Back to the drawing board


So maybe the debut of Corey Potter and the return of Blair Betts were not the only nuggets to come out of the morning skate.

The other tweak is yet another line change, with Scott Gomez likely to skate with Ryan Callahan and Lauri Korpikoski. Whether this means Chris Drury slips back in between Nikolai Zherdev and Markus Naslund remains to be seen.

I’m not sure of the reasoning here, although one theory would be Tom Renney’s uneasiness with having Zherdev and Gomez, two occasional in-zone liabilities, together on the same line.

Confirmation on all this in a bit..

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  1. More tinkering from a complete idiot. Really, its becoming a bad joke. Its not the line combionations, its the approach. The “you dictate it and we’ll play that way and be really passive in the meantime while we keep 5 in the picture standing around covering nobody in our own end” approach. Until that changes we could put the 1994 Rangers out there (in 1994) and get these same results.

    Oh yeah, first.

  2. Thank God the Betts line is always intact, because it is absoletely flawless, we would surely lose if that 5 time Oscar winning line is broken up.

  3. I hate to say it but I feel like I’m slipping towards becoming a Renney not-liker.

    Switching lines again?!!!

    Jeez. Make it tougher on them why don’t ya? Was it me or did it look like Z, Gomer and Naslund were starting to get something going?

  4. onecupin67years on

    Drury is a more dependable 2 way forward than Gomez, but the team still lacks a brand name sniper, aka, jagr, Shanahan ,Sundin.
    The lack of goal scoring and poor or sloppy D is a deadly combination.
    But I think Renney is like the dutch boy sticking his finger into all the holes of this team with his constant tinkering and juggling.

  5. Yeah, they got something going alright. And being -4 on the night is just that. The game against Pittsburgh they looked great, but against the Habs it was a complete shit show. And the goal that Z assisted on was with Drury and Dawes.
    I don’t have a problem with this move.

  6. the fear Renny feels in every part of his body and mind must be exhaussting to live with. fear fear fear. it never ends.

  7. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I like Korpi with Gomez, I’d still like to see Prucha with him too. He should just put the Kiwi line (Du/Zh/Na) back together seeing as they had 3 or 4 good games and just 1 bad game before breaking them up. Drury and Callahan are a perfect fit for each other, they are both very good third liners, why does he keep thinking they will be goal scorers? This team has 4 top 6 forwards, 2 fringe top 6 type forwards, and a few 3rd/4th liners. Gomez, Zherdev, Naslund, Dubinsky (when Ren-tard shows confidence in him) are the top 4; Prucha and Dawes are top line type players who haven’t been given the chance to find their game; can’t tell with Korpi yet; Drury, Callahan, Sjostrom are 3rd liners; Orr, Betts, Voros, and anyone else I’m missing is a 4th.

    I’m very frustrated with Ren-tard’s awful line combos. I will surely be sick if I see Drury centering Nas and Z, as I will when I know that I will see the unskilled Voros bringing down the game of anyone he plays with (Mainly Dubinsky). Ugh, I don’t even have a word for my frustration.

  8. At this point my mind is rattling with the carnival of lines that are constantly in flux — but if Renney would just send them out to win the game from the opening faceoff, I wouldn’t care how they’re aligned.

    Attack, play the body, show the other team you are not waiting to “work yourself” into the game but to take over and dominate the game in the first twenty minutes.

  9. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I am about 50/50 in terms of agreeing with the above Orr, but I’m with you 100% with Pruch playing with Gomez. Doesn’t it just seem to make sense? Brian Gionta is the same type of player as Prucha, and Gomez got the best out of him, so why not try it? Instead, it’ll go back to Callahan having no idea where to be in the offensive zone. Paging Ryan Callahan, if you are playing on the “Top line”, you have to score from in front of the net!

  10. ugh line changes again, i don’t get it, i could say something bad about every player except zherdev, imo they can’t all be having a bad year it’s gotta be the style of play or the coaching staff or idk a good number of these guys were good scorers on other teams, which brings me to question sitting dawes in this game, he scored the last game, what’s the thought process in that tom renney, how about sitting korpikoski, stop playing “your guys” and play the guys that are going to do something

  11. they lost the last game, so we must change the lines. afterall the lines don’t matter. renney has no clue.

  12. Another mish-mosh of lines? I’m beginning to think that Renney sits up late at night picking players names out of his Rangers hat.

  13. There’s no consistency but I gotta feel that juggling like this doesn’t help that one bit.

    Have we seen Prucha with Gomez yet? I wouldn’t be against seeing that.

  14. Prucha scored with Gomez. I would use them together. Would like to see Korpikoski Gomez Prucha. Voros Dubinsky Callahan. Nuslund Drury Zherdev seems to work the best. Zherdev plays better there for some reason.

  15. BillyDeeWilliams on

    it really isn’t like any of the lines have actually worked so far. I understand they haven’t had time to mesh. I agree with fords post above. I don’t care if they come out ready to play. Ok off to the game now.

  16. HAHAHAHA this is a effin’ joke. What a mess he has made out of these lines. 1st pd over. At least they game out with “some” intensity.

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