Reading between the lines


The e-mail from J.P. Barry, Mats Sundin’s agent was brief:

“He will be there. No meetings confirmed yet.”

This was about Sundin’s visit to Madison Square Garden for the Rangers-Hurricanes game on Saturday, when he’ll be making a promotional appearance for an online poker outfit. Naturally this would be an opportunity for the free agent center to get together with Glen Sather and others to possibly talk about signing with the Rangers.

But as Barry said, there have been “no meetings confirmed yet.” Fine.

But what to make of the word “confirmed”? Or, for that matter, the word “yet”? Is this to say that the possibility of a meeting has indeed been broached? When Barry uses the word “yet”, is that to say that he expects the meeting to be confirmed, but he just hasn’t heard back?

(This sort of word-parsing reminds me of when I was courting my wife back in college, when I’d replay every conversation in my head. When she said, “You’re a great guy,” was that to say that, You’re a great guy, and I’m glad you called? Or was it more, You’re a great guy but you can’t honestly expect me to be seen with a guy driving a used Nissan Sentra? I guess I learned the answer.)

Naturally, I e-mailed Barry back for clarification, and he said that nothing had been “arranged to date.” So let’s just assume that while a meeting hasn’t been arranged, it’s still very possible.

Meanwhile, suppose Sather and Sundin do meet and Sundin decides MSG is absolutely where he wants to play. What happens then? Here’s where it gets tough, because the Rangers would have to find a way to clear some cap space, and it’s not like you can put a Michal Rozsival or Petr Prucha on eBay and expect five teams to snatch them up within minutes.

The Rangers could make it happen. But no one is under the impression it would be easy.


Whether Sundin wants to be a Ranger or not, it sounds like “Henrik Lundqvist is all for it”:


No word on a lineup for tonight. The big question is whether Wade Redden returns or if Corey Potter stays in.

More on that later…

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  1. at this point I could definitely go for Sundin…
    but does it solve the problem of having no finishers? I don’t think so…
    And how much of our future will the Rangers be killing…
    Will they be able to resign players like Staal, Dubinski, Zherdev.

    I’d rather see Potter any day over Redden. Redden makes me nauseous.

  2. I hope Sundin comes, and Staal Wart, ANYONE who consistently scores 30+ goals per season can help this putrid offense.

    Clearing the cap space will be really difficult though, so while Sundin to the Rangers is possible, it still seems unlikely.

  3. nasty – to reply to your post….

    It’s funny you should say something like that. Because I just read an article about Ryan Miller crying to the league that an offical “cursed at him on the ice” after arguing a call. (which a few minutes later Ruff argued a call and took a bench minor, coincidence?).

    Then last week we have the Avery thing. Which, I really don’t like the guy. But to put my feelings toward a person to the wayside, and look at it purely from a league perspective…and as an isolated incident, it was blown way out of proportion. Now, all the things that added up to the most recent ‘event’, I understand a little more, but thats enough about that.

    THEN…you can add in the discussions at the BOG meetings the last few days, and how the nhl has a hiring freeze, the cap isn’t looking to go up anytime soon, owners are tightening budgets, and so on and so on, all due to an economic reccession (not the nhl’s fault of course).

    But it’s all adding up to making the game I/we love a disgrace. It’s teetering on a ledge, and if it isn’t brought to an abrupt halt SOON, we’re in for a disaster. Of what proportions? Not quite sure, I hope it doesn’t get that far.

    But ‘reading around’ to gain some perspective outside what the Rangers beat writers may have to offer, its a pretty sad direction that the nhl (and all sports really) are headed in. (not a knock on the “beats” at all)

  4. I only endorse getting Sundin if we are still able to hang on to (long term) Lunqvist, Staal, and Dubinsky. Everyone else is expendable.

  5. hmmm, i was at one point rigidly apposed to Sundin coming to new york, but now im not sure, it sounds like he is in good shape and could help out the 22nd in the league PP, but at what expense? If it means getting rid of Rozsival then i’m in favor of it, but it leaves me queasy because it is one to many players over 30 and it gives them to many centers between drury, gomez, dubinsky, korpikoski and betts….

  6. Dubinsky should be a winger, plain and simple. He’s mediocre on faceoffs and his strength is along the boards wrestling for the puck, not carrying it up the ice.

  7. Anyone else disappointed in Korikoski’s play as of late?
    I mean you can see he has talent, but is jsut not finishing.
    Think it’s his linemates?
    Or possible the system under Renney he’ still trying to get used to?

  8. Pavel, I disagree. He’s terrific at carrying the puck, he’s just not polished. Plus, he doesn’t have that great a shot to warrant him becoming a winger. Centers need to be able to work the boards too, particularly behind the net. He definitely needs to improve on faceoffs, I agree with you there.

  9. I’m this close to not reading this blog anymore with the constant Renney-bashing.

    Tomorrow it’ll be “My dog died…it’s Renney’s fault!”

    You people are UNREAL.

  10. Nasty 1 December 10th, 2008 at 10:28 am

    Who would you rather rid the team and your eyes and bowel of, Rozy or Redden?

    Redden. To much money for a player who IMO is worse than Rozi.

    guys this is crazy…
    Every player on the team is a – except Staal, Zherdev and Dawes.

  11. Note: the below is highly unlikely (both because of NTC and desire for these player(s))… but wishful thinking

    Package up Redden, Dawes, Fritsche for a young, solid D-man and a 2nd rounder. This clears up a substantial amount of cap space to bring in Sundin

  12. dubinsky as a winger? hmmm, could be interesting to add depth to that area…sam, even if redden returns tonight, shouldn’t potter stay in??? maybe to replace a certain number 45.

  13. Rob C December 10th, 2008 at 10:50 am

    I’m this close to not reading this blog anymore with the constant Renney-bashing.

    Tomorrow it’ll be “My dog died…it’s Renney’s fault!”

    You people are UNREAL.

    your best bet is to just take some time away…I did it and it worked wonders…just read Sams posts for a week.
    you’ll find you miss the thoughts of the common sense posters and the stupidity of some of others.

  14. Classic Pavel. Dubinsky is what, 20 years old?

    Kid is not only a natural center, he could be the best center we have. Completely foolish to move him to wing and stunt his +Centerocentric+ development.

    Classic Pavel.

  15. Best center? That would be Gomez.. and Anisimov is showing better potential as a center.

    Dubi > Drury though.

    I don’t hate the guy.. I have a Dubi jersey.. hell I put a C on it!

  16. MikeNJ… thought the same thing re the Korpedo. He played great his first few games and hsowed a lot of talent and finishing touch. I was all for putting him on a better line and when Renney did I was pumped. Since then the guy has totally disappeared.

    Nasty… I would take Redden over Rozi. Redden still can be great with that first pass and maybe he can pick up the rest of his game too. Rozi just has no confidence left in him.

    StaalWart… crazy stat about Dawes, Zherdie and Staal being the only guys on the team with a positive plus minus rating. How is that even possible? Scary.

    Oh and Nasty.. love your post on the previous thread about “best case scenario”… pretty much spot on what I was thinking for the next few games. We need to win these 3 too as after this we head to the west coast for an @ss whiping from Anahiem and San Jose…

    ANyway, pumped for tonight… Zherdie is gonna be one fire tonight me thinks.

  17. Dubi and Staal are the future of this team, along with Hank. Fire-sale the rest of the squad if you have to. In five years time, nobody will bemoan the trades of Nigel Dawes and Dmitri Kalinin, but if we unload Staal or Dubi, we’ll regret it – I can nearly guarantee it.

    Rozi has surprisingly played better recently, especially on Sunday. He was throwing the body, making good passes, and got a few quick, no-hesitation shots on goal. He needs to do that for a lot more than one game to redeem himself, though.

  18. Best center? That would be Gomez.


    I’m starting to really doubt him. The reality is coming to the surface that he’s not as versatile as we’d all like to think.

    No one, and I mean NO ONE can move the puck up ice like him… but once the zone is gained Gomez has showed a lot of weakness. His passing has been sub par. He does not score any goals. He can race with the puck, but I think Dubinsky is right there with him. With experience, I think Brandon will be better.

    Gomez may still have a slight edge on Dubinsky, but Dubinsky is the far more well rounded player…

  19. how cute.. his agent is being coy.

    Sather surely isn’t stupid enough to dump Dubi and/or Staal for this guy.. is he?

    God I wish we could just get rid of Redden somehow.

  20. Nasty is that a ser question Re: Redden or Roszival?

    I would much rather shed Redden’s contract… it’s longer and more expensive, not to mention Roszi is younger.

    I have much more faith in Roszi getting better than I do Redden.

  21. I’d keep Rozsival too.

    If only because I think you have more flexibility, ie. using Redden’s incremental salary on another player and Rozsival would be easier to trade down the road.

  22. Isn’t Gomez like 8 years older than Dubi? It figures Dubi wouldn’t be at that level yet.

    I like Gomez but lately he’s been a huge bust. He’s the best skater in the league in my opinion, and can work magic up ice through defenders, but once he gains the zone he has no idea what to do with the puck, and since nobody can keep up with him on his way down the ice, he has nobody to dish off to. His shot’s not that great, so he rarely finishes by himself.

    I don’t know what to do with the guy, really. Given the choice of Drury or Gomez I’d keep Drury.

    I’d keep Rozi over Redden seven days a week, twice on Sunday. I’d also love to replace Kalinin with a cardboard cutout of Jeff Beukeboom, as it would cost less money and generate the same +/- figures.

  23. Options:
    According to one source close to some Tampa players, things have gotten to the point where this team may just be completely revamped again and that mainstay forward Marty St. Louis may very well be open to waiving his no-trade clause if team management approached him on the subject.

    “Marty and the guys that have been here are not happy anymore,” said the source.

    “There’s going to be a lot of movement there and I wouldn’t be surprised if Marty agreed to be moved out of there or even approached them soon. It’s just a real bad atmosphere and not something the veterans there have been used to. He would give them a list of teams and yeah he could be moved before the season’s over.”

    Despite the fact St.Louis has another two years (with a $5.25 million cap hit each year) remaining on his contract, there would definitely still be a line of suitors for a sniper who cracked the 100-point mark in 2006-07 and has had three 30-goal seasons. Isn’t Sidney Crosby looking for a goal-scoring winger these days?

    Keep an eye on Tampa because the forecast is ominous and there could be some lightning-quick roster movement in the very near future, despite the plethora of moves they’ve already made in the past six months.

  24. The Redden Rozi question is tough…. The are both way over paid IMO…. Redden more so then Rozi. But I think Redden is better than Rozi. Redden contract is too long and too much money. Rozi’s is just too much money. I’d say its close to a wash if you look at it that way. That said if Sather hadn’t given Redden that crazy-arse contract then i would say keep Redden.

  25. I wouldnt worry about Staal. No GM in there righ tmind is trading any member of the staal family unles they totally flounder. And MArc has been rock solid since last year and only getting better.

    Only thing I hope for in the future is that one day we may be able to add another staal to the NYR.

    Dubi aint oigng anywhere either. Home grown talent, and will be one of the future stars of our team.

    Hank, Staal, Dubi here to stay (as long as Uncle Geln doesnt get retarded on us)

    I would even go so far to throw Cally into that group too, but he’s got to put up better numbers by years end for that too happen. His playing style though does make the fans love him, as he’s one of our only players to hit on a consistent basis and not take penalties for it.

    Anyway, new day, new mood, LET”S GO RANGERS, and lets beat the crap out of Atlanta tonight!

  26. Pavel….a lot of times I let your comments slide and just say, “Whatever.”

    Then you say Dubi isn’t any good at bringing the puck up ice? What team do you watch? He is second to Gomer in that ability.

    On other aspects of the game, I agree with Salty. Dubi way more rounded. More physical, more feisty, hits people more, and arguably more responsible defensively than Gomer.

    Gomer takes the puck up the ice better than anyone in the league. Then when he gets it there he doesn’t know what to do with it other than to pass it to himself in the corner and go get it.

    Dubi is a better center than winger and his puckhandling, his hands, and speed makes him so.

  27. I think one of the problems with Gomez is he really doesn’t have anyone to dish off to that can finish, Callahan is great but lets face it he isn’t a finisher…and on top of that the line combos’ don’t stay together long enough for a guy like Gomez to develop chemistry with anyone. I think Gomez gets to the offensive zone and goes “what the hell, where are my options?” he can cross it thru 3 defenders and most likely have the pass blocked. no one is following him into the zone so a drop pass ain’t happening, so he goes around the net and dishes to the point for a shot that takes forever to reach the net.

  28. The only person on the team who could reliably finish from Gomez would have to be Zherdev, but they haven’t clicked in that fashion yet.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B == About my post yesterday. I wasn’t blaming z for anything, my point was that Gomer got a great pass & didn’t shoot [confusion ,possibly] sitting Z was also sarcasm

  30. Here’s the solution for the Sundin-cap problem. Waive Wade Redden so he can be the next Senator from Illinios. Hire Blagojevich as a stick boy and his wife as a Garden usher. That should do it.

  31. Here’s a question for everyone

    If Sundin signs elsewhere, what moves does Gelnnie boy make?

    Whats he going to go after?

    D man?
    Scoring Winger in a trade?

  32. It’s ironic that people didn’t want Jagr back because he was too old, but now they want Sundin who is one year older than Jagr, and Sundin also did not take the Leafs to the playoffs the last 3 years.

  33. Evgeny Grachev, LW – Brampton Battalion (OHL): Think of Grachev’s first North American season as a freight train. The 6-foot-3, 212-pound left winger may have started a little slowly, but now that he has found his game, he’s unstoppable.

    “I’ve gotten used to the league,” Grachev said. “It’s more physical and more competitive every night.”

    With his frame, however, fighting off checks has not been a problem for Grachev, who is now up to 33 points in 27 games for a loaded Brampton squad. The Russian, who certainly looks like a dangerous power forward already, has especially clicked with center and 2009 draft prospect Matt Duchene, whose speed and skills mesh well with Grachev.

    “We have good line speed,” Grachev said. “He can feed me with pucks and I can shoot them on net.”

    And how. The Battalion sit first place in the OHL’s Central Division and will likely have at least three players at the upcoming world juniors in Grachev, Duchene and Cody Hodgson.

    Naturally, Russia-Canada will have some extra spice to it.

    “It’s a special battle, it’s going to be exciting,” Grachev said, while cautioning the real prize comes on the podium. “Our goal is to win the gold medal, it doesn’t matter who we beat on the way to it.” Drafted 75th overall by the New York Rangers in 2008.

  34. kc you can thank the genius Sather for that, and Renney’s D system keeping Jagr from getting to his #s. This TEAM is O challenged. Sather likes grasping at straws.

  35. kc – That’s a very very fair point. Just to play this one from the ‘middle’. Jags WAS more of an offensive threat, no doubt. But Jags wanted the NYR to be HIS team. The NYR were not willing to continue that path.

    If Mats were to be signed, I’m sure he’s well aware that there’s a leadership structure in place, and one that is believed to be long-term. He’s well aware that at this point he’s a rental player thats looking to add the missing piece to his career. A Cup.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t think that the negatives (ie: disrupting team chemistry, leadership) outweigh the positives (proven scoring, instant cup contender).

    I all depends on how the room is created to bring him in thats my concern. I think he’d be a great fit on Broadway. But there’s a right and wrong way to make it work.

  36. Mats Sundin makes the Rangers an instant Cup contender. BS. Tell it to the Leafs fans…

    MikeyNJ, agree re: Korpedo, think the same of Dubi and a lot of other guys.

    And how about this, from the Post? What a bunch of crap. Panic, a-hole, you’ve sucked.:

    Despite the Rangers’ struggles through the first 30 games on the power play, Scott Gomez, who hasn’t scored a power-play goal this season, thinks the team isn’t far away from putting things together.

    “I think we’ve just got to execute,” he said. “We’re getting good looks. Hopefully, some bounces and breaks will go our way, but it is what it is. The execution’s got to get a little better, but it’s too early in the season still.

    “It’s something we definitely want to improve, but no one’s panicking about it.”

  37. My question on Sundin is this…where does he fit? We have alot of centers…we need scoring wingers. Is Drury going to go to wing? with who? Who is going to be the wingers for Sundin? Callahan? Zherdev? We still have the same problem.

  38. I will say that the first 20 or so games we played, if our PP clicked, we would have been an absolute upper tier team in this league. Now, with the recent bed shittings, and total forgetfulness of playing defense, we might need our PP to click, to just get back to being a “good” team.

  39. Chris F – I agree that Gomez (and the PP) have sucked, but what else do you expect the guy to say? He gave the standard sports interview, nothing more, nothing less. The only thing he forgot to mention was going out there and giving it 110%.

  40. Completely off topic, but can somebody tell me about PA Parenteau. He’s got nearly a point a game in Hartford and is never really spoken about as a prime prospect. At the age of 25 shouldn’t he be primed to crack the bigs?

  41. “Mats Sundin makes the Rangers an instant Cup contender. BS. Tell it to the Leafs fans…”

    I’ll tell it to vesa toskala, a 40-year old cujo, andrew raycroft, felix potvin, you get the point.

    The rangers and the canadiens are the only 2 teams, of the 4 suitors, that this is the case. Chicago is not due to their division alone, plus the strength of the west. VAN is doubtful, IMO.

    Hey…the sharks have been contenders for years, but we see how that goes. A contender is just that…doesn’t garuntee anything.

  42. Pavel is correct. Rangers should hold on to Zherdev like grim death. The kid is the best thing on the team outside of Lundy.

  43. I would think that is Sundin signs with the Rangers. And now after all I am hearing and reading it seems VERY possible. Im sure Sundin would want Naslund has his wing. I would love to see Zherdev on that line too… WICKED!

    I say move Dubi to the wing as well – see how he does there. Only as a trial period…

  44. NYR PP ranked 22nd in NHL @ 15%


    MTL PP ranked 27th in NHL @ 13.6

    STL ranked 3RD! @ 24.4 (12-11-3)

    TOR ranked 10th @ 20.9 (10-12-6)

    CLB is dead last at a disgusting 9.9%

    The PP is very important. No doubt about it. It can win you games, and it can lose you games. But it’s not everything. Solid defensive play, with the right offensive players playing to the best of their ability gets you a lot further than a “hot PP” before the new year.

    Maybe there’s something in the soup I ate for lunch, but I’m not as worried about the PP as I am the team giving up 15 goals in the last 4 games.

  45. On the front of Redden vs. Rozi. I say if we could dump either (no way we can rid ourselves of Redden’s contract) I’d do it in a heartbeat. Both were mistakes in length and ammount. One less mistake is one less, ya know?

    Sundin wouldn’t solve our problems. Not sayin’ he wouldn’t help or solve some of them but it’s deeper than that. Not to mention that I doubt he would think NYR are contenders really.

  46. Sam can a player skate with a team without signing with them? Lets just say sundin goes to sather i want to be a ranger and they agree on a deal but sather has to clear rooom. can sundin skate with nyr so when he can offcially sign he would have already had a few practices so he can learn how to not score.

    Thanks sam

  47. ATL…worst PK in the league. Just what the Dr ordered.

    It’s easier to score on them than Elisha Cuthbert.

  48. Sathers Ego….”must have sundin!!”

    Rozisvals contract is very “top heavy”, 7 mil 08/09, then down to a (sort of) reasonable 4.3 mil in 10,11,12.

    Perhaps he might not be to hard to unload for a team looking for a top 4 defenceman (as comparable Commodore in Columbus is getting 4.3 mil).

    Might cost them a Dubincsky or Zherdev though….nobody wants any of our 9 3rd line players…..Burke would take Voros in TO

  49. getting goals at even strength or on the PP will usually overcome goals against. Plus it stops boring hockey ala Renney.

  50. LEt’s hope we get some sloppy seconds chances tonight then Beer Me!! haha

    Oops, Sam please don’t suspend me for 6 posts!!

  51. Doogie, do you mean Redden?
    I forget what Rozi’s contract is but I don’t think he’s making 7 mill this season…thats more than Redden

  52. HockeyMan Rangers on

    The only way I would say yes to Sundin is if we DO NOT have to give up any young players. At some point and time these younger guys HAVE to start gelling. Not sure how we can take on Sundin and not get rid of any valuable youngsters??? So I guess what I am saying is lets work with what we got. AND I STILL STAND STRONG ON NO SHANNY EITHER. He is last player we need. We go thruogh this every year “can’t score” I really hate to say this but is it possible that it’s Renny not coming up with any creative ways to score???? I don’t know, it’s just odd this happen every year at some point.

  53. Staal Wart

    I thought Reddon was around 8 mil, then filtering off to 6.2 mil through 12/13 (plus the dreaded no movement clause)

    but Rozsival was VERY high this year then down to 4.3….that being said…..a team could get Rozsival for the remainder of this year at 1/2 price, and then (of course) he would become all happy and start playing like he should and cost a team 4.3 milion through 11/12

  54. fantasy

    Mats: sign me for one year $5m prorated
    Slats: so its a deal?
    Mats: Wait…I’m not going to be the next HOF or Cup winner that gets ridden out of town by Rennyism am I?
    Slats: whatya mean?
    Mats: Jagr, Shanny, Drury, Gomez all get blamed for your team not scoring? what gives?
    Slats: Ok..I know what I gotta do

  55. I don’t want Sundin on this team. What I do want is Renney and his crack staff gone.

    All this talk about moving players and bringing in a big time goal scorer is classic NYR bullshit and isn’t going to lead to any success, let alone sustained success, in this new salary cap era.

    I see NO coincidence that good players like Chris Drury, Wade Redden, Scott Gomez and yes, Rozsival collectively underachieve while on this team. In fact, it goes against logic. When you put good players with other good players, they’re able to do more collectively. This has not been the case here. What we have seen though is a good group of players, young and old, with 100% heart and good coaching and development, can win a cup. Look at Detroit, who have Juri Hudler and Johan Franzen making barely over 1 million a piece. Not to mention Zetterberg only making 2.6, though he will likely get a fat extension as he is a UFA after this year. The same can be said for the LA Kings, who were supposed to be a laughing stock this year, but continue to impress with decent play from Frolov, Dustin Brown, Kyle Quincy and Drew Doughty. Jeff Carter and Mike Richards in Philly both came up from the Phantoms. It seems Dubinsky, Dawes, Prucha and Callahan have hit a wall. These are good players, and we know they can play. Dubinsky doesn’t rush in to make offensive plays anymore, neither does Dawes. Prucha scored 30 goals, 16 of which on the PP, now not only is he not even considered for PP time, he’s lucky just to be in the lineup. The problem here isn’t with the players, it’s with the coach. Our PP has been abysmal for years while Detroit obliterates opponents with over 30% PP efficiency. Yet we don’t practice it and instead watch video. If making the playoffs and getting stomped in the 2nd round was a success, then we should never get rid of Renney. But this is the Cup or nothing, and so long as Renney is captain of this ship, we will get nothing.

  56. Staal Wart

    That is base salary…..

    I’m sure the “cap commitment” is different…Reddon 6.5 mil for 5 seasons….Rozsival 5.0 mil for 4 seasons

  57. Joe in DE


    Even a luckless franchise like NYR could not have a series of coincidences and bad luck take place where every all-star, multiple cup winner, cup winner and future Hall of famer that comes here mysteriosly sees their skills deteriorate game by game…its impossible

    Its all about Professor Renney
    and if people dont like reading that then dont read

  58. Kaspar and Joe in DE…. agree totally that it seems the Rangers take good players and somehow make them worse… but this stuff happened pre-Renney… brain is kinda slow today but Fleury comes to mind pretty quick. Then we got Keane or Keen or whatver from Dallas and he helped end Patty La’s career… not that Keen is/was a superstar. I know there are plenty of others but can’t recall right now. Pretty much everyone we traded for from 95-2006 was a bust!

  59. Sather is the one who should be gone. If he brings in Sundin, he is saying that he made another mistake by not bringing back Jagr and Shanahan. And who is the Rangers cap expert? Does Sather listen to him? The contracts on this team are disasters — you can’t blame the players for accepting good salaries — it’s all Sather’s fault. Although to be fair, it’s unclear if he is even alive, since you never see any Rangers management being interviewed.

  60. Joe in DE…agree 100%

    “UNDER ACHIEVERS” is what is describing this time presently!

    Anaheim did not have a huge budget the year they won the CUP….but they had 6/6 starting Canadian born players on defence…Canadian goalie…and 8 of the 12 starting forwards…you guessed it Canadian.

    They also had
    #1 scoring line: perry/getzlaf/kunitz
    #2 scoring line: selanne/macdonald/penner
    #3 play hard when you are on the ice line (and dont get scored on) : marchant/may/parros
    #4 the defensive specialists (+ # 1 p/k):

    VERY defined roles and ice time…nothing like Renneys throw your names in a hat and pick your line mates style of coaching

  61. Nasty- Hockey is different here.

    After all the bitching/crap that’s been going on here lately, thanks for the laugh. Right up there with a “Nasty” story.

  62. your boy Malik on

    Andrew Gross says Vally in net, Prucha out…Sjoestrom moves up… much for Prucha’s “chance”…..

  63. Parros

    You are right, the melting down of stars and winners did take place pre-Renney as well…But I dont remember anyone defending the clueless coaches back then do you?

  64. Your Boy

    I wonder if that means they are “prepping” Sjostrom for playing Sundin’s wing LOL

    Poor Prucha :(

  65. “Nasty 1 December 10th, 2008 at 9:48 am

    It is sad to say, because I have some really great things in my life, and when the Rangers are playing well, it just makes everything a little sweeter. But when they are losing, I still have those same great things going on, but it just isn’t the same. Know what I mean? I guess that is the life of a Die Hard. Let’s Go Rangers!”

    – – – – –

    Hey man… no offense but your life (count me in as well) must have been pretty crappy from 1998 to 2005 lol

  66. Another thing we all need to be reminded of is this is the same team that started better than any of us expected.the ultimate question is what happened and why. The quality of our opponents certainly had something to do with it but we beat some good teams along the way. All this talk about missing pieces is great when you’re one or two pieces short. We’re not there. We have a lot more pieces to put in place.

  67. Sundin 32 27 31 31

    Shanahan 23 29 40 25

    Jagr 25 30 54 31

    goals scored for the last 4 full nhl seasons

    And as the 2008 NHL Mark Messier Leadership award winner…if you sign Sundin the equipment manger best get the stich ripper out because NO WAY can Drury wear the “C” in that locker room

  68. Yeah he is useless when he isnt used correctly by the coaching staff. How would it effect your job performance if your work time twindled? how would it effect you if you’re constantly f*cked with, unsure of your future with your company? Not so good eh?

  69. What’s up guys? I started up an online league on PS3 for NHL 09, if anyone is interested in joining lemme know, my PSN ID is Chaotik86.


    Still think Prucha deserves more of a chance. I know he hasn’t produced, but lately, who has??

  70. doodie machetto on

    Haven’t been around in a while; work has been pretty crazy.

    The team is struggling lately, but is it that surprising? If it wasn’t for the shootout, this team’s record over the past 10 months (going back to last season) would be dramatically worse.

    It all gets back to what I’ve been saying since before the season: the team just isn’t that good.

    It’s not a bad thing. We have a lot of good people in place. Hank, Staal, and even though he’s been struggling of late, Dubinsky. Hopefully we can retain Zherdev to add to our growing corps of young and talented players.

    Now, as far as our veterans go, we have definite issues. Rozsi is awful, Redden is disappointing, Gomez is woefully disappointing, and Drury is playing to expectations, but I (nor should anyone else) don’t expect him to play like a 7mil player. Naslund has been surprising. I expected him to be just awful. He’s been OK. Not 4 million OK, but he’s closer to playing like he’s worth 4 million than Rozsi, Redden, Drury, or Gomez are to playing to their contracts.

    But, for better or worse, we’re stuck with all of those contracts unless we trade away a 1st round pick. Not worth it in my opinion. Have some faith, the team can turn it around in a couple of years. Naslund will be gone by then, so even if the cap drops, we’ll still have that 4 million off our books, not to mention Kalinin’s bloated salary as well. We’ll have our draft picks panning out (Sangs, DZ) and will be able to focus on signing an elite winger or hoping we luck out in the draft. And if they draft anything besides a scoring winger in the first round, I’ll be convinced that I can run the team better.

  71. Here’s a placard to display at MSG next game


    It wont change anything but it’ll confuse the sh** out of Sather and Renney

  72. Gomez: 1g – 13 games – $8 million
    Dubinsky: 1g 20 games – entry level contract – he is supposed to produce isnt he?
    Drury: 1g 11 games – $7.1 million

    That argument is pretty moot :)

  73. “And if they draft anything besides a scoring winger in the first round, I’ll be convinced that I can run the team better”
    doodie machetto
    December 10th, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    I thought you did run the team?

  74. Gotta love how the NHL Board of Governors complains about how bad the economy is as they play golf and wine and dine at a luxury resort in Palm Beach. Did they bring their wives and girlfriends? Did they take private jets?

  75. Agree with Doodie on the #1 pick, gotta keep it. We’re stuck with Redden/Rozi for a while. Nobody is going to take either one of them unless we do a Jagr/Carter deal and pay part of the salary, or we take somebody elses high salaried problem. Give the younger draft picks 2 years to develope then see where we are. The cup run was supposed to be last year, it’s gone. Time to rearm for the future. Maybe Sundin gives us lightning in a bottle in May but I don’t want any high draft choices to be sacrificed in order to get him.

  76. Before we start trading somebody,anybody,everybody..
    lets first get a coach in here.cause whats gonna happen is we start making trades and we’re still gonna keep losing.Cause Renney and his stooges suck.
    Then after Renney’s gone the new coach whoever it is,is gonna say I wish he still had Prucha,Dawes,rozi,whoever,because he had a different system that fits this team.
    So Glenn before ya start trading away the future to fix this mess you got us into,FIRE RENNEY AND HIS STOOGES FIRST.
    Get a new coach in here the decide what ya wanna do.

  77. How to crush the spirit of youth:

    Prucha-Dawes-Dubi ( Is Hank getting antsy??)and yes Polk and Poti ( I mean who’d we play Malik? Kalinin? Rozy?)

    If we are sacrificing a cup and working on future; the future should be young right?…get rid of this coach already

  78. Is the underachieving all Renney’s fault?

    Come on! I’m not defending the guy but to say it’s ALL him. These are big boys… they’re playing like hammered dog-crap. It’s gotta be their fault too!

  79. Riche

    Even a luckless franchise like NYR could not have a series of coincidences and bad luck take place where every all-star, multiple cup winner, cup winner and future Hall of famer that comes here mysteriosly sees their skills deteriorate game by game…its impossible

  80. When are people going to realize Prucha is not that great, he doesn’t belong in the nhl, well 4th line maybe but its a stretch. He had a great rookie season he plays hard I like him but teams figured him out just nock him off the puck brutalize him. Look at his stats the chart has been showing a sell for quite some time now. Let it go!!!!!!!!!!

  81. No wealth envy. Just don’t like management since the lockout. Owners’ poor business practices led to the lockout in the first place, although they blamed the players, and now, management is getting ready to blame the players again for their latest poor business plans. See the Rangers team salary as example number one.

  82. hmmmmm. . . . . . . In early November when Dubinski was the next coming of Bobby Clarke, it sounded absurd to trade him. 20 games and one goal later, he is the core of the Ranger future. A month ago, he could have been sent packing with Rozi for a song and cap room to sign Mats. A team would have taken Rozi’s deal as long as he was packaged with Dubi. No we have the rotting corpse formerly known as Michel Roszival, and a career 3rd liner due for a raise next year.

    As Capt Quint told Hooper in Jaws:
    “Don’t you tell me my business, BOY!!!”

    Maybe we could still ship these two off for a real player. . . . Mr Sean Avery

  83. cwgatti – you’ve got to be kidding on avery. all he cares about is fashion. i’ve seen videos of him at practice – everyone else is paying attention except sean.

    someone mentioned parenteau. well lundmark was named player of month in ahl for november. and parenteau has to go through reverse waivers. if claimed 1/2 his salary counts vs our cap. not a good idea

    kaspar – pock was just waived by isles about a week ago. he is and always was a non event as nhl caliber player

    people were talking about redden’s and rozy’s yr by yr salary (ie not cap hit) – see below (rozy is making $ 7 mm this yr down to $ 3 mm last yr of contract; redden $ 8 mm this yr down to $ 5 mm last yr of contract). note these are real $ not cap $. but could still imact ateams ability to trade with us if cap $ are not a concern for the other team.

  84. These guys have some finishers…the problem is that they have a coach who cannot seem to teach the players to get in proper position to score. NOw look at the game last night against the Thrashers.

    Not once did the Rangers have anyone posted in front of the goal for a puck carrier to work with. They were like a bunch of rabid gerbils, all over the ice and everything catch as catch can. And this goes on night after night. Watch these others teams ( who have a coach directing them),
    they ALL seem to have at least one, (and with Canadiens three )people parked in front of the Rangers goal. You think all those scrambly, and rebound goals in the Rangers crease just are lucky shots? Only the Rangers continue to drift always into a perimeter type game along the boards ( they love the boards), and that is the throw back to Jagrs Euro style. And of course it would help a bit if some of these guys once in a while could put a shot on the net…what’s that refrain you hear so often when a Rangers shoots? Oh yeah…”and the shot was wide of the net.)” That’s their mantra.

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