Rangers to take part in Garden of Dreams Telethon on Saturday


We interrupt this heated conversation about inconsistency to fill you in on the Rangers part in an off-ice worthy cause.

On Saturday, the Garden will conduct its Garden of Dreams telethon, which will run concurrently with all three games by local teams. Fans can call in to make donations, and those donating a minimum of $100 will be eligible for a variety of prizes, including a day at the MSG Training Center, tickets to a game and a chance to meet various Rangers VIPs, and assorted memorabilia.

First prize is a chance to have an integral role in contract negotiations with Mats Sundin. I’m kidding.

Anyway, the number to call that night for Rangers fans is 212-631-5640. All proceeds will go to the Garden of Dreams Foundation, which actually does great work for kids in the tri-state area.


One little detail about the meeting Saturday between Glen Sather and Mats Sundin, and I don’t think it’s particularly important, is that Sundin’s agent, J.P. Barry, will not be in attendance, but CAA’s Stockholm-based Claes Elefalk, will be there instead


I’m usually a big fan of ESPN.com’s Scott Burnside, who does great work covering the league, and who once lent me a pair of headphones for my tape recorder. But I am dubious of “his report”:http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3761075 suggesting the Rangers, in an effort to sign Sundin, would trade Michal Rozsival to Dallas in exchange for Sean Avery and then bury Avery in the minors.

For one, look at how he phrases it: “A well-placed hockey industry source told ESPN.com on Wednesday evening there was a rumor percolating that Avery’s old team, the New York Rangers, were interested in dealing defenseman Michal Rozsival and his four-year, $20-million deal to Dallas in exchange for Avery. The source suggested Avery would then be sent to the Rangers’ AHL affiliate in Hartford in order to free up cap space to allow the Rangers to make a serious run at unrestricted free agent Mats Sundin.

A “hockey industry source”? Could that be the guy who sells the Rangers their shin pads? And he talks about a “rumor percolating”? Heck, I could pass along a rumor percolating. We all could.

Like I said, Burnside is usually very good, so it’s certainly possible he knows something I don’t. But right now, that’s not a lot to go on. And this is to say nothing of the fact that the Rangers seem to want nothing to do with Avery, no matter where they would end up putting him.

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  1. ugh I can’t stand Burnside… PLEASE don’t defend him Sam.

    That’s the guy that after Bob Gainey’s daughter was lost as sea kept making boat references when talking about the Canadiens… I remember comments like “shuffling deck chairs on a cruise ship”, Gainey “missing the boat” with a certain signing and others. What a classless ass.

  2. Yeah, no better role model for Ranger prospects than teaming them up with Sean Avery. That makes a whole lotta sense…now they’re all classless and hooked.

  3. another thing… why trade 1 big contract for another, just to waive the guy and bury him in the minors? couldn’t they just do that to Rozie and save the trouble of the trade??

  4. Maybe ones did not read my post closely enough. AFTER Gomez and Kovalchuk served their 4 minute penalties, Kovalchuk came out of the box and challenged Gomez. Gomez wanted no part. Of course Gomez was suprised when he got two more minutes because he did nothing but turned tail. Still not a good message to send in the room. I am sure if Zherdev challenged Cindy Crosby and Crosby turned tail the would be talk of that on the site.

  5. Koffy

    Kovalchuk wacked Gomez in the @$$ with his stick. Hardly a challenge by any sense of the word. And I still have no idea why Gomez got a penalty he did nothing wrong. They refs were all about not letting things get out of hand on that call.

    Speaking of which that Dubi hit was clean & he got a penalty. BS!

  6. and rozy could go back to europe after this season like kaspar did (loophole in cba). it will be easier to rid of his contract than kaspars.

    BEERME – buyout of contract still counts vs the cap (even if we traded for the guy ala avery), but parking a guy in the ahl still works as avoiding a cap hit. of course if tried to bring back still get that 1/2 cap hit if claimed. still want no part of avery in organization either in nhl or around the kids in the ahl. if detroit’s gm gave an emphatic NO on bringing him back that is good enough for me.

  7. As much as I would want to see Avery out of Hartford, it would be a great way to clear cap space of an unmovable contract, and Avery would never even have to play. F him. Who cares about his career at this point. This is a golden opportunity to get rid of Rozsival, not that I think he’s that bad, but he makes a ton for a long time. For that reason alone it might be a good idea. We’d be taking advantage of a desperate situation in Dallas

  8. Joe – except they can let rozy go back to europe after this yr and be totally done at least cap wise. with avery they might have avery or agent or players association complaining if they tried to paper move him to ahl. and deal with it for next 3 1/2 yrs. they might view it to be buyout where it cost real and significant cap $

  9. Sathers not that smart.


  10. I don’t see any team making a trade if they are just planning to waive Avery. Why would you? For all the distractions he brings, and how badly I’m sure he would act if he had to play AHL hockey, why bother?

    If a team trades for the guy it’s because they want him in the lineup and are willing to deal with the baggage he brings.

    With that said, I wouldn’t have much of a problem if we dealt Roszival for Avery. For all his faults, Avery had a great effect on this teams’ play when he was here. Roszival’s contract is just as bad anyway.

  11. First off, We should trade Rozival for Avery. Keep Potter in the lineup. Then we should buyout the remaining contract of Wade Redden. We would be better off with Dale Purinton in the lineup. At least he hit people. Its sad to say but the rangers were more exciting when we were losing a few years back and had players like Fleury, Barnaby, Stock, Simon Etc. This is possibly the most boring team in Rangers history and the only reason they win is simple, Henrik Lundqvist. Put Henrik on any team with an offense and he would have 70 wins a year.

  12. i’ve seen a few episodes of sean being sean the last few mos. one on tsn showed him not paying attention at a practice while all the others for dallas were. and 3 1/2 more yrs of him – as detroit’s gm says no thanks.

  13. this rumor is not total B.S. however unlikely, it allows the rangers to get rid of Rozsival for a comparable contract in return dallas gets rid of avery, they might just accept…dumping avery in the minors is not acceptable, and him coming back isn’t either, i never was crazy about avery and if sather is trying to prove that NY is a classy team then reacquiring Mr Smut is not the way to do it…

  14. I doubt if any GM’s spend a moment of their time worrying about how to fix another team’s problems. No one is trading Rozival for nothing. Besides, he’s cheaper and better than Redden.

  15. Zubov was placed on IR Hmmmm I wonder if the Stars are looking for an offensive defenseman? Could it be????

  16. the isles better win some games. not vs us but against some other teams. i want them about 6 or 8 from the bottom overall to avoid too good a pick

  17. I was actually hoping they would come out and rock the Pens and keep then further away from us. Can’t count on them for anything lol.

  18. UGH just criminal. Islanders are getting MUGGED! LOL

    Sykora with the hat trick. Thanks Glenn for trading away another good player!!!

  19. OOOOH Maybe the Rangers D men should watch this Defenseman 101 with the Islanders right now!!! Hey TOMMY its tape it and show it to them on VIDEO!!!

  20. now…with the best goalie in hockey aka The King if we could just get the rangers to play responsibly… sky is the limit

  21. JASON — That’s Eddie Giacomin in a celebrity/oldtimers thing at MSG, I think. I sorta remember him playing in those back in the 80s/early 90s

  22. Rangerfan,

    Good call! I saw the helmet and pads and immediately thought “Glenn Healy… Glenn Healy? Why is a picture of Glenn Healy on this site?”

    That picture is actually from the night before the All-Star game in 94 at MSG when the Rangers Old-timers played the NHL Old-timers.

    I they’d bring that back instead of the young-guns game. At least when an Original Six team hosts or even the Expansion six (five now).

  23. every time i think of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter being picked up by Phily in the same draft year with jessiman i get sick to my stomach… how can two great players be selected by one team in the same draft 13 picks apart? u gotta respect that…

  24. CCCP,

    What makes drafting Jessiman worse is that his Dartmouth linemate, Lee Stempniak was chosen 148th and hasn’t been too bad at all in his time with St. Louis and now Toronto.

    Hat Trick Dupuis, I can’t stand the guy, still like Sykora though.

  25. jason i agree… at least that kid is playing in NHL… what a shame

    here is another slats brain fart… 2001 draft.. i just want to cry

    10.Dan Blackburn
    11.Fredrik Sjostrom
    13.Ales Hemsky

  26. CCCP.

    We drafted Merek Zidlicky 176 overall that year too. A lot of good guys in that draft but I won’t beat up Sather over that years 1st round pick.

    Blackburn was good but got injured, partily because he was over played at 18 years old. If he doesn’t get injured, who knows what he would have been or brought us in a trade.

    Funny enough though that at that draft, Lundqvist was already Rangers property, if only we could look into the future…

  27. true … we did overplayed the kid way too much! but hey… i am very happy with our tender now… as i said earlier… if we could just shake outta the funk… great things might just happen

  28. CCCP

    Good work tonight, comrade. More energy than our heroes have shown almost since Prague!

    Tomorrow night: Is it possible that this team will come out of the gate and press Clemmy from the first shift and put doubt in the heads of the Debbies and simply take the game away from them for sixty minutes!

    I would take almost any result —- as long as it comes with a vivid, headlong, committed effort from jump street! The Devils are loaded for bear. Let’s eff them up.

  29. LI Joe – “buyout of contract still counts vs the cap (even if we traded for the guy ala avery), but parking a guy in the ahl still works as avoiding a cap hit. of course if tried to bring back still get that 1/2 cap hit if claimed. still want no part of avery in organization either in nhl or around the kids in the ahl.”

    ME EITHER! But what my thought process was on the idea (which is really moot, because it ain’t gonna happen, but just for sh!ts n giggs…) was that if he’s never on the nhl roster, and clearly his $ wouldn’t count against the cap, how could the buyout count against the cap if the salary wasn’t counting against the cap anyway? Honestly, I really don’t care, it’s on the same level of an Eklund rumor. But you gotta love “CBA Talk”.

  30. Yeah, gotta go with Hank. If he needs to be backed up two games in a row for a reason other than injury you gotta question if he’s “the guy”.

    And as we all know, he’s the guy.

  31. I know this subject is getting old but as a ranger fan I’m getting a little ticked off at how the Dallas Stars and some in the media are trying to figure out how they can wiggle out of Avery’s contract…

    The Rangers themselves wont object; they’ll watch and see to learn how they could do it to one day; but as fans- even if you are tickled pink that this happened to him when NYR aren’t holding the tab–you still have to be objective

    They outbid the Rangers for one of our players; one that they knew full-well what his issues are…now they are crying and agreeing with Gary Buttman>??? do you smell a dollar trying to be saved??

    If the NHLPA doesnt slam the door, and show a pair… on any non-conventional escape from contract obligations then we are certainly headed to another lock-out

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