expect him to provide scoring depth to the top2 lines and i think he would be OK under Renney, he likes to go to the net and with the high number of shots we have he could be the man able to put away a lot of the rebounds we seem to miss, and he’d occupy the opposition D on the power play, maybe making room for more PP goals from Dru, Nas and Z….

    Thats just my opinion – i’ll wait for Bob to show up and tell us all how it REALLY is….

  48. Let me make this clear: Sean Avery is not what this team needs and I don’t want him back. When I said to trade Rozy for him, it’s not so he could be on our roster, it’s so we could bury his salary in the minors and buy him out next year. It’s a means to eliminate a bloated contract of a struggling player, and being able to retain Prucha, who I still feel has a lot to contribute to the team. With that 5 million off the cap, Stather can make a real offer to Sundin, or better yet, keep the money to sign RFAs and bring up Potter to permanently take Rozy’s place. Shenn, Doughty, Spisa, all proving that the 18 year olds can play in the NHL, albeit the occassional gaffe. But then when we realize that Rozy has them too, it’s really a toss up.

    I like Avery’s spark, but the sideshow is not what this team needs. Shanny and Jagr could handle Avery, Drury and Gomez can’t. Renney needs to go

  49. UK – I wonder if the trade off of the ego and proximity cancel each other out. And (for his sake he better hope) that his counseling provides the insight that making millions of dollars to play a game for 15years is more important than being on page 6 every day.

  50. Beer, Valid points…I too would like to see him in Blue…I just hope fans expectations are too high…I also agree that the addition of Sundin instantly makes the team better. I just hope we don’t burn the future on Sundin, and we are able to keep Staal, Dubi, Zherdev, etc.

  51. Getting rid of spare parts to pick up a proven(yet old) scorer makes a lot of sense to me.
    I know we need to address the defense- but I think we could make a move closer to the deadline..

    If Sundin comes to NY, atleast i can count on Renney not breaking up a Naslund Sundin line- thats a start to finding lines(!)

  52. Enough with Prucha. I no longer see an upside to Prucha especially while Renney remains the coach

  53. Nasty1,
    I bought my NHL the first week it came out and haven’t been able to play it for two months because my friggen’ brother took my box

  54. Something else to consider about Jagr is the amazing effects he had on Dubinsky. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Jagr stick around for another year or two just so Dubi could get more time in with him. Dubi’s numbers last year were a product of playing with one of the greatest wings of all time (which isn’t to say Dubi won’t be great in time; I’m confident he will. But it’ll take longer to get there without Jagr.)

  55. Avery would probably thrive in MTL, honestly. Gorgeous women everywhere, and a media that won’t let a Habs player take a shit without asking what effect it will have on his forecheck in the next game. If Avery wants to be in the public eye and under a microscope, that’s the city for him.

  56. Also on Avery:

    There’s ZERO chance the Rangers claim him on re-entry waivers. They could very well file a claim. But don’t forget the rules:

    The player on re-entry waivers goes to the team that filed a claim that finished lowest in the league standings the prior season. Yes, that’s the rule. Believe it or not.

    So the only way the NYR can claim him on re-entry is if DET, SJ, MTL, PITT, ANA, NJD, MIN, DAL are the only teams to file a claim. You can take DET/DAL right outta there too.

    So the idea of re-entry waivers for Avery are completely moot. Can’t/won’t happen.

  57. audio – If there’s one thing Avery hates….it’s French Canadiens. On paper it really does work. But we gotta remember what kind of baggage he carries.

  58. I’d rather see Renney fired than Prucha go. Prucha is the most talented offensive player the Rangers have drafted in a long time. Renney destroyed him and he has no clue how to run a bench. To waste Prucha and just give him away is a reflection on Renney’s ineffectiveness.

  59. Jagr is a God !!! I miss him. The only good thing aboot the bad parts of this season is the fact that nobody can blame Jagr anymore. Good for him. Id take him back in a flash.


    How can you be so sure ?? Gomer, Wade, and Dru, no, but Rozi ?? Definitely possible. He doesn’t have a NTC, or anything keeping him from getting traded.

    Although, unless you’re saying no team would want his contract, then you could be right. But you never know.

    I think Phoenix would consider it. They could use an “Offensive” D-man, and Jovo isn’t exactly lighting the lamp on the point, as well as Mueller. Maybe they think Rozi can do that. Throw in Pruchs, or Dawes, and take Michalek from them, if possible.

    Also dump Kalinin, play Potter, bing, bang, boom !! Potter has until the Trade Deadline to show he can play at this level, if not, then pick up a D-man.

    Dump Danny F as well.

  60. doodie machetto on

    Was at the game Saturday. A few notes:

    1) That was the first time I’ve been to a game that ended in a shootout. While they have admittedly lost their luster to me on television and the ramifications of it in the standings definitely bother me, that shit was EXCITING in person.

    2) Kalinin is AWFUL, and one of the things I was most incorrect abuot in the offseason. I was all for signing him, ans was very happy when Slats pulled the trigger (although not at his price, but the 1 year deal was nice). What a disappointment. He really is the worst.

    3) One thing I was more incorrect about was Naslund. The guy is scoring goals and playing good minutes. I really don’t have any major gripes with his game. At 4 million for the 2 years, that’s a really good signing. For now. Let’s see what he has in the tank later this season.

    4) The thing I was most incorrect about was Ryan Callahan. And it isn’t that he’s more talented than I thought. He just works so much harder than every other forward on the ice. He’s turned me from a hater to a fan. Great stuff.

    5) Rozsi isn’t THAT bad. He’s just grossly overpaid, which isn’t his fault. He’s just not a top pairing guy, but he could be a second string D-man on 26 teams in the NHL. That’s a solid player. Just not 5 million solid.

    6) Wade Redden picked the wrong place to try and find his game. You can see he still has a lot of skill and talent, but the spotlight is hurting him. Now, he gets left alone most days when there aren’t games. But he knows that the Garden faithful have him under a microscope and so that’s not helping him. Of course, when Slats threw that kind of money and term length at him, there was no reason to say no. But I honestly believe that if he went somewhere where the fans are more supportive of their players, or cared less, let’s say… Columbus perhaps, he would’nt have as many defensive lapses. He has been pretty good offensively though, although veyr hot/cold, but I guess that goes for a majority of the team.

    7) Drury and Gomez are overpaid by about 2 million each. But, that’s what their market price was at the time.

    8) Blair Betts was by far their best player through the first half of the game on Saturday and I was so happy that he scored on his third GOLDEN chance.

    9) Aaron Voros should be benched or play on the fourth line. I think we can all agree that his magic from the start of the season is gone. Put him where he belongs. Give Korp or Prucha the offensive minutes that he gets.

    10) I’m indifferent to Sundin so long as we don’t give away anything of value in order to clear enough salary to acquire him. And by value, I mean draft picks and valuable young talent. That doesn’t mean Prucha. I said valuable. And talent.

  61. PRUCHA

    Yeah, Renney screwed him over. Slats could have gotten Svatos for him, or Seabrook, and now he cant get a used condom for him. Its sad the way things turned out.

    I hope he does great with his new team. He’ll sure as shit get a better chance than Renney gave him. Renney is a scum bag loser. Im convinced Pruchs is banging his daughter or something.

  62. I say go for the cup this year, which includes Sundin, other trades, etc..

    Going into 2009/2010 we have NINE people signed…….. at $40m… and if the cap stays the same or goes down.. that’s what, $16m to not only extend Z and Dubi, but Orr, Betts, Sjostrom, Prucha (please no), Dawes (please no), Cally (please no), Vally, etc…!?

  63. Orr

    I agree about Rosi
    It’s jsut Renney is so “loyal” to certain players, and I think Rosi is one of them

    But the others its just BS. Gomer and Dru are not getting traded, and Redden aint goign anywhere (unfortunately) either.

    Prucha Dawes Kalinen Fritsche are all expendable and on the chopping block for a trade or demotion if Sundin Wants NYC to be his new home.

    Rosi COULD get moved, but Renney would be crying kicking and screaming hte whole way

  64. Voros’ problem is that he can’t skate. Falls down constantly….

    Rumors have Rozival headed out of town to Phoenix or Columbus. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  65. i dont think any big name is getting traded as long as renney is still here. well have the same roster and the same qoutes from renney about sundin.

  66. The way I see it…

    Sundin coming may help immediately as far as offense goes, the PP and in the leadership category (I’m not totally convinced of Drury’s abilities in that area).

    What it wouldn’t help is the defensive which is my main concern (and has been for years now).

    If Slats can do it… then I say do it. But we’d still not be a contender and I doubt that Mats would think so either.

  67. Not to change the subject but the Flyers forwrads are scary good…dont know about their dee too much…I think their Goaltending is spotty but in no particular order…


    not a bad top 8 and they play agressive in your face attacking too

    I know how we are supposed to hate them but I’d trade our forwards for theirs right this second

  68. Who has the easier “no movement clause” drury or gomez?

    Why we could trade Drury…(he is a “stanley cup winner”)people love that shit AND he won’t be captain long after the ink is dry. Sundin is a CAPTAIN..awarded the “Mark Messier Leadership Award” in 2008.

    All the ranger fwds are “rent a players” as most except the big three and Voros are free agents in 2009.

    All this disruption means the NHL will need to have a “Major Trade” before Friday (xmas roster freeze) which is rare…

    I’m POSITIVE Sundin would have a “NO AVERY” clause.

    and other fast facts about the “saviour”:

    Has never been a first-team all-star. (He has been a second-teamer twice.)

    Has never won an individual award.

    Has never won a Stanley Cup – or even made it to the final

    Last thought…..Bertuzzi is all about coming to NY to play with his old friend Nasland…now that would be a power line (nasland/sundin/bertuzzi)

  69. doodie machetto on

    Kaspar, I was saying that at the beginning of the season. The Flyers have a good team. I picked them to win the Atlantic, and I’m sticking to it. Their defense is good too, and they’re finally getting some key guys healthy.

    Goaltending is serviceable. That’s their big weakness.

  70. Leave him in southern california!!

    LA Kings have the cap space and the need for a defenceman like Rozisval….

    Anaheim could replace the broken Francois Beauchemin with Rozisval….just no cap space ???

  71. Doodie, I have to disagree about Rozi, he’s really that bad. He constantly is muscled off of the puck, his decisions with the puck are bad, and he doesn’t hit anybody.

    Pavel, do you remember Tyutin’s play in the playoffs last year?

  72. “Audioserf

    Bob, did Sam shit in your oatmeal or something? He runs this blog as a free service, although at this point I wish he was charging you per word you type on here. Sam’s under no obligations to you or any of us here, and from a professional standpoint I don’t think he’d get far writing piece after piece taking a big steaming one all over Rangers management… you’d be surprised how quickly access to a team can be revoked if you do that.

    I appreciate what Sam does. I may not always agree with him, but there’s a reason each of us keeps coming back here to read and post.”


    100% Agree

    As for all the other speculation… im just going to assume that we end up doing nothing and just stay on our current path. This way… if something does happen for the better, Im pleasantly suprised.

  73. Toots

    I watched him last night

    he is the jackets Key Deeman!! in last 3 minutes when they were trying to tie up the hawks last night Tyuten was out there for like 2:20!!!

  74. The problem I have with Redden is this. They pegged him as a PP quarterback, a good outlet pass, and smooth skating. He doesn’t do shit on the PP, his outlet passes suck, and I think smooth is a nice way of saying slow. The guy always looks like he is in slow motion. And sometimes you can look at a player and say, “Damn, that guy just slows down the game, it’s amazing!” But with Redden, he slows down HIS game and everyone else is in fast forward. I have not really been impressed by him at all this year. Every time he looks like he is on the verge of turning it around, he shits the bed, and I mean SHITS the bed.

  75. I think we know that Tyutin has a future in the NHL, but we had to give up something for Z.

    Who would everybody rather see on D, Kalinen or Backman?

  76. Maybe they could sign me; affordably…use me for a trade to Dallas for Avery…then package Avery and Rozival to Vancouver for an excess defenseman (Ohlund??)…now listen..everyone gets sent to the minors except me and Ohlund..we get swapped for each other and everyones happy right?

  77. beerme – waivers after a cerain point in season (definitely by now) are in order of current season not past. obviously based on % of pts available toa ccount for teams playing different amt of games. i think the point is either nov 1 or december 1, either way we’re past it.

    peopler mention low salary guys for cap room – example fritsche. can’t see t helping much since limit is 23 players and likely the rangers would have 22 (extra f and d), whether it be this yr or next. so a guy making a $ 100 k or so above minimum is not hurting the cap.

    hear on tv that arena football league is suspending operations this yr (may come back in another yr but who knows. so economy is affecting sports and will affect hockey prob more so in 2 yrs than next yr. someone needs to hide sather’s check book except for his own (select few) youth. only one who doesn’t feel the recession are the Yankees who are spending like a drunken sailor on leave.

  78. Doogie,
    Gomez is the easier contract to move.
    At the end of each year he write three teams that he would NOT accept a trade to. I believe this is mentioned up above.. but the rumor is that if vancouver loses out on sundin that they would to trade for a center(which could be gomez)
    Just speculation, obviously-but noteworthy nonetheless

  79. With 14 available third line forwards lets just ditch/bury them all (bye bye rasmiller/prucha/fritsche/dawes/korpikoski) as they are all free agents in july 2009…thats 4 milllion

    Looks a lot like house cleaning but they have all been giving great chances of proving they do/dont belong in the NHL

    The core line up still looks great on paper…without major disruption…and if anyone can figure it out, its Sather….he always finds the money for his big names


  80. Does anyone on here have NHL 09 for X Box 360 and play on X Box Live?

    If you do can you please check and see if the servers are up yet?

    Damn, with the exception of one or two people I have been ignored on this matter like a legless man is ignored in a Footlocker at Christmas time, or anytime for that matter.

    Please let me know.

  81. Every EA game has xbox live problems… grrrrr.. I’m yet to play a complete game in NHL 09 because of the server suckage… at least single player keeps me occupied!

  82. If you would have told me at the start of the season the Rangers would be 20 – 11 – 2 @ this point of the season I would have taken it.
    We all know if not for Henrik we would be a lot worse.
    Rangers need to do something.
    I HATED the Redden signing from day one and I’m concerned it will haunt us for years.
    Roz for $20M, Sather must be getting a cut from each.

    I know we need to be concerned for this year but next year we need to sign Z, how much will that cost?
    Think of all the high priced contracts the Rangers have….crazy

  83. doogie – he will not be captain. if they can move players, you are moving way too many to get to $ 4 mm. that woud essentially create a 20 man roster. what happens when injuries happen. both the injured player and his replacement would count. the Rangers have been prob the only lucky team so far this yr re injuries. that luck may very well not last. paranteau has to go through reverse waivers and if claimed counts 1/2 vs our cap. he would be close to dawes or fritsche’s salaries so no real savings there.

  84. Rob L – I’m happy with the team’s position in the standings, but I’ll feel more comforted by the record when more of the wins come in regulation. The playoffs don’t have a shootout; remember that.

  85. Immediately giving the Captaincy to Sundin would be an absolutely slap in the face to Drury, and if you think his production is suffering now, just wait and see what happens if you do that to him. It would be f*cked up, in my opinion. They had the intelligence to put an “A” on Nazzy, rather than a “C”; I hope they do the same with Sundin (if they sign him, which I hope they do not).

  86. doogie – btw rissmiller is already in minors and does not count vs our cap except the time he was with us. his contract has 2 more yrs after this according to all the reporters despite what some websites say.

  87. One thing about Sundin

    I live here on the cusp of Habland; have the local radio station tuned in all day lots of hockey talk…not like Mike “Whats a puck” Francesca…and we get CBC

    Since the Sundin Saga has begun Bob Gainey has had three meetings with him; In late June , Preseason and when Sundin came to US to begin training….each time the entire Montreol sports world went Sundin-Gaga; assured he was signing with them.. putting him on Lines etc..

    I’m just saying this is one funny guy; I wouldn’t go getting a Sundin Jersey just yet

  88. JAB,
    that’s a good question.. With out GM, Zherdev could get anything between 4 to 10 million dollars..
    All kidding aside.. I think maybe five?
    Dubinsky maybe gets 2.5 or something.. I have no idea
    It all depends on how they perform at the end of season/playoffs

  89. Audioserf,
    If they give sundin the C and Drury is upset about it.. maybe he’ll waive his No movement clause and go play somewhere else :).. If anything maybe he’ll start producing “clutch” goals.
    Obviously I know they won’t take the C away..

  90. kaspar – if sundin comes here Z can become

    # 14 (unless shanny comes back too (or staal wants that number since i think it was his jr #).

    or he can bump betts out of # 15 but that would piss off Bob.

    or maybe avery’s # 16 unless he comes back at 1/2 cap hit.

    or if dubi gets signed elsewhere as restricted free agent he could take his.

    or he can forget a number in the teens and go with a high number like 99 (oh dang that won’t work either).

    maybe # 25 except there might be a hex on that one as he wou
    ld be a healthy scratch.

    well ok maybe # 8 at least he could try circus goals in shootouts

  91. This team is a mess. Desperate for Sundin, although 5 months ago, they didn’t want Jagr, who is younger and had actually led the team to the playoffs the last 3 years, unlike Mats. Jagr just wants to play hockey — Sundin doesn’t even know if he does, and only for the best possible team and the perfect deal. If Jagr was acting like this, he’d get a lot of “selfish” talk, but Sundin is glorified. Sorry, but the Swede sounds like the selfish one to me.

  92. Why would Sundin want to be a Ranger right now? It’s not money. It’s not because the Rangers are obvious Cup contenders. Lundqvist? That may not be enough. Can he really believe he can turn a team stocked with mediocre offensive players, a weak (and getting weaker) defense and an all-star goalie into a Cup winner? Jags couldn’t.

  93. LI JOE,

    DAMNIT- I forgot Sundin was number 13- I’m getting a Zherdev jersey for Christmas.. he better take a different number!

  94. Drury will “give” him the “C” and Zherdev will “give” him #13…

    Calgary will “give” us Keenan,we will “give” Renney to Charlotte cause he would be good for the “checkers”…

    Or we wait until after Christmas and “take” Pat Burns (a favorite of Mats) from the Canadians…

    and all will be happy in ranger land.

  95. @ Nasty 1 and Pavel… and anyone else who plays NHL09 on XBL.

    Send me a friend request @ LaNX II … just write ‘NYR’ in the message or something so I know who you are — i havent played it online yet, but it could be fun

  96. You know that saying “no news is good news”

    They should change Ecklunds Hockey Blog title to:

    “Hockey Buzz…where no news ‘is’ news”

  97. Historically Speaking…

    In Vancouver….before playing the season, Mark Messier was given the team captaincy by head coach Tom Renney, taking it away from Trevor Linden. Shortly after Messier’s acquisition, Trevor Linden was traded by Mike Keenan to the New York Islanders…..hmmm

    In 2000, upon his return to NYC, Messier was also given back the team captaincy upon his return to the Rangers, handed over to him personally by Brian Leetch….

    weirder things have happened…and Drury is not doing well under the pressure of being a ranger captain

  98. doogie – and what has sundin done to deserve a c of any team. the maple leafs never even made the finals all those yrs with him. even if he comes here he has a few in line before him as c including all 3 with the letters currently.

  99. Who’s getting a Z jersey? NEVER get a jersey of a guy that has 1 year left on his contract! Not to mention, less than 6 months with the organization.

    Visnovsky/rozy…flip a coin. They’re both overrated and overpaid.

  100. Li Joe…not sure never been in an NHL dressing room….just saying he is an undisputed leader in the NHL…my guess is he can bring respect and leadership to a sinking ship…..and what did Drury do to get it….I’m was thinking Drury would give it up…not so much as have it taken away…..clearly he does not have the confidence or shoulders to wear it.

    Orr…(I was grasping lol) they DO have have the cap space!! Visnovsky was -18 last year…change of scenery, doing better in Edmonton this year…LA has a pretty low budget defence

    Task at Hand…
    If a western road swing has poor timing…
    San Jose at home: 9-0-1
    Anaheim: 7 game winning streak at home
    LA Kings: 10-6-4 home ice

    I’m guessing the team is enjoying a day at the beach from coach renney after yesterdays long travel day….

    but perhaps a week away from MSG will be good team building (I’m sure all this sundin talk is distracting)

  101. I’d be happy if they got 2 points on this trip, shocked if they got 3 points…anything more and I’ll never criticize Renny again

  102. I think the Rangers can potentially come out of this trip with four points. Obviously beating the Sharks is an astonishing longshot. While the Kings have given the blueshirts trouble in past years, who knows, maybe this is the year they take one. The Ducks game could go either way, the Ducks aren’t that good lately… if Hank plays well, I can see the Rangers picking that one up.

  103. beer me,
    I’m getting the Zherdev jersey. There really isn’t many options for fans. Drury hasn’t been clutch, redden is a bum, and I just couldn’t bring myself to get a Gomez jersey. Zherdev is the most exciting player on the team. I also considered Dubinsky but I want to wait a couple of years. I still don’t have a lundqvist jersey but want to wait and pick up the Olympic Sweden one next year.

  104. I bought a Dubi jersey (with a C).. and since I ordered it, he’s stunk.. I paid $155 and I doubt I’d get half that… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  105. Hate to say it….. but I’m thinking we get blown out this week. Expecting zero points and maybe a few shutouts to boot! Would looove to be wrong on this one but doubt I will be.

  106. I don’t see how a guy who won a Stanley Cup deserves to give a captaincy over to a guy who hasn’t come close ever.

  107. We SHOULD beat the kings. They have no d or goaltending. Anaheim will be a 4-2 loss…. Sharks will probably win 18-0 because they are superior in every way.

  108. Ive got a Lunqvust jersey and a Shanny jersey. I want a Dubi one as well… but im goin to wait and see what happens with his contract

  109. ok chrisS. I agree, slim pickins. But a lot of these guys are at the beginning of their deals, so no one has any ‘attachment’ yet. I hear ya on the pickins though.

    Staal is my next one. I only own a leetch as of now.

  110. If they get 3 points on this trip it’ll be a damn Christmas miracle!

    I see 0 points coming out of this for sure. Hopefully they don’t give up 8 goals per game but I see at least one shutout and no more than 4 goals scored in three games.

  111. Pavel,
    haha ahh I’m sure that jersey will mean something five years down the road when dubinsky is the captain.. of the florida panthers. In all seriousness, I’m sure(if you really wanted to) you could bring it to a local taylor and get it removed. It’s not a bad investment-he’ll be on the team for many years.

    I’ve got an authentic Gretzky that my uncle bought me at my first game at the garden(every other Rangers game before that was in new jersey), I got a jagr and I have a practice shanny jersey.

  112. TSN has it a two team race….

    Bigger Shoulders…loyalty, leadership, 6Ft 5in of all round player, olympic gold, world champioship gold, loyalty (yep worth mentioning twice), he stayed in TO all those years because he wanted to win the cup.

    If he signs with the Rangers its beacause he believes he can put this team over the top….on paper, he could be the player that lifts the struggling reddons, gomezs, drurys, dubinskys, rozisvals back to their potental elite status

    Drury was hardly a game breaker in that cup win (bourque, sakic, forsberg, roy)

  113. I’m with you monkey dude…

    doogie747 December 15th, 2008 at 12:50 pm
    Last thought…..Bertuzzi is all about coming to NY to play with his old friend Nasland…now that would be a power line (nasland/sundin/bertuzzi)

    Bertuzzi…Yeah I want a criminal on my team

  114. Chris – used to. Now I just watch!

    LIJOE – Found it in the CBA. Only the offseason goes by the lowest in standings prior year. During season, it’s lowest % of points. Still doesn’t matter.

    13.19 If only one Club makes a claim for the Player on whom Waivers have been
    requested, such Player shall be transferred to that Club. In the event that more than one
    Club makes a claim for such Player, he shall be transferred to the claiming Club having
    earned the lowest percentage of possible points in the League standing at the time of the
    request for Waivers or, if Waivers are requested outside the playing season, then to the
    Club having earned the lowest percentage of possible points in the preceding season’s
    schedule of Regular Season Games. If the successful Waiver claim is made before
    November 1st then the priority shall be determined by the final standing in the League’s
    Regular Season schedule in the preceding season.

  115. doogie – be the 1st to get a sundin shirt and make sure you get one with a C on the front. i’ll be sure to say hello at a game we’re both at. you’ll be easy to pick out. the only one with a sundin shirt as captain. hint he won’t be an A either.

  116. So if it’s really between VAN/NYR in the Sundin race, I wonder what the odds are.

    Obvisously the NYR cannot afford $10mil per. So either he’s going after the $, and willing to deal with the travel. And also the history that the CANUCKS have never won a cup. And that he’d rather make (possibly) one more run at the cup with the Sedins & Matty Ohlund on his team. Which could possibly make him the captain, as they have 3 alternates now.


    Play with the #1 swedish goaltender, and one of the most successful scoring swedish wingers that’s played in the NHL, Naz. Live the NYC lifestyle, and enjoy the apartment that you already own in the city that he’s cited as his “favorite” outside of Toronto.

    Either way, he’ll be playing with one of the best goaltenders in the league. Either way, on a 1st place team. Either way, what HE deems as a place where he believes he can win a stanley cup.

  117. Does anyone else think that Gomez definitely does not deserve the A?
    At the beginning of the year I thought that someone on defense should be represented as a leader for the group.
    In that thinking I would of elected Mara.Now I know Mara didn’t play all that great last year but now he’s got the most heart, playing well, and took a pay cut to stay here.. If that’s not A material I don’t know what is.

  118. beerme – i see matts following the money trail. he’ll sign with the canucks for 1 1/2 yrs and $ 15 mm for that period. vancouver is also where the next olympics will be during next season so that is another consideration.

  119. chris – gomez seemed very deserving of at least an A the way he handled the audience questions at a season tix event a month ago. he really defended Orr when a questioner got pretty obnoxious in asking questions of Orr.

  120. I agree with Mara. Always liked that dude. Very down to earth person if you ever get the chance to talk to him too.

    But I think Gomer deserves his “A”. He’s a vocal guy that understands the game very well, and understands when to be vocal, and how to put his money where is mouth is. Often, when I notice him getting fired up on the bench, or before a faceoff, he records a point, or at least has a great shift. He deserves it IMO.

  121. joe – Who knows…but it looks like we’ll get an answer pretty soon. I think if he wanted the $, it’d be spent already.

  122. Sundin

    1 YEAR with NYR wins a cup…
    2 years with Nucks wins the Gold Medal in Vanc…

    …buys a Lou Albano wig and goes back to Sweden…manages a Pro wrestler to intercontinental belt

  123. Li Joe…deal!!

    The problem with Vancouver is the twins Daniella and Henrietta and Ohlund are also FA’s this summer….as are 10 of their other forwards and how healthy is Luongo??

    Mats has Olympic Gold.

    I thought he only wanted to sign for one year…are we to read 1 1/2 seasons?

  124. sam said:
    “What’s that? You say Don Maloney, the Phoenix GM who drafted Prucha and saw him score 30 goals as a rookie, has an estimated $9 million in cap space to work with?

    But do you think Glen Sather has Maloney’s cell number?”

    Unfortunatly the Phoenix team is one of the NHL franchises considered to be in “deep shit”….the money coming in, is no were near the money coming out….fiscal resposiblity says no way.

  125. LI Joe and Beer me,
    Appreciate the insight. Obviously I see where you’re both coming from.. And I know that it’s His team a long with Drury and hank. But I really think that the back line should be represented as a guy that the younger players like Staal and Girardi can look up too and an example of what the coaches expect out of the D line for the vets

  126. if he signs with us he’ll just sign for this season. if he signs with canucks it will be for this season and next. no insider info at all. just my gut instinct.

  127. Beer & ChrisS

    The both of you make excellent points!!!! Bravo on that! I was impressed to see Betts have the “A” one night. He definately deserves it as well.

  128. Chris – someone doesn’t need to have a letter to be a leader. Mario had no letter at one point although he was an owner. Gretz did not have a letter here (at least I don’t think so).

    good point you bring up though. i wouldn’t mind some of our past be more visible with team either in official roles or unofficially. someone like Leetch for example. and speaking of dmen I could see Staal getting the C after Drury/Gomez are through here.

  129. Sundin only had 2 seasons where he didnt have over 70 points. Pretty impressive…

    1st season with Quebec 59 points.
    1994-95 47 game 47 points 1/2 season.

  130. BTW – be careful of getting a Staal jersey. I see him eventually getting # 14 his junior number. maybe as early as next yr

  131. I think its almost certain that Sundin isn’t just looking for money. If he was, he would have taken Vancouver’s offer in seconds. To get paid more than Malkin, Ovechkin, or Crosby?

    I can’t say for sure what he’s looking at (I LOVE the Rangers, but seriously, the best contender he could find?). It must be the intangibles, working with multiple other Swedes (Henrik, Nazzie, Sjo), living in NYC, the media attention of NYC…

    But if he REALLY wants to be a Ranger, and money is no object, as it supposedly seems, why not sign for like 2M so the Rangers don’t have to dump assets to get him?

  132. ChrisS & Beer Me

    I own a Z Jersey = if Sundin comes I’ll wait him out. If Z doesn’t get resigned I’ll wear it , for what might have been

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