Go to the goal


Now repeat after me class: Good things happen when you go to the net.

It wasn’t pretty. I think the Rangers would agree with that. But some excellent goaltending from Stephen Valiquette, continued stellar penalty killing, and three gritty goals — the last two of which saw Ryan Callahan and Scott Gomez barreling to the net — was enough to secure the team’s first overtime win this season.

The overtime winner was especially important for Gomez, who’s finally feeling healthy, and who is coming off two dreadful performances in which he was a combined minus-7.

More to dissect later…

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  1. Repost:

    This team is far from perfect. They have A LOT of work ahead of them to get to where they should be. They should have trampled all over the Thrashers. But they won.

    You guys keep saying the same thing and add no insight at all day in and day out. It looks like you want them to fail, just so you can continue to “prove your point” and be the one who is “right.”

    You piss over everything about this team. Why are you Rangers fans to begin with?

  2. i was hoping they’d lose in regulation so that they would have nothing positive to take out of this game. i think that might have been more effective for the future.

  3. this is horrible, but funny (was forwarded to me…so not my creation)

    Iraqi Hockey Player

    The New Jersey Devils foreign scout flies to Baghdad to watch a young Iraqi play hockey in the new American sponsored league, and is suitably impressed and arranges for him to come over to the US .

    Brent Sutter signs him to a one year contract and the kid joins the team for the preseason.

    Two weeks later the Devils are down 4-0 to the Blackhawks with only 10 minutes left. Brent Sutter gives the young Iraqi the nod and he goes in. The kid is a sensation – scores 5 goals in 10 minutes and wins the game for the Devils! The fans are delighted, the players and coaches are delighted and the media love the new star.

    When the player comes off the ice he phones his mom to tell her about his first day of NHL hockey. “Hello mom, guess what?” he says in an Iraqi accent. “I played for 10 minutes today, we were 4-0 down, but I scored 5 goals and we won. Everybody loves me, the fans, the media, they all love me.”

    “Wonderful,” says his mom, “Let me tell you about my day. Your father got shot in the street and robbed, your sister and I were ambushed, raped and beaten, and your brother has joined a gang of looters, and all while you were having such great time.”

    The young Iraqi is very upset. “What can I say mom, but I’m so sorry.”

    “Sorry? You’re Sorry? !!” says his mom, “It’s your fault we moved to Newark in the first place!”

  4. Because we’re in the midst of the second 54 year Cup drought for this sorry franchise, that’s why.

    We are Ranger fans who want this team to be the best they can be, not some mediocre middle of the pack team that struggles to make the playoffs and gets bounced out after a round.

    We want a coaching staff who can make the most of the talent that they have, instead of destroying any team chemistry, being clueless, and totally misusing the players.

    We happen to be REAL Ranger fans, not fly-by-night mindless zombies who go along with every lie and misdirection by the coach and the shilling broadcast crew.

    That’s why.

  5. a win is a win but ughh another boring game the only thing that kept me from falling asleep was watching kovalchuk play, wouldn’t it be nice to have a guy like that on this team this game would of been 4- 2 if he had anyone to play with

  6. Maybe the worst game I’ve seen from Naslund all year — yet he gets a helper on the winner. Good for him.

    Now show up in Jersey on Friday! All the giddiness from Gomez and Stan and Sam and Joe makes me nervous. They beat freaking ATL, not the ’84 Oilers, OK everybody?

    And if they don’t come with their best effort from the opening faceoff at the Rock, the Devils will bury them.

  7. side note:

    as Devils were finishing off Pens a pissy-frustrated Cindy Crosby begins pummeling Gionta; the smallest man in professional sports; while the little midget was skating away from him..

  8. Apparently two -‘s make a line across, what I meant to say was that Kalinin was minus 2 today, and I’m keeping a live watch on his +/- at the link.

  9. Kaspar, I can see the Doc Emerick highlights now:

    “The courageous Sydney Crosby, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, took exception to some words from Devils’ enforcer Brian Gionta, and took care of him during a battle at the end of the game. Not only can Sid-the-kid, now Sid-the-man, fight with the best, but he can also score and set up goals left and right. I mean we’re seeing Probert meets Gretzky here, folks. Remember that valiant game winner in the Winter Ice Classic last year? Wow, oh wow. I’m sure Wrigley is glad he’s not playing that day!”

  10. Crosby’s flashpoint is pretty low when he is frustrated and held back. Watching him lose it is funny, and that is when I hope the camera cuts to Therrien, so I can get a double-dose of outrage.

  11. REPOST:

    # CCCP December 10th, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    “jason December 10th, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    Wow, is there anything you guys like or enjoy about this franchise? At all?

    Bitch and moan, bitch and moan…”

    – – – –

    guys… u have to listen to jason… we should just bend over and do what he does… take it with pride…

    quite honestly to be naturally honest.. we did what we had to do… and it is what it is (said that with broken Russian-English accent)

  12. “Kaspar December 10th, 2008 at 10:23 pm


    Lets see him do that to Marty St Louis next…”

    My money’s on Marty.

    I heard Sid the Kid went to the Kentucky Derby and dissed and trash-talked all the jockeys. When one of them jumped down off his horse and wanted to go at it, Sid ran looking for a ref to protect him. Many refs were in attendance, since they are all big bettors. But they refused to get involved. I heard he took some lumps before one of the other jockeys came to his rescue… LOL…

    Just a fantasy of mine…

  13. All Hail King Henrik on

    I felt like it was 1983 watching that broadcast; how horrible was the image and sound? College games are of a higher video quality than that pathetic excuse for broadcasting. MSG needs to make new plans when the Rangers, Knicks & Devils or Islanders all play on the same night. Broadcasting on the channel guide in circa 1974 video quality just isn’t going to cut it. It’s unfair to the fans to have to suffer through that; the puck was very difficult to follow and the blurred / grainy picture is insufferable.

    I’ll take the win even though they made Atlanta look like a Top 5 team; a win is a win. Let’s see how they do against Jersey on Friday.

  14. All Hail King Henrik on

    What was Rennney thinking putting Betts out between Nas & Z on our only PP? WHY would you not put The Korpedo out there to get some PP time with TOP wingers to see what he can do? I simple cannot find any justification for this decision. Defensive Liability? It’s the PP.

    We know what Betts’ offensive upside is–nothing. The Korpedo’s offensive upside isn’t quite as defined; lets see what he can do with that PP time.

  15. All Hail King Henrik on

    If the justification really is Shorthanded goal prevention, that’s laughable. We’re more concerned about keeping the puck out of our own net with the man advantage than scoring goals. Hilarious.

  16. All Hail King Henrik on

    …Korpikoski is no selke winner, but he’s not a real defensive liability, either. That’s why Tom liked him more at center than wing in the beginning of the season, because he has the necsesary defensive adeptness.

  17. illbeit this game could have been better, but as a hockey player myself I can tell you it is clear that the rangers spent 90% of their off ice training working on D developing new strategies…which begs the question, why was potter not in the line up? a 24 year old kid who nearly scores in his debut (look at the replay, bad luck alone saved the puck from going in) doesn’t replace the -15 (now -17) kalinin….please elaborate? Now they just have to stop playing down to their opponents and start scoring and things might work out for this team

  18. Renney putting Betts on the power play is the ultimate window into this coach’s mind and soul: He is forever plagued by what will go wrong rather than what can be made right.

    And to think there are still plenty of observers who think this guy is the ticket to a playoff run, much less Cup contention. Incredible.

    Denial is more than just a river in Egypt.

  19. All Hail King Henrik on

    I know, just making a point. I am a strong proponent of team-defense. It really does win games and win championships.

    But taking it to the extreme that Renney does by playing a defensive center on the PP is a joke.

    …Not that we play good team-defense anyways, although the last two games have been somewhat of an improvement.

  20. AHKH, I’ve been second-guessing the coaching approach for quite a while. I’ve been waiting for a more sophisticated approach to offense. Renney simply keeps stating that offense will flow from the defense. Weird. It actually doesn’t, but he is cagey enough to know that goaltending will get him there. It is that simple, goaltending will do it, that’s his plan. He would never in a million years say that publicly, hahah.

  21. a wins a wins a wins a win. Aren’t we supposed to be happy when our top center scores an OT goal 18 seconds in? There may be thousands of things wrong with this team but while they figure it out, they are still winning games to keep us afloat. Thats enough for me. And anyway, we got CC, the Knicks won, and the Giants are still good.

  22. How in the hell did Wade Redden get 3 assists? I’m sure everyone is asking themselves that question right now.

  23. Betts got PP time as a reward for playing hard and as a reminder to the team’s supposed offensive leadership that they need to step up.

    Meanwhile, how about “Dead Horse” Kalinin? Guy can’t stop being beat.

  24. Bottom line they beat a bad bad team in OT.

    Both ATl goals could have been avoided if the rangers could make a smart line change(get the puck deep) and if kalinin and roszi could communicate and not leave by far the most dangerous offensive player all alone.

    Also the level of ranger pressure is not that significant…

  25. we went to the net, we scored some goals (way to go Colton!), we got 2 points – and still the natives are restless!!

    Bring on the Debbies and Canes..!!

  26. Renney putting Betts on the PP was one of the smartest moves he has made in my lifetime. ( I’ve been moaning about him doing just that for over a month now. Maybe he heard me.) Betts is no slouch. He covers well, skates hard, has a good hand on the puck, and he shoots when he gets the chance . Tell me another defenseman who can do all those things better. Maybe he saw the good results of Scott Gordon using Weight on the PP. You’re never too old to learn ( except in Renney’s case – he just might be.)

  27. Glad they won, 2 points are 2 points any way they come. The goals were trashy, but they were goals, and if the Rangers keep going to the net, maybe they can keep scoring this way.

    Kalinin really has to be sat down. -17? Just on principal, bench the guy a game or two. Knights of Columbus, that’s a bad statistic. Bring on Potter.

  28. theflynn – you say “Tell me another defenseman wh ocan do all those things better” in reference to Betts. Betts is a CENTER! I think your post explains why Betts shouldn’t be on the powerplay. He’s got such little offensive prowess that people mistake him for a d-man.

    I love Betts for what he does on the 4th line and his very defensively responsible style of play, but the powerplay? No thanks, Renney.

  29. Blue to the Bone on

    Yes, gritty win that shows we need to keep crashing the net. I’m still trying to understand why Prucha was scratched yet again, this time after only a 3-game stint.He scored, held his own in a fight and, in general, showed the kind of effort and energy we could use from the rest of the team. It would be nice to see Sam or Zip put the question to Renney and get a real answer out of him for once and not something like “well, we thought it was Nigel’s turn to skate.”

    PS – the MSG broadcast was beyond horrible.

  30. Nice to see them get a win!!! 2 points! I have final exams this week and next so I didn’t have a chance to watch any of the game (I think it’s the first game all year I didn’t watch). I hope the team at least worked hard, that’s all I asked for.

    Salty, yea, thats a common ‘computation’ they do. If the goal scorer touches the puck first, the guy before him will most often get the assist since Gomez can’t get a goal and an assist on the same play. Another example would be if player X passes it to player Y who then goes up the ice with give-and-goes to player Z. If Player Z scores, Player Y gets Primary and player X will most likely get the secondary assist, even though he may not have touched the puck for 30-45 seconds before the goal.

  31. Betts on PP…

    Best faceoff man in box, offensive-zone draw. He won the face off btw.

    The one thing I’m not sure of (for justification purposes) is when he came off the ice. I know he didn’t bolt to the bench after the puck hit the ice, but I know he didn’t play the full 2min either. Sure, its a crazy thought if you take it at face value. No doubt about that. But the risk paid off with the reward of winning the draw. That was the intent. The intent was not that Blair would score a ppg. At least I hope not!

  32. bto b from Gross…”.Renney was asked whether Prucha’s latest three-game stint was enough of a sample for him. “Yup,” Renney said. “If it wasn’t, he would still be in. He gave me everything he could. It depends also on what you need. Nigel is in primarily because of his ability to score and help create offense. Also, he’s a playmaker. He helps, I think, supplement what we might need offensive by his ability to make plays. It’s where we are and what we need to generate. It’s capitalizing on guys that have been out of the lineup that want badly to get back in and do the right thing as they do that.”…

  33. “Nigel is in primarily because of his ability to score and help create offense.”

    Tom Renney, get bent. In what ways is Nigel Dawes superior to Petr Prucha? At least five times this season Dawes has had a GOLDEN EGG of an opportunity to score, and EACH TIME failed to elevate the puck above the goalie’s pads. This happened again last night. Nigel Dawes is terrible and Renney should be shot into the sun. I feel bad for Prucha, and at this point hope he gets traded to a team that will actually give him a fair chance.

  34. Kalinin -17!!!! Time for him to take a seat in the press box and play Potter – he can’t be worse.

  35. Who Needs Lohan on

    A new low at the Who Needs Lohan household last night…..

    WNL: f%&k this team sucks…(continously for about 2 1/2 hours”
    Mrs, WNL: wait didnt they just score and win? why arent you excited?
    WNL: Sadly, I’d rather this team lose than win…
    Mrs. WNL: so then why are you watching?
    WNL: Wow, thats a really good question…I guess so I can see them lose and fire their awful coach..
    Mrs WNL: (walks away saying nothing, shaking her head)

  36. Kalinen is too bad and Potter looks too promising to make the change. We don’t bench dreadful older players to insert more talented younger players into the lineup, here. We prefer losing and trying to justify the big salaries we give our vets, to winning with a younger, more talented, lesser costly lineup.

  37. You guys are hysterical!! What a way to start the morning.

    Trueblue that was a great forward!!!

    I mentioned last night – I watched Kalinin, closely watched him to see why he is so bad. The kid is out of position 80% of the time. Its just G*d awful to watch him play. Just like Sister Christian last year. The kid was horrible, I mean I went to the blues site and all the fans hated him. But at least he redeemed himself that one game where he had a goal and an assist. I dont see Kalinin doing that at all…

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