Potter down, Kalinin still Kalinin


A few notes from practice:

  • The Corey Potter Era in New York has been disrupted at one game. The defenseman was sent back to Hartford, and by the sound of things, will not be making the trip West when the Rangers play three games in five nights next week in California.

    That of course means that Dmitri Kalinin, he of the minus-17 rating, will not be taking a seat anytime soon.

    “Not yet,” Tom Renney said when asked if he was ready to sit Kalinin. “It’s something to consider down the road, but that’s the same for any of our defenseman quite honestly. We’re not singling out any of our defenseman at all. We believe that Corey can play play at this level and that’s a good place to be quite honest with Hartford being so close. So it’s something to consider down the road.”

    Just not next week.

    “Down the road,” Renney said. “Wherever that road goes.”

    With Colton Orr’s goal last night, by the way, Kalinin is the only remaining skater on the Rangers roster without a goal.

  • Saw Glen Sather in the hallway briefly, who said he didn’t have any news to report on Mats Sundin, or anything else. Not that Sather would be advertising as much at this point anyway.

    Meanwhile, speaking of Sundin, it’s safe to say not everyone on the Rangers follow the news the same way. For instance, when I asked Fred Sjostrom about the Sundin reports, the left wing was completely in tune with what was going on.

    “I’ve heard the rumors for a while now,” Fred Sjostrom said. “It’d be cool if he came here. “He’d definitely be an asset.”

    But then there’s Brandon Dubinsky. I asked the center if he had ever played wing in his career, and he launched into an answer about how he hasn’t, but he could, and “whatever Tom wants is fine with me.”

    “Do you know why I am asking?” I said to Dubinsky.

    The player offered little more than a blank look in return. When I told him that Sundin was going to be at the Garden on Saturday, it was clear Dubinsky had no idea what I was talking about.

  • Rangers scouting director Gordie Clark was also around and reports that Michael Del Zotto has been flourishing with the Junior A Oshawa Generals, and is in the best shape of his career.

    More later…

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    1. Just to add to Nasty, Rmant, Beer Me’s and others conversation about shootout wins. I think something can be said for team’s who play for shootout and team’s who play for it all in the first 65 minutes. I think the Rangers play tentatively and wait for the shootout and so if they’re in that position in the playoffs, they won’t be as successful as a team that has been playing OT’s to win all season.

      This comes straight from Sam Weinman about a week ago:
      ‘Amazing that the Rangers have had eight shootouts this season, and the Flames haven’t had one. Hence Mike Keenan’s response to a question of whether teams are playing conservative to work their way into shootouts.

      “They may be playing that way, but we haven’t,” the coach said.’


      Rangers sucked lasy year in OT in the playoffs. 0-2 if i remember correctly. 0-3 in their last 3, which is depressing.

      Im happy they managed to win last night, especially in OT, but still, they let THAT team stick with them the WHOLE GAME. That’s sad. Vally saved the day, if not for him, there would be some major crying going on.

      I hope Nyr rapes the Canes to hell n back, and Mats decides to play here. Rozi NEEDS to get traded, and Pruchs does as well, so he goes to a team that actually wants to play him.

      Eh, maybe the Brat Hawks are still interested in him.

      That was a cool story aboot them. Good stuff.

      Anyway, dump Rozi, Pruchs, Danny F, send Korp down to the minors, and that’s that. Trade Kalinin if possible. He just flat out sucks.

      I thought Redden was alright last night, managed to pick up 3 assists, and was a +3, which is always good. Besides missing on that shot, that was the only major mistake i remember from last night, unless im forgetting something. I don’t even know if you can call that a mistake, sometimes it happens, waddya gonna do ?

      I like Potter, and i wanna see him play in Kal’s place, or Rozi, but then again, maybe getting a couple of D-men in a trade is the right way to go. But at the same time, you gotta start somewhere, so who knows, maybe he’s ready for the full time job.

      I still want Tootoo, but it wont happen.

      As for Aves, i bet my right nut that he retires if the Stars don’t want him back. Like i said a while ago, these days it seems he’s more interested in Fashion than Pucks. Its kinda gay, but he was banging Cuthbert, so he gets a pass, granted she is the new Puck Bunny, but he should still get points for that.

      She has some bad taste, Phaneuf, Komisarek, Aves, they look like Lord of the Rings characters. Who knows, maybe Bob has a shot with her.

    3. “Amazing how the Atlanta fans come dressed as empty seats”

      Ahahaha, that was funny.

      Best part of that game was hearing the “Lets Go Rangers” chant, then the ONE little girl chanting “Wets Go Thwashars”

      That team needs to leave, and go to Kansas City, then Kovalchuk will definitely want out of there. If not already.

    4. ugh i almost wish renneys comments weren’t ever posted. seems like such a dumb stubborn defensive scrub…willing to bet renney used to get pushed around when he played but still believed he could have made if he was given a chance…why else would he have such a soft spot for all these marginal players/reclamation projects

    5. i love when renney said abou potter getting a chance to play and how its great to get a chace to look at one of our young guys. yea yea renney. i bet u went to the bathroom when he was on the ice. renney please stop talking.

    6. leatherneckinlv on

      I am not one of those bashers on here…however now I have to question if Renney does see what we see in regards to Kalinin..he has shown consistantly that he is not even a minor league defender let alone a n NHL caliber D-man…his giveaways..idiotic passes and out of position play has been a constant..now on the flip side what is it about Kalinin we dont see that he keeps playing…I have a guess…Zherdev is why he still plays..give him company..if this guess is true..shame on the managment

    7. leatherneckinlv on

      ahh and..forgot to post this…where are the Malik bashers now?..Malik was 1000 times better than Kalinin…and would prefered to have him over Kalinin

    8. brandon, you’re a scummy lowlife for attacking rocket personally about his age and the “tapping,” etc. Eff u.

    9. what I want to know is why they protect Kalinin every night yet last year Renney scratched Malik 20 games at a time??? I don’t think Malik was this bad and potter took one game to do what Kalinin hasn’t done all season; get a scoring chance, potter rang it off the post only luck stopped him from scoring, that would HAVE BEEN SWEET anyways Kalinin will be gone soon enough, probably when he hits -20, and they should bring a d man with them to california, if someone gets hurt they wont be able to bring another man out fast enough

    10. You wanna know what this is ?? Ill tell you what this is, its Drury !!

      Renney is such a puss that he probably thinks scratching Kal will upset the Captain, and all hell will break loose. Ugh, stupid Renney !!

      Kal is horrible, he was a – 2 last night i think, like that fan called it before the game. Potter deserves anothergame, he earned it, but nooooo. Ugh

    11. Renney’s response about Kalinin can be summed up with two words that will prove to haunt this club indefinitely: NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

    12. “We believe that Corey can play play at this level and that’s a good place to be quite honest with Hartford being so close.” — Tom Renney, this morning

      Parse that sentence, sports fans. Pure, unadulterated gibberish.

      This guy makes Sarah Palin sound like William F. Buckley.

    13. I can’t believe no one is talking about how Kovalchuk challenged Gomez and Gomez declined … very embarrassing that Gomez backs down … First time in my life I saw a Russian challenging an American or Canadian and it was the American backing down … sad

    14. Hey Brandon,
      Wanna pick on the old guy ?
      I’ve been a Ranger fan for over 50 years & I’ve been tapping the same ass for 42 years. Pretty good ass too !
      I’ve seen the good & I’ve seen the bad. BUT, I’m a Ranger fan till the end ( which I hope is not to soon )

    15. leatherneckinlv on

      What game were you watching Koffy…the second incident Gomez assumed it was a single penalty to Kovalchuk and acted accordingly..did you not see the suprise on his face and body language when he realized he was also assessed a minor?

    16. Gomez backed down? Gomez clocked the guy with two guys hanging on him. Drew blood as well. Did you see the blood coming out of his nose? I say Gomez got the better of him and scored the game winner. I have no problem with how Scotty played last night.

    17. Now that Malik is being hailed as a hero, on this board, compared to Kalinen…..I’ve seen it all.

      You think Orr sees some PP time with Betts next game?

    18. Orr

      You think Drury will get offended cause they played in BUF together? Hmmmm but captain clutch hasnt really been too vocal about the woes of the team. So whatever he says really doesnt matter. Step up and be a captain.

    19. Haha, this team is going to get CURB STOMPED by the West. The Kings suck so the Rangers might pull that one out, but the Ducks and Sharks play a very fast, and very physical game of hockey. NYR can’t keep up with that. Maybe THAT will put Renney’s head on the block in the eyes of ownership.

    20. Also, if anyone lives near a 5 Guys Burgers and Fries and has not stopped by to try it yet, and you like burgers, do yourself a favor and go there ASAP!!!! Amazing food!

    21. Back down? WTF game were you watching? Gomez went after him, dropped his right gloved and popped him? Gave him a bloody nose.

    22. Im so happy ill be away for those west conf games. i wouldnt be watching them anyway cause its past my bed time. although i cant wait to hear what renney says after the sharks game.

    23. leatherneckinlv on


      brother..I didnt say Malik was a hero, what I said was he was a 1000 times better than Kalinin..so dont assume nor take my words out of context…Personally I want to see Kalinin replaced with McLaren of San Jose not the return of Malik…McLaren provides hard hits and intimidation that this defense sooooo lacks…and then pair him with Redden which just may elevate Reddens game…no promises there..just a hope

    24. Best line was from Rosen Last night: “Rangers have the tough line on……That goon Gomez.”

    25. I think a lot of people are forgetting just how terrible Malik was. It’s obvious Kalinin is a 5th or 6th D-man at best; Malik shouldn’t even have had a jersey.

    26. In Redden’s defense, he’s on par with what he’s done his whole career. Like 400 points in 800 games. Right now he has 15 points in 30 games. He’s never been a game breaker. The Rangers always have believed that throwing an assload of money at a guy will make him a superstar, and the ridiculous contracts of Drury, Gomez and Redden are no exception. While I think they’re all good players, this team tends to put unrealistic expectations on guys based on a dollar sign that they’re not going to live up to.

    27. I wanted Potter to be on the opening night roster. I want him to take kalinin’s place in the lineup now. From a ‘roster perspective’ he should be there. But when you’re setting up to make a deal, you clear whatever you can off the books, and open up whatever you can.

      So while I would rather him take the spot in the lineup, I understand why he’s back in htfd…and off the cap.

    28. I mean, never mind if uyou think Kalinin deserves a seat. How stupid is it to go all the way to the left coast and not bring an extra defenseman in case our prayers are answered and Redden, Roszival, and/or Kalinin are hit by a bus?

    29. Peter why dont you think of a better reason of sitting one of the 3 defensemen down instead of using morbid thoughts. Have a little class. They are regular people.

    30. leather – McLaren…me too. He cleared waivers a few days ago b/c the sharks got in cap trouble. The organization believes that he SHOULD be in the NHL, but can’t afford to keep him up right now. SO…he has to clear re-entry waivers when they do decide to bring him up. Most likely ending his time in SJ.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think slats will make the move and grab this guy for peanuts. Really won’t matter though, b/c the way re-entry waivers works…is BS. (player goes to the team that files a claim, that finished lowest in the standings the prior season)

    31. Anyone know how much Penner and Souray are being paid and for how many years their contracts are?

    32. “…in case our prayers are answered and Redden, Roszival, and/or Kalinin are hit by a bus?”

      I can see slats driving the bus with a cigar hanging out the side of his mouth laughing like Buster Poindexter in Scrooge.

    33. nasty – without checking…they’re about the same as rozy…if that’s the answer you’re looking for.

    34. Last week Blueshirt Bulletin asked Renney why the team plays a 1-2-2 all the time when the coach claimed they were going to be aggressive. Renney said that’s on the players. “It’s their choice, not mine,” Renney said.

    35. Maybe I’m too grumpy. You know, last year it was Malik is a bum, Jagr is a bum, Avery is God. This year it’s we need Jagr, Malik wasn’t too bad and Avery is a bum. Just seems like bitching and moaning rules.

    36. 22figure8
      Maybe I’m too grumpy. You know, last year it was Malik is a bum, Jagr is a bum, Avery is God. This year it’s we need Jagr, Malik wasn’t too bad and Avery is a bum. Just seems like bitching and moaning rules.

      LOL….too funny.

    37. GORDON

      Haha, yeah i caught that. That was pretty funny.


      I wasn’t being to serious with that comment, but for some reason the thought crossed my mind. It seems like Renney never wants to upset the Vets of the team.


      Actually, in 06-07 we beat the Ducks in OT, and Weekes nearly shut out the Sharks, and they lost to the Kings, then last season, Ducks beat Nyr, and Nyr actually beat the Sharks, but lost to the fuggin Kings.

      Maybe we should all worry aboot the Kings.

    38. “dubi will be looking for something close to the penner deal”…..

      Dubinsky is gonna be VERY disappointed. I bet Dubinsky doesn’t make anymore than he is making right now. Maybe a cost of living raise. Because he is exactly what I have been saying he is: A Jagr beneficiary. And if one goal, a ton of penalties, and recent benchings don’t tell you that, then you are kidding yourself. Career 3rd liner that did not get dealt when he was hot…..

    39. OK, I’ll bitch alittle with a story from Sunday night. Met my buddy at 12:30 for our “Super Sunday.” Drink during the Giants game, drink during the Jets game, then go to the Garden. After gallons of beer and 3 losses I get on the LIRR. I walked to the end train and sat. Lots of Rangers jerseys on the train, mostly guys/girls in their late teens early 20’s. I look at the end of the train and see Gilles Villemure get on the train with a young girl. I get up and say, “ladies and gentlmen, Vezina winning NY Rangers goaltender Gilles Villemure!” Not a F-ing sound. I tell Gilles to stand and take a bow but he looked embarresed and declined. It really pissed me off that these fans didn’t know the history and give the guy some appreciation. I already have a pic with him so I just went up and shook his hand and told him it was a honor. He thanked me. Beezer probably could have been on that train and they wouldn’t know who he is.

    40. I always wondered when Renny is interviewed,he is always chewing on something.First I thought it was gum now I`m convinced its a used condom from when Glen bends him over and makes him his Bitch. Pretty funny visual but the truth is that much sadder

    41. 22figure8, great story. too bad about the train full of Brandons.

      villemure was a very good player, the only backup Giacomin ever had that the Cat wasn’t afraid to put in there

    42. Kalinin continues to get a pass. It is rather amazing. When is he gonna sit? When he hits -30?(6 or 7 games down the road I’m sure)

    43. 22figure8

      Andre Dore rides all the way to Montauk and all the way back every day for months and the only people who come up to him want to borrow a dollar

    44. Msg never stops showing games from the ’94 run I love 94 as much as the next guy but it’s a bit much.

    45. Orr- I guess you’re right. The sad thing is you watch the 94 tapes for history and some of us war torn veterans remember 94 like it was yesterday. 14 years already, JC this team blows!

      It would have been very interesting if blogs were around during the Middleton/Hodge trade or the Ridley-Miller/Carpenter trade.

      Like the Malik reference before, Espo wouldn’t have been that bad.

    46. leatherneckinlv on

      HAHA..Andre Dore..I liked him..and Chris Kostopuolos too..was sad when they traded him for another smurf in Mike Rogers…lol..truely they became the smurfs..hahaha

    47. wait? Blurt

      Did I just read your post where you tell that the rangers players play 1-2-2 and the rangers coach said he doesn’t want them to…they just do it??

      Did someone say tom doesn’t throw his players under the bus?

      if that quote is true then what an irresponsible; “it aint me babe” winer this guy is…first wining that the media reveals PP troubles to other coaches and now this…


    48. czechthemout..... on

      Cwgatti. Did dubi bitch slap you @ a fan event.you seem to have. Problem with him for some reason.

    49. leatherneckinlv on

      throw in Steve baker..Rob McLanahan..Reijo Routstaleinen..most know of Fotiu i am sure..Pierre Larouche..going back further..Mario Marois..Dave Farrish..loced Eddie Johnstone..tough cookie

    50. REPOST:


      I love people like you….. Someone that tells someone else that’s a fan of a team that they are fans of too how to “be a fan”. That’s ALSO ignorant.

      Brandon’s obviously never heard of wanting the “sh*t to hit the fan” or things to get worse before they could get better.

      A LOT of people want heads rolling. They want change. That’s usually how it works.

      Because usually most fans like you (and notice I did not put the word fans in parenthesis unlike someone like Brandon probably would because thinks he’s “above” that type of thinking. But you wont get that BS from me, Brandon. It doesn’t make you or rocketnyr any less of a fan for having different VIEWS) usuaslly don’t care enough to want change. They just see the record, the coach with a good vocabulary, and a team that WAS playing in over their heads. When the realists see’s this team for who they are. A good team with A LOT of flaws. (Mainly the coach)

      If you aren’t familiar with me, Brandon, let me explain:

      I don’t HATE Tom Renney. I think he’s a nice guy and a good coach. Good enough to get us back to respectability and the playoffs. But not good enough to get us to the next level.

      Assuming you were a fan in 1992-1993, Roger Neilson ALSO had a good record overall with the Rangers and one of the team’s most winningest coaches, like Tom Renney. But he was too defensive minded or had the wrong philosophy take to them to the cup. Like Tom Renney, they both have the wrong philosophy to take them to the next level or to a cup. This is when Messier had him fired, and the next season we got a great coach with the right philosophy.

      And please don’t respond with “well who do you want to be brought in” because if I named some coaches, you’d probably just say give the “that coach doesn’t cut it in the new NHL” excuse. That’s gotta be the worst excuse ever.

      When in fact Renney can’t coach his way out of a paper bag, and a guy.

      Back to what I was saying…..

      I appreciate your passion, Brandon, but saying that because someone wanted them to lose last night doesn’t make them any less of a fan.

      For instance, I wanted them to lose last night too!!! My reason was that before the game, Stan Fischler said that this was a “must win” and that if they didn’t win tonight, that there could be changes by Friday.”

      So essentially, I didn’t want them to lose, but after hearing that, I wanted them to lose. Could you imagine if they had lost to Atlanta? Instead we’re left with the same old propaganda. That they could now at least take something positive out of last night. Now if they had lost MAYBE they would’ve been forced to make ANY kind of change. Benching someone, call someone up from the minors. ANYTHING!!!

      Brandon, I appreciate your fandom of the Rangers, but saying stuff like “well you’re not a real fan if want them to lose” just looks childish and silly.

      Like I said before, it’s not because we want to see them lose, it’s because we want certain things to get worse before they can get better.

      I want the Rangers to win every game, but last night I just didn’t care if they lost or not. Is that so bad? One game where I didn’t care? And it’s not like I was upset when they won. But instead me being happy, last night I was just like “whatever”. I wasn’t upset they won though.

      Brandon, i’d appreciate aresponse.

      Sorry to everyone for the long post.

      Let me get off my soap box now.

      Let’s Go Rangers!!!

    51. Kaspar, blurt dropped that little bauble in a week or so ago, and predictably it shocked anyone with an open mind, ie. the non-kool aid drinkers, and was completely ignored/disregarded by everyine with a closed mind, ie. the Renny apologists, what a surprise LOL

    52. Tony from AZ – If I recall correctly, I believe Orr said he was in high school, which probably explains the comments.

    53. BillyDeeWilliams on

      That quote from Renney could easily be taken out of context. Not saying I know what he meant by it or I know who decided what, but it’s easy to look at that from two different angles.

    54. Pavel
      December 11th, 2008 at 3:52 pm
      worst d-man in the league
      Potter gets called down.

      FIRE RENNEY!!!!!!!

      Damn Pavel. No clue huh?

    55. Gilles Gratton!!!!

      oh for the days of Wayne Dillon and Bill Chadwick

      favorite Chadwick quote of all time:

      Inge Hammastrom ( or somthing like that) was an early swedish import during the 70’s, along with Salming and he says

      “Salming is tough but this Hammerstrom could go into the corner with a dozen eggs in his pants and jersey and would come out with none broken”

    56. 94O if they have to lose to get rid of Renney & Sather so be it. They don’t want nor are the able to get The Cup. That’s my opinion as a fan, an old one too. 2nd round exits don’t cut it. Those two teams were close but the GM & the coach didn’t go the extra mile. And they show they are still in the same mindset, just make the playoffs.

    57. Heres an Oldie Gene Carr My father bought his 73 Vette from him, still had the Blues sticker in the rear window

    58. Kaspar the Big Whistle was the best. Not the 2 jerks now, Sam Nose little and Joe Knowsless-eeeeee. They are pure shills.

    59. BillyDeeWilliams on

      I’d rather have them get to the 2nd round of the playoffs and get knocked out than lose all season and fire Renney.

      I don’t think this is such a ridiculous way to feel, but it feels like a lot of people don’t agree.

    60. BillyDee – I agree with you. I want a competitive team that makes the playoffs and then we’ll see what happens because anything can. The notion that you have to win the Cup every year to be successful is unrealistic. Good teams with tons of highly touted players lose in the playoffs, sometimes it really is just luck.

    61. 22 Gilles Villemure career ended way before any of those teens were even born… as ORR pointed out… blame MSG for not keeping up with history…

    62. BillyDee

      I would too unless it gets you into that perpetual trap where you sacrifice just enough future to remain competitive-and never win….but you dont save enough of your futures to ever really improve… you just keep barely qualifying…or something like that

      like Toronto was in the 2000’s…like Caps and Pens were doing before bottoming out

      and to me every day Renney is here we are hurting our youngins…IMO

    63. cwgatti’s whacked out take on brandon dubinsky is bewildering. And he’s been saying this like all season. Dubi’s a 2nd year kid in the darkness of Renney’s pathological narcissism yet gatti “knows” what kind of career he’s going to have…sheesh

    64. I agreed in above post CCCP. At least MSG is finally showing some respect to NYR players who didn’t win a cup. I’d love to see Greschner get a night.

    65. BillyDeeWilliams on

      Kaspar and Pavel

      I see your points, and certainly you don’t want your team to be perpetually mediocre, but at the same time, 2 years ago they were 7 seconds away from a 3-2 lead against Buffalo. A different decision here or there and this team might’ve beaten the pens in the first game last year and had the momentum. Of course, you might blame that on Renney, but that’s a matter of opinion.

      I think part of the fun of the playoffs is that most of the teams can be very competitive and most of them have legitimate shots at making a run. It depends on who is playing well at the right time, and specifically how hot your goaltending is.

      I don’t think you can ever look at a 2nd round playoff loss and say “well, that’s guaranteed to happen again next year”

    66. I think it’s amazing that he is ONLY a -17. His play has been much worse.

      I added a new feature to my blog (http://www.blueseatblogs.com)that is just dedicated to keeping track of Kalinin’s +/-. I think when it hits -25 we should let the coaching staff know about it.

    67. RE:Renney. I’ve never bashed or praised him. I always thought he had this year to prove himself. Remember, the last 2 years the Rangers were horrible in Dec-Jan. It is all about playing your best hockey right at the end of the season and carrying it through. Maybe with a good start this year, they won’t be burned out just trying to get in.

    68. whoa… whats the age average on this blog? based on all the exciting “all timers” responses feels like baby boomer convention :0

      no harm… just fun :P


    69. BillyDee

      Playoffs are fun and unpredictable for sure

      My biggest disappointment is that, just like Pens and Caps , we were terrible but never got a Crosby or a Ovechkin….just frustrating…bad drafting, pix that were traded away, not finishing “low enough” every year we stunk we missed out on the star players….

      I agree w/ you on Dubi…I think he’ll be great one day too..maybe he meant the Dubi on BB??? Trade him or something…

    70. sorry i am late on past ranger goalies. how about, Dave Tatarian, Hardy Astrom,and Steve Baker. Villamure was mora of a 1a than a 2.

    71. Renney’s decision is pretty bad! Potter definitely should have made the trip. Kal makes Rozi look like a superstar as of late. I’m sick of the Rangers giving away a point late in the game. Frankly, something has to change…quickly!

      BTW did anyone catch the Fan Forum with Dubi, Orr, Gomer, and Dru? It was pretty hilarious.

    72. 94Obsession,

      Per your request, below please find my response.

      For starters, if you don’t mind me saying, you referenced my name so many times in your post that it actually made me uncomfortable; scratch that, awkward would be a better word to describe the experience.

      Second, this is a black and white issue. There is no grey.

      In my opinion, the only time it’s okay to root against your own team is if A) You’re hoping for a lotto pick and you’re mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, and/or B) you have some absurd amount of money on the game in hopes of trying to repay some loanshark on the local street corner.

      Everything aside, we’re 19-10 and very much in the hunt. Rooting for us to lose won’t make Tom Renney disappear any faster. If you know anything about MSG, it’s all about Jim Dolan. Jim likes Glenn, Glenn likes Tom. So until Glenn stops like Tome or Jim stops like either of them, Tom is basically here to stay.

      The Roger Nielson reference is getting VERY old. He was ousted because that team had A LOT of talent and they were underperforming. And by underperforming, I mean, anything less than a Cup.

      This team is NOT a cup team. In fact, it doesn’t have much talent at all.

      This is the reason I never point the coach. Who’s to say it wouldn’t be twice as bad with someone else.

      When the Rangers went on a span of 9 or so years without making the playoffs they had A LOT of talent. That’s why the Campbells and Trottiers and Mucklers and Lowe’s of the world were fired. Their teams underperformed.

      This team is performing at an average level. I don’t think they’re underperforming. Are they overachieving and is the coach to blame? That’s for you to decide. I think not.

      But, one thing is, they’re not a whole lot better than you think they’ll be with someone else.

      That being said, rooting against your team “94obsession” is masochist nonsense and it’s annoying to hear taht there’s educated hockey minds in this room that sit on their couch at night and root for the Atlanta Thrashers.

      If that’s you’re idea of fun, have at it hoss.

      The Rangers are my escape, and regardless of whether or not I’m not a fan of Nigel Dawes and think Wade Redden is a bust, I’ll always root for them to succeed b/c I want to see the Rangers succeed.

    73. When can you root against your team ?
      When your team trades Eddie Giacomin to the Red Wings & he comes back to the Garden the next week to play against your team.
      Listening to 18,200 fans chant “EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE” & watch a grown man take off his goalie mask and cry at center ice makes you root against your team – but only once.

    74. brandon,

      if ur gonna reccomend to someone to root for another team, go with the preds i saw their ice girl swimsuit phootshot HOTTIES!!

    75. Brandon, I explained to you why I wanted them to lose last night.

      I never said I root against them every gameor everytime. But if things are gonna be bad, I want things to be bad or get worse first.

      That’s not to say I don’t want them to make the playoffs this year, just that I think they have the luxury of a great start, and there is room for things to get bad first because of their record.

      Also, yeah, I kinda figured you would mention that I mentioned your name so many times in my last post. Funny that you mentioned that, when I was posting my post before, I thought to myself “damn I mentioned his name too many times” But oh well.

      The reason why I originally posted was because I think you don’t understand the fans that wantt o see things get worse first. It doesn’t mean they don’t want them to succeed in the long run.

      I’m just trying to make you understand other people’s point of view.

      I also thought you’re in the wrong questioning someone elses fandom of the Rangers. To quote Michael Anthony Hall from the Breakfast club….. “What do you care?” We should’nt have to explain ourselves or defend our fandom of the Rangers when all we really want is the organization to be HANDS ON instead of hands off. I mean god, what is Renney waiting for to bench Kalinen?

      And just because we want to see guy’s like Redden not do well, doesn’t mean we don’t accept it when he does do well.

      Point is that, let people be fans the way they want to be fans. Rangers fans should’nt have to explain themselves to another Rangers fan what they mean.

      I also thought you were wrong mentioning someones age and their loyalty or whatever you said.

      Bottom line is that we all love the Rangers and for better or for worse we all want to see them succeed and win a cup or multiple cups in our own unique way.

      I hope this clears things up.

      You’re welcome to respond again if you want.

      Btw, this stuff isn’t suppposed to be personal. I don’t get why people take things so personal on boards or in life.

      I was just trying to explain to you what rocketnyr and other people felt, and to a point myself.

    76. 94Obsession is right. When they keep eeking out these wins, ala last night in Atlanta, it creates the delusion that nothing is wrong with this team and delays taking the actions that need to be made for them to improve.

    77. It is prolonging the delusion that by just barely beating a bottom-feeding team means that we can keep up this horrible hockey.

    78. Maybe you did not read my post closely enough. AFTER Gomez and Kovalchuk served their 4 minute penalties, Kovalchuk came out of the box and challenged Gomez. Gomez wanted no part. Of course Gomez was suprised when he got two more minutes because he did nothing but turned tail. Still not a good message to send in the room. I am sure if Zherdev challenged Cindy Crosby and Crosby turned tail the would be talk of that on the site.

    79. That “Michael Anthony Hall” is supposed to read “Anthony Michael Hall”

      Not the Van Halen member name.


    80. Sam, I got a chance to see Del Zotto play in Oshawa early in the season. He looked bored down there. He and Tavares are so far past everyone else’s level down there. I’m curious to see if he makes the jump straight up.

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