Finally for Freddy


I’ve been pushing the “Fred Sjostrom off the fourth line” button for a while now. I don’t offer this as a cure-all for what ails the Rangers, but I do think one of the team’s more versatile forwards is better served playing on a more offensive-minded line.

Alas, Sjostrom “finally gets his shot tonight”: playing on a line with Brandon Dubinsy and Aaron Voros.

Among the other changes, and there seems to be a ton (first reported by “Zip”:, who was at the skate):

<li>Wade Redden back in in place of Corey Potter.

<li>Nigel Dawes back in skating on a line with Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan.

<li>Lauri Korpikoski taking Sjostrom’s shot on the fourth line with Blair Betts and Colton Orr.

<li>The reunion of the offensively dangerous and perhaps defensively liable line of Markus Naslund, Scott Gomez, and Nikolai Zherdev.

<li>Stephen Valiquette in for Henrik Lundqvist, who will instead spend the game on the phone with Mats Sundin pleading with the center to come to New York (I kid about the last part).

<li>Petr Prucha back out after three games in.

Will the changes pay off? Stay tuned…

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  1. CC is a Yankee on

    Markus Naslund, Scott Gomez, and Fred Sjostrom? I think you mean Naslund, Gomer, and Zherdez…

  2. Having Korpedo on the ‘4th’ line is going to leave a gaping hole int he defensive ‘shut down’ aspect of that line.

    I dont disagree with it… but Im interested to see what comes of it.

    Sjoey, Dubi, Voros… This could prove to work well if, and only if, Voros can take a seat in his office at the top of the paint.

    Nazzy, Gomer, Z … this line looked ot have potential… and both Nazzy and Z have been ‘decently’ responsible defensively thus far this season.

    Dru, Cally, Dawes … meh. I hope they produce but Im not going to expect any miracles here.

  3. doodie machetto on


    Haven’t been around in a while; work has been pretty crazy.

    The team is struggling lately, but is it that surprising? If it wasn’t for the shootout, this team’s record over the past 10 months (going back to last season) would be dramatically worse.

    It all gets back to what I’ve been saying since before the season: the team just isn’t that good.

    It’s not a bad thing. We have a lot of good people in place. Hank, Staal, and even though he’s been struggling of late, Dubinsky. Hopefully we can retain Zherdev to add to our growing corps of young and talented players.

    Now, as far as our veterans go, we have definite issues. Rozsi is awful, Redden is disappointing, Gomez is woefully disappointing, and Drury is playing to expectations, but I (nor should anyone else) don’t expect him to play like a 7mil player. Naslund has been surprising. I expected him to be just awful. He’s been OK. Not 4 million OK, but he’s closer to playing like he’s worth 4 million than Rozsi, Redden, Drury, or Gomez are to playing to their contracts.

    But, for better or worse, we’re stuck with all of those contracts unless we trade away a 1st round pick. Not worth it in my opinion. Have some faith, the team can turn it around in a couple of years. Naslund will be gone by then, so even if the cap drops, we’ll still have that 4 million off our books, not to mention Kalinin’s bloated salary as well. We’ll have our draft picks panning out (Sangs, DZ) and will be able to focus on signing an elite winger or hoping we luck out in the draft. And if they draft anything besides a scoring winger in the first round, I’ll be convinced that I can run the team better.

  4. I don’t get much into the lines and “my picks.” But about 2-3 games ago I started saying Sjo deserves to be off the 4th line but I thought Voros should replace him, not Korpi and Korp should play with Dubi and Sjo.

  5. Why the change with Prucha? Prucha actually made a difference, scoring a big goal, holding his own in a fight and throwing some really big hits. Dawes is garbage.


    I think Cally had one goal, and it was in game one. Dawes had an empty net goal, then FINALLY showed up to tie the game int he semi’s against the Pens in game 5. Dru was decent.

    That’s as far as Stats go, but yeah the line was pretty good during the final stretch of the season.

    Renney is a jerkoff, i cant say that enough. Pruchs busts his fuggin heart, and what happens ?? He gets scratched ???? WOW !!! What a stupid piece of crap Renney is. Pruchs must have finger banged Renney’s daughter during dinner at some point in Pruchs 3 seasons before this. Totally unfair.

    I hope these lines work out tonight. Gomer needs to step it up, he’s been playing like he did early on, which was like a retard.

    Time to impress Mats Naslund, as Sam Rosen would say.

    I hope Vally does better than his last start, even though Nyr didn’t show up, he let in a softy or two.

  7. Doodie, I think you should go away now that you have come back. Everything you have said is like beating a dead horse. Go run a team somewhere far far away…..Obviously you have given up on the team, once again, so hit the road.

  8. Potter should still be in
    Even if Redden is better, should have sat Kalinen for a game, put a fire under his ass to show him his jobs not secure in the least.

    I like shoey to the 3rd line, but here we go again with the line juggling for the top two.

    Im not gonna get negative. Let’s see what happens, and I’ll save all my bitching or praise for tomorrow.

    Hopefully Shoey gets a goal and proves his worth on an upper line.

    No idea why Dawes is in at this point. Again should have left prucha in for at least 2 more games.

  9. that’s a good move by Renney. Take the only guy out of the lineup that has scored a goal that really mattered in the last week. Instead of sitting Voros who continually takes bad penalties and contributes nothing to this offense. Nice!!

  10. Getting back to sundin for a second. bringing him in for the rest of the year is ideal but if they could get rozival 5 mill of the books for the next 3 years is whats important. maybe there blueline suffers if hes gone and potter is in however in 2 years when cap might go down at least rozival contract is gone. sundin and potter or rozival and his 5 mill. seems like a no brainer to me.

  11. Yes agree on Prucha demotion. I mean I am first one to give Pru hard time over past season plus, but he did play his 170lb heart out the last few games, got in a fight, scored a goal, showed grit. So I don’t understand Renney.

    But that being said, I don’t undertand 90% of the spit Renney has done in the past month plus.

    If you ask me, Renney is grasping for straws or throwing spit against the wall to see what sticks. Sadly none of it has worked in the past 6-8 weeks.

  12. Oh wait, he coudnt do that, I forgot, Kalinen is in the Rangers opening credits…so he must be in the plan long term.

  13. Staal Wart
    December 10th, 2008 at 11:45 am
    “I think one of the problems with Gomez is he really doesn’t have anyone to dish off to that can finish, Callahan is great but lets face it he isn’t a finisher…”

    Who else is left out there?? Gomez had Jagr , Shanahan ..tried Avery , Zherdev , Drury , Dawes and Cally ..ect …ect . Come on maybe its Gomez ‘s fault.

    Crosby skates into the Zone and HE finds people …not people find him like Gomez. I’m not buying this , no one for Gomez to play with cuz if you can’t rack up assists playing with 2 600 goal scorers , Maybe it the gut passing the puck.

    Gomez skates hard , and directly into the other teams zone , but then he must be tired cuz his brain gets confused and the only option is a pass to the point.
    Gomez does not have Crosby’s creativity , nor Hossa ‘s .
    Don’t be looking for a new ” winger ” for him .unless Elias is around ….Id say put gomez with 2 slower guys who have great offensive awareness and have them yell for the puck once they have entered the Zone .

    Anyone sick of hearing ” fire Renny” on here , get used to it . In any pro sports team the coach is fired when the team is underachiving. If Renny feels safe from losing his job and if it rubs off on regulars that don’t get benched …then he will have to be fired.

  14. Yeah! Wade Redden is back in the lineup!

    What an utter disgrace the coaching is for this team. Dmitri Kalinin can be a -20, but Correy Potter gets one chance to play in the NHL?

    What a cream cheese organization we have become. You can stink up the ice, not take the body, get outscored game-in and game out and yet you never come out of the lineup.

  15. This line juggling is just stupid. I’m so sick of it. STICK WITH SOMETHING, YOU BOOB.

    Kalinin NOT sitting?

    Prucha ALREADY out? Yeah, he got a fair chance. Sure he did. This guy was one of the only people actually PLAYING the last three games.


  16. Prucha and Rozy are going to be traded soon in part of a package.

    Just have a feeling here.

    But I am not sure I want to know who else is going to be including part of the package or what is coming back in return.

  17. Prucha…out?! I think this should be the end of Renney. Prucha, while he didn’t put any fear into Lemieux or Gretzky because he was on pace to break any scoring titles, LOOKED PRETTY DAMN GOOD! Dawes, Korpi, and Voros continue to be invisible and non-factors. Almost every prucha shift was a good shift in both zones. I hate Renney for this. Prucha played better than at least 5 other forwards and he’s out…smooth, Tom. Real smooth. Demote the hardest working player on the team. What’s next, Zherdev going to the wolfpack? Lundqvist on waivers?

  18. onecupin67years on

    I guess Valiquette’s in because 1) he needs a start
    2) I think renney wants to send a message to the troops that Hank won’t be there to bail them out so its up to them, Yeah right!

  19. onecupin67years on

    Forgot 3) The Thrashers are easy. No practice Tues put in 2nd string goalie, today.
    Pick one .

  20. Yeah well thank God hands of stone Sjostrom is getting moved up in the lineup. He is such a nice guy the other team with let him put the puck in their net right Sam?

  21. Maybe 5 of the next 7 on the road will be good for the team….it seemed to help when they went to Praugue.

    and if “back up” goalies do what they are paid to do (aka last night in Montreal…Halak shut down the Flames) perhaps Valiquette can help us clobber the hapless (2 wins in 10 games) Thrashers.

    We need Sather to “BULLY” Prucha back to Czech like Tampa did with Vrbata…we need his salary off our books.

  22. Hey True Fans Bleed RW&B I’m with YOU!!!!

    This is utterly effing ridiculous….scratch the ONLY hard working player the past 3 games and keep Kalinin in, who is horrendous

    I HATE YOU RENNEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The professor has mixed up the potion once again eh?

    Prucha is out? makes sense in bizarro-NHL maybe

    He!! Maybe he’ll try a 45 second 4 on 5 tonite, or better yet pull the goalie all-together that’ll teach his slaggards..

    This is the kind of guy if he was an NFL coach he would kick-off to start OverTime and answer criticisms about it with “thats a fair assesment of the situation”

  24. New Newman
    December 10th, 2008 at 1:21 pm
    Beer Me!

    No team going very far in the playoffs without a real PP. No way.

    Agreed newman. Playoffs don’t start till April though.

  25. Man – the mood in the locker room must totally suck.

    I bet Renney was looking for any excuse to sit H.L. He has been one unhappy soldier lately. If they lose tonight and H.L. is in net, I don’t think his morale could take it…

  26. I might start rooting for them to lose I swear, higher draft pix, Renny fired, peaceful nights sleep…

  27. or perhaps Sather need to buy a snow blower…..


    Avalanche captain Joe Sakic, already sidelined by back problems, broke three fingers and suffered tendon damage in his left hand in a snow blower accident Tuesday afternoon and will be out at least three months.

  28. at least we got CC, that makes this lineup easier for me to deal with tho still dont get taking prucha out (he has been playing better than dawes, voros, sjostrm, korpi and duby).

    barring some miracle of a trade this is our team for the next few years…..not very reassuring. sather has built a disaster and anyone saying our future (youth) is bright is delusional. we have maybe one good center (like we need another center) and two possibly good offensive defenseman in our system, the rest are ryan callahan clones….ie hustle, grit, undersized and no offensive ability.

  29. Glad to see everyone likes the changes.

    I don’t really care if Prucha’s in or not to be honest. I wish he woulda been dealt in that COL deal last year. I agree with nasty & 22 that hopefully there’s a deal waiting to go down.

    Agree with Vally in for this one. Hank gets the back to backs this weekend vs a DIVISIONAL TEAM, and the Canes. Not to mention leaving for the trip out west on Sunday. BIG PICTURE FOLKS.

    Atta boy sjoey. Hard work, average skill, great forechecker, decent size & speed. Hands…questionable. Get it front and pick up a garbage goal buddy.

  30. puke-up still sucks and I hope he’s traded. WOW that was one hell of a fight he fought. When somebody in the blueseats sneezes he falls over and when he checks anybody he still falls over. He’s like a Rag-doll. Granted he’s got heart but where do you go from there. Where’s Frische???. He, at least, gave us some grit. What is a new coach really going to do with this team?

  31. doodie machetto on

    Richard, I haven’t given up on the team. I’m still rooting for them, I just don’t have high expectations for this group. Two years ago, I had high expectations coming into the season; last year, even higher. This year, I haven’t really expected anything. Too many new faces, not enough goal scorers. It’s not the worst thing in the world. They got off to a fast enough start that they’ve locked down a playoff spot due to the low level of competition outside of the top 6 teams in the East. So they’ll get in 7th or 8th, maybe take an upset in round 1, and go out in round 2. Lather, rinse, repeat. Like I said, it could be worse. 98-04 was much, much worse.

    And as I said a couple of months ago when they were off to their fast start, they would start to slump in November and December. They were playing better than they were.

    They just don’t have the tools this year. Really, when you looked at the roster in September, did you really have higher expectations than you did last year or the year before?

  32. “sather has built a disaster and anyone saying our future (youth) is bright is delusional. we have maybe one good center (like we need another center) and two possibly good offensive defenseman in our system, the rest are ryan callahan clones….ie hustle, grit, undersized and no offensive ability.”

    I gotta kinda agree with ya there pete. I think everyone’s hopes on our youth is based on the enormous difference in youthful talent that we have in the system now vs what we had 5+ years ago. They ARE leaps and bounds better than Skidmark & Co. But they’re not top-tier prospects. They’re good, don’t get me wrong. But if any of them were the game-changers that some make them out to be…they’d be in the NHL.

  33. ERIC

    That’s the main reason why i want Mats. Mats will do more than what a few of these 3rd liners are doing, and he’s a leader, he’s been to the playoffs before, while most of these players have only been there once or twice, and haven’t done much, besides Dubi, who was pretty good. And the best part if, most likely Rozi’s salary will get dumped, along with Pruchs or someone, and Slats can use that money to lock up Nicky Z, Dubi, Cally, and then Staal the following season.

    Anyone who’d rather have any of these 3rd liners playing over Mats, must be insane. Im sorry but i just cant see us going into playoffs, and having Cally, Dawes, Pruchs, Korp, Voros, Freddy Shoes, or who ever turning a series around. Not saying Mats is a hockey god, but he can help.

    Anyway, hopefully Nyr manages to bully these losers around, and Orr knocks out Boulton, and Voros beats up Exelby.

  34. doodie machetto on

    “I don’t really care if Prucha’s in or not to be honest. I wish he woulda been dealt in that COL deal last year.”

    I wish we could’ve dealt him a couple of years ago for Seabrook. Remember that rumor?

  35. czechthemout..... on

    Renney is a putz.potter scratched after playing well.kalinin plays like crap but is still in the lineup.Great example of accountability.

  36. doesnt prucha know at 1.6 mil per yr ur supposed to be a pt a game guy, 100% effort isnt enough with that contract of his.

  37. Ahh…yes I do doodie. Prucha’s days as ‘bait’ have fallen off tremendously. Sure, not ALL his fault. But he’s now like that dead, limp, partly chewed worm than you reel back up after finishing your beer and takin a piss off the back of the boat.

  38. Matt

    Then what is one supposed to get when you have a guy worth $8 million ? 3 points a game? Maybe -4 a game :)

  39. everyone else (all our third liners plus callahan) have been given a shot on the top lines…..

    perhaps fredrik can show why he was a first round draft choice and “hands” in Phoenix….???

  40. Sam,

    I have to agree with you on the Sjostrom thing. I’ve been calling for him to be used more since the end of last season. A lot of people ripped me for it, but that didn’t change my mind on the guy, he’s got skills.

    That said, is there anyway you can politely ask Renney, “Why the fuck do you hate Petr Prucha?” I swear the guy can go on a Gretzky like tear and get 6 goals in 2 games and Renney would find a reason to put him in a press box.

    Let’s see how tonight’s roller coaster goes.

  41. I love how we all have become so psyched-out by Renney that every time he does something that makes absolutely no sense a few people start rumouring “well they must have a trade being set up”

    Does that include the 4 on 5? was that just a clever set-up to get Mats? a metaphor ?

  42. lets be honest here, prucha’s contract isn’t holding this team up. sather has given almost every free agent he has signed overmarket deals. prucha and mara are the only two players to have given the rangers any sort of discount. prucha has struggled, mostly not his fault, but his $1.6M wouldnt even be an issue if sather had any clue, and i mean any clue, how to negotiate contracts and scout talent-see redden, rosi, drury(like the guy but hes a 3rd liner, nothing more) and at least this season gomez tho i still think he is a pretty good center when he’s on

    sather threw money at names and now we are loaded with big unmoveable contracts (even finding a buyer for roszival will be an issue)…why u have to build from within b/c the best players rarely become free agents

  43. I really hope a trade is coming for Prucha…

    I’ve been saying all along that the guy is pretty much worthless when he doesn’t put the puck in the net but he has been good lately… even though he’s only scored 1 goal.

    He deserves a spot. Trade is the only explaination I’d wanna hear.

    As far as the rest it’s all just more of the same… jumble, jumble.

    Sitting Hank is intersting. Probably your last chance at an “easy win” if that can be said with the way these guys are playing. If Valli folds it could prove costly.

  44. I have no problem with Vali starting in goal tonight. He’s a solid goaltender, and Hank has played a lot. Put Vali in and keep him fresh. If he gets shelled it’s probably because the D in front of him isn’t pulling their weight. Only 3 players on our entire roster are a +.

    Prucha has played with 100% heart and been rewarded with a huge goal. He’s one of maybe 3 players who have actually shown up to play in the past few games.

    Renney sucks. Kovalchuk and Exelby are going to run train on us tonight in our own house and make us look like a bunch of jerkoffs.

  45. doodie machetto on

    I thought for sure that when Prucha came into the lineup and scored that he would be traded the next day for a bag of pucks. But no, now we can just get the bag, no pucks.

  46. All I have to say is thank God for Crown Royal!!

    after 1 period I still believe we will win…
    after 2 periods I think team is possessed by satan…
    after the game I just think its all apart of Slats master plan


  47. Joe in DE
    Prucha has played with 100% heart and been rewarded with a huge goal. He’s one of maybe 3 players who have actually shown up to play in the past few games.

    Renney sucks. Kovalchuk and Exelby are going to run train on us tonight in our own house and make us look like a bunch of jerkoffs.

    I agree with you on the Prucha comment.. Um but the second part – if they get schalacked by one of the worst teams in the league then its time to push the button!!!

  48. Haven’t made a game prediction in a while. Last time I predicted the Rangers would win 5-1 after our last losing streak and we won 4-1.


    Rangers: 4
    Thrashers: 1

    Goals by Dubinsky (2), Naslund, Callahan

  49. Rangers gonna bounce back with a win tonight and put smiles back on all our faces…

    the Z line (naZZ, gomeZ and Zherdie) gonna get one or two and Dubi is gonna come out of his funk. Dawes gonna play hard for his 2nd game in a row and Drury might even light the lamp.

    And Vally is gonna be a brick wall.


  50. doodie machetto on

    Renney isn’t even the problem anymore. As Sam (quoting Herb Brooks) said, this team doesn’t have enough talent to win on talent alone.

    No coach can get 100% out of his players 100% of the time. When we don’t do that, we don’t win. Plain and simple.

  51. Gee, Petr Prucha sits after not scoring for 2 games. So I guess Gomez, Drury and the rest of the non finishers will be sat also?

    Renney is such a joke of a coach that it’s tragic. I wonder how many shifts before he changes linemates again. I wonder if it will lead to more minutes on the ice with not enough players. Moron Renney. I can’t take much more of this.

    Maybe they’re tired of watching all his PP videos.

  52. Doodie

    its called winning a championship/ Stanley Cup. So one coach a year gets the very best out of his players :)

  53. Brandon – freaky…. i was thing 4-1 or 4-2…. but i like 4-1 better. goals from nazz, zherdi, dubi and the last from either drury or dawes.

  54. “Renney isn’t even the problem anymore. As Sam (quoting Herb Brooks) said, this team doesn’t have enough talent to win on talent alone.

    No coach can get 100% out of his players 100% of the time. When we don’t do that, we don’t win. Plain and simple.”

    BS! look at most other teams, they have even less talent. And what is talented on another team, would be about half as talented under Renney. That is how he coaches.

  55. MAKO, getting schalacked by one of the worst teams in our own house has happened already, twice. A 2-1 loss to the Islanders where both goals against were shorties, and a 4-0 donkey punch from the Panthers. The Thrashers are easily as bad (or good, depending how you look at it) as the Isles or Cats, with neither of those teams having a weapon like Kovalchuk.

    Bottom line, Rangers need to show up and show some balls and some leadership. It’s clearly not coming from Renney, so it’s going to have to come from one of the players.

  56. Did Renney actually play any sort of hockey? Or did he read Webster, put on glasses and decided he can coach in NHL?

  57. Renney plays Kalinin because Sather’s ego is invested in that choice.

    Renney sits Prucha because Sather’s ego isn’t invested in that choice.

    Again, Renney’s first imperative is not to win. It is to please Glen Sather.

    People can argue all day about whether Renney’s a decent coach. But how anyone can respect him seems to me to be beyond dispute. He’s another man’s willing doormat butt-boy. And it’s a disgrace.

  58. Renney can’t even get his adompted son Betts to score. I bet Betts would score more ponts in Detroit or Montreal with just a fraction of the icetime that he is getting from father Hyena.

  59. Kaspar… love that. Reminds me of my uncle Pete who drinks that stuff by the jugfull! I’ll just be beer’ing it tonight.

  60. “Wade Redden back in in place of Corey Potter.”

    Great job Renney, you never fail to surprise all those that think you are the worst coach in NHL

  61. I love how Dan Fritsche gets 10 games in a row and the most Petr Prucha gets is 3… Complete BS by Renney. Just trade the kid already. Pru scores 1 goal in 3 games and apparently that isn’t enough. If that is how we choose who plays and who doesn’t, then Drury, Gomez and pretty much the rest of the team should sit. Ridiculous!

  62. Keymaster – Sather
    Gatekeeper – Renney
    2 Dog Sloars – Gomez & Drury
    Zuul – Giannone
    Walter Peck – Micheletti
    Mayor – Rosen
    Winston – Dawes
    Venkman – Zherdev
    Ray – Mara
    Egon – Staal
    Janine – Redden
    Stay Puft – Hank
    Louis Tulley – Sam Weinman

  63. Everybody close there eyes (read the rest of this first)now imagin that our power play one of the top 5 pp’s in the league,what do you think our record would be then? does everyone agree that we have a least 5 mor wins? I do,and it would better then that I’m sure.
    Fire Renney and his stooges and lets get some good hockey.

    Oh ya,my new motto til it happens “New system, new coach”

  64. Since everyone and their mother knows that Sundin is coming to NY and Hank wants him, maybe they’ll play a bit better in the hopes that they’re not traded.

  65. I love how Dawes, Prucha, and Fritche play hard, score a goal and get scratched while Drury and Gomez play like crap, never hit, and never get punished or scratched. Their talent is really overrated.

  66. “Louis Tulley – Sam Weinman”


    And I’m so embarrassed that I forgot the great Zuul

  67. jason
    December 10th, 2008 at 4:04 pm
    I bet Bob would still bitch if this team won the Stanley Cup.

    how do you expect to win a Cup with this talentless coaching staff? We need to draft better coaches.

  68. these moves mean nothing.

    make some moves. If you are not going to play Purcha, Dawes, etc… then trade them..

    I would like to See Potter in and give Kalinin a night off.

    I am not pro or anti Renny and Sather but they need to make some moves…This team as is is like a 7th seed, mainly because of the great goalie..

    Why not try something new.. The 4th line insanity is the same as last year… Again it is a little better offensively then last year but the bar is on the floor. WHy play guys who cannot score ever when this team cannot score?

    Yeah Orr is a good fighter, whipty doo, they cannot score….

  69. Guys. Please get this straight: Dawes, a left wing, is not in as a replacement for Prucha, a right wing! Sjostrom is moving from the left wing on the Betts line to the right wing with Dubinsky-Voros, making Petr unfortunately expendable, as Zherdev, Sjostrom, Cally and Orr are playing ahead of Prucha. The question to ask is why Korpi is still in there.

  70. A lot of folks are getting angry about the Renney bashing here…but quite frankly, although I don’t really get “angry”, I am just as miffed at them for believing that every champion-star turns to dust-its all their fault and a coach who has no track record of NHL championship success, has nothing to do with this mediocrity

  71. Akaya, if that’s the case, why not sit Orr to let Prucha stay in the lineup? Also, by your logic, why can Sjoestrom switch sidesf from LW to RW but Prucha MUST ONLY play his RW?! Your logic is flawed, twice.

    It’s just assanine for Prucha to sit and it shows a clear bias Renney has against him…I wonder if Prucha slept with his mom or something. Or maybe Prucha said: “coach, remember when I scored 16 goals on the PP?! 10 bucks says this team won’t score that in the next 4 months!? Deal?”

    I’m just sick of Renney. I’m sick of people not putting responsibility on HIM! They were winning, remmeber? The PP was very good in pre-season and to start the season…remember?! The team plays well in the third period when they abondon “the system.”

    I’m also sick of people posting here that Prucha (at 1.6million) needs to “have a point a game” … so then WTF does 8million this year (Gomez) and 7.3million (Drury) mean They should have? Certainly minus-6 and on pace for 41 points isn’t what you expect? or is it? just dumb…

  72. I flat out asked Zipay today in his live chat if he felt Renney was improvising at this point and had no real direction for this team.

    His Response “Right now, he’s searching”

    This is someone who’s job is being around this team 24/7. So we as fans, are not that far off in our thinking…..

  73. Prucha was always a LW! RW is not his natural position. He started sucking when Renney started using him as a RW.

  74. “I am not pro or anti Renny and Sather but they need to make some moves…This team as is is like a 7th seed, mainly because of the great goalie.. ”

    or maybe mainly because of a terrible coaching staff + GM

  75. Rob
    right on…power to the people

    We are not alone

    the truth is out there

    ask not what your hockey team can do for you

    I have a dream

  76. your point Bob is?

    Sather is not getting fired so be a normal moron and bitch and moan for something that is never happening just so you can read you own posts.

    Sather is not getting fired by the inheritor in chief who is a total moron when it comes to sports. Dolan knows less then most posters and that is not much…

    Prucha played well the last 3 games and so did Dawes but does it really matter.

    this team has the 28th offense, that is a joke.. SIt Kalinin and play Potter again.. Potter knows he cannot score and therefore worries about the defensive zone, Kalinin is a baffoon who thinks he can score, that is a joke…

  77. “tonite is a must game and vally is in. i totally disagree.”

    I’m not sure how you can call this game a “must”. It’s important yes..just as all games are. And we have been slumping. But why not Vally? If I recall, Vally was put for numerous “pivotal” games in the last 2 years and has won them..The big Blues games, the Leafs win last year after going 0 for October on the road..remember? I have no problem with Vally in net the team seems to want to play for him.

  78. All Hail King Henrik on

    WTF! Why do the Rangers get the shaft and receive no HD feed? Knicks are away and yet they get the MSGHD feed, and the Devils get MSG+.

    Someone should tell MSG that they OWN the Rangers and the Rangers should take precedent over the Devils and be given the HD channel. Bullshit. Watching Non-HD on an HD TV BLOWS. Regular TV’s it’s not really an issue, but with the HD TV, the regular feeds look TERRIBLE.

  79. someone mentioned parenteau. well lundmark was named player of month in ahl for november (shows what ahl stats are worth). and parenteau has to go through reverse waivers. if claimed 1/2 his salary counts vs our cap. not a good idea

    kaspar – pock was just waived by isles about a week ago. he is and always was a non event as nhl caliber player

    people were talking about redden’s and rozy’s yr by yr salary (ie not cap hit) – see below (rozy is making $ 7 mm this yr down to $ 3 mm last yr of contract; redden $ 8 mm this yr down to $ 5 mm last yr of contract). note these are real $ not cap $. but could still imact ateams ability to trade with us if cap $ are not a concern for the other team.

    Joe in DE – re 3:27 post, this is a road game

  80. “BS! look at most other teams, they have even less talent. And what is talented on another team, would be about half as talented under Renney. That is how he coaches.”

    Actually you’re completely wrong Bob. The Rangers may be the only team in the East without at least ONE prolific SUPER STAR. Heck, even the bad teams have stars. I’d argue we have the least amount of talent at the top of our lineup in comparison to any team in the east, save for the Islanders, Devils an MAYBE the Leafs.

  81. “kaspar – pock was just waived by isles about a week ago. he is and always was a non event as nhl caliber player’


    I’ll bet he’s alot cheaper than our 3 non-events; and probably couldn’t do any worse ( even without a stick)


  82. stuart,

    Bob’s point is that he likes to repeat himself everyday, several times a day.

    All Hail King Henrik,

    I agree with you, I’d rather listen to the radio tonight than watch the game in Standard Definition.

  83. Wade Redden is making Carl Pavano type money.

    For 6.5 million per he should be putting up 70 point seasons and absolutely dominating both zones.

    Wow, what a mistake.

  84. kaspar – fair point. i would take any cheap dman over the salaries of redden, rozy or kalinen. in 2 yrs the cap is coming down and it’s coming down a lot (like $ 5 mm to $ 10 mm). just as long as you know pock s*cks too.

  85. there is no logic to taking Prucha out. forecheck hits are not designed to put the guy in the 3rd row, the idea is to force him to rush his pass, and then take the guy out of the play. Prucha, along with Callahan and Sjoestrom, are the only 3 guys who seem to understand that concept.

    Prucha gets in fast, puts his tiny little body on the man, but he does force the guy to rush, and sometimes gets a turn-over. Prucha has proven he can score, he’s proven he can score on the PP, and he’s busted his ass all season, whether in or out of line-up.

    I don’t know what Renney is up to, but he’s too freakin’ loyal to guys for no good reason. I can almost understand it with Rozy because they’ve been together 4 years, but how do you explain loyalty to Kalinin, Redden, voros, and other new duds?

    Coach needs to put guys in position to succeed. The decisions of who plays and who sits, and who plays with whom, those are all terrible. Get rid of the guy already, likeable as he is.

  86. doodie machetto on

    Brandon thats been Slats’ MO since the lockout. Great trades, terrible signings.

    Example: Contract for Tyutin=awful.
    Example: Trading him for Zherdev=great.

  87. Rob,
    I think anyone who said differently would be kidding themsleves (as far as Renney searching).

    It’s obvious to us, to writers, to other teams and certainly to his own players. Things aren’t going well right now. How(if) it’ll turn around is anyone’s guess.

    The powerplay would be a good start.

  88. Lundqvist is a prolific star. Naslund is 2nd in the league in goals since whatever year. Zherdev is a star on the rise. Gomez was supposed to be a bremier playmaker. Drury was supposed to be the ultimate clutch captain goalscorer. who is a star on Montreal or in NJ or in Vancouver? And since when do you need a superstar to have a good team? It is all about team, chemistry, system, coaching, depth, etc and most important: goaltending.

  89. ThisYearsModel on

    Might as well put Prucha on waivers. His handling ranks right up there with the worst player handling since Slats exiled MacLean and told everyone that he had no more giddyup. Cut the guy some slack and let him go somewhere where he can play. Renney has already killed any trade value the kid had.

  90. Sore & True says: I don’t know what Renney is up to, but he’s too freakin’ loyal to guys for no good reason. I can almost understand it with Rozy because they’ve been together 4 years, but how do you explain loyalty to Kalinin, Redden, voros, and other new duds?

    Read Gresch’s post at 3:52. I believe he hit the nail on the head.

    Ondrej Pavelec 8 23 3.17 228 0.899 0 0 2 5 0 435 54:26 0 0 0
    Kari Lehtonen 9 31 3.44 319 0.903 0 0 2 5 2 540 60:04 2 0 0
    Johan Hedberg 11 35 3.61 312 0.888 0 0 5 4 1 582 52:56 2 0 0

    © 2008

    akayama – i think lehtonen is injured with back so it’s one of the other 2

  92. It’s an interesting display of Sather’s character, in that he, along with his assistant gms, continues to hide from the media, while allowing his head coach feel all the heat for Sather’s terrible signings.

  93. -Atlanta is 4-1-0 this season against NY teams. Although the only loss they have is against the Rangers. Good chance for us to build up some momentum going into tough next few games.

    -If u guys recall back to the first season after lockout, our future was Kevin Weeks and Al Montoya… now… those two would make a great discussion on VH1 show “where are they now” … Hank saved us all but quickly becoming the goalie this team so badly needed for a long time.

    Prucha First Goal of Season Named Moment of the Week
    The fans have spoken. With a whopping 82 percent of the vote, Petr Prucha’s third-period goal against Pittsburgh has been named the Moment of the Week for the week of Dec. 1-7. Well, since this is not that same week Peter is enjoying additional days off. His plans for the future is to go shopping for the holidays… take a cooking class and spend more time with his hot girlfriend. While Captain Insano(Renney) shows no mercy!!

  94. from the nj blog of gross

    “Prucha back to the stands

    Petr Prucha’s latest stay in the lineup lasted three games,

    the 26-year-old Czech, whose $1.6 million salary could be a subtraction if the Rangers choose to purse free agent center Mats Sundin, was a healthy scratch for the 20th time this season.

    Renney was asked whether Prucha’s latest three-game stint was enough of a sample for him.

    “Yup,” Renney said. “If it wasn’t, he would still be in. He gave me everything he could. It depends also on what you need. Nigel is in primarily because of his ability to score and help create offense. Also, he’s a playmaker. He helps, I think, supplement what we might need offensive by his ability to make plays. It’s where we are and what we need to generate. It’s capitalizing on guys that have been out of the lineup that want badly to get back in and do the right thing as they do that”

  95. Dawes is ok at creating offense,but unfortunately he can’t cover his man in the defensive zone or clear the puck out of his own zone. But that’s ok, Renney doesn’t want to play a defensive system or anything. Can we trade for more short guys — we don’t have enough.

  96. Voros played pretty well against the Flames imo. Korpkoski has shown me nothing he should be shipped back down to Hartford imo.

  97. when have we seen dawes have some great ability to score? laughable that renney talks about him like he’s some profilic goal scorer

  98. Renny eats his dinner out of Joe Micheletti`s Depends(diaper) Watching Renny talk hockey with Gianonne is like being constipated,taking an enema and then throwing up. Ya have to wonder what the fuck went wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. REPOST

    December 7th, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    Well, we know the trend. After a big loss no practice the next day. Renney will shuffle lines and players (probably undeserving compared to some) out of the lineup.

    And I think Sam it’s fair to say, we can no longer call these games “wake-up calls.” I think the entire month of November was clear indication enough.

    I hope Renney does not consider this a slump…I think it’s fair to say the Rangers came back to reality after stealing some points.

    Drury 30GP 8G 7A -7…on pace for 41 points (why does Renney play him so much?)

    Gomez 25GP 4G 13A -9…on pace for 54 points (haha, those are not legit number 1 center numbers)

    I’m glad we’re paying 15M for that. I’ve always disliked Gomez (mostly because I hated almost as muhc as Marty when he was a Devil), but I have to admit Drury is really giving him a run for his money.

    I wrote this right after the Rangers lost to the Flames.
    Let’s see. Line changes (check), Players being taken out of the lineup who dont deserve it (check), Renney given players pretty much an off day (check).

    Renney is a frustrating guy.

  100. HMMMM

    “Atlanta’s coach really gave it to them after their last loss, the team responded with a 5-1 win”

    Ever think Renney “gave it to them?”

  101. “Yup,” Renney said. “If it wasn’t, he would still be in. He gave me everything he could. It depends also on what you need. Nigel is in primarily because of his ability to score and help create offense. Also, he’s a playmaker. He helps, I think, supplement what we might need offensive by his ability to make plays. It’s where we are and what we need to generate. It’s capitalizing on guys that have been out of the lineup that want badly to get back in and do the right thing as they do that”

    what a sopping c*nt… f*cking loathe this motherF*CKER

  102. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I hate Renney more and more every single game. Can we PLEASE get Voros or Orr out of the lineup? Why must we waste Dubinsky with Sjostrom and Voros, those guys suck! He played well with Naslund and Zherdev and they had ONE bad game and got broken up. Why can’t we have Dawes AND Prucha in the lineup, last time I checked, we need all the scoring we can get. I’m pretty sure both of them have better scoring touches than Voros and Orr; what we saw out of Voros early was a fluke, what we are seeing out of Prucha and Dawes is a fluke. I bet if you put those two together, they’d be setting each other up so they can both stay in the lineup. Why reward Gomez with more and more playing time when he is playing like garbage, same with Drury. If Dubinsky makes the pass Gomez did that led to the second goal against Calgary, he would have been benched, not Gomez! I don’t usually get this upset, but this piece of garbage is ruining the future of this team along with the cigar smoking piece of ash. I just want to scream and curse at these idiots, worse is that I have to hear Sam and Joe praise their every move. AOIHF:SDOAFIHWE:OIHEOF:IHEF:OIEWHF:OEWIFHJ !!!!!!

  103. Dubi or not Dubi on

    The worst part about watching the Rangers these days is that I obviously want the team to do well, but I don’t think they can do well in the long run with this management/coaching crew. So my dilemma is that I want the team to play poorly so these guys get fired, but I want them to win! They aren’t close to being a Stanley Cup contender, nor will they be until Sather and Renney and everyone associated with them is gone.

  104. 8MM camera would be better for G*d sake…

    Redden groin tear, slips and cracks Kalinin in the face & concusses him – it is too early to ask for this xmas gift?

  105. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Renney yelled at a ref when one of his players gets called for a questionable penalty?

  106. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Ahh, duh, my bad. Is Korpikoski really going to get better playing on the fourth line? Wouldn’t it be better for his development to play 20 min/game in Hartford?

  107. Dubi or not Dubi on

    HAHAHA there’s Joe’s “Maybe a bit too loose” comment. GOD FORBID a HOCKEY GAME, the self proclaimed “FASTEST GAME ON EARTH”, was played with a GOOD PACE!

  108. Dubi or not Dubi on

    How are the Rangers/Islanders games from the 1980s shown with more clarity than this one?

  109. Renney’s breath stinks from all the bullshit he spews to the media and his players. The gum helps with that.

  110. at least this is a digital feed… imagine if u had to hold the antenna in ur hands and move from place to place to find better picture quality

  111. This looks like a videotape of a highschool hockey game. There are maybe 300 people there, lol. Stupid Southern hockey.

  112. i don’t its a gum that Renney is chewing… i think he is chewing opium… cuz clearly he is having time of his life…

  113. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I’ll tell you where Dubi has been… That game where Renney benched him, Sather got on the phone and told him “Brandon, you are embarrassing your clearly inferior centers Drury and Gomez, and we can’t have that because they are making $15 mil between them. Stop playing well or I’ll trade you since you are making me look bad.”

  114. was it my imagination or Atalanta is the worst team in hockey? dont really seem so… i think based on this period it is the other way around

  115. Dubi – give me a break. Dubinsky has been bad on his own accord. I doubt he is making excuses so noone should for him either.

  116. MAKO, Redden sure did shank that one. I think he’d like to take a mulligan on that. Well, good to see our goal scoring issues have been solved since we’re playing the team with the most GA..oh wait

  117. Why isn’t time warner showing the game????

    Devils on MSG+

    Knicks on MSG

    Anyone know what channel the rangers are on.

    I’ve been sitting here for the past 40 minutes trying to find it!!!

  118. wow… this is one creative-less team we have here… Calahan cycles the puck while every other rangers on ice is watching… shot from blue line… what u know.. ITS A SAVE BY HEDBERG

  119. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Joe, he has been bad, no doubt, that was really more of a joke than a serious statement. However he does get probably 5 minutes less a game than Drury and Gomez, hasn’t played well, hasn’t had the best linemates, and STILL has more points than both of them! I also truly believe that Renney’s benching of him directly impacted his play. I feel like Renney has the young guys so nervous about making a mistake that they play WAY too cautiously. The vet’s don’t care about mistakes since they aren’t ever held accountable.

    How is Drury sweating? He was invisible for just about the entire period. I also just had a conversation with the wall, but that was ended prematurely when the wall fell asleep listening to Drury’s interview.

  120. This team not scoring goals makes no sense, they were so good to start the season, what in the hell has happened…

  121. Why isn’t time warner showing the game????
    Devils on MSG+
    Knicks on MSG
    Anyone know what channel the rangers are on.
    I’ve been sitting here for the past 40 minutes trying to find it!!!

    Can any new yorker help?

  122. brandon that is msg2

    dubi – some of the less minutes is on the pk where gomez and drury are on several minutes a game.

  123. Well that’s just great. I get the Devils and Knicks, yet I live a subway stop away from MSG.

  124. Dubi or not Dubi on

    True, but on the flip side, of the few 5 on 3’s this team has gotten, he hasn’t seen a second of it. I think Drury has two 5 on 3 goals, he definitely has at least one. The young guys are playing scared. Dawes and Prucha are pressing since they won’t be in the lineup if they don’t score, and even sometimes when they do. I love how Prucha gets sat after the whole team doesn’t score. I would gain a WORLD of respect for Renney if he would just sit one of his highly paid players when they didn’t show up. I think that is something that a lot of us Renney haters would agree on. I hate to see him ruining these young players. Dubinsky might be the best home grown forward this team has had since the early 90s, and we are all furious at how he is handled by Renney.

  125. Brandon December 10th, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Why isn’t time warner showing the game????
    Devils on MSG+
    Knicks on MSG
    Anyone know what channel the rangers are on.
    I’ve been sitting here for the past 40 minutes trying to find it!!!

    Can any new yorker help?

    – – – –

    CCCP December 10th, 2008 at 7:45 pm

    cablevision chnl 414

  126. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Yeah, wasn’t the change, Mara and Kalinin both had their head’s up their backside’s. If only captain clutch could capitalize on his breakaway…

  127. Dubi,

    The puck was on the near side of the ice, Mara’s spot, he was where he should have been, Kalinin didn’t pick up his man leading to the breakaway.

  128. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I was trying to be nice to Kalinin, I still remember how good he was in Buffalo and I’m really pulling for him to get his game back.

  129. betts on the pp was masterful

    this clown will put betts on a pp but not prucha…ROFL

    this team is horrible.

    when was the last time drury won a key faceoff? why is he always seeming 2 steps behind the play?

    captain crutch.

  130. callahan has been horrific lately too…

    i hope we dont win in a shootout

    nice giveaway in front of the net rosival.

  131. Rob F, any tips? my Be a Pro got called up from the Wolfpack. I’m an offensive D-man and can’t get any points in the NHL, but I had 11 points in 12 games in the AHL and was a +5. Grrr.

    Also, this team sucks.

  132. MAKO
    December 10th, 2008 at 5:52 pm
    Bob –
    MTL: UMMMMM KOIVU??? are you kidding me

    Koivu, Sedin twins are superstars? LMAO

    Brodeur is injured.

  133. let’s play “predict renney’s postgame comments”

    “solid defensive game, still need to find scoring”


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