Lundqvist plays it cool


I wouldn’t have been surprised if Henrik Lundqvist ripped into his teammates after tonight’s 8-5 undressing. Or maybe it’s that I wouldn’t have blamed him.

But the goaltender, while clearly exasperated and even embarrassed by matching his career high for goals allowed, merely implicated himself in the loss.

“I need to better,” Lundqvist.

Well, sure. If the Rangers keep playing like that, Lundqvist would need to be superhuman.

The only telling moment came when I asked Lundqvist if he definitely wanted to play tomorrow. I can’t remember an occasion when the goalie hasn’t firmly stated his desire to come back and play the next game. But maybe because he doesn’t sense much of an improvement, Lundqvist wavered.

“I’m not making that decision,” Lundqvist said. “Like I said, if Tom tells me to play, I’ll be ready to play. He’s the coach. Whatever he decides. Sometimes you don’t have to think about every decision.”


Meanwhile, if you’re waiting to hear about a shake-up to the roster for tomorrow night, I’ve got nothing to report. Tom Renney bristled at a question tonight about his defense, saying the problem was with all 20 players, not just the six defensemen.

Maybe so. But let’s just say the Rangers need a quick fix, and unless Mats Sundin has been boning up his play on the backline, the free agent Swede isn’t the one to bring it.

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  1. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    REPOST—–What a disgrace! This team was in the midst of one of the most thorough ass kickings I’ve seen in a long time. Then,the players obviously told Renney through their play to go “FUCK HIMSELF AND YOUR SYSTEM” and came all the way back,only to fail because of the same culprits who’ve been responsible for most of the poor play this season.

    Still some on this board are actually blaming Lundquist for some of this loss.Mororns,every goal,and I mean each and every goal was scored from less than ten feet from the goal.Not a single Devil player was made to pay for coming in front of the net.Kalinin is an embarassment,he floats around his own end and is just a stupid man.Rozy plays with the passion of a turtle.His hockey sense is equal to that of a tree stump.He is the most tentative player I have ever seen.Redden should be arrested for fraud! He is robbing cablevision of their money.He is soft,slow,has no shot,and can’t pass for shit.Certainly worth $39.5million Eh!,Glennie? As I’ve said recently,Dan Girardi’s play has tailed off considerably this season.Many of you act surprised, I don’t know why,every young player is degrading in their development under this asshole of a coach. Ask yourself this question,which of our young players has taken the next step in their development under this “coaching” staff?

    And finally,the coaching staff.What a bunch of charlatins(sp).They try to sell us that they coach a defense first sytem that can create offense.LOLOLOL. Defense is all about proper positiong,phyisical play in front of your goalie and behind the net,as well as back checking by the forwrds.It’s not about stifling creativity.It’s not about playing a line that should have no more than 6 minutes of ice time per game.All that does is decrease the amount of ice time away from your top players.After all,isn’t it about stoping the other team from scoring,not your own? As for the PP,why would any coach in their right mind give a shot to shit like Blair Betts and Colton Orr,but not Peter Prucha?

  2. Ugh its like he has some effing mind control on these guys. Jesus, why arent players being held responsible??? Why arent players being called out so they can perform better??? Why arent players being BENCHED for their awful play. WHY THE F*CK was Colton Orr on the power play and Prucha wallows in obscurity!!!!

  3. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    You know it’s really bad when even most of the Renneyade brigade (STAAL WART,CWGATTI,) are now on board the Fire Renney band wagon.

  4. In fairness to Sam Weinman, I have detected a definite shift in his attitude in the last ten days toward the nonsense-verbiage that Renney spews.

    Sam has been skeptical about the refusal to practice the power play, the benching of Prucha, and the unwillingness to carry Potter on the roster. So I think Sam is coming along.

    What I DO believe is that Sam’s attitude is reflecting a growing sense among the beat reporters that Renney truly is an empty suit, a hollow coach, Sather’s bag man, a nice fellow who is way over his head. A guy who is terrified at even the prospect of a run-and-gun game but who does not seem capable of implementing anything even CLOSE to a sound defensive template.

    The display tonight was very revealing —– no heart or emotion was shown until the game was out of reach. And then when caution was thrown to the wind and the Rangers rallied (completely improbably) to tie, the old fear returned, along with the inability to execute the most elementary coverages in their own end.

  5. Rob in Tarrytown on

    While I appreciate Renney’s work over the past few years and the multiple playoff appearances, it’s painfully obvious that he is not the right guy to get this team to the “next” level. Two Stanley Cup winning coaches are on the market (Tortorella and Laviolette) right now and I’d even check out Pat Burns’ availability & health. I think he’d be perfect for this soft team.

    Redden and Kalinin have been horrible signings. The only silver lining is that Kalinin is on a one-year deal. Redden on the other hand, isn’t going anywhere for a while… God help us.

  6. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Very well said.There is a reason why Mess ran this piece of trash out of Vancouver.He is the worst coach in the game right now.Every one who comes here has seen their play regress after one season.It happened to Jagr,it’s happened to Prucha,Dawes,Girardi,Gomez,Drury(RIGHT FROM THE START),DUBI,ROZY,even Staal is showing some troubling signs. A sign of a poor coach in any sport is when his players regress from there previous level of play.A good coach has the opposite effect.

  7. I keep praying for Redden’s leg to fall off so he would have to retire and clear us of that awful contract.

    This team plays like a poorly coached team without a plan. I am still wondering what the system is, because it appears to be hoping that Lundy stands on his head and the Rangers win in a shootout.

  8. Repost:

    Girardi and Redden should both be sent straight to Charlotte. Might as well just have them skip over Hartford because they were both awful today and have been over the last few games. The only d-man worth anything is Staal and Mara is 2nd. The rest can go. Kalinin isn’t so bad as a 6th d-man, but hes still terrible (and I’m a Kalinin supporter).


    and with very few exceptions none of the droolers are man enough to admit they were wrong.

  10. Well said Ford. However, if Renney is Sather’s bag man- doesn’t that mean that the buck stops elsewhere…and, therfore, more heads would have to fall?

  11. Rob – we signed Kalinin as a 6th d-man so its not like its anywhere as bad as the Redden or Rozy signing.

  12. Renney is a nice guy? The way he treats players who he is not a fan of or the lack of shame after every pathetic blowout is proof otherwise. The guy thinks, no he is convinced that his shit doesn’t stink. He is a scumbag and a liar, a great deceiver–not a nice guy.

  13. Give Redden the Kasparaitis treatment. Either end his NHL career until the contract runs out or until he starts playing great hockey. No pity for soft lazy millionaires.

  14. “Two Stanley Cup winning coaches are on the market (Tortorella and Laviolette) right now”

    Three! Bob Hartley is an excellent coach despite having tough time with a terrible Atlanta team that had no goaltending or depth.

  15. REPOST

    December 12th, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    hockeymanrnagers, “we play the d game?” we do?? I don;t see the “d game.” This is what is so hilarious about Renny’s supporters, they cling to this notion that he is a defensive whiz——hello?? How many odd man rushes has this team allowed over the last fifteen games, eighty? a hundred, a hundred twenty??

    if there were a rational basis to praise this moron coach for a sacrifice in creativity and combustive scoring, ok, then we have an argument ….. but this vaunted defensive system DOES NOT EXIST! when will the renny droolers accept this fact!

  16. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    johnny D-

    And therin lies the problem.Always relying on someone elses cast off instead of your own home grown talent.Potter showed me more in the preseason and his one game than Kalinin,Redden have and yet he’s still not playing.As a number six,he can develop into a good number 4 or five instead of wasting away in the AHL.They also have Mike Sauer down there,he’s been playing really well since his return from injury,outplaying even Potter by most accounts.

  17. Rob in Tarrytown on

    Jonny D:
    Of course it’s not anywhere as bad as Redden, but spending 2.1 million for a 6th d-man is pretty bad if it prevents the team from getting “proper” help, either via trade or :::gasp::: free agency (Sundin? Shanny??) At least it’s a one-year deal, so he can easily be waived with no long-term repercussions. We won’t be so lucky with Redden. What a colossal mistake he’s been.

  18. I don’t mind overpaying for a 1 year deal, but overpaying for a 6 year deal for a guy that has been playing like crap is absolute insanity.

  19. All Hail King Henrik on

    Poor Hank. He is fighting the puck a little bit right now, but he’s not been nearly as bad as some people here are making him out to be. The loss can’t be pinned on him. Say it with me:


    When your goalie is struggling a little bit, it’s probably not a good idea to give up 20 GRADE A scoring chances: at least 3 break-aways, a 2-1, and AT LEAST 10 shots from 5-10 feet out in front of Lundqvist with a clear view at the net.

    The fact that this team played pretty good team-defense last year and has been absolutely horrible this year is a joke.

    At this point, only maybe Atlanta plays worse team-defense than the Rangers. Hank probably could’ve stopped maybe 4 of those goals if he was playing superhuman-like. But he wasn’t, and it’s the team’s job in front of him to limit scoring chances. Their performance tonight was the antithesis of that–they allowed 20 or 25 scoring chances, 15-18 of which were GRADE A. The Rangers themselves had maybe 2-4 grade A chances against the Devils.

    Go back to the trap; it was better than this shit.

  20. onecupin67years on

    You guys are all schizo.. when they win you don’t whine, when they lose you whine.
    This team is flawed win or lose,You don’t win the cup or come even close to it giving up 10 short handed goals.
    last night was a total breakdown of Renney’s system, unlike the partial breakdowns we come accustomed to ,shoot out wins, loses, this team seldom dominates the opposition.

  21. onecupin67years,you are wrong. A lot of us were whining after the Atlanta win the other night. Our glaring flaws were showing up and in most of the wins this team gets. They haven’t won in regulation in how many games now? Look it up and get back to us.

  22. i am just speechless after tonights game. This team has BIG BIG problems, and i am worried that nothing will be done about it.

  23. Nothing will be done about this team, most likely, because Dolan doesn’t give a flying fig about hockey. He’s a basketball guy.

  24. All Hail King Henrik on

    Two efficient and effective ways to play defense in the NHL:

    1). Play a trap or a “modified-trap system”. NJ and MIN are a good example of the former, Boston of the latter; the NYR played sort of a hybrid of both last season, and did so effectively for the most part.

    2). Play an up-tempo offensive game with special consideration payed to hard-agressive-backchecking. Detroit and San Jose are the best examples of this; this is “THE SYSTEM” we were sold on by Sather and Renney early in the season. This is how we SHOULD be playing, with the team as presently constructed.

    So, we’re not playing a trap as we were able to do effectively last season; and we’re not implementing the up-tempo game with agressive backchecking as we were designed to this season.

    What system are we playing, then? NONE.

    Without strict team-defense, this team will go no place; not in the regular season, and certainly not in the playoffs. They are SEVERLY devoid of the offensive skill to play such a laxadasical defensive game.

  25. Hartley was run out of Atlanta. He doesn’t coach young players well. He did well in Colo because those were the pre-cap days and they had unbelievable homegrown talent in Sakic, Foote, Tanguay, Hejduk, etc. LaCroix was at his peak as a GM.

    That being said, Potter/Sags/Sauer needs to be up now. Bobby Sags had a goal and assist tonight and I wouldn’t mind giving him a shot to run the power play. Put him with someone who is defensively responsible like Mara and limit him at even strength. There needs to be pressure on this D corp.

    I know tonight wasn’t all Henrik’s fault, but I start Valliquette tomorrow. I also would give Voros a game off to reflect from the stands and let Prucha in.

  26. REPOST
    Here’s how I saw the Devils goals unfold.

    Redden got hung out to dry by his partner on the first short handed and got a bad call on that BS Oduya goal. The other two goals were all on Staal, he got beat and didn’t hustle back. From there it became a combination of poor choices/play by the defensemen and no help from the forwards.

    End of the day all the Dmen f*cked up something.

    1st goal SH – Girardi gets caught. Redden goes to the puck carrier in the neutral zone and gets beat on the pass.

    2nd goal PP – Staal gets beat low. Great pass across to Elias, Rozsival covered in front.

    3rd goal – Staal falls behind the net. Rozsival is left covering two dudes. Staal didn’t get in front of the next quick enough after falling.

    4th goal SH – Mara boned the pass on the powerplay. Hank fell on it after the shot. Both Mara and Redden were trying to cover it under Lundqvist. Bullshit goal, whistle should have blown.

    5th goal – Girardi got beat. Redden goes to Gionta behind the net. Neither Girardi or Zherdev pick up Zubrus.

    6th goal – Mara nor Kalinin took the body on Gionta behind the goal-line, nor did Naslund or Gomez pick up Elias (just the most dangerous Devil) trailing.

    7th goal – Rozsival makes a bad pass in the neutral zone, Zherdev and Naslund don’t pick anybody up, Redden gets stuck high.

    8th goal – Redden stayed on Parise, Girardi didn’t hustle to the puck in the corner, Zherdev never picked up Langenbrunner

  27. “Hartley was run out of Atlanta. He doesn’t coach young players well.”

    What young players did they have at the time? Their drafting sucked.

  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Whatever Tom wants…” and now Renney’s lost his world-elite goalie!

    Sweet. If this ship doesn’t right in the next 4 games or so I think Pearn and/or Renney have to go. You gotta salvage the season where they started almost the best 12-15 game streak in team history.

    Also, I hate to say it but this team’s system, defense, and motivation are the problems. They’ve been happening since last year. Drury and Rozsival are huge problems. Renney’s a problem. And Hank can’t save them on his own anymore…I really don’t like being negative but all the silver lining LI Joe, Beer Me, and Staal Wart like to point out seems invisible…I even forget that this team use to win games at points this season because they look so different/awful.

  29. This and the Montreal game have been coming for a long time. Should the King be blamed? No, but he has also tailed off in his play over the last 3 weeks. No matter how bad the team was, 8 goals is a terrible performance. Good think Prucha was benched again. He would have cost us had he played. We are on a fast bus to .500 right now…..just in time for a west coast trip.

  30. How does Kalinin continue to play?

    the need some changes and if sather or renny do not make them something is wrong with there brains..

    they SUCK.. There offense is terrible and now they forgot how to play defense…

    Zherdev is very talented but he is a dog on D… Plan and simple. Dubi has not scored a goal in about a month and a half..

    Kalinin plan sucks.. Redden is soft beyond belief.. Naslund phones it in on D also.

    Look at the + – on this team it is scary…..

  31. there power play is not just bad it is a embarrasment..

    10 shorthanded goals is mind boggling..

    Girardi is the only D man that hits at all.

    Mara’s play has gone down, he thinks he is a tough guy but does not hit and cannot handle the puck.

    Redden should get a map of where the goal is so maybe he can put a shot on occasion on net.

  32. renneys been the same coach since he started, difference was he had players who could bail him out….no one on our roster is good enough to do it this year and this includes hank b/c i dont think there is a goalie in the league that could win night after night with the defenseman/forwards that are in front of him. id be shocked if renney gets fired (pray to god im wrong) and prob the only way we get rid of redden is if we get rid of sather, he is a stubborn old man who is not going to admit he was completely wrong (and that everyone else was right) about redden…sather should have retired after the 1990 season he has been a complete embarrassment to the sport ever since

  33. Redden was on ice for 5 of the 8 Devils goals yet people complain about Kalinin, who actually is playing ok and is on a 1 year deal.

  34. SAM…”… Tom Renney bristled at a question tonight about his defense, saying the problem was with all 20 players…”… could you bristle for me to him, it’s him and his assistants too. Does he really believe he should get credit, and the players get blame? He avoided the PP questions. Renney is a phony & a liar. You can tell him that, & I’ll gladly tell him to his face if he prefers. Tell him let’s start with his Prucha lies, and we’ll go from there. Time for Renney to be held ACCOUNTABLE!

  35. as far as hitting goes, many players shy away from it, unless their coach makes them finish every check HARD. But Renney doesn’t emphasise it, so the only people that bang bodies on this team are those that actually enjoy it. This is a terribly coached team.

  36. bklynblue
    December 13th, 2008 at 1:04 am
    SAM…”… Tom Renney bristled at a question tonight about his defense, saying the problem was with all 20 players…”… could you bristle for me to him, it’s him and his assistants too. Does he really believe he should get credit, and the players get blame? He avoided the PP questions. Renney is a phony & a liar. You can tell him that, & I’ll gladly tell him to his face if he prefers. Tell him let’s start with his Prucha lies, and we’ll go from there. Time for Renney to be held ACCOUNTABLE!

    excellent post, but most of these writers/reporters are phonies also who know that they get paid too much money for something that most of us could easily do.

  37. who carries 6 D all year and on a western conference roadtrip? especially, since the 6 aren’t getting the job done. This is INSANE.
    Fire Renney
    Call up Potter
    Play Prucha
    Bench Kalinin
    Trade Rosvizal

  38. Here’s my question; why would you sit back on the bench and let Hank get shelled for 8 goals when you can put Vali in? It’s obvious that the team’s success hinges on Lundqvist’s play, why would you let his confidence take a hit like that? Shake the team up, save Hank face, make the switch. Again, fu*k-stick Renney doesn’t make a goaltending change when he should. He didn’t switch in Montreal, he didn’t switch this year in TOR, and now again. Not that this game was Hank’s fault, but really….


  39. Renney is by far the worst coach in the NHL. I cannot fathom how there are no checks and balances within this organization. It is a joke.

  40. bob I implied he can read my post to him. I don’t want Sam to ask like it’s him. I’ll take responsiblity face to face any time any place with Renney & Sather. They’ll give him the cold shoulder if he puts them on the spot himself.

  41. Bob, when Hartley was in ATL they were not prepared for the series against the Rangers and it showed. Their GM also took a page out of the post-Cup Neil Smith GM book and traded all and any of their prospects for rental Tzachuk and Zhitnik. Coburn is a stud in Philly now.

  42. The only thing the FO is scared of is the media turning on them, but so far it has been the media that has been scared sh!tless. As long as the beat writers are afraid to do their jobs and are just happy to collect a check, nothing will change.
    It is unbelievable that Renney gets soft ball questions despite the ire of the fans, that tells you a lot about the backbone of these beat writers.
    Renner “ducks” PP questions???? He only ducks if you allow him to duck!
    I am a Rangers fan in Texas and I can tell that these big city reporters are patsies. this crap would never occur down here. You play like crap, heads roll. But in the big city, there are fortunes to be made, so who cares about the fans?

  43. Sid….How would a reporter/beat writer from Texas specifically handle the situation that exists with the NYR’s and Tom Renney? Give us some examples, please.

  44. Renny is a dirtball, never once can he say “I need to coach better.” Which is obvious to even the most sympatheric Renny drooler. The sign of a weak, frightened man. and the media colludes with him because they think he sounds sharp in front of a mic. what a joke.

  45. Liquid,
    You tell me, have you seen any pieces critical of the coaching staff? Renney is preaching defense, I may not be a hocket expert, but these rangers play no defense. the defensemen get a pass and yet Z gets benched for missing a backcheck, does that make sense? Why is Kalinin getting major minutes, why is he carrying just 6 D?
    “Tom Renney bristled at a question tonight about his defense”. Give me a break, somebody should have bristled right back at him.
    How about the PP? How long has the PP sucked, who is responsible, who is accountable? Jags was bamled last year, how about this year?

  46. Sid_Rissi
    December 13th, 2008 at 1:45 am
    The only thing the FO is scared of is the media turning on them, but so far it has been the media that has been scared sh!tless. As long as the beat writers are afraid to do their jobs and are just happy to collect a check, nothing will change.
    It is unbelievable that Renney gets soft ball questions despite the ire of the fans, that tells you a lot about the backbone of these beat writers.
    Renner “ducks” PP questions???? He only ducks if you allow him to duck!

    That is exactly my point, most of the times it is the media that has the power to get the coach fired. And in this case Renney has most of these writers wrapped around his finger and ready to do his bidding. Nothing will change until the writers start doing their goddamn jobs!

  47. At least the previous 4 or 5 garbage coaches that we had prior to this hellspawn looked really sad and sorry after losses, and were at a loss of words, because they didn’t want to make BS excuses, but with Hyena Renney it is an endless array of excuses and lines that he got up his sleeve that he shamelessly recycles.

  48. By the way Sather will not be fired, Dolan wants somebody to take care of his sports franchises so he can concentrate on other things. As long you tread water, get to the playoffs, which is a gimme in Hockey, Dolan is happy. What did it take for Dolan to fire Zeke? I doubt Dolan even knows the Rangers roster or even the coaching staff. As long as money is coming in, he is happy.

  49. 7 hits against a rival team and 8 goals against? What a joke? They rival team scored more goals than Rangers threw hits, am I the only one who finds that hillarious?

  50. bob thats a scary and sad point.

    I was right where Z got hit 9 rows back and he coulda got killed if he falls in wrong, rangers never thought twice about it or hit back

  51. I don’t see why people refuse to call out girardi too. He’s been brutal lately as well. Actually he’s been brutal since the start but was getting lucky. He’s playing just as bad as redden but I feel like people give him a pass because he throws the occasional hit. He’s really proving why he was never drafted.

  52. JJP, Redden has a responsibility on BOTH shorties that he didn’t fulfill.

    On goal #1, that’s a 2 on 1. He needs to stop the pass, and force the puck carrier to shoot, and trust the goalie to stop it. Hockey 101 (or it is Pre-K)?

    On goal #4, putting his stick behind the head of Hank when the puck isn’t moving is retarded. Looking up, he’d have seen Oduya rushing in. He needs to deny that player access to the area. Plain and simple.

    This is a trickle down problem. And now, Hanks head is in the toilet. He’s never had a slump anywhere near this. The team has lost him, and Renny must go

  53. From the previous thread:
    I like Renney. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the guy. But he is the NHL’s version of Tony Dungy. He took a floundering franchise with no hope and taught them how to win. Just like Dungy in Tampa. I have to relent, and agree, that the NYR need a new coach. Just like in Tampa when Gruden took a team with Dungy’s fingerprints all over it, and won a Super Bowl, another coach is gonna have to come in and get this team over the hump.

    EDIT: Yes I know Dungy went to A NEW TEAM and won the Super Bowl. The point I was trying to make is that new blood will jump start this team. Whether it is a coach Gruden) or a player (like AVERY a couple years ago) there needs to be a spark. All the great things about Renney are probably true. And I am sure that has a lot to do with why we attract so many UFA’s. But one thing is certain: When this team needs a kick in the ass, he ain’t the one to give it to ’em.

  54. Sam, I think you can officially say that Rangers’ fans are calling for Renney’s head. And let’s not use the argument that “this blog is a small sample size of the toughest and most vocal fans” excuse as a cop out. Time to call it like you see it.

  55. Voice of Reason on

    Before we all collectively look to hire Hartley, Tortorella, or Laviolette, can we please see how THEY”RE power play’s performed? THat is and has been the biggest thing. If your team is not that tough, you can’t have a poor power play or you’ll be mugged (like last night). Imagine a 7 game series?

    Taking it on the chin like last night is great in December, but will not be great in April. MAKE CHANGES TO FIX THE POWER PLAY AND TO GET TOUGHER NOW.

  56. I’ve been saying this a since the beginning. There is NO gameplan. No grit, passion or channeling of talent. What the Rangers have done ALL season is rely on Hank to make a bog save, defense to clear and hope Nicky or Gomer create something out of nothing. Are you guys really surprised? I said after the Isles game that the Rangers is the poorest team in the leauge, but then everybody kept screaming about the record.

    To be honest; Atlanta and Dallas are both better teams right now if you look at their play. If Rangers keep playing like this I cant see anything but ending up last in the East, if not the entire leauge.

    No gameplan or passion – No wins in regulation (let’s not be laughing stock by going to the playoffs by winning SO all seasons).

  57. BTW Peter-

    Good point, It’s about time somebody put pressure on Renney. Sam is by far the best Hockey reporter in my book, so why not him. He knows the issues and I think he’s tired of Renney too, but then again, everybody seems to be so polite nowadays.

  58. WoW!! WTF? I don’t even know where to begin! Most guys on this blog are dead on balls accurate! Why doesn’t Sam or anyone else around see it also? This team really is a sham and it pretty much starts with Renney and his “system” To be honest you guys have been bashing Renney for a while, and I was not with you in this assessment. But you know what, I am in!! Couple reasons why:
    1. Can we hit a body? What kind of team is successful that doesn’t take the body? It is clear that Renney does not promote this aspect of the game, as time after time the opponent skates at will through the Rangers zone and in front of the net. Disgusting!
    2. His realiance on Blowszival and Redden. These are two of the worst defensmen I have ever seen. To think that some people were putting Redden’s name with Leetch when they signed this guy. I can honestly say I have never seen softer guys than these clowns. You cannont have defensemen play that are this soft and allow the opp. to skate in at will. Solution: to start – BENCH THEM! NOW!

  59. What scares me, is the length of the deals to Redden, Drury, and Rozi. The only way that we can get rid of these guys is to package them with a youngster with some appeal. I would package Rozi with Dubinsky, even if we had to trade them to Dallas for Avery (a guy we could easily bury in the minors), and let Potter and/or Fahey have a shot on D. Girardi learned the game by being thrown in the fire, these guys can too. They can not be any worse than what we have right now. The only thing I don’t like about trading Dubinsky is that we didn’t do it a month ago when we could have gotten a good return for him.

  60. NA NA NA NAAAAA … heyy heyyy heyyy goooooodbyyyyyeeeeee RENNNNEEEEEYYYYYY ….
    When i saw GOMEZ .. on the bench FIRED up to get the team going … and then i saw Tom Renney with his arms crossed … right there i said two things … Renney’s gotta go cause that should be him getting crazy and getting his team pumped … and rip that “C” off of Drury and put it on Gomez.. enough said

  61. onecupin67years on

    onecupin67years October 17th, 2008 at 9:50 am

    If the rangers continue to have these lack luster games then I think its time for a coaching change.
    The rangers always seem to have better than average talent, which always seem to underachieve.

    A team usually takes on the persona of the coach , Tom just seems to be too laid back, The players have to step it up in crunch time ,when it counts, what is this teams personality?
    High scoring -run and gun ? Hitting? Strong D minded?
    That Buffalo game was snore fest .
    The Rangers seem to marginal scoring and d hoping its always enough to squeak out a win. Told you so!

  62. Dubi or not Dubi on

    So, if I said anything about Renney or Sather or anyone for that matter I’d be beating a dead horse. While it feels good to vent, I’m changing the subject!

    After the game, Dave Maloney and Stan Fischler ripped the team defense. Maloney looked like his head was going to explode and called out Redden, even raising his voice: “HIT somebody, POKE somebody, I mean for God’s sake play with PASSION…”. Meanwhile, they go back to Sam and Joe and they have their dumb smiles on and started making excuses for Renneytard and his team.

    So why can’t Dave Maloney A) Be our coach or B) Take over for Joe in the TV booth!?!?!?!?! Maloney was good at hockey afterall, Joe, not so much.

  63. Maloney has really improved his broadcasting skills. He should have Michalletti’s job. Torts should have Renney’s job, and I should have Sather’s job:)

  64. Very good Dubi! Yea this Micheletti guy…he’s ok at ananlyzing the games, but come on you can be critical once in a while. Everyone sees it (Blowszival, redden crap play), yet he always defends these guys. When you do that, the real fan loses respect for you. I also agree with you on the Drury thing> I think everyone kind of scratched their heads when he was made captain. I mean, does he really seem like captain material. A captain needs to know how to communicate, and did you ever hear him in an interview? – a complete snorefest!

  65. This is really getting bad,I’ve been saying for 2 years now to fire that buffoon Renney and his stooges.NOpower play 2 plus years, Do we need to make some player moves absolutly but no matter who we get in here Renney has to go.
    As bad as the D is all that really has to happen is get the pp to work we are averaging 2.35 goals per game.With a working pp that would go up to 3.50 a game.a least.
    Thats not gonna happen with this coaching staff.know matter who we get in here to play.

    It’s not that tough a disicion Glenn, if you can tell me this team is fun to watch then you don’t know squat about hockey.

  66. Actually the guy us Rangers fans should be booing is Kalinin. This guy has done gotz all season and last night was a prime example of it. We just tied the game and Mara passes the puck to kalinin who then redirects the puck to Zubrus and passes it to Elias for the go ahead goal and lets not forget about the penalties such as the interference call. Kalinin does not belong with this team. Trade him.

  67. Rob,
    For the past few years I have been a subscriber to NHL Center Ice and if the Rangers were not playing I would watch Toronto play. Mats Sundin would do wonders for this team.

  68. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Heh, I do laugh at the thought of Sundin. Sundin is loaded at this point, he’s had his mega contract and is not going anywhere JUST for money. Obviously wherever he goes he will be well compensated for it, but he wants to go to a team that he can win with. Unless he is a defenseman who has been playing center all of these years, he has got to be thinking to himself “Did my agent REALLY set up a meeting with Glen Sather? I might have to talk to Ari Gold…”

  69. Joe, I would wait until the end of this season to get rid of Renney, however in the meantime bring in Sundin

  70. On Renney: I’ve never been one to bash or credit him too much. We needed some bruisers on D and Sather tried to get Orpik but we got Redden and Rozi. It was my hope that they could be taught to play a little more physically. That isn’t happening and it falls squarely on the coaching. Every team knows they can park in front of
    Hank and they’ll get chances at rebounds with only a little poke check to stop them. Even though the ref should have blown the whistle while Hank was on his back, Redden should have turned around and made sure nobody got near the crease.
    There is no price to pay to stand in front of our goalie and that is WRONG!

    The PP is another thing. When your PP isn’t winning games and instead losing games and the coaching staff brings out the same players and philosophy, it falls on the coaching. We have a goalie coach, why not a PP coach and, for that matter, a defenseman coach? I agree with everybody who has called for Renney’s head. Like Roger Neilson, he has guided this team in the right direction but he may not be the one to bring us to the promised land.

  71. Sundin is not in NY to sign with the Yankees, nor is he looking to intern at Vogue, he will be a Ranger

  72. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Two more points about the Hayena.

    1) Why was Z benched at the end of the third period? He benched his leading scorer who had 4pts in the game(should’ve had another asst)because the “coach” thought he missed a back check? Why is Blair Betts never benched for his lack of offense? Isn’t a forward “responsible” for both ends of the ice?

    2) As for Renney attracting FA’s,as someone posted earlier,
    of course he does. They know that they’ll never ever be held accountable for their lackluster play by him.And they know that the Rangers will pay top dollar. A perfect situation,if your a vet.As for young FA’s,doesn’t it strike you odd that the Rangers were not able to sign Brunstumm or Blake Wheeler? Wheeler publicly said that one of the reasons he did not sign with us is because he did not feel he’d get a fair chance to stick with the team. As for Bruunstrum, I would bet he felt the same way,plus Dallas gave him more money than us.Meanwhile,he’s putting up some good numbers for them as is wheeler for the B’s. Sather would rather overpay for mediocre vet talent that pay top dollar for a young kid with a great future like Bruunstrum.

  73. “A team usually takes on the persona of the coach , Tom just seems to be too laid back”

    exactly, and it also seems that Renney likes mild players with similar persona to his.

    As for Girardi, he has been beat this season because he simply is a fairly slow skater and other teams figured it out, while Renney didn’t. He needs to have either a fast partner, or improve his skating or change his defensive approach.

  74. I mean since we cant play defense we need to start playing a free flowing style of breakout and offense..

    Once the players realized last night that they werent stopping sh-t they kind of did what they wanted to get it to 5-0. AHL caliper goalie or not the devils were winners 8 of their last 9 so its not like the 5goals were gimmies to tie it.

    That being said if they run and gun how much worse can it be than it is now? I mean given they cant give up 8 goals every night at least I hope maybe they can start trying to win games 3-2 and 4-3 rather than being the “low scoring team” that Renny thinks they have to be trapped in his trap.

  75. If I were Sundin I’d skip being a guest in NY and right back to Canada; or anywhere a team isn’t coached by Renney and his Yuka brother aasistants….

    in 2005-06 he had patience and it was a calming influence on a chaotic franchise; but he has not evolved to the point where he is taking this club higher than a win one lose one team…now that same calm-patience is nothing more than rigid-stubborn-inflexibility…

    Thats what happens if you DONT CHANGE…

    your virtues become your anchors and drag down the team…

    Where are all the people now who blamed the two 600 goal scorers for ruining the PP??

  76. Doesn’t matter how much skill or talent a team has if they’re kept worrying about the basics: what line am I on, what TEAM am I on….

  77. I’m in delaware so I am so happy I missed this game. I kept track on my phone but wow. We really need a pronger type and if this team continues as is, we have a chance at a lottery pick for hedman!

  78. Kaspar I only blamed Jagr for not being the player he was, if he didnt screw up his shoulder he would still be having 30 goal seasons and still be a ranger, just he cant be for 7.5 mill to not even score 20. I cant see anyone who blamed Shannahan for his work.

    Its painfully clear that renny hasnt a clue about the powerplay(or offense in general) and since it is Perns responsibility and it hasnt changed with all these players in the last 4 years its all on them not the players.

  79. …and one last thing before I try to live a normal life (until game time that is)

    Everyone…and I mean everyone knows that last nights game was just the latest, and worst, in a series of related collpases..Fla, Van, Mont, even a few of their boring wins over the drech of the league…and that its beginning to accumulate into something far uglier than single losses and that something drastic needs to happen

    All the people on this blog know it, everyone I know who follows hockey knows it, every national commentator (NHL on the Fly guys, TSN analysts etc…) knows it, even a few local guys (like crazy Brooks) knows it… but Renney?????

    Its just one bad game?

    Is this guy really kidding anyone?

  80. Renney knows his ass has been on the line so he’s frantically changing and doing random shit out of desperation. Fire his ass and make some trades!

  81. All I can think of is Patrick Roy getting shelled for 9 goals in ’95, coming off the ice, and telling his GM, “I will never play another game for this team again.” I don’t think Hank would ever flip like that and ditch the team and demand to be traded, but it’s bullshit that Renney would let Hank get humiliated in net like that when he’d obviously not having a good game.

  82. WOW, horrible game.
    i agree with whats been said, renney doesn’t show that bad play = consequences..
    hank.. i mean 8 goals is tough to swallow. the feeling of hopelessness when it comes to defense lately.. like he can do anything in his power and the other team will still get one in and no one is to pay for being in his creas? WHAT A JOKE..especially hard since the team wasn’t scoring much as of late besides for last night.

    bring sundin in, hes a big man, big hits and it cant hurt the awful power play and the non existant defense..

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