Potter up (Updated)


Corey Potter has been called up from Hartford and is on the ice with the Rangers for practice.

Potter will presumably take the place of the injured Wade Redden, who has a lower body injury and is not on the ice.

Update, 11:51 a.m.: Potter is expected to play tomorrow, in what will be his first NHL game. He skated with Dmitri Kalinin (can you say “headfirst into the fire?”) while Paul Mara moved to the left side with Dan Girardi.

“I guess you’re always waiting around for injuries,” Potter said. “But you try not to assume and think about it too much. But I guess they wanted me to get in some games and that’s fine with me.”

Some other notes:

<li>Blair Betts took part in practice but is still questionable for tomorrow with what is believed to be a shoulder injury.

“It’s more about the pain,” Betts said.

<li>The Calgary Flames are skating here at 2 p.m. I’d like to hang around and talk to Dion Phaneuf about Sean Avery, but I’m pretty sure that topic is now off limits.

More later…

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  1. finally! This kid should have made the team out of training camp. Serious, i’d take this rookie over Kalinin or Roszival anyday…..
    hope he sticks around and develops into the next Staal

  2. Yay Potter! I would say his nickname should be Harry except for the fact that it was Malik’s nickname, so we don’t want to be reminded of him.

    At least this could give them the inspiration to keep him up here, rotating into the lineup for our ineffective ones. I wonder if Staal will pick up the power play time from Redden or if it will be a forward.

    graves9 – It could be taking shape that Anisimov is our replacement for Zherdev next year if he also has the puckhandling talent. Yes, they play different positions, but under our salary circumstances, there is no way that Zherdev is able to re-sign here unless we trade a big contract or he takes a discount. By the way he has played so far, I hope he has a place here next season, though. Otherwise, someone young is going to have to step up at right wing, dare I say Prucha or Sjostrom? Ugh, the prospects are not good there.

    ORR – You said you stay at home most of the time and wake up in the afternoon, so I drew my conclusion.

  3. spider – worst case they buyout rozy.

    he’ll have 3 yrs $15 mm left. buyout price is 2/3 of remaining contract over twice remaining yrs.

    so 2/3 = $ 10 mm over 6 yrs (twice 3 yrs) is $ 1,667,000 approx per yr for each of 6 yrs. that’s still less than the $ 5 mm he would get each of 3 yrs by approx $ 3.3 mm per yr each of next 3 yrs. that money can go towards Z with a little allocated to Rozys replacement on d at minimum contract. plus kalinen will be gone with his $ 2 mm contract. and probably prucha too with his $ 1.6 mm contract.

    Dubinsky will not get as much as some people think. we’ll be able to sign both Z and Dubinsky.

  4. Miked, I doubt Potter will be Staal, he isn’t THAT good, but he should be a nice servicable bottom pair guy, who won’t be noticed for the wrong reasons, but might go unnoticed for the right ones. He did play well in camp, but I don’t think he had a shot to be more then a 7th Dman. Glad he’s getting a shot now

  5. Anisimov isn’t the same kind of player as Zherdev. He relies more on his size and slick passing than speed and is also great along the corners.

  6. Potter had a solid camp and preseason. I’ve watched him play in the AHL and he is very poised and there is no reason why he shouldn’t be on this team. Sather forgets about all the kids and goes and overpays dead weight like Kalinin, Roszival, Rissmiller, etc.

  7. MikeA – Yeah, I was almost certain that they are not the same type of player, but I was thinking in terms of bodies on the roster. No way do I think they buy out Rozsival based on past history of this GM, but I guess anything is possible.

  8. Dubi or no Dubi,
    I am going to repost your statement for you because I really liked it…

    So, I worked way too many hours this week so I haven’t gotten a chance to holla at my boy PP! Atta Pruch! I was still amazed at how many people still hate on him for these three reasons: He gets knocked off the puck, he’s a wimp/wuss, and he can’t play defense. So, since I know that the PP haters seem to all be in the Renney/Drury contingent, I’ve decided to compare the two! Unfortunately, there is no stat to show “Strength on the puck”, but when was the last time anyone has seen Drury effectively carry the puck into the offensive zone? I can’t remember either.

    Career +/-, Chris Drury +4, Petr Prucha -3. Gee, a +7 differential? I thought Drury was one of the best 2 way players in the game? On the flip side, I thought Prucha is a HUGE defensive liability? What’s goin on!?

    Season Hits, Drury in 29 games has 9 hits, NINE! Prucha has 16 hits in 10 games. What a wimp!

    Heck (Not the poster), Drury has 18 giveaways and 17 takeaways while Prucha has 0 giveaways and 3 takeaways!

    Prucha has a 9.1% shooting percentage compared to Drury’s 9.2%.

    I could go on, but for anyone to want this sparkplug traded, unless it’s to a team where he can prove to Renney, Sather and Co. that he is a much better player than the role they have him playing in. If anyone needs more stats on the two, I will gladly look for them!

    Final thoughts: Fire the coaching staff, fire the GM, and let’s just start taking headshots on skilled teams! Why not! It’s practically legal! Just don’t talk to the media!

    If Anisimov was really that talented to be the next Zherdev, don’t you think he would have been called up to fill in the spot of one of our lesser forwards (Prucha, Sjostrom, Voros, Korpikoski)?

    LI JOE,
    The question is, Do you really think Renney is going to want that to happen? He seems to love Rozi and I think he might talk Sather out of it, if Sather “needs” the talking out of it. I feel like this organization likes Rozi and thats why they signed him for so long. And I’m sorry once again for starting that Dubi is worth 7 mil junk. I just don’t see Gomer and Dru equaling that much so thats why I said it.

    For everyone,
    How do you watch the Wolfpack? Is there anything online for it?

  10. spider – aybe not. maybe they’ll let him go to europe like they did kaspar. pay his salary in real $ but no cap hit at all. he might not have a choice if he wants to keep Z.and he should want to keep z

    remember the cap is very likely to come down by at least $ 2 mm next yr.

  11. how about we trade roszival to dallas for avery….
    then acquire a defenseman who hits..maybe a rental like Adam Foote or Jason Smith, or maybe Klesla from Columbus. Trade Prucha and maybe Dawes or Rismiller. We’d automatically address lack of overall toughness.

    D- staal, redden
    girardi, mara
    kalinin, Foote/Smith/Klesa…

    what you guys think?

  12. Spiderpig, Zherdev will probably do another one-year deal with an option for arbitration. Him and Dubi can be signed, that money is gonna come from Kalinin (2.1), Mara(1.2), Prucha (1.6) and some combo of the fourth line who are all UFA. That being said, Anisimov will probably end up replacing Betts or Sjo next year along with another rookie on the fourth line.

    How about a line of Anisimov with Zherdev and Grachev? Power (G), Speed and skill (Z), and responsibility/precision (AA).I know it’s early, but that line could be the Russian Legion of Doom.

    Also, I’ve been keeping track of Kopitar in LA who is having an OK year. I’d trade off Gomez or Drury and a high pick for him in a heartbeat. Kid looks like a young Jagr.

  13. oops! i meant:

    D- staal, redden
    girardi, mara
    potter, Foote/Smith/Klesa…

  14. what the heck -i think you meant drury not dubi. overpaid yes junk no.

    i don’t see renney as coach past this yr although he might be in organization still. i don’t think the team has a choice. someone of the 4 large contracts has to go or they will lose out on their own talent like Zherdev. the cap is going to come down and they will have to deal with that.

    i do no and did not support signing redden and rozy to those contracts. way too long and way too much $. i just see rozy as the easiest to get rid of via buyout or europe.

    i would trade redden for avery and buyout avery’s contract instead since he is around $ 4 mm per yr. don’t think dallas would do that and i’m not sure if redden has no trade contract. reason dallas would not do that is redden is $ 6.5 mm for 6 yrs including this one.

  15. meant i do not not i do no

    it is easier to let rozy walk to europe after this yr rather than trade for avery. the best gm in league wants no part of avery (holland). that’s good enough for me.

    mikea – mara is closer to $ 2 mm. would love to keep him but will be very tough

  16. Depending what they are going to raise the cap to there are a few players on the Rangers who are going to look for a pay raise. Namely Dubinsky.

    But all: Zherdev, Prucha, Fritsche, Betts, Callahan, Orr, Mara, Kalinin & Vally are all at the end of their contracts.

    I still cant believe they have Redden for 5 more years UGH

    If Zherdev is the Rangers top scorer – he will probably want around $4-5 million
    If Dubinsky continue to slide – they he has no business asking for the same amount of money. He is making $630K so a modest $2.0 he should probably get. But this is Sathers job, not mine. G*D only knows what is going to happen in the off season, but they have to resolve the Dubinsky before the offseason if they really want to keep him, that is before any other team makes an offer to him in the off season.

  17. MikeA

    Yes I like Kopitar as a player. He has some great skills too bad LAK signed him till 2016/17 at $6.8 million a year LOL

    I would trade Drury for him :)

  18. I want Grachev-Anisimov-Zherdev line

    Trade Redden and/or Rozsival. Potter, Sanguinetti and Sauer are not just ready, but are already better.

  19. mako – the rangers have arb rights with dubinsky. they will not allow him to be offered a contract from another team. like you said about $ 2 mm maybe a little more should do it.
    they sign him to 1 maybe 2 yrs. naslunds $ 4 mm comes off the books in another yr.

    i see the cap coming down not going up. prob by around $ 2 mm. can’t go up with the global financial crisis.

    some of those contracts coming to an end are a good thing, especially kalinen and prucha due to size of contracts

  20. LI Joe

    yeah – they will probably like you said take him to arbitration or sign him before the season is up. If Potter is impressive then I say get rid of Kalinin… He cant do much worse than what Redden, Roszival or Mr. -14 is doing…

    Sucks that Drury’s pay goes up next year and not down. But Nazzy’s goes down $2 million. We will see what happens come summer time, hopefully the economy will be in the upswing by then… i hope.

  21. PIG

    Ahhh, well i cant help it if i go to sleep late, and wake up late. Just like last night, i wanted to hit the sack at 12 at least, but the movie “Heat” was on, so i couldn’t help myself, and i watched it, and it ended at like 3:30 or 4:00 or something, but im up now, so im pretty proud of myself.


    I hoped for an Grachev-Anisimov-Cherepanov line, but Nicky Z is a great replacement for Cherry.

    Im not to worried aboot Nicky Z not signing here, i think he’s a way different player than he was a year ago. Some Blue Jacket fans don’t even recognize him any more, cause of the change. He looks happy, he’s not a “loner” like some jacket fans would say. He looks like he’s happy to be here, and hopefully that doesn’t change, and he can be here for a long time, along with Dubi, Cally, and Staal.

    I didn’t realize Pruchs was a FA, so that definitely means he has to get traded. Dawes, he might have to go just so we can get someone to help out if we make the playoffs. Sometimes you gotta deal something you don’t wanna get rid of just to get better, we cant always trade Tyutins, Carters, and Ward’s, just to get players that can change your team around.


    Forget Avery, trade to get Tootoo !!! He’s tougher, and a better hitter. He’s a good agitator, maybe not as good as Avery, but that doesn’t matter. Id much rather have him. But at this point, with the way this team is, all soft and cuddly, i wouldn’t say no to Aves, but there’s no room for him. At least with Toots, we trade one of those forwards away.

    Does anyone think Slats would trade Cally to get someone at the Deadline ??

  22. Cherepanov-Anisimov-Zherdev would’ve been a fun line for us for a loong long time… still sad Cherri kid is gone…

  23. mako – salary cap is avg salary of a player over life of contract signed. for example if guy signs for 3 yr contract with salary of $1 mm, $ 2mm and $ 3 mm; each yrs cap hit is $ 2 mm. (the avg)

    so drurys contract salary cap and naslunds are the same next yr as this no matter wat the actual $ they get. number does not change until they sign a new contract and that does not kick in until old contract is done. doubtful either one will sign a new contract with rangers, with naslund 1 more yr at age 35 currently, and drury 3 more yrs at age 32.

  24. AAAhh I was just breaking down the numbers… I was hopeful that there would be some wiggle room to re-sign players the Rangers need.

  25. LI JOE,
    I did mean Dubi, earlier this year I was stating that Dubi was going to want around 7 million based on Gomez’s and Drury’s contracts. And I really do not see Renney gone for this year or the next. Sather just wants to see playoffs right now so his @$$ is off of the hot seat. A couple years ago thats what everyone kept saying, its all Sather’s fault. He is just looking for playoffs right now and he is fine with Renney

    And maybe I’m just being a negative Nancy right now, but I see Rozi on this team next year and I see Z off of it. I also see Hank blowing aa fuse and wanting a trade if this charade doesnt stop soon.

    One last thing, why does the salary cap work that way with teh average salary cap hit? What is the point of raising there salary every year or lowering it?

  26. Are you tellong me it took an injury to get Potter( or anybody for that matter) here to show his stuff. Everyone in hochey knows what we need to stay on top in the divison,PP goals,a REAL scorer, tough hitting D-men and good puck moving defencemen.
    We need to move good to get good,NOWAY we go far with this team.We man be only 2 men away from a much improved team,BUT WE GOTTA DO IT BEFORE THE DAY OF THE TRADING DEADLINE…………OH YA FIRE RENNEY-PERN

  27. what the heck – they can’t be that stupid as to let Z go and keeping (you name him any of the big 4 especially the dmen).

    the heat will be on sather and renney after this yr unless they get to at least 3rd rd. San Jose, TB and Carolina all fired more successfull coaches thsn Renney.

    re salary cap. i think a few reasons. avg avoids trying to beat the system. a team could sign a guy for $ 1 mm one yr and $ 9 mm next yr or even more sign a 10 yr contract with some of the last yrs salaries being very low. the average takes care of some of that.

    they might front load a contract to act as incentive to sign (like a bonus). player and agent like getting money sooner so they can invest it or spend it as case may be. and in reverse example of what i used before he can sign 3 yrs at, $ 3 mm, $ 2 mm and $ 1 mm. if after 2 yrs team wants to trade him cap hit is still $2 mm to other team but in real $ they only have to pay $ 1 mm. while the rangers care more about cap $ other teams are more concerned with real $.

  28. Guys and gals, it’s all about conservation of contracts and what players other players choose to compare themselves too, and how much GMS believe that. Dubi is gonna be compared to Richards or Carter on Philly and make slightly less than them, and Nicky Z..who knows.

    Naslund’s contract ends the same year as Staal and Girardi, so that should cancel out one, to sign the other is when Rozi may have to go and at two years for $5 mil when Mike Commodore makes the same, they’ll find a taker. Hopefully a young cheap dman like Potter/Sags/Sauer and even Del Zotto will be ready to step in and be a 3rd pairing one.

    I’m HOPING that Drury’s contract is up when Anisimov is just beginning to really hit his stride, that would work out perfect cap wise as Gomez and Dubi would make all the $ and AA and a young cheap efficient guy (Hagelin, Stepan, Tom Pyatt….in a cost cutting way, they could give it to Cally) could play 4th line center.

  29. Heck

    That is what I keep thinking about. The average salary counting against the cap per each year.

    re: Dubi. Do you think he has the balls to ask for $7 million after playing for the team for 2 years & his 56 points? I think Sather would laugh at him & trade him.

  30. I hit send way too quick. Dubinsky 4 points in all of November. Mara has 4 points in November. Hell, even Redden has 8 points in November. Hope this kid picks up his game. They should try and re-sign him now while his value is low LOL

  31. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/cap-central/team.php?team=NYR.

    CAN TOGGLE BETWEEN REAL $ AND CAP $ by hitting either show cap hits or show player salaries in upper right hand corner

    Scott Gomez C $ 7.4 mm cap hit per yr through 2014

    remaining salaries are $ 8 mm through 2011, then

    $ 7.4, $ 5.5 and finally $ 4.5 at end of contract

    theoretically a team could take him last 2 yr and pay him $ 10 mm (4.5 + 5.5) or avg of $ 5 mm in real $. cap hit still would be $ 7.4 mm. again some teams are more concerned with real $ than cap $.

    plus when cba ends in 2 2/3 yrs teams may likely be able to buy out players with no cap hit. of course new cba will prob be even more restrictive and eliminate loopholes like parking a bad contract in the AHL.

    Drury drops to $ 5 mm last yr of contract (although I think he has no movement clause)

    Rozy gets $ 7 mm, $ 6 mm, $ 4 mm, $ 3 mm so gets easier to trade him as contract goes along

    Redden goes from $ 8 mm to $ 5 mm last 2 yrs of contract.

  32. I hope Potter comes in and really shows something maybe even enough to pressure some folks to step it up a notch, but let’s not kid ourselves here… there was a reason that he didn’t make the squad out of camp.

    Betts is more of a loss than I think most are willing to admit as well (especially Bob lol).

  33. MAKO,
    I admitted I was in the wrong with my Dubi 7 mil statement. I just dont see Gomez and Drury living up to even Dubi’s status and it pisses me off. Thats all there really is to it.

  34. Heck,

    I couldnt agree with you MORE. I was mildly happy the Rangers signed Drury (IMHO they could have signed someone better) and when I heard they signed Gomez for $10mm I hit the roof. Im learning to live with him. But, these two players are far from what they are worth errr to Sather…

  35. LI JOE,
    How do you know all this? Thanks for helping us out with this because I clearly did not understand how it all works

  36. mike – don’t see dubi getting those kinds of numbers for at least 1 if not 2 yrs. remember before henrik signed his big contract he settled for a much lower contract for 1 yr. rangers did use their arb rights with him but then they negotiated a contract.

    i don’t see dubi in the richards, carter class yet and that is what his salary for next yr will be based on. figure $ 3 mm TOPS for 1 yr. he is on pace for mid 40’s in points.

  37. I’m hoping Potter can play kinda like Girardi when he was first called up; a steady and non noticeable reliable game and make a good pass. If he does that, I’ll be happy. He’s gonna play with Kalinin but they’ve played together in preseason and I think the Mettalurg game, so they’ll hopefully be ok.

    Girardi and Mara was a great pairing. After Tyutin was out for a month in 07 those two played together and were VERY solid; I specifically remember during that crazy Islanders game where Simon tomahawked Hollweg how good they were. It’s a tough pair and both can shoot and hit.

  38. MikeA

    I remember the same thing. I have always thought Mara was solid and Girardi was a very subtle but smart defenseman. They have their hiccups are arent consistent in making mistake after mistake after mistake. Looks like they have learned from their “mistakes” Mara is more physical and Girardi is quicker, smarter and more responsible with the puck…

  39. what the heck – my background is in accounting and finance.
    now do some consulting off and on – more off than on lately.
    plus reading and seeing links and asking the writers questions at times.

    someone mentioned the $ 10 mm gomez number. yes that was salary for that yr but the avg is the key for a team like the rangers up against the cap. to teams with cashflow problems real $ matter more than cap $.

  40. LI Joe

    I think that is what I was talking about the amount per year.

    Gomez last year made $10mm, This year he makes $8mm + the next 2. But $7.3mm is counted against the cap. Now the balance of $2mm from last year to this, does that still count? or (this is i think where we are all confused) is that $2mm freed up for another player to get signed? or a pay upgrade for a player already on the team?

    Thanks for all of your explanations

  41. It’s no secret that Hank hasn’t been happy lately… if his numbers go up anymore he’s gonna get worse. You know he wants that Vezina.

    I fear for what happens to this squad once Hank feels like he’s the only one bringing it night in and out.

  42. gomez salary vs the cap is $ 7.3 mm each yr of his 7 yr contract. in real $ it started at $ 10 mm but by the last yr its $ 4.5 mm. but assuming he is still here then, even if he is getting paid $ 4.5 mm that yr his cap hit is still the avg of the entire contract ($ 7.3 mm). so as his salary in real $ goes down, his cap hit stays the same.

    last yr we got the benefit of a cap hit of $ 7.3 mm while paying $ 10 mm. even this yr we are paying $ 8 mm while cap hit is still $ 7.3 mm. eventually it turns around and the latter years the cap hit is more than the real salary. over the life of the contract it all equals.

    the one thing i’m not sure about is buyouts in these type of contracts. if we tried to buyout gomez for example, his remaining salary is part of the calculation towards how much to pay him at 2/3. but another part would have to be the fact we were “only” hit $ 7.3 mm cap hit last yr but paid him $ 10 mm. I THINK (but not sure) the buyout in real $ would be 2/3 of remaining salary in real $. that is how much gomez would get. but the cap hit of a buyout would have to add the fact we were hit approx $ 2.7 mm less last yr in cap vs real salary. bnly an example.

    i still think if they try to help out vs the cap they’ll pay rozy to go to europe like kaspar did. won’t cost vs the cap but will cost in real $. effectively Rozy might wind up getting $ 20 mm to play 1 yr here in his new contract. But the good news would be after this yr none of that would count vs the cap.

  43. mako – maybe this will simplify it

    gomez excess of real salary vs cap salary approx

    1st yr $ 2.6
    2nd yr $ 3.5 (the $ 2.6 plus $ .6 mm excess $ 8 mm over avg of $ 7.4 mm)
    3rd yr $ 4.1 (add $ .6 mm to previous cumulative)
    4th yr $ 4.7 (same as 3rd yr explanation)
    5th yr $ 4.7 (avg and real salary same that yr)
    6th yr $ 2.9 (avg is now greater than that yr so cumulative goes down)
    7th yr $ 0 (since avg still $ 7.4 mm and current only $ 4.5 mm)

    so early yrs get benefit of less cap $ than real salary paid. turns around in latter yrs and eventually at end of contract the two are =

    hope this formats ok

  44. i though i fixed a couple of the yrs

    2nd yr s/b $ 3.2
    3rd yr s/b $ 3.8
    4th yr s/b $ 4.4
    5th yr s/b $ 4.4
    6th yr s/b $ 2.5

  45. WE NEED TOUGHNESS ,,,if we can’t hit the net with our attack …we have to hit the other team !! A BIG hit goes a long way . Crash , Bang and BOOM is what we need to excite the fans.

  46. Chaga chaga ….TOOTOO , Crash , Bang …BOOM!! Plain and simple ..we made a huge deal about our record with Avery in the line -up. Avery is gone and we need a lil fire-cracker to pujmp some blood into this team. Come Glen ..ya have to get us that Heart-beat!!!

  47. Dubi or not Dubi on


    So, I worked way too many hours this week so I haven’t gotten a chance to holla at my boy PP! Atta Pruch! I was still amazed at how many people still hate on him for these three reasons: He gets knocked off the puck, he’s a wimp/wuss, and he can’t play defense. So, since I know that the PP haters seem to all be in the Renney/Drury contingent, I’ve decided to compare the two! Unfortunately, there is no stat to show “Strength on the puck”, but when was the last time anyone has seen Drury effectively carry the puck into the offensive zone? I can’t remember either.

    Career +/-, Chris Drury +4, Petr Prucha -3. Gee, a +7 differential? I thought Drury was one of the best 2 way players in the game? On the flip side, I thought Prucha is a HUGE defensive liability? What’s goin on!?

    Season Hits, Drury in 29 games has 9 hits, NINE! Prucha has 16 hits in 10 games. What a wimp!

    Heck (Not the poster), Drury has 18 giveaways and 17 takeaways while Prucha has 0 giveaways and 3 takeaways!

    Prucha has a 9.1% shooting percentage compared to Drury’s 9.2%.

    I could go on, but for anyone to want this sparkplug traded, unless it’s to a team where he can prove to Renney, Sather and Co. that he is a much better player than the role they have him playing in. If anyone needs more stats on the two, I will gladly look for them!

    Final thoughts: Fire the coaching staff, fire the GM, and let’s just start taking headshots on skilled teams! Why not! It’s practically legal! Just don’t talk to the media!

  48. Dubi or not Dubi on

    That said, and to be quite honest, I can almost guarantee that Kalinin and Potter don’t crack 15 minutes tomorrow.

  49. Only way I bring Avery is if the Stars buy him out and he’s willing to sign a contract only for the rest of this year(let’s say a million for the rest of the year)Anismov has broken out and can add some offense up here. They should try him out at wing a couple games on Wing in Hartford and see how he looks.

  50. Dubi or not Dubi on

    And now that I feel like an idiot because I not only posted three times in a row, but I realized that Heck reposted for me (Grazie), I apologize. I realize that wasn’t quite the heartfelt OJ apology, but that’s the best I can do without lawyers writing it for me.

  51. as poorly as dubi played in november,(and he played poorly) i think the constant changing of his line mates contributed to him looking confused on the ice. give him regular wingers and he will thrive.

  52. I like the idea of trading Redden for Avery, throw in Betts in exchange for Lundqvist twin.

    And Rozsival for Commodore

    But first lets fire GM and coaching staff.

  53. can’t trade betts, he is so consistant. you can count on him for at least 2 to 3 goals a year, less than 50% on face offs, and to be on the ice for a big goal scored against in the playoffs.

  54. DUBI,
    No problem, I actually really agreed with your post and I felt everyone should read it. Where did you get your stats from?

  55. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Don’t blame Betts, he plays defensively, he’s a great 4th liner. Drury has always been a 3rd line center with defensive responsibilities, but Renney doesn’t use him in that capacity. THAT is why Drury can’t produce, because he is used in a scoring capacity and it is putting too much pressure on him. But Betts is as good as it gets for a consistent fourth line player.

    People are asking for toughness, Betts is tough! Orr is tough! Cally is tough! To name a few… I’m going to go out on a limb and say that scoring is a bit more important than toughness. Renney doesn’t allow his tough players to play rough games because they might get out of position (See Dan Girardi).

    While I’m semi-ranting, how could Gomez consistently put up 60-75 points per year with the Devils, a great defensive team, yet can’t put up points with the Rangers? Could it be a problem with Renney’s “Five in the picture” system?

  56. Potter apparently looked better in camp than he has at Hartford. I hope he does well and sticks, here, but Sauer has outplayed Potter, and the other Hartford D’s, by a wide margin, and deserved this call-up. Hopefully Sauer will get the next shot. Hell, why not just trade the veteran garbage we have on D, starting with Rozy and Kalinen, and give Potter and Sauer a steady job up here? What would be lost? Cap space would be freed-up, and our D talent level would be improved. Other teams do it all the time, starting with Boston and Chicago.

  57. I just calculated it, and when on the Devils he had an average of 64 points. Last year he had 70, so he did about his normal. He has never been a scorer and if he had played every game this season he would be on par for about 60, which is slightly off, but then again with the powerplay being off (which is generally where players see most of their time and points (see Sidney Cros(ba)by)) and with the offense being full of third liners and a bunch of stars missing you could predict that much for him. I am not a Renney supporter nor do I hate the guy, but I do think that we accuse him of doing too many things wrong.

  58. Dubi or No Dubi,
    That lost post was directed towards you. And by the way, the he is Scott Gomez

  59. dubi,
    agree with you on drury. he is miscast on the Rangers. should be the 3rd line checking center who contributes on offence. but i do get tired of hearing how good betts is. he is average on faceoffs, contributes very little on offence. having said that, if he is used properly he can be effective, kills penalties, blocks shots, he does this well. renney uses him to much, so he must contribute more than he is capable.

  60. If the Rangers trade for Tootoo – will he say the same thing about Kelly Pickler if she start dating another player? LOL But I think she dumped him because he couldnt keep it in his pants LOL ATTA BOY JORDIN ;)

  61. Get over Avery comiing here ..the Dallas stars farm team didnt even want him before all this happen.

    Avery left yakking at us showed no class . NEW YORK RANGERS are the classiest organization youj can get , he does’t belong here anymore …He mays well join Chris Simon ( who I loved as a Ranger) in the Russian superleague who sccooped up our Jagr and took mis-care of our beloved Cherepanov…God rest his soul. Never will he be forgotten .

  62. Spezza handed Shitsburgh their ass today, now we gotta (ugh) root for the Devils tonight to beat the Habs. Calgary is a tough team, the Rangers better bring their A game tomorrow or it’s going to be a long night.

    So, with Prucha and Dawes both playing well in the couple games they’ve played, who gets benched? Definitely Fritsche, but Betts? Benching Betts really hurts our PK, though the 4th has been on the ice for a lot of goals against lately. Orr may have to take a seat against some non-division rivals. I mean, we have Prucha to hand out the ass-kickings now!

  63. Greg L.

    Yeah really classy the way they let Messier hanging in N.C. during the summer so he signed with Vancouver & how Sather traded Leetch away when he make it known over and over again he wanted to stay a Ranger until he retired.

    Im almost certain that the NY Rangers and their “organization” arent well liked around the league. Obviously because of Dolan and Sather.

  64. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Heck, point taken on Gomez. Maybe he just played better against the Rangers, which I do believe he did, than what we are seeing on a nightly basis since he’s been a Ranger.

    Of course since I have to get a stat that supports me since I was guessing on his production with the Devils, he was +59 with the Devils and is -3 with the Rangers (I’ll give him +1 since he did just have a brutal -4 game).

  65. Last 4 seasons (so this one plus previous 3); Chris Drury is a minus-19!!! So much for this great “two-way” forward Sam Weinman, BeerMe, and all the other jokesters here keep bragging about. The guys played key minutes on one of the best offensive teams in the NHL and had minus-11 and plus-1 seasons back-to-back.

    Oh yea, in that time Blair Betts is also a minus-20!! And he DIDN’T play with key offensive forwards. He played with Colton Orr, Ryan Hollweg, Marcel Hossa, Fred Sjoestrom…etc.

    In that same time, Petr Prucha (Mister “Defensive liability”) is only a minus-2!! Haha.

    BTW: Weinman, stop throwing all the defensmen under the bus already. Some guys are BAD (Roszival!!) some guys are mostly BAD but sometimes OK (Redden/Kalinen) and then there’s Mara and Staal. But I feel like you throw everyone under the bus to cover up for the blunders of the “big two” on defense (R&R) and you’ve already called out other forwards well before calling out the “big two” of Drury and Gomez. I hate the cliche, but “the best players need to be the best on the ice.” And most nights, they haven’t been. Put the responsibility where it belongs and stop deflecting it and saving face (and protecting the players you like; ie. calling Naslund, Dawes, and Prucha out about 10-12 games into the season before questioning Drury’s failure until that point).

    Sorry for the long post all.

  66. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Oh yeah, and the Dolan/Sather Rangers, as MAKO said, have zero class. Dead on with the Leetch reference. Hey, yeah, let’s trade perhaps the best player to ever play for the Rangers on his BIRTHDAY! Anyone know what we got for him? I DO I DO!

    Jarkko Immonen -> Europe
    Maxim Kondratiev ->Sykora/2007 4th rounder -> 2006 5th rounder (Tomas Zaborsky)
    1st rounder (Korpikoski)
    2nd rounder (Sauer)

    Let’s hope Korpi and Sauer turn out well. I’ve got higher hopes for Sauer, Korpikoski just hasn’t shown me much. Otherwise this “Classy” organization traded their best player for nothing.

  67. Dubi,
    Now there is a stat that I can not go against. That is remarkable. You win this battle… Where do you get your information from? Not that I think your making it up, I want to know for future reference

    True Fans,
    I agree with all points, but I’m not sure if you are trying to defend Betts or not. What I am getting out of it is defense. If he is only a -20 thats great. His line does not score and plays against top lines so having a -20 is pretty solid. Where as Chris Drury’s numbers are a big upset. Three years is a long time and can determine a lot about a player. Good find.

  68. Dubi

    Yep. On his birthday. Unbelievable. Such a shame, I look at his stats and just stare at the last two years and just shake my head & wonder why someone just let a player play our there career with the team that drafted them. What about Yzerman? Broduer? and COUNTLESS others. So he could have played a huge role in molding the younger defensemen and acted as a mentor. What have been the harm in that?

  69. True Fans – Silly comment. Anyone can use a single stat to skew an argument. Do you really think +/- is the best prognosticator of talent? By that logic, we should have signed Rozsival to a $20mn/year contract a while back, wasn’t he plus-35 a few years ago and is now plus-37 since the lockout….

    I find it kind of hard to believe that with Buffalo, Philly and NY all offering substantial free agent contracts that all of their evaluators of talent got it wrong on Drury. But you know better, gotcha.

  70. Greg L at least Avery can play the game. Tootoo who you’re pushing for whatever reason can’t score and takes dumb penalty after dumb penalty.

  71. All Hail King Henrik on

    The only way Zherdev doesn’t resign with the Rangers is if he goes to the KHL; I really don’t see him signing with another NHL team. He seems to really love NY.

    Dubi will be resigned and he’s not going to get anywhere near 7 million. Look at it from Sather/Aribitrators point of view: He put up 40 points last year playing with Jagr and is on pace to put up about 40 points this year playing with third liners. He’ll resign for 2-3 years @ 2.5 – 3.5 million or something like that; if he puts up numbers in those two years, then they’ll give him the 8 year $7 million huge contract.

    Zherdev is probably going to want $5.5-6 million; the lower the amount they settle on, the lower the years will probably be. If they give him the big number, the duration will be longer. I could see something like 6 years @ 6.125 million.

    Also, as people have been saying–the reasons the Rangers frontload their contracts is so they’re easier to move. It’s much easier to trade Gomez to a team like Nashville in a few years when they only have to pay him 4.5 million; the cap hit doesn’t matter to them, because low-market teams don’t spend up to the cap and thus have the cap space; they’re more concerned about actual salary paid.

  72. try looking up guy carbonneau, and brian skrudland to see what the plus minus of a good checking center should look like.

  73. JJP. lets see…Buffalo LET HIM WALK! I believe they offered 22million for 4 years halfway through the season, and then took it back (that’s 5.5million per year).

    Don’t take offense to the next part JJP, because I respect you as a Rangers fan and a fan of the sport, but *Here’s why you’re a knucklehead*…

    Drury has been toted by the league, by Weinman, by you, by SO MANY as this great “two-way” center. Well, what does a 2-way player do well? They play defense and some offense. If that’s the case, he should be a PLUS! He hasn’t played on bad teams bro, he’s played on 2nd round (and beyond) teams and still gone a minus-19!! If you don’t get it, you’re a waste of my time.

    RE: Rozsival, he’s +2 in the past 3 years and the year before that he was +35 because he played a 5-man unit with a player who had 120+ points (jagr).

    Get it yet?! I really hope you understand how a two-way player should have a good +/- because if you don’t I’m not handling special needs cases until monday, get in line.

  74. Quote from the post the other day:

    “The problem, however, with the captain’s analysis is that even with the Rangers going 4-2 in their last six, Thursday represented the Blueshirts’ third dreadful performance in their past eight games – and second in last their last three. The 6-3 loss to Vancouver on Nov. 19 was the first clunker and Sunday’s 4-0 defeat at home by Florida was the next.

    In that time frame, Henrik Lundqvist’s goals against average has increased from 1.92 to 2.33, and his save percentage has decreased from .931 to .921. The King obviously was fuming throughout Thursday’s rout, and screamed at Scott Gomez after the center failed to take Alex Tanguay on the no-angle goal that gave the Canadiens a 3-0 lead in the first period. Lundqvist still was steaming after the match.

    “Henrik doesn’t have an exclusive on being annoyed,” coach Tom Renney said. “We all should be.””

    I knew LQ yelled at Gomez, Im pretty sure he yelled at Renney too…

  75. The team sucks dude. They don’t care. Renney cant make them care. Not surprised…but where’s BeerMe and LiJoeDirt?!

    This has been coming for awhile. They ride their goalie to shootouts. Nobody works hard. And as far as I’m concerned, Renney hasn’t righted the ship yet, his system stunts their performance, and he can’t get his team to give 60minutes of 100% hockey.

  76. And if that losing streak doesn’t say enough in and of itself, I’m hoping Drury will light the lamp for a hat trick and get them out of it tomorrow!!! (because he only has 1 point in his last 5 games). Go Captain Clutch!!!

  77. Bull dog add in a guy like Joel Otto and an in his prime Holik too. Hell Tikk was matched up against Gretz and other top guys later in his Oilers career. That is how he earned his nickname the grate one.

  78. Thanks True – that was very enlightening. I can see you’re incapable of responding in an adult fashion and you’ve shown why the majority of fans are actually quite stupid.

    First off, +/- is not a very good statistic. You hear coaches talk about how meaningless it is all the time. You’ve actually proved it. Teams with Drury, who apparently isn’t good based on his +/-, make it to the playoffs and are successful. So using +/- as the basis to bash players is silly.

    Second, like most fans, you want to concentrate on the most recent game. Single games don’t mean anything really. It only matters where the team winds up at the end of the year. I want a team that makes the playoffs and is competitive, hopefully they gel by or in the playoffs. 29 teams go home without the Cup every year. You can’t win every game, stop bitching constantly about everything.

    Unless I’m completely wrong, you’re not a professional player, coach or GM. Face it, you don’t know more than they do. However, keep posting on the internet about how the players and management of the team you support suck – it really shows how smart you are.

    If you don’t get it, you’re a donkey.

  79. Renney would never have the B*lls to take the “C” away from Drury and give it to LQ. Now that is who should have been captain of the team.

    Well I think its official. Avery isnt welcomed back to the Stars. This is so effing pathetic.

  80. JJP.

    That’s fair dude. I really don’t have time to enlighten you further because youre in love with Drury too. I’m not saying Drury’s a bad player, but he’s WAY over-rated. You, the genius you are, made a couple key points which make no sense.

    If I only look at “the last game” why do I reference Drury’s production the past 5? Why do I reference his +/- the past 3.5 years? Obviously, you’re not too bright if you think I only consider the previous game because I used two stats to prove otherwise.

    In addition, team’s aren’t made up of just Drury. Drury is a journey man (Calg, Col, Buff, Rangers) who has been on very good teams. Drury doesn’t make a team better by himself and we are seeing that this year.

    You be happy with your “glass half full” bologna-shiznit because this team has been terrible for the past-8 games and Drury is on pace for mid-40’s in points. If you think that’s success, i’m going to stop reading your posts from here out. Take care.

  81. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Heck, there are tons of stats, I just found one that fit my argument. I’m sure I could have found one that backed up your rebuttle. While the NHL has messed a lot of things up, NHL.com is an awesome website, including their stats section.

    As far as stats go, here’s one that is moderately disturbing, despite some people’s dislike of this one. As a team, the Rangers are minus 60, ahem sixty. How is that even possible for a team that is 18-9-2? They do have a +4 goal differential, also strangely small for a team that has such a good record.

    Those are for the bigtime Renney supporters, so if you can’t understand why some of us don’t think he’s adequate, there are a couple of examples.

  82. Dubi

    7 of those wins have come via shoot out, obviously where goals & +/- arent counted. Deceiving eh? ;)

  83. I loved Leetch as much as anyone, one of my top 3 All-time Rangers, but I had no problem with trading him. It’s a business, and at the end of the day, you help yourself and the people paying your salary out. I felt bad when he was traded, but my reaction was “whatever, he’ll come back in a few years, waive to the crowd, and get his number raised.” and sure enough, it happened.

  84. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Well naturally, but I thought if I threw that in it would make my argument seem too one sided! But 11-9-9 doesn’t sound too good. Obviously points are points, nobody can argue that. Of course you do also have to make the playoffs in order to win the Cup. However, the “Play not to lose” mantra gets crushed in the playoffs, particularly when games go into OT.

  85. These were Sather’s words when he traded leetch. The first quote is just pathetic, that’s the best they could do for leetch? The second quote is laughable because Tom Renney doesn’t actually have the same beliefs as Sather. Renney ONLY trusts older players, afterall “they’re veterans, they’ve earned it.”

    “We feel we did very well with the players we got [for Leetch] and the draft choices we got. We felt that going as far as we did go with Toronto was as maximum as we could get…”

    “I thought the time was right to move forward and speed up the rebuilding process, [by trading Leetch]” Sather said. “You have to start with a nucleus of players who have grown up in your organization.”

    …AND THEN! You have to over-pay for free agents! 2-4 years later.

  86. Dubi or not Dubi on

    MikeA, my point earlier was to address comments like yours. I totally agree that this is a business and sometimes you do have to trade a guy like Leetch in order to build for the future. However, you do NOT trade a player like that unless you get a sure-fire NHL player and possible future star or two, which Sather did not do. I’ve said it before, right now the only players on this team who Sather acquired with the trade of I believe nine players is Blair Betts and Lauri Korpikoski. You’d think that ONE of the guys they received would have turned into either a top 6 forward or top 4 defenseman. Nope, just a fourth line center and third line platoon winger.

  87. Dubi, Heck, Mako;
    I ran some numbers looking at the Rangers winning and losing margins…it explains why the team is a collective negative. When the team wins (which is often by shootouts) or scoring less than 2 goals more than their opponents. Specifically, the Rangers average 1.65 goals more in wins.

    Contrary, when they lose it’s by an average of 2.17 goals against. This team wins small, loses big (2 goals or more).

    Again, that reflects alot of Lundqvist’s ability to win in the shootouts. But it also reflects the team’s inability to put the choke hold on opponents, get the empty-netter, capitalize on odd-man rushes when team’s are being risky late in games…all those things would give them a goal differential (in wins) of 2 or greater.

  88. Dubi or not Dubi on

    True, does that 1.65 include the “Shootout goal?” So for example, if they win five in a row 2-1 in the shootout, is the goal differential 1 or 0?

  89. Dubi, yea it does. That is based on the TSN final scores from the entire season which awards the winning team a goal for a shootout victory. So, if you remove those seven 1 goal shootout wins and the 1 goal shootout loss, the differentials are:

    *Plus+1.24 goals in wins*
    *Minus-2.08 goals in losses.*

    win small…LOSE BIG!

  90. Fair enough fellaz, but sometimes it’s a gamble worth taking and I felt then that having Leetch/Messier/etc. around for too long was pointless. This franchise has been too good to soem of it’s older players historically, and I’m sorry to say, but I’m a ruthless armchair GM. Look at the Hossa trade, they’re gonna make out no better than the Rangers. He’s far from a shoe-in to the Hall but they got Colby Armstrong and maybe this Esposito kid will be good, and after that draft picks are always a crap shoot.

    Leetch lasted 2 more seasons and played into the second round one of those two seasons, and they could have brought him back after the lockout when he went to Boston and was pretty average.

    Even the Gretzky trade; technically EDM won that deal because they won another Cup and LA while they had Gretz only went to the Finals once and have all but become irrelevant nowadays even though Kopitar, Frolov, and comp are pretty sick.

  91. Just like Dubi said. If the Rangers were offered a superstar or a VERY good couple of prospects, the Leetch trade was just one sided….

  92. You can’t ever tell in a trade for a big name. The Kings got crap for Gretz when they traded him. The Islanders gave up waaay too much for Yashin. Every situation is different.

    In baseball, no one ever talks about the Mets trade for Frank Viola, but that trade and Jack Morris helped the Twins win it all in 91. Rick Aguilera was a dominant closer, and Kevin Tappani was a solid starter.

    What did the Habs get for Roy? Jocelyn Thieabualt?

  93. Spot on MikeA. Leetch was at the end of his career and had slowed down (and coming off an injury prone season as his body started to break down) It was time to move on the issue I have was how Sather handled it. He should have given Leetch a heads up that he was gonna trade him.

  94. MikeA

    I get what you are saying. And in all fairness Roy demanded to be traded. The Habs got back Martin Ruchinsky & Kovalenko along with Thibault. Ruchinsky 297 pts in 432 games. Not too shabby. Kovalenko is a different story. He was more interested in playing in Russia. But was semi productive in MTL 34 pts in 51 games. Thibault had an average career…

  95. “End of his career, slowed down, injury prone season, body starting to break down” – sound like a player some ppl want on the Rangers again? *cough cough* Shannahan?

    I really think Leetch was out of his “element” going to Toronto & Boston. I dont think he liked playing for either team.

  96. MAKO, I remember that Roy game well. He gave up 10 goals and just wasn’t interested in playing, he pulled himself, said something to the coach, and hauled ass to the dressing room. That was the last time he was a Hab up until last week.

  97. Leetch was great on TOR for the rental that he was. They got to the 2nd round, not too bad, but that was an old team and the window of opportunity for them closed.

  98. MikeA,

    Roy & Trembly had a volitile relationship. He was a radio announcer that used to critize him. Trembly left Roy in net to embarass him. He was then yanked out after the 9 goals he let in. After he was yanked he stormed passed Trembly and told the president of the Habs “this is the last game I play for this team”

  99. cup94
    December 6th, 2008 at 9:29 pm
    Leetch should not have been traded even for #99 in his prime.

    Leetch of ’04 wasn’t very good. I love 1994 as much as anyone but stop living in the past. MikeA Leetch was the guy that made the terrible turnover that lead to Roenick’s series winning goal. He was good on the pp with McCabe but he struggled in even strenght situations.

  100. Gotta call myself out for a ridiculous comment I made. About a month or so ago I see that I thought Dubi could end up being a better player than Jeff Carter. What was I thinking? Carter might score 50 goals this year while Mr. Sophmore slump Dubi might not crack 50 points this season.

  101. cup94.

    I COMPLETELY disagree. I couldn’t disagree more with that point than I do with the over-priced signings Sather’s made the last few years. I don’t want any fat cats on this team. I don’t want guys heading out of their prime, well out of their prime, here to retire out of respect. Leetch was losing it, and Sather trading him on his birthday without Leetch having the heads up was a travesty. Trading him for nothing, another travesty. Trading him, in general, quite necessary. I wish they would have gotten more, but I’m committed to seeing this team win and if that means moving a 36, 37, or 40 year old (Brendan Shanahan) OUT of MSG, then *so be it.*

    If a player is losing his skill, he doesn’t belong on the team (especially if you can trade something decent for him). I loved Richter more than I loved Leetch, but towards the end he was so injury prone that if he could have played a fair share of games and fetched a solid return, they should make that deal…….don’t bring anymore players here so we can live in their past legacies! Let’s make our own, damn it!!!!

  102. True

    Yep. Brining in Neved for 3 stints, Kaminsky, Ruchinsky, Gretzky, Lindros, Bure, Nichols, Dionne, Lafleur, etc Rangers are known for brining in marquee over the hill players. Just stopping by for a fat retirement check LOL

  103. Cup Joe Namath didn’t retire a Jet, Patrick Ewing didn’t retire as a Knick, Seaver didn’t retire as a Met my point is Leetch wasn’t the only legend that didn’t retire with the team he spent his glory days with.

  104. graves9

    But our point is Leetch WANTED to retire a Ranger. He never wanted to be traded and was very vocal to the media about that….

  105. Mako he was in high demand at the deadline and the Rangers should have traded him. I just have an issue how Sather went about it. Whether he wanted to stay or not you have to try and rebuild abnd gets picks and prospects.

  106. oh yeah I think we all agree on how he was treated, hence when someone said the Rangers were a “classy” organization, I had to share my 2 cents on how Leetch & Messier were treated…

  107. HockeyManRangers on

    If any one is interested, I went to Hartford game tonight. And they did not look good at all. They were not skating at all, and were fortunate to come away with just 2 goals down at the end of the game. (I think, I left with 1:49 left on the clock). Nobody impressed me at all. Rissmiller looked horrible, talk about NO HUSTLE. If I was his coach I would have benched him way early, but the whole team had 0 spark. They did play the top AHL team in the league but you have to move your feet and skate and they were not. I should have saved my money and not have bought a ticket. Not sure what is going on down there, perhaps it was just a bad night but they are at the bottom in their division.

  108. True Fans.
    Leeetch was not “fat cat”. He was here from the start of his career. And some time you do let player to retire with team he started out of respect.(and this was the time)
    I guess we agree to disagree.
    Hockey is no football or any other sport. no need to compare.

  109. Ralph,
    from a couple of days ago.
    Ralph December 5th, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    “How is it that alot of 1st rd draft choices get to start on thier teams right away & ours must do 2or 3 years in hartford ? ”

    Really great question, I have been wondering about that for a couple of years. Heard lots of theories about not rushing players, but not sure that it comes down to that, but it is a pattern.

  110. MAKO

    Don’t forget more recently, with Shanny, unless you did and i missed it.

    It makes me sick the way Slats made him wait an eternity.

    I just hope he doesn’t take it out on the team when he does sign.

    What a shitty night this has been, B’s win, Devs win, Habs get a point, Sabs win, Philly wins, and Canes get a point. Nyr is falling behind badly. They need to start putting on a winning streak or else they’ll be at the bottom.

  111. The level Leetch played at during the ’94 playoffs was at an incredibly superb, incredibly high level — in both ends of the ice — yet he never really touched those heights again for any sustained period of time.

    Great, great player, and a Ranger all-timer. But I have to say a guy Ray Bourque was better for longer and infinitely more consistent over the long haul.


    Im always wondering aboot that too. I bet if Slats drafted Ovechkin, Malkin, Semin, Crosby, etc they’d finish junior hockey before playing up here in the NHL.

    Like Del Zotto, he looked pretty damn good in pre season, even though it was just pre season. All these teams played their 1st rounders, it would have been nice to see him in the regular season, if it doesn’t work out then send him back to the juniors.

    Im wondering if Del Z, Sangs, Potter, Sauer can do any better than Wade, Rozi, and fuggin Kal.

    Speaking of Kal, I wonder who Kalinin will sign with next season.

  113. Orr,

    Every now and then, somebody should rocket up through the ranks. I’m kind of impatient I guess, and probably Cherepanov would have been that guy. I actually look at this injury to Redden as the only way to get what we should have got a while ago, a look at the best of the Hartford crop.

    My fantasy pool points were crap tonight, all the big guys never came through for me (guess I had the wrong Red Wings), but thank you Shane Doan :-)
    Zherdev is going to do it tomorrow night for me, it’s pretty obvious that Redden won’t. And Lundqvist, nobody else in the pool took Henrik, 8 or 9 guys loading up on Luongo. I love it.

  114. Not what people want to hear because we all want a scorer but the guy who has rocketed up the minor league organization is Dan Girardi. Undrafted. Started in the ECHL moved up to the AHL quickly. Played another season in the AHL, all told 118 games in the minor league system. He’s now entering his third season as a Ranger. It does happen.

  115. JJP

    Good point. Girardi was a great example of someone in the organization noticing him, which says a lot. I’m looking forward to seeing Potter Sunday night. I know pretty well zilch about this guy, as I haven’t ever seen the Wolfpack in action.

  116. The reason the Rangers don’t play their draft picks right away is because they’ve taken DMen mostly in recent years and them and goalies take longer to develop. They need time to develop physically and mature. Also the Rangers are big on having a player learn the game away from the puck over the last few years, hence someone like Anisimov who is superb defensively from what I’ve read. A team like Phoenix, they can play their first round draft pick because there is no real pressure for them to win or succeed right away and if they make a mistake, so what.

    Also, yeah that guy on TOR is great, but Stamkos isn’t doing anything special, and many teams don’t have 1st rounders in the lineup this year, only the high draft picks.

    It’s a rebuilding year for the Pack as well, their best player was Dawes and he’s up here now. They don’t have any real offensive threats besides Anisimov and Parenteau. As long as the real prospects like AA (who has been very good), Sags (pretty good offensively, not that great defensively), and Weisse (struggling but he could have played an overage year in juniors; he’ll be fine) continue to improve, it’s all good.

  117. I still believe that should a trade be conducted by the deadline or before, that Dawes would be a better candidate than Prucha. If the intent is only to clear the most cap space, Prucha may look to be the guy due to the $1.6 mil tag, all I know when I look on the ice is that he is twice the player Dawes is. Basically, Prucha has been on ice (pun intended) for the last year and a half, and yet he has shown great determination, not to mention skill.
    This probably illustrates to me more than any other example, why I am not impressed with the player development program. I think they get it wrong quite a bit.

  118. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Whoever replaced Don Maloney seems to be doing a bit better job drafting. Of course in Maloney’s defense, Tom Renney was the director of player development…

    I agree that the Rangers should have given Del Zotto a ten game tryout, they would have had nothing to lose. The only time I think you bring a guy up too early is someone in Stamkos’s position, where he is only playing a couple of minutes a night (See Malhotra and Lundmark). While he (And those guys) were sitting on the bench, players with less skill than them were getting 20-25 minutes in the minors/juniors and improving their game.

    One last thing, since Prucha is one of my favorites… Someone here recently said he was no Marty St. Louis. As an FYI, St. Louis had played parts of five seasons with the Flames and Lightning (Avalanche next?) before having a 70 point season, he was 28. Other guys who were late bloomers include Marc Savard and Daniel Briere. I am NOT willing to give up on a 26 year old who still shows tons of potential.

  119. Topcorner:

    You missed the net on your inane Dawes comment. And if Dubi or not Dubi is unwilling to give up on a 26 year old (Prucha) who still shows tons potential, I am unwilling to give up on a 23 year old (Dawes) who still shows tons of potential. No young Ranger winger in the limited playing time he has received has scored goals against all our major rivals, Devils, Philly, Pittsburgh, Isles and even Montreal. Plus shootout ability and the highest plus-minus on the team last season (+11). Given his low salary, he’s one of the few bargains on this team.

  120. Gresh –

    Career +/- stats:

    ORR +597
    BOURQUE +528
    PARK +358
    LEETCH +25

    So you are right re Leetch and his brief ascension to the highest-level of play. Orr’s accomplishments are amazing when you consider he had about half the career, time-wise, that Bourque had.

    On a plus/minus basis the Rangers really got jobbed on the Ratelle & Park for Esposito and Vadnais trade. Check it out at http://www.hockey-reference.com.

  121. cakewalk,
    that settles it,i guess the guy with best plus minus is the best defencemen. no other factors ,right.

  122. akayama

    I’m not a big Dawes fan at all (no pun intended with his size), but i do think Betts should sit this one out and either Dawes or Fritsche in. solves two issues. getting betts healthier and keeping morale up for the healthy scratches.

    your boy dawes is nowhere near the star or potential star you think he is. pretty much the last guy into the lineup or 1st healthy scratch take your pick. certainly not a difference maker

  123. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something informative to read?

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