One more thing about Shanahan


Continuing the day’s discussion on Brendan Shanahan, here’s the other possibility on why the free agent right wing is still out there, and it’s been lent some credence by people in the know: No one has any cap room.

So while it’s possible the Flyers and Shanahan had mutual interest in one another — and it’s quite possible that interest is still there — it was a deal that couldn’t go anywhere until the Flyers were able to make a move to clear up some space.

And that situation applies to more than just the Flyers. The Rangers don’t have any cap space, either. Nor do the Chicago Blackhawks, or any number of other teams.

Now factor in the current economic climate, in which everyone is fearful that “the salary cap is going to remain flat next season”: and it explains why no one is making any moves, and why Shanahan remains a free agent.

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  1. leatherneckinlv on

    I think its time to dump Kalinin, Roszi, Dawes and Redden..sign Shanny…get for Zadlicky or a puck carrying D-man and keep Potter and bring up Del Zotto at the end of his junior season and eh..sign Gratton..he has grit and size and fills a void for this season

  2. I’d prefer Shanahan to replace Renney as head coach instead of eating up cap space and playing right wing on the third line.

  3. The more pressing issue isn’t whether they should bring back Shanahan: it’s how can you get Scott Gomez to shoot the puck, and how to convince Renney that even if he commits a few turnovers, Zherdev is easily your best offensive player, and when a goal is needed, he should be out there every other shift…

    It boggles my mind that he still rotates several different players in crunch time. When you’re losing by one or two goals late, I don’t care how aloof he is, Zherdev needs to be out there.. And for the love of God, Allah, Jehovah, and whatever observed deities are out there, someone teach the Rangers defense (sans Staal and Mara) how to patrol their own crease. YOU NEVER LET SOMEONE BEHIND YOU!!!!!

    That first Iginla goal last night was atrocious. Rozy and Kalinin committed to the puck at the same time.

    One guy can commit, the other should positon himself so that everyone is in front of him and can’t find open space. It’s not rocket science.

  4. leatherneckinlv on

    Potter played well last night..he did bail out kalinin twice that I saw…poor Potter…talk about being thrown to the…one of the 2 has to go..besides Kalinin..Redden or Roszi

  5. I love Shanny, but if he REALLY wanted to play that badly, he’d take a pay cut and make like $500,000 or something. It’s not like money’s an issue for him. Rem Murray had spinal problems and gave up his guaranteed millions in insurance to comeback with the Oilers in 2005-06. Trottier took low pay as a 4th line center at the end of his career with PITT, ditto for Larionov in DET, who was used as a role player AND PP specialist.

    I was at the game (unfortunately) but Potter played very well; he made pretty good first passes and was responsible in his own end. I think if Potter plays well, demote Kalinin to the 7th dman and keep Potter on the third pair with Mara once Redden comes back.

    Here’s an idea; why don’t the Rangers try Gomez on the point and make him use that slapshot of his?

  6. Obviously if you can shed Redden’s contract, in ANY way…you do it… that would be #1 priority I think. Then Roszy. Then you consider Drury. Then you have to consider Scotty unfortunately.

    Sad truth = I don’t think Gomez plays out his contract in NY. (Apparently) Dreary has a no trade, while Gomez only gets to pick 3 teams he cannot be traded to every year (wtf?).

    This team/organization are all sorts of f*cked up. Just like last year, I’m not seeing any real light at the end of this tunnel. NYR seems relatively comfortable with the state of affairs as is right now…and Renney is just a playoff making machine.

    I will cry tears of joy when Renney is finally gone. I dont think swapping him out makes us a “Cup team”… but I have no fucking question it makes us a better team. No question.

  7. this whole team is a joke. at this point the only players that shouldn’t be on the trading block are zherdev, staal and lundqvist. i’d consider holding on to dubinsky even though he’s played like dog shit these last few weeks.

    if any of the others can be moved in trades to make this team better i’m fine with it. infact. why not just ship out a boatload of players for kovalchuk? what could that possibly take? when damn near the entire team should be on the trading block we should be able to make that happen. he’s still got a year left on his deal and if you’ve seen him this year he obviously has no desire to play in atlanta.

    the problem is i don’t think slats is up for it. i think he and renney have a collective opinion that these problems will work themselves out. i’m also not sure if slats would ever move someone like redden in the first year of his contract when it’s going to make him look like a complete fool for signing him in the first place. talk about swallowing your pride. that’s definitely not slats’ m.o.

    either way. we’re no where near an upper echelon team. not even in the eastern conference. the bruins and montreal are in a whole different class this year.

    oh and giving captain crap a no trade clause was insanely stupid. almost as stupid as naming him captain when he does absolutely nothing on a nightly basis. if our team is supposed to feed off drury leading by example no wonder we suck. good move slats.

  8. Lundqvist said this: “The first month we were playing a very strict and disciplined game, but lately that’s only been so-so, and that’s not really good enough for this team.” How fitting, he knows his team.

  9. I’m so glad we had the lockout so the brilliant NHL management and owners could get the salary issues under control, and stop spending money unnecessarily. How are they going to blame the players this time?

  10. Listen .. i like tom renney alot as a coach … but does anyone think he has to go or get replaced? .. You see him fired up here and there … but idk

  11. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Trying to figure out this ‘system’. What I’ve been able to determine about the ‘system’ is: musical lines every 30 seconds so no one knows who they’re playing with on any given shift and if they should be on the ice or not, breaking up combinations as soon as they show signs of possibly gelling, crushing the confidence of the younger players, lack of accountability for the ‘leaders’ of this team and depending on Lundquist to cover up all the other mistakes while being hung out to dry. Sounds like a good system to me.

  12. SLAPSHOT24 — “Does anyone think he has to go or be replaced?” Without question, the best post of the year.

    Because Renney is just about ALL that has been debated here for weeks on end, and it is so refreshing to hear from someone who has clearly had the privilege of missing every word.

    Lucky man…

  13. any system that gives up countless 2-on-1s and 3-on-1s every fricking game is not a system worthy of a bantam team.

  14. Dewey — Thanks man .. lol, i post rarely here, but when something is pissing me off about them i have to say it. We have talent, but just think how dominant lines were in like Ottawa and Detroit you kno. Spezza, Heatley, Alfredson .. we have those caliber players, keep the lines the same for atleast a month.. nothing is gonna click if you keep changing them around!! agree?

  15. Maybe Renney has run out of plays and it is time to bring in a Peter Laviolette and maybe trade Kalinin to make space for Shanny to come in. After watching Kalinin recently played I think the fans should boo Kalinin rather than Roszival.

  16. SLAPSHOT24 December 8th, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    “Listen .. i like tom renney alot as a coach … but does anyone think he has to go or get replaced? .. You see him fired up here and there … but idk”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    really? what impresses you more about “the coach”? his gum chewing ability or his vocabulary?

  17. Why is it not seen as pure collusion by the owners to screw Shanny for his role as Players Rep? It’s not like the owners are saints. They kept Ted Nolan out of the league to serve his penance (9 years). This being the case….Shanny should be well retired by the time someone opens the cell door.

    As for Sather-as I tell anyone who will listen….the guy traded Gretzky, Messier and Leetch. He is a disgruntled 3rd/4th liner who thrills at screwing superstars.

    Chomp on your cigar Glennie….

  18. CCCP — Hahha that was good. I mean yea, i give the guy credit in certain ways that he did in fact take us to the playoffs for a couple of years now. The reason im saying he has to go now is because his system is a failure, we should of capitalized on too many oppurtunities in these past years.. u kno

  19. Renney reminds of the coach from “WaterBoy”…Coach Klein.
    it seems as if he lost that little book with plays in it… and now he is completely lost out there! Mixing and matching… but nothing seem to go right for him… I mean, can it be that he prepares the players for each game the way he thinks is right… then these athletes…these well conditioned, well prepared … well paid players, as soon as they step on ice lose every single interest in playing hard, passionate game that they supposedly love?
    Is something like that possible?

    P.S. Aaron Ward back in 2006-07 season was traded to Boston after playing only 60 games for NYR. Obviously it is not a problem for this management to trade away players in their first year of the contract.

  20. No one is gonna take Kalinin or Redden, Kalinin’s rep is ruined from his crappy play last year, and Redden has a limited move clause and makes too much money.

    Look, I’ve been happy ever since the lockout, we’ve seen them make the playoffs 3 years in a row. The team this year is not gonna contend for the Cup, if anything we as fans will get lucky and maybe get another 1979/1986/1997 type run if the right pieces fall into place.

    This team only contends for the Cup with Anisimov/Grachev/Del Zotto/Bobby Sags and a one or two surprises. At least 1 of the the four of Redden/Rozy/Drury/Gomez will have to be gone with a second in through the out door.

  21. Gomez, Betts and 2nd rounder for Kovalchuk

    Redden for Commodore

    Rozsival and Prucha for Jovanovski

    Fritsche and Kalinin for Artyukhin

  22. yikes BUSH I wouldn’t want you as my GM.

    Wade Reddon is only 31 years old. Someone needs to remind him to just start doing what he does….

    He owned the league in +/-

    He has never been a big “point getter” either.

    He is not playing well, at all…I’m not disputing that, but I wish a coach or someone could get him to do what he is able to do:
    “play with ice water in his veins and never gets rattled. Is extremely durable, a good skater and fine passer. Owns an accurate point shot.”

  23. Let me try and shed some light on this discussion.

    When you sign UFA’s in the offseason, like Rozi, Kalinin and Redden; you don’t trade them 3 months into the season, it’s just not professional.

    This team has drafted Hugh Jessiman, Pavel Brendl, Jamie Lundmark, Manny Malhotra, Dan Blackburn, missed a couple picks and Al Montoya in the first round in recent memory.

    We have not drafted particularly well, so what do we have? We have a team of third liners and UFA’s.

    Renney can make the most out of what we have. We have no Vinny, no Alex, no Jerome, no Rick Nash or Mike Richards (who has 19 goals BTW), no our best players were either traded for (Zherdev) or signed as UFA’s Drury and Gomez.

    Yes, we have Staal, Dubi, Henrik, Cally, Dawes, Staal, Girardi, some good homegrown talent, but we don’t have difference makers like Jagr any more, and it shows on the scoresheet.

    And we will not be signing Sundin or Shanny at all. It’s not a good PR move to say “oh, we’re having trouble, lets bring in Sundin or Shanny” plus it sends a bad signal to the team. This is the team we have and it’s up to Renney to make it work.

    I think this team will rebound from it’s swoon here. Sather will need to get a player or two.

    This team scores no shorthanded goals, we get no odd man rushes, our power play is pathetic and despite all that we’re 10 games over .500.

  24. CCCP

    You’re right, Ward was traded into his first year as a Ranger, but that was for circumstances surrounding Jagr. A good trade as well. I am glad we have Mara.

    I think Kalinin is horrendous. Redden has made one good play this year, the dive pass he made which led to Pruchas’s goal in the Pitt. game.

  25. We won’t be any games over .500 by the time the new year rolls through… well maybe 1 or 2 games over.

  26. Oh where art thou Jaromir Jagr?? I did not think i would miss you so much. Please come back! Pleaseeeeee!!!

  27. onecupin67years on

    It think money is the excuse the losing teams will use not to sign a big names like Shanny and Sundin.

    I think Sundin and Shanny will be picked up teams in the stretch run who just need a tweaking and an experienced vet on their run to the cup.
    But ,how much help will Sundin and Shanny actually be , they won’t be in game shape despite how much they practice , but I still think they will be signed .

  28. I’m sorry… I meant Jeff Carter a couple of posts ago. Carter has 19 goals for the Flyers. Home grown.

    LI Joe –

    It could happen… re: players going “home”. But we’d still have Renney and we’d still have the same first round draft picks over the last 7 seasons.

    I still think this team can pickup a player or two that can make us better. As a fan, I must have some hope for the future.

    Why is it the Red Wings can be good year in and year out? Meaning they get the low draft positioning, yet still make it work. But when we get high draft picks we pick the wrong players…

    Ugh! We had 1979 and then the 90’s. Is it too much to ask to have a good Rangers team year in and year out? I mean one that can contend for the Cup?

  29. vogs: “When you sign UFA’s in the offseason, like Rozi, Kalinin and Redden; you don’t trade them 3 months into the season, it’s just not professional.”

    Since when does the league run on professionalism? Have you ever heard of Kevin Lowe? Brian Burke? Did you know Cullen, Ward, and Ward were all traded despite recent signings or several years left on their contracts? I’m obviously not saying moving Redden, Rozi, Drury, or Gomez will be as easy as moving those guys but if you have players who just aren’t working for your team, with their teammates, or can just fetch you something better then you dump them.

  30. vogs i don’t see renney coaching this team next season

    detroit is a model franchise from top down. gm, coach, scouts and others (bowman until recently, yzerman). create family atmosphere and players buy into it by signing for cap friendly terms. even Hossa signed there 1 yr to win a cup.

    it actually goes to the top of the house comparing to the wings. Illitch vs Dolan. Dolan is a major problem in this organization and no one takes him to task. he would never allow us to do what Pitt did and fall to the bottom several yrs in a row. and get Sid and malkin among others. that team will compete for cup for a good 7 or 8 yrs minimum.

  31. Last point.
    I was reading this blog when Matt Cullen was here! Matt freaking cullen, and do you know how many people ripped him for having a $3.5 million contract? ALOT!!

    Here’s the funny part, the Rangers traded him to make room for the “upgrade” to Drury. Well, that season with the Rangers Cullen had 41 points. Guess what Drury’s on pace for at twice Cullen’s salary this year?! haha…41 points!!! Exactly.

    Last year, Cullen only played 59 games due to injury but averaged almost exactly the same number of points as Drury!! It’s amazing how some players get boo’d out of town while others can survive with the same lack of production because they have played on teams that were previous cup winners/contenders…oh wait. Cullen won a cup too, i guess the difference is the Little League MVP. I ddon’t know at this point…haha. I still don’t understand the Drury man-love.

  32. We’ve drafted well the last couple of years- the passing of cheraponev obviously was a big loss- but if you look at our track record after the lockout-
    2004- Korpikoski(he’s OKAY) first round, Dubinsky in second
    2005- moved up a couple of spots to get Staal, Sauer in the second- he was progressing well untill that knee injury
    2006-Bobby Sanguietti(still young) first- Anisimov second(arguably one of our top prospects)
    2007- Cheraponev at 17 which was a steal-noone could of predicted what was going to happen to him
    2008- our best draft year- we got Del Zotto in the first- GRACHEV in the 3rd- he’s an absolute steal and Dale weise who impressed in camp



  34. Point being- For a couple of years we won’t be able to sign anyone because we’ll be handcuffed to these salaries(drury, gomez, redden)- by that time our home grown talent:Anisimov, dubinsky, Staal, Lundqvist.. will be running things. In three years time we will lose drury’s salary and the possibilities are endless..
    I don’t want to look “down the road” I want it all know- but atleast the future looks relatively bright.

  35. Eric, Roszival’s contract isn’t as bad as you think. He’s a fine player and he’ll only get better.. He’s played really well the first two years he was he and alright last year.. give him the beniefit of the doubt..
    I hate to compare him to other but:
    Ron hainsey:4.25
    Kimmo Timmonen: 6.33
    Visnosky: 5.6
    Meszarous: 4

    I think rozy is about right for his salary. Redden on the other hand.. not so much.

  36. would love hainsey. thought rangers should have signed him. only reason atlanat gave him 4.25 was to get over 40 mill minimum at time. hes a soild player who in columbus was forgotten. timmonen little high but still better then rozival

  37. ChrisS…I completely disagree.

    The worst day of my summer was when my buddy called me and ruined the next 4 years of my life…he said: “They did it.” And that was the beginning of the end. Rozsival sucks so bad bro. He’s terrible. He can’t play defense for anything. He’s lazy (see 3 penalties in the clincher against Pittsburgh last playoffs). He’s afraid to take a hit to keep the puck and ends up losing it all the time with that dumb spin move on the boards. Get rid of him (this is obviously a wish, not a real possibilty right now).

  38. chris i don’t hate rozy but the contract hampers us. i would not want to lose Z while keeping rozy. of course redden’s is worse, i just think it will be easier to let rozy go via europe since he is from there. i think redden is here until cba ends in 2 1/2 yrs. then we’ll prob be able to buy him out with no cap hit.

  39. eric,

    don’t get me wrong- None of those players are bad.. But hainsey is notriously soft for his size(sound familiar!?) You’re right, I also think that Timmonen is slightly better than roszival, but I don’t think it’s by much.

    I think that the Rangers should of either signed Redden OR roszival.. We have two Offensive minded D-men in the works-there was no need to sign TWO average Offensive minded D-men.

  40. True,

    Remember how Cullen was “misused” by Renney? Carolina used him on the point during the powerplay. He scored bombs from there. Well, here in Renneyland…. He never used Cullen on the point until he did twice. Both times the man scored from the point. Renney never played him there again. Why? I have no idea.

  41. True fans,
    All I’m saying is I’m going to give the guy some lee-way(sp?) I think we can all agree that although soft, he has played very solid for us in the past- and the references to the pittsburgh serious are mum because he was injured.
    He has played a lot better lately.
    Although I do agree that it would be easier to get ride of him. And that’s not something that I would be opposed if that means we would be able to Keep Zherdev(just ordered my jersey!)

  42. LI joe,
    I kind of responded to you in that post as well. And hopefully we can buyout redden in three years!

  43. ChrisS: “past- and the references to the pittsburgh serious are mum because he was injured.
    He has played a lot better lately.”

    First, injury or no-injury, Rozsival finished the season playing almost every game…Rozsi is not the only player that plays injured dude. Let me break something else down for you, he had 2 hooking penalties and a tripping penalty. The hooking penalties are just LAZY plays! On top of that, one of his hooking penalties led to a Pittsburgh goal on the PP…we lost that game in OT bro!! Haha. Injury’s no excuse, especially in the playoffs. If that’s his, then he just doesn’t have any heart because plenty of guys gut it out.

    What’s the “better” you’re talking about? NOT getting alot of PP? ONLY being minus-10?! Yea…alot better. Keep him off the ice and he’s marginally terrible, not completely.

  44. The OT loss I reference above and the 3 Rozy penalties are the last game of last year’s playoffs…had he not gotten that penalty there’s a strong possibility we win that game 2-1 and avoid OT (and the Hossa goal).

    Rozy’s bad, sorry.

  45. It’s rozy’s fault that we were down three games to one by that point in the series? If i’m not mistaken-didn’t we turn the table on them and tie it up- didn’t we have all the mometum until Hollweg took that bad boarding penalty late in the third to shift the pressure on us?

    And how can anyone on this team be a positive when NOONE is scoring- that’s how plus/minus works- you have to score to get the plus.
    I really believe that rozsival has been playing solid the last couple of mistakes. Although I can’t point to any specific moments other than the most recent game against calagry when he made that good defensive play and montreal he was moving the puck really well..

  46. I love your blame shifting….lets shift gears and spread responsibility to everyone and say things I never said! Get back to my points…I didn’t blame the series on Rozsival, I said he was one bad player that game and he may have cost us that game. Other players had good and bad games that day too (Girardi with a bad bounce of the puck, I think Drury accidentally clipped a guy with a stick…etc). But your boy played a part. Currently, alot of guys are playing badly also, but your boy Rozy is leading that pack.

    Zherdev and Staal are positives for the year! Prucha and Mara are only barely negative (minus-1). Betts, Dubinsky and Girardi are minus-2s and minus-3s. Actually, Only Kalinen has a worse plus-minus than Rozsival on the entire team…are you saying that’s what you want for $5million? He’s just not good!!! Face it! I don’t want to hear any business about double-OT goals against Buffalo or that jazz…for all of Rozsival’s upsides, he’s got almost twice as much negative aspects about him.

  47. If we’re going to talk about Plus/minus- In the last ten games Rozsival is a -4, Not so bad considering that Gomez is a – 7 in the last two games- just for reference.
    In the last ten games Zherdev is a -1
    Looked-He’s not “my boy”- I’m saying that I have a little bit of faith that he will improve more than he has in the last couple of games.. I’m trying to stay Optimistic. I would certainly take other players contracts over reddens, Gomez, rozsival, and especial Drury. But out of those four- i think rozsival is closest to his real value.

  48. And I don’t understand how you can possibly justify saying that Rozsival is leading the pack of poor play on this team: Kalinin, Drury, and even gomez are playing a lot worse(for their respective position and expectations).

  49. Let’s be realistic here. Rozy and Redden’s contracts are too big for any team to readily afford (or want to) so trading the is not going to be easy.

  50. ChrisS
    Dude- don’t waste your time with this guy. All he wants to do is “completely disagree” with you. When the Rangers are winning you won’t here a word from him. He can’t slide himself off Dubinsky’s c*ck long enough to say anything good!

  51. Nelson,
    Certainly redden’s contract is too big for any team to take on- but I think Rozsivals could be moved(not easily mind you). And again, I’m not totally opposed to that as long as it makes sense for the team, IE if we get a decent player in return or even if it is necessary to sign Dubi and zherdev

    hah I’ve read sam’s blog for a year now, but I’ve only started posting a couple of weeks ago- thanks for the heads up

  52. truethis…that’s funny. show me where all the Dubinsky praise is? It’s ok for you to be wrong…I haven’t overly praised Dubinsky at any point…I’ve never said he should be captain. If you think that then you’re delusional.

    Chris…Gomez has been terrible too!! He’s been awful since coming back. Doesn’t make Rozy’s play any better?! Rozi’s contract might be *closest* to his true value, but i’d wish they hadn’t signed him and 2 of the other 3 idiots.

  53. Hey guys and gals, I gotta admit, I’m a little jealous of Detroit and Montreal too and there are days I curse out Red Dutton (the @ss who put the whole curse on the Rangers) HOWEVER remember:

    -between 1970 and 1990 the Red Wings were horrendous (the Dead Wings era) aka after Howe and before Yzerman.

    -The New England Patriots were pretty useless before Bledsoe and Brady saved that franchise (yeah they went to the Super Bowl in 85 but the Bears wrecked them)

    -What was the last time the Leafs got to the Finals?

    All I’m saying is it’s VERY frustrating and we as fans deserve better, just hope for the best with this bunch, but I truly believe that this team will be better in 2-3 years when Anisimov/Grachev/Del Zotto/Sags are ready.

    One big contract must be gotten rid of; my guess it Rozy but after next season.

    One more thing; why was it that Dawes was able to get open so much last year and this year not so much? Did he pull a Lundmark and gain too much weight to mess up his speed? His wrist shot on the PP would be lethal, if he could just watch some footage of Brett Hull and be the 5th guy on the PP who is constantly roaming and causing chaos.

  54. LI Joe, anyone else that helped me through my ankle injury or anyone that cares at all,

    Just wanted to say that I was able to stand up today for about 15 seconds so I tried to lace up the rollerblades to see how that felt and I was able to glide around my house for about 30 seconds…Recovery is imminent.

  55. True,
    You said that Rozy was “leading the pack” of playing the worst out of anyone on the team- I simply named a couple of players who were playing worse. Again, I think he’s certainly playing better than he was at the end of last year/beginning of this year.. I think he’ll get back to the form he was two years ago.
    And your personal bias towards him shows. That’s okay, I hate drury. Both are overpaid.

  56. What the heck,
    Congrats, brutha. I could only imagine if I was injured and couldn’t play. Fast recovery.

    everyone have a good night.. I’m supposed to be studying for finals.

  57. what the heck – good news. just don’t rush it much more than dr said. if he said 6 weeks without hockey maybe 5 will suffice but don’t go more than that. i had my own injury scare. 2 weeks ago got hit in eye playing tennis (by my own partner in practice, a woman). so i played this past sat and all of a sudden seeing clouds and lines. evidently some gell near the retina broke off and when i played sat was moving around. still don’t know why players don’t wear visors or even the birdcage mask like they do in college.

    mikea – lundmark was player of month in ahl in novem. just goes to show you that can be very misleading.

  58. LI Joe,
    Ouch, I’m a racquetball player as well as a tennis player. Although I havent been hit by a tennis ball in the face I have been hit by a raquetball in the face and I know how much the hurts. Luckily I was wearing goggles. I feel for ya man. I hope everything goes well, your eyes are not something to joke around about. I have to study now, I hope everything goes well with you. Give me updates on the eye situation.

  59. said i can play just don’t get hit again, aslong as i don;t see flashes of light or lightning like flashes i’m ok. if i do means retina is partially detached. said i could play tomorrow actually. the more i play the rest of that gell stuff will come off. eye dr said once it starts coming off the rest will follow at some point.

  60. OK, new line ideas I though of over dinner. I want some feedback:

    Voros-Gomez-Nasty Nas
    Cally-Dubi-Nicky Z
    Sjo-Dicky Betts-Orr

    Redden (when healthy)-Girardi


    Gomez needs to play with either Naslund or Zherdev or he’s wasted. Let Voros try it with those two under one condition; Gomez/Naslund carry the puck and Voros is to hit people, play the cycle game, and crash the net constantly.

    Dubi-Z gel so let Cally do the dirty work for those guys in the corners and screen the goalie

    Drury isn’t playing good so let him and Dawes who have chemistry work together

    I’d like to see Anisimov up for a peak, but until injury, it’s the Betts line.

    Let’s see how Potter does against Kovalchuk since the home team has the last change. If he can handle himself, then take Mr. Minus-15 Kalinin and give him a temporary demotion to the 7th dman whole. Mara would be a great mentor for Potter.

  61. MIKEA,
    I have been trying to figure out line combos for a while and I think you nailed it right on the head. I really like it.

    First line has:
    Player to carry the puck into the zone-Gomer
    Someone who can shoot-N
    Someone who can set up-G
    A finisher-N
    A crasher-V
    A gritty player-V
    A hitter-V
    Someone to come back defensively-G

    Second line has:
    Player to carry the puck into the zone-Z
    Someone who can shoot-Z
    Someone to set up-D,Z
    A finisher-C
    A crasher-C
    A gritty player-D
    A hitter-C
    Someone to come back defensively-C

    Third line has:
    Someone who can take the puck into the O zone-P
    Someone to shoot-Da
    Someone to set up-P
    A finisher-Dr
    A crasher-P/Dr
    Gritty player-missing
    Someone to come back defensively-Dr

    I dont see any need for Korpo anymore, he had a couple of good games but has been useless recently.

    Now I really need to get back to studying. You should tell Renney about these lines.

  62. Before I go to bed tonight I will try to telepathically connect with Tom Renney via Professor Charles Xavier style.

    Orr, I know Potter is most likely going back down, but I think he’ll be a round for 5-6 games as a groin injury can be tricky to get 100% and they’re going to Cali, they’ll need a 7th dman just in case, we don’t want a repeat of Det from the 05-06 season where Kaspar hurt his knee in warmups and Pock/Kondratiev were in HFD, actually I retract that, this is the Rangers, historically this franchise doesn’t apply the discipline and logic of Mr. Spock or simple common sense.

    If Korpo goes down, either bring Anisimov/Paranteau up, or sign Sundin.

  63. “Before I go to bed tonight I will try to telepathically connect with Tom Renney via Professor Charles Xavier style”

    Ehh, i tried that once, afterward i almost OD’d on Tylenol.

    Id love to see how Anisimov would do up here, but there’s no need to rush him just yet. It would be nice if he was ready next season though.

  64. 2nd worse offense in the NHL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    the homegrown sophomores and freshman are not producing at any reasonable level; the next messier Dubinsky has a long way to go. Guys like Callahan look OK becajse the likes of Dawes, Prucha, Korpokoski and others have almost no points.

    The bottom line is the offense is beyond inept……

  65. they have no offensive game changer in the system either.. The only offensive difference maker they had died….

  66. It IS Roszival’s obligation to play in future more like he did on Sunday. I mean, that should be expected, shouldn’t it? It should be Roszival making sure that there is one less worry, one less thing to have to doubt. That should be what it is all about as a player being paid what he is.

  67. I’d put a few dollars that one of the two remaining Russians will be great.

    They’ll find somebody in the system. They should concentrate on drafting scorers now as they’re pretty good with D and role players.

    You never know with prospects, look at Zubov, no one knew he would be so sick. Amonte and Weight were not first rounders either.

  68. I honestly thought when we signed Drury that he would have some kind of impact on this team. Apparently he does not have the bal*s of Messier, Sundin, Richards, Iginla, even a Bill Guerin to be a captain in this league.

  69. Renney breeds this lack of offense. He took two 600 goal scorers and brought them down to his hockey level of a boring D game. Everybody playing on their heels.

  70. Hey all.

    Craziest thing happend yesterday. I was stacking some firewood and felt this ‘thing’ fall on my back. Wouldn’t believe it…but it was a piece of the SKY!!

    To make sure it was true, I went surfing around some NYR blogs to find that it actually WAS a piece of sky!! Others have found some too. I’m going to put it on ebay today, I’ll link to it later.

    Funny thing was, when I looked at the defending Eastern Conference Champs last 10 games, they’re actually the same, if not worse, than the NYR last 10. Yet the only one crying out in Shittsburg is Crosby…still.

    So we’re pretty much in balance with a team that was picked by many (and rightfully so before injuries) to win the regular season conference title again. And we’re 2-0 against them this year?!

    So they’ve won just 4 of their last 10 games, the NYR have won 5 of their last 10…and WE’RE in trouble?

    Every team will have rough stretches, every year. Sometimes you can only hope that you find, and bring forward, the positives. Identify the negatives, and correct them. Bare down and simplify your game.

    We’re 30 games in, have led the Atlantic since game #1, maintaining a pace that matches the team behind us in the division (though Filthy’s on fire right now, but BeerMe! thinks that will change).

    I’m not happy with the way this team has looked the last 2 weeks. Glad we’ve been able to steal a few points in that time, and somehow put together a 3-game win streak in the midst of it(vs teams you HAVE to beat).

    But 2 weeks isn’t enough to validate some of the nonsense I’ve read around the Rangers community during that time. Goal scoring is our main problem right now. Goal scoring potential was the problem when the roster was assembled this summer. Goal scoring isn’t fixed by waving a magic wand. Goal scoring CAN be *added* however via FA signing, or a trade.

    These players are not good enough to be top-5 in GF and top-5 GA. They’re just not. We all knew that when the season began. Why such a fuss about it now? Why can’t we just enjoy the fact that this team (in a wide perspective) has been more successful than any Ranger team in over 10 years? Because of a crappy 2-week stretch? A stretch that we’re 3-3.

    All I want for xmas is to still be in 1st.

  71. What is supposed to happen if the Rangers bring back Shanahan? The Rangers suddenly emerge as Cup favorites and go on to win it? Jesus, wanting to bring back a guy who can’t skate or shoot, anymore is WORSE than all of the valid complaints about the GM, the coach, and the coaching staff.

    How does lowering the talent level and raising the age of the team help the team or the base of fan support in any way? Thank your God that cap space complications are here, otherwise this would team would be the New York Yankees of hockey – basically employing memories from five years ago at a grossly inflated cost.

  72. Beer, i feel the same. Its a storm in a teacup, its the expected slump after a good start. There’s 3 or more big players in scoring droughts (Gomez, Dru, Dubi), a couple of injuries etc….as you say despite this we are 5-5 in our last 10 games and still in 1st place in the division.

    Will be interesting to see what happens with the Sundin sweepstakes and where Shanny lands after that….surely its all going to happen before Christmas?


  74. A couple of stories i read today (one from Atlanta, one Toronto) have Kovalchuk being traded soon for a package of players. I hope Slats is having that discussion with Donnie Wads although at $7.5m per we would have to shed a big contract in return – is there a big Czech community in Atlanta? We have 2 making a combined $6.6m……

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