Prucha gets his shot


Petr Prucha goes back in the lineup as expected tonight, where he’ll skate on a line with Brandon Dubinsky and Aaron Voros.

It’ll be the first game for the forward after 10 games as a healthy scratch, and he was fairly blunt about what he needs to do to avoid going back to the press box.

“It’s obvious I have to score a couple of points,” Prucha said. “A couple of goals. A couple of assists. That will keep me in the lineup because I think I play hard every night and I’m struggling with scoring goals and making points.”

That’s easier said than done, naturally. One of problems in the eight games Prucha has played is that he’s been too mindful of being given the hook. This isn’t limited to just Prucha, of course. While it’s important for players to know they’re spot in the lineup isn’t guaranteed — which is why the Rangers need a seventh defenseman — they also need to know they can afford to make the occasional mistake.

“The last couple of games I tried to play it safe,” Prucha said. “I didn’t want to do anything special where I could make a mistake and leave them to score. So right now I’m playing with great centerman in Dubi who’s always ready to backcheck. So hopefully I can try something offensively.”

Some other notes:

<li>As if the standings didn’t make the case already, Tom Renney emphasized the important of these next two games, saying the team need this sort of challenge.

“I think it needs it in a big way. It can do one of two things,” Renney said. “It’s going to really make us aware of how we have to play and how successful we have to be doing that. Or it’s going to expose us in areas of the game we have to improve upon. Either way, it’s important. What we can’t do is have the sort of outing where we’ve been successful and kid ourselves, too. We still have things to improve upon.”

<li>Not surprisingly, Renney declined to comment on Sean Avery’s latest episode, other than smirking and saying, “And I thought I was a risky guy.”

Meanwhile, even before all this the league had organized a conference call with Dion Phaneuf since the Flames are headed to New York on Sunday. But Phaneuf has made clear he’s no interested in talking about Avery. I wonder why…

<li>Finally, a quick programming note. For tomorrow night’s game in Montreal, I’ll be embarking on my first live in-game chat, something we may dust off on occasion this season. This will be old-school style dating back to the summer, when you didn’t have to look at my mug . Hopefully you can join me.

More later…

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  1. Renney is a genius. He doesnt practice the power play in PRACTICE and he puts Prucha on a line with ZERO chance to succeed. I give up.

  2. Sweet. So Prucha gets 5 minutes of ice time to prove his worth before he gets demoted to the 4th line and then scratched again.

  3. Leetchhalloffame on

    Now there’s the solution to the Rangers scoring and pp problems. A guy who hasn’t scored a goal in a year. Hopefully Prucha’s being showcased so we might get more than a bag of pucks for him at some point this year.

  4. I am glad to see Prucha back in the lineup. But how many
    minutes is he going to get? We all know that our great
    coach will give the Betts line more minutes than Duby’s
    line againt the Penguins. Renney will worry about playing Betts against Crosby all night anyway. Nothing better to Renney than a 0 – 0 game heading for a shootout!!!!!

  5. Being Back Sean on

    Mike Keenan never practised the PP during the Cup season.Of course,the Rangers had Brian Leetch and Sergei Zubov play the full two minutes on the point and Adam Graves deflect and tip puck after puck from point shots.

    The Rangers don’t a single player of that caliber right now.

  6. Well, I for one find it promising that he’s paired up with Dubinsky, who Renney has trusted the team’s best players with and who he gives consistent ice time. Dubinsky seems to have a way of elevating those around him (Jagr?), hopefully they can work some magic while Voros gets down and dirty in front of the net. Whether the line has any success is up in the air, but I can guarantee they will be exciting to watch. Prucha and Voros have crazy energy

  7. Quite honestly I have no complaints with those lines. I’m a Petr Puck supporter and would love to see him do something, if not only to spite pinksock Renney (ALA game 3 ATL playoffs)

  8. I’m not sure Prucha is a real talent, but he is easy to root for. Hope he scores a freaking boatload.

    PRACTICE THE POWER PLAY, you m———ers! Am I the only person here that watches the PP and suspects the Rangers simply don’t realize the implication of having ONE MORE MAN than the opposing team. It’s almost as if they think “hey, they’ve got four guys. How do we change our style so they can defend us more fairly?”

    Go Rangers.

  9. Doesnt make any sense to me. I thought everyone loved the way Naslund and Zherdev looked with Dubinsky centering them. Now you go and slap Prucha in there, hopefully im wrong but I cannot see Prucha stepping into this game and being the goal scoring savior this club needs right now.

  10. I’m with you Chris F.

    How this team can get on the ice game to game without having worked on the worst PP in league history (I may be exagerating here… I’m not sure) says a lot to me. It says that they’re struggling so much that the PP isn’t even on the radar at this point. Odd for a team with this record but telling still.

    Also, I’d be shocked if Zherdev and Prucha don’t switch at some point tonight.

  11. How long until Sjostrom replaces Prucha on the third line in this game? Unfortunately, I can see it happening. Prucha should just focus on his offense, since that’s what will keep him in the lineup. Nuts to Renney’s “system!”

    My favorite kind of dumb NHL scoring happened last night: Robert Lang received a game-winning goal for scoring on an empty net which made the game 5–3, followed by the Thrashers scoring in the final minute to make the final score 5–4. You would think they could give the game-winner to the fourth Montreal goal-scorer instead, but no. Oh well, it helps one of my fantasy teams, anyway.

  12. Does anyone here get the Blueshirt Bulletin? I’m tempted sometimes, but I always suspect it will be like SI or The Hockey News. A lot of b.s. and a lot of info that’s always out of date. What’s the truth?

  13. shesends

    As far as I am concerned, Prucha will do no worse than Fritsche and Dawes. None of these three have done a damn things this year, and Prucha has been given the least of a chance. If Fritsche or Dawes was really giving something to oooh and aaaah about, I would question putting him in too, but that is not the case. So I hope they give him at least 5 games with meaningful ice time and some time on the PP. If he looks like a real defensive liability out there, they can take him out back and do him like Old Yeller for all I care. But at this point we don’t have many options. He either:

    A. Plays well and contributes and continues to be a part of this team.
    B. Plays well and makes other teams notice and we move him in a trade and get more than we can get for him right now.
    C. Shits the bed and doesn’t get another shot for the rest of the year.

  14. Just reading some of the bitching about the likelihood that the Prucha/Dubinsky/Voros line plays less than the Betts line. Think about it for a second:

    Prucha – Scratched the last month
    Voros – 3rd/4th liner, no production lately
    Dubinsky – Flashes of upside, did well with a HOF (Jagr), not much lately (I do like Dubi, just being realistic)

    Betts line – one of the best shutdown 3rd/4th lines in the league

    Why wouldn’t the Betts line play more given that they’ve matched up well versus Crosby et al in the past?

  15. I have an idea. If the PP lines stay “as is” for tonight’s game, how about, when we are awarded a power play, we f****** DECLINE it. That way it will save us a few shorties…. Jordan Staal must be salivating right now.

  16. Hahaha Ctrain…everytime I’m at a game and the Rangers get a power play, I wait for the Garden to get quiet, then I yell “Decline it!” from the blue seats…hopefully some people think it’s funny.

    I’m glad Prucha is getting a chance tonight. He works hard and is definitely easy to root for. The Garden Faithful will be happy to dust off the “Pruuuu” calls. Hopefully he gets one.

    I HATE the Pens…let’s trash them tonight boys!

  17. People (myself included) have been bitching about Prucha not being in the lineup and now that he’s going to play tonight people are now bitching about his ice time before he even plays a shift. I don’t get it.

  18. I am all for Pru in the lineup tonight. I just wish he would get the ice time and power play time that suit his strengths. He is good at getting rebounds on the PP and burying them. He is also good at getting down low cross crease passes and burying them. Something this team is not very good at creating or doing. In the beginning of the season they did with Voros in front of the net, but then they decided the plays weren’t cute enough, so they decided to play the passing game, which they don’t do well, and declining to take shots at the net.

  19. Prucha got a raw deal, getting scratched for the majority of the season without ever really being given much of a chance to prove himself. We know he has a thirty goal season in him because he’s done it before. Hopefully for his sake he’ll have a great game tonight so he can be traded to a club that knows how to utilize him. Despite the hot start, this squad reminds of the post-Cup, pre-Lockout era Rangers. Bad contracts, no spark. I hope they start to prove me wrong, because for the last few weeks, I’d take last season’s squad over these guys any day of the week, winning record or not.

  20. Power play is personnel.

    There really is no “magical” formula to a successful power play, and while it may be true the power play COULD improve under a different formula, it’s a fact that it will never be better than mediocre until we have quarterback AND an authentic goal scorer. BTW, we have neither.

    For those of you who think Detroit, Anaheim or Pitt’s pp is so good, take a look at who they’re sending out there.

    For starters, each team has a QB. Lidstrom is the best pp defenseman in the league, Pronger and Neidermeyer are the best pair in the league and Crosby and Malkin set up shop for Pitt.

    Then, look at goal scorers. Teemu Selanne has the most pp goals in the league b/c he isn’t afraid to shoot. He actually likes scoring goals. Ryan Getzlaf sticks his big ass in front of the net and eats up rebounds while the soliders pick up the left overs.

    In Detroit, the Moose, Franzen, stands in front while Datsyuk and Zetterberg, both snipers, fire away.

    In Pitt., Malking and Crosby play give and go like its street hockey and fire from every angle.

    Then you have the Rangers. The only person that can carry the puck into the zone with regularity is Gomez. As good as he is, he may have the worst shot in the NHL and can’t beat guys and finish.

    We have NO QB and no authentic goal scorers.

    Zherdev is the closest thing we have to an offensive threat but he handles the puck entirely too much to set up a controlled pp.

    So what kind of system do you want. Our only big man is Voros and he’s scared to stand in front of the net 75% of the time and has hands of stone.

    We don’t have anyone who loves to score and we don’t have a QB to distribute the puck.

    It’s not the system, it’s the personnel.

  21. Renny plays that “3rd line” for an average of 5-7 minutes per game.

    I hope they get at least 10-12 minutes, Voros and Prucha should have great energy playing with Dubinsky.

    Give the 4th line minimal ice, let Betts and Sjostrom PK, staple Orrs ass to the bench.

    Oh and lets refer to Durury as the third line center…

    MAN this team has Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many third line players!! LETS STEP UP!!

  22. RUMOR:

    Prucha and Dawes to Dallas for Avery.

    Hey, I’d do it in a heart beat.

    They want him out of there bad.

  23. Thodore Bettman of York has spoken:

    We will begin anew in the NHL with the suspension of the eveil Sean Avery!

    Who knows? Maybe this will be a new day in hockey..where fighting wand bloodshed are abolished!

    Where teams are not ripped out of the hearts of communities ( which include women by the way)and stay in Winnipeg and hartford and quebec city)

    Where there will be no more suffocating trap defenses

    No more head bashing hits

    No more stick swinging

    maybe this will be a new dawn where we can change the whole culture of professional sports……..


  24. JJP
    December 3rd, 2008 at 12:35 pm
    Just reading some of the bitching about the likelihood that the Prucha/Dubinsky/Voros line plays less than the Betts line. Think about it for a second:

    Prucha – Scratched the last month
    Voros – 3rd/4th liner, no production lately
    Dubinsky – Flashes of upside, did well with a HOF (Jagr), not much lately (I do like Dubi, just being realistic)

    Betts line – one of the best shutdown 3rd/4th lines in the league

    Why wouldn’t the Betts line play more given that they’ve matched up well versus Crosby et al in the past?

    Lmao he is not even close to one of the better shutdown forwards around. He was what -15 last year? In Renney’s feeble mind Betts is Bobby Holik circa 1995. I recall last year Gomez bitched that he didn’t get enough ice against the Pens because the 4th line got 20 minutes a night.

  25. Brandon stop listing that retard Eklund’s trade rumors. The Rangers didn’t wanna pay Avery 4 mill a year in the summer now they do? please!

  26. In the next CBA maybe; maybe teams will be allowed to pay a portion of the traded players salary; like Caps did with Jags and the yankees do with ten players a year…bet the Stars and rangers aren’t too happy with that little change in CBA

    gotta think Slats, and all GMS, have a heads up about next CBA including that again…only that could explain six year contracts for Redden and all the other longer contracts being thrown around


  27. I would use Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev as the top pp unit with Drury and Girardi on the points. Then use Prucha and Voros with Dubinsky on the second pp unit.

  28. They may now that they see we have absolutely zero grit, no personality and no tenacity without him.

    We need him and he needs us.

  29. Brandon- In addition to Graves9’s point about salary, Avery has already burned his bridges here with his comments about our new free-agents, Valliquette and the obvious attitude among Ranger players that he was a problem. His “me-first” attitude might not have been a problem with fans like us (as long as he’s producing on the ice) but I don’t think it is a good idea with the team identity they are trying to create here. Yeah, the team needs a shakeup, but I don’t think Avery would make a difference in the long run. Also- why would Dallas want Prucha AND Dawes? They are the same player and they are both small. Dallas has too many players like that already. Avery makes 4 mil, Dawes and Prucha make a combined 2.1. We don’t have the cap space for it anyway and we’d be getting another 3 years while both Dawes and Prucha are RFA’s. Bad move on so many levels I can’d believe even Eklund would suggest it.

  30. My company is doing a charitable silent auction and they have 4 tickets in section 88 row E against the Bs in March. Face value is around 900… ooooooh to have the money to bid on them.

  31. I hope Rozy and Prucha collide, both go on the longterm IR for the season, clear up 6.6 mil, sundin signs, crosby gets his lips caught in the door to the team bus and gets dragged for miles, avery gets “steve moore’d” by brashear who gets tossed out of the league after receiving an award for good deed, sather falls asleep with a stoagie in his mouth and his spray-hair goes up in flames, who calls James Dolan for help, who jumps on his private jet on his way back from key west (wink wink), and crashes into the prudential center while the devs are playing the flyers.

  32. Dallas would take Prucha and Dawes simply for the fact that they’re TRYING to get rid of Avery and there won’t be many suitors.

    As far as ruffling feathers is concerned, it’s hockey and it’s a business.

    I could care less about Steven Valiquette’s feelings as he plays less than 5% of the season.

    I also know, as anyone who’s played sports in here, once you put the jersey back on, your teammates again, and amazingly all differences fall by the waist side.

  33. MARK

    If the Stars wanted him out so bad, they would take that deal in a flash. Yeah they’re a pretty small team, and they have a lot of forwards who can slip into a spot in the lineup like i mentioned last night, but he is a former 30 goal scorer, and Dawes is young and still has potential, even though he’s having a bad year, you don’t see the Pens giving up on Staal after his year last season, even though he’s a 1st round pick, and Dawes is a 4th or 5th, or what ever.

    If anything, they could just trade those two for something they need, that they wouldn’t be able to get by trading Aves.

    But forget him, Voros is doing more than Aves, and most of us thought he would be a horrible replacement for Aves, but offensively he is.

    I don’t want the guy back at all. I was a big fan of his since he was a Wing, now he ruined it by signing with a “better” team. Look at them, and look at Nyr.

  34. Brandon,

    Why would you want Avery back? He makes too much money, scores too few goals, yaps off way too much and causes problems everywhere he goes. He’s a clown.

  35. I doubt Slats would take take back Avery (and I’m sure Avery as a NMC of some kind)… and plus he and Vally hate each other.

  36. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR !!
    December 3rd, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    The last thing we need is another small forward.

    Get Tootoo !!

    Yeah let’s get a guy who takes dumb penalty after dumb penalty and scores 4 goals a year. That will be a huge help to this team geez.

  37. Absolutely right on Dawes, Mr. Orr. He’s insurance against a LW injury. Even tho he’s having a lousy year, his upside is the greatest as his junior and AHL numbers blow away anybody else (non Ranger) in the organization.

  38. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR !!
    December 3rd, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    I think i had that dream, except Malkin gets kidnapped by illegal Mexicans, and Brashear tries to jump Avery but gets hit by a car driven by Heatley.

    And Cuthbert gets into a fight with Megan Fox, nude !!!
    I had a dream that you actually were coherent and had a clue about Hockey sadly that’s not the case.

  39. there is simply no excuse for the contract sather gave to redden, on par with the kamensky signings of the past, except at least we never gave any of those bums 6 year. lets hope prucha gets some quality time b/c play 9 minutes without any pp time isnt gona cut it. hopefully that line is the 2nd unit and drury and co play less minutes, as that is a great third line. ideally id like to see korpi switched with voros but hopefully it works out

  40. Like I said the only way we get Avery is if he reneigotiates his contract for 2 mil .Turn the page …Avery is a turd and he needs to be flushed out of the league .

  41. Pavel –

    You’re really worried about pissing off VALIQUETTE??? The back-up goaltender?

    Sorry, I don’t think major personnel moves should be made with the opinion of the backup goalie in mind.

  42. Again, the problem with this team is that they need another legit top six scoring threat- obviously a wing. We are deep at center with a 1A center in Gomez, a 2 center in dubinsky and then we have Korp, cally, and even anismov who could play. I don’t know where drury fits into any of this.. I wish we could trade him for an offesive threat- his contract really is the ball and chain on this organization. Hell, Chicago is looking for a ‘second line center’ I take a havlat drury trade in a heartbeat.

  43. Graves9 , I keep reading you posts day after day and I am starting to think you are a Moron .

  44. Renney declined to comment on Sean Avery’s latest episode, other than smirking and saying, “And I thought I was a risky guy.”

    Risky guy, eh? What u gonna do risky tonight Tom? Oh, wait, I know… instead of chewing the gum on the right side of the mouth u will chew it on the left! Or better yet with front teeth! Tom u surprise us more and more with each day…

  45. RICH,
    We are not looking for a goal scoring savior from Prucha. What we are looking for is more production and effort from the guy before him (Fritsche). He won’t drastically change a game because that takes a team effort or a player like Ovechkin.

    I’m hoping that Renney told them to practice at home or let them practice on NHL 09 and showed them what to do there. Maybe he’s making a point to “not worry” about it to the team so they have less pressure?

    Do you think Dawes deserves another chance soon, he has been the most productive out of the three (four if you want to include the korpedo) and might have the best skill set although he doesn’t seem to have the determination.

    I also agree with the prettiness of the plays. We need some nitty gritty goals. Just throw two guys in front and feed one of them, either theyll get a shot or it will bank off of somebody and go. We always go to the point for a shot, never take anything down low. I feel like thats also why our PP fails, its so predictable.

    You are completely right, although I do feel like we need to play the puck downlow more, we do not have a good point shot and we have to realize that. I remember one point of a certain game, Z was directing traffic and the powerplay was working. Why has that stopped?

    And is that an actual rumor? I wonder if Avery thinks we want him back. I don’t think the team wants him back though. He adds a feistiness that we need severely.

    I completely agree with you pp units. I don’t think anyone else can work the point. But then again, Drury does not have the greatest point shot either? We need a sniper really badly.

    If Dallas said they would give us back Avery for 2 mil would you do it? They obviously can’t stand the heat he brings to their city. And I would hope Orr would keep Avery in line if he was here.

    That was really dumb. I wish none of that upon anyone.

    Lets knock Cros(ba)by off his high horse tonight. And if not, get Colton Orr to kick his @$$

  46. Orr,

    This whole entire Avery discussion is stupid because there is no way it is going to happen after the Lundqvist, Vally, Dubi, Giannone problems. I really would like to have him back to add that fiestiness, our team is pretty boring right now.

  47. I’m really looking forward to watching these new lines tonight.

    Chemisty is a big part of hockey and I think we haven’t found the right fit yet.

    Although the Dubi-Z-Voros line had some early success, I kind of knew it wasn’t going to pan out. I’m happy to see Dubi on a line where he will be relied upon to carry the puck more.

    As I said before, I think Dubi made Zherdev better, but I think Zherdev took away from Dubinsky’s game.

    Dubinsky is a North-South hockey player who’s at his best when he’s controlling the puck. Zherdev is more East-West and when you play on his line, you’re clearly going to hold on to the puck significantly less.

    I think this was impeding Dubi’s development.

    Some might say Scott Gomez is best when he’s carrying the puck too. Well, yeah, that might be true, but Scott Gomez is a veteran and he also knows how to get to open ice much better than the average player.

    No excuses for Markus Naslund, who should now really clean up on a line like this. Other teams might actually forget he’s on the ice when you have speed like Z and Gomer out there.

  48. HUH? December 3rd, 2008 at 2:28 pm



    – – – – – – – – – –

    HUH? i wonder…how long did it take u to come up with that?

  49. I want to see some physical play against Cindy and Malkinstein.

    memo to Wade Redden – show some urgency – take the body.
    memo to Rozy – see memo to Redden

  50. HECK

    I have no clue. But they sure are enjoyable.

    GREG L

    Graves9 is a moron, who thinks he knows the world aboot Hockey. All he looks at is Stats, and thinks he knows every thing aboot a player. On top of that the guy has absolutely no life, and no friends, that in order for someone to agree with him, he needs to make up a name like SteveJRogers, and the other 4 names just to have people agree with him. Its so funny, but sad at the same time. You’d think a 50 year old would be more mature, eh, guess not.

    Im starting to think Graves9 is BOB. Ahaha, wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    Anyway, would anyone reallly want Avery back, even if Slats is paying him half his salary ? I don’t know aboot that one, as depressing as this teams losses can be, we’re in a pretty good position right now, the best in i don’t know how many years, obviously before i got into Hockey. Just one look at what’s going on in Dallas, in the 1st year that he’s there, its pretty scary. Like i said, im happy with Voros.

  51. Blueshirt Bulletin is worth it for the blog alone. Last week Renney claimed that the team goes into the 1-2-2 on their own despite him wanting them not to. “It’s their choice, not mine” he claimed. Only BB had that because only Dubi asked Renney about it. Dubi also was the only reporter to reveal that Shanny through a hissy fit last spring when Renney demoted him. In other words, when they say “exclusive content” they mean it.

  52. Why not try Drury with Naslund/Zherdev again. Obviously it seems like Naslund and Zherdev found a little chemistry so I think drury would work with them in the sense that he really doesn’t have to worry about carrying the puck- and he’s good at getting himself open and/or driving to the net.

  53. Plus I think that it would balance out the lines a little- gomez can create chances himself. hell, I would love to try dubi on the wing with gomez and see what happens.

  54. “Lmao he is not even close to one of the better shutdown forwards around. He was what -15 last year? …..”

    Graves – actually he was -4 last year. Playing with Hollweg and Orr…. He’s not Datsyuk or Madden but for a 4th line center he’s pretty good defensively. Stress 4th line.

  55. When has either of them ever taken the body and what makes you think they’ll start now. Mara and Girardi are the only d men that hit.

  56. bigjnyc

    “When has either of them ever taken the body and what makes you think they’ll start now. Mara and Girardi are the only d men that hit.”

    …because they NEED TO as DEFENSEMEN!

  57. Yahoo:
    Commentator Don Cherry, at an event to launch a hockey DVD, said Wednesday that Avery had forced Bettman’s hand.

    “It’s so sad and it’s really a mark against hockey,” Cherry said of Avery’s outburst. “We are not like that. Hockey players are not into the drugs, we’ve had over 3,000 tests in three years, only one’s been caught, we don’t shoot one another, we don’t take drugs, we don’t stab one another.

    “And for him to come out like that, it’s a sad, sad situation.”

  58. Yeah BOB comes back in many forms and is too cowardly to say it is him . Just reading his post the last week makes me cringe.

    BB said alot of bad things and conducted business in an inappropriate way by singling out Cherapanov.Foe some reason the editor seems to rub fans the wrong way. Fans are fans and it doest mean if a guy pays hundreds on ticket to watch the games , he is no better than the fan who can’t afford the ticket and watches on tv.

  59. Who Needs Lohan on

    Brandon wrote….

    I’m really looking forward to watching these new lines tonight.

    Chemisty is a big part of hockey and I think we haven’t found the right fit yet.

    Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, you couldnt be more right about chemistry! The problem is, Renney spends the entire season juggling his lines so chemistry never truly occurs. You’d think someone thought of to be a hockey genious could figure that out. THAT, is what pisses me off so much about Renney….pick lines and stick with them. Or at the very least pick duos of Center and Wings and rotate the others around them, but stop changing the lines nightly.

  60. JASON

    I wont, BB can be useful, but im not gonna pay money for it. Unlike some losers on this blog, i don’t hold grudges. Im done with BB, unlike Graves9 i have a life, mwahaha.

    The only person i hate on BB is Jess. He acts like some sort of God, it looks pathetic. If nobody can agree with that, id be surprised. He’s a major ass kisser.

  61. GREG

    Yeah, that Cherepanov post from the summer, that’s the one that pissed me off. He sounded like a baby, because Cherry sounded like he was bashing BB, but he probably didn’t mean it like that.

    That post was embarrassing, and right after that, that’s when he said the blog was getting shut down, once people bashed him for it.

    Ugh, i cant get that comment out of my head, when he said “The KHL doesn’t have Sutter” or something similar to that, basically saying he’s afraid of the NHL, because of the physicality. Such BS, so classless.

  62. “It’s going to really make us aware of how we have to play and how successful we have to be doing that. Or it’s going to expose us in areas of the game we have to improve upon. Either way, it’s important. What we can’t do is have the sort of outing where we’ve been successful and kid ourselves, too. We still have things to improve upon.”

    I love Renney’s quote. He talks like they’re coming off a win. He talks like they just played a good team and performed decently, if not well.

    He neglects that the Rangers lost 4-0 to a bottom tier NHL team. Keep it up, Tom. Great job.

  63. Greg L, explain to me how you renegotiate a contract that has already been signed and approved? Maybe you should actually read some of your own posts before you want to call someone a moron or an idiot again.

  64. i have read the drury bashing on here for a while, and i always laughed and thought it foolish. but i have come to agree with the drury bashing. he kills his penalties, and scores his goals, but he does not make anyone around him better. a center needs to make his wings better. right now drury is a center were the ranger wingers go to die. he is a big problem right now.

  65. “he is a big problem right now.”

    I disagree….I don’t think “right now” is the only problem. haha

    Listen. You will LOVE Drury whether you know it or NOT! OK?! And if you don’t, leave this board!!! (i’m being sarcastic, of course).

    But really, Drury’s minus-5, and on pace for 42 points (24 of those goals). He’s got 1 GWG….what’s there not to love about this guy! He’s the bestest of the best!

  66. i was trying to make at least one intelligent comment… and i f’ed it up …i gotta stop drinking during work hours…

  67. Rob L ( as in loser)

    I never thought you amounted to anything but dumb statements , so shut yer yap and go stick your head where the sun don’t shine.

    Try giving Avery a choice , don’t play hockey in the NHL and keep the dumb contract or rip it up and start for real . but who cares , hes an idiot and so are you , who needs either of ya , hahahaaaa

  68. CCCP
    December 3rd, 2008 at 3:26 pm
    oh wait… is MSG+ also broadcasts in HD? LOL

    Yes, MSG 2 is not HD.

  69. So I’m an idiot because I made fun of your dumbass Tootoo idea huh? Orr I bitchslapped you before and if you wanna start something I will again. Greg L you make Orr look like Albert Einstein oh wait nobody can do that.

  70. Rolling the Lines??

    Sydney has 7 goals (12 points) in the last five games.

    So how do you match up lines when pittsburgh plays their 3 lines 13-15 minutes a game. If you watch both teams Malkin (and Sydney and Staal) are on the ice a lot, however, Kennedy, Satan, Talbot, Sykora, Cooke, Fedoterko will all play 12+ minutes or more.

    It makes perfect sense to rotate all 3 lines tonight…we might die in the third if we don’t.

    Give Colton his token 3 minutes to have a go at Godard!

  71. While the NFL, NBA and MLB indirectly market their “bad boys” the NHL tries it’s hardest to squash any kind of personality that gives the league attention, good or bad.

    Any publicity is good publicity.

    The fact that people are talking about Avery means they’re talking about hockey. I guarantee more people will turn in to see his next game just b/c of the last incident.

    The NHL has no clue how to market their players. They still can’t believe people aren’t interested in Sydney Crosby. Why? B/c he has the personality of a card board box.

    People liked Mark Messier in the 80s and 90s b/c he was outspoken. Same goes for Hull and Roenick, etc.

    The problem with the league right now, from a marketing perspective, if that the league’s elite are completely bland and/or can’t speak a lick of English. Ovie seems to have a robust personality but he speaks English like he just got off the boat.

    Hate to say it, but Avery is great for hockey. And, to his credit, he’s done an awesome job marketing himself.

    There’s really no place for suspending guys for off-the-cuff remarks. Then, players aren’t going to be themselves.

    There’s enough bore in the league, even Tom Renney and Chris Drury being 2 of them. Give me some ol’ fashioned, your mother’s a whore trash talking and you’ll see more people tuning in.

  72. No Graves9 it was last week and the other week , i just said something today. Believe me , i’d rather hear your comment that Rob L (losers).

    Heartbeat is the tickey , maybe prucha will be like a weeble-wooble..and wont fall down?

  73. Orr you post here more than anyone. That means you have no life either. It pisses me off to try to read your gibberish and I love how you go nuts whenever someone disagrees with you.

  74. Yes I agree with SAM , lets all love …..I apolojise to my fellow Rangers fans and sorry Rob L …if i have a bad thing to say , ill bite my finger.

    Goooo Rangerssssss!!!!

  75. Brandon gotta disagree with all publicity being good publicity. The Mcsorley and Bertuzzi incidents gave all the Hockey haters like Lupica and others all the ammo to paint Hockey as a savage sport and pound away at it’s viewership and stuff.

  76. Who Needs Lohan on

    Prucha wont play the PP because Renney just plays the first two lines on that given night as the two PP lines!

    My PP, in case anyone cares would consist of

    Drury and Mara

    Staal and Rozi

  77. i hope Prucha plays well, i know he’ll play hard, but i also know he won’t get power play minutes that matter from Renny. what would be nice is for the whole team to play in waves, with emotion that lights MSG up, the place has been a morgue too much this season

  78. ___________ ____________ ___________
    \ \/ \/ /
    \ _ _ /
    | |\ | |_ \ / \/ /\ |_| |/ |
    | | \| |__ \/\/ | \/ | \ |\ |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    \______________ ______________/

  79. If you watch the “interview” you can see he thought he was being really funny…he set himself up,and yesterday he did it in front of a crowd…not on the ice as his little agitating self is suppose to.

    (unlike the monkey/faking cancer etc incidents) embarrassed his TEAM, his fellow players and the league….so finally enough is enough….

    Nobody in the league is defending this guy, not his team, not Hull, not his owner….
    after the game last night in the locker room:

    “It’s unacceptable,” said star forward Mike Modano.

    “It’s a slap in the face,” said netminder Marty Turco

    so why do so many beer league players think this is not worthy of a suspension…He did not play in Calgary, and he isn’t playing tonight in Edmonton…2 games salary down the drain with still more to come.

  80. Graves09

    Agreed, those are excpections. I should have wrote “within reason”.

    So, save for physical catastrophe’s and significant controversies, a little trash talking and crazy antics (e.g. the playoff powerplay dance in front of Marty) the NHL should embrace more personality, or at least not condemn it so harshly.

    Let’s call a spade a spade. This is the same league that recently gave Tomas Pock a 5 game suspension for an average penalty and gave less to Jarko Rutuu for a flying elbow with intent to injure.

    So, who are they kidding?

  81. The Russian Diva on

    um trade for Avery? Don’t we already have enough overpaid underproducing players on the team? (Redden, Rozy, Gomez, Drury, etc.)

    Also, Fritsche did prove himself when he got in the lineup. I think he had a goal and 3 or 4 assists. Prucha was off the scoresheet entirely every game he played. Fritsche is coming from a different team, so he doesn’t have the benefit of the coaches looking at his past performances and doesn’t have any fan support so if anything he has MORE pressure than Prucha to perform.

  82. RALEIGH, N.C. — Peter Laviolette won more games than any American-born coach in NHL history. But he didn’t win enough of them lately to keep his job with the Carolina Hurricanes, so they replaced him with their winningest coach — the same one Laviolette himself replaced five years earlier.

    The Hurricanes fired Laviolette on Wednesday, brought back Paul Maurice to take over for him and moved Hall of Fame player and assistant general manager Ron Francis behind the bench as Maurice’s associate coach.

  83. “definately medical people need to look into the situation”

    (so brett thinks he is crazy)

    a spade is a spade….and sean avery slit his OWN throat.

  84. Doogie,

    I’ll tell you why us “beer league” guys wholeheartedly disagree with the suspension… B/c entirely worse things have been said in our beer leagues, for starters.

    Furthermore, this is the United States and there is a certain Freedom of Speech that goes along with being a citizen. While the NHL may be a business and Avery an employee, he didn’t say anything that wasn’t a complete and total fact.

    It’s not slander or defemation if the accusation is true. Phanuef is indeed taking his sloppy seconds.

    Why didn’t Bettman suspend him for dating another player’s ex?

    That might sound ridiculous, but I think it’s equally ridiculous to suspend guys for harmless comments. Then, it’s completely arbitrary and subjective as to what is “right” and what is “wrong”.

    At the end of the day, no one got hurt from the comments. When you have athletes getting arrested day in and day out for some serious shit, does a comment about someone’s gf really matter in the grand scheme of things?

    That’s a classic line, almost straight out of office space.

    “Lumbergh F’d her”

    And that’s all she wrote.

  85. Hey Betts!!
    Got rid of me
    got rid of Theo
    Got rid of Domi
    gettin rid of avery

    whats next??

    PS Laviolette available………..

  86. Brandon,
    Give me a break. Freedom of speech & having no class are 2 different things. Racial slurs are freedom of speech also, but they are not acceptable. I play in a beer league also & I know stuff is said on the ice – but not over the PA system or in public.
    The guy is a jerk, end of story

  87. Being a jerk and class have nothing to do with justification of a suspension.

    I don’t know what society you live in, but girlfiend jokes don’t really fall in the same category as racial epithets and bigot remakrs where I live.

  88. Gotta ask???

    was this a live interview

    I mean TV broadcast could not “take some responsibility” for waht goes over the air waves??

    I haven’t read everything about this

    politically correct crap; not that I dont think Avery is classless; he is but in a blood sport it seems funny for suspending people for talking

  89. I haven’t been a Prucha supporter (not a hater either really) but I hope he does get a legit shot tonight (and maybe a few more games). Give him ice time… give him PP time… heck give him some time with Gomez on his line.

    This way we can finally put to rest what the story is…

    Time for him to put up or shut up.

    I hope Renney gives him enough of a chance to prove his worth(lessness).

  90. Kasper…Avery was in an NHL dressing room representing the Dallas Stars, when he motioned to a bunch 10-12 reporters to gather round cause he had something to say.

    And Brandon…That is the whole point!!! On the ice he has made the racial slurs (monkey??), he has made the bigot remarks, he has done it all. And if the NHL had not suspended him, the Stars would have.
    Yes I am female, but I also have played hockey at a very high level wearing the canadian maple leaf as a jersey…and when your teammates abandon you, your screwed.

    Who is having the last laugh…Mike Modano and Elisha Cuthbert

  91. To that point, you suspend the player for those comments at that time during that instance.

    You don’t wait 5 years and then suspend him for something that’s not even an offense b/c of history.

    That’s like getting away with robbing a bank, it never goes on your record and then 10 years from now they put you in jail for jaywalking b/c they “think” you might have robbed a bank 10 years ago, but were never convicted.

    If that’s the case the NHL should say “we suspended him based on a cumulation of comments over X years”. They didn’t do that. They said “we suspended him for THESE remarks”. Which in case, makes them wrong.

    Having played at such a high level, you should also know that what goes on in the locker room stays in the locker room and under no circumstance should you ever air your own teammates laundry out to dry no matter how much you hate him/her.

  92. Thanks doogie

    good old Avery!

    probably just pissed at being ignored on crappy team in midlands

  93. Hit the nail on the head Kaspar (well known for hitting things).

    Avery just got sick of not being talked about.

    Now he is… and wether he was going to be suspended or not he’s all over Sportcenter, PTI, Around the Horn, Rome is burning, etc.

    He loves this and missed it terribly.

  94. so why can avery do it?

    all he had to do was go on the ice and he could have easily got under the skin of dion.

    the act gets old, and you get rid of locker room poison…the rangers did it…so now are the stars

    i’m done

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