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A  few thoughts over lukewarm coffee…

<li>Don’t forget, live chat during the Montreal game tonight, the first of an occasional series. I hope you can join me so we can call each other names in real time. No, seriously, I look forward to a serious, civil discussion.

Remember this will be the old-style typing chat, so you don’t have to worry about  looking at me and a Dmitri Kalinin outlet pass at the same time. That’s a little too much to ask around dinner time.

<li>Reader Zach writers, “Just wondering if anyone in the press box stood up and cheered when Prucha scored his goal?”

C’mon Zach, no cheering in the press box. It’s one of the tenets of sports journalism, right up there with, “Thou shalt not eat a big meal before a catered event.”

No, there were no cheers, but there was a satisfied smile or two. I was happy for Prucha because he’s a well-liked, well-respected guy around the team and he was teetering toward irrelevance. But the other part is that sports writers always root for good stories, and Prucha scoring the tying goal in his first game back in the lineup was a story even “I couldn’t screw up. Or at least I think”:

<li>Meanwhile, worth asking: Once they make it to overtime, do the Rangers play for the shootout? It’s a fair question when the team is now 7-1 in the skills competition, and even fairer when you see Blair Betts hop over the boards to perform his unique brand of magic.

Tom Renney and his players all claimed they were going after the win, and I actually did think they had the better of the chances in overtime.

But the answer is probably somewhere in between. The Rangers certainly don’t mind making it into the shootout. But in overtime as well as in regulation, what’s clear is that the more the Rangers retreat into a defensive posture, the more vulnerable they are (conversely, the more they attack, the better they are at stifling the likes of Malkin and Crosby). So in other words, while Betts and Fred Sjostrom are unlikely to be the pair to lock down the win, it’s not like those two are holding up at the red line, either.

<li>How about that Wade Redden? Just yesterday, we were talking about how the defenseman “has hardly lived up to his $39 million contract”: Twenty-four hours later….we’re still saying that. But nonetheless, it was an impressive, proactive, two-assist game for Redden, arguably his best game in a Rangers uniform.

<li>Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, here’s Marc Staal’s hit on Sidney Crosby in overtime.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving (although I have to say, would Rangers not love at least one forward who attacks the middle of the ice the way Crosby does?)

<iframe width=”480″ height=”289″ frameborder=”0″ src=”,2,362&event=NYR688″></iframe>

OK, more later…

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  1. Just for his character and desire to wear the jersey, Prucha deserves all the credit in the world …… and a regular place on the PP.

  2. Great win last night against one of the league’s most talented teams, made even better by Prucha’s goal. That guy is a Ranger, through and through. It was awesome to see him come up big when the pressure was on – the guy has clutch. Hopefully he earned himself some time in the lineup. Also, Colton Orr had his best game of the season last night, and watching Staal stand up Crosby just inside the blue line was great.

  3. Where are all the Prucha haters now – he was and usually is the hardest working ranger on the ice – who cares if he gets knocked down – he always gets right back up.

  4. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Great post Sam.

    I think they play for the shootout a lot, and that’s not the most terrible of things with how good Hank is at them. Last night, more than any other OT game this season, I saw them looking to make the offensive breakout and attempt to actually win it in OT rather than the shootout.

    And I couldn’t agree more with needing a forward who is willing to go straight to the net. It seems like every single rush is always pushed to the outside and they get more and more low percentage shots. It’s great to get 40 shots a game, but when most of them are from the outside, they’re not putting too much pressure on the goalie. This team needs a guy who’s going to go straight in and through the middle to make a play. Prucha used to make a habit of doing that, but he just doesn’t have the body to be as successful as the team needs him to be.

  5. NorthCountryRanger on

    Hey Sam who is one other forward…available forward who attacks the middle of the ice like cindy? I would love to see that on our squad, maybe Zherdev in a few years…

  6. ThisYearsModel on

    I thought that Gomez, Redden and Rozsival all had good games last night. Of course, my favorite feature other than the 2 points was the physical abuse on Crosby. Used to be, there would have been 4 penalties called on the Rangers for their physical play on Crosby. But it must also be said……he responded to the hits with an amazing 3rd period. Crosby took over the game in the 3rd. The Rangers were fortunate to escape the 3rd with a tie. Brooks notes that Crosby was whining in the locker room after the game, which I love. Good game last night.

  7. Zherdev is 5 years older than Syd, Crosby is a PIA but he is great

    Good call Sam on needing an attacker up the middle

    I wrote something on last blog, while demeaning MSG coverage, so I’ll ask Sam

    Last night the rangers “passed” out infront of their own net, with Pens in the zone, 12 times (yes we counted because it happens all the time)

    We did not count even “1” similar offense to the defense by the Pens

    is this an attribute of disorganized players, breaking cardinal rules on hocckey it their puck possesion style, meaning its part of the coaches plan??

    Can you ask him for me? Don’t tell him its Kaspar though; you think he hates Prucha?….

  8. I loved it Staal sat down Crosby (is that on youtube yet? I need to favorite it!!) Rozi sat down Malkin and we got two points … too bad they got one…

    live chat tonight should be fun :^) hopefully… if the boys show up.

  9. “Brooks notes that Crosby was whining in the locker room after the game, which I love.”

    When ISNT Cindy Crysby whining? Seriously… that kid, while a good hockey player, is a pansy.

    If Prucha can put together another solid night tonight at the Bell Centre then i’d say hes got a good chance at staying in the line-up. Prucha is the epitome of a ‘Ranger’

    What ever happened tot he ‘i am a ranger’ campaign, anyways? I only get the actual game broadcast because I watch on NHL Center Ice… but I havent seen a single ‘i am a ranger’ commercial this season.


  11. Glad for Prucha the person that he got a goal, not happy that he scored because now we’ll never hear the end about him being the “answer” on this blog. Be honest, one goal in twenty games sucks for a player who is supposed to score.

    Case in point on Prucha, in the 1st period one of the defensemen carried the puck in deep right past Prucha at the blue line and he went to the net instead of covering the point like he should – it led to a two on one that was luckily broken up.

  12. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Prucha also played like his career depended on this game. That’s something we haven’t seen from a lot of these players lately.

  13. JJP you’re dead wrong, the player who didn’t cover for Girardi on that rush was Gomez. try again with your bitter prucha jones.

  14. Great Game. Great win.
    Rozy also dumped crosby behing the net. Nice clip on Staal.
    I love how this team can come from behind and win.
    I also agree that Prucha is the easiest guy to cheer for on the ice, glad to see him get the goal.
    The lines are almost right, I was worried that all our firepower was on one line, the first line.
    Will the line stay the same for tonights game?

  15. “….arguably Redden’s best game in a Ranger uniform.”

    Sam….we are both Rye guys, Rye Rangers, Garnets, Pat’s Hubba Hubba, etc, so we have a history. But dude, come on! Wade puts up 2 pts on 2 goals and he played his best game of the year? Bro…you just said that as a journalist you can’t show emotion like the Prucha moment last night and there you are saying Redden is now Leetch?

    Did you catch that play in the first or third period when a Pen winger pushed the puck up the boards in the Ranger zone and Redden played neither the man or the puck and both went around him to set up an odd man rush down low? The guy would rather kiss the other team than hit them.

    Two points (2ndary assists) on plays that were 95% made by Gomer. Please.

    He doesn’t hit anyone or anything. His shots have been few and far between and weak when they actually get taken.

    I would say Redden looked decent last night. But his best game in a Rangers uniform? Either you are sugar coating it big time or he has been SO bad this year that you are admitting that most of his games so far have sucked donkey b*lls. Which one is it?

    He was only +1 despite being on for both NYR goals.

  16. BillyDeeWilliams

    “Prucha also played like his career depended on this game. That’s something we haven’t seen from a lot of these players lately.”

    I totally support Prucha but he plays like that every shift. He hit 6’5″ Gill on his first shift!!

    He put a big hit on Cindy behind the net also.

    He is without a doubt a machine. Dawes… not so much.

  17. I agree with Sam about Redden because saying it was his best game in a Rangers uniform really doesn’t mean a hell of a lot…the guy has been pretty awful for most of the season. It’s not like we have 3 years of Redden history in a Blueshirt to go on here. But hopefully there are even better games in the future.

  18. That’s right, Prucha leveled Cindy just minutes before scoring the tying goal. He also blasted other Pens on every shift. The guy plays pedal-to-the-metal every game.

    In every game he has played he has given 100% effort, and though he didn’t score, he created scoring chances and drew penalties. I haven’t seen that at all from Dawes or Fritsche. It’s time to clear up the logjam, Slats… those two should bring us a 7th dman so we can sit Rozi or Redden if they deserve it.

    Notice that it was Gomez on the ice with PP when they scored. Nice chemistry. I’d love to see Prucha with Gomez & Zherdev for a game or two, and on the 1st PP unit.

  19. And on Crosby: I cannot remember ever feeling so much animosity towards one of the league’s premier players. LaFleur of the Habs in the 70s, Gretzky of the 80s, Lemieux of the 90s, etc….all those guys were awesome and had all my respect as ambassadors of the game and for their incredible talent. Even Malkin and Ovechkin and Iginla now have earned soooo much more respect of mine than Crosby. Every friekin play he is over talking to the refs and whining. He also takes his fair share of little crappy pokes and slashes and crosschecks. Then he his getting uppity with Orr has the balls to bark at him from the bench behind Talbot and Godard. What a f-ing whiny little b*tch!

    On Betts: When he goes into the corner to muck it up it reminds me Don Maloney due to his persistence and aggressiveness. Anyone else (who can remember Donnie as a player) see this?

  20. Bottom line, effective game. NYR defense effectively shuts down 2 of the elite players in the league (except for the horrendous giveaway by Kalinin to Crosby that led to the 2nd goal). We only surrendered 2 goals to a contender while we allow 4 to the last place Panthers.

    Nobody ever said Prucha was the answer, but he stands a whole lot better chance of helping this team than, say, Fritsche. Prucha likes garbage goals, and that’s one thing we don’t have a whole lot of. The kid always plays hard, and hopefully his energy could be contagious on a team where it often looks like they’re mailing it in. A huge goal like that could be just what the doctor ordered for him, and if he really gets cooking, maybe our PP where he seemed to thrive. Everybody is talking about trading him and increasing his stock…bullshit. If he get’s going, keep him. We were doing OK with him in the press box, he can only help us.

  21. I lost respect for Malkin during last years series against the Rangers. I think he tripped up 1-2 players at the end of the one of the games they lost.

  22. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    Dawes is going through the same thing Prucha went through, or is still going throug…we’ll talk after tonight. Prucha played like his life depended on it nd hopefully he plays like that every night and we could have that 30 goal scorer back. Prucha is an all around player, great goal scorer, pretty good defensively, can hit (ask Cinderella Crosby), and can pass. The only person who is truly dissapointing to me is Renney. I really want to know why he hasn’t put those lines together all season and why they don’t practice the PP any. He should put that fourth forward on the point, someone who is at least a little dependable defensively (Drury? even though he is better camped in front of the net)

  23. wd40 – I’m pretty sure it was Prucha but I’ll watch it again tonight when I get home.

    Nelson – Malkin’s dirty plays were both on Mara. I’ve been surprised that he hasn’t retaliated as he said something to the press after the series and he obviously remembers stuff like that given his hard on for that guy on Ottowa.

  24. The coaching staff is lucky that the bench minor in the first period — how many too many men penalties can one team take — ended up being a forgotten footnote.

    Inexcusable in any event, but when it happens while you’re on a power play?? Beyond the pale.

  25. Despite last night, I still think Prucha should go. He’s just too small to excel in this league. In the post-lockout year, he could score 30+ b/c the refs were serious about clamping down on interference and clutching and grabbing. Prucha had space and time to score. Today, the refs don’t call that stuff nearly as much, and so Prucha just doesn’t have the same space/time to create anymore, and he doesn’t have the size to make the space/time himself. Anyone thinking that he can go back to being a 30+ goal scorer is dreaming.

  26. Yeah, that’s right JJP.

    I used to always say I think Malkin was a more skilled player than Crosby…but they both are spineless pansies.

    Still curious about who will be in goal for us tonight.

  27. What is with Dubinsky lately?

    I’m not sure whos fault the too many men penalty was. They showed his disgust (with himself) when the penalty was announced. He was really pissed at himself and had to be feeling guilty. Then, he’s on the ice for the PK and blows coverage on Eaton who scores the goal.

    I’m not bashing Renney for putting him out there but if the guy is that upset with his play, does it lead to more mistakes?? Maybe he should have been in the box instead of on the ice. I think there are enought PKers for that.

  28. Credit where credit is due:

    Larry Brooks’ reference to the middle period of last night’s game as “the sloppy second” is pretty darn funny.

  29. casue we all love when everyone posts lines heres another one

    nas gomer prucha
    drury nikki z and cally or/sjos
    dubi korp and cally/sjos
    voros betts orr, id like to see voros and orr become the bash brothers circa portman and reed of the mighty ducks

  30. Reminder that Prucha and Fritsche are depth right wingers and Dawes is the current depth left winger. If these guys can be kept happy (and sharp) while not playing, they provide the team with some injury protection should any one else go down. They can also be used for an occasional kick-in-the-pants for an underperforming Voros,Korpikoski et al.

  31. MAKO:
    Yes, I didn’t remember what the PC term was.


    In any case, Prucha, Zher, and Orr have been the only players that have shown significant efforts this year. Without the King, the record would be a disaster.

    Something needs to change.

  32. A full game 60 minute effort last night
    Even if there were moments of of Shittsburgh getting the momentum, and the PP was 0-3, (but so was Shittsburhg’s)

    So Happy for Prucha, good to see the whole team freak out and be a happy for him.

    Orr had the type of game which completely shows why he is on ehtis team. Beat the crap out of Goddard, and did his job to perfection last night. ANyone else see Therian screaming at him? That guy is more of a pus&y than Crosby

    Staal’s hit was one for the ages.
    Standing O for a hit. Staal is going to be Ranger for life, and who isn’t happy about that?

    Transcript from the hit –
    Crybaby: I’m going right to the net and scoring a ..
    Staal: No your not, sit down, how’s my shoulder taste?!
    Crybaby: Owww, I’m telling your borther you pushed me!
    Staal: Your a Pus$y

    Got to love it!!

    Now let’s bring it tonight so we can shut that wannabe French crowd down in Montreal

  33. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    OMG Newman – I haven’t heard Pat’s Hubba Hubba in years! Brought a smile to my face!!!

  34. KPH:

    “Despite last night, I still think Prucha should go. He’s just too small to excel in this league.”

    Are you effing kidding me?

    Prucha is 6’0″ 175 lbs.

    Gretzky 6’0″ 180 lbs.
    Lafleur 6’0″ 185 lbs.
    Drury 5’10” 190 lbs.
    St.Louis 5’9″ 177 lbs.
    Gilmour 5’11” 175 lbs.
    Cornoyer 5’7″ 172 lbs.

    So six of the best all time NHL players (among many more) were too small for the league? I know, you’d rather have a team full of Hal Gills and Ken Daneykos, Rich Pilons and Derek Boogards , right?. Lots of height and weight but no skill, no reflexes, no talent.

    Give me a break. The smaller guys have the most talent, speed and best reflexes in the league.

  35. Who Needs Lohan on

    Since I couldnt hit you into the boards, that was the next best thing!! HAHA! Sorry, couldnt resist…..

  36. RocketNYR –

    PLEASE do not compare Drury to the other names on that list. He is not at all close to that type of player. He’d have to put up 50 goals/100 points for the rest of his career, which is clearly not happening.

    Drury is clutch. He’s a good two-way player. He’s a 30 goal scorer. He is NOT one of the all-time greats.

    I do agree with your main point though, about size not being that important a factor. Prucha can function in this league at his size…he just needs to play every game the way he did last night.

  37. NEWMAN

    What are you blind ?? What aboot that semi lunging poke check Wade made to GET the Puck to Gomer, who then SHOT IT WIDE OF THE FUGGIN NET !!! Luckily Pruchs went straight to the net and was able to get the rebound off the boards, but that play was set up by good work from Wade. He hasn’t been great but he had a better game last night, and that tying goal wouldn’t happen without him.

    Orr was great last night, he put Crybaby on his ass two times. The best was one he threw his shoulder into his chest on the point and put that prick on the ice. GREAT !! Then he bitched Godard like he usually does, then he nearly had a breakaway, but ohhh, very conveniently the ref was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ICE, and Orr lost the fuggin puck, ugh stupid refs. But he was great, and Pruchs was really good minus his giveaway. Hank was great again.

    And don’t forget Rozi losing the puck to Crybaby, and there was a wide open net, for Crybaby to score on a wrap around, and Dru saved a goal with his stick, and over a minute later, Pruchs tied it up.

    Hopefully tonight we can finally put the 6-5 loss from last season to bed, with a win tonight. Im sick of hearing aboot that game. They need to win this. C’mon the Trashers scored 3 goals in 50 secs or something, against them in one period. Price is good but he lets in a few ones. Kick his ass !!! And i hope Orr drops Lacrackhead like a sack of potatoes.

  38. Nelson,

    You’re a joke. We played well last night. That was a solid win. Not a tampa/florida shoot out win but a win against a top 5 team in the league.

    Get your head out of your ass.

  39. Anybody hear the Dallas Stars players & coach talking about Avery last night ? Sounds like no matter what happens with the Bettman meeting , the Stars don’t want him back.

  40. Rocketnyr:

    Do you seriously believe that the league Gretzky and Lafleur played is is anything like the league today? Please. We’ll never see what Gretzky did ever again, not only because he was a once in a lifetime talent, but also because the league has completely changed since then.

    I take Rob C’s point about Drury (as much as I love him) not having the talent that the others on that list have.

    As for the others, none of them ever got knocked on their ass on a regular basis like Prucha does. Sure, some exceptionally talented small guys, like St. Louis, can excel. But, they are the exception not the rule, and Prucha is no St. Louis. I stand by my point, and I never said I would rather have a team full of goons–I would rather have a team full of Alexander Ovechkins and Jaromir Jagrs.

  41. The Stars have already removed Avery from their roster.

    On Brandon Dubinsky,I think his play has tempered those $4-5 million offer sheets possibly being in his future.

    Chris Higgins-2 years/$3.4 million
    Tomas Plekanac-2 years/$3.2 million
    Robert Nilsson-3 years/$6 million

    That is his next contract

  42. TONY

    What are they saying ??

    Also did anyone catch that idiot Giannone asking Crosby if he would ever play for the Rangers. What an idiot.

    Last nights win, eh it was a shootout win which we’re having to many of, but its a win, and an extra point. The positive thing to take out of this is, the last 3 games we played against the Penis’ we managed to come back after being down 2-0. Including game 5 of the playoffs. This team needs to start finishing teams, cause we’re not looking to impressive if you take our shootout wins away.

  43. Now is the perfect time to trade Redden for Avery. Bring up a defenseman from the minors. Talk to Avery and make some kind of deal that he cant talk to the media or some crap and bring him back. He is the spark plug we are missing. Redden really is terrible.

  44. 22figure8

    We honestly root against Rangers having a PP in our living room watching the game

    occasionally I scold the children for clapping when a penalty is called on opposition; they remember and say “sorry Kaspar we forgot”

    Because for two years it couldn’t score ; thats bad enough; but now it gives up as many goals as our PK does!!

  45. I’ve said it since 05/06. This team is going NO WHERE in the ‘new’ NHL unless the power play gets to 22-24% effective.

    Look at Detroit… they were 33% last week (haven’t checked this week’s)… I think about it like this.. let’s say you go 0/5 on the PP in a game.. that’s 10 minutes out of 60 that the other team had 4 players on the ice.



    What happened to that mantra?

  46. ERIC

    I think Wade has a NTC, and he’s not gonna accept a trade when his teams in 1st place in the East. Get used to him, cause if anything he’s gonna be here all year, and and for another 5 most likely unless he plays like Malik, Rachunek, Ozo, and Rozi in one !!

    Fugg Avery, this team doesn’t need him. His distractions, or what ever. For some reason, i feel like Aves could retire. He has more options outside of hockey that he’s more interested in, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Trade Pruchs to Nashville for Tootoo !!

  47. Right on Kaspar. Remember 3 years ago when, on a 5 on 3, JJ and Shanny would take the point and pass back and forth until setting up a one timer? It worked a few times back then. BUT! It hasn’t worked for 2 years so why is that still the preferred play on 5 on 3? URGH!!!

  48. KASPAR

    Im the same way, my moron brother kept crying last night “ehh why cant these refs give Nyr a PP”, i don’t even care aboot getting a PP anymore, cause if they give up so many Shorthanded goals, what’s the point of having one ?

    Pearn needs to get fired, just as a wake up call. These guys like the guy, so they gotta know, if you don’t score on the PP, that guy you like so much is gonna be without a job, cause of YOU !!!!

  49. Orr

    Threaten to Fire Pearn; tell them unless they improve they’ll give Avery the PP coach job!!

  50. Tony

    Did Avery just get worse or are all the Rangers ( except Vally) as big of jerks as he is??

    The guy always came to teammates defense while he played here didnt he

    My God!! I’m defending Avery and seeing Eric’s idea as a good one!!

    Hope I still can get into heaven…or at least the FlyBoy Club

  51. Bene rem gere,

    Are you joking about Dubi being at fault for not covering Eaton? I hope you were. Kalinin gave the puck to Crybaby and before you could sneeze the puck was in the net. Everyone was out of the zone but Kalinin.

  52. Kaspar
    I don’t think he got worse, I think when he was a Ranger Shanny helped him . I’m not supporting or hating him.
    BUT, I do think that the Dallas Stars don’t want him any more.
    Remember he was not liked in LA either.

  53. Nicholas,

    What does that mean that was “removed from the roster”? The NHLPA doesn’t have a thing to say about that?

  54. “Prucha is the epitome of a Ranger”

    Yeah, true… inconsistent, doesn’t score enough, doesn’t have size, doesn’t backcheck enough, is a defensive liability.

    Kidding! Just a joke. Don’t get all riled up.

    Nice to see him get that tying goal. Keep it going tonight Pruchs!!!

  55. Nicholas and Chris
    Here is a REPOST from last blog:
    I’m thinking the same way………


    Meanwhile on the Avery front;

    Where the hell is the NHLPA on this? has anyone heard anything?

    Its like when Brian Burke and Darcy Regier both went publicly ballistic about K-Lowe offering a contract to Penner; where were they then?? A negotiated part of the CBA was being utilized as it was meant to and GMS are not only crying but hinting at real collusion..

    If these things happened in baseball the MLBPA would be taking the league and owners to court

    no matter what you think of Avery the fix is in; Dallas blew it and they want to squirm their way out of the contract and Bettman is helping on his “boys”

  56. Live by how the old saying goes. “Be kind to the people you meet on the way up, because you’re gonna meet the same people on the way down” I’ve liked the guy because he always plays with an edge and did some great things for the Rangers. But I really think he is getting the s*it end of the stick. And you are all right… why isnt the NHLPA getting involved in this?

  57. What Avery said was not that big a deal IMO. Crass and lame, yes, but not that outrageously vulgar. Its just that the league and the Stars have gotten to the end of their ropes with him.

    Orr’s hit on Crosby was really very clean. It looked worse than it was because Crosby was off balance and fell heavily. Why was Therien throwing a fit? The Rangers need more of that – the Avery effect: distract and bang the other teams elite players and watch them self-destruct. Now, if the Rangers could score on the powerplay it would help. Wasn’t Voros supposed to replace Avery’s as a pest? He is invisible in this regard.

  58. Who Needs Lohan on

    MAKO, I think they arent involved because his actions were pointed directly at another NHL player. So to get involved is to choose sides? I dont really know or care, but I am bored so I figured Id offer it as a possibility….

  59. Who Needs Lohan on

    Voros isnt as good at being a pest because he doesnt know when to walk away (or in this case skate away). Thats what made Avery so effective (and what makes that DB Ruutu effective as well). He would frustrate the opponent so much by not taking the bate. Voros doesnt realize that yet…..

  60. Moab –

    You are correct. Last night had the signs of how this team should play game in and game out. Albeit, tiring physically, but they should be crashing and banging the opposing teams top players with the same tenacity they have with Cindy and Malkin.

    Now if they could just get their PP going….

  61. Lohan
    you’re probably right to a point but; he’s the only player being disciplined, and at that point its Player vs League Mgmt, they should be all over it…point being they are a weak union and so when the CBA expires expect them to have the hammer delivered to them again

    We can all stop worrying about 6 year contracts and ten year contracts, they’ll be bought out again…same as in 2004-05

  62. Lohan

    Oh yeah I know :) But other players in the NHL have and are dating women he has already dated. But again, we can debate that although he didnt name names, everyone knew who he was talking about.

  63. Kaspar & Lohan

    Did someone mention that Ray Emery although not as crass as Avery pretty much disrespected the Sens in the same manner? When the media asked him why he was late to practice a few times he answers “Because I decided I wanted to sleep in”

    Ummm that in my book is first hand disrespect to YOUR TEAM. Not to your ex or some other player. And yet Emery was still with the Sens but they suspended him a game or two.

  64. Richard,

    Give a ways happen. Everyone is responsible defensively and Dubi was the closest guy. Maybe he had no chance but it was his man in the slot and Eaton beat him to the net.

  65. Hockey Coast to Coast

    with the canadian government in a position to be over thrown and have the opposition form a coalition leadership, the debacle in alberta over mean mr avery insulting not only our captain, our all star defence man and his homegrown girlfriend….what canada needs is an original six match up ….live, coast to coast on CBC network Rangers!!!

    when all else seems to be failing we just want to watch hockey!!

    and when your team (the dallas stars) throw you under the bus, it has more to do with the “BIG PICTURE” than just a calculated comment to the media, wake up and stop defending this guy!!

  66. Who Needs Lohan on

    IMO if he could land that, he’s earned the right in my eyes to say just about whatever he wants about other players if it doesnt cross race or religious lines!

  67. Who Needs Lohan on

    Hey, if it wasnt for Avery bangin hot celebrities I’d have a different screenname……

  68. “Wasn’t Voros supposed to replace Avery’s as a pest? He is invisible in this regard.”

    Unfortunately… he was doing that the first few games and got a taste of what great results can come. But then he thought he could be something else (a real goal scorer) and stopped playing the agitator role… and its gotten him nowhere.

  69. Orr…you usually have good posts so I won’t get into a battle with you.

    I wrote that Redden played decent. I didn’t say he was terrible last night. I saw the pokecheck. I was at the game. Then I watched the highlights. (In fact, I just watched it again…Prucha touched the puck before it went to Gomer before he shot it wide. The only reason Redden got the assist was because Prucha scored the goal. If someone else had been there, Pru and Gomer get the assists.) And, pleae don’t tell me Redden deserved any assist on Z’s tip in goal that Gomer rushed into the zone and then around the zone either.) But that is besides the point.

    I clearly stated that Redden played OK. But to say it was his best game in a NYR uniform is a little much. Either he has been horrendous up until now (which no media person has REALLY said) or everyone is trying to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t (which sadly is too commonplace.) I was taking Sam to task for forgiving Redden of his poor excuse for hockey (and $36mm over 6 years) based on last night’s reasonable performance.

    I have a bigger issue that our biggest offseason needs were for a bonecrushing D-man and/or a PP QB and Redden was supposed to be the latter. He is terrible on the PP (thank God for Girardi) and probably doesn’t even check his coat at a restaurant.

  70. A few bad blemishes…but a feel (very) good win. So fun to see Crosby pounded upon all night and then to see Petr pull off the goal was just awesome. 3 sweet SO goals cap this off… very cool.

  71. bene rem gere and richard….

    i saw the highlights again of that goal. kalinin is 80% to blame. he gave it away and then did’t bother to lay into crosby when he went behind the net. (but i must add that the giveaway wasn’t just a giveaway. it was a cross ice fluttering pass in the D-zone giveaway which is like the mother of all giveaways. who the f makes cross ice passes in the d-zone at a puckspeed that wouldn’t rip through paper?) then when cindy circled around kalinin wasn’t close enough to him on either side of the net, mara went for the puck instead of picking up the cutter who dubi let walk in unmolested.

    i think it was 80-10-10 in the responsiblity and that’s being generous to kalinin.

    consider this: if a guy scores on a breakaway caused by a mid-ice giveaway, is it the fault of the guy who couldn’t catch the guy breaking away?

  72. Best part of last night aside from the 2 pts….Crosby getting pounded by everyone, Colton Orr kicking butt and drawing penalties, and Therrien crying like a little B.

  73. All I have to say about the Eaton goal was the puck was placed on Crybaby’s stick by Kalinin and before I could say “holy sh^t” the puck was in the net. So Newnewman, take your other 20% and stick it in your pie hole 100% Kalinin fault.

    As for your other question it is the fault of the guy who turned the puck over.

  74. Phalanx – agreed. That shiner looked good on Voros though maybe he’ll go back to agitation land.

  75. onecupin67years on

    Staal’s hit on Crosby was nice , Scott Stevens would’ve K o’d him, Staal needs to get stronger for the KO

  76. Thanks guys :) Yeah I saw that 15 sec clip of him walking out of the building. WOW I just cant believe the turn of event of what happened…

    But Im glad that most recognize that at the beginning of the season Turco didnt play well and as a result was the start of the Stars downfall for the first 1/4 of the season.

  77. I gotta say; the more I hear people in the media chime in on this the more it seems like piling on to get rid of a square peg….

    If Shanahan was the difference between Avery playing here the last two seasons and being “stupid” according to the Stars players quoted on TSN “too dumb to learn the system” etc etc…the I say fire Renney now and hire Shanny as our coach!!

  78. Gotta get this off my chest! Joe Micheletti YOU ARE A ASSHOLE!!!!!!!! If I heard one more time about how Pru shouldve went down I was ready to run to the Garden and choke the Old Coot. Joe you sucked as a player and as an announcer you make me wanna puke. As much as Sam Rosen and his combover is a Garden yes man YOU take it to a new limit. Who cares what you have to say Retire to wherever you came from. And to cap it off when Pru scored you talk about how Renny had a hunch. I got a hunch about you SENILITY

  79. Kalinin gave the puck to Crosby on a platter but Dubi didn’t cover his man properly. He was too far behind to even stick check properly. I didn’t see the other players when Kalinin handed it over but it seemed like there was enough time to cover players coming through the slot. Also Kalinin’s partner was there but got caught in non mans land trying to double team Crosby and had the puck go right through his legs.

    Blame enough to go around…

  80. We approach gametime…sweet , can’t talk , must get primed for the game . Go Rangers Goooooooooo , I hate the HABS!!!! Dam , freaking out fans , they cheer for no reason at all sometime. ” Koivu skates into the zone , as the fans start screaming!!!!” On the road for us could be a good thing but when its in Montreal …I duno …If they scored the first 2 goals we could be in for a long night . Even still , I believe when the Rangers crank it up , no team is safe.

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