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A few quick thoughts before heading downstairs for the pregame media briefing:

<li>Sean Avery is returning to New York! No, not to play for the Rangers, but “to meet with Gary Bettman”:http://www.lohud.com/article/20081203/SPORTS01/81203004/-1/SPORTS. Maybe this would be the time for Avery to familiarize himself with the NHL PR department that he didn’t even know existed.

Meanwhile, hat tip to the blog, “The Empty Netter”:http://theemptynetter.blogspot.com/2008/12/hey-hanrahan.html for referring to Avery as having his “Hey, Hanrahan!” moment. And if you have to ask what that means, you’re not a hockey fan.

<li>Good news for all those NHL coaches on the hot seat: They no longer have to worry about Paul Maurice stepping in to take over their job.

Bad news for those hockey coaches on the hot seat: They now “have to worry about Peter Laviolette.”:http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=258260&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_nhl.

<li>On a serious note, both Marc Staal and Chris Drury spent yesterday handing out coats to kids in the city, and relished the experience.

“It was great,” Staal said. “It was like instant happiness when you handed them a coat.”

Update, 5:22 p.m.: Laughably little news to report from downstairs, unless you consider Tom Renney musing on hockey players and guns (there aren’t any); Pittsburgh’s dynamic duo (they’re pretty good); and whether Sean Avery ever crossed the line in New York (it would be “counterproductive” to talk about it).

I will check in with udpates in a bit. At 6:40, by the way, you can hear me on “MVN Live”:http://mvn.com/outsider/2008/12/mvn-live-wednesday-night-hockey.html to talk about tonight’s game.

Update, 7:09 p.m.: Pretty good scrap between Colton Orr and Eric Godard. Personally, I love the slightly deranged/satisfied look Orr wears after a fight. It’s the expression the rest of us wear after a good meal.

Update, 7:38 p.m.: Where have you gone, Marek Malik? Add Dmitri Kalinin back to the list of Rangers defensemen who have driven fans batty. I believe that leaves Marc Staal and maybe Paul Mara who remain in fans’ good graces. But the season’s young…

Update, 8:31 p.m.: 2-1 Penguins. Disregard the score for a moment and the Rangers have at least shown more life than at any point on Sunday against the Panthers. Still, they continue to struggle to forge a sustained attack. And with Scott Gomez now playing with Markus Naslund and Nikolai Zherdev, and Brandon Dubinsky and Chris Drury continuing to struggle, it feels like the Rangers’ scoring punch is limited to one line.

Update, 9:06 p.m.: If nothing else, Petr Prucha has earned a spot back in the lineup tomorrow. The kid has been great, especially after not playing for 10 games.

Update, 9:10 p.m.: Let the record show that I made the above statement before Prucha just tied the game. Nice to see hard work rewarded.

Update, 9:30 p.m.: Ugh. Another shootout. Regardless of the result, a fairly

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  1. hire Laviolette ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish Paul Maurice would come to NY and coach here. Unfortunately to get rid of Renney, Sather would have to retire first.

    Slap Shot was such a great movie. RIP Paul Newman.

  3. What a bunch of PC nonsense to suspend Avery for a stupid comment. When a guy says something stupid it speaks for himself. Why suspend him? How dumb. I agree with Brooks here.

  4. wow, I HATE Brooks but for once I agree with him. What Avery said/did was dumb and low-class, but nothing needing a suspension.

  5. If that was Esa Tikkanen saying something like that he wouldn’t get suspended but that’s because no one would understand him.

  6. Seany boy I just want to remind you that if you’re ever alone and bored you can always call me!! I won’t charge you anything, you’re worth a free ride;) I love your sexy booty!!


  7. Paul Maurice is a horrendous coach. The only reason he was rehired by Carolina is because of his friendship with Rutherford.

  8. I’m glad Maurice can play Grover Cleveland in Carolina. But that team is finished as a real contender for the time being. Other than Staal, they have no studs (Williams injured, Stillman old and gone, Whitney ain’t getting any younger, and Ward can be good but inconsistent).

    Those two trades of Jack Johnson and Ladd for Ruutu WILL bite them in the derriere. They need to rebuild.

    THE NHL fears Avery, the league is still run by good ole’ boys.

  9. MIKE

    Its bad that they had to trade Jack Johnson, but i don’t think those fans will complain to much since they did win the Cup. But i guess it will bite them in the ass for a long time.

    Laviolette a good coach. Im sure a team will pick him up first chance they get. Who knows maybe the Bolts will put that degenerate gambler back as Assistant, and name Laviolette coach.

    As for Maurice, eh, he’s not that great of a coach, but that’s my opinion.

  10. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    December 3rd, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    Its bad that they had to trade Jack Johnson, but i don’t think those fans will complain to much since they did win the Cup. But i guess it will bite them in the ass for a long time.

    They traded him the year(06-07) after they won the cup. They were pissed that he wouldn’t leave College early.

  11. at least Maurice took his team to the finals in ’02, has to count for something among people around here who jump up and down at getting to the second round

  12. Would it be possible to see the Rangers set the tone, pace, spirit tonight … rather than the usual passive, reactive stance that deadens the crowd and emboldens the opposition?

  13. Maurice is a good coach, not a great one. He always kept a Carolina team that was run kinda budget competitive all those years. That 02 team wasn’t great, the magic hockey playoff fairy sprinkled them with pixie dust to get hot at the right time (see Rangers 86, Oilers 06, Vancouver 94, etc.) Battaglia played like a top tier power winger and Irbe/Weeks were great.

    Ladd for Ruutu was dumb too; T. Ruutu may be more physical, but h’es oft-injured while Laad is a solid 3rd liner/plug-in 2nd liner.

    Rangers needs come out hitting tonight and I don’t mean just Cally. Voros, Betts, Orr, PRUCHA, and even Redden.

  14. All I have on this game is the box score and updates from ESPN. Looks like Hank is getting peppered so far. How’s it looking?

  15. It is still way too easy to play in the Rangers’ end — too much stick checking and not even close to enough body work.

    Hank has covered up for two Girardi turnovers already.

  16. Joe

    Not an all-out shooting gallery, but Hank has been very good while Sabourin has been very lonely.

  17. The Rangers have to have set all kinds of records in too many men on the ice the last few years. Now Kalinin shows his greatness. He is now what -11 or 12?

  18. Every time Crosbitch is hit his stick goes flying another attempt to draw a penalty what a bitch. Now Malkin dives.

  19. The Rangers were lucky to escape the period only down by one goal. Again, not enough emotion.

    How Therrien can berate the Ranger bench and get no reaction whatever from Renney mystifies me. Can you imagine the crowd response if Renney engaged? Just once?

  20. I don’t care how much they bitch and whine or dive. If we don’t start to make some plays, forecheck, and scores some goals, it’s not going to matter one bit. And who is Pearn kidding? We did a lot of good things that period? If by that he means Henrik did a lot of good things, then he is right. Other than that I have seen prettier things in my toilet after a Great Bell Box Value Meal.

  21. wow! They look awful out there! Have you ever seen a team take so many too many men penalties?

  22. This teams embarrassing. They get a great opportunity after Orr bitches Crybaby, and they blow it with an idiotic too many men penalty, and give up a goal, thanks to Kalinin. Unreal.

    This team just cant get it together. If this is the way the night will go, then the only thing to look forward to is hopefully some more Crybaby bitching, along with Malkin. Or who knows maybe a Staal vs Staal.

    They better get their shit together.

    Pruchs looked good, but i think it was him that coughed up the puck to Malkin. I could be wrong on that though.

    Renney should have stepped in when that fag piece of shit Therrien was mouthing off to Orr, defend your players you pussy !!

  23. “How Therrien can berate the Ranger bench and get no reaction whatever from Renney mystifies me. Can you imagine the crowd response if Renney engaged? Just once?”

    good point Gresch. I was wondering the same thing about Renney not saying anything back. I think he was cowering in the corner somewhere.

  24. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Perry Pern just told Gianonne that he thought we were intense and had a strong first period! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You see,all you Renneyaders,this is why this team is in such a mess and spiraling to hell,it’s because this coaching staff is deaf,dumb,and clearly blind.It’s getting to the point that for the good of this team,as much as it is wrong to do so,I’m almost at the point that I want them to lose the next three or four games in a row just to get rid of this totaly incompetant staff.

  25. Worst part was he wasn’t even looking at him, he was totally ignoring the whole thing, and looking at the ice, like a fuggin retard. Errr, i cant stand this guy. Fire him already, this team needs a wake up call, and if there’s any players that don’t like the firing, then fuggin trade them.

  26. Rangers started the period off well with good energy and lots of hitting but it turned with hard work by the Pens 3rd and 4th line. When you can argue that Orr was the best forward in the period you know it’s not a good period. The Rangers with yet another too many men penalty is just laughable at this stage. Kalinin has sucked game in and game out he might be the Rangers most consistant dman.

  27. I want to see Renney step up there too. Like Keenan/Quinn during the 94 season. That was good stuff. And I hate this bald fugg on the Greatest Day commercials. Are you a Ranger fan? A Devil fan? An Isles fan? Make up your mind. Jesus.

  28. Crosby is one of the most talented players in league but such a cry baby! Every chance he gets he is in the ref’s face complaining with a sour puss on his face…JUST PLAY THE GAME !

  29. Alex B to be fair Pearn likely feel asleep 5 minutes into the period so he’s not incorrect.

  30. The next goal wins this game. We go down 2-0 we are not coming back this time. Wake up guys and get your heads out of your arses. Damn! Let’s go!

  31. Nasty 1
    “I have seen prettier things in my toilet after a Great Bell Box Value Meal.”

    – – – – – – – –

    whats a Great Bell Box Value Meal? LOL

  32. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Renney and his shit staff have been asleep for th last 3seasons.

  33. I meant Big Bell Value Box. It’s this box of food from Taco Bell. It’s gross but I can’t help but eat it. Ha.

  34. Tom Renney is the biggest wimp. And his team plays just like he coaches, wimpish.

    I can’t stand this guy.

    Only a Renney team would eff up the gift Pittsburgh gave them.

    Only Renney’s team gets pushed around at home.

    That was a dirty trip on Orr, by Orpik. But only in NYC does an opposing player get away with that crap.

  35. ford,
    I use to think too many men penaltys were the coaches fault but in actuality, it’s not. When there is a line change, you have to know who you’re replacing (same position), if you don’t, you’re gonna replace someone elses man while they replace them themselves making it the player who jumped ons fault.

  36. Vogs,

    How would you like to respond? Do something that forces a penalty so it negates 1 of the 2 minors that were called? How is that smart?

    I always thought all trips were dirty, hence why they’re not allowed.

  37. The Rangers get all kinds of offensive momentum and then Renney sends out the 4th line and it’s 2-0 now.

  38. Petr Prucha is showing why he’s been sat for the last 10 games… bad giveaways, unable to bury the puck, running into his own players… just put him out of his misery

  39. Prucha just buried Crosbitch. Crosbitch had tears in his eyes begging the refs to call a penalty lol.

  40. Yup he always plays hard but sometimes he locks up in high scoring areas. He is one of the many Ranger forwards that does that.

  41. Rangers are playing really well, they’re not mailing anything in here. Not showing too much respect to Pittsburgh, love that.

  42. I know Zherdev has a goal by my God is he overhandling the puck the puck like Kovalev on crack.

  43. Loved that hit by Orr on the crybaby. Rangers have been great in the third period most of this year.

  44. Nhl Network showing Rangers-Flyers 97 series right now as Joe Beningo would say oh the pain!

  45. Hopefully they have a better 3rd period than the one against the Cats. Better period, but of course they still cant cash in on a PP, and once again, they look like retards on an odd man rush, and cant even set one another up.

    Orr’s been fuggin great, he’s bitched Crybaby endlessly tonight. I don’t think ive ever seen Crybaby fall to the ice so many times, not on purpose that is. Hope it continues, better yet i hope he gets a Mara slap shot to the face, cause the guy cant hit the net, so he might as well be more useful with his shit shot.

  46. Renney is a BITCH; Avery should tap his wife’s ass for not standing up for Orr. Orr is far and away my favorite player on the Rangers right now. Prucha for president of the PP.

  47. Redden or Rozy could rid themselves of the boo birds if either would just take out Cindy. I’d love to see it.

  48. jason:

    Respond with a goal. But we give up a minor for too many men on the ice. ugh!

    Better 2nd. Still nothing from in front of the net. Everything from the perimeter.

    Great hit on Crosby by Orr.

  49. Orr rules. I don’t care that he can’t “beat up” guys, but the S.O.B. can fight and can throw em with the best of em.

    And he has a knock out punch.

  50. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many men jack off at one time over a single hit. If Kalinin hits Crosby, do you spunk all over your TVs?

    And stop bitching about your team currently (temporarily) in first place. It’s embarrassing–you all sound like Flyers fans.

    $14.4 million for Gomez/Drury. What a waste. Jokes.

  51. I couldn’t handle Shooey at all last year, wanted him traded, but he’s pretty intense, like it took him a bit to get rolling. He surprises the hell out of me with his speed.

  52. docciavelli
    December 3rd, 2008 at 8:55 pm
    Seriously, I’ve never seen so many men jack off at one time over a single hit. If Kalinin hits Crosby, do you spunk all over your TVs?

    And stop bitching about your team currently (temporarily) in first place. It’s embarrassing—you all sound like Flyers fans.

    $14.4 million for Gomez/Drury. What a waste. Jokes.

    Go swallow Crobitches load you Pens shill. I am sure he’ll love that.

  53. rangers can win this game, they are doing good things forcing the pengs to move the puck fast. haven’t seen that consistently in a while

  54. graves9
    December 3rd, 2008 at 9:03 pm
    December 3rd, 2008 at 8:55 pm
    Seriously, I’ve never seen so many men jack off at one time over a single hit. If Kalinin hits Crosby, do you spunk all over your TVs?

    And stop bitching about your team currently (temporarily) in first place. It’s embarrassing—you all sound like Flyers fans.

    $14.4 million for Gomez/Drury. What a waste. Jokes.

    Go swallow Crobitches load you Pens shill. I am sure he’ll love that.

    The refs already do that graves.

  55. ChrisS = Reasonable.

    He can’t be a Rangers fan.

    Seriously, it must bother you all to see Sid undress Rangers D over and over. Oh, but Orr had one good hit. Go spank yourselves a little more so that it won’t hurt so much.

    Adam Graves can have my sloppy seconds.

  56. how’s about a little vindication for the Pruchs? please don’t treat him like dirt anymore, Tom.

  57. God Bless him! Good for him!!! That was a Prucha type goal. And congrats to Gomez on his 400th NHL assist.

  58. Seriously, it must bother you all to see Sid undress Rangers D over and over. Oh, but Orr had one good hit. Go spank yourselves a little more so that it won’t hurt so much.

    mUST EMBARASS YOU SEEING THAT HOMO DIVE AND WHINE ALL NIGHT GAME AFTER GAME. mOST pENS GAMES ARE MORE PREDETERMINED THAN Wrestling thanks to the refs. Oh yeah Crosbitch can’t carry Ovechkin’s jock.

  59. Take a guess at who severed the Rangers bench minor. PRUCHA! renney must be cursing under his breath after pru scored.

  60. if only Alex Ovechkin could speak better english he would be much better embasedor for game of Hockey… he is a real deal chrachter and much bigger star than pretty face mamas boy Cindy…
    every time i see crosbiatch on TV i swear he has make-up on

  61. Unreal. Rags fans using Ovechkin to talk shit. Now I’ve seen everything. Who does OV play for again?

    1 & 2 in scoring in the league. Come back when you learn to correctly use Caps Lock.

  62. docciavelli
    December 3rd, 2008 at 9:26 pm
    Unreal. Rags fans using Ovechkin to talk shit. Now I’ve seen everything. Who does OV play for again?

    1 & 2 in scoring in the league. Come back when you learn to correctly use Caps Lock.

    He can’t carry Hank’s jock either. Oh yeah win a freaking game without the refs help would ya please?

  63. Forget the Pens. Crosby could lead the local PA girl scout troop. Does he know how to stay up on his skates, whenever I see this guy, he’s on his ass on the ice.

  64. whichever Ranger announcer is falling all over himself complimenting Renney for playing Prucha, should think a little harder about the accolades.

  65. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’ll tell you what. For a decent portion of that game, the Rangers outplayed the Penguins. They did a pretty solid job neutralizing Crosby and Malkin. There were some close calls in the 3rd period, but it wasn’t just Hank making big saves. Defense stepped up and helped keep the puck out of the net.

    There were some obvious problems at points, but I’d like to hear what a lot of the negative people have to say about the game. I’m asking seriously…not trying to be an ass.

  66. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    F Renney,I hope he chokes on his betts.He can take his fuggin shootout wins and shove them up his ass.

  67. Now this is the Rangers team I love to see play! Passion, intensity, taking the body, alert. No PPGS but hey they won :)

    Great to see Prucha score :)

  68. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I understand the general hatred of shootouts and how they are a waste….but as long as they’re a part of the game, i don’t mind the Rangers getting in them…cause they’re good at it.

  69. Wow seems like the whole team wanted Pru to put that one in. I guess the people sitting on the bench have more confidence in him then the people standing behind it… Still not one shift of the PP and, whataya know – another 0-for

  70. GREAT GAME, a real nailbiter and EVERY line played GREAT, all of the defense looked good, Kalinin and Rozsival both had a few cough ups but I saw Kalinin hitting a lot and Rozsival was tying up the pitt offense, and I know they didn’t score but the 2nd line looked awesome, they spent all of their time in the offensive zone fore checking and when the puck was in the defensive zone they worked hard and broke out fast…the power play was decent and redden was shooting and looking more confident…not bad considering they only got 2.5 chances….ON TO MONTREAL!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  71. so what happens when you see a player do what you know he can do, and you rejoice, but at the same time any continued succes he might have could be contributing to moving him out of here?
    In my own case, damn, move some other bodies out, not Prucha.

  72. shesends, wanna revise your pregame Prucha prediction?

    billy dee, i think the negative people you mntion are actually positive people, who would like to see this team use the energy the MSG crowd can provide by attacking and not playing anal-retentive Renny hockey

  73. Pavel,

    That’s the question. I bet the players ask that too. but Renney better be working hard on that one. I think it is in his job description, either implicit or implied.

  74. Did the Rangers just make the Pens look like the Bolts? Or do they make the Bolts look like the Pens? I cant figure these guys out…all I know is the Panthers made the Rangers look like the Bolts when they’re not looking like the Pens..no wait!

  75. Great comeback win(not unlike the game they played vs the Pens 5 weeks ago) It was a feel good win with Prucha scoring a huge game tying goal. It was another rough first period but the Rangers like they have many times this year gritted through. They hit and played the gritty Hockey that you have to win big games. Guys like Staal,Girardi, Prucha and Orr threw the body like crazy. This was a really fun game. There wasn’t alot of up and down play but there was alot of fun stuff. As usual the Rangers were lucky to only be down after the first thanks to Hank. Prucha even without his goal was one of the best players on the ice. He tracked down all the pucks in the corners and along the boards . He hit everyone in sight and drove to the net with vigor. Orr only played 4 minutes but he was effective (winning a fight, drilling Crosby and drawing 2 penalties)Redden and Girardi were as bad as it gets on Sunday well tonight but they turned it around tonight. They were terrific all night. Girardi looked like the Girardi of ’06-07. He threw massive hits, moved the pucck smartly. Redden played with more urgency and smarts and was rewarded with a couple of points. Gomez started out slowly but he got better and better as the game went on. He created all kinds of chances as guys like Gill couldn’t handle him. He and Zherdev didn’t click yet but if they do it could be special. Gomez at least has a couple of scoring threats on his wings though. I thought guys like Naslund and Voros were off their games and did Korpkoski even play? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dawes replace him in the lineup. Drury had a very quiet game but he made a huge play getting his stick in with an empty net right before Prucha scored. Hank was again a top star but he didn’t face as many point blank shots out in front nor did he face as many odd man rushes. Huge win and a couple of very tough games coming up.

  76. Malkin saw all the hitting and seemingly shut it down. He will never be in Ovechkin’s league until he stops being such a puss.

  77. Nice effort, I’ll take the 2 and move on tomorrow which is the first time they’ll be back in MTL since that horrible game in Feb. Keep the lines the same and forecheck hard.

  78. holy crapola. thursday night in Montreal is a big part of their original six celebration, part of the overall 100 year celebration. Hope we piss on their parade, with all due respect to Les Habitant, of course, it goes without saying (insert cheesy smile here)
    I’ll be watching all the pageantry on Hockey Night in Canada.

  79. what a game tonight guys!!! i admit i was hating renny for not standin up for orr and to go tell that fat fag named michelle to f*ck himself. but the boys came thru and especially prucha. he said before the game he needed to score but not only did he score, but he hit and knocked crosbys ass down alot and so did our d men. rozy got malkin, staal got crybaby, and we pretty much locked those 2 guys down. even though we had some close calls, i think dru saved a goal too, and damn we are good at shootouts. if only niki z and nazzy had some secondary scoring support and an effective pp man we could be the best, and this win just feels so much more satisfying because we did it exactly the same as last time and i love to see crybitch get tossed around although i think he might need some consoling tonight from coach michelle and frankensteins bastard son malkin

  80. Graves, what a great observation. Last time I saw AO play, he was almost like an enforcer who was also the most dangerously skilled guy on on their team. Truly scary talent, which Malkin is not quite.

  81. BillyDeeWilliams on

    wd40…fair enough. I thought after the 2nd pittsburgh goal, they did open up a lot though. They started putting the puck on net and pressuring the goalie as much as possible. They played physical and did a pretty great job neutralizing the league’s top 2 scorers. They got out on some rushes and ended up letting up a few, which is inevitable, but I don’t think I’ve seen them play as spirited and intense as they did the in 2nd half of this game for most of this season.

  82. onecupin67years on

    I’m glad it scored …now they can trade his ass.
    Renney should coach High school
    another patented renney win in a shoot out.

  83. Graves; you mean like Malkin shut in down in Playoff against Flyers? I swear I thought Pens were gonna trade him during offseason when he cowered in that series….

  84. Great to see Pruchs finally score, and not only that, he scored a huge one. It still pisses me off that they cant finish it in OT at least, but for now, gotta take the extra point in what ever way possible.

    These floppy cacks blew a 2 goal lead against Nyr twice, ahaha, morons.

    That Pruchs goal was all Redden, if he didn’t make that poke check, who knows what would have happened. Good for him.

    The shootout has been awesome, Nicky Z, and Nazzy have 3 straight i think. Good stuff.

    Hopefully they bitch the Habs tomorrow.


    Yup, his value just went up, ahaha, i like the kid, but one goal changes nothing, especially with Renney as coach, he’ll probably be in the minors tomorrow.

    Good win, Hank kept them in it, and Dru saved the day robbing Sid Crabby.

  85. The Penguins acually did not have a lot of time to figure out what to do when they had the puck. Not all of them are Crosby or Malkin, push most of them and they will eff up. If NYR did not play the forecheck they would have been cooked.

  86. Kaspar

    Yeah remember when Malkin used the excuse of “being tired” in the Philly playoffs. Errr Ummm you’re 21? Why should you be tired?

  87. Not that I want to go all Woodward and Bernstein on you … but have you notcied that MSG has resolutely refused to show Therrien screaming at the Rangers bench in their highlights, not just in the game but now in the postgame? I have seen at least three recaps, and NONE have shown the Pitt coach bellowing away.

    It’s almost as if some Dolan-colon-sniffing factotum in the control room recognized that it made Renney look bad in not answering/confronting/showing a PULSE in dealing with Therrien, therefore they cut it out.

    So the replay package only shows Therrien talking to the refs …. go KremlinTV ie. MSGNetwork!

  88. Yeah, Rangers! Z kicks ass. Great to see Pru do it, let’s hope he doesn’t go another 10 months. Shoot-outs are absurd. But, hey, the points count.

  89. May sound ridiculous, but probably isn’t. This is MSG after all.

    To wit: why choose a visually uninteresting clip over a visually gripping one — Therrien screaming, veins popping at Orr, telling him and the entire bench them (as Giannone reported from the scene) that he was going to sic Godard on them as Orr had been sicced on Crosby.

    How can that be left on the cutting floor? For a clip showing Therrien chatting with a ref?? Please.

  90. ThisYearsModel on

    Sidney stops crying, and Therrien starts. What a baby. Renney just laughed at him, which is much better than yelling back at him.

  91. still need to get another big forward. rangers show that they man up to to really good teams, so offense is defense. get a 7th dman up and hopefully a sundin (along with the requisite shipping out of players who are distractions, like Dawes, can’t keep everyone, especially him, uninspired guy that he is) or facsimile and go to town. go get the bolts and nuts, and get it going.

  92. Shoey is always a fast , power skating beast. He is hidden on the 4th line for certain reasons. He could play on any line including powerplay and shorthanded.

    ORR ON CROSBY worked great , BANG , BOOM and CRASH!!! Crosby is a superplayer but if you hit him , he will fall. HIT crosby every game!!!! Mara was HITTING malkin , hard !!! Staalsie Banging!! Pittsburgh is a good team , we did good tonight by beating our division rivals.

    Z is Kovalev on crack ( said by graves9 )is pritty funny but he handles that puck crazy cool , with toe drags and awsome passes . Every game anouncers say wow , look at Zherdevs movessss. He can stickhandle in a phonebooth.

  93. renny didn’t laugh at therien, he ran to the other end of the bench, scared and shakey with a messy diaper!

  94. Prucha still didn’t get any power play time or OT? Funny how Prucha is supposed to be such a great guy, but constantly gets benched, while Avery is such a jerk, but always gets to play. They’re similar players outside of their personalities. Prucha has 60 career goals, and Avery has 68 career goals in twice the games. But Prucha is the healthy scratch.

  95. I am very happy for Prucha, who has shown great character in staying positive and staying in shape and staying committed through a time that has had to be daunting and extremely difficult. Bravo.

  96. IMO Prucha earned another his spot tonight. And he most certainly deserves another one tomorrow and possibly sunday.

    Now he just needs some time on the PP

  97. Maybe coach R realizes what Prucha is about, but maybe it’s too late, or maybe he considers it a one-off. It’s not Prucha worship, it’s simply recognizing that he has way more going for him than Dawes or Frische, no personal slight to those guys, but i hope both of them find a job elsewhere.

  98. great game, the only thing that they need to do is play with more desperation like they did in the last 10….they do that Lundqvist can sleep in the crease and they’ll keep on rolling.

  99. So what’s your point KC? Really, though I may be stupid, I have no clue what you were saying in your last post.

  100. jason December 3rd, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    “Petr Prucha is showing why he’s been sat for the last 10 games… bad giveaways, unable to bury the puck, running into his own players… just put him out of his misery”.

    Hey Jason, got any hot stock tips for us?

    You & Renney should go out drinking together and drown your misery. Now poor Renney has to play Prucha again!

    Way to go, PRUCHS!!!

  101. KC, read your post again. Now I understand. It’s like one of those John Wayne westerns, how come the good guy suffers while the bad guy in black wins. There’s always an upstanding citizen in the background pulling the strings, at least in those old westerns.
    What i just wrote won’t make much sense, but I sure enjoyed writing it.


  102. Prucha hits, plays with emotion, the crowd at MSG responds to him, he gets blasted by opponents’ checks but gets up and goes harder, he reads the play well, his teammates love him …. and he is a proven, if dated, scorer in the post-lockout NHL.

    Give him twenty games, and for God’s sake use him on the power play, and he will help this team across the board.

  103. I was at the game tonight and Prucha and Orr were the two most noticeable Rangers tonight. The whole team played a pretty good game from about the 14 minute mark of the 2nd period through the end (the first 26 minutes were DREADFUL).

    I dont know why there is a “For Prucha” and an “against Prucha” segment on this board. The 18,200 at MSG tonight LOVED his effort and I think missed him the last 10 games. It was great to see him get a goal, and his celebration showed how much it meant to him personally and in the scope of the game. It was one of the biggest goals of the season.

    If the Rangers play every game like they did the 2nd half of tonight’s game, they’ll be fine. I still don’t think they have enough scoring to be a top-level team, but maybe that will change between now and the trade deadline. Until then, Prucha stays, Hank rules, and FIX THE EFFING POWER PLAY!!!

  104. All Hail King Henrik on

    I despise the Pittsburgh Penguins; I loathe them more than any other team in the NHL. Watching Crosby dive and work the refs is insufferable and thus he is the most hated, but Dupuis is a close second…I don’t know why I dislike him so much, but I hate that prick. F–K Pittsburgh.

    I’ll take the comeback win even if it was in the shootout! Yes, we have the 29th ranked offense and there are no shootouts in the playoffs, but it’s better to win (dominate) the shootouts than to lose. I can’t remember the last time all three Rangers shooters scored.

    PRUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! So nice to see him get a goal, he deserves playing time over Fritsche and Dawes for sure.

    On to Montreal…Lets Go Rangers!!!

  105. Rob C

    The “against Prucha” segment are the “pro Renney” segment. They want Prucha to fail and thus validate Renney’s bad judgement in his miserable treatment of Prucha.

  106. Thought I would share this quote I found. Cindy referring to Orr:
    “It’s not a guy you expect. I don’t know if that’s what he needed to do to prove his toughness, to come after me.”

  107. Sam, I haven’t posted in a while (read every night/day, though), but you need to ask Gomez something.

    You need to ask him why the heck he wears Crocs!

  108. I’m all for Prucha, because I like him personally and because he hustles and because, most importantly, he’s a Ranger. But I have also seen how quickly he gets knocked off the puck, how most of his hits end with him on his ass, and how tonight was his first goal in a long time. I hope he gets another game and another goal and goes on to prove himself more than he has. But to not understand why people question him is just ridiculous.

    And I’m not really Pro Renney, though I do think he gets more blame than he deserves considering the team’s overall mediocre talent.

    Go Rangers!

  109. Sooner or later some decisions have to be made. I mean, would anyone really prefer Dan Fritsche over Prucha? Perhaps Dawes deserves more one more second of thought, but still, what the hell would make anyone get excited about Nigel Dawes? Sell him, by the pound if necessary.
    Management has to make a few decisions, if they cannot, it means they don’t have direction.

  110. Well, NYR aren’t Detroit, but the talent is definitely not mediocre. Gotta disagree with that.

  111. Cody – i saw that quote from Sindy Crybaby too. What an idiot! He’s basically saying that people are hitting him to try and prove themselves. Tit! Orr already did that by pummelling Godard, the rest is just about doing his defensive job – good on Colton for drawing a penalty on Orpik.
    I love that Prucha tied the game, you have to applaud Prucha for his persistence and effort level, he always gives it his all. I think if he can provide some scoring depth he becomes more valuable than Dawes and Fritsche, as neither of them seem to be able to do that.

  112. Got to say I have been a HUGE seller of Prucha these past two seasons…. love the guy just think he is more or less useless on the ice. Kid played with a lot of heart last night. Was hitting everything in sight. Nice to see him get one…. but even nicer to see the entire team really around him after he scored. Felt like the team wanted to get the win for Prucha so his goal would not have been for nothing. Heard that Gomez said Prucha was the best “teammate” he has ever played with. Guess Pru is very well liked. Would love to see the boys carry the fire they had in the third period last night up to Montreal tonight.


    Oh one more thing…. Korpedo was a bit of a disappointment last night…. Was hoping they were gonna give him a shot on a better line and they did. He looked very nervous.

    And last last thing…. Orr should have gotten a star last night. The man played a perfect game. Even deaking the ref when he tried to break up his semi break-away.

  113. Gresch

    did therien really go crazy at renney. i was at the game so i didnt see. is there anyway i can see that.


    PRUUUCHHAAAAA, take that renney

  114. I am really starting to hate most of you.. thought maybe you’d be giving Renney some credit for playing Prucha last night.. instead you are bashing him for not playing him while the Rangers climbed to the top of the Eastern conference.. whatever Im over it… you guys suck.. I support my team.. and I support this coach… Wholeheartedly..
    Loved when Staal leveled Crosby in front of the net.. but have to admit… watching him play last night.. realized how much I would love this kid if he was a blueshirt… This team still has some holes.. but proved last night that behind Lundquist they can play with anyone on any given night.. Gomez starting to look healthy and when hes playing his game this team is much improved..

  115. feels good to see prucha celebrate after that goal. it probably felt like he hadn’t gotten laid in years and finally now he got his!

  116. JS – agreed… Sid the Kid is the real deal Holyfield… that guy has skills. Nice to see the blueshirts shut him down! Orr, Prucha and Stall were all over him like flies on a rib roast!

  117. BillyDeeWilliams on

    It’s pretty effin stupid to sit and say that the same people who like Renney are the same ones that bash Prucha. I support Renney and I’m a huge Prucha fan. Don’t make stupid assumptions.

    You wanna know why Prucha was sat for ten games? It’s because when he got into games he was apprehensive, and as he’s said himself, he was playing not to make a mistake, rather than just playing his own style.

    Now, I love how he played last night, and he’s earned himself some more playing time, but you all know exactly how fickle you are, so when he makes a bad giveaway or two and you’re shouting for him to be sat for Dawes or whoever the hell else, remember that.

  118. Another game we get 2 goals, another game NO PP,another game hank saves us,another game…….you know the story.

  119. It’s not that I’m “against Prucha”, I’m “for the Rangers”.

    Prucha is not a 30 goal scorer any more, and if a player can pop in 30 but sucks defensively… that’s fine.. but if they’re not popping in the goals AND they can’t play defense.. then they’re useless.

    Yea, he has heart… so does Betts… heart doesn’t win games.. goals do.

    If Prucha scores tonight or at least makes some scoring chances happen for his linemates, then sure, keep him in the lineup… but if he’s gonna handle the puck like a hot potato(e) and get leveled and become the next concussion, then what’s the point?

  120. Rocketnyr,

    I don’t think your theory can be true, because I’m “pro-Renney” and “pro-Prucha”. I understand why Prucha wasn’t playing (couldn’t put the puck in the ocean), but eventually Renney gave him another chance and he succeeded. If I remember correctly, in his first two seasons, Prucha scored his goals in bunches. Hopefully he puts in a bunch in the next few weeks.

  121. BillyDeeWilliams on

    acdavid – Hank was good last night, but he didn’t have to come up as huge as some of the earlier games this season. More often than not, there was a d-man or drury or whoever that stepped up and either broke up the play before it got to hank, or in the case of drury, flat out saved a goal. and they had a total of 3 PP opportunities. It was a fast, loose game and not a lot got called.

  122. JS

    r u tom renney. i bet if prucha didnt score last night ud come here and say: “see thats why prucha doesnt deserve to play, he doesnt get any points. and clearly renney knows more than us for sitting him.”

  123. I can give Renney credit where credit is due…Therrien is a thug, Renney a Philosopher…Renney does not belong going toe to toe with that Andrew Dice Clay loo-alike…thats why we we Colton Orr gang!

    Always the first to rip Renney I do not blame him for not jawing at that fool

    Anyway…back to Prucha..made everyone watching feel good didn’t it?

    Very good game…it was the usual score but not the usual bore…

    Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the Habs?? Ole Ole…
    Revenge the 5-0 blown lead!

  124. rocketnyr,

    You’re right, I bashed Prucha in the beginning of the 3rd and then I said that he scored a good goal when he scored but of course you missed that. You also can’t tell me that he played a great game before that goal by any standards. It was good to see him score, he needs to do more of that but it is a start and I’m glad to see him put one in, hopefully this builds his confidence and it should but again, you can’t say he played a great game up until that point.

  125. matt

    Well, I’m still scanning MSG’s highlights, looking for the missing Therrien tantrum that Renney ignored. Will advise if and when I find it, along with Amelia Earhart and DB Cooper.

  126. No but I did dress up as him for Halloween.. actually Matt I would not say that.. I try not to be negative with this team.. I like Prucha.. he played his heart out last night.. and I think it was a good decision to play him after he declined to go to Hartford and came out in the media and bore responsibility for his lack of PT.. but I cannot say one way or another if he should have been in the lineup more recently.. even the perennial Renney haters on this blog have mixed feelings about Pruch.. Im just a fan who suffered miserably for yrs after 94 and happen to like this new regime..

  127. Other Things Missing at MSG

    Backbone: Hey fella’s; Do they have to jump on Sather and Renney’s side without question? I leave my country to make it in the NHL;I go to the big apple; I score 30 goals as a rookie, 22 the next season, then I’m injured and ignored- Oh yea! Send me to Hartford!!!

    Can their announcers even once mention that the Rangers throw passes right out in front of their own net 12 times in one game while the opponent dpesn’t do it even once!?!?

    Someone in MSG management please tell Joe and Sam that they have now told the Ranger audience all 28 goalies they have met this year are playing “unbelievably” well..this has to be some kind of record

  128. Thoughts:

    1) Happy for Prucha. Really. I have been hard on the guy and am glad he skated like a man trying to keep his job. He earned at least another 5 games I think. Or,

    2) Redden, Rosy, Kalinin are our 3 worst D-men. Period. Who would have thought that at the beginning of this season? We still lack a major housecleaning D man. I am sad that NONE of our biggest concerns on D in the offseason were met. No PP QB and no ass kicking D-man.

    3) The team played its most physical game in weeks and I still feel like they are a bunch of pu$$ies who don’t hit anything. They need to be more physical.

    4) Guys saying Orr should be sat (I saw it yesterday on the blog many times) should just sit themselves out of this blog. I mean the guy kicked Godard’s ass. He pounded Crosby when he could (and legally too, I might add). And he drew 4 minutes from Orpik. He played tremendously.

    5) Speaking of Orpik….we shoulda got that guy.

    6) Aaron Voros is about to play his way onto the 4th line in place of Sjostrom. He has been on a downward path for about 15 games. Stupid penalties, no spark, no fire, no grittiness to his play.

    7) Mara continues to be our best bang for the buck on D. He is super steady. Has some grit and toughness. Doesn’t cough up the puck stupidly. And all for a little over 1mm. Is Redden 6x more valuable than Mara? Fine Redden had 2 assists last night but I cannot believe we have that slow, non-hitting D-man for 6 years.

    8) Gritty win. I loved how Cindy was on his ass so much. Great play by Henry. Z keeps bringing it.

    Let’s not let up tonight in Montreal.

  129. meant to add (before i got sidetracked) in the 1st point with Prucha…or, is it like in slapshot with the french canadian goalie, “Trade me right f-ing now…” (then hang up)

  130. You guys are seriously complaining, after a win, that Renney didn’t run to the end of the bench and make an ass of himself by screaming back at Therrien? Wait let me guess: the win was meaningless because it was a shoot-out, the beginning of the game was boring, Wade Redden is the worst player in the national hockey league(aside from Roszival, obviously), Chris Drury kicks puppies and has no heart, and Tom Renney couldn’t coach peewee hockey.

    Stop complaining. They won.

  131. duh, Dan, the “complaining after a win” you cite is wrong. the back-and-forth on Renney and Therrien started when the game was still in the first period, dolt.

  132. Meanwhile on the Avery front;

    Where the hell is the NHLPA on this? has anyone heard anything?

    Its like when Brian Burke and Darcy Regier both went publicly ballistic about K-Lowe offering a contract to Penner; where were they then?? A negotiated part of the CBA was being utilized as it was meant to and GMS are not only crying but hinting at real collusion..

    If these things happened in baseball the MLBPA would be taking the league and owners to court

    no matter what you think of Avery the fix is in; Dallas blew it and they want to squirm their way out of the contract and Bettman is helping on his “boys”

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