Rangers need more


Every team looks like it’s missing something when it drops a few games.

But this has been more than a few games for the Rangers, and the numbers reflect that: Chris Drury has no goals and just two assists in his last eight games. Brandon Dubinsky has one goal in the last 20. Ryan Callahan has one in the last 13.

By one theory this team has a handful of players who are bound to shake to life soon. By another, this team doesn’t have enough firepower to be a serious contender.

When I asked Tom Renney tonight if he was worried about a lack of finishers on his team, I pretty much knew what to expect. It’s a question a coach isn’t likely to touch as long as he is not his team’s general manager. And sure enough, Renney pretty much took a pass.

“This is what we have, so why would I speculate?” Renney said. “This is it. This is the team. We’re going to get this team scoring and winning.”

It was the right answer for Renney tonight. But I’m not sure it was the correct one.

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  1. Sam

    With all due respect, please explain to me why Tom cannot be asked about the hideous bench mistakes that are routinely made game to game? Tonight’s self-imposed shorthanded sequence in the third period goes completely unremarked when you guys face him in the post game presser — how can this be so??

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    Sam: Your question was the only one that was even a minor challenge to Renney. I thought he was near clueless in the post game tonight. How can you claim to have playhed a good defensive game when you give up so many odd-man rushes? How can anyone excuse Gomez’ lazy play? Kalinin continues to be a skating version of Pig Pen. They have a lot to do to be a challenger. So far, it is not happening.

  3. You know things have gone wrong when the Garden boos Scott Gomez… I think I’m jumping on the Fire Renney bandwagon pretty soon. Weve been sleepwalking through the last month of hockey and have won a few miracles in the shootout. Im sick of it.

  4. there have been times when I actually thought Tom could raise his game but no more, i don’t think he gets it or is going to get it. Hire Torts

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    SID—go to MSG.com. They usually post the presser on the site. As for the players/coaches not able to execute appropriate line changes………my kid’s pee wee team seems to be able to handle line changes. Why can’t the Rangers?

  6. All Hail King Henrik on

    “Yeah, I just know that there is something up with Hank right now…He just isn’t Hank anymore. Maybe its that mid season slump that he tends to have or something…But without him being his best. We are terrible team.”

    What the Heck,

    You can’t possibly be looking to place any blame on Hank for this team’s performance the last 10 games. He has played fine. Most of the goals being scored on him are deflections from 10 feet out, and back-door tap-ins with guys standing wide open. He has allowed VERY few soft goals the past ten games (6th at MTL was soft, but who cares when it’s 5-2).

    Henrik is the LEAST of our problems. His play has been fine. Iginla was standing wide open in the crease for the tap-in on the first goal, second goal was deflection 10 feet out and the shorty Borque was allowed to skate around freely, swoop in front of Lundqvist and shoot the puck top-shelf from 3 feet in front of the crease.

    NONE of the blame for this teams problems falls on Hank, none; not 1 percent. He has been hung out to dry the last ten games, and could not do much on any of the goals scored. We give up more breakaways and 2-1s than any other team in the league.

    The TEAM DEFENSE has been horrible this year. There’s only so much Hank can do by himself.

    If you want to blame someone, blame the offense, blame Renney. Don’t blame Hank.

    GOALS PER GAME: 2.33 (29th)
    PP%: 15% (22nd)

    Kalinin -15
    Rozsival -10
    Gomez -9
    Drury -7

    It’s such a cop-out to place the blame on the goalie when this team just can’t score goals.

  7. I’m too old for this drip-drip-drip, no production, players come here and their numbers plummet, no-scoring-constipation number. You have a once-in-a-lifetime goaltender and you are wasting him!

    The status quo must be changed.

  8. I will never route for a Rangers team under Tortorella….please, not him- and if anyone suggests Melrose..so help me…

  9. All Hail King Henrik on

    Consider the pressure of knowing that everytime you step out onto the ice as the goaltender of a team that cannot score goals, any mistake you make can and will lead to a loss.

    It’s very difficult to play under the pressure of having to keep the opposition to 1 or 2 goals against just to have a CHANCE to win the game. The pressure being placed on Hank to keep EVERYTHING out of the net in EVERY game is immense. It’s not easy to perform under that presure game-in, game-out. But that’s precisely what Henrik has done, and is the main reason for this team being 8 games over .500. Lets not forget the 6 shootout wins, where he’s allowed 3 goals on 19 attempts.

    As a goaltender, you need offensive support to win games. You also need your team to not commit neutral zone turnovers that lead to goals all of the time.

  10. Henrik is not the problem. His team has hung him out to dry too often.

    Just as an aside, I’m watching NHL on the Fly, and Ovie fed Backstrom for a ridiculous one-timer goal tonight. Leighton had no idea what the hell happened. Then I got to wondering when the last time NYR even attempted a legit one timer. The last I can think of is when Drury tried, snapped his stick, and made the NYR play of the game. I think it highlights how slow we are to laterally move the puck or to surprise the goaltender. Shanahan was a master of it, though don’t take that statement as a call for his return

  11. is anyone surprised this team cant score, we have what 3 players who ever scored 30 goals, and ryan callahan is playing with our alleged number one center (no offense to cally, but cmon)…real problem is how do u fix this? really no good answers via trade that we can afford b/c of our “elite” defenseman and centers

  12. Most of you that read this blog know I’m not the type of person to do this, but: I TOLD YOU SO. I told you there wasn’t enough scoring.

    All of you people who came on here when the Rangers let Jagr, Avery, Shanahan and Straka walk and said, “no, this is good…we’ll get younger and faster”. Anyone wanna retract that? The singings…Voros (Beer Me, I love ya dude, but you said we’d love this guy…he’s been a complete non-factor and should be on the next bus to Hartford), Redden (ugh), Naslund (stats have declined every year the past 4 years), Fritsche…the only player worth his salt out of this group is Zherdev.

    I can’t believe all the people who turned on Jagr…one of the men directly responsible for the revival of this franchise. I know I’m gonna get flamed for this, but I’d take him back in a second. Give me him, Avery and Straka. If this were the NFL and you could cut guys without consequence, I’d say bye-bye to Drury, Voros and Sjostrom to make this happen.

    This team does not have one player that anyone fears. That player was Jagr. When other teams played the Rangers, they would try and stop him. Now? Scott Gomez? Chris Drury? Give me an effing break.

    Realistically speaking, Pearn should be fired to rattle the cages. And, as crazy as it sounds, a regular needs to be scratched. A guy like Naslund, Callahan, or even though it would never happen, Drury or Gomez. Someone needs to wake this bunch up.

    But the bottom line is, there is not enough scoring. And I saw this coming in July.

  13. TrueBlue, I’ll root for whoever makes this team better, Tortarella or otherwise. If a coaching staff comprised of Fidel Castro, Dick Cheney, the BTK killer, and the shirtless guy from the Iron Gym commercial could bring the Rangers a Cup, then they’d have my full support

  14. All Hail King Henrik on

    Top goalies in wins vs. their teams offense:

    16 – H. Lundqvist (2.33 GF – 29th)
    16 – M. Kiprusoff (2.96 GF – 9th)
    15 – E. Nabokov (3.70GF – 1st)
    14 – N. Backstrom (2.65GF – 20th)
    13 – C. Price (2.88GF – 12th)
    11 – C. Osgood (3.54GF – 2nd)

    This stat pretty much says it all; the only goaltender with a lot of wins and a low ranked offense is Backstrom and Minnesota has the best team-defense system.

  15. All Hail King Henrik on

    Dallas has been pretty horrible this year. If, somehow, Dave Tippet is fired, the NYR should hire him the next day. Promote Renney, make him assistant coach, whatever.

    If Tippet becomes available because of the mess in Dallas, we need to jump on him. He would be the perfect coach for this team, as he is still a defense-first coach. He also knows how to get his players to score some goals, though.

    Joel Quennville would’ve been a nice option, too, before Chicago picked him up.

    I don’t think Torterella or even Laviolette are the answer for this team.

  16. I just got home from the Garden. What an absolute disgrace.

    1) None of this is Lundqvist’s fault. He’s playing really well and his team gives him ZERO support, offensively or defensively. He’s pissed, and he’s pissed at Renney. Renney’s dangerously close to losing the only player keeping this team out of Islanders territory.

    2) The Rangers play a defense-first system with ABSOLUTE SHIT FOR DEFENSE. Kalinin at -15? Hartford, plz. He’s useless. Bye by.e

    3) The existing personnel is more suited to an offense-focused game, but Renney won’t let them play that way. They play defense first. With a shitty defense. A -15 d-man and 8 shorthand goals against. WHAT?

    4) Tom Renney has to go. His determination to stick up for garbage performances and not make any meaningful changes is inexcusable. The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    I want to love this team. But they make it so very, very hard. If I didn’t already have my tickets, I would not be going to any more games until this team learns how to put pucks in nets. It’s just hard to watch, and frankly isn’t any fun anymore.

  17. Just got back from the game, and I love when Renney just starts putting out new lines in the 3rd peroid. Zherdev was being put out there every other shift. I know he was needed because of Bertuzzi and Dion, but did Orr touch the ice in the 3rd peroid? Thought Potter was good in his 16 minutes. I would love to see Prucha Korpi and Callahan get more ice time they are only getting 12-14 minutes, and do they ever get a chance on the power play. Also has Kalinin ever hit the net on the point? Thats all for my rant.

  18. Rangerville is a country club. Things are too plush. The team coasts for weeks, picking up points (while playing badly) due to an all-world goaltender, and the media is an amen chorus, slow to identify much less call out the sloppiness, the inertia, the lack of will and hunger.

    Until a coach comes in here with high standards for effort and fundamentals, plus an ability to run a bench (!), with the intent to tighten up matters across the board, this slide to oblivion will only accelerate.

  19. Dmitri Kalinin continuing to see ice time (let alone POWERPLAY time!) simply boggles my mind at this point. He can’t shoot, he’s -15, the only thing he’ll do is throw a hit every few games. Shit, at this point he’s making Malik look like Leetch. Kalinin should be launched into space.

  20. I just watched Renney’s presser. I don’t think the coaching staff or the beat writers think there is anything wrong with the rangers and that is the problem.
    I went through a couple of rangers blogs and most of the fans were up in arms and yet the media is asking Renney lame questions. Except for Sam’s question that Renney danced around.

  21. Audioserf –

    As a fellow season ticket holder, I share in a lot of your frustration. But I can’t agree with you that Renney is the problem. How can you look at the Rangers roster and say that it’s more suited to an offense-first game? They can’t score! They have not one legitimate finisher.

    It’s not the system, it’s the scoring. You can’t “coach teams to score goals.” You either have the players who can do it, or you don’t. This is on Sather, ladies and gentlemen.

    Lynn Zinser wrote an article about how Lundqvist is one of only 4 Rangers who are still on the team from the first season out of the lockout. The other 3 are Prucha, Betts and Roszival. Think about this. The Rangers have almost completely broken down what was a very solid, post-lockout, “New NHL” roster and have something totally different now. This is Glen Sather, who has had more bad years than good at the helm of this franchise, lest we forget.

    Yes, players get old. I know you always need to be looking towards the future. But that 05-06 team could score goals. It was not a perfect team at all, but the point is that Sather took something that worked and ruined it. The Rangers used to be a high-flying, high-scoring team which had great goaltending….now what are they, beyond the goaltending?

  22. “If a coaching staff comprised of Fidel Castro, Dick Cheney, the BTK killer, and the shirtless guy from the Iron Gym commercial could bring the Rangers a Cup, then they’d have my full support”

    Ahaha, that’s funny.

    As for tonight, nothing funny aboot that. Although i usually don’t laugh during Ranger losses, but during that shift where Nyr had only 4 players on the ice for 30 secs or what ever, i gotta admit, i chuckled, but it was more out of anger.

    If there is a single person on this blog who still thinks Renney is a great coach, id love to here your opinions aboot how, and why he is, cause after tonight’s game, if there was any doubt aboot firing this guy, that just sealed the deal.

    This game was flat out embarrassing, and the worst part was, they were decent, defensively they were good, but their first mistake in the 2nd period led to a goal, on the 1st shot of the period off a rebound. Unreal.

    The last two games could be the worst losses of the season, throw in the Leafs loss, and the fuggin Panthers loss, along with that Isles loss, and its just pathetic, and sad.

    This team needs a new coaching staff. Torts said he wouldn’t take Renney’s job, so i wouldn’t get my hopes up there, but Laviolette is out there. For the most part, this team needs a wake up call, and firing the coach that they love could do the trick.

    Look at the Brat Hawks. Kane was off to a decent start, and Toews was off to a semi slow start, as far as goal scoring goes, and Savard got fired, and Kane cried like a litle girl aboot it, but the two of them got their shit together, and have been playing even better, especially Toews who’s been scoring some goals lately, including tonight’s destruction of the Yotes in a 7-1 win.

    Point being, maybe Renney getting fired could wake some of these guys up. Cause they’re fuggin sleeping, and they’re making to much god damn fuggin money to be sleeping. And Slats needs to get off his ice cream loving ass and send some of these 3rd liners along with Rozi out west or where ever the fugg.

    Im not willing to give up on Redden yet. But Rozi, and Kal gotta go.

    And for fuggs sake PUT STAAL ON THE FUGGIN PP !!!!!!!! Stupid idiot Renney, i hate him !

  23. I am hoping Potter can get some games up here, and prove not to make any mistakes, play solid hockey, and replace Kalinin.

  24. Orr- I agree Staal should get some pp time, its not like its going to hurt. He is our best d-man, and I am pretty sure played the most minutes tonight, and he shoots.

  25. Sam: Can we trade Gomez? … Playing GM, I take Avery off of Dallas hands for Redden, then trade Gomez to Vancouver for a defenseman …

    That can clear up some cap for Shanahan and Sundin.

  26. Don’t get me wrong, im not saying that Staal is the answer to the PP, and he’ll transform into Leetch, but what the fugg ?? Girardi, Redden, Kalinin, Mara, Roszival, all played the PP this season, Staal hasn’t. Except to finish the PP in the final 12 secs or what ever. That’s BS. Use him, maybe he’ll actually manage to help out defensively if we have a fuggin odd man rush on the PP. Ugh, i can say it a million times, i hate Renney. Everything aboot him, his smile, his laugh, the way he acts after losses. Show some emotion, call out your players, don’t back them up cause the fans boo them, and say he’s a “good guy”. Stupid moron !!!!

    Ill be honest, Jagr coming back, personally id love it. Id take his “coasting” over this BS. As for Straks, forget aboot it, that’s one ship that im glad has sailed, he was taking a prospects spot away anyway.

    Gotta sign Sundin before the door closes, and with the way we’ve been playing, it doesn’t seem like he’ll think he can win a Cup here.

  27. And there only young stud offensive player in the minors just died so that will really hurt next year and for years to go.

    zherdev cares more about moves then goals and dubi, gomez and the other talented guys look to set uo guys to much.

    they need to sit kalinin and if they cannot upgrade the offense become a team like the old devils and change how they play..

  28. I’d really like to see Anisimov if only for a game and in a 3rd of 4th line role. Maybe he can create some stuff and take pressure off of everyone.

  29. How can you guys say this team doesn’t know how to score goals? Look at the players we have. Drury knows how to score, he’s netter 20+ in all but 1 season, and 30+ twice. Gomez is an all-star set up man, Naslund has 381 career goals and 844 points. Zherdev and Prucha know how to score. All of these players knew how to score at some point, you don’t just forget. In theory, buy putting good players together, they should play better. Is what people are calling for a player like Ovechkin or Kovalchuk? A player who can score 50+ on a shitty team with no help from linemates? that’s not going to work. we don’t have the cap space for starters. secondly, we had jagr, and then decided to go in a different direction. What this team needs is to play with some intensity. The games bore the shit out of me, and I think it does the same to them.

  30. Stuart

    Those “moves” Zherdev displayed tonight got Gomez the put and Gomez didnt shoot. He was looking to dish it off. To I dont know who, he was right on top of Kipper.

    Jesus this isnt about hurt feelings any more. Just get rid of Kalinin & keep Potter up, how hard can than be?


    You had it right my friend. They are wasting an once in a life time goal tender, because LQ really is. Renney goes before LQ goes, trust me. Unless he demands to be traded at all costs. Which I cant really see happening.

  31. If he needs a goal scorers then play Prucha and Dawes with Gomez. Prucha on the power play a lot. They are really waisting Prucha. Either that or make a trade for a goal scorer.

  32. Look at Keenan, i don’t think he played his 4th line in the 3rd period. But look who was out there to finish the game, or at least was there before the final secs, it was Betts and the 4th line. What is Renney trying to protect the 3 goal deficit ?? The least he could have done is pile all his “top players” and try and score a god damn goal to save some fuggin face.

    Everything aboot this game pissed me off. Gomer was pathetic, refusing to shoot when he had a great chance. This is how it will be for the next 6 years. Nyr will probably become the new Leafs, all of those NTC’s, and the players refusing to waive them. Stuck with those players, buying them out eventually. Cause right now, none of these players are living up to their contracts. Its making me sick.


    Id like to see the kid up here as well. Just for the hell of it.

  33. Boy the lunatic fringe is out in full force. Shanny will cure all that ails says some yutz named Jack. Can we trade Gomez asks someone else? The answer is his contract makes him twice as untradeable as Redden. Someone did make a good point on how much the roster has turned over the last few years. Renney is going nowhere he has taken the team to the playoffs 3 years in a row after the team missed the playoffs 7 straight years. Is he a great coach? No but truth be told he’s not nearly as bad as some make him out to be(espicially after a loss) He doesn’t have a whole hell of alot to work with. That is mostly the fault of the Gm. Last year after the team got off to a bad start I vented all over the place and everyone here called me the most negative fan ever. Now I guess the shoe is on the other foot. I expect this team to rebound and beat a rather dreadful Atlanta team as well as the Devils who they’ve owned the last few years. The next big test will be a rough as hell west coast trip. If the Rangers continue to struggle I’ll join the lynch mob. As Sam mentioned Dubi, Drury and Gomez are playing like absolute crap lately. Two years ago the Rangers lost 7 in a row in December and still made the playoffs. The good start does give this team some breathing room.

  34. Orr

    If Renney had ANY b*lls he would scratch Gomez and bring up someone from the Pack or just bring Dawes or Korpi back in the loop. Successful coaches dont have guilty conscious problems if they have to sit a “star” player. And I use ” ” for Gomez because he really isnt a “star”.

  35. i got an idea let’s just call up the whole wolf pack team and send down all the rangers, yeah! jk but if we are going to lose can we please lose with an exciting style of play i nearly fell asleep half way through the second period, this game was brutal to watch, i used to bash the boring devils style of play and now my team is playing the same style…atleast the devils pulled it off

  36. Renney’s at fault because he continues to give lazy/bad players a lot of ice time. Gomez has had a few lackluster efforts in a row, and he gets double ice time?! Renney’s at fault because he had an awesome line with Naz-Dubi-Z and becuase they had 1 bad game (out of 4) they get broken up?! Renney’s at fault for playing stiff’s like Frtische, Voros, and Dawes everyday when Prucha injects more speed and a little bit of offense into the team. Renney’s at fault because his team *DOESN’T SHOW UP TO PLAY!* Renney’s at fault because when the team plays “his system” they go down 2-0 or 3-0. But (and this applies mostly earlier in the season) when the team opened up and played run-n-gun they could scored 2 or 3 goals in the third period alone.

    Gomez, Drury, Redden and Rozsival are supposed to be our go to guys and they simply BLOW! They suck terribly. This may be the first time these contracts come back to really bite us in the ass because there is no Jagr or Avery to save/spark the team. Renney’s simply not good enough with this team’s personel to get them going either.

    I actually think this team’s biggest problem is defense, and not because they can’t play it (they aren’t great, that’s obvious) – they are lazy and choose not to play it!!

    I hate the Hank is turning bitter against this team and NY. He’s a gem and I hope we don’t lose him and his faith in this team.

  37. But I really think that they learned their lesson and will turn the page next week. Stay the course, fix the mistakes, we’ll be fine.
    Drury will come around and be a Captain.

    Hey, look at our record. Look at our record!!!

  38. True Fans – it goes beyond Gomer, Drury, Redden and Rozi. I can’t think of Rangers who DON’T suck right now.

    Marc Staal and Paul Mara? I think that’s just about it.

  39. There had better be better line combo’s than the ones Renney iced last night at the Garden. The lack of cohesiveness, the poor puck “management”, and the total lack of creativity was painful to watch. If this “this is our team”, Renney, we’re in alot of trouble!

  40. as of this friday (pending the outcome of the Atlanta game) the Rangers have won ONE GAME in regulation in a FULL MONTH.

  41. Chew on this….

    In a span of 17 games since November 1, the Rangers have THREE (3) wins in regulation!! To break it down:

    3 Wins
    8 Losses
    5 Shoot-out Wins
    1 Shoot-out Loss

    Without the shoot-out, the Rangers were 3-8 (with 5 ties) in November and their problems would be magnified.

    I know we can’t argue about the shoot-out because it is part of the game, but the 3 regulation wins point directly to the Rangers lack of offense and also how strong Hank has been in net.

  42. Sather assembled this team with Renney saying yes. They both are responsible, they both need to go or at least change their jobs. Put Schonefeld in charge.

  43. Graves9, the reason the team has “breathing room” is that they played so many more games than any other team.

    So things aren’t bad enough for you and you are satisfied with making the playoffs, eh? Well tune in to the Atlanta game and watch a disaster in the making.

    Face it, Renney sucks.

  44. Akayama49 – “lack of creativity” IS Renney’s system!!! He doesn’t allow any. That’s why guys like Z and Prucha don’t get to shine to their fullest. Renney wants them playing a “tight” game, which means just sit on your heels and fire pucks from bad angles and hope one eventually goes in.

    This team will lose on Wednesday. Rely on it.

  45. IF, and I say IF, Renney had balls he’d take the “C” away from Drury and give it to Paul Mara. One of the few that are playing with any heart AND he took a paycut to stay with this team instead of raping the team.

  46. Audioserf, I also feel that Atlanta will win the next game. They smell blood and are hungry to beat us since we put them out of the playoffs in one of the few playoff series we’ve won in the last 10 or so years.



  48. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Whoever said the top 4 aren’t the only guys playing poorly, that’s true. But its no surprise to me that Hank, Mara and staal are the best rangers right now. I’ve been saying that since halfway thru last season. I think Z and Naz also work hard and create offense but are being stifled by all 3 centers and voros. Naz and Z should be with Dubi. Gomez just needs to work harder, plain and simple. Drury HAS to start producing! Redden and rozi have to play better. Renney has to loosen up with his system because its not working…after those things change the rest of the players will fall in place. Its just naïve not to put the responsibility on the coach, captain, and other big contract guys. They were all brought here to win and given the ice time they get they are way more at fault than a Callahan, betts, or a prucha.

  49. I haven’t posted much lately, because frankly I just needed a break, but I just have to comment because I have been known to look at the big picture with Renney and overall I liked what I saw, not everything, but like I said, BIG picture. However that being said, I was at the game last night and and I just don’t see a motivated team at this time. I see a frustrated Lundquist who from what I saw didn’t even go to the bench during TV timeouts like every other player.
    I see a team who playes on the outskirts of the offensive zone and outside of Zherdev has almost NO scoring punch…I mean nothing…I remember 1 scoring chance last night and it happened in the first 30 seconds of the game. I hate to say it but last night the most action I saw in the offensive zone was from the 4th line…NOT GOOD! Orr, Betts and Sjo looking dangerous? come on!
    Gomez has no finisher, he does the same thing, skates the puck up the ice and its a thing of beauty, but there is no one in position to do anything so…he goes behind the net sends it to the point for a shot that takes a millenium to get off and ends up being blocked when in stead there should have been a winger skating behind him for a drop pass and one timer.
    I also saw a team that botched a line change so bad that for almost 30 seconds we had 4 skaters on the ice.
    Like usual I can’t put all the blame on Renney, some yes, line changes shouldn’t happen like that. But its Sathers job to get a finisher for Gomez. Its Sathers job to surround Drury, Gomez and Zherdev with players who complement them. Its Sathers job to know the scope of the league and find players who fit in here. Don’t get me wrong, I think we have a good team base here but we need a few more offensive parts that fit.
    On the other hand its also Sathers job to not just throw money at a washed up Redden, I can’t believe that he is here for the next 6 years. WTF!!! Potter looked shaky at first but I have to say, Potter in one game outplayed Redden and he throws the body. I know some will disagree here but…I’d rather have Rozi and his contract than Redden with his. Rozi at least shows signs of competence.
    Sather has been here longer than Renney and frankly outside of landing Zherdev, Gomez and Drury who I like he has sucked!
    So before calling for Renney head please aim for Sathers!

  50. Agree with you Staal Wart. I was at the game last night too. I think the players need to step up, the Rangers lost that game by playing sloppy and failing to be in a position to win.

    On the first goal someone should have covered for Kalinin when he took the puck in past the goal line. He was the 2nd player back going the other way into the Rangers zone after going deep. It shouldn’t happen like that.

    On the second goal, I almost couldn’t believe I watched Gomez just stand there. I’d like to think he’s still hurt and not just being lazy.

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