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The marriage between Sean Avery and the Dallas Stars “is over after  23 games.”:http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=Ai0d1ahsJcRzbHxlb5V8R_c5nYcB?slug=ap-stars-avery&prov=ap&type=lgns

The team announced that the forward won’t play for the team again, although the Stars still have to deal with that pesky detail of Avery’s contract. A trade, a waive, or a summer buyout are all possibilities.

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  1. This guy is nuts and I don’t want him in our dressing room. Im pretty sure the only one who kept him in check here was Shanahan, and without him, god only knows what kind of havoc he could cause. Trade for him, get rid of Rozsival, banish him to the minors, and buy him out. Done

  2. czechthemout,
    just read your comments from the other post. beautiful. could not agree more. on renney, and colin cambell. i hated his guts. bring avery back if possible, i dont care if the players like him or not.

  3. capn, we deal with this team, we’re part of it. We buy tickets, merchandise, where do you think this team’s revenue comes from? As far as I’m concerned, we’re all shareholders. Yes, it is our locker room

  4. If Dallas eats half his salary, which would be better than paying him all, and we give them Prucha for him, then it would make sense. I don’t know if he is ready to play.

  5. Let the Stars waive him through the league. Trade for him on re-entry waivers for Redden or Rozsival. Let him finish the year in Hartford and see how it goes for next season. Save a minimum of $5MM on the cap, bring in Sundin.

  6. This team is extremely boring – I ended up watching more of the Caps-Habs game last night, they actually play hockey. Avery would change that. Its not gonna happen, but I would love it if it did.

  7. If we can bring him back, we should….this team has shown ZERO charater/personality this year. Record with & without him is no coincedence!

    But until we do something with rozy, redden & khalinan we won’t move past the 1st rd in the playoffs (if we make it).

    on a side note- THANK GOD for SHOOTOUTS!! way to play for the shoutout Renney!

  8. howyagonnatellme on

    Avery won’t change Renney’s defensive system. He may give the illusion of life into this dead boring team, make it spicey or interesting, but the Rangers won’t be playing Canadien or Capital hockey with Renney behind the bench, regardless of personnel.

  9. Sam,
    U going to destroy team confidence coMpletely by benching Lundqvist for the human sieve known as Valiquette? This is not the case of Renney pushing the right buttons, but having no choice. His dogmatic approach to Prucha and Dawes is laughable. Dawes should be in minors. He is too slow and small for the new NHL. He is out there flopping around and barely stays on his skates: a clear sign of deteriorated confidence. Fire Renney, PLEASE! Give us ranger fans the “bailout”!

  10. I say we trade rozsival to Dallas a long with a spare part like prucha or dawes and then get back a solid d-man like daley or even Niskanen(still very young 2005 first rounder) and take avery back and bury him in the minors. Not only would we shave cap room by trading rozsival- we’d also fill the hole in our d line.

    And as pipe dreams go-we could trade/send down kalinin and acquire McLarin.

  11. Avery is a dooshbag of the highest regard. Why anyone (and especially Rangers fans) would want that POS on their team is beyond me.

  12. SidelineObserver on

    I really wish we would get this idea that Niskanen would be coming to NY in any kind of deal with Dallas.They view Niskanen the way we view Staal,and as such he isn’t about the be sent North with Avery for Roszival or Redden.

    Dallas has dumped Avery, they’ll eat his salary and his NHL career is effectively over.

    Too bad, I liked his heart and play for the Rangers.But we don’t need another third line player making 4.4 a year.

  13. SidelineObserver on

    Correction to above:

    Get the idea of Niskanen coming back from Dallas in any deal for Avery out of our heads.

  14. That whole trade Rozsival for Avery then demote Avery thing makes no sense.

    Why not just cut to the chase and put Rozsival in the minors? If someone claims him off waivers, he’s their problem and the Rangers free the cap space. Why have to acquire Avery? Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t get the reasoning.

    It’s just another baseless internet rumor I think.

    I loved Avery when he was here… had reservations when they let him walk but now? I’m glad he’s gone.

    This dude is bad news and I suspect he’s got a drug problem, normal people don’t behave like he does.

  15. SidelineObserver,
    Like I said, it was a pipe dream.
    All I’m saying is that the Rangers could potentially take advantage of a Dallas Stars organization desperate to get rid of avery. By doing so we’d free ourselves of rozsival’s and will be able to sign our players(dubinsky/zherdev) going forward.

  16. faceofffanatic,
    Rozsival still has value.. especially if a team has a lot of injuries on their back line. We waste putting him in the minors if we could trade him.

  17. Prucha would put up numbers similar to Avery if he got the same ice time. Not to mention he’d come at half the salary and without the baggage.

  18. ChrisS — I get that but only if the Rangers get value in return. If they trade him for Avery and then demote Avery… what’s the value in that?

    The Rangers get a headcase who can spend his free time being a prick to their young prospects?

    There’d have to be more than Avery coming back.

  19. Matthew Bleiberg on

    Avery is a cancer and will be to this team. I’m sure Dubi and Vali won’t welcome him back.

  20. “And Jordan, where did Weinman say Renney was a genius? He said he pulled the right strings. PLENTY of coaches would have went with Valiquette the day after the worst night of their goalie’s career. And once again, Sam is saying that he just made a good choice in picking Drury to shoot, not that he’s a genius. Renney could have easily picked someone like Dawes to shoot, but he didn’t. Btw, there were 5 rounds in the shootout, not 4. Do you actually watch the games?”

    huh, and why do you and Sam Weinman assume that Valliquette wouldn’t win in regulation? And wow Renney is really a genius because one of his 7 million losers scored in a shootout, how is he a genius when his top 4 choices failed to score in a shootout? Sam Weinman reached a new low in brown-nosing Renney’s butt.

  21. FaceoffFanatic on

    that is a good point, MB

    I forgot about his comments re: Valiquette… eventhough I sort of agree with him!

  22. faceofffanatic,
    You’re right.. it would make No sense at all if we only got avery and it is probably just a baseless rumor. I don’t know, we all have gripes about how this team is run- that’s why I think it’s kind of fun to see the potential moves to ultimately make this team better.
    Truthfully, I like our top four defensemen:
    Redden Girardi
    Staal Mara
    I think that’s a solid core- and hopefully two role players can round out the top 6- a defensive d-man and a true PP quarterback.

  23. My mind is still reeling from Sam’s previous blog entry about Renney’s brilliance in 1) playing Lundqvist last night and 2) tapping Drury in the shootout …. as the FIFTH (!) man.

    You know the bar has been lowered to an inch off the ground when anyone from the press corps chimes in at this level.

  24. Only re-acquire Avery on re-entry waivers.The Rangers take a Avery $1.9375 million cap hit for the next 3 seasons.They offered him $2.75-$3 million in June.

    As part of the deal,the Rangers trade Michal Roszival and Petr Prucha for Trevor Daley and a pick.

    $6.6 million going out and $4.6 million coming in

    Clear $2 million and waive Dan Fritsche and/or Dimitri Kalinin for free more case for Mats and other futures

  25. I can’t believe they sent him to anger management when he didn’t do anything violent. Plus they say that it’s up to the counselors whether or not he needs to extend the “treatment.” Look at what Chris Simon did when he tried to hack Hollweg’s face off. I don’t think he was treated as severely. What a joke.

  26. I love everyone who thinks Avery is good and wants him back on the team…

    They have guys who fight, and the guys who don’t fight as much still play with balls (Callahan, Dubie, even Prucha when he plays)..

    What the team needs is DEFENSE!!!!!!!

    The NYR are 20-11 only because of Lundqvist. Dimitri Kalinin might be worse than some of those mites that play at intermissions, and Roszival is slowly playing himself out of the NHL.. The Rangers desperately need a defenseman who can play his own position, won’t cough up the puck in his own zone, and most importantly, knows how to cover the slot. Roszival, Kalinin, and Redden (who is never leaving) can’t do that. Girardi is starting to slip up. And thank God we have Staal and Mara. That only leaves two trustworthy d-men.

    And lest we forget that with the exception of Zherdev, there’s NO ONE up front with a sniper’s goal scoring ability.

    Always remember that with Avery on the team, there was also a guy named Jagr and some other dude named Shanahan, and on ‘D’ we still had Tyutin (much better defensively then Redden) and (God helf me for saying this) Marek Malik, who is sadly, much better than Kalinin.

    This team needs a million things more than it needs a slightly better version of Matthew Barnaby, i.e., another sh*t talker who puts smiles on a few idiot fans faces but brings nothing to the team…

  27. I don’t post online…ever. But I need someone to explain this situation to me.

    You have a guy who crosses the line all the time. Someone who doesn’t know when to sit down, or close his mouth. He could very well have anger issues. He might even just be immature.

    But then, he makes a 10-second remark with no obscenities whatsoever, and there is absolute outrage. The league intervenes and his team cuts him loose after dropping 16mil on a lucrative contract.

    What exactly did Sean do wrong this time? I don’t even like the guy. I’m just dumbfounded that a player accused of fan harassment, racial slurs, and “cancer taunts” gets the official boot for some Hollywood drama.

    Had he gone after Dion Phaneuf on ice, would there be a suspension? Would the Stars have written him off? It’s this weird paradigm where the league hates you, the owners hate you, your teammates hate you, so the inevitable happens.

    I’m just not convinced that this 10-second fiasco somehow put the icing on the Sean Avery cake.

  28. Matt – don’t feel sorry for Avery. he’ll get most of the money and have a lot more time for fashion. him falling has a lot more to it than the last episode before the cameras. his teammates despise him and he has quite a few altercations with fans and media types. the league wants no part of him. i definitely want no part of Rangers part deux for him.

  29. Aren’t we all forgetting that Dubinsky and Valiquette hate Avery? I also seem to recall that Drury is no big fan of him either. If Avery came back, it wouldn’t be good for the team’s chemistry.

  30. maybe I’m stating the obvious here, but since when does Steve Valiquette’s opinion about anything matter?

    Avery’s comment to Fischler about him was right on the money. Anybody who thinks differently has never seen Valiquette play.

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