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So here are the new lines tonight:





You may now begin debating. As I suspected, Tom Renney cited defensive concerns for breaking up Scott Gomez and Nikolai Zherdev. It’s fair to say that the tendency of both players to inch their way up ice prematurely was making the coach nervous. The line was a combined minus-10 in Thursday’s loss.

“There’s a defensive concern there but I don’t think it’s something I wouldn’t come back to,” Renney said. “I like the combination of people. I think they’re a real offensive threat. But what I want to do tonight and maybe for the next couple of games is to get some defensive traction.”

<li>Amazing that the Rangers have had eight shootouts this season, and the Flames haven’t had one. Hence Mike Keenan’s response to a question of whether teams are playing conservative to work their way into shootouts.

“They may be playing that way, but we haven’t,” the coach said.

<li>Wade Redden is out and remains day-to-day with a leg injury. Renney said Wednesday in Atlanta was a possibility for the defenseman. Of course, if Corey Potters handles himself well tonight, there might not be a need to rush Redden back.

More in a bit…

Update, 8:07 p.m.: You have to love the 14 minutes without a stoppage, unless you had to use the bathroom and you were waiting for a whistle. For the rest of us, it was compelling stuff.

My personal favorite moment came when Petr Prucha threw a hard check on Todd Bertuzzi in the corner, and Bertuzzi started jawing at the referee to complain. Seriously? Todd Bertuzzi? Off a hit from Petr Prucha?

Meanwhile, an impressive start for Corey Potter, with perhaps the lone exception coming on his first shift when he looked like he wanted nothing more than to get rid of the puck as quickly as possible. But other than that, he was poised.

Update, 8:59 p.m.: Well Tom Renney, here’s that defensive hockey you were asking for. The only little glitch was that four-on-two that led to the Flames’ goal. That rush produced Calgary’s only two shots of the second period. And since the Rangers weren’t exactly overwhelming at the other end, they still find themselves down a goal heading into the third.

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  1. Sam,

    Just got a quick question here, why potter and not denisov from HFD. Seems like denisov would address some of the needs we have right now more than potter (denisov’s plus/minus and team first attitude in HFD would seem to confirm sthis). Keep up the great work!!!


  2. So am I the only person who realizes that this team went to sh-t when Renny decided he was going to send Korpi down to Hartford when we were 11-2-1 ish??? All of a sudden when that happened he also decided it was a time to breakup the Voros-Dubi-Zerdev line..

    Next thing you know we are about .500 or worse from that point on with majority of the wins in the shootout.

    Anyone else remember him tweaking lines say last year that were working really good?? Aver-Dubi-Jagr ring a bell??? then all of a sudden it was abolished.

  3. Two games that’s it? What has Korpkoski done to move all the way up to the top line? Also with Mara and Girardi being right dmen playing together they could struggle. Plus Kalinin and Potter are both left dmen and they’re together which could cause some issues as well.

  4. I would of liked to see Prucha with Gomez and Naslund- I think Prucha is very good along the boards- Not saying that he doesn’t occasionally get bumped off the puck- but that mixed with gomez’s vision and naslunds scoring ability should make for a decent line- atleast in theory. And then you could put Korp with Drury and Callahan- for a solid energy line.

  5. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Korpikoski was invisible in the last game, but that must mean that he was defensively sound, so who cares if he can score! Hey, as long as our top line reacts to the other team and tries to not let them score, that makes Renney happy!

    A top line that can score, heh, pff, who needs one anyway…

  6. Heck, I’d like to see korp move up with dubinsky and Zherdev.. All three have good speed- with zherdev being the most skilled, Korp with some size and defensive awareness and then Dubi somewhere in the middle skill set wise

  7. I would have put Naslund and Prucha with Gomez. Drury is not a guy that creates anything for his linemates.

  8. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I will also laugh when the Drury line fails to score and then Prucha will promptly be removed from the next game.

  9. I like how Renney is alienating Zherdev by constantly finding ways to lower his icetime.

  10. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Graves, you nailed it, Drury sits in the slot and hopes for passes, pretty much the same thing Prucha did when he was scoring. That’s why Renney repeatedly tried Drury at wing, because he couldn’t handle the puck or make plays but Gomez could. Unfortunately Drury and Gomez have such radically different mindset’s, that they didn’t work well together. I want to go on, but I don’t want to bore anyone with things that everyone knows already.

  11. Patrick henry, I don’t think that’s necessarily true- I think the Dubinsky line will play more than the gomez line.

  12. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Chris, Gomez leads the team in ice time per game, where else would he get it if his line didn’t play as much as Dubi’s?

  13. He gets a lot of time on the penalty kill and power play. I’m not saying gomez won’t play… but I think his linemates will have a significant drop off in ice time.
    I don’t renney is alienating Zherdev- I think he’ll get his 18 minutes.

  14. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I actual agree, I think Gomez will get 10 more minutes than his linemates. I also hope you are right about Zherdev, but it would be a total Renney-ism to play him for only 15 minutes and I wouldn’t put it past him.

  15. Seriously… after saying that I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just throwing out random stats- Zherdev’s ice time goes from 16 to 20 to 18 to 16 to 20- so it’s not beyond Renney.. I really can’t expect much out of the gomez line(the wingers aren’t Top 6 material)- I would be more surprised if the gomez lined scores than the betts at this point.

  16. onecupin67years on

    has anyone noticed when the rangers are in the offensive zone , you seldom see a ranger in front of the net? they never crash the net.

  17. Gomez is our best center and Z is our best winger… so on paper it makes sense to put them on the same line.. but they are both puck-possession playmakers… keep ’em on the first PP unit, but it looks like they need to be moved separately… I like that Prucha is getting first line time (upping the trade value, let’s hope)… I hope Potter has a solid game as well.

  18. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I think even more dumb than not having Prucha on the power play is not having Staal on the power play. He has become the best puck handling defenseman! He can carry the puck into the zone! Hello?!?!

  19. This is why I love hockey and only like football. There’s been like no commercials. I love it.

  20. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Definitely a fun game to watch so far. The Rangers are actually playing well defensively for a change. Looks like it’ll be another shootout tonight boys and girls!

  21. I’d have to say: not many faults in that period.
    As you all mentioned- very enjoyable to watch. I can justify failing all my finals next week because I’ve been so locked into everything NYR related!

  22. and the ice time (when they change on the fly, no whistles, no power play, PK) is fairly even for the three top lines!!

    5-6 minutes for everyone!

  23. Would I be too much of a grinch to ask that the 2-on-1’s and the 3–on-1’s against decrease/go away? Joe the Shill was blathering about them to prop up the defensemen because they broke them up without a shot being taken ….. but of course never spoke to the fact that it is not a good thing for such odd man chances to be happening in the first place.

  24. OK, I’m not saying Zherdev and Gomez are a perfect pair, but the arguments against them don’t hold up. Defensive liability? Yeah, and Jagr-Nylander was a shutdown combo. Both puck-possession-type players? Once again, take a look at the best combo we’ve had since the lockout…Jagr and Nylander. One always wanted the puck and the other could stickhandle in a phonebooth, to use an overused phrase.

    If they don’t have chemistry, they don’t have chemisty, but let them prove it first.

  25. Good first period. Dubinsky showed some extra jump and threw the body as well as being more involved. Cally was like the tasmanian devil all over the place. Guys like Potter and Staal looked really good on the back end. I am not sure how Gomez botched that scoring chance.

  26. Rozsival is playing decent because a d-man from the minors has been called up and he’s playing very well.. also Redden might be healthy for our next game… 7th d is the solution… well that and firing Pearn.

  27. half way through the second period and we have them right where we want them!!

    Bertuzzi is (no way around it) SOFT!

  28. Rozsival looks awesome this game. GREAT defensive play to stop the breakaway and not take a penalty. Colton Orr has the right idea, get the puck to the net. Calgary is giving up rebounds, get it on net and then crash. Prucha made a sick move to gain the zone, he looks good too. I’ve counted 3 times so far that Potter has made a good pass to Kalinin and Kalinin has fumbled it. Kalinin is the weak link.

  29. Joe

    I think you may be onto something ;) Yes, since Redden is recouping his groin, I have been paying extra attention to Roszi. He has made some very good plays. Solid & confident on the puck. Taking the body too :) Now that is what I like to see. Potter looks smooth & cool with the puck. Great to see :)

  30. It’s not about number of shots on goal, it’s about quality of chances. 1-0 Flames on their 2nd shot this period.

    And Kalinin gets another –

  31. Kalinin now -15 as he was caught deep. Meanwhile Potter has been really good. When Redden returns Kalinin better be going to the press box.

  32. You cant blame Roszival. He had his man covered. Kalinin was caught up the ice, coasted back and stood around and didnt pick up his man…

  33. MAKO…not sure what you were watching but I saw 5’9″ 185 lbs Cammallari out muscle Rosival and pass the puck to Iginla???

  34. WOW it too the crowd until the end of the 2nd period to start chanting “sloppy seconds” LMAO

  35. Naslund’s fault, he should have easily won that battle in the left corner which lead to Calgary’s breakout. Their defense came from behind the net and beat Nazzy’s leisurely stroll to the chase! Another TV brick moment, ala Hockey Rodent.

  36. the PP will get one!! Dubinsky/Voros/Zherdev are cycling well, Voros has planted his ass on Kipers doorstep…

  37. Doogie –

    Kalinin had two opportunities to involve himself in the play. Both opportunities were blown. He physically took himself out of the play diving down where his body was near the face off circle, got up and stood there didnt getting back into the play. While Roszi was there by himself on a 2 on 1. He couldnt cover both men?!?!!? I know some of you cant stand Roszi, but there has been a marked improvement tonight to his play. Give credit to where credit is due.

  38. ThisYearsModel on

    Ho hum. Kiprusoff has not broken a sweat, while the Flames hit a crossbar and scored on their only other chance. Rangers play around the perimeter, no one goes to the net and the saves are easy for the goalie.

  39. just saw the tale end of the highlight (lowlight) of the goal. looked like drury was very slow in getting off the ice on the shift change. come on chris can’t lead like that.

  40. K24, good post on Gomez-Zherdev @8:28

    i am having trouble believibg this game is not being played in a museum instead of MSG. give me a team and a coach who will unleash the beast. the crowd is too lifeless

  41. That second goal was because of a Gomez turnover at the blueline. Can we score a fuggin goal. Last Sunday, zero goals. This Sunday, zero goals. Pathetic.

  42. I like Gomez, but if there no play you just have to get the puck in deep and make a change. Not rocket science.

  43. the happiest fan tonight has to be akayama. if we get shutout his boy will move up on pecking order.

  44. Gomez with another lousy pass which turned into a goal against.

    This team has so few players that can consistantly make tap to tape passes

  45. OMFG ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! Z with the BEAUTIFUL moves, effing Gomez passes up to shoot. 4 men on the ice no one realizes it?!?!?!?!

  46. tv said only 4 guys on ice for 30 secs. terrible job by all 3 coaches – heck even the trainer and equipment man too.

  47. anybody else tired of the constant lame stick checking by the Rangers? Take the body you soft cowards.

  48. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    four players on the ice at even strenght for almost a full shift,certainly an sign of a well coached team.

  49. When is it time to let go of Renney. This guy is starting to lose the team. No reason why this team shouldnt have a better record than the Bruins. And all the line changes?!??! seriously.. HIT THE ROAD JACK!! In this case TOM!

  50. Any time you get shut out it is pathetic, but getting shut out at home is even more PATHETIC. We need a legit goal scorer. Kovulchuk, Sundin, hell even Shanny at this point. This is just absurd now. PATHETIC!

  51. And Gomez gets rewarded by getting double shifted. Give me a new coach or give death!!!

  52. Transfer Renney to scouting/youth development and hire a coach with the balls to call out his overpaid players.. oh and a new special teams’ staff.

  53. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    at this point, I’m going to route for as many losses as it takes until this piece of shit coach who is totaly clueless is no longer behind the bench.Even if it takes 5,10,15 losses in a row so be it!

  54. Gomez and Drury have never been there teams top guys where all the attention and pressure is on them. Jagr was and he was able to handle it. Drury and Gomez can’t do it. Mostly cause they aren’t top tier players.

  55. Wtf is happening here? Can we really not convert on anything?? I agree. Poor Lundqvist. A man with that much talent is being hung out to dry here…if I weren’t so selfish I would say he’d be better off somewhere else with more offense

  56. How many times has the yet been YAWNING open and they couldnt finish???? Atlanta is up. I wont if they will be able to score 1 goal against the NHL’s worst team.

  57. When is it time to let go of Renney. This guy is starting to lose the team. No reason why this team shouldnt have a better record than the Bruins. And all the line changes? seriously.. HIT THE ROAD JACK!! In this case TOM!

  58. JOHN TORTS OR PETER LAVIOLETTE!!!! 2 coached who have coached their respective teams to STANLEY CUPS!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Gomez and Drury as well as Rozsival and Redden should never have been signed, especially for those contracts. But our Coaching staff and GM are greedy for big names and scared of trusting rookies.

  60. How mant goals can Kalinin be on for? Everytime some one scroes he is on the ice. I am tired of seeing his number.

  61. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    they aren’t even competetive anymore.doesn’t Sather see this? Two stanley cup winnig coaches get fired for goodness sake,and yet the hayena is still here destroying the development of our youth amd eroding the confidence of our franchise goalie.

  62. Kalinin sucks.. He is reallly really bad.

    goal 2 gomez doing his quick crap in the ranger zone. does gomez know you are allowed to shoot the puck??

    goal 3 Mara forgot his stick shorthanded..

    I am so sick of this crap I almost forgot goal one was that great line change..

    they cannot score and therefore every mistake is magnified…Again Kalinin sucks..

  63. Please fire Renney now. I backed him and defended him for the last 3 years, but I can’t take this anymore. He doesn’t want the team to play pretty, so they just float pucks on goal and never get any goals because either the “shots” get blocked or the goalie easily stops them. I’d rather see a team that passes up a shot here and there to make an extra pass than one that just floats pucks in from the point that get deflected.

    Seriously, we have offensive talent that is just being wasted. Zherdev should just be let loose to stickhandle when and where he wants. Dubinsky has skills and moves that he never uses. NOBODY circles around the net anymore. Everything is just shoot from the outside and hope it goes in. Maybe circle around, pass the puck and try to get shots from the slot. That works, not this float and hope BS.

    Oh and thank god people were booing Gomez. He has been complete crap this season. He gives the puck away like its his job. We pay him 7 million to be the best assist guy for the other team.

  64. So when do we look at Lundqvist and ask him…
    Why has your production been so low recently? No joke, I realize I’ve had blinders over my eyes for the past 5 or 6 games, Lundqvist is playing aweful…AWEFUL! His save percentage has been so sub-par the past couple games I almost can’t watch him…I’ll come back with a stat in about 10 minutes

  65. MAKO
    December 7th, 2008 at 9:46 pm
    JOHN TORTS OR PETER LAVIOLETTE!!!! 2 coached who have coached their respective teams to STANLEY CUPS!!!!!!!!!!!

    add Bob Hartley to your list.

  66. Renney must have pictures of Sather doing the nasty with some small furry critter, how else is he still coaching. Renney has lost this team, no one is accountable. Dolan should clean house asap, this is pathetic.

  67. Guys like Voros, Cally, Korpedo all played well and played very hard but they can’t finish. Outside of a good pk shift Drury was invisable. Gomez wasn’t as bad as he was vs the Habs but he was horrible again. Kalinin makes me pine for Tom Poti. This team can’t score can’t get anything done on the pp and while the they have some of the highest paid forwards and dmen they aren’t close to being elite(in fact they’re albatrosses). Kipprosoff had very little traffic all night. This is a very rough team to watch(even when they were winning)

  68. yeah it is renny’s fault gomnez refuses to shoot the puck.

    it is also renny’s fault that there defense sucks…

    thank god for Henrik…

    The flames D gets the puck out in 2 seconds the rangers play around with the puck in there zone for 10 seconds.

    always looking for the artistic goal..

    90 + % OF THE GOALS ARE SCORED ON CHEAP PLAYS, REBOUNDS ETC..After about 20 yrs. can these morons figure that out???

  69. some teams are just bad. But this team has the potential to be unstoppable!!! And I cant blame the players – well not all of them. But, its the coaching staff who dictates how their game is played. Enough is enough. We as fans have suffered through 4 years of inconsistency with this coaching staff. EFFING FIRE THEM ALREADY! TIME FOR NEW BLOOD!!!


  71. Yeah we don’t need Shanny a 650 goal scorer waiting in the wings dying to play for the Rangers. Renney is a joke this team has no leadership no personality. gomez sucks and is a cancer on the team -7 last 2 games.

  72. onecupin67years on

    In October I said the rangers would never win with renney, well?
    They were out played ,out finessed , out coached , out hustled , etc.
    Way to go Tom.
    Way to players , do you think some one on the bench would’ve noticed ? An assistant ? a player?
    But its only a loss ,they are still in first , I think
    At least Orr and Voros went to the net , the others stayed clear, theres nothing like shooting from 30 to 40 feet out, thats why they out shoot the opponents and still lose.

  73. I really respect Renney for all that he’s done for this team- his demeanor, and the fact that he’s been able to make the most of his roster (think about this Jagr and Avery, both “troublemakers” elsewhere were stellar citizens in NY); but changing the lines up today; and apparently changing within the game was a weak move and possibly led to that stretch were they had four men on the ice. It smells of desperation. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to find the right pieces (and, defensively at least, we might not have the right pieces to be a great game), but this was poor coaching. We play the way the other team governs we play. We don’t have any specific “style”. This was cr*p tonight.

  74. Gomez should be called out by everybody.
    2d goal is his.
    3d goal watch him coasting back.
    he has been horrible.


  76. time to change the lines again. the new ones did not even last a game. calgary played 3 lines most of the game. is that still legal?

  77. how can you say hank is the problem

    the only reason we have a single win is because if hank bailing this team out every night.

    the 9 goals in the past two games, maybe two were on hank?? if you think otherwise your watching a different game than the rest of us

  78. I put blame on Sather not Renney. Sather is the guy that hasn’t drafted well and doled out stupid contracts like they were candy. I though Gomez would be an upgrade over Nylander he hasn’t been one. Drury is being paid like a first liner and is playing like a medicore third liner most of his time here. Dawes has fallen off the map. Dubinsky is like a bewildered walrus without Jagr ditto for Prucha. The less said the better about the defense.

  79. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    What the HECK-

    It’s amazing how all you Renneyade drinkers refuse to put blame where it squarley belongs!! Lundquist has been hung out to dry by this “defense” first system and he’s still standing on his head almost every game.Why can’t you just face the facts that this is a poorly coached team that plays with zero emotion or passion.It has a coach behind the bench who cannot ever make adjustments in the middle of a game.They have no clue how to atttack.All you ever see is drifting along towards the boards without even being forced.They never attack the middle of the ice with speed,it’s always along the side boards,it’s like watching fucking knock hockey!

  80. Don’t forget Gomez looking pass all the way on that feed from Zherdev where he had half the net to look at…

  81. Is there ANYONE who still believes that Renney runs even a bantam-level competent in-game bench. ANYONE??

  82. It was all too clear a few years ago when the Rangers only needed one win to get into the playoffs and couldn’t do it. Tom Renney can’t inspire this team at all. Send him back to player development. He is NOT a head coach. His winning record is a direct result of having Henrik Lundqvist in net. His defensive system is stifling to the team and short circuits any offense. A team that is always worrying and thinking on the ice can’t play. Perry Pearn should be accountable for three years of dismal power play and defense. I hate this boring ass Devils style hockey. Rely on your goalie to pull it out for you. Does anyone know how to throw a body check besides Callahan? This is a boring team to watch and when they lose it’s even worse. This is corporate suit hockey. No balls, no creativity, no offense.



  84. The reason why Renney got along with troublemakers is he is a soft soft coach. He doesn’t have the guts to instill any fear or accountability in his vets.

  85. Eric nice job with the Caps locked lmao! Shanny has 650 goals so what? He has what 12-15 goals left in him? That isn’t gonna help.

  86. It doesn’t matter if our defenseman make mistakes, when no one can score anyway. There is no offense. Zherdev can only do so much. This dumb defensive system is what Jagr had to put up with last year, but at least he was able to hold the puck in the offensive zone for a shift. Renney’s “system” needs to change.

  87. So heres my analysis of the players today

    Callahan-Worked hard, Gomez-sucked straight up, Korpikoski-looked like an AHLer, Prucha-worked hard and drove to the net, overall played well, Drury-invisible, took some slap shots even though his slap shot works 1 in every 200 times, Naslund-invisible, sucked tonight, Dubinsky-not his greatest game, but played well, Zherdev-always nasty, Voros-worked hard and should be rewarded for it, Betts-didnt see him much, Orr-no reason to have him out there tonight, Sjostrom-invisible, Mara-played well, Rozi-solid night, Kalinin-ouch, Potter-very solid, Girardi-invisible so good, Staal-solid game. The King-looked more like a jester. Overall, I honestly think this was one of our better games. We completely outworked this team and the shots show for it. Unfortunately we can not put the puck into the twine and Hank was sub-par. Lets hope we can bounce back from this one…

  88. well, for the first time this season i was not excited to watch the rangers game. and of course they lose 3-0. Sather i hate you sooo much. Why do we have a 70 year old GM that signs these old free agents that are probably young to him and are slow. we won the last few years with quick players and at least a little more grit than we have now. Get avery back, sign a big defenseman and cut Redden already and admit u made a huge mistake and screwed our team for the next 6 years you jerk.

  89. How many shorties against? how many too many men on the ice penalties? and tonite how many seconds with 4 skaters when the team was at even strnegth??

    Where are the Renney lovers to defend this embarassing shit?? where are they??

  90. onecupin67years on

    Face it , the Ranger young bloods are stagnant , Dubi, cally, dawes , prucha ,etc, aren’t progressing well, Staal should be more physical and offensive minded he sometimes looks timid to go all out.
    Gomez and Drury , Naslund and the other vets are tier 2 players making tier 1 cash.
    when was the last time they played well and dominated a good team?
    they always the excuses, got in late, played back to back games and so on, all I know is the western div. teams are kicking the rangers asses at msg.

  91. “The reason why Renney got along with troublemakers is he is a soft soft coach. He doesn’t have the guts to instill any fear or accountability in his vets.”

    The sad thing is he used to. Remember when he scratched Nylander for a game for taking bad penalties?

  92. Eric- I honestly believe that Dubinsky is a second line center- Not only do I trust his offense more than drury’s, but he is the future of the team- he has to mature into an nhl star- this is only his second year. I say give him more ice time than anyone else and speed up his growth.. as for everyone else you mention, you’re right.. Dawes, prucha, and certainly not callahan are top six players.

  93. I just dont think Gomez & Drury can handle playing in NYC. Grant it, NJ is very close to NY but its night and day to each other. Less pressure in NJ, Less pressure in Buffalo. Its take a special player with some arrogance and heir to him (Messier, Jagr) to be successful here. By arrogance I mean self confidence like no other….

  94. This team is regressing. Kalinin is awful.

    No offense, no consistency on offense, no nothing. Man, this is a bummer.

  95. eric, you may be right- but easy on the all caps- have a beer and avoid that heart attack (and stop watching this team if you have blood pressure issues).

    Wow, listen to Henrik on this interview “we’re missing that last piece” and “they didn’t have to work all that hard” – guy’s all but saying “get me an f’ing D-fense in front of me and start scoring”.

  96. Alex b,
    I’m not a Renney supporter, but thats cool. Hank player poorly tonight. Rangers outworked the Flames tonight and I’m going to go out there and say this one was well coached for the most part. Thats the reason we outshot them and had more time of possession then them.

  97. I blame Renney because his strategy is idiotic. He has this thing where he thinks that if you just throw pucks on net and get traffic, then you will score. This team was one of the highest scoring teams in the league just 2 years ago because we had creative guys like Nylander who didn’t just throw pucks on goal and hoped for the best.

    Sure you score a few goals with traffic, however all the good teams in the league score goals FROM THE SLOT. We look like last years team right now. I wanted to say it was the personnel, but with a brand new team that started off the season fighting to get to the slot and possessing the puck and passing up on bad angle shots to get good ones and now they are just throwing it on goal, I’ve got to believe its Renney.

    And I have to say, not re-signing Nylander for almost half of what Gomez is being paid looks to be a pretty big bonehead move at this point by Sather, which is something I said 2 years ago.

    My only advice to the team would be don’t just shoot it because you are in the offensive zone. Make a play, move around, and make that extra pass if you have to. I’d rather see a couple pretty passes and getting the goalie moving side to side and off his angle than taking a shot through traffic on a goalie who doesn’t have to move. Anyone whos played hockey knows that how you beat a good goalie.

  98. So..Renney even tried to play 4 on 5 tonight while on even strength…yea, this genius will think our way out of this; juggle the lines anyway you want no one drives to the net on “O’ and no one protects it on “D”


  99. eric thanks for calling me out at 9:51. part of your comment posted below.


    i think you would be hard pressed to find statements where i said any of the above were top 6 forwards including dubinsky who i think is overrated.

  100. a shakeup is needed. the question is , is it a trade, or a signing, or does sather actually pull the trigger and promote renney upstairs. might be time to trade some of the younger players with value and try to get more physical up front and on the back line. i say the younger players because the vets are for the most part untradeable.

  101. onecupin67years on

    I think they signed Gomez to piss off the devils ,thats all, just like Holik,and the other devs.

  102. Gomez has been lazy, plain and simple. Drury has been quiet as usual. Where is the leadership? If it’s not going to come from Renney, then one of the players needs to step up and start leading. This is bullshit. Why does everyone that plays for NY underachieve or not develop? This type of play is UNACCEPTABLE.

  103. “Face it , the Ranger young bloods are stagnant , Dubi, cally, dawes , prucha ,etc, aren’t progressing well, Staal should be more physical and offensive minded he sometimes looks timid to go all out.”

    I blame Renney all the way.

  104. outscore 15-4 last 4 games. “Manage the puck” “if we are going to be a low scoring team??” Is this dolt for real? So he is perfectly fine with mediocrity????

    “Miscues” I love all of these words he’s using.

  105. am I loosing my mind, or were there actually “Fire Renney” chants going up at the garden? I really hope one of the best starts in ranger’s history doesn’t turn into one of the worst seasons in 4 years…and unfortunately, my acceptance of Renney’s defensive system may be dwindling…by the way, Potter looked good tonight and only bad luck stopped him from scoring

  106. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Listen to this idoit saying that we have to get used to winning 2-1.I’ve heard the same shit from this “coach” now for thrre and a half years.He has no clue at all.

  107. I think for the most part the Rags played a great game- it was a matter two HUGE mental laps that cost us. We created a lot of chances in the first period and beginning of the second..
    I think Roszival played well, along with the rock in Staal. Potter made no glaring mistake.

  108. Someone please tell me how hank played poorly tonight??

    Also, whoever said Staal is to timid isnt watching the past few games he has been arguably our best defenseman.

    Also- rennys cracking me up right now, well if your a low scoring team you have to get used to winning 2-1 games… oh thats a great mind set we cant score so lets make sure we dont go out of our way to do so

  109. Yea, we sit here sometimes for half a game abd then someone will ask “hey, have you even seen Drury tonight? Is he even playing?”

    But to be fare, he’s a slot guy and the Rangers offense never produces anything but that pass around one shot and done, there’s never a flurry of chances which is where he gets his goals

    Its as id sather put a team together and Renney wants to coach it like its some “other” team

    Fire Renney hire Messier and bring back Shanny

  110. Graves,

    The point is Shanny can finish he has scored 20 plus every season and if he only has 15 left (u idiot) its still 15 more than these pukes we have now, Jerkoff!

  111. “The sad thing is he used to. Remember when he scratched Nylander for a game for taking bad penalties?”

    that is nothing. Did this coward ever scratch Jagr when he stunk or when he was injured? Never!

  112. basic fundamental hockey understanding. That is what seems to elude them and the coaching staff.

    One Cup
    yes we are but hey would you rather be passive? Its no fun :P ;)

  113. I know I may take flack for this, but no more than ever I’d love to see shanny in that dressing- A legit two six forward.. that would really help out the PP- and I truly believe that.. I can see Zherdev on the right side feed it corss ice to shanny for the one timer.Well, of course that’s only in theory..

    Really what I like most about shanny is how Blunt he is.. He’ll set the team straight.. I remember two years ago when lundqvist blew a shutout in the last 30 seconds and he was calling out his teammates and shanny pulled him a side to put him in his place. Drury is not vocal-nor does he lead by example.. Naslund is new and is soft spoken as well and don’t get me started on how gomez isn’t A material. If Renney isn’t going to fire this time up.. I’d love for shnany to.
    Again, I’m sure I’ll take some flack.

  114. Did anyone hear anyone ask Renney a pertinent question in the post-game presser?

    And there are people in this city who think the media is tough on this team???

  115. onecupin67years on

    It should be fun in the new year and down the stretch watching the Rangers continue to struggle,(they aint gonna fix this with this group)and the other teams wash, nj,pitts , bos. mont,gearing up and getting better.
    I just don’t believe in this team from what I see.

  116. “Listen to this idoit saying that we have to get used to winning 2-1.I’ve heard the same shit from this “coach” now for thrre and a half years.He has no clue at all.”

    what a cocky scumbag. Why should we get used to boring bad hockey when instead we can just get rid of your clueless ass.

  117. ThisYearsModel on

    Good question Sam. Got your name mentioned by the coach. Face it, he has less to work with than he needs to have. He has a bunch of perimeter prancers, and the Flames go all out to the net at all times. Tonight they did, and we lose again.

  118. All but 3 guys on the team are a + (Z at +7, Staal at +4, and Dawes at +1). The entire roster is a -, with Gomez now -9, and Kalinin a -15. If this is Renney’s idea of a defensive first system, then I shudder to think about what things will look like if we try to play offense.

  119. onecupin67years on

    Three years ago this team seemed to be on course to progress, it slowed last year and has now derailed, it kind of like the yankees with all the crappy free agents, Giambi, sheffifiels , randy johnson etc

  120. How can no one in the media ask Renney about the bench incompetence tonight? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

    SAM WEINMAN! (Hello? is anybody (even close to) home?)

  121. ChrisS

    Here is the scenario. Shanny hangs around NY because he relocated his family here. Shanny is still able to use the facility, Sather says dont worry let me just figure things out now that Jags, Straka and Avery are gone. I’ll give you a call. Shanny waits around. Redden signs for $6.5, Roszi gets 4.5, Nazzy signs for 5. Cap almost full. Shanny still waiting around for that phone call. Shanny & agent start looking else where. 25 games into the season you see “your team” in trouble. Sather calls Shanny. Shanny should say “EFF YOU!!!” If you were Shanny would you go back to this team???

  122. How about Rosival and Prucha to Edmonton for big Dustin Penner and Sheldon Souray??

    And sign Shanahan for the remainder of the season…

    The PASSENGERS on this team need a wake up call.

  123. It doesn’t matter who you bring in when the system is majorly flawed. You could sign Sundin and Shanny and it won’t help. This team needs to realize the talent it has, or I should say Renney needs to realize it and understand that throwing it towards the net isn’t going to work.

    Good teams know they will score. This team hopes they will score. We can’t hope, we have to create and you do that by making nice plays.

  124. Wow. Piss poor…

    This team is now a train wreck which is only going to get worse unless something major is done to get the team back together… but I really doubt that happening… Renney…just absurd.

    Drury… has disappeared again.
    Gomez… showing that if a coach is not going to ride him, he will slack.

    *You’ve got to swap in Laviolette or Torts. Two cup winners right there, fresh for the picking. It must be done… buut it will never happen.*

  125. Good analogy one cup; the only difference being the Yanks manager had a proven track record for his sytem succeeding; not this philosopher

    He has no system..Hank is great we win, Hank goes thru the dolldrums we cant outscore anyone


  126. onecupin67years on

    Let’s buy the Rangers and fire those fools .
    I’ll run practice like a gulag, they’ll be skating in PUKE.

  127. dewey

    How can no one in the media ask Renney about the bench incompetence tonight? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

    SAM WEINMAN! (Hello? is anybody (even close to) home?)

    Amen dewey! Sheep sheep sheep. fear fear fear

  128. ThisYearsModel on

    We have made Jacques Plante out of Joey McDonald, Craig Anderson and now Kiprusoff so far this year. Face it, they will go to the ATL Wednesday, get run all over the ice by Garnet Exelby and make Johan Hedberg look like his Planteness.

  129. West Canadian Survivor on

    All I have to say in response to whats wrong with this team is that we had 4 men on the ice for a 60 second stretch…in 30 years of watching this team, I have rarely ever seen such poor coaching.

  130. MAKO,
    I know what down with Shanahan and the Rangers.. Atleast everything that was revealed about the situation.. All I’m saying is that I’d love to have him back- would he accept coming back? Probably not. He deserved more respect- not only is he a hall of fame player, but he was also instrumental in rebooting the NHL after the lockout. BUT if you talk about something realistic happening with this team- I’d say Shanny is a safer bet than getting Kovalchuk or someone of that caliber- even though there has been talks trades..

  131. this entire franchise is set around pretending Sather is a hard-working savvy GM. he is not. he is lazy and vacations round the clock. Renny has no balls, so his first priorty is pleasing Sather, not winning! you can’t win with this crap in charge! and the media won;t even ask Renny a question within a mile of being a tough question, it turns my stomach

  132. onecupin67years on

    The good news is the the Rangers aren’t in a Slump,
    you have to be winning then go on a losing streak for a slump, the Rangers just stink.

  133. Sam Weinman — Please explain to us why you or no other member of the press dared to ask the coach how he had a team on the ice with only 4 skaters AT EVEN STRENGTH for almost a minute in the 3rd period?

  134. onecupin67years on

    I’ve been watching the Rangers since the early sixties and have Never seen a team play shorthanded voluntarily.
    And I don’t mind seeing a team lose but to lose the way they do is pitiful.
    But they will make the playoffs and Renney and Sather will be safe for another year.

  135. ChrisS

    ok. fair enough. Think that would be putting a band-aid on a gash of a wound. All the pieces are almost there. Redded and Kalinin have to go. Potter played a decent game tonight and unfortunately he was paired at times with Kalinin. This team as we all agree and now Im pretty sure after tonight where 4 men on the ice for over 30 seconds. OH BTW that wasnt the first time its happened guys. It happened once last year. That this coaching “system” and staff IS the cancer of the club.

  136. One cup

    I agree. I dont mind if they lose and its a hard fought game. I dont mind losses like that. This is disgraceful.

  137. from gross blog ATTA BOY SAM

    “Perhaps the best question in Tom Renney’s post-game presser came from Sam Weinman, who asked Renney if the team needed a finisher. Renney put his head down and chuckled, briefly, then went on to say that it didn’t matter, this was the team he had and this was what he needed to get more scoring out of.

    The thought bubble, of course, probably sounded something like this, “Yes, oh for the love of all that’s good in the hockey world, yes, get me somebody who can put the puck in the net.” But that’s a pretty big thought bubble.”

  138. Lets start with the most recent games and work backwards
    Opponent SA GA Save% SF GF Shoot%
    Calgary 20 3 85% 31 0 0%
    Montreal 39 6 85% 20 2 10%
    Pittsburgh 31 2 94% 27 2 7%
    Florida 30 4 87% 37 0 0%
    Florida 41 3 93% 46 3 7%
    Tampa 29 2 93% 35 2 6%
    Phoenix 36 1 97% 36 1 11%
    Vancouver 17 4 71% 42 3 7%
    Overall 243 25 90% 274 13 5%

    An average shooting percentage during a game according to NHL.com is around 10%. This means that Lundqvist has playing par hockey. Wait, what was that? The King, par? Can you say MVP (Most Varied Player)? At the begininng og the season he was at the top of the charts and could do no wrong? Whats happened? Another thing is if you would like to consider that the teams that he has been facing have a shooting percentage way below the 6% mark thus far this season, you could say the past 8 games he has played well-below subpar. Is he mad at the coach? His team? Whats going on in his head right now. Also, lets not just through the blame all on Hank right here. The shooting percentage of this club lands around 5%. That is the lowest in the league. Could it be that they are taking shots from the points and just hoping for deflections because its Renney’s style? Or is it just the lack of talent on this team? I’ll leave that up for you to decide…but my main point here is Henrik is looking Sub-par when we need him to be stand-out and the team isn’t really helping him out.

  139. I’m not so sure that redden needs to be sent out just yet. Don’t get me wrong- I NEVER wanted him on this team even before we signed him with a ridiculous number. I’d like to give him more of a chance. I have defended roszival for the past three years.. I think he’ll get better and better as the season goes on. But Kalinin does need to go, a long with the glut of third liners- maybe put a package together with some combination between them for a decent player.

  140. LI Joe

    If, after this display, Sam’s question can be considered the best there was from the post-game press conference, Rangers fans are being ill-served by the reporters who are covering this team.

    I am not asking for anyone to barbeque/embarrass/humiliate anyone. But the fact is that the bench miscue that resulted in this team playing short due to a self-inflicted wound is a story that cannot be ignored.

  141. last season Renney had finishers and team still couldn’t score, this year he also has plenty of players that can score and they still can’t score.

  142. ChrisS

    Agreed. I say package up Kalinin, Dawes (as much as I like him) & Rissmiller. That should probably get one decent player & a draft pick.

  143. MAKO,
    Yeah, I just know that there is something up with Hank right now…He just isn’t Hank anymore. Maybe its that mid season slump that he tends to have or something…But without him being his best. We are terrible team.

  144. Well, we know the trend. After a big loss no practice the next day. Renney will shuffle lines and players (probably undeserving compared to some) out of the lineup.

    And I think Sam it’s fair to say, we can no longer call these games “wake-up calls.” I think the entire month of November was clear indication enough.

    I hope Renney does not consider this a slump…I think it’s fair to say the Rangers came back to reality after stealing some points.

    Drury 30GP 8G 7A -7…on pace for 41 points (why does Renney play him so much?)

    Gomez 25GP 4G 13A -9…on pace for 54 points (haha, those are not legit number 1 center numbers)

    I’m glad we’re paying 15M for that. I’ve always disliked Gomez (mostly because I hated almost as muhc as Marty when he was a Devil), but I have to admit Drury is really giving him a run for his money.

  145. MAKO

    Brooks for all his faults is apparently the only guy on the beat who does not suffer from the terminal group-think that long ago decided Renney was a sacred cow.

  146. Heck,

    I think he’s fed up with the defense not supporting the puck, playing the man and doing the things all defensemen should be doing regularly during a game. They are a terrible team regardless LOL The system needs to be changed and a few defensemen need to be moved. Im not lying all blame on the defensemen. The forwards should be responsible with the puck as well. Gomez Mr. elite puck carrier coughs up the puck so much. Its hard to watch. I dont think he has ever played this bad. Drury was invisible tonight. Its just hard to watch when you are so passionate for this team. Like I said in the 3rd pd. Poor Hank.

  147. West Canadian Survivor on

    Two things:
    a) We’d most likely be 0-29 without Hank
    b) Yeah sure, Hank has had a couple of non-Hank performances of late, but how would we win any way when we get shutout? Last time I checked, we need to score to actually have a chance of winning. To even consider pinning any part of the blame on Hank is ludicrous. It would only make sense if we were scoring 3 goals per game. Instead of finding ridiculously inane statistics such as opponent shooting percentage, why don’t you tabulate how many games in which we have scored 3+ goals and I’m not counting shootout goals.

  148. Three more years of drury!
    Five more years of Gomez!


    Not productive, I know, but a harsh reality.. Everyone have a good night- anyone in college, enjoy those finals.. They’re fucking killing me.

  149. our team is done for a long time. we are going to waste the best years of lundqvist. Gomez for 6 more years at a ridiculous contract, same with drury who shows up one out of every 7 games. did anyone notice him on the ice tonight? did he play? then throw in rozival and redden and our team is done. when Messier said he wanted to take over at GM, he could have saved this team.

  150. It’s not a question of “finishers”. These are ALL NHL professionals. They’re all finishers in their own right. Hell, look at what Malik could do given a clean break away. The NYRs have had nothing but finshers: Jagr, Shanahan, Drury, Naslund…the list goes on and on. The problem is the system. I see no coincidence that high scoring players come to NY and stop scoring, and young players have their development thwarted. This team has 0 creativity, they’re slow to move the puck, and after spending over 12 million on defensemen this offseason, we still don’t have a good point man. Our PP is still atrocious, and we’re dead last in the league in home scoring. Most of these issues can be addressed with coaching and practice. It’s almost like our team needs to get back to the game that got it’s players to the NHL

  151. West Canadian,
    That is why I put down our stats next to it. It also shows the our offense is really terrible thus far. I did not count any shootout goals and those stats are what NHL says straight up. Hank has been an upset the past couple games to say the least, I want our superstar goaltender back. He obviously could not have won this game for us because we didn’t score…but his save percentage is getting worse and worse right now, maybe Renney should give him a day off. I’m not saying Hank is the whole reason, but he does need to get out of this stretch soon, hopefully once the offense starts helping him.

  152. ChrisS, I’m a 2L at Widener Law, Property II exam tomorrow night. I’m sorry that I wasted 3 hours watching this crap tonight that I could have spent studying

  153. Joe in DE,
    Comparative Verterbrate Anatomy and College Algebra. And thats why I’m getting off now.

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