Big night at the Garden; Sundin-Sather meeting either later tonight or tomorrow


Some odds-and-ends before the Rangers try to hold their opponent tonight to less than eight goals:

<li>Henrik Lundqvist gets the start in goal. Tom Renney said the two spoke briefly after the game last night, and both were on board with getting him right back in against the Hurricanes. Renney said the other reason to start Lundqvist tonight was to make sure the goalie knew the drubbing last night was not his fault.

“We talked about that, but I think in going back to him tonight it’s certainly an endorsement that he wasn’t the issue,” Renney said.

<li>Same personnel tonight but Renney hinted at some possible tweaking to the combinations. The coach wouldn’t let on what those would be, so we’ll have to wait until at least warm-ups.

<li>As for Mats Sundin, there’s plenty to talk about, although not to Renney, who said his “complete concentration” was on Carolina.

But the big man’s appearance tonight, as part of a promotional obligation for PokerStars, is certainly a storyline. MSG Network is likely to at least show him in the suite, and there’s at least the chance that the station will ask him to speak on camera. As I mentioned earlier, though, Sundin has already indicated he won’t talk to the media until he’s signed with his new team.

Whether that team will be the Rangers will hinge in part on Sundin’s meeting with Glen Sather and others (Renney also wouldn’t say whether he’d be taking part). According the center’s agent, J.P. Barry, that meeting won’t be until either late tonight or early tomorrow before the Rangers bolt for California. Of course, since Sundin has been skating out in L.A. anyway, you’d think they could give him a lift.

<li>The most telling comments about Sundin came from his former coach Paul Maurice, who has recently taken over behind the bench with the Hurricanes, and who practically gushed when talking about Sundin as both a player and a person.

“I’ve got nothing but complete respect for Mats,” Maurice said. “He’s a marvelous person. He’s certainly a great player, but in that market (Toronto) to deal with what he dealt over the years — the grace, the leadership that he’s shown that organization. He’s a great player. That part’s easy. There’s a lot of great players. But this guy is a fantastic leader.”

Maurice was asked if he thought starting the season so late would impact the veteran. The coach remarked that Sundin is one of those players who keeps himself in impeccable shape, and also said Sundin can be taken at his word if he says he’s ready.

“The other thing about him, as you get to know him is whatever he tells you is the truth,” Maurice said. “So if he says he’s ready, then he’s ready to play. If he tells his conditioning is not a concern, then he has no concerns about his conditioning. It’s just that simple.”

Finally, Maurice talked about how Sundin would fit in with any team he joins mid-season. Again, he didn’t think it would be an issue.

“He’s a horse. He’s an absolute horse,” he said. “He can play as many minutes as you want. He can do both face-offs. More important sometimes, when you have a really good team and you bring in somebody from the outside, you always wonder how that fits — what changes in the room. It’s another at times ego that comes in the room. It’ll never be a problem with him.

Update, 7:00 p.m.: Looks like the same lines are intact. The Rangers are wearing their white jerseys, which has almost a nostalgic feel to it. I still like the blue at home, however.

Update, 7:38 p.m.: 2-1 Rangers after Blair Betts buried a perfect Fred Sjostrom pass for a shorthander.

No truth to the rumor Mats Sundin walked out of the suite and said, “Ah, these guys don’t need me.”

Actually, what Sundin said was, “It would be an honor to play on a team with Blair Betts.”

More later..

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  1. honestly i truly believe this is a season turning game. they lose i see this team coming back from the west coast in bad shape. this is a pivotal game in there season and you dont have to be a genious to know that. i hope u all see the picture like i do. 2 points tonite or that trip out west could do us in. we all know the pens flyers and devs will be ahead of us soon. we will battle with buffalo carolina and florida for 7th and 8th. boston montreal wash in. thoughts? MUST WIN GAME ONE HOUR AWAY.

  2. Hmmm

    “Great Leader” eh? Well I would rather see him with the “C” then Drury right now. Remember when Brian Leetch was Captain? Leetchie is soft spoken kinda behind the scenes guy. That is the way I see Drury. No real passion or fire to take the reins of this team. I think just for leadership value I’d sign him. Sh!t. They better win tonight… Maybe Mats thinks he can be the “savior” of the team….

  3. Trade Rozsival, get Avery
    Waive Kalinin
    Waive Dawes
    Waive Prucha
    or trade them for a 6th d
    Call up Parenteau, Potter and Sangs
    Sign Sundin
    Fire Renney
    Drink Beer

  4. Im having serious doubts aboot this team, as i watch other teams mash shitty teams potatoes, while Nyr barely squeaks by them.

    Getting shut out by Craig “Who” Anderson, then getting shut out by Kiprusoff, who after the game went on to give up 7 or 8 goals in his next two games after Nyr.

    Goal scoring obviously is a problem, but still, when you’re making Joey MacDonald look like God and Zues fused into one being, something is seriously wrong.

    I cant wait till this months over, and Hank goes back to normal.

    I think Cam Ward is playing tonight, he just got back from and injury, its time to pepper sauce him to death !!!

  5. Why would Sundin want to come here to let Renney suck away his abilities and tarnish his reputation?

  6. MAKO

    Ehh, its just a letter. As long as Dru wearing that “C” doesn’t make other “leaders” stop acting like “leaders” its not a problem. Clearly Gomer was fired up last night, and he didn’t need a “C” to do so.

    I guess Dru only gets fired up when he’s going up against KHL team, ugh sad.

    Hopefully Staal takes it from him within the next 4 or 5 years. Oh, but im sure Renney wont let him. He’s to young for the PP, so i guess he’s to young to be a Captain.

  7. Orr –

    This is true… Still there is honor is wearing that letter on your chest. Remember “the name on the front of the shirt is more important than the name on the back”

    Drury has no fire to him. Then give it to Gomez…

  8. Leetch was also a quiet leader, as is Drury, but i always got the impression that Leetch always gave his 100 percent. On the nights Drury is invisible it is hard to tell if he is sandbagging it or playing Renney’s “system”.
    Speaking of Renney, no surprise he made no changes after last night. Is it me or didn’t Renney ( out of the lock-out) used to preach about accountability? Who is he accountable to now the team or their contracts?
    Valley needs to get some games on the west coast swing, maybe LA would be a good day to start him. Eitherway, LA, SJ and Ana. are all going to roll over the Rangers easily, if the Rangers play this passive style.

  9. Anyone think Adam Foote or Jason Smith can be had as a rental for either Prucha, Dawes or Roszival?

  10. Orr said:
    “1 strike against the Nucks, 2 strikes against the Habs, but last night was the last strike. Im willing to blame the D, rightfully so, but last night was ridiculous.

    You can say he kept the game at 5-1, ahaha, c’mon. He couldn’t keep it 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, or at least 4-1. Even if his D was letting him get raped, he let in too many softies, even the first goal in my opinion. It wasn’t that great of a shot.

    Nyr fought back, Hank didn’t. Like i said, that pisses me off to say, but it seemed like he wasn’t in this game at all, aside from a few good saves he made.

    I blame Hank. The D sucks, but its almost like he expects them to be amazing every night, and doesn’t expect an odd man rush now and then, here and there. He needs to realize that this D SUCKS, and he’s basically all alone out there.”

    Dude, are you serious? You sound crazy bro. You expect the guy to carry the team when all 6 defensmen did not show up. On the go ahead goal, Hank had no chance. 20 foot cross-ice pass to the wide side (open net), no defensman, tap-in goal. Hank was challenging the shooter who was right in front of him also unchallenged. You have some sack saying Lundqvist lost the game last night. Saying Lundqvist’s the reason they’re losing right now. Go back to blueshirtbulletin or something.

  11. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    Lets attacK like we did last night!!!pretend were down 4 -0!!!!!! GO RANGERS!!!!! show Sundin that we have passion.

    Hank playing tonight is a must . He can erase that bad night or give up more and have a Patrick Roy situation with Hank throwing up his arms and saluting the mock cheer from the fans.I’d say Hank showed he here and wont go away..this is maybe what the doctor ordered!!??

  12. Sam, the Rangers cut Nedved before the Prague trip and they didn’t offer him a ride back (to his home) over there. No way Sundin gets a ride back out west. ;)

  13. They coulda got Jason Smith this summer for 2 years and cheap. Why does Sather have such a man crush on puck movers who make the first pass? How about crease clearers who can defend against Crosby. Jason Smith, Ossi Vannanen, and Ron Hainsey combined would be less than Redden an Kalinin.

  14. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    Game time ,,,goto run…..btw Lohan you are not wiser just more of a wise-ass ,True Blue…I never said anything to warrent your sarcasm..If you so “true blue” why dont you act like it and stop be too negative.

    Yes ORR it is c-cold . it now – 32 and wind chill is – 45 ….i had to plug in my car! Tony AZ ..tanks for the comment.

    GO GO GO boysssss!!!

  15. Carolina’s third jersey’s are horrendous. Did I just see a pp goal? Forget it 1-1 now off a Rozsival giveaway.

  16. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    Can’t let Rosival play the next shift after we score a goal, hes the liability.

  17. that was a nice play by redden on staal..

    I think the problem with redden here is hes not a physical defensman but he is a great stick checker and puck mover.

    unfortunately we dont need more of that in NY, but maybe in a year or two we could hopefully compliment him with someone who hits

  18. Great stickchecker and puck mover eh? If only that was true. Renney just creamed himself. Meanwhile Bob just bought a gun.

  19. graves9 I said hes a good player but its more of what we already have here so its not as good as he should be

  20. Wow, kinda cool to be on the giving end of the shorty for a change. Great play by the Brawny Man, Sjo and Betts going pedal to the metal. This Carolina team is weak, the Rangers should smell blood and go for the kill. Or they can do what they normally do which is get a marginal lead and try to milk it.

  21. Good pk work even the pp looked fairly well. Hank was on top of his game. The D still had plenty of gaps in it. Mara has been really strong on the puck and has moved the puck well. Betts was flying that period. Guys like Rozsival still look pretty bad while a guy like Dubi looks like a dog chasing his own tail(he was chasing a guy that was already covered in his own end) Is Dawes playing? Seriously he is not an Nhler get him outta here already.

  22. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    only problem here is Sather seeing Shoey’s stock rise. Shoey has been buried on the 4th line to hide his abilty to other teams and for Sathers need to keep costs low.

    Teams like Pittsburgh have had issues like when keeping Jordan Staal on the team , risking his cost go up and the clubs choice will be alot quicker to make . Give the player a raise or trade him for cap reasons.

    Teams have to stunt players like in Prucha and shoey , so we dont have too high of salaries. When a player does good for a season he thinks hes worth more , in acuallity he is only earning what he is paid.

  23. Yeah I’m sure they’re stunting Sjostrom’s development. The reason he’s on the 4th line is because he has hands of stone.


    Im blaming the team for that game, besides a few forwards who stepped it up. Im not blaming Hank for the Nucks game, and the Habs game, but i AM blaming him for the last game, among others. He didn’t step up, some of those goals were unbeatable, but Pandoofus’ goal, was soft, Zajac’s goal, came off a HUGE rebound, that he normally has better control over, then there was Zubrus’ goal, which was weak, then Langenbitcher’s goal, which was weak. Eliasshole’s goal was just a great setup, as well as Gionta’s, even though in my opinion Hank got way to nervous with the midget and made the first move, which normally he doesn’t do. He wasn’t on his game, just like the D.

    I don’t know how old you are, you must be up there in age, and have some trouble reading, cause i never said Hank is the reason we’re losing right now. Even thogh he’s giving up a few softies, its the whole team. He’s doing what he can, but he isn’t the main reason. But if he plays like he did last night, then he will be.

    Anyway, decent first period, the usual stuff happened, a Rozi giveaway that led to a goal, and Kalinin looking retarded.

    That sure was a beauty hit by Dubi, that Sutter kid needs a neck brace so he keeps his fuggin head up, he must be a half a retard or something, you’d think after Weight hit him, he’d get the hint.

    Nice to see them score on the PP, and get a Shortie. Hopefully they have 40 mins left in them.

    BTW – has Rutuu’s goal as a Shorthanded goal, ahaha they must not be watching the game and they’re assuming the team gave up another shorthanded goal.

  25. Graves9

    “hands of stone” has a few shoot out winners, “hands of stone” made a pretty accurate, sweet pass at high speed across the ice :) There is no denying he has talent. Its just been buried on the 4th line.

  26. Why can’t we ever get a 2 goal lead? Why can’t we just outplay a team for 1 game? Just 1. Can they at least give us that?

  27. Shootout goals don’t mean a guy can score in the real game. He has been around awhile now and never showed a prospensity to score here or in Phoenix.

  28. Orr, it’s funny you talk about age…i’m in my mid-20’s. Reading your posts i can tell you’re still in your teens.

    The first goal against was one Hank does usually stop, but it was a breakaway!! None of the other goals were soft. Not one of them was a weak goal. Maybe goals Hank normally stops, but simply not the kind of goals you say “he should have had that one.” Almost every goal you site is a player who’s one-timing a cross-ice pass or a play where the D-man is isolated when a pass is made to a player wide open in the crease…again, those mini-breakaways maybe considered “must saves” for this Rangers team because they suck but they’re not bad goals against.

    BTW: You said 1 strike Canucks, 2nd strike Montreal, last night Last strike…so if you didn’t mean to BLAME Lundqvist i’m not sure what you were doing? Hahaha…brain surgeon, huh?

  29. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    Thats right Mako .good point on shoey ” hands of stone” If his hands are so bad , why is he one of out shoot-out shooter. Shoey isnt like the best but he skates hard ,plays well defensively and wins battles for the puck. Graves , sorry , your point is weak.

  30. TRUE

    I could have stopped that shot, it looked like that moron barely got a piece of it.

    And read what i said. Im sick of people on this blog quoting me without reading what i said. Yeah 1 strike, 2 strike what ever, but i clearly said, i was willing to blame the D on those games, but not last night, the blame goes all around.

    Anyway, shitty 2nd period. They went through their 2nd period nap. Im sure Mats isn’t impressed with the team, and he cant wait to leave and go score some Coke from Wade’s guy. Hopefully Nyr gives him a reason to stick around.

  31. You would think with Mats in the building we would show him we are a contender for the cup. Didn’t he say he was looking for a team that was a cup contender and money was secondary? We aren’t giving him too much a reason to play here.

  32. Anyway, shitty 2nd period. They went through their 2nd period nap. Im sure Mats isn’t impressed with the team, and he cant wait to leave and go score some Coke from Wade’s guy. Hopefully Nyr gives him a reason to stick around.

    Are you fuggin’ retarded? If anyone is on coke it’s you.

  33. graves9,

    Ah I wasn’t aware of that. Either way we can free up the cash more than likely. The question still remains, will he want to sign with us?

    If Mats doesn’t sign with us I think we’re gonna see Shanny back shortly after Sundin chooses.

  34. They call a penalty on Gomez there but Ward was playing the puck outside of the trapezoid behind the net earlier and Callahan was the only one to see it. The officiating in this league never ceases to amaze me.

  35. Yeah Gomez was never “set” he had to immediately play catch up to play defense. BS call. You’re right about that call, i was screaming at my tv on that NON CALL.

    Should be a 5-3. Cally was punched two times in the face!?!?

  36. It’s very interesting to point out that, to this point…Drury, Gomez, and Redden ALL have 4 penalty minutes!! haha. Pretty amazing. 8 of those minutes came in the third period too.

  37. Well, for some reason I smell shootout loss tonight. All I wanted was a frigin regulation win. It is definitely not too much to ask. At least the Devils lost.

  38. YAY would have been nice to win in regulation. I’ll take it. LQ was great tonight, great rebound after the debacle last night. Good win for him because the Cans had some great scoring opportunities.

  39. i cant believe people complain about winning in a shootout. i mean yea it wasnt a thriller exactly but how much more shitty would you feel if weve lost 8 shootouts and won one of em. prolly alot worse eh?

  40. I’ll take the shootout wins for now. These shootout wins will give us the points we need to get into the playoffs.

    We need to find the missing pieces of the puzzle though. Whether that lies in Mats, Shanny, a new coach, we still need wins regardless so I’ll take it.

  41. OMG Drury is brainwashed!!! “Defense first” “the top line gets a little lee-way (sp)” BRAINWASHED!!!!

  42. The players have to watch what they say. They need to defend the team and the coach when talking to the media. You won’t see Drury say anything bad about Renney to the reporters.

  43. Drury never actually says anything; he’s possibly the most boring man in hockey. And he’s turning this team into the dullest team. Mats Sundin isn’t exactly Mr. Personality either. Maybe that’s Renney’s goal. Did Nigel Dawes play tonight?

  44. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    Rangers win and the fans chanting ” HENRY ” is great . Lunqvist was pritty reved up and I’m thinking Sundin wants to join the team!

  45. Told ya Nasty. Hank easily the #1 star. Good games by guys like Mara, Girardi, Betts and Cally.Sjostrom was pretty good too. They played fairly well in the first period and were badly out played in the second period. The third was a parade to the box for both teams and the Canes owned the ot. The pk was fantastic mostly thanks to Hank and some good support from Betts and Sjostrom. Hank robbed Whitney about a half a dozen times or so it seems. He also had Rutuu in his face all night long. Mara was a beast all game long. He has been the best dman all season long(he made the key defensive play setting up the shortie) Betts had great jump all game(sadly it was more jump than most of the top forwards) Rozsival and Kalinin again struggled mightily. Girardi who was awful last night was much stronger tonight(and in position unlike yesterday) Dubinsky threw some big hits but other than that he really did nothing. Cally was all over the place hitting, driving to the net and agutating. I love that kid. Alot of the young guy play has fallen off from last year but he’s stepped up. Naslund was pretty much the only guy on his line that showed anything tonight. He still has good hands. Drury was good on the pk and had a near great effort goal. The shootouts sicken me but the Rangers are unbeatable in shootouts. Big West coast trip coming up with two elite teams and an incredibly talented young Kings team.

  46. Did Henrik do enough to woo his fellow swede..?
    Only time will tell. ‘Twas a must win- glad they pulled it out- even though it’s early, these are BIG points especially with the Flyers rolling.

  47. Oh and did you guys see St.louis got a skate to the face- hopefully he’ll be alright- regardless of who it was(even crosby) you never want to see that.

  48. Decent win tonight. Even if its a shootout win, they needed the extra point, and they got it. Hank was a whole hell of a lot better than he was last night. The team was, ehh, not great, not bad, just decent.

    Gotta pick up a win before that tough Cali trip.

    Nice move by Dru in the shootout, to bad he cant pull moves like that when he’s on a breakaway.

  49. glad for the win, Hank was really really good, and drury made a sweet move in the SO. But my lord MSG sounds like a fricking mausoleum 95% of the time! unleash the beast, the crowd is dying to get jazzed. Give them a reason!

  50. Greg L. says ZZ 13 ZZ rules!! on

    Valerie Kamensky was actually perty dam good. Redden is a smart defensive player who has made some blunders. We are stuck with him so get used to it. Rosival is a different story . Good then bad then bad then good. I don’t know what to say …no comment.

    (Graves9)Sundin was well awake and was probally busy playing online poker!! Too bad he picks the wrong site , he should have went to full tilt!!

  51. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    New lines with Mats.

    Naslund Sundin Zherdev
    Drury Gomez callahan
    Voros Dubinsky Shoey
    Orr Betts Korpi

  52. “Valerie Kamensky was actually perty dam good. Redden is a smart defensive player who has made some blunders.”

    Kamensky actually was “perty dam good” in the USSR, and for a while on the Avalanche. But he was a complete disgrace as a Ranger.

    Redden is not only not a “smart defensive player” — for evidence roll tape from last night in NJ — but he is also not a courageous, or competitive, or valuable player. (For evidence, roll tape from October 2007 to the present)

  53. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yeah without Redden we would have ….? Bad contract , yes I can’t say nothing about that. Competitive , yes he is. Why the hell did we sign him!!?? Because he brings credibility to our defense. Redden is well repected amoung his peers.

  54. Greg L, you’re such a funny guy. Hahaha….first the game in NJ was a great game because “nobody gave up” and now the Rangers signed Redden because he has the respect of his peers…listen to yourself!! I’m actually laughing right now. I think the Rangers signed Redden because they thought he’d be average defensively, would help their transition game even strength and add to their powerplay…I think they got him to produce, not because he was respected bro. Thanks for the laugh tho.

  55. True Fans

    Out of shape, massive alcohol issues, no work ethic … oh, and yeah, he had some offensive production issues too.

  56. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (graves9 and gresh)
    How about the Glen Anderson trade that sent Mike Gartner to the Leafs. I bet you two guys scoffed at the trade!! You guys hated dumping Amonte and Weight for Matteauuuuuu and us getting tikkanen!!??

  57. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    I said he brings credibilty to our defense . In other words we have a TEAM CANADA defensman who has done alot and I said he is well respected in a NEW sentence. Clean your glasses buddy!! hahaha

  58. sounds like they are giving Sundin some money under the table. I hope they get caught.

    We barely squeaked by another bad team, and dumb Rangers fans failed to generate any “Fire Renney!” chant.

    “He said it would be an honor to play with Betts?
    Does this mean that Orr will sit?”


  59. Greg no of coarse not. Matteau was great in the 94 playoffs he stink it up here the next few years but no one will ever forget his goals in ot.

  60. ” Out of shape, massive alcohol issues, no work ethic … oh, and yeah, he had some offensive production issues too.”

    is it
    a. valerie kamesky
    b.theo fleury
    c. ed belfour
    d. bob probert

  61. All Hail King Henrik on

    Not much to say that hasn’t already been said…I just hope all the Lundqvist doubters tuned in tonight to watch him win this game for the NYR.

  62. So if the Rangers are hot after Sundin, what would it take to unload the salary necessary to fit Sundin under the cap for us?

    I have heard the talk of Roszival or Redden being moved to make room. I don’t think Redden will be moved if nothing more than his huge contract and no movement clause. Roszival would be another option.

    I actually don’t hate Rosie like everyone else does. He makes mistakes but he is no Marek Malik, plus lets remember that coming out of the lockout, Rsie was our #1 defenseman for the past several seasons, putting up numbers well beyond what could have been expected. He is really a number 3 or 4 dman to be honest, which is where he is playing now.

    If they don’t move Redden or Rosie, maybe there are other creative ways to shed salary. Is Rissmiller now off the books for us cause he is in the NHL? If so, that is around $1 million off our salary (really, why did Sather sign that journeyman to such a huge contractm, when he signed a younger, better version in Aaron Voros anyway?). Prucha will be traded, it is obvious at this point and that would be another $1.1 million off the cap for us. We still have a glut with extra forwards, so I think Nigel Dawes would be sacrificed as well, however, I am not sure how much he makes – maybe around the 850-950 thousand a year range – almost a million perhaps. Then if we get rid of Dmitri Kalinin, he costs a few million maybe 2 or 2.5 a season. Potter comes up and takes his place on defense in our lineup. This gives us around %million or so off our salaries for this season and we are still able to keep our core guys, along with Redden and Rosie on defense.

    That should leave enough to sign Sundin for this year at least, especially if his salary is pro-rated since he will begin playing around January first. I think this team could use a Sundin as a jolt and an excellent front line forward that might be what they need to put them over the top and make them go from a pretender (with their record, shootout wins and the flaws they are masking) to a contender (along with a move or two to shore up the defense at the deadline.

    I also thought that if SUndin is signed, it would diversify the lines and maybe Renney would give Sjostrom a chance to play with one of his fellow country men and idols in Sundin as his center. I love Sjostrom as a young player, works hard and I think he has a lot more offensive potential if given the right ice time and playing with a center like Mats. If all of this goes through, look at the possibilities:

    NASLUND-SUNDIN-SJOSTROM (all Swedish line)
    DUBINSKY-GOMEZ-ZHERDEV (Alaskan-Russian connection)



    I think this would be a solid move….

  63. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    totaly unimpressed by last nights “win”. Only the canes can fire a stanley cup winning ciach and replace him with Tom..erer Paul Maurice and his career losing record. There PP is obviously coached by Perry Pern. It is really a shame that the we “won”last night,Renney gets some more rope.

    The king was great last night,as was Cally,Betts,Nas,Girardi.

    the rest were ordinary at best.Bottom line,if they played a better team they would have been run out of the building again. the Canes suck!!!

  64. Just adding a couple pieces (re-affirming some things of past posters between studying for finals).

    The shorthanded goal from Shjoe to Betts was awesome. I couldn’t have been happier to see those two guys score. They work hard, every night, responsible both ends of the ice. I wish EVERY RANGER would follow their example (including Drury, Rozsival, Gomez).

    Zherdev looks to have very good chemistry with Gomez but seemed pretty quiet overall. Not sure he had the same fire as versus the Devils. Defense was again, pretty bad. Mara and Staal were probably best two out there. Girardi seemed ok. The other three are a toss-up, one of them is bound to eff up every shift.

    On that note, the only thing standing between Hank and a nomination for the Vezina finalists are Rozsival, Redden, and Kalinen…he’d have a better chance at the Vezina with Potter, MDZ, and (anyone…Malik, Poti…etc). I hope Orr and Heck watched last night; *HANK WON THAT GAME*

  65. All this casual talk about moving Prucha and Dawes and signing Sundin. How OLD is Sundin? How YOUNG are Dawes and Prucha? How much would signing Sundin elevate the Rangers in the overall NHL pecking order? From #12 to #10? From #10 to #7, at best? This is the stupidity which plagues teams more than any other incompetence indicator. This Rangers team is NOT one more piece from the inside track at winning the Cup. This would accomplish what, giving the team the fifth seed in the conference playoffs, up from #six seed? Dawes and Prucha have a future, Sundin has a past and just represents another mercenary signing – Redden in drag, if you ask me. It is all nuts. Build with the kids from the farm you idiot, Sather, and leave the old junk in someone else’s refuse bin.

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