No offer to Sundin…yet


Bob McKenzie checks in with the latest on Mats Sundin, saying that “the Rangers haven’t made a formal offer to the center”:, which we can all agree is kind of hard when the team doesn’t yet have much money to offer.

Once a four-team race, McKenzie now says the competition is squarely between the Rangers and Vancouver, making this the most heated battle between the two teams since the 1994 Cup finals.

Sundin’s agent, J.P. Barry is set to meet with the Canucks over a variety of topics tomorrow. The player, meanwhile, is headed home to Sweden until after Christmas.

Where exactly he’s headed once he returns West is the question…

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  1. This is really a VERY simple situation. Sundin has indicated in the past that he wanted to play in NY. At least thats what’s been reported. If it’s about money, and when is it ever not, (i.e. C.C. “I want to be a Dodger” Sabathia) then he goes to Vancouver.

    I think he’s leaning towards the Rangers, but money is going to be an issue. If the Rangers make a low ball offer to him then he’ll go to Vancouver. If it’s reasonable then I think he’s coming here.

    Conversely the 2/yr $20mm offer has been there and he could have taken that at any point and still hasn’t.

    Smart money is that the Rangers send Korpi to Hartford and Prucha to points unknown and my guess is waive Kalinin and he winds up in Hartford with Potter staying up in NY.

  2. Toronto fans have reported that Bob McCown on Fan 590 has said that Sundin has decided on NYR.

    Hope its true.

  3. Rangers definitely bought Potter along so they can make a move this trip, methinks.

    As much as I hate it, it seems the Rangers may be targeting Sundin after all.


  4. Mitch – i like the way you think re who would be moving. only issue is that is essentially a 21 man team. get 2 injuries and i don’t know if they have the cap room even at a minimum $ 500 k rate prorated. in the event of injuries (i think at least)both the injured player and his replacement would both count (unless injury is long term)

  5. I just cant wait till he makes his decision so all the speculation revolving around him can stop

  6. Sorry gang I went to the Toronto 590 website to investigate the Sundin story but…

    I couldn’t make it past the Girl of the day slide show

  7. I think he can help… but Im skeptical if he can turn this team around enough to make them a cup contendor

  8. LI Joe,
    You’re right.. you don’t need a letter to lead..
    I just think that giving out an A establishes a clear leader among a group of D-man that quite honestly(!) have struggled.

  9. The Rangers are sitting #1 in the NHL PK…we don’t need him for that….more importantly..

    Currently holds the NHL record for most overtime goals (15, shared with Jaromir Jagr) *bonus*

    Big WIN in Anaheim, and an equally big win in LA!

  10. best case scenario (in my head), we trade Rozie for cap space, sign Sundin, and win the President’s Trophy.

  11. phalanx – then ther discussion goes to shanny and sean. so there will always be some stuff to keep people speculating

  12. LI joe,
    Good point, I wonder how much money they would have to spare to have maneuverability in the case of an injury. I’m thinking about 650K

  13. the most importan thing is clearing cap space. sundin for rest of the year is a MUST but nothing more. somehow if we could trade rozival and brought in sundin for rest of the year thats how this becomes A WIN. we need cap space over next 2 years or so and we dont have it. god someone take rozival.

  14. “LI Joe

    then ther discussion goes to shanny and sean. so there will always be some stuff to keep people speculating”

    This I know… hence my saying “so all the speculation *revolving around him* can stop”.

  15. by the way folks. im mitch’s name is imbedded the link to his blog re the wolfpack. well worth your while.

  16. HEY
    I am a Rangers fan living in Toronto. I can confirm that Bob McCowan has stated that he has confirmation from reliable sources that Sundin has decided to play in New York, however has yet to sign the contract, which he will do within the next two to three days. It was the first thing Bob went into when he opened the show, and McCowan is not the type to report something as true unless he has it from a good source, so I would be inclined to believe that Mats will be playing for us come new years.

  17. So if a player gets hurt…day to day with a “lower body injury” the team pays his normal salary.

    If the team needs to “call up” a player then they must pay his salary as well….this is only day to day injuries?

    If the player is put on the long term injured reserve list, Sather can then call-up replacements from Hartford to use the available cap space as long as the salaries of the replacement players do not exceed the salaries of the injured players.

  18. doogie – I think if a player goes on IR or long-term injury list, then their cap hit for that time period is taken off the cap. so you can use that cap space for a replacement… I THINK.

  19. I’m ambivalent. Sundin could well mean adding 1/2 goal a game, which would be a major jump in production. But until this team cuts the odd man rushes from teb a night to one, hits with purpose in all three zones, and Renney holds guys like Redden and Roszi and himself accountable, we’re on the road to nowhere with or without Sundin.

  20. onecupin67years on

    he’ll come to NY. and leave with a suitcase of case and his contract.Sather has Dolan convinced that this guy will deliver.Sather is Never wrong!!! ask Dolan

  21. jeever – it is confusinbg about what is long term and what is replaceable for cap hits on injured players. i don’t think the Rangers received any benefit from various injuries last yr (avery et al). so you get a few 10 games injuries and all of a sudden the 21 man roster becomes 23 and all seem to count. so it will be tough and very interesting how they can pull this off

  22. Don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but I honestly think Sundin makes us go from pretender to contender for two reasons:

    1. He’s the STAR and goal scorer we don’t have (he actualy likes scoring; not to mention, he’s a moose

    2. Addition by subtraction. If he’s coming in, someone else is leaving. And, to be honest, aside from Dubinsky, Henrik, Staal and maybe Gomez… I don’t really care who that someone is.

  23. someone drive by sathers office and see if the light is still on……

    if this is true….then the team is going to have an interesting week. I’m glad anaheims first, emotion and turmoil will help us win this game.

    For everyone that wanted change…it is coming, regardless, in some way, shape or form!

  24. One thing Sundin would undoubtedly do is improve the PP. But I agree with Gresch that their defensive play, supposedly this coach’s bread-and-butter, is not even mediocre right now, much less decent.

    And they need to play harder. It is still astonishing to me that the work ethic is so spotty.

  25. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    Anyone who thinks the Rangers should be getting Defensive help instead of Sundin is right!! Sather wants to land the “big fish” and I’m thinking hes not gonna stop until he does. Sather sought after Eric Lindros and he felt so good when it happen.

  26. I’m kidding…sort of I like Rozisval…I just think he should only play road games….or yah, unload him (only because he is the big “makes no sense” contract) and leave him in southern cal!

    big showcase game!!

    and a side note…if the NHL drops the cap in 2010/11 we are still in big trouble…long term contracts are so yesterday!!!

  27. oops my bad. I thought you were talking about him getting traded somewhere cold… I have this strange idea LA will trade for him and rescue us…

  28. PAVEL

    IF he were to sign here, id keep him off the PK. He’s in his late 30’s, so Renney cant make the same mistake of wearing him down by playing on the PK, like Shanny.

    IF he does sign. Nicky Z should take number 68. That would be nice. Although he’d probably instantly lose chemistry with Gomer.


    Signing a Vet / Leader who can still play the game for one year is better than trading for one. They need D help, but they need scoring help too, he’s a big guy, he can score goals, he can set up his line mates, and do more than Dawes, Voros, Korp, Danny F, and Pruchs.

    If this goes down, hopefully it means Rozi, and Kal are goners.

  29. “Sundin Going To Broadway
    THE FAN 590’s Bob McCown is reporting that former Toronto Maple Leafs’ captain Mats Sundin has decided to join the New York Rangers. McCown’s source, who has intimate knowledge of the situation, expects this decision to made public later this week.”

    Sounds good to me. Now we just need to find a way to get Shanny on the 3rd line and I think we’ve got a chance.

  30. You know what would be awesome..
    Signing Sundin now and then trading him away at the deadline to pick up some prospects!

  31. something just hit me. Sundin’s going back to Sweden (for Christmas). To me that indicates 2 things:

    1. He’s leaning towards the Rangers, who would need time to clear room for him, then do the contract. If he picked Vancouver, he could start with them immediately.

    2. Nothing will be 100% official for a little while. He could make his decision but it wouldn’t actually officially go down before the roster freeze.

  32. Whatever the package is, just make sure that Kalinin is part of that package. Seeing him I still remember when he played for the Sabres, I didn’t like him then and I don’t like him now.

  33. LI JOE:
    BTW I love joe sakic…so I was devasted when I heard what happened! He might never play the game again…which is sad to have to leave the game this way.

  34. I think its a little obvious Sundin wants to sign with Nyr over the Nucks. He loves NY, would love to play at the Garden, would love to win with an Original 6 team like Nyr, i mean who wouldn’t ?

    Its just like Souray two summers ago. He wanted to sign with Nyr, and he waited, but they couldn’t do it after signing Dru, and Gomer.

    I mean, c’mon, he has a 10 mik, 1 year, or 2 mil 2 year offer on the table for the last 2 months, and its taking him this long ? Im sure he’ll sign here, and i hope he does, so we can kiss Rozi goodbye.

    As long as Rozi goes, its perfect.

    Im not trying to sound like a prick, but it would be hilarious if he pulled his groin right before playing his first game with the Nucks. Kinda like last season Hossa getting injured during his first game with Pissburgh.

    Hope he signs here though.

  35. doogie – yes Sakic is a class act. great player and competitor and best wrist shot i think i’ve ever seen.

  36. If Sundin does end up in a blueshirt, I hope I was wrong about him, and that he IS the spark the team needs to carry things forward. I still think scoring wingers and a stronger defensive corps is the ticket, but what the fuck do I know.

  37. “Zipay reporting Rangers actually practicing power play today!”

    Actually much bigger news than Sundin signing.

  38. This is being reported out of Atlanta…link to come
    TO ATLANTA: Gomez,Rozsival,Prucha,Valiquette
    TO NYR: Kovalchuk, Havelid, Excelby, Hedberg

    there may be more involved in the deal in terms of picks/prospects.

  39. …sorry, I meant to finish my thought about McCowan. He’s been on the FAN 590 forever, top rated sports radio show in Canada. He’s got the contacts, he will be right.

  40. Rumors of Gaborik to Atlanta from Ecklund today–not a reliable source, but could make sense if they do the rumored deal with the Rangers

  41. I’d do that trade Joe but c’mon, ATLs not THAT dumb. NY is more appealing than Vancouver solely based on travel; a lot less time zone shifting if you’re on the East Coast. AND remember, after this trip, I’m pretty sure the Rangers are in the East Coast for pretty much the rest of the season (except that Dallas game) so that could be a factor.

    Hey, it doesn’t hurt to have the great Anders Hedberg in the organization either.

    Rozi is going nowhere, too many minutes. Prucha is gonna go and Korpo going back to HFD if this deal is true.

  42. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    Kovalchuck a Ranger?? I wish!! , I’d do that trade!!
    Yo (ORR) I have been thinking and cramming what number Z is gonna take….wow 68 ..I never thought of that one….very interesting. BTW , you do know I wagered that left nut I won off of you to some guy months and months ago on BB. Looks like my bet is finally paying off. From him I get his legs and stuff. Sweet!! If Sundin signs with us , I win again!!!!

  43. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    The Bob Mcowan show is starting right now , its the replay .
    Th shows visual is quite lame and BOB needs a shave…hes doing this show on tv for awhile now , doesn’t he realize hes on tv? A bad as the show is , it does talk the truth. They have had lots of well known people on there and the show does have credibiliy. Sweet , I get to hear if this is true…he did say that the deal is already done with Sundin .

  44. Bob McCown (no ‘a’) always needs a shave. And you never know if he’s looking anyone in the eye with those shades on. I think he sleeps in them. But he is not the type to make an assertion like this, he likes theorizing but if he says this, it’s no doubt true. Unless it gets torpedoed in the execution phase.

  45. ford

    Sundin won’t improve the PP as long as Renney keeps putting the stupes out ther manning the points!

    And you know who they are.

    God himself couldn’t do anything as long as the patty cake team is on the ice.

  46. So where are all the Bob McCown nutswingers now?! He claimed to have intimate knowledge of the situation and said that sundin had chosen NY and all of y’all are hanging of his balls thinking it was gonna happen…HAHAHA!!!

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