Off to California (well, some people at least)


So the Rangers board a plane for the West Coast today, where they’ll play three games in five nights beginning Tuesday, and it turns out Corey Potter will be with them. The defenseman, who made his NHL debut a few games back against Calgary, will give the team a needed seventh defenseman when they’re a continent away from Hartford.

As for the people who won’t be with them:

<li>Mats Sundin. In Sundin’s comments to Katie Strang at Newsday last night, he said “the next couple weeks”:,0,5269414.story?track=rss when asked about his timing.

That was before the big center had a chance to meet with Glen Sather, but even if Sundin is convinced more than ever he wants to be a Ranger, there’s still a lot of maneuvering that needs to be done to make it a reality. And let’s not forget that the Rangers, with two convincing wins against Southeast Division opponents in the last three games, might decide they’re better off without him.

That was a joke by the way.

<li>Me. No, no California sunshine for yours truly. In fact, as far as I know, only two writers are making the trip, a testament more than anything to belt-tightening at newspapers. I’ll be technically taking the week off to spend some time with the family and play some hockey, although I’ll be updating the blog as needed, and closely watching what happens with Mr. Sundin.

More on my plans later…

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  1. Im watching NHLN right now and the ‘News’ on the bottom says Potter has been recalled from Hartford. Looks like he’ll be making the trip. Good choice

  2. Very nice, I say play him against the Kings. The Rangers must be VERY careful with Kopitar, he’s burned them both times he’s played them.

    That Kyle Qunicey Dman dude LA got off waivers from Det has been a great story for the Kings. He’s a plus player and has like 17 points; a power play QB in Jack Johnson’s absence.

  3. just saw the last couple posts by sam and the defense of renney as a person. who cares if he is a nice guy on or off the ice. he has shown the same flaws the last three years and consistently refused to change. The most glaring is his loyalty to those with the largest contracts or those who are fourth line players. And the PP, for god sakes, its been even since he stopped using Prucha with Jagr, three years ago. He wont get fired b/c its Sather and Dolan, but he still deserves to be canned for how stubborn and consistently mediocre he has been. He cannot afford to lose Henrik’s trust/confidence b/c without Henrik he surely would have been fired the past few years and this year. Renney will not take this team to the next level, but then again nor will these players. sather and renney are both to blame and until they are gone (along with redden/rosi) this team is going nowhere (yes they may have 42 points, but i dont think anyone would argue they are a real threat for the cup this year)

  4. Last night’s shootout goal aside, chris Drury must have more of an impact on every shift. And, man, Voros has become ineffective. This team needs discipline and accountability in a big way. And a freaking PP, obviously.

  5. Smart move, play him or not, it would be disastrous if someone got hurt while they were in California, there would be no way they would be able to get a guy from Hartford out there in time for the game. On the other hand, if im not mistaken the wolf pack is going on a west road trip the same time as the Rangers are…

  6. Very smart move, I remember when that thing in Det happened in 05-06 with Kaspar and they had to play the entire game with 5 D. You’d think a pro like Sather who has been in hockey management since the late 70s and was himself a border line 4th line/extra player would know the importance of carrying 7 D-men and an extra Forward. I can just see Sean Connery smacking him now “Don’t be a fool……”

  7. Who Needs Lohan on

    I thought last night was overall a pretty good win considering the debacle of the previous night. Yes, we needed another shootout to get the two points but look at the positives.

    1.We did score a PP goal
    2.Our d-men seemed to play the body on oncoming Canes into the zone once they reached the circles (I liked that)!
    3.LQ seemed to be very solid.
    4.The two goals against werent THAT bad….1st one could have been avoided, bad turnover and a lot of running around to cover, but the second goal was just a good play I thought.
    5.PK continues to be great. If you net out all the special teams we are still a net positive which isnt all that bad. 22-10+3-12=+3 (I think that is accurate dont feel like checking)

    Right now, I like the lines and Id rather them just keep them in tact and let them gel a bit. Some changes I think I’d like to see.

    1. Replace Dawes with Prucha, Dawes is terrible, and at least Prucha is visible.
    2. Why not dress 7 Dmen? Its hard to bench a dman in game if you only have 6, so why not sit Orr or Voros and get Potter dressed. Id think Mara could be capable of playing a little forward. Stick him in front of the net on the PP, he doesnt take sh!t from anybody.
    3. With a little less ice time for each Dman now maybe just maybe you can give Staal some PP time. And get Prucha on the PP please? Why insist on using Drury on every PP chance? HE IS NOT AN OFFENSIVE PLAYER!!! Accept it!

  8. “If you’re going to criticize Tom Renney’s stubborn—some might call it maddening—faith in his players, then you have to give the coach credit when it pays off. Last night was one of those examples.

    Not only did Renney insist on going back to Henrik Lundqvist a night after Lundqvist was hung out for eight goals, but the coach tapped Chris Drury for the shootout tonight fully knowing that Drury is immersed in another goal-scoring slump and had missed a breakaway at the end of regulation.

    “It was one of those things where I could feel him looking at me,” Drury said. “I knew he was coming to me. I knew he knew I missed the breakaway. And I know he knows I miss a lot of breakaways. But I just had a feeeling I was going to get called on. I’m glad I delivered for him.”

    We can all go back to questioning why Renney stands by the likes of Wade Redden, Michal Rozsival, and Dmitri Kalinin soon enough. But with the Rangers desperately in need of two points, here was a case of the coach pushing the right buttons.”

    only a cretin and a mental midget or Renney’s lover would write this BS. Sam Weinman obviously is being paid off to quell the anti-Renney movement.

  9. I can’t believe that after all the criticism to the media and to himself about letting Renney off the hook, Sam Weinman digs his nose even deeper into the butt of Renney and the MSG. This is beyond pathetic.

    This is at the point of organized media mafia propaganda.

  10. Can anybody clarify one aspect of the Rozsival/Avery rumour?

    Avery’s salary still would still count against the cap until he was bought out, even if he played in the AHL. At which point, 2/3 of the remaining contract would be spread against the cap over 2x the remaining years. Is this right?

    I get the impression that people think by assigning Avery to the AHL, his salary wouldn’t count against the cap. In which case wouldn’t every NHL team just be trading away contracts where they overpaid? Ie – you take my mistake, I take yours and we both get cap relief. It seems counter intuitive.

    Can someone who knows the CBA opine?

  11. This organization is a total shitfest:

    1. Reporters — are gutless shit
    2. Owner — careless turd
    3. Coaching staff — worst in NHL
    4. GM — braindead fisherman
    5. Fans — worst in NHL that think they are the best
    6. MSG — worst quality ice in NHL
    7. Announcers — lamest, dumbest, most boring and redundant in NHL
    8. Players — 4 overpaid and basically untradeable underachievers and the most overrated 4th line consisting of Renney’s adopted sons.

  12. Who Needs Lohan on

    Seriously Bob, this is an open forum for us to sit and discuss, praise, or critize all things NYR! Although I agree Sam’s earlier post was a bit off I think you’ve made your point. This blog is not here for you to rip Sam apart, if you dont like it leave the site. Quit while you are behind bro, and Nasty1, thanks for spelling douche correctly…..

  13. Mister Delaware on

    9. Concessions – Worst in the NHL, hot dogs suck.
    10. Bathrooms – Nice f’ing water pressure.
    11. Seats – Worst in the NHL, how about some more cushioning?

  14. This organization is a total shitfest:

    1. Reporters—are gutless shit
    2. Owner—careless turd
    3. Coaching staff—worst in NHL
    4. GM—braindead fisherman
    5. Fans—worst in NHL that think they are the best
    6. MSG—worst quality ice in NHL
    7. Announcers—lamest, dumbest, most boring and redundant in NHL
    8. Players—4 overpaid and basically untradeable underachievers and the most overrated 4th line consisting of Renney’s adopted sons.
    9. Concessions – Worst in the NHL, hot dogs suck.
    10. Bathrooms – Nice f’ing water pressure.
    11. Seats – Worst in the NHL, how about some more cushioning?

    hey boob, the only reason you complain about the bathrooms is cuz u cant give bj’s and get franked up the butt and the seats are too rough on your flaMING FAG HEMMEROID throbbing ass. dude get some preperation h and yea the hot dogs would suck to u because they dont taste good after u pull them out of your butt

  15. JJP,

    If Avery is assigned to the AHL and clears waivers, he no longer counts against the cap.

  16. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I can’t believe bob spent time talking about the bathrooms and the seats at MSG. He is by far the saddest excuse for a person that comments here.

  17. BillyDeeWilliams on

    And….i’m the dumbest person, as it wasn’t even bob. I should go drown myself in the toilets now.

  18. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    I hate to give BOB my time….but here goes.

    1.Reporters –Not gutless , Avery found out when he was challeged from a guy from MSG
    2.Owner – Cares alot and would buy his team anything if it could. Nice practice facilty.
    3.Coaching staff – experience of Renny has helped , maybe need a hard nosed coach soon.
    4. G.M Cigar smoking ,tight with money and was forced to pay big cash contracts.
    5. Fans . Passionate and supportive , ask Lunqvist last game!!!
    6 MSG . does have bad ice but is a building players are in awe about when they enter. Blame the circus or Knicks for the ice!
    7 Announcers .Best yet ive heard on Center ice , theses guys are good and they make canadian anouncers look stuiped ( and im canadian)

    1 He says stuff for attention ( big baby)
    2 Hes really a devils fan
    3 He so bitter from other problems and comes here to vent.

  19. bob is out there but how do u defend dolan,sather or renney. renny is the least culpable since he is sathers stooge but sather is simply not a good gm. look at the contracts he has handed out. dolan isnt telling him to sign these guys, he knows nothing about hockey, sather just sees a name and pays him top dollar. and i almost wish dolan wasnt so generous b/c players know once they get paid by the nyr rangers they are on easy street. no threat to their jobs and they get first class treatment. im not saying make them travel by bus but there shouldnt be absolute job security regardless of what the contract is…as it is when u get a big contract for the rangers ur set, u can try as hard as u want and nothing will happen if u half-ass it

  20. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Heres a juicy titbit said by the smart guy ( who needs lohan): ” Why insist on using Drury on every PP chance? HE IS NOT AN OFFENSIVE PLAYER!!! Accept it!”

    That my friends is why he talks out his A** .
    CHIS DRURY IS THE GUY HE WAS REFERING TO ? YO ( Lohan) We did NOT sign him for his DEFENSIVE play !! Get real , your saying we brought in Drury because we needed a defensive captain??? Captain clutch or Mr Clutch is because he blocks shots and plays clutch defense?? NOWAY man …hes there for OFFENSE man …clutch goals!! Accept it!.

  21. Did everyone realize that Messier is actually the player who got Renney fired in Vancouver? In Van, Renney said negative things about Messier in the media and Messier did the same about Renney…soon enough, the ownership sucked up to Mess and ditched Renney. Thus, I believe we can actually blame Messier for turning Renney into a complete sap for the veterans, he may still be afraid that if he pushes them too much, he’ll lose his job! (obviously i’m not blaming mess, but there is definitely a relationship).

    Onto the criticism of Weinman, I think it’s fair to question his motives. I’ve been very vocal about that the last 2-4 weeks because I’m constantly reading criticism for: Dawes, Prucha (although Weinman supported him most recently), Naslund, Redden, Kalinen, Dubinsky and most other players. Some flack for Gomez too. Weinman almost NEVER criticizes Drury or Renney and finds every reason to compliment them. He’s also found a way to blame Redden and Kalinen for poor defense much more often than Rozsival (which he recently spoke honestly about). That said, we’re all human, we all have favorites and we all see the world through somewhat rose-shaded glasses.

    That said, there’s no worse out there than Joe Mich. He constantly praises the boobs on the ice, it’s disgusting. The past 2-3 years I’ve also developed a new enjoyment for Maloney’s commentary because he’s real and he’s raw. He doesn’t give anyone a pass (except maybe Lundqvist, but even then he did say Lundqvist needed to be better than 8 GA).

  22. Greg, you’re so freaking brain washed. Everybody, these are the fans that make me sick. It doesn’t make me sick that Drury gets overpaid (Ok, that does but it’s not Drury’s fault). It makes me sick that you don’t realize Drury had 58 points last year. It makes me sick that you don’t realize he’s on pace for 42 points and minus-8 this year! He has NO GOALS in the past 10 games. You make me sick.

    Go watch more MSG commercials and listen to Joe Micheletti.

  23. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (True fans) yer name means nothing , you aint no true fan..what a play on words.

    Drury scores the game winning goal , named captain and has been on a slump , so is dubinsky , everyone craps on him. Get real or get bent …I said Drury was signed ( i didnt say i agreed) for his OFFENSE not his defefense you sad case.

  24. Let’s get something straight about Drury:
    He’s not terrible, yet he is nowhere near worth the amount they paid for him. Surprisingly good on shootouts, but really not a good offensive weapon. Works hard, so you really can’t kill him, but everyone thinks offense with this guy, and it just ain’t happening. What he is, is what all former superstars seem to be AFTER THEY GET TRADED TO THE RANGERS!

  25. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    booohooo , Renny got fired because of Messier and now Rennys a different coach. Only reason Renny sucked up to Jagr was because Jagr is so good , ya don’t tell Jagr stuff he din’t wanna hear ..thus Jagr was removed next season. Id say fire Renny and bring in Messier!!!

  26. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Drury is a puzzle piece ..he scores clutch goal at clutch times. He did again last game . No , hes not a 50 goal guy or a bigtime point producer. I know that , you know that.
    We need other guy to produce more often and have Drury score at the time we really , really need one.Hes too small to dominate a game but thrown in the right situation and hes golden.

  27. We need Drury to put up 70 points a season, not because he’s the captain but because he makes 7plus million. He also needs to be captain like, not doing so much of that either.

    Drury has never been a “superstar.” If i’m not mistaken, he’s never been to an All-star game. I think that helps define him as NOT a superstar actually.

    Greg: “blah blah blah, clutch goals…i’m old and know more than you…blah blah…viagra…blah”

  28. dr house
    December 14th, 2008 at 3:09 pm
    Drury is good, stick him in front of the net he will get garbage goals.

    Brillant! Oh wait he is already standing in front of the net on the pp and not adding anything.

  29. two things about Drury. Yeah he is clutch, but in the handful of time the Rangers “need him to be “clutch”” isnt worth $7mm to me. $7mm should be going to a player who puts up numbers every night. Most of these guys put up numbers every night.

    $7mm players:

  30. Sorry hit send too quick. The #2 about him and last nights SO winner. Yeah he goal was really nice. All previous Rangers shot on Ward dead on. Doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out shooting straight on him wasnt working. So he decided to deke. Good goal though….

  31. True

    I agree, especially when he is in on those breakaways. Im not saying the man isnt a good hockey player. I absolutely think he is, I thought he was great when he played for the Avs. He was a perfect fit for Buffalo. But like some of us have said on here. All talent comes to die here. Its sad, I want to see every single player give 150% ever night, I want to see the players who sign here play their best and make the players around them even better.
    I’ve witnessed only a handful of players who can do that to the players around them. Messier & Jagr were two of those players. Two players who were captains of this team.

    Honestly, maybe Drury would perform better if he didnt have the responsibility of having the “C” on him. I think Gomez or Hank would have been better suited for that.

  32. mike in Ia – well done in posting about Bob. we can only hope he takes another sabbatical for a yr or more like he did previously

  33. Without being a complete idiot; I respectfully disagree with Sams post.

    I never ever have doubted Renney can lead team to 30 regulation wins- ten or 15 shootout wins-struggle into playoff-maybe win a round….that I give him and that is better than 97-05; so thank you for bringing us up from the Drechs of the east to mediocrity..sincerely…thanks

    But Renny’s stubbornness to evolve his own philosophy is now full blown arrogance and we will be stuck in mediocrity with him.

    Great OT win yes…now we go see Ducks and Sharks and kings..oh my

  34. Anyone notice that ever since the Rangers and Penguins faced off in that wild game they both have fallen off the map?

  35. Who Needs Lohan on

    zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! …..says Greg L.
    December 14th, 2008 at 5:32 pm
    Heres a juicy titbit said by the smart guy ( who needs lohan): ” Why insist on using Drury on every PP chance? HE IS NOT AN OFFENSIVE PLAYER!!! Accept it!”

    That my friends is why he talks out his A** .
    CHIS DRURY IS THE GUY HE WAS REFERING TO ? YO ( Lohan) We did NOT sign him for his DEFENSIVE play !! Get real , your saying we brought in Drury because we needed a defensive captain??? Captain clutch or Mr Clutch is because he blocks shots and plays clutch defense?? NOWAY man …hes there for OFFENSE man …clutch goals!! Accept it!.

    Thanks for helping prove my point dumbass! You really should be wearing a helmet…

  36. Rangers played like Crapola last night and don’t deserve any praise. Only Henrik Lundqvist and the PK deserve any mention.

  37. Renney is a tool bag for not calling time outs or making a goalie change when the Rangers start get owned by teams early in a game. Renney and Pearn need to go. Hire Tortorella or Nolan.


    I agree, there wasn’t to much to go crazy aboot in that game, besides Hank and the PK.


    I think that moron doesn’t do it, cause he has a “hunch” that Nyr will be down a goal in the 3rd, and he probably wants to wait until the final minute to use the timeout. That’s the kind of guy he is.

    Hire Emilio Estevez !! Maybe he’ll show these guys how to protect the puck from the D while doing a Flying V on an odd man rush, without coughing it up like they usually do.

  39. As someone here pointed out a few days ago, Drury often played the point on Sabres PP. He has a decent shot, not to mention he is as good or better than some powerplay dmen in not letting the puck squeak out for our famous giveaway goal on our very own PP. I still believe Drury is going to find it, as long as the coaches don’t totally stymie it.

  40. Saw the greatest interview of Brian Burke last Thursday. FAN590 Toronto on Sportsnet. The questions were direct, and Burke gave really direct answers. It was great. I stumbled across it, not all that interested in the Leafs, but it was so good I watched the entire half hour. Burke was asked about the benching of Kaberle, how that could possibly be interpreted as a punishment of Kaberle for not waiving his NTC last season, I mean these were real questions. Burke just said that Ron Wilson has his trust, and that if he benches a player, it’s not the end of the world, it should not even be a news event…get this…because it is part of the day to day management of the bench. Whatever anyone thinks of Burke is besides the point, though I always liked him, it was real talk. And it also made sense.

  41. Luke -Good point about a time out and goalie change, when you mention a goalie change people become defensive and protect hank, but the point of a goalie change is to change the momentum, second is to clear hank’s head and protect him , protect him being even more sloppy.
    You cant save time outs so why not use them if your down by 2-3 or more goals? use it at this point and maybe you ‘ll change the momentum towards your way, but renney knows this he’s just a crap coach.The rangers score then give it back 12 seconds later call a time out ,it seems even more apparent this year when this team seems to be sliding.

    leave Bob alone ,he’s probably seen more ranger games than most of you and knows the real history of this franchise ,you guys who were kids when they won in 94 only know the good time ,not the real losing history, and why do the rangers always want to sign washed up over the hill stars? lindros sundin jagr shanahan resign a washed up messier keep a washed up leetch and richter ? just to sell jerseys? certainly not to win the cup.

  42. onecupin67years on

    see just because you sign a drury and gomez to big money doesnt mean that they’re in the NHL elite status they’re just overpaid, so you have to lower your expectation of stardom from them,crosby they if they give you 15-20 goals thank whomever, but dont be disappointed

  43. teetime
    I lived through lots of the horrible signings of players headed to retirement. I’m with you on that, in the pre-cap days anything went, and usually went right into the toilet. I do remember some great entertainment value from LaFleur, but I digress.
    I’m not so sure that the signing of Sundin would fit into the same category as these old signings. Or if we got Shanny back, same thing. Since NYR aren’t in tanking mode, and since getting rid of extraneous players is necessary anyway, why not top up the tank with something good. Is there someone in Hartford you would like to see, or do you think the team should carry on as is?

  44. teetime – i would say i have several issues with Bob. the 2 that bother me the most are

    the language he uses

    acting totally disrespective toward Sam. Sam provides a service here – for free with a lot of posts on his own time. so for a non paying customer to act like a jerk toward Sam yes I have a problem with that.

  45. From Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun:

    “Speaking of the Rangers, keep an eye on coach Tom Renney. There are whispers that if they don’t start winning more consistently, Renney could be in trouble. If that’s the case, Pat Quinn, Team Canada’s coach at the world junior championship, might not be out of work long when the tournament ends Jan. 5. “It might depend on what kind of job he does with Team Canada,” one league executive said ..”

  46. Looks like the Rangers dealing Roszy could happen sometime this week when the team is in the West Coast since Potter was called up from Hartford. I guess its just a matter of time until we see Avery back with the Rangers Organization and from the rumours sent down to Hartford, then the next step signing Sundin. The puzzle is adding up, I guess we will have to stay tuned.


    Dru played the point on the PP with the Avs, and that team gave up more shorthanded goals than Nyr has, of course that was after all 82 games. He never really played the point on the PP the the Sabs, unless they cycled the puck and he ended up there.

    He shouldn’t play the point, he cant back skate if his nut sack depended on it, he always has to turn around to gain speed, and the forward with the puck can just go around him since Dru has his back turned.

    Its not a smart idea, and one that Renney is retarded for doing. He continues to play EVERYONE on the point, except his best D-man. This guy is a fuggin jerkoff, Staal scored only 4 goals in his whole career including playoffs, one banked in off his leg, and the other three were just beauty shots. Play him on the fuggin point you stupid idiot !!!

  48. We are so lucky to have Sam and joe; i don’t care what you all say, growing up Sam Rosen was the second male voice in my house like what old Yankees fans feel about Mel Allen. Trust me, I’ve lived in DC and those announcers are horrible, as are the Devils and Islanders guys.

    Rozi is not going anywhere, not this year. It’s not in Sather’s logic to leave a team with only 5 proven Dmen. Potter may earn his way onto the team, but that means Kalinin is still around. Like it or not, Rozi plays a lot of minutes that can’t be eaten up by Avery.

  49. ORR

    The Aves never struck me as a team that gave up shorthanded goals all that much, but my memory is short and actually I wouldn’t know shit about the Aves. Good point though. No, his strength is not back-skating, but I’d still rather see him on the point in place of Roszival somehow. If it gets out, perhaps it’s forward skating in the opposite direction that matters LOL.
    The only contract that I think can be moved, and therefore I would see as being moved, is Roszival. And really, how long are we expected to wait for the guy to be good?

    And thanks LI Joe for your answer about Bob. Nobody should have to listen to his garbage. And I can hardly believe somebody would defend him.

  50. What is this Bruce Garrioch guy from the Ottawa Sun actually saying?

    “Sundin is expected to narrow his field to two or three teams — likely the Rangers, Canucks and Canadiens — by tomorrow and finally make a decision later this week.

    His new team may have to move money — and players — to accommodate him. Not to mention the losers in the Sundin sweepstakes pursuing other top players.

    League sources say the Rangers are one of the frontrunners if Sundin’s preference is to stay in the East.”

    Well, considering there are only two teams in the East that admit to being interested, it would not be hard for one of them to be a front-runner.

    This stuff is like National Enquirer, he shouldn’t be quoted. He isn’t reporting, he’s guessing.

  51. Yeah, I know, so why did I quote him. My mistake, but I just wanted to point out that this guy is not saying anything at all.

  52. Unfortunately Bob is part of a small group of people on this blog who think that their word is law, and don’t understand the nature of a blog. Its supposed to be a friendly place where fans of the New York Rangers talk about hockey and related news, share their opinions on line combos, trades, signings, coaching and management, drafts, minor leagues…etc.
    A small minority of people come on this blog to do the “i told you so” act and to bad-mouth other people for the simple fact that they don’t agree with their opinions.
    The key to people like that is, don’t respond to their comments, in fact, most of the time i don’t even read them….

  53. One thing not taken into account here for shorties is the bad ice at the garden, how many times has a shortie happened because of a bad bounce?
    Although you’d think by now the players would be ready for it and get their body behind the puck, so if it does skip over the stick they can use a skate, OR their partner can drop several feet into the neutral zone to cut off any potential breakaway.

  54. li joe, im not usually using language like that but when i hear someone complain about the bathrooms and seats i have to think they just like to complain and have done it their whole life. and i agree if u dont like sams blog, get out, i mean go to eklunds site and chat with the tards who go there. and whoever said bob has seen more games than us and remembers the losing history of the rangers? dude yea im 28 i wasnt old enough to go back to 1940 but what does that matter? really? does that mean that he should be able to spew off crap about every little thing? the guy is clearly a loser. sry but my world doesnt revolve around the rangers. as much as i love them and love hockey, i have a life and cant get mad about everything thats wrong with them. theyre not perfect no team is. but yea if somebodys life is impacted so greatly over a losing streak or bad coaching or whatever they need to discover women and other good things in life

  55. correct me if im wrong but isn’t there a trade freeze for the holidays? how can we clear cap space if we’re under a trade freeze?

  56. shesends, im sure we wont be able to do much with clearing space, although i hope im wrong and can get sundin, but we really just need some better d men.

  57. From the NY Post this morning:
    ANAHEIM – It won’t take an announcement from Mats Sundin to deduce whether the 37-year-old free-agent center still has the eyes for Broadway that The Post first reported on Aug. 17.

    With the NHL holiday roster freeze going into effect on midnight Friday and lasting through midnight on Dec. 27, the Rangers effectively have the next few days to begin clearing cap space that would allow them to sign the former Toronto captain and get him in uniform by the end of the month.

    Having traveled west yesterday with a full complement of players following the recall of seventh defenseman Corey Potter for the three-game California tour that commences here tomorrow night, the Blueshirts New York Rangers have until Friday to complete a trade or place players on waivers.

    As mandated by Article 13.15 of the collective bargaining agreement, the roster freeze does not prohibit the addition of players.

    Thus, Sundin theoretically could be signed in time for the Blueshirts’ Dec. 27 match at the Garden against the DevilsNew Jersey Devils .

    Deputy commissioner Bill Daly told The Post in an e-mail correspondence on Thursday that Sundin’s contract would not be counted against the cap until it is registered with the NHL.

    Thus, the team could without penalty reach an agreement in principle with Sundin in advance of the contract registration.

    Sundin could even practice with the team prior to the contract being registered.

    Sundin, who met with GM Glen Sather and selected members of the hockey department in New York this weekend, left the Garden with pals Henrik LundqvistHenrik Lundqvist , Markus Naslund and Fred Sjostrom after watching Saturday’s shootout victory over the Hurricanes from a suite.

    Sundin told friends money will not be the prime factor when it comes time to choose a team.

    That’s good news for the Rangers, who have but a mere pittance of what the Canucks – believed the lone alternative – can offer.

    The Blueshirts currently have approximately $1 million of cap space. Pro-rating cap hits, the Blueshirts would need approximately $2.877M of space on Dec. 27 in order to be able to offer Sundin a full-season contract of $5M, half of Vancouver’s standing bid.

    Trading or waiving Petr Prucha by Friday would add approximately another $1M of space. Returning freshman Lauri Korpikoski – who has had three straight games of under 10 minutes of ice time – to the AHL Wolf Pack by Friday would add approximately another $635,000 of space.

    That would give the Rangers about $2.635M of space – enough to allot Sundin around $4.25M.

    Understand, the Rangers are not trading Michal Rozsival to Dallas in exchange for the right to bury Sean Avery in the minor leagues.

    They are most certainly not attempting to deal Scott Gomez.

    They are not trading Chris Drury, the captain with the full no-movement clause.

    Unless a trading partner willing to deal for Rozsival ($5M) or Wade Redden ($6.5M with a limited no-trade clause that eliminates eight specified teams from consideration) materializes out of thin air, it appears the Rangers will have to take this piece-meal approach to clearing cap space.

    And they will have to hope Sundin is willing to take a comparatively small piece of the pie in order to play Broadway.

  58. i was thinkin the same thing about dealing rozy or redden. redden is not moveable now and rozy is a proven d man and can be a benefvit to this team as hes shown before

  59. Trading or waiving Petr Prucha by Friday would add approximately another $1M of space. Returning freshman Lauri Korpikoski – who has had three straight games of under 10 minutes of ice time – to the AHL Wolf Pack by Friday would add approximately another $635,000 of space.

    That seems a little more realistic than trading Roszy or Avery then sending him to the minors

  60. I definitely think Rozsival is moveable, although I personally don’t want the Rangers to trade him.

    Say what you will about his recent play but he is an eight year veteran, has offensive upside, plays decent defense and can log up to 25 minutes a night.

    The average top two defense men on each team in the East average $4.4mn a year. Rozsival’s $5.0mn is probably a touch high but not untradeable, you just need to find a team in need of a top d-man.

  61. as much as I hate blozsival, i think he should stay at least until the deadline… just drop that bum Kalinin ASAP and get rid of a few 3rd liners.. it’s sickening

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