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Here’s my story in today’s paper “about Wade Redden’s slow start”: with the Rangers. Most telling was his response to my question about whether he’s feeling pressure to live up to his $39 million contract.

“Yeah to be honest with you, I do,” Redden said. “But at the same time, I tell myself to be the player I am. I can’t do anything different whether I’m making $1 million or $5 million, or what I’m making – $6.5 million. I’m still the same player and I’ve got to go and do as well as I can. I can’t let that reflect on how I see the game. … If that doesn’t measure for other people, I think at the end of the day, I have to look at myself and know I’ve given all I’ve got. That’s all I can ask.”

This all gets back to the question the other day about whether Redden plays with enough urgency. From where I sit, Redden looks like he could shift up a few gears. Tom Renney has countered by saying Redden’s intensity is masked by a passive facade.

The reality, as others have pointed out to me, is that this essentially is who Redden has been for several seasons. When things are clicking, he looks poised and in control. When they’re not, he looks like he’s coasting.

Needless to say, that’s not a reputation you want around MSG — especially when you’re eating up as much cap space as he is.

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  1. Sam-

    Great article. Next time, please ask Renney why his ENTIRE team plays with ZERO urgency. IMHO, It’s SIMPLE. There is absolutely NO fear in these players that they will be benched or scratched for a game.

  2. “Masked by a passive Facade”……haha Are u joking……I think Renney speaks for himself when talking about Redden. Renney is the one whose intensity is masked by a passive facade. No anger, no emotion on the bench, no fist pump when the rangers score a big goal. Coaches job to prepare the players to come out and play, and play CONSISTENT HOCKEY.
    Get rid of Fritsche, Dawes, Bring in Mats as 2nd line center, I love Dubisnky, but right now he is 3rd line center material.
    Oh and why is Korpikoski still in the NHL? This guy is gonna bounce from the AHL to the NHL like a set of double DD’s. up down up down up down

  3. all you clowns who wanted avery back.. the guy is a mess..the only thing he was good at was countering jagr’s lackadaisical attitude

  4. Good article, Sam. At least Redden is self-aware. Sometimes I don’t think a lot of pro athletes are.

    I’m glad Prucha is returning to the lineup tonight. It was time to shake things up, and he always plays with a certain level of desperation. I’m excited to see him and Dubinsky work together…have they ever played with each other on a line? I don’t think they have.

  5. Everyone is blowing this Avery thing out of proportion. This is not his family member, it is only his girlfriend. I believe the NHL should of allowed Dion Phaneuf or Jerome Iginla to handled this the old fashion NHL way, on the ice and with fists. Oh yeah but then again that is the image the NHL is trying to go against. Bring back the old NHL.

  6. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I didn’t get to chime in on the Avery debacle, so I figured I’d do so now. I don’t think he deserved a suspension, but I did love the way the Stars organization handled it. I didn’t see one encouraging word from anywhere within the organization. That’s something the Rangers wouldn’t dare do the last two years. If Avery embarrassed everyone, there were a lot of no comments and a lot of “Well, that’s Avery being Avery.” I guess it’s more that the NY media would have blown the story out of proportion if it happened here, so they’ve gotta watch their tongues or there’s even more unnecessary nonsense than usual.

    Just thought this kinda ties into the way Renney talks about his players. In New York at least, there’s really no way you can “bash” your players without the media taking it and misconstruing it and making a story out of nothing, causing chaos in the lockerroom and putting the players under added stress. I’m not blaming the media…just saying there’s a different way it’s gotta be handled around here.

  7. I am surprised the NHL does not come down on other instigators such as Jarkko Ruutu the same way they did with Sean Avery.

  8. Redden isn’t the best deal for $6.5m but we have to deal with it. At least he isn’t as awful as Ottawa fans say he is.

    He’s a career .5 ppg d-man.. that’s pretty good IMO… while he has 10p in 27g (so below .5 ppg), is it entirely his fault? I hardly see him get a shooting lane on the PP.. what he was brought to QB…

    I’ve seen him make some nice offensive plays that lead to juicy rebounds (who no one was near) or just little plays that show his upsides… there’s a reason he gets paid lots of money.

  9. Dear Jebus,

    Please let Prucha score tonite so he’s not back in a suit on Thursday.

    Thank You,

  10. I think today’s Redden is, unfortunately, the best Redden we’re ever going to see.

    He’s average, plain a simple. He’s just an average run-of-the-mill defenseman. The only thing that makes him different from the Dan Girardi’s of the world is he has a superstar’s contract.

    Wade put up a lot of points pre-lock out and had a great season when Ottawa went to the Cup finals and were absolutely lethal offensively.

    Those days are long behind and he’s really not going to get much better.

    So you can call it a “slow start” if you like, but I don’t see him getting any better.

    He doesn’t even show “flashes of brilliance” like say a Rossival even does.

  11. In life, you never want to rely on luck. You never should expect that to reach your goal you must be lucky.

    People are not lucky. Luck just happens and it is totally random. That silly bouncing puck is a constant reminder that luck exists and it is, at times, very unkind.

    I found myself wishing that my team and one of its players could just get one lucky bounce. It was probably wrong to make that wish. They are a good team. A team or player should not need luck to succeed – ever. Sport is opportunity. Teams and players generate opportunities. Teams and players who make the most of their collective opportunities are the ones that succeed.

    The team is the Rangers and the player is Petr Prucha. Why would they need any luck at all? Petr Prucha needs no luck. He is a hard-working skilled player who needs a chance to capitalize on some opportunities. A chance he had been given early-on. And given that chance he was able to bank those opportunities.

    Now, tonight, with a chance at opportunity, a lucky bounce here or there wouldn’t hurt either.

    Good luck Mr. Prucha

  12. FIRE RENNEY—Look,NOTHING good is gonna happen as long as Renney is the coach.He has ZERO leadership qualities as a coach,and his defence SUCKS,3/4’S OF IT DOES ANYWAY.
    Let’s at least get a d-man and a ligetimit scorer in here and see if that helps…..
    Pern is just as bad NO PP for 2+ years now”WAKE UP SATHER,DO SOMETHING”
    All this said I still do and ALWAYS will love our Rangers,but com’on we’re not stupid slats are you????????

  13. peter laviolette was fired in carolina.

    paul maurice is expected to take over.

    but we still have renney, how did we get so lucky.

  14. One more thing,are we gonna have to give up somebody,or bodiies to get what we need,absolutly. Do we need need to ABSOLUTLY………Com’on Sather it’s my birthday.

  15. As a longtime Ranger fan I want to observe that I cannot recall a year where fans were satisfied (with few exceptions) with the meagre results we’re getting from our forward lines. It’s past time talking about our skill players not playing with urgency. In my opinion, fix the power play and you improve our chances of winning games. It’s simple to state this, but our coaching staff is stumped on how to go about doing this. Simply trotting out the same guys and we’ll continue to languish in the bottom third of the league in PP efficiency (not to mention giving up an awful number of short-handed tallies). The coaches have to really shake up the personnel they use on the PP. They have little to lose and much to gain by experimenting with other players when we have the extra man.

  16. I hope Prucha does get a real shot tonight. Like real ice time and time on the power play. Giving the kid 9 minutes of ice time with Korpo is hardly a fair shake, the 3rd line is a defensive minded line primarily. They shouldn’t be expected to score, especially in as little ice time as they get. I’d like to see Prucha run wild tonight. As much as he’s been itching to get back in the game, I bet he has the energy of a rabid ferret. Give him the ice time. This team could use a spark plug to jolt it’s listless ass back into the game. Maybe Prucha could fill that role. PRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHHAAA

  17. Tell me why Tom Renney should get the boot before Glenn Sather?

    Glenn Sather: 8 years, 3 playoff appearances
    Tom Renney: 3 years, 3 playoff appearances

    To me, Glenn obviously goes first. Tom Renney didn’t sign Wade Redden to a 6 year deal. Tom Renney didn’t sign Bobby Holik or Pavel Bure or give long-term contracts to Theo Fluery and Eric Lindros.

    Tom Renney didn’t draft Hugh Jessiman and Al Montoya.

    Tom Renney didn’t trade Brian Leetch for a bag of pucks.

    At least Tom has a plan, whether it works or not, there’s no arguing the guy is trying.

    Glen has been flying by the seat of his pants since day 1 with the organization.

    Not one 2-year period meshes together as a “plan”. He’s just signed guys randomly.

    Any of us could have done the job he’s doing. Sign a random guy, hope he works out. Draft a random guy, hope he works out.

    Teams like Detroit and even the Devils sign and draft specific types of players.

    Glen has not done that and there is no sign that points that he’s going to start anytime soon.

  18. Renney might go down as a genius if Del Zotto achieves the potential that he’s going towards… drafting genius… not coaching.

  19. prufan:

    “renney claims that prucha is not “game ready”… does anyone know what that actually means??”

    Yeah.. it means that he’s in the same condition as Renney.

  20. Yesterday from Andrew Gross:

    “Meanwhile, while Renney talked the other day about being more concerned with the flagging power play than switching lines, he again did not practice the power play during today’s practice.

    That’s becoming problematic. Some players, privately, are grumbling that the power play is rarely, if ever practiced.”

    So, please don’t assume Renney is trying when he clearly isn’t with the PP.

  21. Brandon:

    “Tell me why Tom Renney should get the boot before Glenn Sather?”

    1) If Sather goes, Renney goes too. Any new GM will bring in his own guy.

    2) They both suck, but firing Renney will have a much more immediate impact on the team.

    3) Sather isn’t the one who won’t practice the power play. Sather isn’t the one who is clueless behind the bench during games. Sather isn’t the one who plays every game hoping for the tie and shootout. Sather isn’t the one who buried a 30 goal scorer when the team is desperate for offense.

  22. Like I said a few blogs ago the pp gets better when we gat a d-man better yet 2 d-man and a GOAL scorer we have 6 high energy fowards lose 2 of them,any 2 and move our over paid backline or else its gonna be 1 maybe 2 rounds in the playoffs then we’re gone…..AGAIN JUST LIKE THE LAST 2 YEARS

  23. When the Rangers signed Redden, I thought they were overpaying by 2Mil or so for a good solid player who could possibly help our offense/PP. Hated the amount but was OK with getting him.
    He has turned out to be just a very bad player, & his salary is is just killing us & there is no way anyone will take him off our hands for that $.
    Is there any chance he can get out of this funk & play good hockey, or is this what we’re stuck with?
    It is hard to believe the Rangers could have so overestimated his value/abilities. The HAS to be something there, PLEASE.

  24. One other thing. Quick, accurate puck movement is the essence of a successful power play. My goodness, you have an extra man on the ice who theoretically should be left alone at some point to be able to take a very high percentage shot or pounce on a rebound which he can knock into a half-open cage. I dare anyone to tell me this describes the Rangers power play we have been seeing for most of this season.

  25. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I enjoy watching other teams on the PP. I only get frustrated watching the Rangers. I consider it a success when they’re even able to get the puck into the offensive zone and set up.

    I really think everybody is pulling for Prucha to show up big-time tonight. I just can’t bring myself to dislike the kid, no matter how much cap space he’s eating up.

  26. Sam,

    Was that the nuts and bolts of the convo with Redden? Did you ask him if any of his game is subpar based on his expectations? Did you ask him if he is satisfied with his performance season-to-date? I mean it sounds like he just said, “I am trying my hardest. That’s the best I can do.”

    To me, if he is not fully dissatisfied with his performance this far he is either a total charlatan who sold the Rangers a lemon or he doesn’t give a crap and is laughing all the way to the bank. I blame the management as much as or more than him, but that doesn’t excuse him from making BS comments like, “I am trying hard, I swear.”

    Take the body more. Shoot the puck more. Show some energy. Talk is f-ing cheap.

  27. Redden: Is it too soon to start wishing for a career ending injury to clear his cap space?

    Avery: Completely classless, but the league has no business suspending him. It’s a very slippery slope when you start suspending players for things said in interviews. If Avery had said it to phaneuf on the ice it wouldn’t be a dsciplinary issue, it shouldn’t be off of it.

    Renney: How exactly do you not practice the power play when it has been as bad and as out of synch as it has been? If the players are grumbling about it, time for Drury to meet with Renney and get him on the same page.

    Oh, and fire Perry.

  28. Being Back Sean on

    Tom didn’t draft Jessiman?Who was running the Rangers draft in 2003?Take a guess.Tom.Renney joined the Rangers coaching staff in 2003-04.

    Maloney loved Montoya who has a piss poor save % in his 4th AHL season.

    Think before pressing submit comment.

  29. This just makes me dislike Redden even more than I already do. You sign a contract, you have expectations that come with it. If you think you’re a 6.5M/y player, you better play like you’re earning that much. If you aren’t capable of that, you don’t deserve to be paid.

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