The good, the bad, and the ugly (so far)


The good for the Rangers: excellent pressure by the likes of Fred Sjostrom, Aaron Voros, Brandon Dubinsky, not only in keeping the puck deep in the zone, but in establishing inside body position on Atlanta defenders. The goal was by Colton Orr (Colton Orr!) but it was Voros’ work in front that set it up.

The bad: Another bad change and a defensive lapse leads to the Thrashers tying the game. Both Paul Mara and Dmitri Kalinin fail to pick up Joey Crabb in the middle of the ice, and Kraft goes on to beat Stephen Valiquette on the breakaway.

The ugly: It’s 1-1 in Atlanta, and the Rangers are scrambling. The ice is bad, the building is almost empty, and don’t even get me started on those uniforms…

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  1. OMG why is Betts on the PP? Is Renney so worried about getting scored on that he stuck Betts out there?

  2. Not average or medoicre. The Rangers suck. Honestly, I think they’ll be in the running for Tavares. You think I’m kidding. The Isles looked ten times better than this agaiunst Philly last night.

    This team sucks.

  3. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Wouldn’t it have made sense to have Drury center one line and Dubinsky center the other on the PP? Dawes and Sjostrom could have gotten a chance, ya know, something different?

  4. Dubi

    Suggest that to Tommy Boy. It will give him another chance to switch up the lines yet again…

  5. So right now, while the Rangers can’t manage to cover the hrashers or play anything remotely resembling solid defense despite the game being tied, are they “playing the system.” Or are they right now, “not playing the system?”

    Can we please fire the moron behind the bench, or at least figure out how to change lines appropriately by the end of the night?

  6. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Mako, you’re right, he got a chance to switch lines and lost his gum in all the excitement! But don’t worry, they sent Mike Pelino to get him more.

  7. alright…it took 30-something games to figure it out….this team is a fake…they have no heart…simple as that.

  8. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I wish guy’s would get penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct for late shots like that. That was three seconds after the horn. Of course Joe, in all his genius, said that it wasn’t too late. The horn I think was finished buzzing it was so late. What an idiot.

  9. Peter- what the rangers is trying to do is to stay with Atlanta or to keep Atlanta with Rangers… makes sense? not really eh… for further explanation please dial 900-Coach-Genius

  10. Think of all the brand new Rangers fans being created all over the world tonite because they’re watching this game!

    1-1 death struggle with a bottom-feeder. Renny’s idea of heaven, cause only 25 minutes till a shootout.

  11. Is Exelby gay? And secondly, we need to take out that mofo that shot at Vali after the whistle.

  12. ThisYearsModel on

    This is truly a dreadful performance against a terrible opponent. Kalinin was counting the empty seats with a Thrasher cherry picking behind him for their goal. Hardly any chances for us. SAM: I can’tm write for crap but I will volunteer tp fill in for you in Anaheim and LA. They play like this and it won’t be a fun trip out for you guys.

  13. Are we rooting for the Pens or Devils tonight? And I hope the Devils are not too tired with the tough schedule they have had so far this year. Jesus.

  14. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Ogrodnick, I’ve fallen asleep 5 (FIVE) times this year watching them, there is only one other game in my life that I’ve fallen asleep watching and that was a preseason game! This has to be one of the most boring teams ever assembled. I mean, at least the 90s/early 00s Devils would hit people!

  15. Is anyone other than me even remotely nervous about the game on Friday night? I mean we have owned the Debbies the last two years, but they are playing pretty good shut down hockey right now and winning low scoring games, and we are not scoring goals at all right now. I don’t know. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. I hope I am wrong.

  16. why do I watch these ass-clowns!. TO think I was looking forward to this game all day long. I think if you hypothetically got rid of everyone, includeing the coach, and reassembled another team, that it would be much better than this joke of a team.

    Im the loser though for warching this shit.!

  17. I never slept when Avery played.
    I’m just sayin’

    My God! If not for Colton Orr the Atlanta Thrashers would be shutting us out after two periods!!

    Repeat the line above twice and you start to giggle

    If you say it after three periods you will cry ( or sleep)

  18. this team is so bad they’re almost unwatchable.

    i can’t believe that the only + players we have on the team are zherdev and staal. its disgusting.

    we also get more power plays than any other team yet our power play is complete trash.

    we try to play tom renney’s defensive style game yet don’t have the right personnel to even pull it off. especially on defense.

    chris drury has been a nightmare.

    scott gomez has been just as bad if not worse.

    zherdev, although he’s a + player completely disappears some nights.

    this team is a complete joke and honestly, where’s the silver lining? i can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and we lost the only blue chip prospect we had.

    how many games do we have to lose in a row for renney to be replaced?

    just blow it all up already.

  19. ThisYearsModel on

    It is ice capades. A lot of skating around with no apparent purpose. Hedberg has a .880 save percentage and we either miss the net or hit the bird on his shirt. No one goes to the front. The only time we did, we scored tonight.

  20. “No one goes to the front. The only time we did, we scored tonight.”

    who was that player!! He must be benched for leaving us vulnerable in the nuetral zone!!

  21. The only thing worse than watching Renny screw up the game( Betts on the PP GREAT MOVE A_HOLE ) is pre game watching the MSG yes man Al Trautwig talk about how great Gretz tapes his stick WOW these are the guys who belong with this franchise right now. HEY AL I do a great imatation of wrapping my stick like Gretz WANNA WATCH YOU F&*%$IN HOMO

  22. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I’m sorry, I have been rolling on the floor for the past five minutes after Sam put Gomez in the same league as Kovalchuk.

  23. Watch Gomez on the ice. THe man is clueless. What happened to the “playmaker”? He has no idea what he is going to do with the puck and more often than not, he turns it over. What a disappointment this guy has been.

  24. Micheletti’s not a coot, he’s a charlatan and a shill who lies through his teeth to cover hsi own ass and protect his paycheck

  25. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I have never seen such complements on a goal scored off of a guy’s chest. “What a great feeling that must be for Callahan”

  26. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Of course one can’t actually see complements, but you know what I meant. Does this now mean that Rozsival is untradeable? Crap.

  27. Pavel December 10th, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    -16. I predicted -17 by the end of this game.

    – – – –

    Kalinin -17 ! Pavel u get a cookie

  28. Jeez, not a good omen when they can’t turn the lights off on our goal end….maybe they saw Vally against Toronto…

  29. I’m watching the thrashers braodcast (it’s in HD) and they keep trying to pretend that the building is full.

  30. Great play by Callahan! Did you see him fall? That was the greatest skating move ever! If I was a Thrasher fan, I’d be pissed. Nobody better blame Rozi for that one. Lets boo Kalinin not Rozi

  31. I actually feel bad for Rozy, he paid the price for being in the right place positionally and nobody could pick up for him. Kalinin is God awful. Every time the guy messes up the puck ends up in the net, I can’t believe we scratched Potter so he could play.

  32. ThisYearsModel on

    Nigel forgot how to lift the puck. The Atlanta announcers are thrilled to be in a game in the 3rd period.

  33. How different this team is from those play-off-less rangers teams of the late 90’s early 2000’s? the only difference is Henrik Lundquist… this franchise is still clueless how to play solid responsible D… still full of overpaid underachievers and has-beens … and still being ran by egomaniacs… and of course still look like shit…

    I believe and I hope u Rangers fanatics will agree with me when I say that Hanrik Lundquist is the most important Rangers player in more than a decade…. And it is a crime not to have a team built around the player like Henrik… Imagine Hank on Red Wings…scary

  34. CCCP

    imagine hank on a team that could just score period…

    If this team could average 3goals a night we might have 3-5 losses?

  35. CCCP – agreed 98% of the way there, but we have Staal, Dubi, Callahan, Dawes and (for now) Prucha….so, youth / prospects getting to play…

    but agreed on the end result…

  36. CCCP

    Yeah I’ve said that earlier in the week – LQ & the Wings would be absolutely unstoppable. He’s be in his glory with all those Swedes on the team.

  37. Btw, why did Thomas Pock never get a fair chance as a Ranger? We could really use a guy who could be 3rd / 4th liner and 7th D-man…

  38. Dubi or not Dubi on

    No question about Lundqvist’s awesomeness…

    On that note, has Drury played at all in this period?

  39. Pfft I have no idea. I havent heard his name since he missed that SH breakaway.

    Kalinin is out of position 80% of the time he is on the ice…

  40. Christmas List

    Peter Laviolette
    Potter instead of Kalinin
    Package Prucha, Dawes, Rismiller and Fritsche for a bag of pucks

  41. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Is Voros the guy from Beerfest’s brother? You know, the guy who always asked to get punched in the eye? I think he either has guys punch him in the face a lot or he has an iron deficiency. He does have long hair, maybe he’s had one of those operations…

  42. Z is invisible, Rozi is terrrible, Kalinin is aweful, what is Gomez being paid for? Were playing down to the Thrashers level, which is embarrassing. Props to them cuz we have more talent but its an even gamee pretty much. Pathetic. Positives: Staal..Valli?..Cally…..

  43. I wonder if they tape his microphone under Sam Rosens combover or inside one of his nostrils LOL Sam and Joe what a pair

  44. At this point, would it be wise for Renney to call a time out and absolutely lay into the team until he’s red in the face?

  45. TrueBlue – that is true… our prospect do get some playing time… but with inside-out system that we have going on these kids seem to hit the wall pretty fast

  46. Why is it that we play better defense for Valli? Why is it that Valli has had two shutouts and a much better GAA, and Save % than Hank right now? Is Hank really off his game?

  47. Leetchhalloffame on

    First place quickly fading away. Can the playoffs be far behind? Wake up Slats! On paper, and worse, on the ice, this team ain’t built to go very far.

  48. I’m sorry heck, play better than what? My son’s Mite team? This team is putrid, worse tonight than any other. They are just fortunate that Atlanta stinks.

    Who cares if they win in OT or a shootout. They’re getting crushed all weekend. What a bad, bad team.

  49. Dubi or not Dubi on

    “It’s a smart time out by John Anderson”, well Joe, he won’t use it if he doesn’t use it now. A smart time out is Mike Keenan calling time out in the second period in game 6 against the Devils.

  50. Honestly, ive been watching this game here and trying to fill out some college applications, and as im procrastinating over here, im thinking about how inconsistent this team is and how Renney has no idea what he is doing. On some nights, the “superstars” show up and work and we get positive results. Other nights, like tonight, everybody takes it easy. Renney really has no idea what he is doing. Hes pretty much behind the bench only because he knows how to keep the vets happy. Rip Gomez, Rozi, Dru, Redden, Kalinin new f’n assholes. Make them step up and blame them for this, not the “team” or the younger guys. Dubi is sucking now because of Renney. Hes holding him back from playing the way he likes to play and the way that is most successful. Anyways, 5 minutes until the shootout.

  51. what an ugly goal. sweet. Now renney and the boys can pretend nothing is wrong for a few more days.

  52. U all owe me. I just said to my roommate as gomez picks up the puck please score gomez so I can go to sleep

  53. i was just gonna ask if they’ll for the win in OT since Hank is not playing…

    Joe Mich says ” Gomes scores, he has a such hard time scoring” no shit Sherlock… how about hitting the net once in a while when u do decide to take a shot?

  54. Seriously correct Dr. O.

    At what point as a coach (and an employee who is ultimately accountable as well) do you stop the coddling and admit that things are not right and establish some accountability?

    You can’t use the “we’re in first place” argument as a reason for complacency / enabling the status quo…the Devils have played 6 less games than us.

  55. Wow, is there anything you guys like or enjoy about this franchise? At all?

    Bitch and moan, bitch and moan…

  56. jason- the Thrashers suck…we just gave them a point…I love this franchise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be critical…

    This current team has no “system” has no consistency and does not win often enough in regulation or convincing enough against good teams…if it weren’t for the shootout we’d be well worse off in the standing than now…

  57. jason – i’m pissed because my tv showed a game from a previous yr where the Rangers won in ot. i’ll have to look at the papers to see how we really lost this one and who was the goat or goats.

  58. All this talk from Renney about getting pucks from the point and the big shot from the blue line, and how this big point shot is somehow manna from heaven for scoring… not a single goal tonight was scored from the point, or even a rebound from the point for that matter. The goals were dirty, gritty, hard-working goals that involved people getting knocked over, obstructed, flying into the net, and charging hard. Gee, my hockey coach when I was 9 was right.

    Good job by Scotty for bitching Kovalchuk and scoring the game winner. Too bad we gave up a point to ATL, but a win regardless.

    We should have demolished this team. Instead we have to win in OT. Vali played a great game, you can’t expect any better than 2 GA. If you can’t score at least 3 in 60, then it’s your own damn fault.

  59. bitch and moan? What are their numbers? Or is that the coach aND HIS ASSISTANT AFTER THEY LOSE?

  60. I really think Zherdev needs to be separated from Gomez.. I’d put him back with Dubinsky permanently.

  61. This team is far from perfect. They have A LOT of work ahead of them to get to where they should be. They should have trampled all over the Thrashers. But they won.

    You guys keep saying the same thing and add no insight at all day in and day out. It looks like you want them to fail, just so you can continue to “prove your point” and be the one who is “right.”

    You piss over everything about this team. Why are you Rangers fans to begin with?

  62. Missed almost all of the game due to my friends engagement party. How’d they play? Who stood out good and bad? Was Redden as good as his three assists and +3 suggests? I see Kalinin was a -2 I could only imagine what a horror show he was. It would be a travesty if he plays Friday night.

  63. You know, Kalinin only plays an average of 16 minutes a game- he’s a drain on the cap- as inexperienced as Potter is, he could be a serviceable 6th D-man.

  64. graves i can’t say. my tv showed a Ranger victory in ot, so now i need to get a new one that shows what everyone else is watching.

  65. So they score 3 goals going to the net ( went to net 5 times all game maybe?)

    You know somewhere deep inside Renney is fuming about having to send 2 men in a few times to win

    I’ll take the two points over the powerful Thrashers and vonderkind Hedberg…do these guys really still have the same 2 goalies that the Rangers smoked in 2007?? They may be the only team in the NHL that has the same 1-2 for three seasons

  66. I bit my tongue on Kalinin for the longest time, but he is always around the action when a goal is allowed. I saw Redden do some very good things defensively tonight, beautiful ppick of the pocket puck steal on I forget who in the first period, he did look crisp.

  67. Graves


    all 3 goals had someone going to the net..all three will be benched next goes against the system:)

  68. lol, I love how far we’ve come when the one guy who isn’t ragging on the team is accused of being a rival team troll. Not that this game wasn’t vomit-inducing, but come on, that is a bit silly.

  69. Yeeesss, they actually did go the net tonight,and took a few lumps. They must have read that Hocky For Dummies book I sent them.

  70. “jason December 10th, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    Wow, is there anything you guys like or enjoy about this franchise? At all?

    Bitch and moan, bitch and moan…”

    – – – –

    guys… u have to listen to jason… we should just bend over and do what he does… take it with pride…

    quite honestly to be naturally honest.. we did what we had to do… and it is what it is (said that with broken Russian-English accent)

  71. I wish that we could see Renney stick with a lineup at least for a week, with no changes… How can you tell if a line is working if It’s a different line every night? How can they build chemistry, if they are guessing where their other line mates are going?

    Voros needs to play a more aggressive game…think Adam Graves…
    Zherdev needs to be paired up on a quick line
    maybe Zherdev Callahan SJoustrom?

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