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Remember that Herb Brooks line, “You’re not talented enough to win on talent alone”?

I’m not sure there’s a better way to describe the Rangers.

What’s remarkable about a team that has at least shown it can compete with the best teams in this league is how quickly it can become unhinged, especially of late.

I don’t think it helped last night that the Rangers were less than 24 hours removed from a fairly impressive win over the Penguins. But that has less to do with the physical toll of a late flight and early-morning arrival in Montreal, and much more to do with the self-satisfied air the team might have been breathing in coming back against the Penguins.

And that’s the problem. These Rangers are just not good enough to approach any game in a half-hearted manner.

It’s going to happen on occasion over 82 games.

It’s been happening too much with this team.

<iframe width=”480″ height=”289″ frameborder=”0″ src=”http://www.nhl.tv/team/embed.jsp?hlg=20082009,2,366″></iframe>

Some other thoughts:

<li>Speaking of which, today was a scheduled off day, just as Monday was a scheduled day of off-ice conditioning. That’s two clunkers in a row in which the Rangers haven’t had to lace up their skates the next day. I understand the need for a coaching staff to take a step back and allow its players some time to rest. After all, sometimes less is more.

But given the vulnerable state of this team, and the need to work on specific areas of its game — the power play and defensive zone coverage to name a few — I’m not sure the Rangers can afford to take many more steps back.

<li>On the other hand, now you have Blair Betts day-to-day with an upper body injury and Wade Redden day-to-day with a lower body injury. Put those two together and you have one completely healthy person (or one completely injured person, depending on your outlook).

The Rangers have been fairly fortunate with injuries so far, even when counting Scott Gomez’s five-game absence with an ankle condition. Now they may be forced to scramble. Regardless of what you think of Redden’s play so far, his potential absence Sunday means someone stepping in cold.

Here’s another reason why a seventh defenseman wouldn’t have been such a bad idea for the first few months of the season. At least then someone like Corey Potter would have had more of a chance to acclimate himself to his surroundings.

<li>Thanks to everyone who joined for the live chat last night. It was a great success on our end, although it would have been better if I could type a bit faster. I’m thinking about a personal trainer just for my fingers.

Anyway, I believe it’s something we’ll throw into the mix on occasion this season, particularly on nights when when I don’t make a trip.

But if you have thoughts or suggestions, let me know. Of course if every live chat leads to results like last night, I can understand if you want to give it a rest.

Update, 1:45 p.m.: Six games for Sean Avery (four more on top of the two he already served) plus anger management counseling.

I realize I’ve taken some shots Avery, but the first task of anger management should be how to manage his anger over a ridiculously long suspension for basically trying to make a joke.

More later…

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  1. Live chat was kinda bunk, Sam…too hard to keep up with everything said, especially with the delays in the messages getting through the mod.

    nice assessment of the team though, and is it Potter you expect they’d call up?

  2. Also, just want to say I wasn’t completely unimpressed with the Rangers last night. There was a clear sense of urgency from the onset of the game, they just dont seem like a versatile team able to handle the ebb and flow of a 60 minute hockey game…

  3. Salty

    “Also, just want to say I wasn’t completely unimpressed with the Rangers last night. There was a clear sense of urgency from the onset of the game, they just dont seem like a versatile team able to handle the ebb and flow of a 60 minute hockey game…”

    Do you think its their desire or talent that is the problem?


    A few things:

    1) Any of you idiots who keep calling for Betts’ head should just crawl into a hole and shrivel up now. If it is not painfully obvious now that we lack any real physicality combined with smart defensive play by our forwards after last night, then no one knows anything about hockey. Betts was sorely missed last night. Then you had Naslund a -4 and Gomer -3. How is that for defensive responsibility? INEXCUSABLE.

    2) Can we make any more pu$$y pokechecks and reaching out to try and take the puck away without touching the guy? That is just so frustrating. Habs dancing around the puck and sliding it under NYR sticks and just sidestepping around them. WTF is that?

    3) Why doesn’t anyone hit? Staal, Mara, Girardi do. The other 3 lummoxes on D do not. No offenseman hits on a regular basis with the exception of Callahan and Orr. Others like Dubi, Voros, Betts, Sjo, Pru, Dawes, Korpi, even Dru and Z, hit when it is easy and convenient. This allows the other team to be much more freewheeling and carefree. How is that not blatantly obvious to the coaching staff?

    4) Gomer and Prucha were our fighters last night? I mean what the hell does that tell you.

    5) This team lacks any heart. Is this the coaches’ fault or the captain’s fault?

    6) Outshot 39-20. You can’t win many games like that (unless you are playing the Rangers and you are outshot, then maybe you can.)

    7) I heard Sam Rosen say, “Oh Rod Gilbert was up for the Habs ceremony and was saying how tired he was. I can only imagine what the players are feelling.” This was the first time in a long long time I actually wanted to climb through the TV and beat someone. The NYR are professionals and are like 23, 25, 27 yrs old. Give me a f-ing break. What are they going to do in the postseason when they have 4 games in 8 nights that are 2x as physical as the ones they have been playing.

    I am so tired of all the excuses and the consistently inconsistent play.

  5. Urgency? Maybe we have different senses of what the word means.

    The Rangers not only don’t initiate, they are coached not to initiate. Read what Renney said post-game, about how usually the Rangers work themselves into a game after figuring out how and what the other team is doing.

    If I was making that comment, it would be a pretty strong indictment of Renney. The fact that it is HE who says such a thing, apparently oblivious to what it reveals about his reactive and passive method, tells you the guy just doesn’t get it.

  6. You don’t “work yourself” into a game night after night. It might work at times against the bottom-feeders in the league. But good teams like Montreal will kill you every night if you enter a building with that attitude.

  7. The Rangers don’t hit. Until they hit, they’re not going to win hockey games with the consistency their talent says they should be able to.

  8. I think a big problem stems from, well, one man: Dmitri Kalinin. He is a -13, that’s unheard of for a defenseman.

    I don’t want to type out my argument again, but if you care to read it, I posted it at http://www.blueseatblogs.com

    If you just want a quick summary, basically someone like Potter or Fahey need to be called up just to add some pressure to the D, so that they aren’t all cozy and thinking that they won’t lose their spot in the lineup. I guess we are getting our wish though, one of Fahey/Potter has to be called up now.

  9. Kalinin may be a -13 (damn had no idea, that is pretty bad) but I would take him 7 days a week and twice on sunday over Rozi.

    But I do agree – the Defense needs to step it up. Mara, Staal and Girardi have been playing well. Kalinin pretty well… Redden has not played to his full potential (I hope!) and Rozi could drop dead on the ice (kidding obviously) and that would be a good thing for the rangers!

    But damn are you guys negative on this blog. I know we Ranger fans have passion… but chill out a bit. Do you really expact to be 82-0-0 for the season. If so save yourself now and stop watching now.

  10. Parros, cheers to that brother. We can’t start slapping d’s over the Pens win and then being sooooo down after last night’s loss. There definitely has been a drop in play, but it is something that can be fixed.

  11. Parros I agree with you generally on this board being too negative. But you just said previously that Kalinin was playing OK.

    Let’s at least be objective. Kalinin has generally sucked. Redden and Rosy have been worse than that. But that doesn’t mean Kalinin has been playing well. He’s been playing less shi**y than the other two pieces of dogsh*t.

  12. The chat was a lot of fun last night, Sam. But since you won’t have the time to do it every game night, I’d like to suggest an alternative.

    http://www.meebo.com/room/nyrbbhockeytalk/ Password: marcstaal

    Open 24/7, it’s by far one of the best places to chat about the Rangers. They get a good turnout during games as well. Definitely make sure to check it out, folks!


  13. New Newman

    2 things you are absolutely correct about Betts. He is a VERY good defensive forward and the kid doesnt need a score a ton of goals or really any goals to know his role on the team and be effective. Look at Ortmeyer – love the kid he hustled every shift, hit everything that moved and was fantastic on the PK…

    Other thing. Gomez was -4 not Nazzy ;)

  14. When is the last time we beat Calgary? I can’t remember. I feel like the last two times we have played them we have lost. Anyone remember? Iginla always bitches us around.

  15. Dave… what are we playing Kalinin – like 1-2m (i hope)… if its 1 and change yes i would take him over Rozi. Would trade Rozi and get someone else in for better value. We pay Rozi like 4-5 a year.

    New Newman… fair point. I am not saying Kalinin is the next Leetch… just that it is hard to pick on him when you got guys like Redden and Rozi making a combined 10m a year and playing the way they are. I dont think Redden has been as bad as Rozi but they both have not been great.

    And Nasty 1… I myself was heated up watching the game last night. Sure i wanted them to win. Sure i was p1ssed when Gomez let that third goal go right thru him…. but what are you gonna do. Not like the team wanted to lose. I’m sure Gomez tried to stop that shot from going right between his legs… Not everyone is perfect 100% of the time. Mistakes happen. Last night loss cost us 2 points! That’s it. BFD….. well guess it cost us Redden too but just for a few games so NBD…..

  16. MAKO I think they both were -4 according to what I am seeing….but regardless, those two first liners need to be more defensively responsible. And for the way Gomer skates, he should be hitting (or at least bodying) guys when they try and skate the puck out of their own zone and he is forechecking. I mean I have never seen a guy that stable and strong on his skates who hits as little as he does.

  17. “Do you think its their desire or talent that is the problem?”

    All depends…but, both.

    I think it’s mostly desire. We’ve seen what the team can do, _without_ any one, two, or three “stars” stealing the show. The +team+ has it in them. I truly, honestly, believe that coaching is running this team into the ground. It’s the coaching’s desire to try to survive rather than to go for the kill.

    That said, we really do lack a legit star. That hurts me to say, but it’s the ugly sinful truth.

    But what are the real options?

    Sundin? I’m sorry but I just can’t imagine him completing this team, especially with Renney still on the bench.

    Shanny? I’d say hell yes if:

    a) we didn’t already burn the bridge, which I believe Sather has.

    b) he was used in an EXTREMELY limited role (PP & 3rd line minutes MAX)

    This team is well off it’s rails though. I’ve never been more confident that Renney has not only lost the team, but really impeded their progress as a collective unit of players.

    It’s so fucking hard to be a fan of this organization.

  18. avery gets six games. maybe its just me and my callous new york attitude, but that seems ridiculous to me.

  19. Keep wondering how much more King Henrik can take being CONSTANTLY
    left hanging out to dry before he goes totally ballistic against his so-called teammates. The constant barrage he is facing is inhumane.
    How can a so-called defensive-minded team consistently commit so many turnovers,leave men uncovered in prime scoring areas,allow odd man rushes,breakaways, fail to clear the crease, & in general cave under a hard fore-check?
    Being more aggressive in our offensive zone could not possibly produce any worse defensive results than we are currently seeing in whatever system it is we are currently playing.

  20. Parros,

    Rozsival gets 22 min/game, Kalinin 18 min/game.

    So playing four less minutes per game, Kalinin has half the points and is -5 worse than Rozsival.

    Let’s compare the past month though:
    Kalinin – 0g/2a/-8
    Rozsival – 1g/7a/-5

    Look, I’m not saying I like the fact that Rozsival makes $5 million/yr for the next for years, but you can’t blame him for signing that deal. You blame Sather for offering the deal. That’s not the point of my argument though.

    My point is that Kalinin (who by the way, is a significant cap hit at $2.1 million) is playing less time, and is still on the ice for more goals, and just gives the puck to the opposing team nightly.

  21. anthony,

    the best part is that he has to attend anger management classes… What does he have to be angry about? He’s going to be getting paid tons of money to do NOTHING because no one wants him, including his own team that signed him to a 4 year contract with a no trade clause! The Manitoba Moose already said they won’t allow them on their team if/when he clears waivers.

  22. Question…I missed the game due to being at a work xmas party (Thank GOD) but saw a short clip of Lundy skating to the bench and looking like he slammed his hand down then renney stepped over bench and looked livid then lundy skated away….

    What was that about? Lundy saying get me the eff out of net?? haha

  23. I agree with Sam that this team will have some new additions/Suctractions in the coming months. Whether it’s SUndin, or a trade for another D man I cant see Sather doing nothing before the deadline.

    LAst night, for as bad as it was, I really think needed to happen. No excuses for being tired, etc, but MOntreal is a tough place to play, and after coming off a shootout win, then getting on a plane and playing the next night, the team simply did not have it. Which any of you know if you played a sort, just Happens, period.
    (And dont get me wrong, i HATE MONTREAL, almost as much as I hate Shittsburhg and the Fishsticks ans losing to either is never an easy pill to swallow)

    Hank sure as hell made some beautiful saves, but the rest of the team jsut looked slow, tired, and unable to get anythign going. Take it for what it’s worth.

    So lets not all get crazy and start ripping the team apart. We all know what we need, what we lack, and what guys aren’t performing.
    Fact is, the team we have is what we have, and we HAVE TO play with what we got.

    So two games into Dec and we are 1 and 1.
    10 games left, and if we finish Dec with a 8-4 record I’d be happy. 16 points out of a possible 24 is not too shabby. They have some days off now before Calgary, and with a new Dman form HArtford almost assuredly coming up, we’ll see how we fair.

    One thing I did notice is after PRucha lit the lamp the other night, and Dawes last night, it looks like the fringe playerss are actually starting to realize there playing for there jobs, which is always a good thing, casue aint all of them gonna be around for the entier season.

  24. Just to add some more food for thought to the Kalinin +/- discussion, I think its interesting to look at the even strength goals scored will the d-man is on the ice:

    Staal – 15
    Mara – 18
    Girardi – 19
    Redden – 22
    Kalinin – 24
    Rozsival – 25

    Not much difference between Kalinin, Rozsival and Redden….

    I suspect that Kalinin’s team worst +/- is partially related to playing with Rozsival. I would bet that there’s been a number of times when Rozsival makes the outlet pass or joins the play, Kalinin changes and a goal is scored. Kalinin hasn’t been on ice for a lot of even strength goals.

  25. Dave your stats deff point to Rozi being the better D-man.

    I dunno – I just found myself wanting to jump thru the TV night after night and strangle Rozi. He has no confidence, rarely hits, makes numerous mistakes on the PP… but he does have a good slapper when he chooses to use it.

    Kalinin i just think makes fewer mistakes. He might not score as much… but he doesn’t make mistakes that directly lead to the other team scoring. Rozi does that almost every other game.

    Anyway stats and opinions… Look if Rozi were only making 1-2m i would not be as p1ssed. You are right though – not blaming Rozi for his contract… good for him. No sather needs to admit he made a mistake (quietly) and trade him.

  26. MikeyNJ

    One thing I did notice is after PRucha lit the lamp the other night, and Dawes last night, it looks like the fringe playerss are actually starting to realize there playing for there jobs, which is always a good thing, casue aint all of them gonna be around for the entier season.

    Agree 100%… thought the same thing last night myself.

  27. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Blair Betts is a scrub!!,pure and simple scrub.How good was he and his line in that 4-0 fla fiasco? 3goals against for a so called checking line.This coach keeps indicting himself almost on a weekly basis.I think he’s lost the team from an emotional standpoint.He’s just about lost his goalie.And what’s worse,it’s now becoming painfully obvious that the young kids on the team who we all thought were the future,kids that are supposed to get better,are starting to regress.Just look at the recent play pf Girardi,Staal,Dubi,Dawes,and Prucha the last year and it’s clear that a change is not only warrented,but needed badly before the theses kids regress to the point of no return.

  28. Audioserf
    December 5th, 2008 at 10:20 am
    The Rangers don’t hit. Until they hit, they’re not going to win hockey games

    After the last 2 games, the above quote pretty much sums it up.

  29. Orr,

    Kalinin and Rozsival were not paired together for that long during the season. I believe it was only three games or so.


    Kalinin makes fewer glaring mistakes. I mean, those passes by Rozsival that led to two shorties, just wow. But Kalinin made a mistake by pinching last game, and Hank got burned on a 2 on 1. Same result, but you just notice the Rozsival mistakes more.

    I also think that Rozsival’s play through the first 20 games was attributable to his off season hip surgery. But there’s no way of proving that, hockey players don’t talk about their injuries.

  30. Dave, maybe Rozi wasn’t 100 % physically to start the season, but a bad hip has nothing to do with whats above the shoulders. Some of his decisions are horrible. Last night on the PP he takes the puck in his own zone and does his back/forth stick handling, then tries a lame pass 2 feet before the redline, misses everybody and gets an icing call. He’s lost.

  31. Once again Renney shows that he can’t coach,NO WAY I start hank after a game like that(pitt.).Hell I benched him in my fantasy league for last nights game.He changes lines again and again…
    The only thing I can say in his defence is with out a ligit scorer and a real D-man forget it…..

  32. Dave

    Kalinin makes fewer glaring mistakes. I mean, those passes by Rozsival that led to two shorties, just wow. But Kalinin made a mistake by pinching last game, and Hank got burned on a 2 on 1. Same result, but you just notice the Rozsival mistakes more.

    You are probably spot on. To me Kalinin is taking up $2m which ain’t chump change but is not a huge % of the overall cap. Rozi is making $5m (or is it 4?)… to me that is a lot of dosh to just svck. I don’t know Dave… just my opinion. As Tony from AZ said these guys made it to the NHL and are obviously all here for a reason. I just feel like Rozi cannot handle the pressure in the big mkt city of NYC. Maybe he does better somewhere else.

    Bottom line for me our D needs to step it up… I think the smarterst thing said on this blog so far today is bringing up another D man to create competition for a spot every game. The D are getting too comfortable.

  33. No one is going to give up a decent defenseman for Kalinin or Roszival. Kalinin is -14 and Roszival has a $4 million dollar contract. Besides if a GM has half of a brain they wouldnt want those players on their team anyway. Would you? Oh wait, they are on our team LOL

  34. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’m as positive as anyone who comments here, but you can’t keep using the excuse that “one of these games had to come….they can’t win them all.”

    every time the team loses a clunker like last night and that excuse is used, it makes less and less sense.

    two weeks ago against Vancouver and people said “they’re bound to have games like this.”…same thing against Florida the other day, and again last night.

    I like that they win games that they probably shouldn’t, but I certainly don’t like that when they lose, they get outplayed a lot.

  35. BillyDee… last night was the 100 anniversary of hockey in Montreal. Those guys were so geared up to win that game. The Rangers just got off an overnight flight (only an hour flight but still after playing a game that went til nearly 9:45 last night… so they prob got on a flight at say 11:30… arrived at maybe 12:30…. in bed at 1:30) and had to go right back at it. Sure it would have been great if they had one but Montreal was on fire last night and they were not going to lose that game. Even if they had called goalie interferense on that 4th goal…. or if we had scored 6 goals ourselves… they would have scored 7. they were on fire.

    At the ned of the day it cost us 2 lousy points. Who cares.

    On to the next one vs Calgary… which I bet we end up losing so everyone might as well get ready for that. But then we beat the p1ss out of Atlanta, NJ, Carolina get 6 points before we get our @sses handed to us by Anaheim. LA we win…..SJ we lose… Wash is a toss up and we beat NJ and the Isles.

    So whoever said we go 8-4 in Dec was pretty spot on…. if we lose to Wash though its 7-5…. Even going 7-5 we end with 50 points at the end of 2008. I’ll take that any year!!! Maybe a few of those losses we make it to overtime and its a few more points for the boys in blue.

    See… so now everyone can relax.

  36. Friday –

    No real inside info on that post. My guess would be he talked to Dave Maloney. Or that’s just rodent himself being a wiseguy.

  37. Time to admit it

    I gave Sather way too much credit

    During that long process of delaying Shanny; I wrongly assumed, that Slats had a plan that he was not revealing to anyone; something up his sleeve so to speak

    But all he seems to have up that sleeve is another frickin cigar for himself; he bites on them so hard they point up his nostril for god sakes

    What is the plan?

    Sam, if ever get an audience with the great ones father figure please ask him

  38. I’d bet money that Sather makes some sort of move prior to the trading deadline. With Jagr on the team, it was easier to say “let Jagr step up in the playoffs and takeover a series, we’re not making a move”. To certain extent you could probably say that about Drury or Gomez based on their previous playoff success. For me however, I can’t help but feel this team is one player away from being a real contender.

  39. GirlFriday…

    Rodent is a jokester… He didn’t talk to anyone, That’s his own assessment of the team…

    I love Rodent… You think I talk shit after a cheap win, head over there next time we beat panthers in a SO!

  40. This is something Ive noticed for a while… but it was exaggerated last night. Also, it doesnt happen all the time… but enough to notice.

    When some of our players (using Gomez as an example) makes a pass, they stand and watch what happens instead of continuing to skate and crash the net.

    At one point last night… i think it was the end of the 2nd period. Gomez made a pass across to the top of the slot from the high half-boards. He then stood still and watched what happened. The rebound came out towards him but he hadnt started moving yet and he missed an opportunity on an pen net (granted it WAS Gomez and he couldnt have hit the net anyways, but thats besides the point).

    He was all alone, no pressure and instead of moving towards the net and slamming home and easy goal, he stood still and ended up giving montreal the puck.

    I just about blew a gasket when I saw that play unfold

  41. I like the rodent too. And Salty, you are absolutely right, he might be the harshest critic.

  42. Kaspar… no reason to be so negative! (sarcasm, AHEM!) ITS JUST ONE GAME… WE LOST.. WE GET UP.. DUST OFF AND …LOSE AGAIN!

  43. Parros:

    You’ve got to be kidding me with all that chicken counting… What in gods name gives you the impression that we are going to walk through all those games?????? We’ve been shut out by the islanders and the panthers this year… You’re a fool to be counting out wins at this point… A fool.

  44. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I don’t think they’ve been shut out by the Islanders this year, but I do agree with you.

  45. Guys, we all want different things, but we ALL want this team to win. So quit the bickering, it gets us nowhere.

  46. Is anyone other than me not surprised that Gomez doesn’t get into more scrums like one last night?

    He always has that cocky/jokester/I’m smarter than you attitude in every interview I’ve ever seen him do. It looks like he carries some that on the ice based on his body language and what you can see him mouthing on TV after some plays.

    I’ve also noticed he likes to use his stick a little when he things he’s been fouled.

  47. Kaspar if you read Rodent enough you’ll learn about his literary hijnx…

    And yes Nasty… Rodent is probably one of the smartest hockey people around, harshest critic of NYR, and clearly a hopeless Rangers fanatic.

    He’s like me….except he actually knows what he’s talking about ;)

  48. Does anyone else feel that the greatest effort given last night was that of Petr Prucha? He seemed to be throwing his body around and worked hard to get to pucks. I will be very upset if Pru is taken out of the lineup soon. To me, he seems like a real Ranger. I can only name 5 people on the team that remind me of REAL Rangers. Dubinsky, Zherdev, Staal, Prucha, and Henrik. I guess its because they came straight from our farm team (except Z, but he’s still really young).

    I think we need Sundin, badly…I want Gomez off of that first line and Drury off the second line. Heres what I’d like to see.
    Zherdev-Dubinsky-Prucha (I know, I know his productions gone down, but thats because he isn’t put in the right situations anymore)
    Sjostrom-Korpikoski-Voros (Since Betts is out right now and Orr doesn’t seem to fight people anymore, or even try to fight anyone. He has been try to get out of any fight possible…see Eric Godard)

  49. Salt – you and I have thrown down in the past…. was a looong time ago but we did. Anyway – i like your posts and you certainly bring a different perpsective to the board. Which is great. You are just a glass half empty guy and i am a glass half full guy.

    No need to bash people on this blog though and call people fools. Not that I care that you called me one but seriously what is the point.

  50. I think we all know pretty much what we are talking about to some degree, except for Bob of course. We are all going to want different things during the course of the season, and that is fine. My wife and I want different things all of the time, and we are very happy together. But we ALL want the Rangers to win and be a successful team. That is what it boils down to. So it is not worth all of us arguing and turning this blog in to some shit show. I have been guilty of it too during certain times. It really gets us nowhere, although sometimes some of the things that come out of that are HILARIOUS. Even things people have said to me I have laughed out loud at. But we are Die Hards in here. Let’s Go Rangers!

  51. If they cant score in the 1st period on Sunday, im strictly watching 2nd and 3rd periods for the remainder of the year.

  52. Please all Ranger fans, do your selves a favor & read == RANGERS REVIEW = BY Inferno he’s got it right! especially today.

  53. Parros, no offense man… I’m not trying to ‘throw down’ with you (lol)…. I just do not understand how anyone can give this team any benefit of the doubt right now… They don’t deserve it. Nothing personal to you…but you (people, anyone) counting up chickens that haven’t hatched yet drives me nuts… This team is struggling to play with the WORST of the worst right now.

    PS…Islanders game sure felt like a shutout… I was there and don’t even recall us getting a goal

  54. if u happy and u know it… LETS GO TOM! CLAP, CLAP… if u happy and u know it LETS GO TOM! CLAP, CLAP… if u like the QUITE HONEST… and THE SNEAKILY AGRASSIVE…if u like it then ull certainly will CLAP! CLAP, CLAP :)

  55. That game last night was embarrassing. Flat out pathetic, the team once again leave Hank out to get raped. He made some great saves in that game, but they never backed him up.

    Renney, once again proves how retarded of a coach he is. I cant stand the guy, all he says is “To be quite honest”, Quite honestly”, ugh shut up you moron !!

    This teams slacking off, they need a wake up call, like i said if any players on this team got a problem with Renney getting fired, then ask to be traded, and leave.

    There’s two pretty good coaches out there who have both one a Stanley Cup available, oh, and there’s Melrose as well, kidding !!!!

    Lol, i wish i can be a fly for a week, and check out Sean Avery in Anger Management, but of course id have to make time to see Megan Fox taking a shower. Wouldn’t wanna waste my time on Avery looking at pictures of shapes, and explaining what it means to him.

    Anyway, i hope Hank for once rips apart his team, cause they’ve been treating him like shit lately, you cant blame him for the loss. The 6th goal might have been soft, but at that point the team wasn’t playing for Hank, so why should he play for them. And of course like the pussy squad they are, they don’t at least send a message by starting something at the end of the game. You gotta let them know that they won the battle but the war isn’t over. But noo, Papa Renney makes his Smurfs do the “right thing”. Makes me wanna throw up.

    I hope Sags gets called up, and does what Danny G did. Who knows maybe Kalinin will get dumped for a 4th rounder.

  56. Avery got a six game suspension? Bettman’s newest pronouncement — Hockey groupies must not have their reputations besmirched! We can all sleep easier tonight.

  57. I’ll sing it with you Parros as I’m headed to Jamaica next week myself

    I (sloppily) second the Inferno reviews… He’s another good read

  58. HECK

    I agree, Renney is doing to Orr what he did to Hollweg. Which is taking him away from his game. Hollweg used to hit, he used to piss people off, then he stopped hitting cause Renney told him “You can be more offensive”, so he was useless, and when he did hit, he’d always take penalties. Now with Orr he’s telling him “You can be more defensive, you can be more offensive, you can shut down teams first lines with your line”, now Orr isn’t fighting as much anymore, he did good in the Pens game but that’s aboot it. He was trying to get our of that fight, the only reason he dropped the gloves was cause Godard slashed him, and that pisses him off.

    Stick to your fuggin job. When we were down 3-0, we needed energy, he should have fought that piece of shit Lacrackhead, but he didn’t.

    This team does need Sundin, but more importantly, they need to get rid of Rozi, and Kal. Redden, he’s not going anywhere, he wont waive his NTC, he didn’t do it for his final two years. And i don’t think Renney, and Slats have the balls to bench him until he does so.

    Pruchs, honestly, the way he’s playing i don’t want him to get traded, cause you can tell how much he wants to be a Ranger, sometimes more than everyone else, but Slats has to trade him while he’s hot, cause if he goes back to being a 4th liner, then he cant get a good return in the trade. Also, Dawes, even though he scored a goal, who knows maybe if Slats has a package with those two, he can get something decent in return. Then there’s Danny F, ugh, too many forwards, gotta clean house.

  59. Sam, do you get the impression from being around the team that the Rangers (Renney, specifically) would welcome Avery back if he was waived and they only had to pay part of his salary to acquire him? Or do they just not want him back under any circumstances whatsoever?

    The reason I ask is because Sather supposedly made him contract offers back when the were trying to negotiate an extension and again before the UFA period started, so I would assume that means the Rangers were willing to have him back on their terms only.

  60. Too bad Avery didn’t say: “God Damn America.” He would be getting a ticker tape parade down Broadway, by now, and an audience with the Pope.

    Hell , we all know a reference to “Sloppy Seconds” is a red flag to that snorting bull in the Commissioner’s office. At least Bettman is on the same page with someone, even if it’s N.O.W. And we know he’s not on the same page with anyone remotely close to the best interests of the National Hockey League. Can we just get back to the “wider nets” discourse, Mr. “P.C.” Commisioner?

  61. No way to taking Avery back here… But if any team was going to pick him up on waivers the first that comes to mind is Islanders…. They seem to be willing to pick up any/every scumbag that no one else wants….

    Parros I’m going to be boozing like an animal there… I’m sure I’ll take a few green lungsful before snorkeling daily

  62. Heck –

    No Hollweg was a bonehead when he started running players from behind. He did it 3 times in Toronto in consecutive games. Dont you remember he did it in the Pens series too, Pens got a ppg on the play too…

  63. I cant see Nyr taking him back. Although, who knows, i wouldn’t be against it at all, but at the same time, who can control him at this point.

    I was reading on Hockybuzz, one of the Sharks writers was saying that the GM of the Sharks said he would sign Avery, but this was before the season started. With the start they’re off to, i doubt they’d take a chance on him. They got enough grit.

  64. Yeah Salty, roll a Bo Marley one for me too and enjoy Jamaica.

    Do they get MSG plus down there? hehe

  65. Orr,
    You forgot to mention the word: Naturally

    I agree with your previous assessment. Sundin is needed, but I still don’ think he is the full answer. I hope the Rangers prove me wrong, but they really don’t seem to be a Stanley Cup caliber team this year as much as last year, the year before that, and even the year before that. I hope they prove me wrong.

    I never mentioned Hollwegs name. That was Orr. I though Hollwegg brought energy but took way to many stupid penalties and I could not forgive him after that dumb boarding penalty against the Pens last year.

    I could see the Islanders with Avery. I truly liked seeing the guy play on the Rangers, I really don’t care if they didn’t “like him” unless it honestly effected their playing, which I doubt it did. I just want to see the best team possible out on the ice that will bring “it”

  66. I just realized that post at 11:45 AM i think it was, that wasn’t me, that was probably that stupid retard Graves9 forgetting to change the name back to Graves9 after he stole my name, ahahahaha, lol age catches up to everyone i guess, lol what a loser.

    Anyway, just wanted to get that out of the way.


    I knew i was forgetting something, but i gave up, Naturally was the word though, haha.


    Believe me, i know he’s a bonehead, but even so, he was good in 05-06, sticking up for players, like jagr, after Exelby would run him, and Hollywood would give him a elbow to the skull, it was great. But duri nthe middle of 06-07 his game changed, and i blame Renney for that. When it turned to 07, right up to 08, his game changed, and he couldn’t do anything right. He blew a lot of games for Nyr, including game 3, which in my opinion could have easily been won with the way Nyr started playing, when Jags tied it up. I hate him !!!

  67. BillyDeeWilliams on


    I’m still here and posting. I think the board has toned down in the past week, but a lot of people have gone to just reading Sam’s posts and ignoring the comments section.

  68. Billy why do u think that is? y would a lot of people ignore the comments section? is it because Renney is being unjustly criticized? Or is it because they have nothing to say in his defense?

  69. Honestly… If I were Hank and things dont change for the better prior to the all-star break I would ask to be traded. He gets hung out to dry by the rest of the team every damn game.

    At one point on the CBC broadcast last night, the Montreal color commentator said: “It looks like a powerplay, but its not. Lundqvist must feel like hes the only ranger on the ice right now”

  70. Phalanx,
    I actually said that earlier and then pretty much everyone on the board disagreed with me. He isn’t happy with his team or his coach by the way TSN is showing it on their recap. He isn’t the same 2 goals a game guy he was at the beginning of the season. I’m sorry, but I think he might have given up on this team already also

  71. Nasty 1,

    This is a pretty good read.”

    That was a very good read.

  72. CCCP
    Sorry I mentioned the “R’ word, didnt mean to make you spill stuff,shake, tremble etc…..LOL

  73. BillyDeeWilliams on


    truthfully, I think it’s because a week ago, you couldn’t say you supported Tom Renney on this comments section without getting bombarded from every direction by countless people…and it’s toned down since then. The amount of Renney hatred being spewed has gone down because I think most people realize that there’s really no reason to start fights on a blog comments section.

    like Nasty has said, we all want the same thing, and while some people think that will come by getting rid of Renney, others don’t.

    I’m not sure if you were being somewhat rhetorical in your questions and baiting me about Renney, but I still think this team can improve with Renney coaching…whether that has to do with him changing his coaching style around or the players not sucking, who knows.

  74. HECK,

    I hope he doesnt ask to be traded. But I agree… he seems to be showing more frustration each time he is scored on when the team hangs him out to dry. And thats not his style.

    So… the fact that hes starting to show this frustration raises some HUGE red flags when I see it

  75. Orr
    I agree; just about, or as you say, “aboot” everyone loved Fuggin Hollywood in 05-06

    Maybe so, about the guys not taking part; but quite frankly I miss being screamed at by Beer Me!

  76. I honestly hope Redden broke his leg last night. I’ll take Kasparaitis back over him at this point. Redden stands around and does nothing in the defensive zone! He’s terrible!

  77. How is it that alot of 1st rd draft choices get to start on thier teams right away & ours must do 2or 3 years in hartford ? glad that you guys are reading = Rangers Review = does anyone know how to get it to Renney ?

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