From the Rock: What do you mean no changes? (Updated)


It has been the rare game when the Rangers haven’t made some sort of adjustment from the previous outing. Tonight appears to be one of those. According to Tom Renney, he’ll go with the same combinations as Wednesday against the Thrashers, with the lone change Henrik Lundqvist back in net.

Some other notes:

<li>How about that power play? The Rangers have scored only one goal on the man-advantage in the last six games. But in their defense, they haven’t scored that many goals at all. So in that sense, it really isn’t that bad.

Anything else you want me to clear up?

<li>Renney again hedged on the possibility of carrying a seventh defenseman for the trip to California, merely saying it was something he would like to explore. Frankly, it makes no sense that the team wouldn’t call a defenseman up. All it takes is one tweaked something by a defenseman Tuesday night in Anaheim, and suddenly you’re forced to scramble to get Corey Potter on a cross-country flight in time for the next night in L.A.

<li>While Mats Sundin is supposed “to meet with the Rangers brass at some point this weekend”:, the center isn’t expected to make up his mind until next week, and then probably wouldn’t join his new team until after Christmas. If the Rangers are truly a possibility — and let’s be clear that’s still very much an “if” at this point — let’s just say it would have to be a busy holiday season for Glen Sather. A lot of good suggestions from readers here over what Sather could do to clear space. But again, I have a hard time imagining the team simply burying salary in the minors, so it means they’d have to find a dance partner.

<lI>Meanwhile, let’s not forget that wherever Sundin ends up, it’s going to open the door for other signings around the league. The most obvious would be Brendan Shanahan — and not just because teams that lose out on Sundin would then be willing to talk to Shanahan. More likely is that a Sundin signing would open the door for more trades, and that would enable some Shanahan suitors to clear up some cap space.

Update, 6:26 p.m.: In the interest of pure speculation, no sight of either Glen Sather or Jim Schoenfeld tonight. Think they could be busy?

Update, 6:49 p.m.: Never mind. The GM and the assistant GM are both in the building. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have had an early dinner somewhere!

Update, 8:01 p.m.: So the Rangers dig themselves yet another early hole thanks to their ninth shorthanded goal allowed this season. And now it’s 3-1 after Henrik Lundqvist is left to fend for himself on two Travis Zajac attempts.

Update, 8:20 p.m.: What a mess. It would be easy to pinpoint culprits here, only there’s plenty of blame to go around. The dreadful defensive zone coverage continue, and it goes without saying the Rangers power play is a disaster. That’s 5-1 to those of you scoring at home. I’m very interested to hear just how frustrated Henrik Lundqvist is with the team in front of him, if he’ll even go there.

Update, 8:28 p.m.: And for what it’s worth, I’m all for the Rangers feeling the need to stick up for themselves with the occasional fight. But when you’re dropping the gloves every three minutes in a game like this, it look like an awful lot like a team that can’t do much else.

More later…

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  1. Repost

    THIS IS BULLSH!T! i was supposed to go to the game today with a friend of mine… the guy just canceled on me!! apparently he is taking some chick to the game instead of ME!!sure i dont have what she’s got to offer in the “snack” department… but C’MON!! i gotta get new friends!

  2. Anychance we can have this site formatted for mobile phones. It is tough to get a good read due to the current format? LETS GET A WIN TONIGHT…

  3. Pete i agree… what i would love is to hear what our invisible GM has to say about ANYTHING!! when was the last time anyone heard or saw slats at all? phantom of the opera…

  4. Just to let you guys know, Patrick Rissmiller has 11 points in 10 games down in Hartford…haha.

  5. When asked if driving to the net is something the team will try to do now Tom Renney answered:
    “AT THE END OF THE DAY it seems that’s how teams win games in the league now.” Tom, tell me quite honestly R U F*CKING KIDDING ME? Driving to the net is how teams score goals ever since this game was invented!

  6. Brett Leonhardt will serve as Washington’s backup goaltender on Friday.

    Leonhardt was signed by the Washington Capitals to fill in for the injured Jose Theodore. Originally the team was going to have AHL goaltender Simeon Varlamov to backup Brent Johnson, but Varlamov was in San Antonio and could not land in Washington in time to play in Friday’s game. So instead, the Capitals recruited Leonhardt to join their ranks. Never heard of him? He’s a 6-foot-7 website producer who played Division III hockey in college. So naturally we expect this to be the beginning of a long and fruitful NHL career. As a sidenote, if he does actually take the ice, he will tie the record for the tallest netminder ever to play in an NHL game. Hopefully he gets into the game it would be funny if he videotaped himself giving up a goal.

  7. jonny – good to know but with his 2 1/2 yrs remaining on contract and waiver rules he’s stuck there. and ahl stats are misleading lundmark was player of month in ahl in november

  8. OK, I’m actually going to be able to watch this game fully without distractions, so I will be here to post about it. :D Let’s hope it’s a good one and Yahoo doesn’t crap out on me like last time.

  9. Burnett’s contract is easily the craziest contract in all of sports. Enjoy his 15 starts a year.

  10. There’s no difference between Hank Steinbrenner and James Dolan neither has even earned a penny and both are mentally retarded.

  11. Jonny D – Yeah, and didn’t Jason Krog lead the AHL in scoring for a long time one or two seasons ago? Like others have said, AHL scoring is very different from NHL scoring.

  12. Do you not understand the the guy has been a waste of space except for last year? As a Met fan I was hoping the Braves would sign him hopefully now they won’t go after Lowe.

  13. sam? r u watching this? i hope u r drawing some sample question for the management on who’s getting fired first and when?

  14. The funny thing is, I was actually hoping the penalty was Mara, not Holik, for exactly that reason.

  15. graves… now that im looking at the Burnett stats.. he is definitely not worth the money… but then again… its the Yankees… CC and Burnett are huge upgrades from the past few years of the rotation… i truly hope for those two signings to work out


    I’m at the point where i change the channel when we go on the pp.

    ugh this is painful.

  17. Girardi can be a mess, no question.

    I still don’t understand why players don’t improve under this coach. I mean I understand it —- he’s no Toe Blake, there’s no accountability, the place is a country club. But still you’d think just by sheer chance, SOMEONE would get better.

  18. Orr just lost to Rupp. What the hell has happened to him? He was one of the most feared fighters his first few years.

  19. Time to get rid of Orr, seriously, what is a point to have a roster spot being wasted on a guy that can’t score or fight and not much else.

  20. “I still don’t understand why players don’t improve under this coach. I mean I understand it——he’s no Toe Blake, there’s no accountability, the place is a country club. But still you’d think just by sheer chance, SOMEONE would get better.”

    Renney is the worst coach in NHL and players only regress under him. Nobody ever improves.

  21. this team is a mess.

    again… what kind of losing streak is it going to take for renney to get fired? 5? 10? more?

    he’s completely lost this team. its obvious and you can see it in all of the players.

  22. This team really sucks!! Can someone tell me how the hell this team is in first place? They seriously play like a last place team. There is nobody that scores, their defense is awful, they have no power play at all, they have nobody that finshes checks. Big names suck (Drury, Gomez.

    Sure we have a couple of big guys – Mara, Voros, but who in the league is a bigger pussy than these guys. Voros is starting to work my nerves real fast. Keep taking those penalties, and don’t contribute any offense.

    I think Im about done with this team. I can’t take it anymore

  23. I am absolutely shocked that they allowed Naslund’s goal based on our dubious history with distinct kicking motions. They could have called that heel move a kick.

  24. The only thing worse than watching this game is having to listen to Joe Micheletti as he soils his DEPENDS

  25. Perry Pearn, F*CK YOU. “Well, giving up a shorthanded goal puts us back on our heels a bit, but at that point we were outshooting them significantly.”

    You have no clue, do you. SHOTS ON GOAL DON’T MATTER. Goals do. Quality scoring CHANCES matter. Not firing the puck from the f’ing boards, hoping it’ll go in.

    How Pearn hasn’t been strung up in public yet is beyond me. He does not deserve a hockey-related job.

  26. This defense is just dreadful. Apparently Redden doesnt know to back up on that shorthanded goal and take the man later. Rozsival cant decide to go after the man or cover the front of the net and instead does neither. Kalinin hasnt kept a puck in at the point all season. Atrocious.

    Can we give these guys the Kasparitis/Ozolinsh treatment yet?

    Are Igor Ulanov or Dave Karpa available?

  27. Naslund cashed in on a gomez rush!!!!!!! It is starting to happen … Gomez is starting to look like the second coming of RICO FATA . Parros and other big heavy weight would kill Orr , unless Orr delivers that KO punch …

  28. Next team that scores a goal wins this game. That is my prediction. Obviously not rocket science, but still my prediction.

  29. y is outshooting opponent is such an important thing to this team compared to creating scoring chances or shutting down the other team? perry pearn and Co. keep bringing it up like its the best thing in hockey…

    “sure they are outplaying us, out muscling us… but hey WE OUT-SHOOTING THEM! YEA, HOWS THAT RANGERS FANS?”

  30. Itsnt it amazing the A-Hole Pearn is the one who vouched for Redden to come here. Ship them both out on a rail. This has got to be the worst Ranger PP in history ACCOUNTABILITY?????? WHERE

  31. i am getting tired of watching this team do the same thing every game. how can they not have improved on the pp and the shortys against? i dont get it. beyond a few nice plays the rangers create a game, they have become very boring and very predictable. like when duby dumps it in and chases it just to send it back for a blocked point shot. yea i see no end to this shitfest until rennys gone

  32. The team really sucks!! Can someone tell me how the hell this team is in first place? They seriously play like a last place team. There is nobody that scores, their defense is awful, they have no power play at all, they have nobody that finshes checks. Big names suck (Drury, Gomez.

    Sure we have a couple of big guys – Mara, Voros, but who in the league is a bigger pussy than these guys. Voros is starting to work my nerves real fast. Keep taking those penalties, and don’t contribute any offense.

    I think Im about done with this team. I can’t take it anymore

  33. just wait! in just another few games we will have given up more short handed goals than we’ve scored on the powerplay! AMAZING!

  34. yea hanks been bad for a few games now. not that it matters cause the d is so inferior he has no faith in them and is playing scared and pressured

  35. lobster – really not in 1st being that teams have 4 or more games in hand. they are more like fringe playoff team 6th through 8th

  36. lets play a game kids… the game is called “What Would Renney Supporters Say?”

    i got first: LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!


  37. Did you see the perfect pass that blowszival made right before the goal? Nobody around him, yet he sent a perfect pass right to the Devil. Then he pusses out as Zajac skates right past him! Unbelievable!. yea Renney keep playing him!

  38. spider – actually that is the right way. father prob doesn’t have many yrs left so enjoy a big occasion like this

  39. That was awesome ownage by Girardi. Zajac gets in his face after a legal hit and takes three punches in the face and falls again. Massive fail. At least we have something positive to take out of this game.

  40. lobster – “really not in 1st being that teams have 4 or more games in hand. they are more like fringe playoff team 6th through 8th”

    Good point LI Joe!

  41. GOD DAMN!

    i’m done. wake me up when pearn/renney/slats have been fired.

    we’re going to hit the bottom of the standings in a hurry.

  42. Redden is the biggest waste of garbage I’ve ever seen and the rangers are stuck with this bum for the next 6 years, what a disgrace.

  43. I think we are officially experiencing Lundqvist’s annual swoon. Yes, the team is hanging him out to dry, but he is usually more of a superhuman where it would only be 2–1 right now.

  44. The fourth goal says it all. Redden and Mara ignore the Devils, looking for the puck instead of the man, as if the idea of protecting the crease with their bodies is a concept they have never even heard of.

  45. Eh, I was hoping they could do the party on another day, but the Devils have a game tomorrow also, so Emrick would have had to miss at least one, I suppose.

  46. Rangers are getting torched. No jump. 2 shorties. You’ve got to be kidding me. Rangers look like a minor league team. When the rangers get a poerplay, someone should immediately take a minor, so they can play 4 on 4…at least they wouldn’t have to put the PP unit on the ice!

  47. I am now joining the posters who WANT this to keep happening to the Rangers to force them to make personnel changes, be they players, coaching staff, whatever.

    Whatever it takes to make SOMEthing happen, and not just Tom Fucking Renney gently saying he may consider doing some actual coaching “down the road”.

    This is disgraceful.

  48. we play like a poorly coached team. Could Redden’s thumb be further up his ass? Protect your goalie, douchebag.

  49. shesends
    December 12th, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    i’m done. wake me up when pearn/renney/slats have been fired.

    we’re going to hit the bottom of the standings in a hurry.

    One word…or two actually…Draft Pick?

  50. Im in utter shock that this F*CKING TEAM GAVE UP TWO SHORT HANDED GOALS. THEY ABSOLUTELY F*CKING SUCK TONIGHT!!!! If I was Sundin I wouldnt want to sign with this SH!T TEAM. F*CK 5-1!!!!!!!!!

  51. alright guys I’m also on board…its time to show Renney the door. This is downright pathetic…and to think, I have tickets to 3 games on the 23,27,and 29th…Shit!

  52. This team is so soft it’s disgusting. This team doesn’t body check. They play the game like it’s deck hockey.

  53. FIRE SOMEONE …if t his team tanks it til xmas .. we wont get Sundin even though we need to get defensemen who care.

  54. Scott Gomez needs to be traded or shot immediately. He is sooooooooooo bad. And Henke is giving up HUGE rebounds. Girardi and Redden didn’t help him on that last one.

    But back to my main point, Gomez needs to really go. Him and Drury are stealing money from us. 14 million between the both of them to do nothing.

  55. Redden was supposed to be a offensive defensemen. I haven’t seen anything that tells me this guy has offensive ability, his defense is brutal to say the least.

  56. i think Hank is trying to send a message… look u guys r pretty pitiful team if im not playing well… still think this coaching stuff deserves to be around? I am your once in a life time goaltender… and you surround me with this moronic management?

  57. 5-1

    Bye Bye Renney

    Bye Bye Pearn

    Bye Bye “conditioning” practices

    Bye bye “optional skates”

    Bye bye defensemen

    Until ALL of that happens, this team is going to plummet down the league like a lead weight in a pond.

  58. at this point i don’t care who gets traded first.

    again, the only people who shouldn’t be available are zherdev, staal, and hank.

    fuck the rest. complete waste of roster spots.

    i guess the most painful thing is that nothing is going to happen over the holidays due to the trade freeze. does anyone know if slats is even still alive?

    renney has got to go. i can’t take this anymore. hire torts. he kinda looks like alf but at least he’d hold the players on this team accountable.

  59. refs blew it again on

    “its like hes the only one out there”

    gotta love sam rosen. sure hank is giving up huge rebounds but he is just as pissed at this team as we are. he can’t do everything.

  60. tom terrific needs to shake something up next game. sit chris drury. this game is not on him but desperate times need desperate decisions

  61. Redden, seeing Girardi waltzing with his man toward the corner, leaves the front of the net to chase him too! Leaving Zubrus all alone in front!


  62. seriously… i wonder if the rangers DONT want sundin. i feel like the only excuse for them playing this bad would be that management told them to throw the game b/c they dont want sundin to sign

  63. Clarkson has only one gear when he sees Orr — reverse. This from the guy who taunted Avery for refusing to fight him.

  64. If Renney is a man he’d pull Lundquist

    Of course he soon should have to answer for the fact that a Vezina finalist has been pulled three times in three weeks ( should be 4 times too…Montreol)

    so thats why he wont do it…looks bad for him


  65. If Sundin is watching this game and we stink it up tomorrow at MSG he may say to himself this no cup contender. I want to play with the team that has the best chance to win the cup and with no special teams, NY has not shot. I do not want to play in NY.

  66. Phalanx – That is completely idiotic. If management doesn’t want Sundin, then they won’t offer him a contract.

    It looks like the defensemen are incapable of receiving back-passes on the power play. I would like to at least try some Korpikoski and Dawes out there right now. Let’s just try five forwards on both units; it can’t be much worse defensively, and then maybe they will be excited about shooting.

    Yay Zherdev! Make like the Flyers last night except that they started their comeback from 5–1 in the third.

  67. “Spiderpig

    Phalanx – That is completely idiotic. If management doesn’t want Sundin, then they won’t offer him a contract.”


    Its called sarcasm…

    5-3… what is going on?

  68. HA – Yeah, maybe Eklund’s made-up Gomez to Edmonton rumors can have some legs now, but I don’t see Gomez waiving an NTC for that, especially since he is liked here.

    And just like that, Gomez makes it 5–3. I love how ugly they look then turn it around. So frustrating!

  69. Renney’s going to wait till the Rangers are within one, then play Betts 18 minutes in the third.

  70. The first 15 minutes of this period were the worst of the season. Uh-oh Zherdev looks hurt …. bad.

  71. Phalanx – It’s hard to tell sarcasm online sometimes without an emoticon or something.

    That was a hell of a *legal* hit on Zherdev. Wow.

  72. i wonder if all the players told renney: “shove your ‘system’ up his ass. we’re gonna play our way”.

    they look like a completely different team

  73. hank is pissed about that goal they scored…and he really should be. that was a long wait for a whistle. whenever a ref can’t find the puck the blow it dead. that was a horrible call by the ref plan and simple. i bet stan goes nuts over this one

  74. Whether or not that goal should have been blown dead doesn’t matter at this point. We can’t expect to win anything when we give up 2 shorthanded goals in a game. Our power play looks like Shreck on ice as performed by The Orange Avenue Special Needs School. DISGRACE!!!!

  75. MAKO and HA

    You guys may well be right. But Redden has to defend the crease like a tiger in case the refs don’t blow the whistle. You learn that when you’re six years old! Oduya wasn’t touched! Danced in, scored, danced out. Untouched! That is the definition of horrid.

  76. Zheredev rules!!!! I SAID FROM THE START that hes our first line RW that is Jagrs replacement . Z is younger and has huge shoes to fill in replacing Jagr. Hes doing pritty good so far. Leading our team in scoring at such a young age. I love Jagr’s class and creativity but ya have to admit it , Z is more creative and when he floats around the net ,,, he always sets up someone ( gomez could watch him). Zheredev probally thinks hes better than Ovechkin !!! Good for him , I sure hope hes ok after that big hit.

  77. It is true how freely this team skated when the game seemed out of hand. Coincidence? No way. Renney’s fear is so pervasive, so stifling, so ruinous for this team.

  78. THis team is terrible..

    THey have been dominated by the Devils.

    the Devil goals I could score….

    Redden is so soft it is terrible.. Staal is getting pushed around a little tonight. Terrible effort whatever the final score is…


  79. I believe in a free an open society….

    I believe in free speech…

    I am against censorship in all forms…


    If Sam Weinman would censor anyone who ever came onto this blog claiming that Tom Renny is a defense-first coach and sent them a parting email that read: OFFENSE IS THE BEST DEFENSE…SEND TWO MEN IN; ONE AT THE NET. FIND A NEW BLOG!!

    I would cry tears of joy

  80. Anyone who says that goal should be allowed, is clearly retarded. HOW [the fugg can the ref see the fuggin puck ??? Remember game 2 last year ? BULLSHIT.

    This team is still pathetic. Zherdev gets bitched, and they do shit.Fuggin pussies.

  81. Olga Folkyersef on

    How did this team ever get to first place? No matter, they won’t be there for long.

    Fire Renney.
    Is Sather dead yet? It seems the only way to get rid of him.

  82. Greg L. says ZZZ 1 3 ZZZ rules!! on

    3rd period ‘s coming up … looks like Gomez has some passion this game , screaming at his teamate on the bench. Nice to see . Hank has to stay in the game and show his team that he will not desert them.

  83. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    December 12th, 2008 at 8:59 pm
    Anyone who says that goal should be allowed, is clearly retarded. HOW [the fugg can the ref see the fuggin puck ??? Remember game 2 last year ? BULLSHIT.

    This team is still pathetic. Zherdev gets bitched, and they do shit.Fuggin pussies.

    Clearly it was a goal you stupid fugg. I have read your posts if anyone is retarded it’s you.

  84. The lesson is simple and so obvious — the Rangers are a team that feeds off emotion, and they don’t feel any emotion until it looks hopeless and they can ignore the coach’s native anxiety and anal-retentiveness and fear.

  85. Another game where Prucha is invisible out there! No question, if he’s not scoring goals, what good is he doing us?? Sit him down, Tom!

    (BTW, Dawes’ playmaking has been awesome tonight.)

    ((Fire Renney))

  86. “parise is God December 12th, 2008 at 9:12 pm ”

    Devil fan on Rangers blog? and i was thinking to myself what the f*ck is that smell? now i know… :)

  87. Webb

    are you being sarcastic?

    December 12th, 2008 at 9:19 pm
    Another game where Prucha is invisible out there! No question, if he’s not scoring goals, what good is he doing us?? Sit him down, Tom!

  88. hehee…having Dawes in there over Prucha is useless. Prucha is very involved, even when not scoring.

    And, here’s to the coaching staff that puts the forward at the point during the SECOND half of the power play. Pure genious. They’ve done it twice. Start with 2 D-men. then, a minute in, get Drury out there, so he can stay on D when the man comes out of the box for even strength play. Classic stuff!!!

  89. Is Dawes playing today? He has been invisable for every game but one. Great shift by the Dubi line.

  90. redden. my boy redden. ive never wanted to kill a team more than today. i have a hard time saying this is my team anymore.

  91. I guess, in a way, it would be better for the team to end up losing this game because that will hopefully let them know that their play is disgusting right now.

  92. This team has Z E R O defense. They may as well not even lace up the skates.

    Trade all six defensemen for cardboard cutouts of Jeff Beukeboom and Brian Leetch.

  93. shot by redden high.
    shot by redden blocked.
    shot by redden blocked.
    shot by redden high.
    out of the zone, they score

  94. bob
    December 12th, 2008 at 9:29 pm
    assassinate Renney somebody please

    are you kidding me…dude you are the lowest common denominator…scum of the earth…piece of fuggin dingleberry!

    Oh and is our team really defense first, as the Debbies just scored there 8th goal.

  95. Redden again….well, maybe Renney shouldn’t put a line out there for the first time in a game with4 minutes left….douchebag

  96. Lets see, 3 shots by N.J. and 2 goals. Great defensive system by Renney.Wow, cant Sather see this team is lost. This is disgacefull play all around.

  97. “are you kidding me…dude you are the lowest common denominator”

    nope, you, and Renney, and all the Renney appologists are the lowest common shit. Worthless garbage.

  98. Dawes doesn’t belong in the league….and redden is so soft. How could he possibly fool so many people for so long? Going from when he was drafted through over a decade in the NHL????

    Has he dropped that far that fast?

  99. Anyone else thinking Sundin might just cancel his trip to the Garden tomorrow?

    Sam, in all seriousness- and please address this- can the Rangers waive Redden? Please tell me there is some type of non-performance clause in a standard contract. Even if there is a cap hit…he adds nothing.

  100. this team only plays hockey when they are down by 2 goals or more. i find it hilarious and pathetic. we need 3 new d-men before this season is over. question is who the hell is going to even want redden…probably worse than bringing lindros or holik or ruchin or any of those horrible players

  101. Lundquist is completely lost…3 vezina noms

    Dubinsky is being frickin wasted ( look how Parisa plays..that should be dubi

    Prucha banned

    Dawes demoted

    If someones head doesnt roll tonite…the Rangers are least Giants are still playing

  102. does renney hate hank? i thought he let hank rest on wednesday because he wanted to play him back to back this weekend.

    … why on earth would you leave him in for all 8?

  103. funny that Newsday had an article earlier today, with the headline:

    “Redden a steadying influence”


  104. if i was hank i would ask for a trade. and i would root for whatever team he goes to. until renney is fired i am not a ranger fan anymore im a henrik fan.

  105. Also, please fire Perry Pearn – horrible power play, and if i’m correct vouged for the acquisition of Redden bc both were in Ottawa.

  106. Hank certainly hasn’t played that well tonight but his “defense” hung him out to dry…please call up Potter, I’d take him over Redden and Kalenin any day

  107. hank needs to refuse to play until he can get some help.

    if he doesnt play stellar the rangers lose. its simple as that

  108. Time for Renney to take everyone out for frosty chocolate milkshakes and then give a post-game interview where he blames the game on a couple of bad bounces.

  109. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I don’t give a crap how many games they have in how many nights, this defense should sprint until they throw up, then sprint again and again and again and again. THEN I would put them all on waivers and bring up the hartford defense. This team is worse than ANY of the non playoff teams over the past decade. This team is F’ing pathetic. I can seriously say that this is the worst Rangers team I have ever seen. They have a joke of a coach whose idea of accountability is that his coaches wear a proper shirt and tie. They have a joke of a GM who put together the softest defense in the history of the NHL. What else can I say?

    I think Lundqvist has quit on this team, he has gotten so sick of bailing them out that he just stopped caring. I think he’s trying to make a point. Frankly, he’s the only one who can.

  110. this is some funny stuff…..

    “Frosty Chocolate Milkshakes”….classic

    Seriously, though, who thinks Renny doesn’t make it to New Years?

  111. im a ranger fan for life shut up u fuckin crybabys. yea they need new coach and d men. dont give up on your team because they suck. im pissed too. i feel shame being a fan right now but i hate when people say im not being a fan until this n that. this is probably the best thing to happen to the rangers right now. they needed this and hopefully they make changes and get better but cmon guys u know its the reddens and rozys and kalinins that are killin us. we scored 5 tonight and couldnt win. we need to make some trades or get our hartford d a chance

  112. Redden -4 tonight is more important than his 3 “assists” against Atlanta.

    Please sit him and/or Kalinin tomorrow- if not, this team is a farce.

    And I hope Gomez lashes into the team right about now…he at least showed some heart. F…why do we watch this team?

  113. I am in disbelief that they worked so hard to get back in it. And just completely lost it. They played so well. And just absolute brain sh!ts (not even farts) by the defense. HOW!?!?!? WHY!?!?!?!? And for PETE sakes LQ’a GA???

  114. Hahah Kalinin +2 according to Yahoo. What a joke. This was one of the worst played games since the lockout. Potter should be up to put some pressure on this D. Redden is horrible. I’m beginning to think that Chris Drury is Petr Nedeved 2; overrated.

    Bring up Anisimov and give him a chance.

  115. i think im gonna take Staal Warts advice and follow the bruins because this rangers team is pathetic.

    ps – its 7-2 BOS over ATL right now. Mid 3rd

  116. 0-8 on the pp , two shorthanded goals against your 6+ million dollar dman going -4 your goalie didn’t make one tough save and your forwards don’t start competing til you were down 5-1 nuff said……….. oh yeah your supposed defense first coach can’t get his player to play a defensive system.

  117. Yea Sundin is really gonna believe that this team is only missing one piece to win a cup. HA!

    My sister plays more physical defense than those pussies.Why in the hell would he come here? We got nothing. Excvept a bunch of shitty, long, overpriced contracts.

  118. Greg L. says ZZZ 13 ZZZ rules!! on

    Rangers came back and made a game of it . Hank stayed in and I bet he thinks going into next game that he has seen the worst . Hank will looses up and actually start getting some SHUT-outs . Sather will adress the Defense and Renny will be assistant coach with another person calling the shots. Rangers learn that scoring can be done with hard work and actual shooting on net. Team lets in 3 goal when it was finnally tied up is disasterous. Wake up call .

  119. Please tell me how Korpikoski and Dawes get to play over Prucha? They don’t hit anyone and they have no energy. What did Pruch do to Renney to deserve this??

    Maybe Pru can play defense? I don’t think he would be any worse than the morons out there tonight.

  120. Boston up 7-2 over the same ATL team the Rangers had to pray, struggle, claw and FIGHT to beat 3-2 in overtime. P A T H E T I C

    If you want to watch a real hockey team with real offense and NO muppet defensemen watch the Bruins

  121. i should clarify b/c sarcasm isnt detectable.

    … im not actually going to stop being a rangers fan.

  122. If I ran this team they’d be the NY Ogres; they’d all be 20G-20A guys who play a dump and chase and beat the ever living crap out of everyone.

  123. I hope Sundin didn’t watch this game. And I tell ya what, If Sather can ship Rozi for Avery (as I was first to predict) he better do it. This team needs its BALLS back

  124. This team is a total embarrassment, through and through.

    I hate to say it but Lundqvist lost this game for the team. You can say the D left him out to get raped once again, like they always do, but he was as equally bad. Aside from a few good saves, he was pathetic tonight, which breaks my god damn heart to say. He’s given up 17 goals in 3 games. He needed to step up in that 3rd period and he didn’t. I think he faced one shot, then Parise shot wide on a breakaway, then boom, 3 goals when his team battles back in it.

    I hope Slats realizes he needs to wake this mother fuggin team up, cause they’re pathetic. They’re part of a weak Eastern Conference, and they are having trouble with the weakest teams.

    This is by far Hanks worst loss of his career, total embarrassment.

    Fire Renney, Fire Pearn, Trade Rozisival, Trade Kalinin.

    This team is flat out ridiculous. I wish they would have been raped even worse, cause that would have been better than watching them battle back, and tie it up, then blow it. Fuggin morons !!

    Im so sick of this team, they’re ruining my life. Im gonna get god damn wrinkles from the pissy look on my face i have after every loss.

    Im too much of a fan, and that can be dangerous.

  125. Lundqvist is going through his annual winter slump — should last about 5 more weeks. But no Jagr this time to carry the team through. But we do have Nigel Dawes’ playmaking ability, according to Renney. Not sure why anyone is convinced that flabby old Mats Sundin who hasn’t played since March will help.

  126. “Audioserf

    If you want to watch a real hockey team with real offense and NO muppet defensemen watch the Bruins”

    Agreed… part of me thinks its easier to watch the bruins b/c im not ‘attached’ to them.

    … but the smarter half of me knows its because they come to play all game, every game

  127. Phalanx, it’s also the way they play, every defenseman and almost all of the forwards on the Bruins take the body relentlessly. The forwards can comfortably go to the net without worrying about getting back, because the defense will actually be there in case the puck heads back the other way.

    Renney’s system is a total mismatch to the personnel we have, and either he, or the personnel, have to be changed up.

  128. Wade Redden is the Rangers version of Luis Castillo, old, ridiculously overpaid unmotivated, lazy, and as untradeable as can be.

  129. ORR

    Im right there with you. Im raging, hopping mad right now. They had the game and they just effing lost it, they lost it. How does that happen?????

    Like You, Phalanx and the rest of you guys. My heart is attached to this team and no matter how horrible they are. I love them. But, not tonight is when the panic button should be pressed repeatedly like my morphine button im pressing right now to make the pain stop.

    So, when someone going to stop the bleeding????

  130. Audio

    “Phalanx, it’s also the way they play, every defenseman and almost all of the forwards on the Bruins take the body relentlessly. The forwards can comfortably go to the net without worrying about getting back, because the defense will actually be there in case the puck heads back the other way.

    Renney’s system is a total mismatch to the personnel we have, and either he, or the personnel, have to be changed up.”


    I couldn’t agree more.

  131. i want to fire renney/pop him in the mouth for even having the balls to have something remotely close to a smile or a smirk on his face right now

  132. Lets start with the most recent games and work backwards
    Opponent SA GA Save% SF GF Shoot%
    NJ 34 8 76% 36 5 14%
    Calgary 20 3 85% 31 0 0%
    Montreal 39 6 85% 20 2 10%
    Pittsburgh 31 2 94% 27 2 7%
    Florida 30 4 87% 37 0 0%
    Florida 41 3 93% 46 3 7%
    Tampa 29 2 93% 35 2 6%
    Phoenix 36 1 97% 36 1 11%
    Vancouver 17 4 71% 42 3 7%
    Overall 277 33 88% 310 18 6%

    Hank is in a terrible slump. Show him that he needs to be better by playing Vali for the next 3-4 games.

  133. I am convinced Renney just recites memorized talking points during the postgame at this point. HE ALWAYS SAYS THE SAME FUCKING BULLSHIT!

    “The puck wasn’t going our way”
    “Our forecheck wasn’t going”
    “It wasn’t our night”
    “We’ll have to look at some things moving forward”

    F him. F him times infinity. There’s no accountability. The coach himself has ZERO passion, how can you expect his players to?

    With this coach, and his laissez-faire style of coaching, this team is in a tailspin which will only continue from here.

  134. What did Maloney say about Redden? He was scheduled to be on the post game on MSG, but did I miss him or was he scratched?

  135. why did renney sit zherdev in the 3rd playin orr on the pp then puting drury in his place he had 4 points today alot of our offense was created by him wtf is renney doing and yet doesn’t hold any of the defensive players accountable for their terrible play i swear he better not be making a prucha out of zherdev

  136. I like Renney. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the guy. But he is the NHL’s version of Tony Dungy. He took a floundering franchise with no hope and taught them how to win. Just like Dungy in Tampa. I have to relent, and agree, that the NYR need a new coach. Just like in Tampa when Gruden took a team with Dungy’s fingerprints all over it, and won a Super Bowl, another coach is gonna have to come in and get this team over the hump.

  137. And Pearn may be the first coach to face a real life firing squad. Not only is his PP poo-poo, he was the guy that lobbied for Wade Redden. Yikes!

  138. where oh where are the Renny droolers to explain this wonderful “defensive system.” lol

    i hope Lundqvist pulls a Magic Johnson move and goes to MSG and gives them an ultimatum, either renny goes or I want a trade. renny needs to be fired before Xmas

  139. Phalanx if I didn’t need my 42″ to play NHL09 on in a bit I would have probably damaged it by now.

    Renney IS this team’s roadblock. He’s not the only problem – the defense is awful – but Renney’s going to impede this team as long as he’s behind the bench.

  140. No way would I sit through the post game interviews. F that. I cant watch that clueless moron yap about the same bull crap he has been spewing after every game.

  141. wd40… let me fix this for you

    i hope Lundqvist pulls a Magic Johnson move and goes to MSG and gives them an ultimatum, either renny goes or I want a trade. renny needs to be fired before *morning*

  142. i dont see how u fix this mess. clearly renney should be fired, but basically none of our players are tradeable. if you were running another team who would u want on the rangers: henrik, staal, zherdev, and dubi cuz he has potential. thats prob it (gomez maybe but prob too expensive and drury cmon, no one else would pay him 7 mill a year)

  143. Dungy! you’re comparing loser renny to dungy??!! WTF! Dungy was a part of championship teams in pitts. as a player and then later as an assistant in the NFL, renny hasn’t won a BINGO game in his whole embarassing life

  144. People complained about the Jagr power play last year that they didn’t shoot enough, but at least they kept it in the zone and had puck possession and cycled all the time. They never just gave it up.

  145. Audio

    “Phalanx if I didn’t need my 42” to play NHL09 on in a bit I would have probably damaged it by now.”

    Same here, lol.

    my gamertag is: LaNX II if you wanna play some nhl09

  146. anyone heard Maloney on the radio? I”m pretty sure what he said on TV was toned down…even if he said Redden should wack someone…

  147. At this point, id rather have Avery for 3 more years with his ridiculous contract than this shit head Rozi.

    This Sab fan ive been talking to was telling me, this is the worst he’s ever seen Kalinin. And he’s happy they got rid of him before he got even worse.

    Great job Slats !!

    Id love to see him get canned but i doubt that would happen. But Renney NEEDS to, along with Pearn.

    Ill always root for this team no matter what, but its nights like this that make me wish i never got into hockey.

    I have to much anger towards sports. I broke my fan when Sharapova got eliminated in the last US Open. That should say enough. Granted i was disappointed cause i wanted to see those great legs of hers in action, but what ever.

    Honestly, i will say this. Dru is doing worse than last year, and at this point id much rather see him get traded. He continues to FUGG Nyr, first as a Sab, now as a Ranger. Unreal.

    Gomer did some dumb things tonight, but he battled back, and had a decent game, and he was fired up, he was getting his team in it, screaming at his teammates, doing a job THE COACH IS SUPPOSED TO DO !! At least he gave some effort. Dru did a few good things, but he hasn’t been doing shit for this team for a while, and forget his 2 assists tonight.

    Sundin might be “saggy old” or what ever the fugg, but id prefer him over some of the guys this team has.

  148. Good lord I’m sorry but Drury is too laid back to be captain. He is talking about bouncing pucks and spewing a billion cliches.

  149. hey what u know… Chris Drury is not embaraced by this loss. why would he? not like there is anyone to answer to!

  150. kc

    That is what I keep telling my buds. Everyone was pissing and moaning about Jagr and the PP. But WTF has this PP done? Its WORSE!! 0-8 tonight. I mean its unreal!

  151. It’s about time that Mara and Staal become our top two defensemen. Staal always being in the bottom two of ice time does not jive with his status as our best. Put him on the power play already!!

    Don’t waste your breath complaining about Renney because he will not be fired mid-season. Keep complaining about Pearn, though; maybe Renney could find a scapegoat, even though he can’t find his way out of a paper bag.

  152. Bart says: “why did renney sit zherdev in the 3rd playin orr on the pp then puting drury in his place he had 4 points today alot of our offense was created by him wtf is renney doing and yet doesn’t hold any of the defensive players accountable for their terrible play i swear he better not be making a prucha out of zherdev.”

    I listened to the game on radio and Maloney was saying the exact same thing. The announcers are starting to turn on the guy now. Let’s hope the organEYEzation has some mercy on us fans and fires Renney – PRONTO!

  153. Maloney said that about Zherdev not on the PP with Orr out there not what Bart said after that lol.

  154. Maloney also said that Redden HAS to get better and he did get on him a few times during the game. He was diplomatic about it but made it clear he was NOT happy with his play.

  155. Renney likes to bench his offensive skilled players when they don’t follow his defense first rules. Remember when he would bench Nylander, even when they were in a close game because Nylander didn’t backcheck properly? Or Prucha? He’s playing Zherdev every other shift, but then Z misses a backcheck and he’s benched. This is a coach who never has understood offense.

  156. Perry Pearn must be fired. 0 for 8 and 2 shorts? Unacceptable.

    Girardi is regressing. Soon it’ll be clear why he wasn’t drafted.

    Oh, Hank, how come you always start to suck after we change the clocks back? Is that some weird Swedish thing?

    So much mediocrity on this team. Really, really too bad.

    Changes must be made and now. No more time for Renney loyalty or Slats b.s. — fire people, bring people up, dump people in the Pacific.

    Kalinin, Redden, ugh.

    Maybe Jags wants to come back.

    Let’s Go Rangers Franchise.

  157. i can officially say i am embarrassed, Way to get rid of the “team”. I miss Jags and shanny soooo much. Also Straka.

  158. Nice coaching … Rangers tie it 5-5 then Renney puts out Kalinin on the very next shift … brilliant ….

    Also, no Staal on the powerplay … what is up …. Renney must go!

  159. Brandon the genius chimes in! “It’s Hank’s fault!” what a renny-ball-sucking hoser role you perform on this site

  160. Brandon

    I used to have at least a tiny bit of respect for your hockey acumen. But that last post, after what was on display tonight, shows me you are completely out to lunch.

  161. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    What a disgrace! This team was in the midst of one of the most thorough ass kickings I’ve seen in a long time. Then,the players obviously told Renney through their play to go “FUCK HIMSELF AND YOUR SYSTEM” and came all the way back,only to fail because of the same culprits who’ve been responsible for most of the poor play this season.

    Still some on this board are actually blaming Lundquist for some of this loss.Mororns,every goal,and I mean each and every goal was scored from less than ten feet from the goal.Not a single Devil player was made to pay for coming in front of the net.Kalinin is an embarassment,he floats around his own end and is just a stupid man.Rozy plays with the passion of a turtle.His hockey sense is equal to that of a tree stump.He is the most tentative player I have ever seen.Redden should be arrested for fraud! He is robbing cablevision of their money.He is soft,slow,has no shot,and can’t pass for shit.Certainly worth $39.5million Eh!,Glennie? As I’ve said recently,Dan Girardi’s play has tailed off considerably this season.Many of you act surprised, I don’t know why,every young player is degrading in their development under this asshole of a coach. Ask yourself this question,which of our young players has taken the next step in their development under this “coaching” staff?

    And finally,the coaching staff.What a bunch of charlatins(sp).They try to sell us that they coach a defense first sytem that can create offense.LOLOLOL. Defense is all about proper positiong,phyisical play in front of your goalie and behind the net,as well as back checking by the forwrds.It’s not about stifling creativity.It’s not about playing a line that should have no more than 6 minutes of ice time per game.All that does is decrease the amount of ice time away from your top players.After all,isn’t it about stoping the other team from scoring,not your own? As for the PP,why would any coach in their right mind give a shot to shit like Blair Betts and Colton Orr,but not Peter Prucha?

  162. Girardi and Redden should both be sent straight to Charlotte. Might as well just have them skip over Hartford because they were both awful today and have been over the last few games. The only d-man worth anything is Staal and Mara is 2nd. The rest can go. Kalinin isn’t so bad as a 6th d-man, but hes still terrible (and I’m a Kalinin supporter).

  163. I don’t know how anyone can make any comments about any particular player tonight, it seemed like all played well in spurts and then forget how to play the next shift.

    I think all of the defensemen sucked tonight, playing 2-on-1s poorly, bad coverage and lack of hustle.

    One thing I noticed which I actually liked on the power play – did anyone else notice Redden creeping down his lane towards the goal on the weak side? Too bad no one on the Rangers was smart enough to see that back door opportunity and force Clemenson to go side to side, a high probability play…..

  164. brandon’s famous daisy chain: Sather doing renny doing brandon, while beer me videotapes, what a pack of maroons!

  165. JJP, for God’s sake how can you write a thing like “it seemed like all played well in spurts.” did you watch the game, do you know who Wayne Redden is?? Mikael Roszival?? Dmitri Kalinin-shit, are you out of yer mind????

  166. Wd40 – If you score five goals after having difficulty scoring you’re doing something right in my book, unfortunately on the other end of the ice the team blew it. What game were you watching?

    Weren’t you one of the guys bitching about Kalinin’s +/-? He was +2 tonight, best on the team. For all those who love that meaningless stat, I guess he was the best player……


    Good christ, with friends like you, renny doesn;t need enemies.

  168. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok!!! for the fans that were trying to come up with what the score was going to be earlier today, were not even close. The Rangers tied and thought to themselves “there we did it we came back, our work is done” They just gave up at 5 to 5. Other than that, I have no idea what to think after a game like that. Not sure if I can say that was a exciting game or not. Wonder how the rebound game will be tomorrow. Come on boys we really need to get the D-game back. What’s interesting, we play the d game and then we can’t score. We open it up and we can score???? Interesting.

  169. hockeymanrnagers, “we play the d game?” we do?? I don;t see the “d game.” This is what is so hilarious about Renny’s supporters, they cling to this notion that he is a defensive whiz —- hello?? How many odd man rushes has this team allowed over the last fifteen games, eighty? a hundred, a hundred twenty??

    if there were a rational basis to praise this moron coach for a sacrifice in creativity and combustive scoring, ok, then we have an argument ….. but this vaunted defensive system DOES NOT EXIST! when will the renny droolers accept this fact!

  170. Two things need to be done: first, years ago Emile Francis, fed up with the Rangers poor play, placed the entire team on waivers. Thats first for Sather to do. The second is to replace himself and Renney with Jim Schoenfeld as GM coach. Sather retires or gives up the GM slot to become president. Jim Schoenfeld runs the team and begins the teams reconstruction now. Sather and Renney are too incompetent to run a franchise. Under this tandem these players have no balls or guts to pay the price for success. They should be ashamed of themselves for the lousy games they play. We need the change sooner than later. The fans deserve better than this garbage.

  171. Here’s how I saw the Devils goals unfold.

    Redden got hung out to dry by his partner on the first short handed and got a bad call on that BS Oduya goal. The other two goals were all on Staal, he got beat and didn’t hustle back. From there it became a combination of poor choices/play by the defensemen and no help from the forwards.

    1st goal SH – Girardi gets caught. Redden goes to the puck carrier in the neutral zone and gets beat on the pass.

    2nd goal PP – Staal gets beat low. Great pass across to Elias, Rozsival covered in front.

    3rd goal – Staal falls behind the net. Rozsival is left covering two dudes. Staal didn’t get in front of the next quick enough after falling.

    4th goal SH – Mara boned the pass on the powerplay. Hank fell on it after the shot. Both Mara and Redden were trying to cover it under Lundqvist. Bullshit goal, whistle should have blown.

    5th goal – Girardi got beat. Redden goes to Gionta behind the net. Neither Girardi or Zherdev pick up Zubrus.

    6th goal – Mara nor Kalinin took the body on Gionta behind the goalline, nor did Naslund or Gomez pick up Elias (just the most dangerous Devil) trailing.

    7th goal – Rozsival makes a bad pass in the neutral zone, Zherdev and Naslund don’t pick anybody up, Redden gets stuck high.

    8th goal – Redden stayed on Parise, Girardi didn’t hustle to the puck in the corner, Zherdev never picked up Langenbrunner

  172. Greg L. says ZZZ 13 ZZZ rules!! on

    Rangers looked great after being down 5 -1 …then at 5-5 …they folded like a cheap tent. Why?

  173. JJP, Redden has a responsibility on BOTH shorties that he didn’t fulfill.

    On goal #1, that’s a 2 on 1. He needs to stop the pass, and force the puck carrier to shoot, and trust the goalie to stop it. Hockey 101 (or it is Pre-K)?

    On goal #4, putting his stick behind the head of Hank when the puck isn’t moving is retarded. Looking up, he’d have seen Oduya rushing in. He needs to deny that player access to the area. Plain and simple.

    This is a trickle down problem. And now, Hanks head is in the toilet. He’s never had a slump anywhere near this. The team has lost him, and Renny must go

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