Agent: Rangers have offered Sundin “a framework”


J.P. Barry, the agent for Mats Sundin, disputed “a report that says Mats Sundin has already settled on the Rangers”:, saying the center hasn’t yet made a final decision on where he’ll play this season.

But Barry also said the Rangers have made clear they want Sundin, and have even indicated what they’d be willing to pay him.

“Whether a formal offer has been submitted or not is semantics,” Barry wrote in an e-mail. “They have provided a framework of what could be made available to Mats if he selected the Rangers.”

Updated, 7:10 p.m.: In other words, the Rangers have offered Sundin a salary range based on what they can accomplish in unloading salary.

I imagine that range is pretty wide.

In the unlikely event Glen Sather can trade Michal Rozsival or Wade Redden, it’s Sundin’s lucky week. If the Rangers merely send down Lauri Korpikoski, they better hope Sundin really likes Manhattan.

Naturally, I asked Barry what that range was but he we wouldn’t say. As for Sundin’s time frame, the agent said by the end of this week.

So now it comes to the Rangers vs. Vancouver, a lot of money vs. a ridiculous amount of money. I am willing to offer some advice for a small fee.

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  1. Oh boy… this changes everything.

    I guess that’s what happens after a night out on the town with the King.

  2. Vancouver is still offering 10 million a year. They are not a bad team this year but maybe Sundin feels he can win the cup here. Rangers could use his scoring.

  3. I’m worried but hopeful.

    Not sure how much this will help but it could be huge. I wonder if Gomez and Drury would still think this is their team?

    If it means shedding either of the bad defense contracts we gave out this off season then it’s for sure worth it.

  4. i am so mixed on how I feel about Sundin coming to the Rangers, if it happens. At first I was apposed to the idea because he would be blocking the way for some young guys like prucha and korpikoski to get their time, which he undoubtedly still will be doing if he does actually show, but the difference is that he would probably push the rangers through the rest of the season with improved scoring and PP if he comes…on the other hand, if it means getting rid of Rozsival then I am more in favor of it…

  5. I’m hearing ATL rumors. If rumors are true and we get sudin on top…Slats is saying “its this year or nothing”

  6. Rozsival, Prucha, Gomez Valli to Atl for Hedberg, Kovulchuk and Exelby. The moves free cap space for Sundin. I was told to pay attention till nine for this to come through


    I don’t know?

  7. Come on!

    Despite all the reports suggesting the opposite, Thrashers GM Don Waddell has no intention of trading away superstar sniper Ilya Kovalchuk, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
    Waddell did not directly address any of the reports, but stood firm on his position that Kovalchuk won’t be moved.

    “I can’t deny it any harder than I already have,” Waddell told the Journal-Constitution.

    “We haven’t spoken to one team about trading him. We don’t plan on speaking to any team about trading him. He’s the cornerstone of this franchise. He’s not going anywhere.”

  8. someone posted that here on rangers report…i think it was LI Joe..thats a rumor someone made up on this site…

    no credibility…it wouldbe an interesting trade thought :)

  9. i would rather keep vally and try for someone else since he and hank get along so well. i think its good for hank to have a backup he is close with

  10. HA,
    I think they(the person who created the rumor) included hedberg because he is swedish. and that’s why the original rumor also had fellow swede havelid.

  11. If the expectations are low, we could unload a lot of guys. Rozi for Avery would be a GREAT start so long as we could bury Avery in the minors, and defer his salary. He could work the fashion district while he is rehabbing.

  12. how does sundin help the fact that our defense is terrible and we don’t have scoring wingers. i would try dubinsky on the wing on and keep drury on the 3rd line where he belongs. but bottom line this does not make us a contender until our defense vastly improves

    and there is no way anyone is taking on reddens contract he should just be sent to hartford for the next 5 years. sather has little if any cred with any gms besides maloney and maybe lowe, but not even they will likely to take any of the rangers players besides maybe prucha for a low pick. he has at least some potential. and if the rangers want kovalchuk theyd have a lot more than that package, it would start with staal or dubinsky and then likely have to include del zott/bobby and one of the russians.

  13. I’ll take Sundin, anything to get this bunch moving forward.

    Plus he has some size, which we sorely lack up front.

  14. Kovalchuk. Another enigmatic, moody Russian. Who cares.

    Good one night, invisible another.

    We need players that show up each night.

  15. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    (MAKO) sorry but we can’t trade Redden at all! The NHL rules forbid a team to trade a player picked up as a free agent the same year he was signed. Bummer , so your just gonna have to live with him . Look on the bright side , Redden is a playoff kinda guy , he saves it like Jagr and comes roaring back in the playoffs.

  16. Vogs, I’m going to somewhat disagree with you on this one. There is absolutely nobody on that atlanta team and Kovalchuk has more points than games played. His CAREER low in goals scored was 29 when he only played 65 games his rookie season. His other seasons are 38 goals and four 40+ goal seaons (including two where he broke 50 goals).

    If that’s enigmatic, then he’d break Gretzky’s records if he actually showed up every night.

  17. I love this – from the Toronto Sun

    “The news wasn’t good at the NHL’s board of governors’ meeting last week. A third of the league’s teams — Atlanta, Carolina, Columbus, Florida, Nashville, New Jersey, the N.Y. Islanders, Phoenix, St. Louis and Tampa ?

    Goodbye, who cares, good ridance, never wanted any of ya. Ok you can keep the Devils, Isles and Tampa, the rest? see ya.

    But the Yankees can go ahead and give some pitcher who has never won anything in his life $160 million, what an effin joke the Yankees have become.

    Meanwhile people are losing their jobs, trying to stay in their homes and the aholes that run these teams pay that kind of money and charge the fans an arm and a leg. eff em all.

  18. vogs, once again the people in Nashville really love that team, the reason they are doing poorly is that the corporate isn’t backing it, but the people do love it

  19. hey guys come on over to the Ranger Naiton forum and chat room, we are discussing the rumor and future implications… even if it won’t happen we can have fun imaginging the possiblilities… think of it mako, a world where Redden can be traded!

    either the forum or chat links

  20. True-

    Fair enough, not much of a stats guy myself, and I’ll agree the guy has impressive numbers.

    But has his team ever won a round in the playoffs?

    Agreed, maybe it’s too soon to tell. I’m just tired of putting bandaids on our problems.

    This team needs a leader. It needs a player that can handle NYC and be the goto guy. I dunno who that player is, but I like to think it’s a player who we draft.

    But neither Drury, Gomez, Redden, etc. seem to be able to do it and Henrik gets hung out to dry every night.

  21. nyrangerfan

    My point is I would like to build my team through its system and add parts later on. But the core of the team should be drafted players who play the way the GM wants the team to play. Here we have this bi-polar approach to team building, one year we’re rebuilding, the next we’re giving out millions of dollars to UFA’s who have no stake in the team.


  22. so the yankees should just give their money away because there are people who are having econ difficulties, cmon. the two have nothing to do with each other, like it or not sports is a business, not a charity. the yankees shouldnt have to sit on money and let other teams sign players they want simply because the economy is doing bad

  23. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    WELL WELL WELL , your wishes seem to coming true my fellow Rangers. High priced talent that we have may soon be gone.
    Vancouver has load of cash and will take on Gomez or Drury’s fat cat pay cheque , once they lose out on Sundin.

    Pat Quinn , fresh off his stint with Team Canada will relieve Renny of his painfull coaching duties. Pat knows Sundin very well and having Pat Quinns hard nosed attitude would provide us with that. Renny looks too much in pain when he’s out there and I honestly like him but he should have left when Jagr did.

    Rosival could be gone to Dallas for the much hated Sean Avery. Just why could n’t Avery been respectful to us when he had a chance we he played us this year. When Messier returned we cheered and held up signs saying ” WE MESS YOU.”
    Tears come to my eyes with the repect NY fans showed. Avery , He just flat out acted the fool. Why would we take him back ? Dubinsky knows its just Avery’s act…But what did Avery say to Dubinsky ? Does Dubinsky feel he got some indecent word to him during that game…if so , I don’t want Avery. If Dubi can forgive him , so will I.

  24. pete – i hope the yankees miss the playoffs again this yr. the mets and sox too for that matter. first off get more publicity for the blueshirts. second these teams pay way too much and monopolize the few big time players. so go tb, and all the other teams – ok now back to hockey.

  25. One thing for sure – playing in NYC wouldn’t faze Sundin, not after the pressure cooker that is Toronto. That’s important to keep in mind.

    IF it was to happen and IF Drury and Gomer somehow remained Rangers – couldn’t care less if they still think it’s “their” team. Give Sundin an ‘A’, he’ll be fine.

    Would also give us some freedom when his 2-year contract expires. Cap will probably go down for the 2010-2011 season. Also, anyone we trade isn’t irreplaceable – I would hope to keep Dubi, Lundquist (obviously), Gomez, Staal, and Mara, and I like many of these guys, but they’re not rare talents.

    Not only would Sundin add more leadership, but a big body with hands to plant at the crease AND a completely different PP weapon. Right now it’s bad because it’s predictable, and I believe it’s because we don’t have 2 components: a pure goal-scoring sniper (Nash, Kovalchuk, Heatley,…etc) or that big body at the net (Franzen, Jumbo Joe, Chara, …etc.)

    Guess we wait ’till Friday!

  26. When Sather comes out of his semi-hibernation (he did store up a lot of bodyfat during the summer), pretty sure there will be something kind of big, and since Sundin is not going to sign for nothing, there must be other things in the works.

    Sather will make up for the lack of limelight he has been receiving.

  27. Sundin — a guy who will come to your team if you dump a bunch of other players into AHL oblivion. Hasn’t been to the playoffs in years, but will take your team to the top of the cap anyway at age 38. Out of game shape, hasn’t played since March, but don’t worry, he’ll take your money anyway, when it’s convenient for him. What a great guy.

  28. kc
    You could end up being right and I will be eating crow, but I think Sundin’s motives are good. You must know something I don’t about his physical status, as I have heard he has kept up on his conditioning. As for players being dumped into the AHL, ah well, you can’t keep everybody. I’m not losing sleep over the prospect of not seeing Fritsche, Rismiller or Dawes in blue again. Prucha yes, but that’s been a foregone conclusion anyway. Should be interesting how this unfolds.

  29. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    It is absolutly baffling how the mind of Sundin works . No human turns down 10 million a year to sit and ponder what hes going to do as he signs up for pokerstars playing online poker!!??

    Sundin said he doen’t want to be a rental player . Does that mean he is going to be signed on for 2 years. Will Sundin and Naslund ride away into the sunset after the 2 years they have are run out …with Dubinsky and Zherdev using that $$$ for there big payday?

  30. you guys are such nut cases, you are falling for that old Gomez or Drury trade B.S. again…it was debunked this summer, it will now, no matter how much the rangers are actively seeking Sundin, they aren’t about to trade 28 year old Gomez or 32 year old drury just so they can lease Sundin for the remainder of the year…this Renney being fired crud is less “Crud” it seems, over the summer I had a gut feeling Renney was going to be relieved because you can tell Sather was actively trying to change the rangers into a fast puck moving team with a great d. Something that I don’t believe everyone thought Renney was capable of doing…as for trades and firings, the holiday trade freeze is in affect Friday, so if the deal goes down it will be by then, and IF Renney does actually get the axe, it won’t be until 2009 when the tournament is over

  31. Oh Sam you are so clever

    however the key for the rangers powerplay is not as much the talent but rather the coaching and I think that if you sign sundin you should fire Renny

  32. I want a different Swede. Forsberg is still out there too and I love his edge.

    On a more serious not, I wonder where this team will be defensively over the next few years if we wind up giving Rozsival in some sort of package for Sundin. I personally don’t think Rozsival gets enough credit, watch him at MSG for a full game. He battles more than you would think in the corners and in front of the net.

    The team will be right at the cap by signing Sundin, then they still have to resign the young guns (Dubinsky, Staal).

    After Redden and Rozsival, no one is close to a first pairing d-man. Staal is closest but I dont’ think he gets there for another two years. Mara – no, Girardi – no, Kalinin – no, Potter – maybe but not for a while, Fahey – should have made to the NHL by his age, Sanguetti & Del Zotto are both too small to compete, particularly Del Zotto and will need a few years.

    In the end, I think the Rangers will have another old veteran and instead of lack of goals, we’ll be bitching about a crappy defense for the next few years.

  33. JJP
    All the more reason to do something right about coaching, Pearn and or Renney leaving. Times a wasting. Sitting around watching good talent not improving fast enough, or not at all, is the real issue in my opinion.

  34. Well I heard somewhere else from someone I don’t aactually know, but who has been very believable in everything he has said before, (obviously from some forum),

    (this was before any news of Sundin came out),

    Who by the way, does have some sort of inside contacts,

    that Roszival is gone and they’re happy with Potter.

    I haven’t done this shit since I was a kid. but I did hear it.

    I believe it enough that it makes me happy, for what it’s worth.

  35. JJP…there really is no defending Rozisvals play this season. He has been indecisive, tentative, and just plain awful. If he is still recovering from hip surgery then he should go on IR and play when he’s healthy.

    Losing him or Redden would be a welcomed change to this team and would give them added cap flexibility this summer.
    I’m assuming that Sundin will only sign a 1 year deal and be a FA this summer. So his signing won’t prohibit the resigning of Dubinsky or Zherdev this offseason.

  36. JJP,
    Sanguinetti is 6’3 195 and del zotto is 6’0 210 that’s about right for Offensive minded D-man.
    while Redden is our “top” defensemen, Staal is certainly our most defensive d-man.. And I don’t think there is much a drop off in talent from Rozsival, to Mara, to Girardi. They’re all about the same.

  37. Off Topic – I forgot to extend my congratulations to AJ Burnett and his recent signing. Thanks AJ for going 100%, 50% of the time with the Blue Jays.

  38. Rob L.

    Im with you. I much rather keep Rozi than Redden or Kalinin. But I think at Rozi’s price after Sundin is gone it will be a good they have that space to sign Z and Dubi.

  39. Sign Sundin !!!

    And Slats should find a way to bring over Cheech at the deadline. That would be pretty fuggin sweet.

    But more realistic is the Mats situation. Hopefully it happens. Im so excited !!! I cant tell if im more excited aboot the possibility of signing Mats, or trading Rozi. Hope it happens !!!!

  40. Voice of Reason on

    Sather making the ‘Framework offer’ was an admission that this team is ill conceived. That’s a good thing. Next up: ridding yourself of Roszival by putting him on waivers. When Nobody picks him up, put him in the minors. Maybe he’ll recover from the Hip Surgery on Hartford’s time, and have some value next year.

    According to with the demotion of Rissmiller, the Rangers have an Annualized $1,285,534 of available cap space. By demoting Roszival and recalling Sanguinetti as his replacement, the Team picks up another $4,000,000.

    If Prucha is traded to say Phoenix for a late round pick, that adds another $1.6, leaving nearly $7 million of Annual Cap space for Sundin. That should be enough….

  41. MAKO,
    not only cap room to resign Zherdev and Dubi.. but I’d like to see them save about a million and a half cap space just in case they need to address an issue they have during the course of the year..Just because it’s a big market doesn’t mean you have to overpay for someone or add a player just because they are available.

  42. It would be fantastic if Kyle McLaren was somehow coming to the Rangers, but the likelihood is probably remote or non-existant.

  43. i can pull an inside source out of my dogs rear end. the Sundin stuff is very exciting, i may be tooooooooo excited, but the Rozsival stuff i really dont know.

  44. ChrisS I based my comments from the info on the Rangers’ website details – Sangunetti 6’3″ 190 and Del Zotto 6’0″ 188 which I tend to believe to be generous.

  45. You can get a good look at a T Bone by sticking your head up butcher’s ass….what movie folks? C’mon, you all know it :)

  46. greatest movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tommy Boy woooooo!!!!!

    I can officially say IF sundin does sign the games could be alot more entertaining.

  47. So…no to Peter Nedved because he’s too old.

    No to Shanahan because he’s too old.

    but Yes to Sundin because….Why?

  48. House you win!!! And he will sign. I say this shit is a done deal before Friday. I’m saying Wednesday!

  49. redden will be the albatross for the next six years – no offense, no defense, no toughness and a TON of cash – this was Sather’s crowning achievement of an awful reign.. AND it will cost us Boumeester at the trade deadline and next season – just awful…

  50. There is no NHL rule that you can’t trade a player the season you signed them to a contract unless they have a No Trade Clasue, (which Redden might have). We traded Free-Agent D-man Ward for Mara.

  51. JJP,
    You’re right about Sanguinetti, he is only 190, my mistake..
    although I’ve been seeing conflicting stats about Del Zotto- some say he is 200 and some say he is 210.

  52. This Sundin thing is not a great move- and whoever said it was an admission that this team is not constructed well has a point. Agree or disagree with the above, but think about the following:

    If Sather is shaking the trees to free up cap space, that’s got to be pretty evident to any of the GM’s he’s talking to. So, in that case- who has the leverage?

  53. Did the “dark ages” not teach us anything?

    We had literally an All-Star team and still sucked ass. What’s the point of going after soon to be retired “stars”

  54. Sundin for one-year seems ok, if his skills have diminished, then the Rangers can walk away from him at the end of the year.

    I have a HUGE problem with him getting an “A” though. No more mercenary culture. This guy is not Messier. You EARN it here. The ‘A” should go to someone who has paid their dues with the Rangers and come up with the system. Translation; as was the case earlier this year, Blair Betts gets the honorary fourth on command on this team.

  55. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    (Colorado mark) yes there is a rule , you are wrong on this one man. You cant trade a player you signed for at least a year.

    Can’t wait to see wo we get rid of!!

  56. I know True fans, I’m not a huge Drury fan. I feel as long as Staal/Dubi/Cally/Girardi are still around in 4-5 years (and they SHOULD be) that those should be the guys who wear the C, two As, and fourth in command A.

  57. trueblue: you are so right

    I’m sure ever GM in the League is waiting to see “glenn sather” from nyc on call display….talk about leverage…yes we take some salary off your hands…(ie: Rozsival) but who else is it going to cost??

    I think the “no movement clause” is for “restricted free agents” (the younger guys), who were given an offer sheet from another club, and the offer was matched by the prior club…..sounds more like a sour grapes clause…ie: you cost us all this money BUT now we will trade you to who we want you to go to….?? (but they can not move them for one year after signing a “restricted free agent”)

    MikeA: How exactly did Markus Nasland earn his “A”, and didn’t reddon have it on in the pre season? (cause they are leaders)

    How much can they pro-rate a contract?? ie: sign Matts to a $1,000,000 (pro rated at 500,000) for this year and give him $9,000,000 next year……???

    I’m just saying that would give Sather time to unload and (yes screw the future of this club come July 1st) but it is an option.

    Maybe come trade dead line teams might have more of an urgency for a reddon or a roszival.

  58. 27-Feb-07 New York Rangers traded Aaron Ward to the Boston Bruins for Paul Mara.

    26-Jun-06 Phoenix Coyotes traded Paul Mara and a 3rd round selection in 2007 or 2008 to the Boston Bruins for Nick Boynton and a 4th round selection in 2007.

    traded straight across

    Unrestricted Free Agent verses Restricted Free Agent

  59. Doogie, Redden got the A for a few games this year, specifically for his return to OTT. I wasn’t thrilled with them giving Nas the A either, I like him, but I think he should get it after a year here.

    Problem is now that the young guys are still VERY young (I’m very happy to write that) and are too young to get letters until at least Drury’s final year in his contract. This isn’t like LA where it’s 95% young guys and 5% vets, it’s a good 50/50 mix.

  60. Alright, people, time to face the reality that Sundin is unquestionably coming here. If it’s between the Rangers and Vancouver, obviously he’s choosing the Rangers. There is absolutely zero reason for him to continue to hold off on an announcement if Vancouver is where he wants to go. They’ve left $20 million on the table. He isn’t using the Rangers as a bargaining chip, there’s no bargaining to be done. The Rangers will unload Kalinin to get another $1.3 or so in cap space, added to the $1.2 they already have, and then trade Prucha to gain another $1 million or so (all pro-rated) which gives them about $3.5 to sign Mats. Maybe they work out some more somewhere, who knows. But the guy is obviously going to be a Ranger.

  61. I always liked Sundin. His character is surely in line with what the NYR have been all about since the lockout. Everything he brings to the ice, most teams are always in need of.

    It funny though that some things never change in NY. Always chasing the biggest names. I DO like the idea of bringing him in given the fact that it (seems to) require minimal player movement.

    Some questions on this:

    What does he have left in the tank?

    Is his desire to win a Cup enough to propel him and the rest of the team to that goal?

    Rust vs. Rest (?)

    Can he get our PP going?

    What movie is this quote from?
    “Ya dumb Swede!”

  62. “I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” Markus Naslund said. Naslund told Sundin on Saturday that he would not be subject to the same media or public scrutiny in New York as he would in a Canadian city.

  63. So are the Rangers practicing today with a cardboard cut-out of Sundin in the slot?

    Did they put up a Sundin ‘fat head’ in the lockerroom to get used to him being around?

  64. It does seem to be only a matter of time before Sundin is here. Brooks reported today that Sundin stayed in NY yesterday even though he was scheduled to fly to Toronto for business.

    If and when he does sign here does Zherdev give him #13?

  65. Nasty was right

    Sundin did come…for dinner and drinks

    Cant possibly fathom how Sather manipulates things to sign this guy…I mean except for throwing money at people he’s not exactly a “capologist”….Who helps the Rangers land Sundin? I can see it now “OH Hi Glen..Sure I’ll take Prucha or Rozival and their contracts off your hands to help you win a Stanley Cup…don’t mention it?”

    Unless Mats is giving this year away ….how could it work out?

  66. Good article by the rodent…if slightly obvious in that we will have more center’s than lines and presumably its Dru or Dubi moving to wing.

    The most interesting part of this to me is how we create the space, and what figure he will settle on. Any sign of roster subtractions this week is a sure sign that he’s coming. Who will get demoted/traded Fritshe, Dawes, Korepdo, Prucha? Will we trim a defenseman – Kalinin? trade Roszi maybe?

    As for numbers – i reckon he’ll take 31.

  67. Funny
    Every other team in the league throws rookies into the mix every year..the Rangers, in spite of Renny, did it as well until this year ( Korpi is not in the mix)

    Now? all of a sudden people like the rodaent cant bare an emergency call up of Sangy, Sauer, Moore, Ansimov??? c’mon..the dee cant be any worse anyway

  68. I quite like the idea of blooding Potter the rest of this year – he can play 15 mins a night until he’s ready to take on more minutes. Lets not forget that Staal was nicely eased into it with 16ish minutes a night at first before he took the step into the top 4 and playing 20 consistently. Can we realistically shift one of our D-men though? Kalinin is not too expensive but at -17 and a free agent in the summer he’s not going to get much in return (a 4/5th rounder maybe?)

    Who’s after Potter in the current pecking order? Sauer? Fahey? Denisov? Sanguinetti?

  69. I think Z will give up his #13 voluntarily… Mats will only be around for 1-2 seasons anyways. If Z is still a Rangers at that point he can take #13 back.

    As for him coming… no doubt I think it will be a positive offensively. But Im skeptical to see who/what we have to give up in order to get him here.

    As for him getting a letter… I’d rather see him with a letter than either Gomez or Drury. I feel Drury is one of those guys who does better when he can ‘fly under the radar’… and being the ‘C’ in NY is not exactly making that easy. I just dont think Gomez has the right attitude… you can tell he is a prick to the referees (and sometimes rightfully so)… but I just dont think he protrays captaincy of NY. Nazzy, on the other hand, is always the one to go and talk to the refs and get an explaination, etc etc. Hes the only one you see actually doing the do-diligence of a captain. What goes on IN the locker room from Dru,Gomer,Nazzy… I dont know. But of the three… I’ll take Nazzy.

    I should also note that I think Betts and Mara deserve to be considered for letters… Dubi and Girardi are possibilities. But they both need to grow some more.

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