A few quick things on Avery (Updated)


Very quick on Sean Avery:

<li>I get the sense that there is as much a chance of Sean Avery coming back to play for the Rangers as there is of me playing for the Rangers (although the team could fit me under the cap).

<li>Interesting story on Avery “by Fanhouse’s Eric McErlain”:http://nhl.fanhouse.com/2008/12/04/one-fans-vulgar-confrontation-with-sean-avery/ that discusses an incident with a soon-to-be 60-year-old woman at a game in Nashville earlier this season (it also includes a cameo quote by Dellapina of all people).

For those easily offended, you might want to steer clear (not because of Dellapina. His part is fine).

Below is the video that led to the incident, although in fairness, the exchange at the end seems fairly harmless.

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<li>Finally, a quick story: Last year, I’m on the elevator with Avery at the Garden. It’s late in the season, when Avery’s looming free agency was emerging as a story. There’s a guy who gets on wearing an Islanders cap. We get to joking how the hat would look good on Avery. The player responds by saying something along the lines of, “Hey, you never know.”

Not that that’s where the player is going to end up. But it’s at least crossed his mind.

Update, 4:52 p.m.: This from NHLPA chief Paul Kelly. Sounds like they’re not happy.

“While the NHLPA does not condone Sean’s comments, which were clearly inappropriate, the discipline imposed by the Commissioner is unprecedented both in its severity, as well as the process by which it was handed down.  We have also seen signals from the Dallas Stars that Sean’s contractual rights might be challenged.  We are monitoring the situation as it develops, and we will evaluate all legal options as the circumstances warrant.  In the meantime, our first priority is supporting Sean’s efforts to learn from his mistake and move forward in a positive manner.”

More later…

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  1. REPOST !

    I just realized that post at 11:45 AM i think it was, that wasn’t me, that was probably that stupid retard Graves9 forgetting to change the name back to Graves9 after he stole my name, ahahahaha, lol age catches up to everyone i guess, lol what a loser.

    Anyway, just wanted to get that out of the way.


    I knew i was forgetting something, but i gave up, Naturally was the word though, haha.


    Believe me, i know he’s a bonehead, but even so, he was good in 05-06, sticking up for players, like jagr, after Exelby would run him, and Hollywood would give him a elbow to the skull, it was great. But duri nthe middle of 06-07 his game changed, and i blame Renney for that. When it turned to 07, right up to 08, his game changed, and he couldn’t do anything right. He blew a lot of games for Nyr, including game 3, which in my opinion could have easily been won with the way Nyr started playing, when Jags tied it up. I hate him !!!


    • BillyDeeWilliams December 5th, 2008 at 2:46 pm
    I’m still here and posting. I think the board has toned down in the past week, but a lot of people have gone to just reading Sam’s posts and ignoring the comments section.

    – – – – – – – –
    Billy why do u think that is? y would a lot of people ignore the comments section? is it because Renney is being unjustly criticized in here? Or is it because they have nothing to say in his defense?

  3. yeah right, the Renny fans are ignoring the comments, sure they are, and I got a piece of land in Fl. i wanna sell you.

  4. the Renny lovers just don’t have an answer that stands up to the lack of structure, hunger and readiness on the ice that is the coach’s responsibility. it wasn’t just last night, it’s Vanc, Fla, the entire last month of poorly prepared crapola

  5. BillyDeeWilliams on



    truthfully, I think it’s because a week ago, you couldn’t say you supported Tom Renney on this comments section without getting bombarded from every direction by countless people…and it’s toned down since then. The amount of Renney hatred being spewed has gone down because I think most people realize that there’s really no reason to start fights on a blog comments section.

    like Nasty has said, we all want the same thing, and while some people think that will come by getting rid of Renney, others don’t.

    I’m not sure if you were being somewhat rhetorical in your questions and baiting me about Renney, but I still think this team can improve with Renney coaching…whether that has to do with him changing his coaching style around or the players not sucking, who knows.

    …and wd40. I understand you’re practically a God in this universe and all and you obviously know everything, but if you’re just going to be a dick, please don’t even bother. I understand where you’re coming from on hating Renney and anyone who supports him, so give it a rest.

  6. billy dee, i guess i object to the way you spoke for a wide range of people by declaring as a fact they weren’t reading the comments, how could you possibly know that to be true?

  7. That video was hilarious. That’s what happens when you’re a Predators fan. If you can’t take insults, don’t dish them out in the first place.

    It’s also more than a coincidence that she decides to come out with all of this NOW of all times.

  8. BillyDeeWilliams on


    the chances of me arguing with you over anything are slim to none. don’t bother.

  9. Renney “hatred?” Please — all I want is the New York Rangers to win a Cup. I don’t think Tom Renney is a good enough coach to see them through to that end. And I have argued forcefully and provided evidence to support my belief that he is lacking in bench skills and preparation and match-ups.

    So to call that legit criticism “hatred” is simply ridiculous.

  10. Avery speaks what is on his mind. At least give him credit for that. He might not be that smart, but hSo the story in the elevator tells me he doesn’t bullshit. What if he had said, “Oh, that would never happen.” Would you have said, “He’s a true Ranger,” and been happy he lied?

    Anyway, I have to respond to Orr and whattheheck from the last thread….about Colton Orr.

    Yes he doesn’t fight as much as he did. He is still a deterrent out there, though maybe not as much as he was or should be. And he kicked Godard’s ass.

    The other thing is this: His job against the Pens was to be on the ice f-ing with Crosby and getting in the Pens’ heads. He did that to a T. He popped Cindy a few times. He drew 4 mins from Orpik. He even got Therrien to start screaming.

    I do agree that his game has lost some edge and gotten too legit maybe and I like your Hollweg comparison. But not having Orr in the lineup is a mistake.

    That being said, he needs to bring that edginess as he did against the Pens to every game. Once we went down 2-0 last night, he should have started marauding out there. So in that regard, your frustration with him is warranted.

    However I will say this, my firm has seats that are in the penalty box at MSG and the guy who sits next to me here was at the Pens game in the seats said Orr’s hand was the size of a softball after the Godard fight. So maybe there is reason he didn’t take on Laraque last night.

    That’s OK, we had Prucha and Gomer making a statement by fighting for us last night. Thank God for that. Prucha is showing us he wants to stay in the lineup. Gomer on the other hand was frustrated at what a pu$$y he played like last night. -4 for the first time in his career.

    One more thing…my sources say that Gomer’s ankle was barely hurt when he took those games off. I hear he just was in a funk re: his playing and needed to recharge his batteries.

  11. BillyDeeWilliams on


    i never specified who or what was said. just because YOU make intelligent arguments that back up your points doesn’t mean everyone does.

  12. billy dee I actually i wanted to commend you because you among the Renny brigade have at least been willing to open your eyes as you did (last night or this am?) in writing that the lousy effort were nt isolated and could be seen vs. vc and fla. at least that shows a more open mind than lots of renny supporters. all for now

  13. BillyDeeWilliams on


    I definitely realize this team has flaws and they have to be addressed in order for them to go anywhere and I guess we all just disagree on how to fix that. that’s fine by me. The team has closed strong the past two years, and I’m hoping they can do it again.

  14. REPOST !

    I just realized that post at 11:45 AM i think it was, that wasn’t me, that was probably that stupid retard Graves9 forgetting to change the name back to Graves9 after he stole my name, ahahahaha, lol age catches up to everyone i guess, lol what a loser.

    Anyway, just wanted to get that out of the way.


    I knew i was forgetting something, but i gave up, Naturally was the word though, haha.

    Sorry I have a life didn’t post as you but hey thanks for showing class as usual. You deserve to be banned for being a classless punk ass bitch.

  15. The only problem I have with Avery in his confrontation with the Nashville fan is his grammar. He should have used the word on instead of in.

  16. The lady from that incident claims she never once used vulgarities… I’m gonna raise the BS flag on that one.

    Just take one look at her in the video. You think a person with that much to say sitting in those seats, yelling at Sean Avery; whom she admittedly has a hard-on for, is being 100% clean in terms of their diction? Yea f-cking right.

    I wouldve called her a c-nt as well.

  17. That last little bit of the video. That lady looked like she was lacing into Avery pretty good. Although, I find it pretty hard to believe she only called him a “turtle” She looked like the more aggressive of the two.

  18. BTW, I just read the whole article that was attached about the woman Griffith.

    You know what, F that old haggard B. She has those seats in the penalty box and is probably loaded up with $ so that she thinks her S don’t stink. She probably has the righteous attitude and that she can get away with what she wants. Then when a hockey player gets back in her grill and insults her, the reaction is, “How dare him react like that? Does he know who I am?”

    What a total B!

    My take: She is bored with her life. Her husband is probably out there snagging chicks 20-30 yrs younger than her behind her back and needs some new hobby in her life. I have no time for people like this who want to grab the spotlight because their life stinks.

    And another thing, this broad is from the American South? How much does she really know about hockey if she just started going to Nashville games when they were founded in the most recent expansion? A total joke!

  19. Orr

    I really liked the kid too. He brought energy to the game and he was a fast skater as well. But like you said, he game changed and he became “a detriment to the team” sorry had to use that phrase LOL

  20. That old broad got what she asked for. She wanted a response, and got one. She’s an old clown and should keep her mouth shut or expect to hear about it from whoever she is taunting.

  21. Graves I understand the need to react after that unprovoked attack but don’t get out of control and get into a flame war.

  22. BillyDeeWilliams on


    that’s exactly the way i felt after reading that. why should anyone have sympathy for that lady. she sounds like she’s exactly what Avery called her.

  23. Why hasn’t a Dman been recalled yet? Even if Redden is okay to go they need to get someone to push a guy like Kalinin.

  24. Wd40 – just to go back to your observation from Wednesday’s game, where you tried to correct me. You were wrong, it was Prucha who didn’t cover the point in the 1st during that game that led to a 2 on 1. Two minutes into the game. He was the high forward on the strong side when Girardi skated by him.

    Renney haters – which team went 4-8-2 last February with a nice six game losing streak in there?

    If you guessed the Stanley Cup champion Red Wings, you were right. Goes to show you that all teams lose games and it’s not the journey, it’s where you finish at the end of the year.

  25. Im sorry when you actually go out of your way to blow up pics of players to taunt him, then by the looks of the video yelling at him through glass as she clearly was. What do you expect him to say? Its SEAN AVERY! I think she was TRYING to get him all riled up and ask for something horrible to come out of her mouth so she can piss and moan about it.

  26. JJP, if prucha was the “high forward on the strong side’ as you say, that means he was the forward closest to the puck carrier Girardi, which means Prucha is supposed to support that man. the forward furthest from the puck (Gomez) and from the play then has the responsibility to cover for Girardi. if we’re talking about the same play you’ll see Gomez behind the net, far from either the puck or the point!

  27. I think that the league suspending him was silly, but calling in “freedom of speech” is kinda silly here. Can you say whatever you want at work without consequence and say its freedom of speech?

  28. Thanks for that harmless video Sam

    I swear the more this drags on the more I have to stick up for that knucklehead

    He is a jerk, I said it even while he was a Ranger, every time he’d run his mouth “He;s a jerk” I’d yesll as I laughed and enjoyed the games he played in.

    drunken idiot fans who need to say things to players are the bigger embarrassment here; and maybe someone who needs to only date hockey players is as well

    Where the hell is the NHLPA????

  29. JJP the only player we have on this team that is comparable to the talent level of detroits elite players is henrik. so if u have great forwards and great d u can recover from a slide. we dont have those forwards or that D, plain and simple and for all those that think sundin is the answer i disagree, he may help but he wont put us over the top….we need someone who can score, not another setup man (albeit sundin can prob put more in than gomez)….thats what happens when u grossly overpay for marginal defenseman and give one great thirdline center first line money

  30. Topher

    You are exactly right. At my place of work right before the election the ceo and I were talking about McCain and my “co worker” who I gotten along with very well is black. She over heard us (errr her being nosy) talking and our politcal views, now she has treated me different even since the election. LOL funny eh?

  31. Kaspar

    Apparently someone from the NHLPA went with him. Its just absurd how long he was suspended for…

  32. I would love to have Aves back! Plus i find it really funny when people have done worst things than Aves and he gets suspended for a dumb remark.

  33. Kaspar

    Thank you for the article. Its absolutely true. They forgot to mention Chris Simon, who as we ALL know is guilty of committing many atrocities on the ice. Simon agreed to take time away from hockey and “League disciplinarian Colin Campbell said that in his opinion, Simon had “repeatedly evidence(d) the lack of ability to control his actions,” and also stressed that this was his eighth disciplinary hearing” NO ANGER MANAGEMENT. This is a human being who needed it…

  34. Way to go Paul Kelly.

    FINALLY someone backs tha players’ and the NHLPA does their job, for once, while Bettman and cronies try to sabotage the league all for a personal vendetta.

  35. I would call up Potter he is solid in both ends of the ice. Sangenetti is about as bad as it gets in his own end he needs to stay the entire year in the Ahl and work on his defensive play.

  36. 6 games. This league is an F’ing joke.

    2 games to Mattaeu…Nielson is out 3 months with broken nose, leg, and concussion.

    Rutuu got 1 or 2 games? Again, flying elbow through the neutral zone.

    Last year Randy Jones descemated Patrice Bergeron, almost ended his life…3 games.

    And Avery gets 6 games for saying “sloppy seconds?!” OMG. There is no better evidence proving Colin Cambell is EXTREMELY biased in his punishment.

  37. from howlings dot net

    “The American Hockey League announced today that Quad City Flames center Jamie Lundmark has been named the CCM/AHL Player of the Month for November. In 13 games last month, Lundmark tallied five goals and 14 assists for 19 points. In recognition of his achievement, Lundmark will be presented with an etched crystal award prior to an upcoming home game.

    Raise your hand if you’re thinking this an April Fool’s joke! It’s not. What’s next, Dale Purinton being nominated for a Lady Bing?”

    BTW – just goes to show that AHL talent and nhl talent are 2 different things

  38. Mako, talking about politics at the workplace is always tough. I stay away from it. Anything nowadays is tough, I was actually a witness to a religious woman who was offended when someone was talking about R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet, I kid you not, it got really stupid and a coworker almost got fired..bad news. I try not to talk hockey anymore even because I get VERY heated about it and I almost lost it on a guy who made derogatory Rangers/Rangers fan comments when he knows as much about hockey as I do about uhhhhh..the Jonas Brothers.

    As far as the Rangers, look everyone: Drury and Gomez are not Superstars, they’re the equivalent of when the Rangers got Hedberg and Nilson in the late 70s. I don’t think they can win a Cup with those two as the team’s main focus. The D needs to get better/more physical, and the Rangers need an elite PP QB, Power Winger, and more 20G-20A support guys who could play first line on a bad team. (ie. Olczyck in 94 even though he was a Black Ace).

    The Rangers will not be true contender until Del Zotto, Bobby Sags, Anisimov, and Gachev who is gonna be this team’s Tomas Holmstrom are essential parts of the lineup and until Nicky Z/Dubi/Staal are a little older. I defiintely see Cally as a 20-20 support guy, and he needs some company whether it’s Hagelin, Weiss, or whoever.

    The Rangers also don’t have a rugged DMan. Will it be Mitch Gaulton or Mike Sauer? Maybe, maybe not. IF not, they have to go out and get a guy like a Beukeboom or a Beacheman; a young “project” which a team has given up on.

    That’s my long obnoxious rant. Peace.

  39. It is BS that its 6 games. Campbell cant do his job if his nuts depended on it. Simon gets 30 games for stomping on Rutuu’s foot, and Pronger got what ?? 5 games for doing the exact same thing ?? This guy needs to get fired, cause he’s horrible. Not saying Aves should get away with it, but a 1 game suspension is all he should get.

    Hopefully Campbell falls down some stairs, cause that’s what he deserves. His latest BS with Mottaeu was pathetic, the guy threw an elbow on purpose and he got 2 games i think. How embarrassing. This league is fully of retards, kinda like graves9 and bob. Ugh.


    I wouldn’t feel comfy with him out of the lineup either, cause this is such a soft midgety team. But he needs to do what everyone expects. The way that game was going, and the was they were playing, they needed energy, and unfortunately guys like Pruchs, and Gomer had to drop the gloves while Orr, and Voros didn’t. I didn’t like that.

  40. Wow, last night was such a clunker after a good comeback on Wednesday. I thought it was a good sign for us when Markov totally choked and missed the empty net, but it all went downhill from there. Just for my own health, I’m going to pin most of the blame on the travel, along with playing a very dangerous home team, especially if you catch Price on the wrong night. It’s not like he got much hard work in this game, though. That Dawes goal was a thing of beauty orchestrated by Zherdev. I was surprised to actually see the Canadiens think of people other than their own by inviting those former Rangers greats to the pregame ceremony. Oh, I found another positive from last night: 1-1 on the power play while 3-3 on the penalty kill, keeping our number one status in the latter without one of our best penalty killers. Get well soon Blair! Hopefully we get to see Potter in place of Redden on Sunday, too. I’m surprised he hasn’t already been recalled, unless it is to get him into another Hartford game first. Also, since this is my first post since two games ago, good for Prucha to get that game-tying goal and making me eat crow on Wednesday. Keep it up, Petr!

    I think the six-game suspension for Avery is completely out of line, especially considering that he did not harm anybody, and the suspensions for elbows to the head on the ice are usually three games or less, even for repeat offenders. I don’t think anger management is the answer so much as some other sort of therapy, but we’ll see where that leads. Clearly, the Stars are total dumb effs for giving him the reported no-movement clause with such a high contract number. They already had so many guys who could throw the body, irritate, and fight in Ott, Barch, and Morrow that they were one of the teams that didn’t really need Avery, besides the fact that it seemed Hull had a crush on him. It will probably take a lot of convincing for Avery to waive that NMC considering the oft-reported income tax breaks in Texas.

    I’m really looking forward to Sunday night’s game and getting to face another top-tier goaltender, even if it happens to be Valiquette in against him. Looking ahead in the schedule, I really can’t see where we will be slowing down in games in relation to other teams, but I’m guessing there will be a few less back-to-backs than normal.

  41. Orr did you not read Sam’s warning? you mongold you wanna start a war with me it will be a short one you low life scumbag. Go choke on your fathers cock oh wait you haven’t got a clue who your dad is. You sir are the king of white thrash.

  42. Been reading these boards for a while like the Hockey talk hate the flaming stop it guys. Orr buddy you have an issue with Graves keep it to yourself. No need to start a flame war.

  43. In addition, I could understand if the league suspended Avery for that length of games if they cited his pattern of behavior, but it seems like they are only suspending him for this one incident, so that is a bit odd.

  44. Colin Campbell is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. This is the man who thought Tim Sweeney was a much better hockey player than Alex Kovalev.

  45. Plus he proudly ran Zubov out of town. Imo this suspension is Bettman’s decision Campbell didn’t have much say in this one. Avery should have been fined and nothing else.

  46. NEWB,
    I agree. He really threw off Crosbabys game, but that was the first time I’ve seen him do something for the team this year. I mean the guy literally has done nothing…zilch. Wouldn’t you rather have another forward to help with our struggaling offense? We really need something to spark it. I mean the guy has had 1 good game out of how many now? If thats all that Drury had by now we’d still be dogging him out. Orr is a role player and is refusing to play his role. I’m not down with that. He fought with Godard, but really did not want to. Godard had to chase him around for a while, then slash him to get him to go. And the Montreal game and Florida game? We are down 3-0 and needed some sort of a spark? HMMMM! Where is he then?

    Check who said that! It wasn’t me. That would be Orr. I respect your opinion and I don’t even think I have ever had a major quarrel with you.

  47. Phalanx,
    Seeing as the video clearly shows that he never squirts her with a water bottle, I am throwing up the B.S. flag as well. And even if he did…cursing is part of the game. What do you think Gomez was saying to Koivu after the fight? “I really like your socks, they match your eyes beautifully” Come on. This bad boy is needed in the NHL and creates a lot of hype to games. I’m sure Elisha knew what was coming to her after dating him also.

  48. to compare gomez and drury, to hedberg, and nillson is not fair to hedberg and nillson. hedberg and nillson were great players in the WHA,and real good players in the NHL. gomez and drury(more gomez than drury) are nice players in the NHL.

  49. Heck I respect you too. I think you are one of the better posters here. I have ner had one issue with you.

  50. This is hockey, wtf is wrong with these pussies. Mike Milbury, the dumbass that he is, went and fought people in the stands! This is a joke and we need more Averys in hockey.

  51. The woman in this video doesn’t look like she’s 60 at all. Dellapina’s article made it seem like Avery went to the box and started abusing some little old lady sitting next to the glass.

    In fact it looks like the woman wasn’t too old at all, and in fact way more into abusing Avery than Avery was into responding to her. Very poor job by Dellapina in writing that article to make it seem as if Avery was the bad guy in that confrontation.

  52. Newb,
    I also think that this lady might secretly want Sean Avery. She seems a bit obsessed with him. This is B.S. on all accounts.

    I know its not your post and its “interesting” but its a load of horse crap and you should have read right through it.

  53. colton orr is a waste of a roster spot. he can’t play at all, can’t catch up to anybody to throw a check. who is he a deterant to? eric goddard, please!!!

  54. Graves 9,
    I must have read your comment at 3:35 wrong then? I’m pretty sure it says HECK as if it was addressing me?

  55. Dellapina works for the Nhl p.r department who would have thunk he’d write a crap article like that that is one sided against Avery.

  56. HECK – Orr definitely has not done as much agitating as last season, but I think he has played a good game for a fourth-liner. Sometimes he does not drop the gloves because it is not necessary, and Godard only wanted to get him on Wednesday for making Crosby cry.

    I remember seeing that Avery in Nashville clip on ESPN after it happened, and he did squirt water at her; can’t remember if it was at the glass or over the glass. I think it’s hilarious that she brought signs of Avery turtling; sounds like what Agravaine did last year handing out those small signs during the playoffs.

    Chris – Judging from her front-row seats, I would guess that she has paid for many cosmetic changes to her body, let’s just say. My mom is also 60 and does not look like a “little old lady” despite not having anything done. People age at very different rates.

  57. orr is a marginal NHLer at best. he should only dress when playing in the division (not against pitt). he will not dress at all come playoff time, he is a liability on the ice.

  58. Graves,
    Alright my bad. I dont want to get in the middle of things

    What did Orr do against the Sabres when we needed it? The Canadians? The Panthers? The Maple Leafs? The Senators? I agree he was effective in the Penguins game, because they can not do anything when Orr is headhunting Crosbaby but thats all I’ve seen out of him this season. Wouldn’t you want another effective offensive player in the lineup? Sure keep him in for games against Philly or other rough teams, but leave him out when we can

  59. Orr lost all the weight and has become a better player but due to the weight loss he’s lost some strenght and isn’t as good or feared of a fighter. It seems like he gets spun around and held off alot in his fights that never happened his first three years.

  60. the rangers seem to even be settling for less from there enforcer(orr). you can’t intimidate from the bench, you need to be able to play to intimidate. o reily, nystrom, kocur, and probert could all play hockey, that is why they were feared they were on the ice not the bench. heck even schulz scored 20 goals one season.

  61. fahey and potter are what we have all ready. i would like to see bobby sangs given a shot, to QB the PP. he does have 14 pts and that is a glaring need on this team, a power play QB.

  62. bull dog he is a disaster in his own end. The Rangers more than anything need a guy that can clean things up in their own end. I would call up Sauer or Potter.

  63. didn’t think potter was all that physical when we saw him in the pre season. i know sauer is a stay at home D, but is he physical?

  64. Potter is a nice two way dman that will hit and moves the puck well. Sauer is a do it all dman the problem is he’s about as injury prone as it gets.

  65. BULL

    C’mon, you seriously think Renney would put Sangs on the PP when he hasn’t put Staal there yet ?? Except at the end of the PP, which usually means Betts is out there too. No way. Id like to see him play with the team, he cant be any worse than Rozi, Kalinin, or Redden.


    I wouldn’t start “Wars” if my name wasn’t being used, at least i keep it G-Rated, unlike old man river over here.

  66. bull dog line
    December 5th, 2008 at 7:10 pm
    the rangers seem to even be settling for less from there enforcer(orr). you can’t intimidate from the bench, you need to be able to play to intimidate. o reily, nystrom, kocur, and probert could all play hockey, that is why they were feared they were on the ice not the bench. heck even schulz scored 20 goals one season
    Different game scoring was way up in the 70’s and 80’s nobody really has an enforcer that puts up points these days.

  67. Bull Dog-Fair enough, I wasn’t born yet when Hedberg and Nilson were around, but the late 70s/early 80s Rangers from what I’ve read seemed like a VERY good team, not a great team. I know the MTL series could have been different with Nilson.

    The Rangers apparently went to the Conference Finals in 81 too and if they could beat the Islanders woulda destroyed Minn. sad :(

    Sauer is physical but not like Beukeboom, he’s more positional and WILL hit if given the chance, but he’s not gonna nail someone just to be a badass. He’s confident with the puck and has decent offensive abilities. That kid is a good player, injuries (shoulder, knee, concussion) have really slowed him down. If he could ever stay healthy consistently, he MIGHT turn into a Brooks Orpik.

  68. Orr sorry don’t see it. You called him a retard and he rightly defended himself. I think if you’d stop with the personal shots he’d stop too. Again why take another shot in your ppost round and round we go. To quote Martin Lawrence can’t we all get along????? You guys just need to ignore each other posts. Call a truce or something.

  69. Orr
    I think the Gomer and Prucha fights were spontaneous..frustration and anger etc… I dont beleive (though I’ve been wrong before)that it was in any way an attempt to spark the team….

    You are right that thats what Orr, or to a lessor extent Voros’ job is but I think the game just got away from us too early…Habs were not bullying us out of the game either..

    Now..what NEEDS to be addresses is how comfy other teams feel crowding Hank..Oh man, theres a couple of guys on this blog reminding us that the biggest need we had was a head-banger on dee and it was NEVER addressed…NEVER..

    Thats where I’m left scratchingmy noggin and maybe Hank is too…Colton does his job..I mean if utilization of our 12th Forward is a hot button issue we are doomed boys

  70. so lets give Sauer a shot. wont’ matter though, our savior Redden will make a recovery. thought before season that kalinin would be a good signing. got that one wrong by a little bit.

  71. MikeA competely agree on Sauer. Jon I normally ignore his posts but when he takes classless shots at me I’ll fight back. If he doesn’t mention or respond to my posts I would be fine competely ignoring him.

  72. JON

    Yeah, calling someone a retard, compared to telling someone to stick a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger, lol, gimme a break, you don’t know what you’re talking aboot.


    True, Pruchs was pretty much forced to drop the gloves, but you’d think after that BS with Pruchs, that the team would get a little pissed off aboot it, but naturally, no. Renney’s little vagina boys didn’t do a fuggin thing. Fuggin ridiculous.

  73. mikeA THAT 81 was a fun team. barerly made the playoffs (injuries and retirements) it was the only ranger team i can remember that was tougher than any team it played against. hospadar, fotiu, kotsopulus, were all tough guys. lost to islander because they were great, and the rangers didn’ have goaltending.

  74. Must have been an old post or something Orr. Calling someone a retard is pretty classless in it itself. You seem to have a personal vendetta with graves let it go. Internet feuds are absurd.

  75. JON

    Do me a favor, skip my posts if you’re gonna whine aboot something you know nothing aboot.

    GRAVES / SteveJRogers

    Funny that you say that, cause the last time we had our little “Blog War” you kept it going, and i finally had to be the bigger man, and ignore your posts, but you kept responding to mine.

    Only reason im responding to you, and given you mini bashes here and there is cause you have no life, and you used my name. Like i said before, im having fun with this, but you’re taking it serious like a little girl. You’re 50, or maybe older, time to grow up buddy.

    Im not trying to make a “blog scene” or what ever you wanna call it. But i find it kinda funny that some people are whining aboot me, when i keep it G rated, or at least PG-13.

  76. ORR,
    thats what Sangs was drafted to do, run the power play. i wouldn’ mind seeing Stall on the PP, he seems to have good offensive instincts.

  77. Hey orr here’s the deal ignore my posts and I’ll ignore yours. Do not mention me or respond to my posts and I won’t mention you or respond to yours it’s as simple as that. Deal?

  78. Just wanted to say, the Rangers often pick up their game legs after a poor first period (or more). Sam and Joe are just wrong in talking about the team being tired. If you are physically fatigued, you do not become faster and more energetic as the game proceeds.
    So they should just stop trotting out that crap. Instead, they may wish to use more descriptively accurate adjectives, such as ‘listless’, ‘flat-footed’, or ‘wanting to take your game to the opponent challenged’ or something like that.

  79. Oh one more thing I didn’t use your name. I am not sure where you’re getting this from. Oh yeah I’m not Stevejrogers either.

  80. ORR – You think you keep it G-rated? hahaha
    And you’ve already admitted you have no life, so I don’t know why you’re pinning that statement on graves9; rediculous.

  81. You know what we need here Spider to keep the peace…a good old “Keep Renney-Fire Renney” debate

    I’ll start

    Fire Renney

  82. Or how about a good diarrhea story. Come on. They are always good for a laugh. I’ve shared many. Come on, go ahead someone. Let’s here a good one. That will surely lighten the mood.

  83. 2 more goals for Anismov. He has 10 on the year. He is one of the hottest players in the Ahl. Sauer and Potter both -2 2 tonight. Sauer has two assists though. Anismov is worth a look up here.

  84. Beer Me!
    I knew I could drag you back in!!

    Every time you think you are out Kaspar brings you back….


    I said PG-13 at the very least. And what do you mean i have no life ?? Must have been “someone” pretending to be me. You’ve seen me here for 2 years, maybe a little longer, don’t you know when someone’s pretending to be someone ?


    Yeah, that’s what he was drafted to hopefully do at some point in the future. But he wasn’t that great in pre season, he was decent, moved the puck pretty decently on the PP, but Del Zotto stood out more, offensively, and defensively. I just don’t think making him go from AHL rookie, to playing the point on the PP in his first NHL game. Don’t get me wrong though, at this point with the way things are going, between Rozi not shooting, and over passing, and Mara, and Redden missing the net 24/7, a rookie on the point doesn’t seem all that bad.

  86. Kaspar on the net. Plus my buddy lives in Hartford and has season tickets to watch the Pack so I get pretty good info on what’s going on with them.

  87. Well I’m stuck in my room on a Friday night in college in West Palm Beach because of my foot. Can this night suck anymore?

  88. Dubi or not Dubi on

    So, I worked way too many hours this week so I haven’t gotten a chance to holla at my boy PP! Atta Pruch! I was still amazed at how many people still hate on him for these three reasons: He gets knocked off the puck, he’s a wimp/wuss, and he can’t play defense. So, since I know that the PP haters seem to all be in the Renney/Drury contingent, I’ve decided to compare the two! Unfortunately, there is no stat to show “Strength on the puck”, but when was the last time anyone has seen Drury effectively carry the puck into the offensive zone? I can’t remember either.

    Career +/-, Chris Drury +4, Petr Prucha -3. Gee, a +7 differential? I thought Drury was one of the best 2 way players in the game? On the flip side, I thought Prucha is a HUGE defensive liability? What’s goin on!?

    Season Hits, Drury in 29 games has 9 hits, NINE! Prucha has 16 hits in 10 games. What a wimp!

    Heck (Not the poster), Drury has 18 giveaways and 17 takeaways while Prucha has 0 giveaways and 3 takeaways!

    Prucha has a 9.1% shooting percentage compared to Drury’s 9.2%.

    I could go on, but for anyone to want this sparkplug traded, unless it’s to a team where he can prove to Renney, Sather and Co. that he is a much better player than the role they have him playing in. If anyone needs more stats on the two, I will gladly look for them!

    Final thoughts: Fire the coaching staff, fire the GM, and let’s just start taking headshots on skilled teams! Why not! It’s practically legal! Just don’t talk to the media!

  89. talk about the pot calling the kettle black. that lady has 60 years under her, but she comes across as a 16 year old.

    six games is insane. i would have tuned in to the dallas calgary game just for that.

  90. I’m pretty shocked at the turnaround on this blog. You never expressed any dislike towards Avery last year when he was on the team but all of the sudden, he’s the worst thing possible. Why not just express your opinion as is all of the time? I understand that you probably didn’t report on things you saw that he may have been a part of that were detrimental to the team last year but it wasn’t as if you were apathetic to him; you seemed to genuinely like him as a member of the Rangers.

    Ultimately, the things you’ve said in this post can easily be discredited. What is an almost-60-year old women doing harassing a professional hockey player on a regular basis? Most people would have done the same thing in his situation if an unprovoked, unknown woman started attacking them. As for Avery going to the Islanders, is this supposed to express that he isn’t loyal? The anecdote really doesn’t say much about him as a person, but more about the contract situation and the overall nature of the sports business.

    Yes, Avery had it coming to him, and ultimately, this suspension, even though seemingly unwarranted, may do him well in the long run. But the Stars have no reason for the way they are reacting towards a player that has been on their team for two months.

    To suddenly harp on his every move is overboard.

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