If it was only a question of money


So Dale Tallon has come out and said Chicago shouldn’t be in the mix for Mats Sundin because “the Hawks don’t have any room for him.”:http://www.dailyherald.com/story/?id=257996&src=149

“We don’t have any cap space,” Tallon told reporters in Denver. “We’d have to move (a player). There are very few teams that have that space for the amount of salary he wants.”

Well, sure. For the record, that’s been the word around the Rangers as well. If it was simply about cap space, Sundin would already be a Vancouver Canuck, right? Pretty much every other team said to be in the mix for the big Swede is in the same predicament.

The difference is the Rangers could be more motivated than ever to let someone take Michal Rozsival off their hands. I like Rozsival, and before injuries and self-confidence issues started chipping away at his game this season I liked him a lot more as a player (just not a $5 million player).

But the theory persists that he needs to regain his form somewhere other than New York. And even if Sundin is not a realistic possibility, the Rangers might still need to move one of their struggling backliners if they have any hope of becoming a contender.

And for better or worse, I don’t see any team willing to take on Wade Redden at this point.

As for Sundin tonight, I’m told we’ll probably spy a shot of the former Toronto captain in his luxury box, but won’t get much else. A request to Sundin’s representation to talk to the free agent was met with a response about how Sundin will talk once he’s signed with a team. And my guess is Sundin isn’t going to be anywhere where one would simply bump into him.

But you never know. He’s kind of a hard guy to miss.

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  1. Anyone else think the Rangers “blew their l*ad” last night on that 4 goal come back & play like garbage tonight?

  2. Guys, I didn’t watch the game because I have finals this coming week but did the Rangers open up OUT OF the Renney-system when they scored the 4 to come back? That’s been my argument against Renney all year. When the team just goes out to have fun and play the sport, they are successful. Once Renney gets in their head, they’re done.

    Also, I wonder if Renney ripped the team privately. He didn’t to the media when he definitely should have. That may be a sign that the player’s simply aren’t responding to him and he’s either at a loss for what to do or his yelling/anger doesn’t phase them now. Hank has obviously had enough.

  3. It was like in the Cup Finals against Vancouver when we came back from being down 0-3 and tied it up. Only to shit the bed and give up three goals after we tied it up. The only difference is, that 94 team was amazing and this team sucks right now.

    If they don’t come up with urgency and hit and shoot the puck from everywhere, I have a feeling that this could be another lopsided loss. Carolina is a pretty fast team and have some players that can definitely hurt us. And how mad to you think Eric Stall is right now. The guy had a 4 or 5 point game the other night against the Flyers, another surging team in our division, and they lost the game. The actually gave up a 4 goal lead to lose that game.

    This should be an interesting one tonight to say the least.
    I want to hear Sundin chants tonight!
    I want to hear Renney Sucks chants tonight!
    I want a win tonight!

    Hockey is Different here!

  4. Rangers have been playing like garbage for a while and it finally hit an all time low last night. I’ve said this even when they were winning. There defensemen are not very good. When I say that I mean Kalinin, rosival and redden who are extremely soft. Giraidi, Stall and Mara are ok. Rosival and redden are supposed to be offensive defensemen so you could take them being soft but they stink offensively also. Sather is a dope signing rosival and redden for the years and money. I said this before the season started so I’m not bandwagoning here I’ve been saying it since the day Sather signed them.

  5. The worst-performing players on this team came here from other organizations. Of course if no teams signed free agents, the courts would rule “conspiracy” and in favor of a union law suit and hit the league for a mega-bucks settlement. It happened in baseball a few years ago, now we see 20 million+ annual salaries in that sport, but no “extortion” law suits are being filed by MLB owners. That is a one-way street.

    I just think that the more players you promote from within, and keep for the long haul, the more cohesive, and possibly even more talented, and certainly younger your team will be, at much lesser cost.

    Where would this team be without Kalinen, Redden, and Rozsival? Well, Sanguinetti is coming around slowly – in fact he got the first star in Hartford’s victory, last night. And Potter and Sauer look like the real deal, already. How would staying out of the FA market last summer, and giving our own prospects a sink or swim shot coming out of camp have hurt us any more than we have hurt ourselves by looking to the FA market as the path to ultimate glory. That path sure doesn’t work from where I stand.

  6. “No question our battle level has to improve if we’re going to start winning consistently again,” coach Tom Renney said. “I’m not sure we battled nearly hard enough.”

    No sh!t you dumb, clueless @$$hole!!! Why cant he pull a Larry Robinson?

  7. longtimerangersfan on

    This is my first post in a long time as it doesn’t much matter what we say, just a way to vent I guess.
    My opinion of Renney hasen’t changed since the days when he kept saying “Weekes is my goalie” when Lundqvist was clearly the better of the two! He refused to sit any underachieving veterans, would not bring up or play any rookies, etc. etc. Prucha was one of their best PP scorers his first year so of course he saw little or no PP time his second year and now he can’t even crack THIS lineup? This is the third year in a row the PP SUCKS and shows absolutely NO signs of improving! Renney will bring up a player for one game then send him back down. How can any player react to that scenario?

  8. I’m with Ogrodnick if we can include Kalinin and Renney in that shooting out back!

    FIRE RENNEY!!!!!!

  9. Who Needs Lohan on

    If I didnt know any better I would have thought I was watching rush hour in Times Square after hearing that goal horn go off so many times!

    Forgetting all the fire Renney sh!t for now, Sam, you HAVE to find out why Staal has not been given a shot on the PP. IMO he is our best defensive and offensive Dman, and since both are a problem on the PP it makes perfect sense to use him to me?

    Have you ever asked Staal or Renney about this?

  10. howyagonnatellme on


    THANK YOU! I’ve been staying Staal on the PP all season! Mara too. After two shorties allowed in one game, SOMETHING has to changed. I saw Mara get some PP time towards the end of the third… thank God! Continue it, coaches.

    We need to FIRE RENNEY; not only because we’re losing but because the Rangers have become a BORING, defense-first, no-personality team. Last year, defense-first was only bareable because we had some life, be it from Avery, Jagr, Shanahan, etc. Now? This team is a whole bunch of Renney defensive soliders, which is the sole reason Prucha hasn’t seen the light of day.

    I don’t want mindless defensive soliders, I want fun hockey, motivating speeches, funny quotes from the locker room, smiles all around, win or lose, playing their best. Let Prucha free! Let Zherdev cherrypick! Let Staal get some PP time! Let’s come out hitting and with an aggressive forecheck every singe game.

    FIRE RENNEY and let’s play entertaining hockey. Win, lose, who cares; it’s about the quality of the game at this point and being as respectable franchise. This isn’t respectable, this isn’t fun; it’s just pathetic.

    HOCKEY USED TO BE FUN. And then Renney preached defense.

  11. I know I’m gonna take some guff for this but…

    Last nights game was probably the most exciting ranger game sine we had Avery…there…I said it

    I know we lost but we showed we can play offense when we ditch that lame one man in system being preached by the intellegencia that run this team..you know the guys who have never won anything in the NHL but overule cup winners and hall of famers…

    I only asked Renney to be flexible, to evolve along with the game, the team and the expectations that making the post season 3 yrs in a row bring…but he won’t/can’t do it…this isn’t a great team but look at Boston’s forward corps…you can’t tell me that they are that much better that they can score 5-6-7 goals once or twice a week and we can do it once a season ( and only when we fall behind 5-1)



    sorry to be so repetitive

  12. Team needs a win tonight especially heading to the west coast to play games vs the Ducks and Kings who play well on home ice, and then the Sharks who don’t have a regulation home loss this year. It might be a long week next week.

  13. Tonight is the Garden of Dreams telethon, one of the prizes should be “Be A NEW YORK RANGERS Coach of the Week”

  14. WOW, Check out the prizes especially the last one, I am not kidding :

    Spend a day at Rangers practice at the MSG Training Center
    Two (2) club level tickets to a game, plus a visit to the TV booth to meet Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti

    Two (2) club level tickets to a game, plus dinner with Rangers Legend Rod Gilbert

    Autographed Henrik Lundqvist goalie stick, and Chris Drury and Scott Gomez jerseys

    Personalized framed photo of Rangers legend Adam Graves

    Two (2) club level tickets to a game, plus a behind the scenes visit to the intermission studio set with host Al Trautwig

    Two (2) club level tickets to a game with two Ford models

    I would take the last prize with the 2 Ford Models, I am not kidding here is the link:

  15. WOuld anyone else have been at least a little satisfied to hear Renney do the following in the post game interview:

    a.) CALL OUT the bad players!

    b.) ADmit that this loss was on him and the coaching staff

    But of course you’ll never hear Mr Does no worng admit anything.

    If we lsoe tonight, and then head out west and come home 0-3, I see no Choice for SAther other than to fire Him.

    At the very least, PEarn needs to be removed from the PP, FOREVER!!!
    How hard is it to construct a new PP.

    Im so sick of talking about these same problems that never ge fixed.

    If Im Renney, were practicing PP all DAy right up til game time

  16. Man, WTF I woke up a few minutes ago and expected to see someone called up, some line changes, but for the Rangers, it’s Mats mania. I like Sundin, but him and Brett Farve are not the saviors of NY.

  17. I think its BS that they kept the camera on Dubinsky so freaking long. They knew what he was doing. Get the camera off of his. Effing Jersey trash at the rock.

  18. Who is available for coaching:
    Messier (but not in the mid-season)

    Is Marc Crawford coaching?

  19. The Rangers are chum for the Sharks if they cant beat Atlanta decisively couldnt stay consistent against the Devils after an impressive comeback.

    Kaspar –

    I think the Detroit game was the most entertaining ;)

  20. domi28

    id either take the models or the day at the msg training session so i can do 1 of 2 things

    a. tell the players f renney
    b. tie renney up and put him in the back of my car

    anyone want to go 50 50 on these

  21. guys what would u like renny to do? u think he all of a sudden just stopped caring or something? u know he helped this team finally reach the playoffs 3 years in a row and u turn on him so fast when u know damn well he is playing the cards hes dealt with sather makin bad decisions. why because he doesnt rip his players constantly like a little pissed off 3 year old? cmon u know its the players brought in to replace our top guys that left. we have half the guys playing 1 style and the other half (trying to play) another. u saw when they win, they stick to the plan. i know renny is to blame for some things but give him a break, hank has been awful and so has the d. u want tom to get on the ice to show them? most of them are vets and play like echlers.

  22. if theres anyone to fire its pearn. hes in charge of 2 things. half of those 2 things are so bad that any pk success we have is taken away from shortys against and no pp production

  23. Mike in IA,
    I believe he never had dealt with situations such as last night and in Montreal before and does not have a clue. Voros looked dead until the mid of the 3rd period, Kalinin does not fit in with this team, why wait for 5 goals then call a timeout, what was that all about, it seemed that the turning point was when Gomez scored and Sam & Joe mentioned how Gomer was rallying the players, however after Callahan scored they should of stood theyre ground, instead thanks to Kalinin for redirecting the puck to Zubrus that killed any hope of taking the lead last night. I feel bad for King Henrik.

  24. yea domi i know toms no hall of fame coach but after that rally u think we wouldve tightened up like a 16 year old virgins twat but yea thanks to our spectacular defense, i cant help but put all the blame on them. tom cant get on the ice and do it for them

  25. Pelino is in charge of the D and the liaison between the players, video guys, and Renney. i like him. No problems there. Not his fault that Kalinin and Redden suck.

    Voros is driving me crazy, he can be awesome but it seems like he can’t sustain it over a game. He reminds me of Brian Savage who played for MTL, Phoenix, and a whole bunch of other teams and was nicknamed Mr. October because he always started the season out on some tear and evaporated by mid-December.

  26. Haha ypu mike in IA, when I first heard that I thought it was pretty funny and messed up.

    No one will take Kalinin…well, maybe the KHL would.

  27. I’ll take Laviolette. This team needs A CHANGE! Pearn sucks beyond any imagination. 0/9 and 2SHG given up in just ONE freakin’ game! Should be fired just because of that!

  28. Why would anyone take Rozsival in a trade? Seriously… if they have scouts at the games this year, he’s been awful. And at his salary and declining cap over the next few years, he’s not worth the risk to anyone. The Rangers are screwed with Rozsival, Drury and Redden.


  29. Lots of guys are on the “should be traded” but you gotta find a taker.

    How about the “shouldn’t have been signed in the first place list”?

    Has anyone figure out why they wanted Rissmiller yet?

  30. Wow…it’s amazing so many fans are coming out against Drury and Rozsival. I think both players are OK b-type players but I have been saying for 2 years about Drury that he’s such a waste of money. On top of that, he’s now an embarrassment as Captain. Seriously, where was he last night? Spark the team? Say something of interest? Show some interest in the team and the game and WINNING?! I thought that’s what Drury does (all you Drury lovers…including Sam)?

    On Rozsival, he’s always been bad. He’s always been soft. He’s always had terrible turnovers and defensive giveaways and terrible pinching on the blueline…people just always found a way to blame Malik, or maybe Lundqvist ‘had a bad game…’ Maybe so, but I’ve been calling this guy out for at least years now…I hope he’s gone soon.

  31. NYR in PHX — Dubi, extended nose-picking session. Interesting christening for my new 37″ hi-def, yum

  32. As for Rozy, maybe HC Sparta would take him, their defense has been short all season, if any of you follow Czech league….

  33. Can Renney be sent back to Coach of player development?! He did a great job there…i’m not sure what he did, but it was better than what he’s doing with this team and the talent he’s developing on it (Prucha’s gotten worse, along with Girardi, Dawes, and even Lundqvist who Renney didn’t give a chance to because he was so tied to Kevin Weekes until Weekes third injury that season).

    Renney’s as big a sham as they come. I feel like this team would be in better shape with Shanahan behind the bench and Naslund/Gomez as co-captains. At least the team would give a sh!t then!!!

  34. does anyone think the Rangers equipment manager can bring a beach chair in for Redden tonight, in case a puck is under Lundquist again he can sit there and relax in case there is a wistle.

  35. You know, it is not about wins and losses, not at all anymore.

    What I cannot stand is that me, you guys, everyone in MSG, has invested so much energy, time, and money into this team, and what do I hear Markus Naslund say EVERY DAY? “We weren’t ready to play again. It happened again, we stopped working hard and doing what we know we need to do.”

    To me, this is by far the most troublesome thing that can spew from any locker room. It means that the team is no longer interested in putting forth the necessary effort to win games. It means that things are so bad in there, they no longer care about how they fare. It means the coach has completely lost them. And these media guys drive me up the freaking wall. “So, Chris Drury, do you have some sense that coach Renney has lost the team?” and the dude’s platitudes convince them that everything is great in the locker room and they all love and respect the coach and so these calls for Renney’s head are just a bit premature especially since these journalists know him and like him and can’t actually come out and state the obvious: He’s lost them, and they ain’t coming back.

  36. Phlip,
    Obviously Redden doesn’t get a pass, his play is so inconsistent and more often terrible than good. That said, when your coach and your captain both show up blowing bubbles, prancing around the ice with hockey sticks lazily hanging over their shoulders, and generally NOT showing any interest or passion then why would most of the team be any different? The persona/temperament of the coach/captain trickles down…and I hate to say it, but both are terrible.

  37. Kaspar – you’re damn right they did show heart and that was an exciting game! Can’t remember the last time a Rangers team could move so fast.

    They’ve gotten gritty these last couple of games. That’s as good of a sign as we can expect. Hell, even Redden was yipping at the Devils. They were pissed that an underhanded clog of a team (even without their favorite net plug) got the better of ’em. I wish every loss could be like that.. haha. Every man defended his team in some way, and some in the same way a few times. I hope they take that with them into tonight. It’s the only way to get through these crippling growing pains. Well, that and some PP practice.

  38. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    3 A’s should have been given out at the start of the season and then see who stepped up to the plate and EARNED the right to wear the C.

  39. “Mike in IA,
    I believe he never had dealt with situations such as last night and in Montreal before and does not have a clue. Voros looked dead until the mid of the 3rd period, Kalinin does not fit in with this team, why wait for 5 goals then call a timeout, what was that all about, it seemed that the turning point was when Gomez scored and Sam & Joe mentioned how Gomer was rallying the players, however after Callahan scored they should of stood theyre ground, instead thanks to Kalinin for redirecting the puck to Zubrus that killed any hope of taking the lead last night. I feel bad for King Henrik.”

    To be fair, Mara should’ve played that around the other side because both Kalinin and Zubrus were there. Mara tried to clear the puck and it just hit Kalinin. Thats not something you can blame Dmitri for. You can blame him for sucking in like every other part of the game, but that one wasn’t his fault.

    Either way I still want to know why people here don’t rip on Girardi just as much as everyone else. He’s been terrible all season and towards the end of last season and is proving why hes not an NHL defenseman. Sure he hits, but he gives the puck away worse than Gomez and he completely screwed Redden on that 1st play. The only 2 d-men that should be safe are Mara and Staal because despite some hiccups here and there, they are both pretty solid and have been our best 2 d-men by far. Girardi, Redden, Rozsival, and Kalinin I couldn’t care less if they stay or not.

  40. leatherneckinlv on

    You beat writers are giving Sundin way too much power and are acting irresponsibly. He is holding the league hostage with his pathetic silly game of not making a decision, a 3 year old can make quicker decisions that this clown…no thanks to Sundin..he is not the answer..he is a mere band aid on an arterial bleeding…changes do need to be made..agreed there…Not sundin as he is not the answer..his actions have affected many players like say Brendan Shanahan who has CHARACTER, GRIT and can provide OFFENSE…things that Sundin dont provide is Character and grit and his offense is par to Shanny..is the answer Shanny?..yes…because he can replace Perry Pearn as an assistant coach next year

  41. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    If Drury is complaining that they aren’t working the power play enough in practice – well guess what – when the coach is done with whatever he’s doing or not doing with the team, as Captain you get your guys together and work an hour or so on the power play yourselves.

  42. leatherneckinlv on


    Yes that would be ideal, however realistically I dont see that happening unless the entire coaching staff is fired, what we need is a revamped defense, why has Kalinin not been waived a la Rissmiller to create cap space. I also think that Kyle McLaren can be had and he will help Redden get his game back and trade Roszival for Avery and replace Roszi with Potter..pair up Potter with Mara…Girardi with Staal..McLaren with Redden and this can be a pretty good defense and certainly a VAST improvement over what we have now…Girardi lost his confidence when he was playing with Kalinin and then was put with Redden which was no better…I honestly think the D in Mara, Staal and Girardi are doing too much to make up for the Roszi, Kalinin and Redden disasters and their play is suffering because of it however Mara and Staal have not lost their confidence like Girardi and i think its because Mara and Staal played together for a while and were our best pairing..Girardi is young and he is good..too soon to give up on him considering the circumstances

  43. Obviously the outcome of last night’s game was bad. That said, I don’t know how people can’t look at some of the positives: 1) everyone want some new looks on the powerplay, that happened last night, albeit unsuccessful 2) I don’t think you can say the players has started to phone it in with Orr/Voros/Callahan fights, Gomez getting fired up, Drury negating that powerplay – all signs of team that wants to win.

    I’m not surprised that everyone has knocked the usual easy targets on defense last night in Redden, Rozsival and Kalinin. I’ll be the first to say that Staal didn’t look good at all, I would pin two of the first three goals on him. This goes a long way to explaining to me why they aren’t using him on the powerplay – a sophomore d-man needs to be focusing on his defensive game first/foremost and not try to do too much. The Rangers already have enough wildcard “offensive” defensemen.

  44. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    On an glass 1/4 full note – there was some great passing between Zherdev, Nasland and Gomez last night. For the more part it looks like they’re having some success as a unit. Renney will probably change that out now).

  45. Schoenfeld
    Mr. Bill
    Peewee Herman
    Fred Shero
    and Alec Baldwin’s 30 Rock VP charector

    All of the above could coach NYR and improve on them

  46. “How about Bob Francis (Emile’s kid) he did a great job in Phx & got coach of the year.”

    Would be nice to get him as an assistant coach

  47. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    The Rangers came out and rallied to tie that game up and for that time we saw the passion and desire that this team showed in the beginning of the season. They came out and played their game. Once the game was tied – they fell back into the Renney System. Play the rest of the game for the tie – get a point – and let Lundquist bail the other point out in the shootout.

  48. JJP, there was nothing positive last night besides the plus-minus column in the Devils boxscore. Seriously, it was a disaster. I didn’t watch much, watched hilights and my buddy watched it all and it sounds like a sh!t show. The Rangers played well when they abandoned their system. They then got frustrated and started fighting everyone like it’s a goon league…guess what?! Maybe that sparks them (hope it does) but they should’ve been fighting people the games they were winning where Lundqvist was getting run over.

    They scored 5 goals on an amateur (whoopdy-do). Gomez, Naslund, and Zherdev showed up to play … that’s only a surprise because when Gomez came back he had 2-3 clunkers but started getting his game back (Nazlund and Zherdev almost always are the best offensive players on the ice, both work hard). Orr/Voros/Callahan fought?! Hahaha…they all work hard, but Voros shouldn’t be on this team. Callahan’s a 3/4ish line player getting 2nd line minutes. Orr’s improved alot, still Orr and Renney over-uses him.

    You failed to mention the defense by the way, the PP letting up two SH goals and breakaway after breakaway. Geez bro, it might have been exciting but that doesn’t mean it was pretty.

    I guess if you’re looking for the silver lining…*IT CAN’T GET MUCH WORSE FROM HERE!!!*

  49. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Where’s Sam? What happened at this morning’s skate or non skate. Or were they given another day off? Was the PP practiced if they did skate? Who’s sent down? Who’s called up? Who’s riding pine? What is going on?

    Why is the sky blue? Why do bears go in the woods?

  50. I hope for Potter’s sake the Renney lets him stay in Hartford for the trip out west. That stands to be a tough trip and knowing Renney, he’d probably make Potter the scapegoat and send him right back down to rot in the minors for the rest of his career. He’d NEVER blame the REAL culprits in this debacle that is sure to happen with him or not.

    I like Sundin but I do agree with leatherneck that getting Sundin here would be like putting a band-aid on arterial bleeding. Giving a false sense of things right on a team when there is something very wrong fundamentally with this group. Starting with the coaching staff that HAS obviously lost this team.

  51. Prucha25

    When Kaspar said that – I didnt know who or what that was. I thought the name its self was hysterical. I googled it and laughed my @$$ off for 10 min. Effing hysterical.

  52. Shanny behind the bench!!! It’s unrealistic, but if he did something for this team it would at least give the organization a semblance of a REAL captain.

    I have to get off this blog because I just get more and more angered with the organizations mindless/heartless sheep (Renney, Drury, Rozsival).

    I hope everyone realized that Buffalo had CO-CAPTAINS! They also had an amazing offensive lineup. Drury is on pace for 43 points, for a “two-way center” is minus-8, and is less than .500 on faceoffs. He’s not being captain like either. *SO WTF IS HE DOING??* Weinman, when do you write that article? You’ve called EVERYONE out so far…you’ve started to call Renney out. Where’s a little flack for Mr.SevenMillion Drury??!!!!


    1) They gave up 2 shorties… lead the league with 10
    2) This Defense first team allowed 8 goals with their starter (a 3 time-Vezina finalist) in net.
    3) The same PP was given 9 chances and NEVER SCORED.
    4) Played like crap… went down 5-1
    5) CLAWED their way back into the game… tied it up… gave up a goal :11 seconds later.

  54. Ok guys relax it is only December, and besides the Rangers are not going to win the cup,if they win a round or two in the playoffs,that is the best this team can do. NY is all about hype, star power and big contracts, but when does a group of players become a team ? I hope Renney can forge them into one.

  55. onecupin67years on

    So the theory is , If Sundin comes to NY the offense will get better and the pressure will off the D?
    I wasn’t too impressed with the Ranger come back to tie especially when
    the rangers got some gift goals courtesy of Clemmensson .
    Again under the renney regime the rangers blow big leads 5-0 against Montreal and come up short last night,
    but its those short handed goals which have killed this team , does anyone know the rangers record when they give up a short handed goal?
    So what does Dolan do? We can moan all we want , but dolan must be brain dead to put up with this nonsense, Sather is allowed to spend the cash for the F/A and renney cant get a grip on this team, when will Dolan wake up?

  56. onecupin67years on

    Hey did renney use a time out last night?
    If he didnt he should have .
    And why didn’t he pull Henrik when the score was 4-0 , 5-0?

  57. I’d move Rozsival for whatever and dump Kalinin and while we’re NOT a legitimate contenter I’d bring up Potter and Sanguinetti to replace the above. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do with Redden, the worst Sather’s signing ever. I’d like to see Del Zotto, what the hell, he’s better than any of the above vets. And get Sundin or Shanahan, maybe then we’ll score some goals on PP.
    Any changes, Sam or like usual Renney and his boys will “move forward”… ???

  58. LI Joe
    December 12th, 2008 at 9:03 pm
    hope dubi picks a good one

    i called that during the game thread re Dubi on camera

    re new coach i vote for Torts. we still need a new gm and new owner though.

    are there any thoughts on who would be a good pick in the draft if we have the 10th pick overall.

    i really believe the redden and Rozy contracts are going to mess us up for yrs. we may not be real contenders for 5 more yrs after this one. unless when the cba ends in 2 1/2 yrs we are allowed to buy out redden and rozy is already gone.

    so fire renney yes. but sather and dolan have to go as well.

  59. onecupin67years – Dolan doesn’t care. It’s Sather who’s in charge, why don’t you get that. Dolan does not care as far as the ticket sales are hot.

  60. Guys, why Dolan has to go??? Where is that his fault, he spend money when needed and that’s all. Sather is in charge.

  61. onecupin67years on

    STF , I think Sather convinced dolan that this team still has to gel and
    is still in 1 st place
    and will just needs a tweak for a strong playoff run.
    maybe it will happen , but this team seems to lack discipline.last night was nothing but panic , lets see what tonight brings.

  62. “does anyone think the Rangers equipment manager can bring a beach chair in for Redden tonight, in case a puck is under Lundquist again he can sit there and relax in case there is a wistle” HAHAHA – right in the face! Great one!

  63. stf – because dolan will never allow what really needs to be done. fall to the bottom of the league for 2-3 yrs. get the next AO or Sid the Kid and the next Malkin type.

    I’m willing to bet both Sather and Smith did things Dolan wanted re big names. Dolan also makes out the lineup at least partially. Orr has not been a healthy scratch since Dolan ripped renney and sather after the fluer game a couple of yrs ago.

  64. onecupin67years on

    STF , its dolans money, and its his fault to let sather piss away the money, what happens if they don’t make the playoffs or get knocked out early , do you think dolan will still be happy when the garden is dark and not making money when they spent all this cash.

  65. Yukon is the scout

    Drury is Rudolph

    Prucha is the misfit jack-in-a-box

    Sather is Santa

    Orr is the bumble

    Pearn is the elf-forman

    and Renney is the idiot elf that wants to be a dentist!!

    Gomez and Hank are in its a wonderful life

  66. Lets start with the most recent games and work backwards
    Opponent SA GA Save% SF GF Shoot%
    NJ 34 8 76% 36 5 14%
    Calgary 20 3 85% 31 0 0%
    Montreal 39 6 85% 20 2 10%
    Pittsburgh 31 2 94% 27 2 7%
    Florida 30 4 87% 37 0 0%
    Florida 41 3 93% 46 3 7%
    Tampa 29 2 93% 35 2 6%
    Phoenix 36 1 97% 36 1 11%
    Vancouver 17 4 71% 42 3 7%
    Overall 277 33 88% 310 18 6%

    Heres Valli’s stats thus far
    Opponent SA GA SA% SF GF SH%
    Atlanta 29 2 93% 33 2 6%
    Florida 7 1 86% 17 0 0%
    Ottawa 36 4 89% 19 1 5%
    Vancou 15 0 1.0% 42 3 7%
    Toronto 35 5 86% 20 2 10%
    Toronto 21 0 1.0% 32 0 0%
    Phili 28 3 89% 27 4 15%
    Overall 171 15 91% 190 12 6%

    Hank is in a terrible slump. Who honestly thinks that Valliquette is better then Henrik? To make the argument that when Valli plays goal the Rangers simply play better defense would be completely invalid. A defensive core in the National Hockey League are not going to altogether decide, lets not play at 100% today because we have our better goaltender in. The offense seems to play the same when different goaltenders are in net with a consistent 6% shooting (which means opposing goaltenders have around an average of a 94% Save Percentage!), and I believe the defense plays the same as well. Since everyone seems to be making the argument that we need to bench veterans when they don’t show up for games the same should be done for Hank. Bench Henrik for four games and play Vali.

  67. Heck, you can’t seriously think that Vali is a better goaltender than Henrik. He’s an awesome backup, and could probably start somewhere else, but there is no way he’s better than Hank.

  68. Heck, I use to agree with much of your stuff but you really just need to turn on the TV and watch the games bro.

    “Who honestly thinks that Valliquette is better then Henrik? To make the argument that when Valli plays goal the Rangers simply play better defense would be completely invalid.”

    Do you play the game? Team’s play differently for different goalies, it’s true. If you watched the Atlanta game and then the Jersey game you see that the defense was much better against Atlanta.

    I could as much blame you for this losing streak as you should blame Hank. The fact of the matter is the ONLY REASON we have a winning record is because Hank stands on his head. You’re flat out wrong, but thanks for all the cool stats.

  69. I know. I’m just saying that Hank is in a terrible slump and needs to be held accountable for his actions like everyone else. We are a terrible team when he is not on top of his game. I’ve been presenting this case for the past 3 weeks and every game it seems to be clearer and clearer.

  70. We need to play a high tempo run and gun offense to start games and gamble a bit. We saw what we can do when they just play to score goals. If we can get a nice early lead and then fall back in to a bit of a more defensive game we would be much better off. Problem is we start games trying not to give up the first goal instead of trying to score the first. I feel like we have enough talent to score early in games but the strategy we have just sucks. It would work once we had a lead, but that is very very rarely the case.

    Renney should tonight say, “Boys, go out there and play balls to the wall offensive hockey, get up by 2 goals and then you can play my boring ass system.”

  71. I was saying the “who thinks Valliquette is better than Hank” comment to present the case that nobody does…I dont.

  72. Heck, the only thing you don’t have a stat for is odd-man rushes and quality chances…hmmmm. Hahaha. Do those mean anything? I know the NHL doesn’t track them, but as a person, with eyes, and a brain, do you see those? Hahaha…perhaps not. Hank can’t stop 32/34 shots when 20-25 of them are combinations of breakaways, odd-man rushes, one-timers from the slot uncovered by the D, and Zajac/Parise finding completely open ice 3-5 feet out from the goalie (almost a mini-breakaway). You gotta watch the game for stuff like that.

    Do you remember when Luongo played in Florida bro?! He’d face 50+ shots nightly and have a 3+ GAA and a low .900’s SV% but he was still awesome because the defense sucked!!! Get it?

  73. The team has played like garbage in front of Hank. Larry Murphy said it best on NHL on the Fly last night. 8 goals on the number of shots that Hank faced is unacceptable, but the quality of all the chances were so good, you can’t fault him for the loss. Even going as far as to say that 3 goals were completely Hank’s fault, that still only gets this team to a shootout. If you score 5 goals, you should win that game.

  74. Sorry about the confusion in there. Valliquette is not as good of a goalie as Henrik, but right now thats the way Henrik is playing. I saw the goals and yes the defense played terribly, but I would say that Henrik would stop half of those goals towards the beginning of the year. I think we need to give him time off to let him cool down and refocus…right now he has nothing left in the tank

  75. Heck, Hank was playing ALL-WORLD to start the season. The Rangers were pretty bad (not atrocious, just not good) then in front of him and he was sporting a .940 SV%. That’s just Godly. He can’t do that every night and saying he’s failing the team now because he’s playing what should be about a .915-.920 SV% (if the team had an average defensive squad) is wrong. He’s playing fine!! He let up soft goals last night for the first time awhile. But he’s also showing he doesn’t give a sh~t anymore! Why should he, Renney doesn’t have his back either. If this team’s defense was better, Hank would have a .920 SV%…you can’t expect a mechanic to fix a car that’s missing a motor and tires!! He can only do so much with what he’s got in front of him.

  76. I agree, the defense is the worst I’ve seen in 5 years…but did they really change that much from the beginning of the year? I doubt it. Hank is in a mean low streak and that is presented within his last 9 games…9 games is definitely an adequate amount of time to see a trend. I’m not saying trade the guy, he is a huge asset to the team, but he is needed in his 92% Save percentage form right now.


    Ok Renney may have encouraged Sather to sign Naslund, but did anyone force Sather to pay Redden and Roszival $11.5M per year?

    Next year Michael Komisarek (a big physical Defenseman) is available through UFA, will Sather have any money to sign him?

    The answer to both questions is NO…

    Would Renney still be around if Lou Lamoriello were GM?


  78. *”Hank is in a mean low streak”*

    You’re terribly mis-guided if you believe this. I’m sorry, I just completely disagree. You’re basically saying that team’s who give up 30 shots a night from the perimeter will have goalies with the same SV% as team’s who give up 30 breakaways…and *THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!* It doesn’t work like that. 32 shots, almost all of which were of ridiculous high-quality last night. The other thing is that if they were ‘bad’ goals against (and not the defense’s fault), Renney would have pulled Hank early. The fact remains Hank is fine and the team is atrocious.

    If you disagree, that’s fine but you really need to watch the game and you really need to watch other teams … they don’t let up nearly the quality of chances the Rangers let up. Hell, even the Islanders are more defensively sound than the Rangers.

  79. Honestly, I want my Hank to be his 940% ALL-WORLD form again. Right now he is a 88% par goaltender. And maybe you have ahd blinders over your eyes, but the past 9 games have all been like this. My friend pointed it out to me against Vancouver and I’ve been watching it since then and he just isnt the same. Just keep your eyes open for it. He has made tons of mistakes with the puck and is not playing ALL-WORLD or ALL-NHL or ALL-US or even ALL-EAST COAST form. Without him we are garbage.

  80. And you are right. You need the defense and offense to be on top of their game as well. I’m not saying that the quality of chances that other teams have had against us are not better, but I’ve seen Hank makes saves on all of those chances last night consistently and it would always be the “crazy, unrealistic” chances that would go in. To be honest, every time the puck gets past Hank I get really sad because I feel like he is Superman and can stop everything.

  81. Heck,
    I think you pointed out something excellent. Hank has been above average…he hasn’t been bad by any stretch. But you make an excellent point, if Hank doesn’t steal the games we don’t win!!!

    I can’t remember one game this year where the team won a game for Hank! If you’re referring to Hank’s demeanor changing, yea it has. Remember when he got run every game and nobody did sh~t to help him?! Remember when Renney’s dumb defensmen let up breakaway after breakaway and SH chance after the next?! Well, Nobody did anything to help Hank. So he’s definitely changed. But he’s not playing poorly.

    If you’re saying Hank needs to play better to win, I agree. My point is that Hank should be able to have an average night (let up 3 goals) or have a .905 SV% and he can’t do that!!! THE TEAM SUCKS! THE DEFENSE SUCKS! Hank needs to steal games and stop 24 Odd-man rushes/breakaways/high-quality chances a night to win!!!! But you’re wrong in that the night’s he doesn’t do that, *ITS NOT HIS FAULT!!!* The team letup all those opportunities.

  82. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    When the Captain of a team makes the statement that they should be working on the power play more and the Coach says they don’t work on the power play in practice and the power play is in the state it’s in – doesn’t that raise a red flag for anyone? That there is a problem between the staff and the team?

  83. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    The Flyers are now tied with us for first place in the division. They beat Pittsburgh 6-3

  84. You can’t blame a goalie for a team that let’s up two SH goals, fails to score on 9PP’s, let’s a defensman chip a puck in from underhim (when Redden saw him coming and Hank is lying snow-angel and can’t see the puck), that let’s up odd-man rushes, shots from the slot, one-timers 10 feet out, cross-ice passes from one side of the boards to open guy (untouched on the other)…etc. I saw the goals last night and the first was breakawy, 2nd PP one-timer pass cross-ice, 3rd a rebound defensmen stood around and watched with Zajac 4 feet out, 4th was the SH punch in by Oduya (Redden watches), 5th a one-timer to a guy 3 feet outside the crease, 6th was 11 seconds after taking the lead via two-uncovered players 4-6 feet out of the cross and play a one-timer to open side, 7th is a breakaway 15 feet out, 8th was a one-time pass to a guy 8-10 feet out for a unchallenged shot. Seriously which were Hank’s fault? Did you see ALL OF THE OTHER SAVES Hank did make?! He had some ridiculous ones bro. You’re just wrong, i’m sorry.


  85. Philly is actually 2 points behind us, but it won’t be long until they pass us. They have played 29 games to our 31, and will be 32 after tonight.

  86. Who Needs Lohan on

    Maybe it was because I was curious, or maybe its because I am thoroughly bored and had nothing better to do but I did a little research on the SHG epidemic and the NYR are actually 3-5 in games when they give up a shorty. Im not really sure what to make of it other than the fact that all of those games ended in regulation. So if you really hate the Shootout victories, maybe a SHG against isnt such a bad thing….

  87. Me and my brother were at a bar last night drowning our sorrows over the game. We played all of the most disappointing Rangers’ numbers in Quick Draw (3, 6, 17, 19, 23, 34 and 45). Naturally, we didn’t win.

  88. predictions for tonight? i’m trying to think of a scenario in which we could actually lose to this awful carolina team. i can’t think of anything in particular but i’m sure they’ll find a way to stink up the place.

    i hope the boo’s come down hard tonight.

    renney has got to go. hire torts!

  89. OH! I FORGOT!


    11 goals on the pp.

    10 short handed goals given up!


  90. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    I agreee with Kaspar and Nutgirl on the fact the game was exciting and the Rangers rocked!!! But why , you ask do they need to get 5 goals scored on ’em to start playing like they did? Has to be coaching , what else makes a team play like possessed devils ( pardon the pun)once the bullit is to thier head. A different coach ( Torts) would make ’em work straight off the hop. I Always thought if your gonna change the team around , you start with the coach . Not with your Scoring leader-captain(Jagr), then your heartbeat ..and your vet presense (Shanny). Why not pull the plug on the coach and let Drury and Gomez start from fresh. Naslund came here to play with goal scorers and Coaching is the only thing that wasnt adressed in the off season.

    ONECUPIN67 ….Hank wass’t pulled after the 4 -0 or at all was simple . Hendrick is gonna lead this team into the playoffs and the team needed to know that through thick or thin , he was gonna be there . I thought Hendrick was great hanging in there and sticking with the team . The Rangers never ever gave up and i love it , hank never gave up either!! We stunk up the joint by letting in too many goals.

    We can’t dwell on …” whens Sundin comming??”..” fire renny ” ..”.bench Rosival and redden ” ” trade prucha or dawes ” …we have to be ready for the next game …lets look at something positive , were a good team and we deserve to get points!! We all know what we need …lets be thankfull that Malik and Holleweg are gone . Thing will happen soon enough but in the meantime ..lets carry that attact into the next game with the Team defense actually realizing that if you score ,,watch out for the other teams counter attack!!!

  91. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    – 27 celsius and a – 40 wind chill here today. Great day to stay home and watch Rangers hockey and UFC tonight!!!!

  92. Who Needs Lohan on

    yes LI joe, not sure where people are getting 11 PPG, the NYR definitely have 21 PPGs on the year. 11 is the net positive number of goals that we have on the PP. SAD!!! Good thing we dont use Prucha or Staal, why would we try that?

  93. Who Needs Lohan on

    Greg L, save the rah rah for UFC. You sound like an easy high school cheerleader.

    Yeah the NYR really rocked last night, thats only if by rocked you mean had to listen to the goal horn 8 times in 60 minutes!

  94. True Fans,
    My bad for not responding right away. There is no way I can blame last nights game on Hank, you are correct. But even still, he needs to perform at his peak level for our team to have any chance at the Cup. His performance yesterday will not do.

  95. Who Needs Lohan on

    NHL.com has some interesting team stats there….one i found the most interesting that I would enjoy thumbtacking to Perry Pearn’s forehead is that the NYR are third from the top in Shots on Goal per game, but find themselves 27th in the league in Goals per Game. Well holy fuggin sh!t Perry Pearn, what does that tell you other than the fact that you should be wearing a helmet all day long?

    Shots mean d!ck!!!!!!

    And make me an extra copy so I can wipe myself with it and stick it on Micheletti and Rosen’s face as well!

  96. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    True fans , THEY NEVER GAVE UP!!! i dont care how mant defensive lapps they had . You fail to see that the whole team came back and tied it. That it self shows that despite the sick 3 goals after they ties it …The Rangers carried the play , rocked the place and yes I LOVED IT. If the Rangers scored after they tied it , you my friend along with WHO NEEDS LOHAN need to realize what ya have . Im older than both of you so take that , hahaa. Go Rangerssss!!!

  97. Can someone tell me if the EA server is down for NHL 09 for x box 360? Both of my kids are sleeping and I would LOVE to play a game right now.

  98. Sam-
    are the rangers determined to get something in return for Rozsival? Last I checked he does not have a no trade clause and could just be waived, or are they so fed up they need anything in return? I guess you could say the same thing about redden, the difference is that Redden has a no trade clause, and knowing what he said during his time in Ottawa, he could be around for a while….

  99. Can someone, if you have it, please try to play an online NHL 09 game for x box 360. I know my online is working, but I am not sure of the EA server is messed up right now. I would really appreciate it.

    I need a fix of this game like Wade Redden needs a fix of coke. Please hook a brother up over here and let me know.

  100. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Less than 2 hours ’til gametime and nothing from anyone. Was the media barred from the Garden today or what?

  101. Please, is anyone out there? Do you have a heart? You must not have kids and understand my plight here. When they are awake and in the same room, playing a game is simply not even a realistic thought. Please help me in my time of need. I beg this of you.

  102. Nasty, you remind me of a line in “Slapshot” :

    1: They brought their fucking TOYS with ‘em!
    2: I’d rather have ‘em playing with their toys than playing with themselves.
    1: They’re too dumb to play with themselves!

  103. Sorry if this is off topic- I was thinking about that ESPN rumor of rozsival to dallas for avery.. and I think it would make a lot of sense if we could get someone like Niskanen or Daley out of the deal..It may seem a little unrealistic- but if dallas is really that willing to get rid of avery- it’s a possibility.

  104. Guys

    Do you think if Redden continues to stink up the ice for the rest of the year, even into next season. Do you think Sather will lean on him to waive his NTC?

  105. Ill agree with Heck, or who ever it was that said last nights game was his fault.

    1 strike against the Nucks, 2 strikes against the Habs, but last night was the last strike. Im willing to blame the D, rightfully so, but last night was ridiculous.

    You can say he kept the game at 5-1, ahaha, c’mon. He couldn’t keep it 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, or at least 4-1. Even if his D was letting him get raped, he let in too many softies, even the first goal in my opinion. It wasn’t that great of a shot.

    Nyr fought back, Hank didn’t. Like i said, that pisses me off to say, but it seemed like he wasn’t in this game at all, aside from a few good saves he made.

    I blame Hank. The D sucks, but its almost like he expects them to be amazing every night, and doesn’t expect an odd man rush now and then, here and there. He needs to realize that this D SUCKS, and he’s basically all alone out there.

    Vally should have stepped in when the 3rd started.

    Hopefully tonight, this team steps it up, for Mats’ sake at least. This team could use him, im sure he’ll do more than most of these guys have been doing.

    Only positives to take out of the last game is, they came back after being down 5-1, and Cally, and Gomer are both on a 2 game goal streak, and Nicky Z, and Nazzy had a damn good game.


    Why did the moron Renney split up the 1st line last night ?? He had Dubi with Gomer, and Dru. Why ?? Nazzy had 2 or 3 points, and Nicky Z had 4. Dumb !!


    Voros was pretty damn good in that 3rd period in my opinion, he was working hard, and set up a few good chances behind the net. Hopefully he keeps it up.

  106. MAKO

    Honestly, i can maybe see Redden accepting a trade since its only his 1st year here. Its not like he’s completely situated in NY. It took Shanny nearly 3 years to get situated here. Maybe he’s willing to go somewhere, if possible.

    As for Slats willing to waive him, eh, who knows. He wouldn’t trade Malik, so i cant see why he’d trade Wade.

  107. MAKO,
    I would imagine that redden would be pressured to move out of the city- we would have to probably give up prospects/draft picks to sweeten the deal… But does he have a full no trade clause or is it in the vain of gomez’s?

  108. ChrisS

    Thanks for that. Love the last line “that’s if Redden turns out to be a fluke” Uhhhhh its looking that way…

  109. MAKO,
    “Ughhhh” sums it up about right..
    Like I said.. the biggest positive to come out of the redden signing is that we “beat” the blue jackets to him- in doing so they were left without any d-men- they got tyutin(with backman), we got zherdev.

  110. I wish I could find that article where I read that or just remember where I heard it..
    Anyway, it’s time for dinner..
    everyone enjoy your rangers night of hockey, I know I will.

  111. We need to boo Redden everytime he toudches the puck. Same with Blowszival… best chance is to run these limp-dic@ fucke#s out of town!!

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